October 20th, 2018
Rule #76: No Excuses, Play Like a Champion (the journal)
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 Hey guys, I am creating this thread to document the next year of my life as a tool for motivation and learning. I am hoping that this forum can be used as encouragement to achieve the highest possible potential in life, including women and dating (it will make my faults difficult to live with if I have to write them down and will keep good record of significant events in my life). As well, I want to share my FR's with the community for feedback to improve my social behaviours and interactions. I have realized that as I've gotten older I have less authority figures in my life for guidance so in addition to my own conscience I will attempt to use this (or other more active) forums as an "ask the audience" method to help make decisions which will lead me to success.

First off, if you haven't checked this video out it is a must see:

Very inspiring motivation for achieving your goals and being your best self, whether those goals include women or otherwise. I think that if we could all live with the optimism of this guy we would get waay more value out of our lives. He even gives solid truths about success with women at 1:05:30 but watch the whole thing, it's worth it.

Thanks for reading, I'm going to follow up this post with a brief synopsis of the year so far.


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[=rgb(255, 0, 0)]

January began with the end of my most significant LTR yet, a great girl but unfortunately our paths are heading in different directions after two years. However, I choose to not dwell on the negative and instead focus on the amazing opportunities that lie ahead of me. First off, I leave with a big group of buddies on a snowboard trip to Montana that turned out to be some of the most pristine riding of my life (30" of fresh, no lift lines). Unfortunately, right after the trip classes began and I am forced to transition from winter break laziness to studious engineering undergraduate (not an easy task when you are feeling apathetic after 3 years of university). I skip part of the first week to regain sleep. Perhaps not the smartest move but it was a calculated loss as the beginning of a class is usually fluff review and syllabus descriptions.

FR:Friday, Jan 14th

Feeling rusty but eager I head to a friends going away party. I go to the bar solo, anticipating that he will have cool friends there already. The group consists of a mix of mostly beta guys, some single girls, and a couple.. seems decent. We all start getting drinks and food, I mostly focus my attention on my friend who is leaving soon (catching up after winter break). After grubbin' out on burgs the pints start flowing and the energy picks up, I begin to build momentum. I tease with the girls about their hometown and university programs and they seem pretty fun/cool so I ask everyone what's on their agenda for the evening (one of my favorite oldschool lines). The decision is made to go to a sheesha bar to start the night off, and we parade towards the nearest bus to whyte ave.

By this point I have selected a target from the group, HBHarp. She gives off an innocent but naughty vibe that I like, I'll keep hanging out with her unless something else unfolds throughout the night.  Also she is a professional harpist and I find that a hilariously unusual choice of major. Sheesha is great for making conversation and everything goes smoothly, I can clearly see that my target is attracted to me throughout this hang out time so I decide it's time for another venue change. HBMusic and friends want to go change from school attire to party clothes, I'm cool with that. I grab her number and bounce to play pool, with plans to meet up again soon.

They show up, and things are going swimmingly. My target drove to the bar, but is drinking to take advantage of the invitation to after party at my house (which we can easily cab to). We dance and take turns buying rounds of drinks, physical contact is amping up and we are becoming a couple.. for the night at least.

Absinthe and I grab a cab home with HBHarp, she is more than willing to come chill with us. We keep the vibes positive and joke and laugh around as a group. We start playing video games for a bit but HBHarp is keen on going to bed so I grab her hand and lead her to my room. We cuddle and make out a bit to get warm and then strip each other down. As I kiss down her stomach gently I get a cute smile and a token, "wait, I can't have sex with you.. not yet". I have worked through this many times before but at this point I am super drunk and tired with a girl who I do not have that much value invested in, so I take a nice back massage and keep her away from my sinister dong which had no good intentions for her (I'm trying to stay away from ONS unless I really like the chick).

Never the less, morning glory was had as I drove HBHarp back to her car. I am starting to stop thinking about my ex LTR, and my abundance mentality is coming out of hibernation! The game is on, and I'm going to play it up no bars held. I want to experience life to the fullest and I know that will take a lot of risk and a shit load of courage and confidence, but I've gone through this before and I can rely on my reference experiences to guide me. Women, dating, and life.. it all seems so simple right now.
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 FR:Saturday, Jan 15th

Still glowing with the success of the previous night out, I head out to meet a large group of close friends at a local pub. When I show up I notice that the energy level is pretty low in the group, with mostly small talk going on amongst individuals. This is unacceptable in my mind, I came here to party and have a good time.. it's Saturday night after all! I order a pitcher of beer and the other follow suit, I love having alpha behaviors and not waiting for others to dictate my actions!

I eat and drink with my friends for about an hour before my bladder sends signals that she seal needs to be broken. As I excuse myself from the table I notice that the place is getting packed with very attractive women, abundance is high, excellent. When I approach the bar I notice strong eye contact coming from one girl, so out of habit I call her out with,

me: hey, what's up? Why are you staring at me haha.. are you shy?
her: haha nooo! I just wanted to say hi!
me: ok well unfortunately for you I am my way to relieve myself, if you're here on my way back I'll come say hi
her: Will you actually?
me: Maybe.

Now I am the one with the high value in the interaction as she is investing in me by waiting for me to pee, although if she does choose to leave instead of waiting for me I wouldn't be too upset as I could talk to another nearby girl or go back to my friends. This mindset is what causes my personality to become attractive to her, resulting in her still waiting patiently with her friends where I left her when I returned. I say hello again and give her a hug, introducing myself to her friends. I found out they are all part of a huge group from a faculty largely dominated by cute girls. We keep fluff talking and I my initial target seems to lose attention, but another girl in the set seems very interested. I switch targets and begin to receive solid attraction but the interaction is soon broken off.... a girl from my social circle was paid by my afc friends to come cock block me! She interrupts with, "are you coming back to join your friends soon!?". This did catch me a little off guard but I held the frame and politely excused myself to rejoin my friends, telling the target we could talk more later (never noticed her again, too bad).

I continue down the path of drunkenness as the party continues, and out of nowhere I notice an old target from years past. She looks cute, and has cute friends, so I merge sets with my peer group and start to chill with the whole group. The target and I have no physical past, as we have always been in monogamous relationships since we've known each other.. but there has always been sexual tension between us. It is getting near closing time though so I am forced to do a quick number close and continue the interaction another time, but overall a successful night out.

I have realized that "success" is a relative term and for me does not represent a number of lays, but rather success is a matter of fun and accomplishment. This night I had a lot of fun hanging out and drinking with my friends and I accomplished being social and meeting new people, which could lead to amazing relationships in the future. I did not become nervous or inside my head, I want to play the game as a full natural and to that extent tonight was completely successful. It feels like I'm starting to get back on track, my confidence is building constantly.
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     Alright this week has been very exciting, I have discovered an amazing new resource to aid with my current journey. I recommend everyone obtain a copy of The Physical Game by Ozzie. I have found this book is incredibly insightful yet simple to understand and presents all of the most modern theories on social interactions and success with women and dating. This book is very much in line with my current way of thinking, and has exposed many gaping holes in my game left by "old" pickup theories. The book emphasizes many key areas, but one that jumped out to me in particular was the importance of taking right action. Right action is the key missing that prevents many guys from being successful. They have read the theory, they know how to attract a beautiful woman, but when the moment comes and the situation arises often the man will not take action and follow through with his core intentions. If I want to achieve anything in this game I need to be taking action to push interactions to the breaking point. It should be blow out or blow job, I will not waste my time fluff talking with young bar starlets that have no intention with men other than providing funds for their shallow lifestyle. Feeling the fire of desire, I head downtown to meet up with some wings from the local community; Mandrill, Absinthe, and Johnny on another adventurous evening.

LR: Friday, Jan 21st.
We get to the club and I feel powerful. I have undervalued the importance of purely going out a lot. It is essential and does so many things to improve your game. The experience has made me comfortable in this environment, I like like a veteran player on a sports team surrounded by new players (aka all the young, attractive girls swirling around the club). I am ready to be the party.

Immediately a problem arises when the cover girl cannot find our guest list, but I view the brick wall as an opportunity to overcome. I see the girl in line in front of me (HBSask) got in with her guest list, so I quickly open her and with a few flirty comments and get in on her guest list. I then get social proof from my friend working coat check and get that free as well; sexcellent.

Although HBSask and friends are hot and friendly, the night is young and I need to adventure. We all head up to the dance floor and start the night off right. It doesn't take long for girls to gather and as our nimbus grows we are like sex magnets. I lock eyes with a girl in a group and merge her friends in with mine, giving us all partners. The dirty dancing builds momentum, and as I split off with my dance partner I realize that I have been in the club for less than an hour and am already in state.

Soon after this, I notice in my peripheral a strawberry blonde (soon to be known as HBVodka). HBVodka gets a little bit too lost in the moment and loses her footing as she trips on a wooden box near the DJ booth. Luckily, I am right beside her and grab her to prevent from a certain trembling.. knocking over a hefty aboriginal girl in the process. HBVodka looks up at me and says:

Noooo, I spilt my drink!
Ah shit that sucks, be more careful silly!
Will you buy me a new one?
Haha listen, I don't even know you! Why would I buy a drink for a complete stranger?
Well, you could get to know me! I'm easy to get along with
Hmmm, ya I am getting a good impression from you. And you seem so sad with no drink.. come with me (grab her hand and lead her to the bar).
Ok, how about we do something exciting.. tequila?
Noo, I just want a Vodka Cranberry please!
Oh wow, you are such a girl. And here I thought you could keep up with me.. alright I'll take one with you.
I like your personality :)
Haha cool well that's good, I like you too.
Oh ya, why's that?
I don't know there is something about you that attracts me towards you, I think it is your adventurous personality. You seem like someone who is very spontaneous and doesn't really care about what other people think of them.
OMG yeah that is totally me, I just like to have fun
Yeah me too! *hug* So you are here with your friends? Did you guys have a pre-drink party?
Yes, but I like this after party better
No no silly, this is just the party! The after party is after this.
Oh really, where at?
My house, of course! We always have after parties.. they are the best!
Well can I come??
Hmmm, alright.. If you're good ;)

Ok now we are locked in and the bubble of love has envoloped us. This chick is not playing games and is very attracted to me, however it is only like 12 30 at this point so at a point of high sexual tension I whisper, "listen, I cannot wait to fuck your brains out later but it is still early and I want to stay and party for a while. Cool?". She is down and it is on like donkey kong, I was seriously worried at one point that she was going to rip the buttons of my shirt while we were dancing haha.

At around 1 30 I split off from the others and take a cab with my target. We discuss drugs, among other things, and I get to know a little bit about her personal life (aka comfort). This chick is no newby and is quite comfortable with sex, so the rest was history at this point. We made sweet dirty love for hours until my sheets were soaked by an explosion of her love juices (first squirter for me) and my back resembled passion of the christ due to her bad girl side which came out in full (roughest sex I've had, pretty awesome though).

Yet another morning of glory as I send HBVodka on her way. I have decided to challenge myself by picking up hockey and playing drop in tonight! This is quite intimidating as I haven't played in years, but I love the challenge and I can't wait to push myself to the limit.

I also just read a sweet article from the main page, really hit a few key points for me.

Also this article by Alex~ on alpha vs beta male behavior has helped to reinforce some of my beliefs really puts into plain text what we all feel when we are out in social situations. Check it out!

Now that I am all caught up to the current time I will begin to write more in depth field reports so I that I can receive better feedback from the community. It is difficult for me to remember events in detail that did not occur recently so hopefully I can get some more detailed FR/LRs soon that can describe my behaviours and speech for those that are confused as to how exactly I am achieving success so far. Peace out, happy beasting!

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LR: Wed, Jan. 26th. "damn it feels good to be a gangster"

Random night of awesome I wanted to post up. This interaction actually started several months ago. Mandrill and I were finishing up work one day and opened up a passing hottie, HBRing. HBRing wears an engagement ring but doesn't have the manorisms of a married chick, hmmm fuck it.. irrelevant. For some reason or another the target ended up being Mandrill's, we both bounced her over to a local brewery for some free drinks after work and he number closed with plans to hang out soon.

Funny enough, besides being work associates Mandrill and I were also roommates at this time. So about a week later HBRing shows up for a day2 and I say hi casually. I can tell there is some sexual tension in between us but I am not about to overstep the bounds of the bro code while my wing is on his day2. Fuck it, I go downstairs and invite over a sexy friend to make my own fun. HBRing leaves after a movie and manages to resist the Mandrill's seductive allure.

Fast forward to now. I am drifting off to sleep at 2am on wednesday when my phone starts my makin' ruckus. Some chick had added me to facebook, I don't know who it is. Oh wait she left a message as well Hey you probably don't remember me... Summer time. I know u meet lots a ppl. But we went to brewery when they had samplers of beer. Yah and Mandrill was there too. LOL she makes me sound like some sort of pimp. Feeling entitled I initiated a short convo on FB chat. Basically, "yooo we should catch up soon.. whats your cell number? I'll give you a shout later after I get my school shit sorted". Then I passed out with only a few hours till classes start.

Next afternoon i start a text convo:

Heyyy! How's it goin, exciting Wednesday so far? :P
Yeah. So far yes it's been pretty good. Thank god tomorrow is Thursday :) and what did you all do today?
I am writing an extremely boring report right now, but soon I will be freee for the night!
Wow lucky you! Awesome, then you gonna relax for the night?
Haha yes! Haven't made plans for later yet, I am pretty spontaneous if you didn't know :P what are you up to? We should get together, I definitely prefer hanging out over texting :)
Ahh i see. :) oh ya. yah for sure. I am relaxing now and watching dog the bounty hunter haha. What did you wanna do?
Niiice I love the dog! I was thinking we could grab some drinks and chill, we met a while ago but I feel like I don't even really know you. where do you live again?
Yeah for sure that sounds great. I wanted to get to know yah too. I live at ------
Cooool, well if it's convenient for you just lrt to my station and I could meet you there. Or what works best?
Where are you thinking from there? <--- shit test! She knows that is where my house is, but wants to see if I am really congruent and cool with having her over casually.
Well that's where I live silly! I have to give you a new grand tour as things have changed haha. You don't have a vehicle hey?
Nope my ex took off with my truck to Sask. Haven't heard from him in a few weeks now :( <--- I don't really want to get involved in this drama, change topic.
aw shitty :(. Did dog get all the felons yet? :p <--- need to lighten the mood
:) yes sir!
Well what is your address I'm not taking a bus or train. Too scary at this time for a gal like me Jk jk.
**wtf it's 8 15 in edmonton, i am ignoring this she can take the train**
Ya i forgot your area is a bit sketchier. ---- ---st, lrt is pretty safe I can meet you at the station :)
Ya I just moved back here. Oh kay well I'll call a cab to take me to the nearest lrt then.
Right on, let me know when your near and ill jog over. See ya soon ms.!
All righty. Sounds good talk to you soon.

She showed up at like 9 30 and we walked back to my house and chatted while sipping on half frozen beers. I've noticed these LRs have become significantly more boring to retell, and I think that this is mainly due to the fact that as I have internalized beliefs and have become more comfortable with women and sex in general.. I run into a lot less problems to overcome!

I cannot stress enough the importance of not being outcome dependent, girls can sniff that shit from a mile away. When I first invited HBRing over I was thinking, ok how am I going to get this girl to sleep with me? Then I realized this is not the right question to be asking and inviting her over with this hidden agenda will surely result in disaster (plus it makes me feel sleezy, i'm done with that shit). Instead it is the process that is important, not the end result. Hanging out with a new girl and getting to know her is an awesome opportunity. If you're actual motive is just to discover more about her to see if you like her, then how could you ever fail a shit/congruence test?

Basically, whenever she did or said something that I did not approve of I would tease her about it (such as being too much of a party girl). When she portrayed an attractive quality (loyal, fun, sexy, spontaneous, chill, etc.. make up your own list of things you value) I would reward her and we would become closer emotionally and physically. As we got into deeper emotional topics, our connection grew even further and I know that it is "on". I am not being needy because I am doing things in the right order. Why would I want to have sex with a girl I no nothing about or care very little about? Masturbation is more pleasant and has no diseases. Now that I know what she's about I can know whether or not I am attracted to her (attraction goes beyond looks: personality and sexuality are my other two must have's). If you are a normal cool person, the vast majority of the time you and the girl WILL get along great and you will both become attracted to each other. At this point it was completely normal for me to kiss and escalate physically, we are just showing the newly developed affection for each other.

As the night became later, it was obvious that HBRing was staying over (no need to ask really). She did have quite a bit of token resistance, but I think that this is mainly due to some bad past experiences. I am unaffected by this, as I am 100% confident that she is attracted to me and ultimately will have sex with me when she is comfortable. There is no need for lines or "LMR destroyers", you just need to understand the girl's mind and try to see things from her perspective. Why would she want to risk her body to pregnancy and disease with some random guy she hardly knows? Well for me it is because after building a connection (which really only takes as little as 15-30 minutes of good conversation) I am no longer a "random guy", I am different. I am genuinely interested in knowing her for her and not as another number on my pickup score sheet (read:no outcome dependance). It is understood that when two people like each other, the best way to express those feelings is through physical means.

In this case that meant massage, HJ, BJ, and hot, dirty sex for most of the night. In the morning I cannot help but think how life changing simply taking right action can be. How many times in their lives does the average person experience a night of glory like this? Maybe once or twice? Most people have one amazing night and then make the girl their long term girlfriend or wife. And not necessarily because they are in "love", they mistake love for feelings of neediness and insecurity because they think that they will never be able to meet a girl like this again! If you have an abundance mentality and take right action in your life, amazing things can happen. Forget having an awesome hookup twice in a lifetime, it has happened to me twice in the last week... easily! The sky is the limit right now, I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me.

I am going out tonight with the crew and I want to set some goals (most stolen from Ozzie's "physical game" haha, a must read!). First, I need to have the mindset that everyone wants to be my friends and that everyone likes me.. NOT the all too common belief that everyone is out to get or harm you (especially in a bar/club). Second, I HAVE to take action to make things happen and seize every opportunity. I very well could be the coolest mother fucker in that whole club and all of the hottest girls will love me but I will never know if I don't push interactions and see just where the limits are. Finally, HAVE FUN! It is not about getting laid, it's about the experience! I love having brews with my buds, telling funny stories, and goofing off in a club. Having sex is great, but what is even better is finding someone that you can share a connection with. Once you like her and she likes you, they physical part will come naturally as a by-product of the nature of the interaction between men and women (i.e. we will feel compelled to fuck the shit out of each other.. and note I said WE, not I).

Post coitis I ask HBRing why she wears her ring on her wedding finger. She responds simply, "to keep guys from trying to hit on me/get with me." I find this extremely ironic as she lies in my arms sweaty and covered in my seamen after only hanging out for a few hours. I know that she doesn't wear the ring because she does not want sex, and she does not wear it because she doesn't like guys. The reason she wears it is that she wants a guy that wants HER, not just her VAGINA.. if all you want is any random vagina you are a horny creep and you belong in a chode crystal with all of the other horny creeps. Have a higher agenda and take the initiative to do something worthwhile in your life. Having sex with a ton of chicks is not going to improve your life, in fact it will probably make it WORSE. What will make you happy is the satisfaction in knowing that you can internally validate yourself, aka you are good enough for you. I do not feel pressured to try to go out and "pickup" girls or impress my peers. I simply want to have a fun life and do what I want, when I want.

That's the end of my rant. If you want to come out with the crew (Absinthe, Johnny, Mandrill and I) shoot me a pm and you're welcome to join in on the fun times.

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