January 16th, 2019
The Girls <3 My Scarf
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first field report! yeah! <my inspiration for this, major props two step
Houston, tx 5:30 am. power goes out..yup when it gets under 40f in Houston everything shutsdown. leather pimp jacket on, grabbed my harry potter scarf; GRYFFINDOR!! headphones on, blast sum41 and run to catch the bus. hb8 gets on the bus.."Nice scarf wink…..5 min till i have to get off (voice in my head) "go fox! go! go!" got her number. *** walked around the whole school day calling people muggles lol. back on bus. head to some shops, now its 30f sooo I headed to starbucks, filled to the brim with hot girls, started walking around hitting on any girl i see, everybody loves my scarf "hey its wizard guy!" "hell yah muggles!!" got to easy and the girls were going so next! walked to la Madeline; more girls, but they kicked me out for being to loud. everybody was staring at me, feels good to be the center of attention.

overall 25 approaches
14 numbers
3 rejections, one of them was like, get away from me nerd! i swear she was a lesbo lol

no school tomorrow! cause of an inch of snow (supposedly)…. more besting tmrw!!

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