March 23rd, 2018
Quintessence of RSDN (best threads compiled for the delightment of the connoiseurs and other like-minded people of the craft)
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

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Here are some of the best posts in RSDN. If you have any question, the answer probably lies here. 

If you find this helpful, you can contribute by:
-Finding awesome threads and putting the link in a reply 
-Finding the threads and posts that don't accurately fit in the category I put them in (I didn't re-read everything, so I must have made a few mistakes), and suggesting where to put them
-Finding posts you don't think are super awesome and suggesting to remove them (some may have gotten old), so that we get a very low signal-to-noise ratio
-Finding better categories
-Telling the mods to sticky it
-List the most frequently asked questions / misunderstood topics ("Do looks matter?", etc)

Have fun, go out, get ze fuck. 


First compilation of articles, posts and quotes:
Featured RSD Instructor Articles:
Tyler's blog:
Ryan's blog:

Tim's blog:
Alexander's blog:
Ozzie's blog:
Brad's blog:

Manwhore's blog:
Julien's blog:
College Flirt crew:
Summit 2010 Notes (StPatrick / Summit God~):


If any of you have a dumb question, NEWBIES (Courage):
What to look for in the forum (Ozzie):
The "Ask Tim" Thread (Tim):
The Historic Ask-Alexander Thread (Alexander~):

ATTENTION: Reading the field reports forum is good for your game (Brad-):
For Newbs & Vets: Exploration Guide (Distant Light):
What would I do right now if I was a complete loser like you (Fingerman):
Beginner's guide (Drama):

Maybe Looks DON'T Matter At ALL! (for Tyler's answers):
Newbie Tips For Young Men (BAWLS):
Tyler's New Vid: Am I Getting This Right? (Maximal about intent)
BIG SURVEY: on approaches, and how many you need :

2 Reasons I've Never Believed Looks Matter........More On This Later (Tyler):
How Being Animated & Confident Makes Your Face And Body Look Better (Tyler):
Routines versus no routines (Tyler):
The Fundamentals -- being cool and technique (Tyler):

Being-The-Party VS Worming-Into-Their-Party (Tyler):
Kill Mental Masturbation And Learn The Basics Step By Step (Zappa):
Master Guitarists, RSD Executive Coaches, Fundamentals - Advice for Newbs (RocknRollPUA):

The Truth About The Journey (RockNRollPUA):
Writing Your Gains Down: The Key to Success (Slojodan):


How to suck a girl deep into your reality, flying blind.....secret of super compliant pulls, quick lays and smooth game (pringles):
Building a Harem of 9's and 10's (Marko):
Delusional confidence and growth (Pringles):
On being a Strong male, Self-Trust, & Conquering Amogs (For Jforch & SirKonstantine) (Manwhore):

Alexander Compilation (very long) (ChinaBoy) :
A little Business Secret that will propel your game! (Goran):
Advice: Approach Anxiety and indiference (Beginner-Advanced) Can implement emediately for good results (Goran):
Notes on making the transition (Foodbuddha):

Compliant pulls vs. Non Compliant pulls (Madison) :
The Deceptively Simple Secret to Living an Easy Life of Total Abundance (PoP / SnugglyBear):
Trust in the Process - Use this simple belief system to catapult your close rate INSTANTLY (Scottsdale) :
Tyler's and Jeffy's replies here :

SHEG - Searing Hot Ember Game: Simple & SUPER Effective Shit (ROBOTB0NER):
The key to getting to Game: Thinking Like a Hot Slutty Girl (take on extreme self love) (Twostep):
Some New Reflections on Guys Who OWN IT. (Kimball):
I'm a drunk bouncer. All the game I've been seeing from dudes in the club is fucking *SHIT*. Ask me Anything. (JustABouncer):

Debunking The Relationship Myth (Never-seen-before infield video included) (Ozzie):
My own, minimalist inner game system (EpicInNYC):
I Have to SHARE~! (Suspect):
Unreactive: to what extent? TYLER, OZZIE, JEFFY, ALEX, BRAD - BREAK IT DOWN! (ambiguity):

Rough night? Out Of State? Not Clicking? Hammer It Out Til The Bitter Damned End (Tyler):
Questions are stronger than statements (Fingerman):
Going Out Every Night To Tighten You Up And Bring You Back To Reality (Tyler) :
Natural Buzzes for Pimp Game Extreme (Tyler) :

Try this exercise for entitlement and let me know how it works for you.......... (Tyler) :
the challenge of the DEFAULT... and HEROES (Tim):
Take it Easy (Saad): 
Think LONGTERM (Siam):

No-Thinking Game (A Practical Guide) (Slojodan):
***PLOWING a how-to guide*** (BonoboTimes):
Linear game vs closer game. (Ozzie):
how many sets a night (Ozzie):

Some Girls Will Like You No Matter What. (Ozzie):
They Love to Practice (Ozzie):
Fail Big. (Ozzie):
Emotions high jack you (Ozzie):

Taking Responsibility For Your Own Success (Ozzie):
I know what i have to do, but I am just not doing it. (Ozzie):
learned behaviours (Ozzie):
Words Can Bring You Down! (Ozzie):

Succeeding in spite of your negativity.(Ozzie):
Frustration (Ozzie):
After 900+ phone numbers – my thoughts on phone game... (Mr. Mtl Madison):
Game plan (Drama):

Magic Bullet - Free Tour + Hotseat + Bootcamp w/ Owen & Jeffy (Drama):
You Look At Her, And She Looks At You (Tom!):
Entitlement: Infield videos at last! (HPRJ):
Think Short-term not Long term!!!! (JohnG):

No-Thinking Game (A Practical Guide.) - Slojodan:
Kiss Rejection Mission: Time to Step Up Your Game, For Real - Suspect:
Being THAT Guy (li0n):

Jeffy Relationship Book (jlaix):
Lie your way inside a womans vagina - part 1 (People with morals DO NOT READ) (Fingerman):
Lie your way inside a womans vagina - part 2 (Fingerman):
The Sacred Rules of Beastmode (jlaix):

Sons of Charlie Sheen explain how approaching chicks can be EASY (Manwhore):
Uncovered SP: Leading and got a 5 minute pull. (Powerhouse):
How do you bait a guy into qualifying himself in front of a girl? (Mr. Mtl Madison) :
Full Interview With Jeffy on Get Laid or Die trying (TwoStep):

Men are selectors aka my attraction theory (Spitkicker):
Fear is nimbus waiting to happen (Ciaran):
The truth: Girls will game you after you approach! (Goran~):
Shock and Awe- Lines and Examples of SOIs (Brad-):

Dancefloor Game (Brad-):
Comunication in the Moment: Inherent Value (Halffull):
Applying a Mindset (Halffull):
Do YOU have the pre-screening vibe (Manwhore):

Developing Tight Inner Game (Manwhore):
You must continue to lead her - Manwhore:
State Projection: the leaf becomes the hurricane. (FoodBuddha~):
SSP: Sexual State Projection (Foodbuddha~):

1000th post: LET GO of your Logic. (FoodBuddha~):
Take Heart (Foodbuddha~):
On being totally authentic (Foodbuddha~):
Being REAL... - be real? be real real (Red Leader - Suggested by caveman86):

Asking for sex - being totally direct (Red Leader):
Your ENTIRE life has been leading up to THIS moment... (Red Leader):
Be Dumb Be Pulled (Red Leader):
You Look At Her, And She Looks At You (Tom!):

"Did I Do What I Wanted to Do?"... (10Pin):
How to Calibrate without being Outcome Dependent (Remco~):
Crucial Distinction! Emotion vs Feeling (Chance):
Where's my game? (Brainz):

Sexual State Redux (jlaix):
A Cheater's Cheat Sheet - Nathan!:
faithful? (advice) - 10Pin:
How 99% of guys can fix their sticking points for real (Flannery):

You Can Do Anything (Brainz):
Opinions on Alex~ in fied footage. (Alexander~) (Closed, but so much value there):
Self Validation (Dawn1):
How to be Diesel: THREE WAYS TO RULE YOUR LIFE (JackDiesel):

Dawn's 1000th Post: The 4 Steps To Glory:
More Social Skills Tips from ROBOTB0NER:
The Ultimate Method To Get Laid Like A Fucking Rockstar - ReallityFactory:
Either You Have It, or You Don't (Suspect) :

Unreativity to what extent + Instructor feed back & responses (ambiguity):
Alex~ vs Brad-:
I'm bored... Somebody ask me a question... (Brad-):
Game in your natural state (Epic post) (Fingerman):

Greatest hits (Brad's 10 best posts 2009-2010):
The Sad Truth About the Guys Who Get Hot Girls:
read this to take it to another level! ~boing: (Zeta)
Beyond Game – 2 Years of Evolution as a PUA: (Crush)

Brad Branson's Manifesto (Notes from Summit '11).: (VisionsDivine)
Anal Comedy - (Rocco Siffredi)
Seasoned veteran: Why 95% of the community is bullshit and will fuck you up - (Rocco Siffredi)
How to be king - (pringles)

RAS, how it applies to game and how understanding it will make you progress at a faster rate - (pringles)
Just go up & make no effort at all.... - (XXL)
Who (besides Jeff) gets it mostly on the first date? Anyone remember specific things they changed? - (UtopiaFive)
B/c RSD helped me so much - (knickerbocker)

Tales of a Sex Addicted Narcissistic Player - (Chrysoberyl)
Ramblings of Sex addled Narcissitic Badass - (MyNameIsJosh)
The Greatest Paradox in pickup and why guys are too big pussies to internalize it (Marko)
The deceptively simple secret to living an easy life of total abundance - (Snugglybear)

The real reason you're getting blown out - (Trent3Reznor)
Cold Approach Fundamentals: part 1 how to open consistently - (RockNRollPUA)
Cold approach fundamentals: part 2 how to pass the intial shit tests - (RockNRollPUA)
Cold approach fundamentals: part 3 phyiscal dominance - (RockNRollPUA)

[Creating Congruency] Halfful's real epic 3000th post - (Halffull)
[1000th post] Why you're not good at this - (matt281)
Defeat Alpha Men and Take their women: MY BEST POST YET - READ IT - (Trojan-)
How to............ - (pringles)

the~TWILIGHT ZONE~ - (magnum~)
Everyone who... has my respoect - (Distant Light)
After hanging out with all the best guys in the game ive deduced game down to one thing - (dlatosze-)

[Cat's 1000th post] Creating Abundance with women - (Cat)
16 habits you should do EVERY DAY [very long] - (ilb)
Awesome party hostels world wide - (Tony Germanstein)
Time Management: the DEATH of Day2s - (Distant Light)

Being selfish gets you laid and why i became a narcissist - (Drama)
why you procrastinate... and how to stop (mindblowing) - (Bard)
wow green smoothies ==> energy, mental clarity, and RAGING HORNINESS - (SirKonstantine)
getting a social life quickly - (zabka)

Consistent Sex on the First Meeting - Here's How: (VanofVictory)
my 2 cents on guys getting kicked out of bars (from a guy who got kicked out 15-20x in his life and approached 12k women) (ApproachMachine5000)
How to BANG Mad Bitches on the First Date (Cat) -
The 5 Modules of Inner Game- RSD Video Crash Course (babylonAD):

Collection of instructor infield vids :
6 easy emotional exercises to be a natural unstifled man for life (julpt):
GOING Gangnam Style, How To Get Laid Without Even Trying At All Or Caring (batmanwithahardon):
Questions on closing/pulling (Mynameisjosh):

Stuff i learned going out 183 days in a row (Gravity):
The Secrets to Pulling, A Complete Breakdown (Part 1) - What Exactly Do You Want? (Julien) -
The Secrets to Pulling, A Complete Breakdown (Part 2) - Having the Paradoxical Mindset (Julien):

Subcommunication is KEY -- Fucked 3 girls this week who don't speak English (JMULV):
The Power of INVESTMENT... when they start, they wont stop (Madison)
Don't Go Out and Have Fun To Get Girls.. (OhYeah):
Ultimate Guide to Overcoming LMR: the CLOTH CONDOM!! and some technique (dud2stud):

One easy way to go from intermediate to advanced: Invisible Game (BroilerBroom):
How I get girls to invest. (Madison*):
Making a girl like you versus she already likes you: two really good ideas you can use and see when you're out (UtopiaFive):
✘How About This: When You Think You've Done Enough, You Need To Double That To Get Half The Success✘ (The Duck✘):

✘ Assume Things Are Not A Phase, But A PERMANENT Condition - Unless Drastic Measures Are Taken ✘ (The Duck✘):
2000th Post: Distant Lights Philosophy of An Attractive Man (very long) (Distant Light):


Raguu's Guide to MFF 3somes PT 1 + 2 (theraguu!):
Groupie Game (Tyler):
How Many Girls Are You Seeing? (jlaix):
How to make a girl a fuckbuddy and juggle multiple FBs (ninjasdf):

Hive GF (jlaix):
2000th Post: Distant Lights Philosophy of An Attractive Man (very long) (Distant Light):
✘ Sometimes It's Not About The Level of Frame Control, But WHAT Frame You Set/Represent: Natural vs. Self-Taught Frames ✘ (The Duck ✘):


The Threesome Outlook (Powerhouse)
Threesome (Oasis - Manwhore post)
Threesome Game (Presence_)


Fucking strippers - (CJJockey)
MANWHORE interviews TWO Las Vegas Strippers - (Manwhore)
So you want to date a stripper? - (non rsd Greg Bruns)
I banged my first stripper and here's how I did it - (diggyisking)

Stripper PULL - (xaviel)
LR: Solo @ the stripclub (11/20) - (ratisse)
LR: another stripper - (ratisse)
The Definitive Guid to Stripper Game - (dloux31)

Stripper Game (Manwhore)
Question about strippers - (Trig's reply)
Stripper/Dancer/Hired gun Game questions: post them here - (Trig's reply)


College game in 10'00 words (HPRJ):
Characteristics of a College Manwhore(HPRJ):


Sexual Guilt and Performance Anxiety (Advanced / Mature / Explicit) (Mystica):
How To Make Love Better Than A Pornstar (How To be Her Best Partner... Ever) (Caligula):


1000 - Red Leader's 1000th posting:
1000th Post: Distant Light's Theory Of Everything (Very Long) (DIstant Light):
Making Connections: Halffull's 1000th Post of Ultimate Glory:
4 Months in Hong Kong - Reflections on 3somes, SNLs, SDLs, and adventures (Crush):

If You Follow this You will have a Rock Star Sex Life (Scumbag):
Be Your Own Coach. This is how you end up fucking girls in less than 4 months. (ReallityFactory):
How I get laid consistently (pringles):
2 Years Deep: Thoughts from a Late Night Stream of Consciousness (Powerhouse):

1001 Post: Opening: Projecting State (Manwhore):
1000th Post: Communicating Values- Emotional State and Sexual Projection (Manwhore):
LMR Series Part I: Being the Prize (Manwhore):
LMR Series Part II: Sexual Shit-Testing (Manwhore):

LMR Series part III: Emotional Dominance (Leading, Cockblocks, Looks, & Negativity) (Manwhore):
In the way you do anything.. you do everything (Manwhore):
Human After All (10Pin):
ROW Through the World with Ease – PoP’s Masterpiece (Prince of Persia):

Allow yourself to be fully manned up in all your glory (Prince of Persia):


2009... let's do this (Pilgrimage2012):
Beasting on Scallywags! (BonoboTimes):
Twlight Shirts=Intercourse. Two Step Field Journal (pics and such):

Mr. Mtl Madison's Sexy SEX JOURNAL of more Sex ... and love (Mr.Mtl Madison):
The Nu London Crew (Goran~ & co.):
Fingerman in San Francisco LR journal (Fingerman):
Ze 30-Day challenge to ze fuck (Paris Boum Boum):

Matt: Antics and Women - Matt~:
WD's Scandal sheet - Money Boy:
It's dirty, it's filthy, it's paradise! Vegas babe. With love, from the Moondoggy. - Moondoggy:
Tone's Training - Tone:

10Pin's Progress Journal - 10Pin:
Pyro~'s Tales - Pyro~:
K's Self-Actualisation Journal - Kimball:
The Kimball Chronicles (Kimball):

The Cranberry Chronicles (Pedro*Crannberry):
Challenge : Sex with 40 girls in 2 month (FrenchCassady):
30-Day Natural Game Challenge (Roark101):
Abercrombie: Ascent To Elite Congruence (Brad-):

Chaos, Love, and Lust: The Journal Of - Tom!:
Cat's journal:


LR: Sex in Grand Central Terminal (Summa):
LR: Valentine Seduction (Brokenpath):
5 Girls in 5 Minutes (Keen Brendan):
D...DD... DURRRRRR! JEFFFY! (jlaix)

LRx3 : the swinggers club experience (JohnG)
LR: I am not a (JohnG):
Alleyway Adventures - Kimball:
It Runs Around The Room, And Me - Tom!:

Little Miss Kitty - Manwhore:
Brisbane Fucking Glory - Kimball:
Jeffy Fucking Drama - jlaix:
Miss Devious - Manwhore:

Persistance & Conviction - 10Pin:
FR: Tommy Rocks Out....In The Ghetto (Tom!):
Shiny New Shoes - Tom!:
Southern Hospitality - Tom!:

Black Nimbus - Manwhore:
FR: Sometimes, I Irriate The Fuck Out of Myself (mental tweak needed):
FR: The Week That Was... That salty taste in my mouth (Brad-):


My Transformation... (Tom!):
My Transformation (Mix):
Pimpski's Transformation Deluxe (Pimpski):
perfect week, 7 lays, just did it (JohnG):

I just had a perfect week... (S|n|ster:)
Wear the fucking crown (ambiguity):
The "Post An Inspirational Quotation" Thread ... (Jonathan~):
The guy with the worst facial disfigurement ever lands beautiful girl (sharptoothuk):

A Deaf Man on His Path... The Hero's Journey (Jacob):
When the Numbers Started Going Up (ROBOTB0NER):
Your FUCKING up your life one missed approach at a time (Two Step):
Penis Pickup (funny infield footage) (King Kong):

Clowns pick up girls ( VIDEO) (King Kong):
I see infinite and it scares me (Android):
The descent into madness -- is it worth it? (Tyler):
Look at This - jlaix:

Can you feel it? Can you feel the burn. (Storm~):
1103rd post: Be a Fucking man about it (Bayroot):
What's the most pimp thing you've ever done? I'm talking insane approaches... Sex in crazy places (bigballs):
Fucked 4 new girls in 24 hours. Thank you RSD and bootcamps. (JMULV):


Glory in Miami! Stop reading this and do a boot-camp with Owen! (Roark101):
Abracada-BRADADE: Igniting Nimbus in cold Zurich (20-22 of March) (Leo-~):
Nathan's Bootcamp - Austin - Aug 29 - Field Report (Kum@r!):

Tyler Bootcamp Oct. 15th - 17th 2009 (Haze~):
Bootcamp with TD: Gem found & reposted (Manwhore):
To hell and back, a bootcamp survival story (Raeven~):


On Business, Life & Game (Colours):
BOOKS TO READ: Post Them Here (BAWLS):
Become A Beast (Take A Bootcamp) (Drama):
Practice makes perfect (Cupcakes):

Stumbled Across the Magic Pill..... (Scumbag):
30 days of ultra-productivity challenge (Scumbag): /
Lifestyle Rocket Fuel, Life Hacks, The 80-20 (Rich~):
Where will YOU be in thirty days?? (Tyler):

Eckhart Tolle Principles (Tyler):
Developing Your Inner Man Part 1a: Reference Experiences (Halffull):
You're not enlightened (Halffull):
Nathan's Exercise (FoodBuddha~):

Action Plan Time! What Are YOU Going To Improve On? (Tom!):
Law of least effort:
Best of Sam the Gladiator thread - On health & fitness: / OT:
How to Choose an Inner Game Program (Slojodan):

How To Live Like A Rockstar Without Mad Money -- Limiting Beliefs & Thinking Outside The Box (Tyler):
The descent into madness -- is it worth it? (Tyler):
How To Be A Professional And Still Get Out Of Your Head, Dominate, And Win (Tyler):
If I had a suit, I'd get laid so much in vegas (Fingerman):

Ego/Self Esteem = Unconditional Self Acceptence (Derek®):

The one book that gave me massive success with women (ChaseWhatMatters):

BORN INTO ROYALTY - wear the fucking crown! (Ambiguity):
Entitlement Expression: When Was The Last Time You Openly Said "I did that", "That's mine" or "No, I'm not going to do that" (The Duck ✘):
Entitlement: Infield videos at last! (HPRJ):

Self amusement
Cheeky innit? I take girls numbers and don't call them (really) (Ambiguity):
I Normally Don't Tell People How To Self Amuse.... (Fred E. Rick):

Train Game- Fun for Everyone (Chrysoberyl):

"Time Management" Text Method (Indepth Pics) (Distant Light):
After 900+ phone numbers – my thoughts on phone game... (Mr. Mtl Madison):


5 books that will improve your game by 1000% (Fingerman):
College Game Guide (Pimpski):
Making women cry... DEEP connections - Tom!:
The "anglobitch" as a culturally specific phenomenon (ChuckBr):

The CITIES project Thread (JohnG):
On Why You’re Not a Real Man (Cat):
Ultimate FAKE ID Guide + Cutting Line | Avoiding Cover charges | Getting in ANYWHERE (-oasis-):
Got surprise jumped :

IvánPérez's Compilation:
duG Compilation:
Gravity's Compilation: (thanks!)
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I hate you! I already read way too much here teeth
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ho, you fucking legend!

Great idea.

Also, I suspect a lot of people don't knoow this cos its been neglected recently, there exists an RSDWIKI:

There is some GOLD on there.
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

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Join Date: 04/02/2009 | Posts: 3303

UPDATED. Feel free to add yours.
Starsailor wrote:
Ho ho, you fucking legend!

Great idea.

Also, I suspect a lot of people don't knoow this cos its been neglected recently, there exists an RSDWIKI:

There is some GOLD on there.
Thx, and thanks for the link.
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

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Join Date: 04/02/2009 | Posts: 3303

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Warped Mindless


Join Date: 12/09/2009 | Posts: 57

Sweeet. Thanks man.
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

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Join Date: 04/02/2009 | Posts: 3303

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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

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Join Date: 04/02/2009 | Posts: 3303

Silver platinium edition online now. 

Reply and help you 304 cheap motherfuckers.
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The Kimball Chronicles

(I know you've got K's Self-Actualization journal in there but this one is more detailed and better)

The Cranberry Chronicles (Some good infield vids)

 "Stop looking at the walls, look out the window." - Karl Pilkington
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

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Join Date: 04/02/2009 | Posts: 3303

Thx. It's still in progress and not yet organized, I hope I'll get the time to make a more user friendly version. 

Sometimes we tend to forget the amazing resources on the forum - I know I do. I read awesome threads back in the days. I remember it was John~'s diary that convinced me to register and post (it was an amazing diary, too bad it got removed).
I'm doing it also because I am preparing a mega-challenge, I'll need sort of a
handbook of things to try and learn.

Thanks ! 
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Master Milo

Master Milo

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awesome, thanks for making the effort to do this. Ill contribute some links soon.
"Don't dream it, be it." (Dr Frank N Furter)
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