January 16th, 2019
Shaking the Bush with OZZIE
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So this is my little review of my bootcamp with Ozzie in London. First of all, if anybody wants to know if
its worth the money, I can say a 100%! Even though I have studied the RSD Stuff for quite a while and
have been in this Game even longer, I had so many mindblowing  epiphanies on so many different
levels, its just amazing. But if you are a newbie, the stuff is just right for you anyway.  I'm really convinced
that the things you get tought on the BC are THE essentials of the game. I won't get into the details of
how the bootcamp is structured in detail now, because I think you can read this in many of the other
reports, I just want to point out the keyfactors that the bootcamp had for me!

First of all, it just gives you very very little outer game material, this takes maybe 5% of the BC, and this
is already a high number. I mean who needs all this stuff when you aren't able to approach a lot of people
on a consistant basis? It's useless then. So the BC revolves around the topic of fear. You learn in theorie
what creates fear, what are the aftermaths of fear(not approaching, a.k.a avoidance) and most importantly,
how to deal with fear.

After this it was time to connect the theory with experience in social envorionments...which means doing
social pressure drills. I can tell you I have never done anything as scary as this, but without this, theory is
useless, you just don't feel whats behind all this. I must say after the first day, I was very sceptical about if
this is right or if this is the way it should go, but as I already said, on the 2nd and 3rd day it clicked on so
many diffrent levels, it's just awesome.
It gets hammered into your head and your body by seemingly endless repetition. Doing the same things,
getting asked the same questions afterwards. Very simple but very effective. The same thing in the Club,
doing the crazy shit, getting asked the same questions and really getting a feeling for how fear opperates,
how performances goes up when fear goes down and vice versa. After some challanges on the dancefloor,
"normal" sets look like piece of cake, even though they really aren't. I realised it on the morning after the first
day how intense all this was because I reallyfelt physical sick, exhausted and tired. This is a good sign I
guess, so I welcomed it. Luckily we met up pretty late :)

Another interesting thing was to see all the infield footage on the next day Andy shoot while we were
approaching (he ran around the club with a HD Camera covered by a jumper all night, burning his hands
and with a very funny  conspiratual posture, cheers for that again mate!) The footage showed us how fear
causes us to rate our performance much worse than it actually was, fear causes us to disqualify the
positive which then leads to a drop of motivation.
I really learned to spot and point out the thoughts that my mind creates under the influence of fear that will
cause discomfort. For me it was on the street mostly like "Oh, the people will think I'm weired and give me
strange looks" and "Hopefully nobody I know will pass by" followed by a vivid description of the consequences
of both in my mind. God I don't even know anybody in London, so how can s.b. pass by. But anywhere, the
thoughts were there. And the thoughts are always worst case.
But I got asked tousands of times "Are your thoughts really true?" and "And if it happens, will it be that bad?"
While doing those social pressure drills you find out that your mind is bullshitting you soooo much. I was
kind of aware of it, but only the BC made me realise it a 100%. And this is the way to real core confidence.
Knowing, through tons and tons of reference experiences that NOTHING BAD WILL HAPPEN!! Social mistakes
have absolutely no consequences. So to spot all these mindfuck you have to do hard challanges, a.k.a shake
the bush
, and all the bullshit will fly out like birds and you just have to spot them and collect enough reference
experience to tell that they are not true at all. It's very important to spot!

I've learned so much more like the structure of a good night, logistics, skill building in general and plateaus,
performance, motivation, getting physical, my perfectionism and much much more. In fact too much to write it
all down here.

Ozzie makes WILL make you fail and at the same time realise that it's not a bad thing to fail.
He will make you do challanges and at the same time make you learn to embrace them.
I can't thank Ozzie and his two assistants Andy(also for carrying my fckin suitcase around:) ) and Goran enough
for the work they put in, their 100% dedication to the students and this great weekend. I had a lot of fun and
learned so much. Big THANKS! I recommend this program totally to everybody who really wants to take action
and is sick of living in reaction! :)

Greets as well to Matt, the other student, you did an amazing job, gave your best and will go your way!

So now it's on me to take consistant action, apply all the things tin the field and rock shit! I know I will!!


edit: here is a little video from the bootcamp with parts of the debrief and some infield footage ... enjoy

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just read your review. awesome shit. you can't even imagine how fucking jealous i am right now asshole ;P

i still remember my bootcamp vividly, even though it's two and a half years back.

did you pull any chicks, btw?
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Nope, didnt got laid at all on the BC, just did crazy ass shit in the club =)
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