December 11th, 2018
Ohh yeah that's right I'm doin' me. Bunit's field reports ! ! !
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What's up guys,

Quick intro. B-Unit ( can't believe I actually choose this as my login name). 20 years old. Currently living in Montreal, Quebec, 3rd year Biochemistry undergrad student.

I'm starting this field report for my own and sole entertainment, and hopefully you guys enjoy this and get some value out of it. I've learned about pick-up & self-improvement when I was younger, I think I was 16?. I think this was mainly supposed to be a fix, I was trying to find a cure for my low self-esteem, I used to be extremely insecure about my bad skin, I had severe acne disfuguring my face. After a lot of hesitation I decided to get a prescription for some Accutane, and I'm literarely a changed man a year later. PS. If you have bad acne, I strongly recommand it !
I consider myself as a self-actualized, OUT-GOING, extremely social person. This thread isn't meant to be serious and all pick-upy. I think deep down the reason I'm starting this is that I'm living the college life right now, hitting up all sorts of parties, crazy events on the week-end, and I'd like those to go down in historyyy. I also love writing, and this is a lot of fun for me to put all this up on a computer screen. I deep down love entertaining myself, putting myself in all sorts of fucked-up situations, and making sick memories for myself while loving it. The last thing I'd want for myself is to have regret about my college lifestyle when I hit let's say 30 years old, I'd rather over do it then be a loney lame-o. On a last note I'm in a tough major right now, Biochem, and I have to get close to straight A's in all my classes if I want a shot at a good professional grad school, if that's what I want when I graduate. I'm currently going out about twice a week, and studying 25+ hours a week on top of my class load outside of exams, so hopefully twice a week will stand, if I stay on track.

Philosophy on pick-up and being social

Honestly, most people out there in the world are fucking boring. Boring. Man just yesterday I hit up this massive university event, see below, and most doodz were drinking by themselves, starring down chicks with some of the creepiest looks I've ever seen. I think my success with girls mainly depends on how much I can bring on the party, and how positive & good I feel. Egoless. This makes you so rare and valuable. I'm very extroverted, I feel good around people and in social situations, add alcohol to the mix and I'm FLYING. I don't think there is any down side to that, except that few people will find me a bit too energetic, rarely annoying, but in my experience most people love you for being yourself & having a great time.
I just focus on giving out as much energy as possible, keep my verbal game tight. Finding the right balance between too much energy/ not enough energy is hard, as I feel like it all depends on the situation, who you're talking to etc. But as soon as you drop all outcome, as you just focus on feeling good, staying out of your head, being in the moment ( new ageyyyy ) everything seems to fall into place. Once again I am, well I like to think I am, that pretty well put together and can have a good conversation with any stranger. Being social is KEY for me.
Anwyays that's my blueprint for now, as I go out more and more going-out experience my game gets tighter, and I form my own theories with the reference points I accumulate here and there. I try to stay away from pick-up material now, don't get me wrong here they were KEY for me when I started, I got a huge paradigm shift from them, Blueprint and the Jeffy Show FTW, but now I feel like it just "fucks" with my head, I'm just going out to have a great time, and I assume attraction. Just being extremely social and bringing the party works best for me right now, again this is my spin on things, I know friends with a very chilled out vibe, slow motions, that pull a lot too. I just can't do the low-key, "boring" approach to it, because it just bores the hell outta me and I'm just not enjoying myself haaaa.

FR. "Meet me at the Gonndoolaaaa"

I was headed to Mt Tremblant this week-end for an insane debauch week-end. Two nights of pure partying combined with two days of gnar skiing, what else do you want from life ! Went there with 3 good friends, all cool guys. To mention none of my friends are in the "pick up" scene, I personally find it creepy to chill with guys to focus solely on picking up chicks, not to say that I haven't meet some really cool guys before from the community. Start pre-drinking at 5pm, got a bottle of Belvy, two bottles of rhum. One of my friends got four girls along on the trip with us, one of them being an absolute bomb shell, two of them cuties and the fourth one... welllll. We drink with them for a bit, I found that we were chilling a little too much, so I started being social, chatted up with some security guards, that would end up being extremely annoyed with us raising hell in the hallways, ya you weren't allowed to chug booze there. Well I hate following the social norm, so I grab my bottle of vodka, on the look-out for something better. I introduced myself to 20+ people, walking up and down the hall, just blah blah blah blah. I ended up having a full blown-out party going at our homebase. I get back to the hallway. No chaser, just me vs the ethanol. I'm pretty tipsy by that point, an attractive girl walks by, btw the girl:guy ratio was a solid 1.5:1 at this weekend for some reason, 1500+ uni students, pure chaos. I nicely ask the girl to pour some of her drink in my mouth, so I kneel down, and she proceeds to pour that drink everywhere but inside my mouth. I'm rhum & coke sticky, but I'm having a great time. "Oh my gooooddd, I'm sooo sorry". My buddy H enters a open room and starts chatting up some American Girls. A cutie from NYC, M , was there, and I start chatting her up in slickest French accent ( I have a French background ), obviously exaggerating my accent  ( barely have one ) to the MAX. She cracks up, the ice is broken, grab the number and we bounce. We're on our way to the main event, I approach a couple groups of girls, friends chatting, getting my swaggaaaa on. Hotel Room Service by Pitbull is stuck in my head, so I spin a variation on it, and we're walking up the street singing on top of our lungs "Meet me at the Gondola, meet me at the Gondola, We at the Gondo-Gondo-Gondola". We're getting tons of attention, we get some people singing with us. We have some Belvy left, we're in the final stretch of the line-up, and I still want to have some kind of control on my behavior, so I proceed to pour it in the mouths of several people, meet a girl J., grab her number right away, she's fine, tell her I'm the best dancer ever, we have to dance when we get in the place. I find American M as soon as I walk in, too bad J you will have to wait. I tell J she's cute, again, and I go for the make out after a short convo. We're making out, it feels like I sealed the deal for the night, since I can sincerely tell she's interested, but I want to keep raising hell in that place. Some girl's waiting to check her coat, by this point I'm pretty fired up, and I do something I wouldn't usually do, I go to kiss her cheek right away, then the other, then I go for the full-on makeout. Surprisingly she lets herself get controlled, it must have looked like sexual arrassment to the people watching us, but ehhhh she's lovin' it. Her friends pull her away as soon as they see what's going on, and I don't see the girl again. I go beast mode on the dancefloor, pure self-entertainment, get rejected a couple times, fist-pump because it's teeeee shirt time haha, and finally find myself dancing with some random. Escalating on the dancefloor is almost TOO easy once you're dancing, I kiss the girl, she has to go back to her friends. Too bad, whatever, I'm having a great time. The shitty part is that I get a text from M.
  01:23am M.   Slut
She apparently saw the whole dancefloor action thing go down, I think it's over by this point. I have some shots of tequila at the bar, chat up a few other cuties, and decide to see if any other parties are going down at the hotellll. My phone proceeds to die, no more battery, I can't text any of my fresh numbers. This is a buzz killa', I'm really drunk by that point, so I walk the walk of shame back to the hotel, ladyless. I hopefully should have pictures soon, I don't have a camera currently, hopefully some girls that took pics will add me on FB.
On a side note, one of my buddies apparently proceeded to bring back of one of his acquaintainces back to our room while we were at the bar, and while he was man-handling her dropped her face first on the room's desk. She then apparently freaked out and he ended up with a bad nail scratch on his neck that stayed for the rest of the trip, which was quite hilarious.

I painfully awaken in the morning to a text from M, and I quote :
M @ 03:31 am: Where are you? Come back to our room ! 238
Fuck Nokia. FMLLL.

Haaa this took forever, but overall sick time looking back at those adventures. Part 2 of the trip tomorrow.
Peaceeee guys hope you enjoyed it, I sure did.
B-B-B Unit
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Second Night at Tremblant
Whatttt Top of the Moutain party

Tough to focus on skiing when you know your night will be epic. Top of the moutain party. On the slopes all I could think is how much fun it's gonna be.

We start pre-drinking at 5pm, head over to some chick's hotel room that my friend met the previous night. Two of those girls are... legit. I start hitting up the vodka, some Jack + beers, conciously knowning that
the next morning will be brutal. Make fun of one of the cute girl for studying Engeneering. I tell her I'm in Pre-Rocketscience, a pre-req for Rocket Science. She cracks up, she's digging it, we play fight for a bit,
and they want to go hit up a restaurant ( it's still early ). Fuck that, not eating, meanwhile I'm texting M from previous night, she's not having any of it.

Bunit : " Let's party"
M : " Maybe "
Bunit : " Meet me at .... "
M : " Not gonna happen, you're a player blah blah blah "

Ok whatever, there are wayyy too many girls around to keep obsessing with this one. We head over to some other chick's hotel room, I'm raising hell like the previous night, one of the security guards from the previous night actually cracks up when he sees me... Not you again ! The hockey game's on , yes this is Canada, Montreal wins everyone's pumped up, I start a chant on the balcony, Ole ole olleeeee, great start to the night, I   am    fired    up.
Start flirting with C, one of the girls staying at the hotel, as kind of a back-up option, since she's pretty cute but nothing spesh.
We go out in the hallway, I have some chick's camera in my hand, mass pictures, meet lots of people, having a great time.

It's 10pm, time to head out to the gondola. I start chanting the new " I just had sex " with Akon song on the way there, we pass two girls.

Two girls : "You guys are sooo awesome !"
Bunit : "blah blah blah "

Start talking to them, my friends all have "VIP" tickets, bastardss, so they get to skip the line-up. The line-up for the Gondy is at least 30 minutes, I don't see anyone I know, but luckily I get to hangout with the two cuties yaaaa. Proceed to slam two of my road beers, the girls are drinking Jack and Coke, amazing, and I help them finish their bottle before we get checked. By this point I'm pretty drunk, not too sure what we talked about etc, but escalated a bit of one of the cuties, we're hugging, got my arm around her waist.

We get in the Gondola, on the way up I proceed to take my shirt off on a dare, mind it's gotta be -15C out, the girls love it, it's just me and 5 girls I just met, and they're snapping pics. I tell the cutie that seems to dig me the most that I
love her, and go for the kiss. We make out for a bit, my shirt still off haha, can't believe I didn't get pneumonia, and next thing you know we're on top of the moutain. Get in the place, 1000 people, all students 18-22 yo, it's insane. The music is blasting, mostly electro-house, which I dig.
I tell all the girls I'll see them later, and I head to the dancefloor with one of my buddies.

Sidenote. The best location to pull IMO is right at the front, when you're pretty much able to touch the DJ. Usually all the wild girls go there, looking for fun, and when you show up with tons of energy, fist pumping, sick dancemovvess,
you end up getting hit on.

And that's exactly what happens, some chick starts grinding on my friend, I get her friend's hand and spin her, we dance for a while, but she's plain looking, so I let her go. I spot a petite Asian girl dancing with her friend, dance with her for a bit, then grab her Caveman style making her spin. She loves the domination and we start making out. Peer pressure quickly catches up to me, the girls are pulling on their friend to get her off me, and after a lot of resistance she lets herself go, I grab the number but I know this will be a flaky one. I dance with a couple more girls, and then head to the bar to grab a beer. The girls from the first night are there, they look happy to see me, C. and I start dancing, she's pretty much using my knee as a vibrator, which I find kinda nasty. W/e, start kissing her, but...

C:" B, you're so cutteee, but I promess this guy I'd hang out with him, I really like him..."
B:  " OK" grabs her hand and put in on my crotch area.

She strokes it a bit, then we get split up. I keep socializing, I meet a bunch of my friends from college, I see M. which is totally unreactive, and tells me that I slept with another girl last night and that I'm trying now to get into her pants, she doesn't buy the "my phone dying" part, which is the absolute truth. I go back on the DF to beast for a while, then my crew wants to head back down the moutain. They're extremely baked, they hot-boxed the Gondola on their way up haha.

I txt the few numbers I accumulated, one answer, but it doesn't look too promising, I didn't play my cards right, it's only 12:00am, went too hard too fast and I'm kinda burnt out. Go back to our hotel room, and I pass out on the couch.

Overall great week-end, wasn't too far off a lay on the first night, but logistics fuckeeddd me.

I'll be going out beasting Thurs and Fri.
Hope you guys enjoyed it, no pics yet which is kinda shitty, they SHOULD be up soon depending on the girls' facebook reliability.

Peace playa's.
B b b unittttt
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Frat Party + Weekend. And still no LAY.

What up guys

Damn. I thought after all those eventful nights I'd be going home with a girl eventually. But logistics make it tough for me right now.
Can't blame everything on them, but whaatttt.

Thursday night, my Vancouver Canucks are playing Ovi and his crew, so I roll up to a sportsbar with 4 of my friends and we start slamming beers. We're supposed to be heading to a frat party after that, I wasn't too
sure about the quality of girls/ ratio but the $10 all you can drink sealed my fate. We enter the place at around 10pm, kinda tipsy, coat-check, and go check out the place. The place wasss huge, mansion like, with 5+bedrooms.
Those guys set up a massive dancefloor in the basement, with 2 bars. Amazing set-up.

I decide to learn from my mistakes the previous couple nights out by taking it easy at first, and just have a great time with my friends for the first part of the night. So 'till 12pm I'm chillllling, talking to a bunch of people, I get invited to Rush Week, not sure if I'll go though, frats are cool for some things, but I'm not too sure if I wanna get involved.

Anyways. 12pm. I approach a couple of girls dancing by themselves. Just grab one tell her she's sexy and we start dancing. She looks at her friends. They give her the "thumbs up", literarely. Haha they were great
wingman. Sweeet. So things get heated, makeout for a bit, get the number. There's nothing I can do to isolate, there's a line-up for the washrooms and my house is 100000km away. I break it off. Meet some hootttt ass girl I met back in September, she remembers me but not my NAME. I tell her that this is UNFORGIVABLE. 

Her: " How about we dance ? "
B : " You're forgiven "
Start dancing. We make out for a while. Grab number again. She bounces. By this point the party gets kinda lame, I'm stoked I got that girl's number, she's an 8.5 in my books, so I bounce for some pizzaaa.

I gotta walk the talk and I promised some pics so here they are. A friend and I. And yeah it was a Mardi Gras party, to explain the beads haha.
Some chick paparazzied me while I was hooking up with the cutie. Caught in action.
That was Friday I'll post a report for Saturday asap.
Take care.

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