November 20th, 2018
Good Movies Thread
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So I don't watch TV and hate paying $34 to go to the movies. The last movie I seen was Inception 6 months ago.

Recently, I just figured out how to connect my laptop to my HDTV via HDMI and have been inviting people to chill w/ a movie at my place after partying. Thing is, my movie library is very limited because I only have horror and war movies. OK I have Fight Club plus a few other but its a really small selection.

What movies should I get that are always fun to watch?

Some people keep on saying I  need to see Pulp Fiction. I'm guessing I gotta get Twilight too, right?  
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Pulp Fiction is awesome

Twilight sucks

Some Will Ferrel movies are a must- Anchorman and the Other Guys are my favorite

South Park movie... a must (along with any episodes, really)

Stand Up is great too, Dave Chapelle, the old Eddie Murphy/Chris Rock stuff, or any comedian you like

Funny stuff is great for the party vibe
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Inception is sick, just like shutter island and blood diamond with dicaprio.

I also like the butterfly effect very much

Man on fire with denzel washington is sick too. He has got a lot of good movies.

These movies are all very good but very serious too.

If you wan't some laughs, watch the hangover or ferris bueller's day off.
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Talladega Nights, so funny


Black Dynamite

Blood and Bone

The men who stare at goats

My best friend's girl is pretty good too
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In no particular order:

American Gangster
American Psycho
American History X
Pulp fiction indeed
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Boondock Saints
Shawshank Redemption
Thank You for Smoking
Primal Fear
Exit through the Giftshop
The Union
The Score
The Surrogates
The Sixth Sense
The Italian Job
Oceans 11
Pineapple Express
Grandma's Boy
Jay and Silent Bob
Freddie Got Fingered
Blades of Glory
Step Brothers
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...I used to smoke a lot of weed

You didn't ask for it but there's some seriously underrated tv shows that are better than all the shit thats airing right now combined:

It's always sunny in philadelphia
Arrested Developpment
Eastbound and Down
The Life and Times of Tim

Actually, Californication and Parks and Recreation are good and they're airng now.
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Boiler Room
The Big Lebowski
Devil's Advocate
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Get Him to the Greek
The Jackal
Kill BIll (Vol 1 & 2)
Leon The Professional 
Wallstreet (1 & 2)
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The rules Of attraction
Don Juan DeMarco
Jackass Films
Born On The Fourth Of July
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If you want movies to watch with others, specifically girls, I would stay away from the intese shit.  Girls like stuff more like

I love you man
Anchor Man
Step Brothers

and all other stupid comodies.  Also a must for girls is

The Ugly Truth (also a good one to watch for your attitude)
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Pirates anyone?
Great movie

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Fred E. Rick

Fred E. Rick

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$34 to go to the movies? WTF.

Where do you live, Malaysia?

Fight Club
American Beauty
American History X
American Psycho
Donnie Darko
Raging Bull
The Deer Hunter
A Clockwork Orange
Mulholland Dr.
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
True Romance
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