December 12th, 2018
Stripper PULL
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The gold standard.

The mother of all lays.

I pulled a stripper last week.

A hot, wild one.

Short version: I fucked a stripper. Shes wild (In bed or otherwise)

Medium Version: 
We both drank a full wine bottle, in plastic containers, on the way to the Club. 
Got shit faced at Club Addiction. Grinded (She danced like a little stripper on me, DAMN it was HOT! ) & madeout on the dancefloor while making possibly everyone else in the club jealous. 
She almost gets into a fight as we leave the club. 
Back to my place, I rail her hard (just the way she likes it) with ass slaps, biting & hair pulling.
Later on that morning, she shows her landing stripe to my roomate while we are cooking food. She also pours rhum in his coffee pot.

Long Version:

Background info:

I originately met her at Club Liquor Store (LS) last summer. 

That girl has a filthy mouth. She will chirp and bust on your ass like theres no tomorrow.
She's hot and she knows it. 
I was having a smoke, sitting in a "chair", on the patio of LS.

I see, lets call her "Candy". 
I see Candy walking.

I sense she is about to ask for a cigarette so I pull my pack and offer one. I grab her by the hand and get her sit on my lap.
We do the small talk and I get her giggling. She casually mentions she dances for a living. (I later confirmed this by going to her club later that summer and asking if she was dancing tonight (she wasn't))

3 chodes walk by, and one of them asks me for a smoke.
I give him one.
He asks me for a light. (Are you serious?)
I pass him my lighter as I say "Do you want me to smoke it too?"
He gets defensive and tries to insult me (and my pink shirt). I totally ignore him and continue chatting with Candy. 
The 3 of them are still hovering.
Candy says agressively "WTF are you fags still doing here?"
LOL. They leave.

After the smoke, we go on the dancefloor.
We grind it out for a good while and make out.
Later, as I go for the pull, she informs me that she has to stay with "this guy" whose paying for all her shit while shes staying in O-town.
I try to push forward, but she leaves. 

Ah well. I add her on FaceBook. (I got her digits outside)

Fast forward to last week.
Theres a FB update from Candy "Im in O-town for two weeks!"
I send her a MSG along the line of "Yo, lets party. Tonight 10pm."
She responds "Whos this?"
I txt back "John, duh."
Her "John who?"
Me "THE John. Check your FB."
Her "How did we meet?"
Me: I txt her a short version of what happened.
She remembers now lol.
I set the date for 10pm.

I had a Dodgeball game that night. Yes, a fucking DODGEBALL game. Its epic and good for cardio. Plus you get to hit people with a ball. Sometimes you hit them in the face. Fun for the whole family. 
Moving on.
The game ended at 9pm. By the time i got home it was past 10pm, and my phone had died.

I charge it and i got 5 txts, 1 voicemail from her.
"Hi babe whats up?"
Voicemail was probably between txt 1 & 2 and shes like "Hey babes, call me"
"Hey, when do i get to see your sexy body, txt back"
"Hey sexy call me"
"Its almost 10, give me a call"
"We are fucking done. When i make plans with someone and they bail, I write them off my life. +more rant+"

I give her a quick call. She comes the fuck down a bit. I sort out the logistics.
Club Addiction it is.
Im pretty sure the above (phone dieing) played in my favor.
I bring along a full bottle of wine that I poured into 2 plastic containers. (Brings back highschool memories.)

When I meet her at the entrance of the Mall, I get close really quick (Hug & kiss on the cheek)
We finish the two bottles by the time we bus-ed to Club Addiction.

In the club: 

Doubles after doubles.
Her: Dancing like a stripper on me.
We make out right before the first song is done playing. 
Guys starring at her, then looking at me, then giving me the thumbs up. 
At one point, I give 2 smokes to a guy. He is so amazed by my generosity that he decides to buy me, Candy and 3 of our new friends, drinks. AWESOME! There goes $40 buddy. A pack of smokes is only $10.
At one point, while im grinding with Candy, she decides to makeout with a HOT blonde chick. The blond chick starts grinding with me as well. God damn, does life get any better? 
Anyways, the club is closing.

As we are walking out, for whatever reason, she thaught some dude was talking to her. She starts chirping him and the drunken dude responds in kind. Bouncers get invovled. Great.
I grab her by the hand, and pull he the fuck out of there.

Cab time.
Straight to my place. Fuck food, i got a fridge at home.
Straight to the bed room: Rough, dirty, filty sex. Back scratching, face/ass slappping. Spitting. Hair pulling. Dirty talk.
Next morning the cops are here. KIDDING!
Early morning: I start cooking some food. She proceeds to the kitchen with me, and decides its a good idea to show her landing stripe to my roomate (whos' not sure if hes dreaming or not) 
Furhtermore she decides that rhum in coffee is good for my buddy. She pours a solid amount in his coffee pot. Awesome. She also complained about bruises. Apparently you can't have those when you dance. Body makeup FTW.



Im still chatting with her, and shes chasing me hard. Its probably due to a couple of factors: Alpha, Good sex, etc. But also the fact that I told her I was seeing ( had sex with another girl 5-6 times nothing offical and but im still seeing her) someone. Abundance mentality. That pissed her off.

Then she started txt-ing me quiet a bit wanting to do "dates" & txting me with "fuck my hard" etc.
Im thinking i could turn this into a 3 some if she brings some of her stripper friends along. 

To be continued. 
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Lol dont mean to hate, props on the pull, but that girl looked like a crazy ass jungle woman, i hope you wrapped it up multiple times.
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fucking awesome dude... HELL Yah... thats all i can say. sounds like the good life n shit 
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