December 13th, 2018
Girls - Adventures - Glory!!
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I did a field reports thread about a year ago for a while but back then I was mega chodey.

Now I've just got out of a girlfriend situation and I'm ready to fucking LORD in the next year.

At the moment I oscillate wildly between mega-awesomeness and being a super chode.

I do lots and lots of daygame. And almost no night game. I'm gonna start doing it more though in the coming year as I want to be getting lots of sex and less interested these days in emotional connection.

I live in London.

Many field reports will follow. I will write stuff that I've done and stuff I've learned. Hopefully it will help people who are where I used to be, and maybe people on a similar level to me.

Rock on.
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I’ve been back approaching for a couple weeks now and was building some momentum. But had a busy week at work and had to cut it out this week

Today it was fucking freezing outside. But I hadn’t been out all week so THE TIME HAD COME.

I looked at Jeffy’s field report thread before I went out and it put me in the mood.

Wrapped up warm and went to Leicester Square. Daygame.
I was massively in my head cos I haven’t talked to a strange girl all week.

1st set – looks kinda Russian. Fairly attractive, she stops and is flattered by my direct approach. I eject like a pussy.

Next approach – American girl. Stops for 20 seconds and then blows me off.

Next approach – English girl going shopping. Kind of likes me, and becoming more attracted as I talk bullshit at her, I was so in my head. I eject again. Yuck.

Next set – a cute blonde. Polite blowout won’t stop and talk to me.

Next set – HOT brunette – blowout, says I’ve got to go.

Can’t remember the next girl, I speak VERY SLOWLY as an experiment. I can’t remember what happened but it didn’t lead to me sleeping with her.

Japanese girl – blowout.

Now I was starting to feel better and was hitting a better mental state.

Some English girl, going to meet her boyfriend.

Some blonde girl, I’m talking to her and her fucking DAD arrives into set. I congratulate him on his beautiful daughter and get the fuck out of dodge.

Some girl with a little skirt and her cap on backwards. Starts to walk away. I plow. Realise she was weird teeth. Eject.

Some Malaysian girl. She likes me. But I fucking eject.

I jump in front of some English girl. She is nice but won’t stop and chat.

Some English girl. Her posture is shit but nice face and body and clothes. She kind of likes me. Later I see her with her boyfriend.

Now my state was pretty good. But I had a date to meet.

My goal for the next few sessions out is to make approaching AUTOMATIC. No hesitation. No thinking.

Went to train station to pick up cute girl for date.

We went for hot chocolate. Afterwards I invited her back to my house.

I have a line of glory for getting girls back to my house. Here it is:

“Would you like to come back to my house?”

She says yes. I take her back and show her my friend’s youtube video and drink green tea. Then I put on some rap music and start making out with her and biting her neck.

Then start grinding up against her. Tell her to take her top off. She says no. I put my hand up her top and start squeezing her tits. Then ease off again. More making out, she’s grinding me like crazy.

Then she has to go meet her friend. I tell her she can’t just leave me cos I’ll be sad. And horny.

More makeout times. Then she goes.

I go and cook some noodles.

Victories: Approached a lot of girls and with little hesitation.
Got out of my shitty state that I started off with.
Had FUN.
Went out despite not feeling like it.

Lessons: DO NOT EJECT. Staying in causes the girl to be more attracted.
Even if you are just talking bullshit.
Keep talking.

Next time I have a girl on my bed, put her hand on my dick. Read this somewhere recently and forgot to try it.

What next: Only one more day before I go home for Xmas. Must hit it hard.
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

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Nice. I like your perspective and how you use your approaches to fuel your state.
Keep it up.
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Paris Boum Boum wrote:
Nice. I like your perspective and how you use your approaches to fuel your state.
Keep it up.
Thanks man. I got a LOT from your field report threads.
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Today I left it till pretty late afternoon to go out as the weather was unbelievably cold.

I approached some girl I can’t even remember now. All I remember is being nervous as I approached. Forget what happened after that.

Then I approached an Italian girl, she was slim with a tight little body. Her scarf was wrapped around her face to protect her from the cold. Cute. Her English was shit which annoys me. After a minute of chat she removed her scarf from her face and I saw she wasn’t as pretty as I expected. I talked about The Sopranos, about the weather and other bullshit. Then I said I was gonna go and find my friend.

She asked for my number. I took her Facebook instead as I’m going away for a couple weeks.

The big problem here is that if she hadn’t asked for my number I would not have taken hers – despite that she’s pretty cute. Most guys would be HAPPY to hook up with her.

I regularly decide that girls are not hot enough even when I don’t have other dates lined up. I like to think that I am above the process. I am NOT.

Ironically, her Facebook photos reveal that she is actually hotter than I thought and I just got her on a bad day.
I said goodbye.

Next approach – a gorgeous English girl. I told her she looked like a sexy little elf. Chat a bit. She had a boyfriend. She told me I was very charming. I had a polite chat. Then goodbye.
Two more approaches I don’t remember at all.

A turbo blonde girl with a short skirt and sexy tights. I procrastinate forever over approaching, Blowout. The funny thing is that once I got up close she wasn’t even that hot. If I hadn’t thought she was so hot, it would more likely have hooked.

I approached a girl that isn’t hot but has an AMAZING ARSE. Think my approach was kind of incongruent cos I told her I thought she was cute even though actually all I liked about her was the ass. She said she was seeing someone and carried on.

I met my housemate for a minute. Had a chat. I get fucking scared of approaching girls who are standing rather than moving. Time to get over it.
I see a sexy blonde leaning against a wall. Think about it for 3 seconds then cross the road. I tell her I like the movie star pose. She was semi-friendly but closed out the conversation after a while because I was REACTION-SEEKING. Gay. She told me she was in a bad mood and didn’t want to talk I told her I was leaving. I left. I still felt awesome cos I had pushed my comfort zone.

I see two hot girls crossing the street together.
Two sets scare me. I decide to go in. They either don’t speak English or pretend not to speak English. I hold them for a bit, then leave. I feel very good.

I go up Regent street. A cutie pie pushes past me in the crowd and goes up the street. I follow. She stops outside a shop window and peers in. I wait till she turns around, then materialise in front of her. I tell her that I like her big brown eyes. She’s another Italian, She likes me. I talk about The Sopranos and London and Christmas. Then she talks about herself a lot. I let her. She has a cute American accent. We chat for about 10 minutes. Then I tell her I’m going. Before I ask for her number, she asks for mine. This has happened 5 times in the last 5 times I’ve gone out. I take her Facebook cos I’m gonna be out of the country for Xmas.

I approach a hot little brunette. She gives me a big smile but no stopping.

I go home.

Victories: I did shit I was scared of. And it didn’t even feel scary.
I got in state and did some good approaches.
Approached the hottest girls I saw on the day.

Go for every girl’s number. When I’m getting the results I want, then I can pick and choose the girls I want.
Plow more. Burn sets into the ground. Stop caring about validation. Plow until she rejects me.
The approaches I think are scary, aren’t really. They’re just the same.
Most sticking points self correct by just going out enough and pushing yourself past your comfort zone.

What’s next: No game for a couple of weeks. When I get back, I’ll be going out min 4 days per week.
Doing at least 10 approaches every time I go out is a very good idea. It means I always get into state at some stage, and approaching becomes automatic after the first couple of sets. I must keep doing this. It is training me to be in state.
More group sets in future.
2011 is going to be an AWESOME year.
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Back after Xmas. Time to get my groove on.

I go out on the street. It is shit. I am shit.

4 hours. 3 approaches. 3 blowouts.

I just could not get out of my own head. Oh well. By the end I felt a tiny bit better. Next time I go out will be a little bit easier.

Soon I will be a fucking machine.


I had an essay to write so stayed in, locked n front of my computer.


I still had an essay to write but decided to date the hotter of the two Italian girls from my last FR.

I went for a long walk in the rain before I met her. Then I went to Leicester Square. I wanted to do a few approaches but couldn’t approach. Then my friend arrived and for some reason I was able to open in front of him.

Approached a hot French girl. Oui. Oui. She liked me, but then she said she had to go and I didn’t take her number because in my head I didn’t feel like I’d talked long enough.

Then I went to meet the Italian chick. She was wearing high boots and looked hot.

Went for a drink, we had an awesome vibe straight away. She’s different from the normal type of girl I like – much louder.

I’m a very low energy dude but it worked well. We talked about work and family and music and random shit.

Left the bar and headed for another one closer to my house. Along the way I stopped her and kissed her behind the train station.

In the next bar, we talked about awesome stuff like free-running, public transport, movies, pets and my dislike of people.

Then I took her back to mine, and slammed her against the wall of my room and started making out with her.

We made out for ages, I started biting her neck and squeezing her tits.
I was stroking the inside of her legs and getting her hornier but every time I dropped my hand, she pulled it out again.

I tried to put her hand on my dick but no go.

I kept going two steps forward, one step back. But in the end it was no go for sex.

She stayed over and I fell asleep with her pressed up against me.

I had to work the next day and was like a zombie. I will see her again.

This is the 3rd time in 2 weeks that I’ve had a girl back to my room and not laid her.

Not sure what the issue is. It’s probably not something I’m doing. I am trying.
More likely it’s my belief / strength of reality. I have yet to sleep with a girl on the first date.

But if I can take back like 30 – 50 girls this year (Pretty sure I can manage this if going out regularly and taking right action), it is BOUND to click sooner or later.

If anyone has thoughts on this, please do offer your comments.


Went out.
Did at least some approaches
Got another girl back.
Escalated as much as possible.

Approach more.
Try to number close., not matter how short the conversation. Don't protect the ego. It costs you in the long run.

What's next:
Go out hardcore tomorrow.
Have FUN.
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I slept a shitload. went out around 3.30. My ONLY goal was to do 10 approaches and build momentum to take with me for the next few days of going out.

Met my friend, he’s a natural. He approached a girl with a great arse and had a long interaction. I got bored so I went and approached a girl standing by the cinema.

Went direct but I ejected straight away. Pat on the back for me because I find girls standing still way more intimidating than when they’re moving.
I like the IMPACT I make when I stop a girl who is power-walking down the street.

Approached some English girl, who looked cute from a distance but average up close. On the way to meet her boyfriend.

Next – a back girl about to cross the road. There were a number of people standing in her vicinity who could hear but I went in anyway. Direct of course. She liked me. I didn’t CLOSE.

Next – some blonde, going into a shoe shop. She had a big smile but would not stop.

My friend was in set again. I did another approach on a girl who was standing, waiting for a friend. This one was much better – now I was beginning to find my state. She was English. I have a thing for English girls. We liked each other. But I did not CLOSE.

Approached another English one, but she was too old. I left her.

Approached a very fast moving blonde girl. Blowout.

Approached another fast moving girl. Blowout before I opened my mouth.

Approached a way hot English girl. We chatted and we liked each other. But I did not CLOSE.

Approached another English girl. She liked me but was less attractive up close. I did not CLOSE.

10 approaches done.

It was fucking cold and I came out underdressed and lacking sleep. So I came home to do some writing and watch The Sopranos.

Did ten approaches. No problem.
Did approaches that scared me; i.e. all of the standing sets.
Had FUN.

Standing sets are easier to approach than moving ones. You don’t have to worry about stopping them. Even if you approach badly, they will talk to you most of the time.
ALWAYS BE CLOSING. Even if you go into your head during the interaction.
Assume attraction. I already do this, but it’s very state dependent. I noticed today when in the bookshop that just looking at girls can cause them to give me IOIs. But I only usually notice stuff like this when in state.

What’s next:
More game tomorrow.
I'm on the way to getting the sort of rhythm back that I had before Xmas.
I feel like I’m so close to the next level. Just have a few issues to iron out first. But there are no shortcuts
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I went out with my housemate. The plan was to do 20 sets. This was my ONLY goal for the day.

But really it wasn’t because I didn’t get any numbers yesterday and secretly I expected to get a bagful today.

What actually happened was that I got blowout after blowout after blowout after blowout. After a few blowouts in a row, my state went DOWN which led to more blowouts.

One girl finally talked to me, but when I tried to close after 10 minutes or so, she said No, she didn’t want to see me again. This HURT. Girls never say that shit to me after we’ve talked for that length of time..
In fairness, I was still in a very chodely state so no need to take it personally.

There followed many more blowouts, a long conversation with a cute Estonian who had a boyfriend and more blowouts.

Then I finally met a girl that wasn’t allergic to me, she was a real cute American chick. She was cool and I got her number, hopefully it doesn’t flake.

Then some more blowouts.

My housemate did a similar number of approaches but he eventually hit nimbus and got a shit ton of numbers from girls.

I went out.
Approached 20 girls.
Kept going despite constant blowouts and low, low state.
Met a cool girl.
Did an approach in the train station.
Did an approach in the street where fuckloads of people stopped and stared at me; Social pressure, baby.

Have NO expectations.
Approach the hotties regardless of state – I saw two TURBO girls that I didn’t approach.
Don’t be thinking, don’t be trying. If you’re trying to make a girl stay and talk to you, then you are trying to IMPRESS. This does not yield results.
Even if you have to approach 20 girls to get one number, it is still worth doing.
Blowouts build character.
Don’t take this stuff personally;
The same girls that blew me out harshly today would fucking love me on another day..

What’s next:
I’m having a bad run of game. This is GOOD.
Every time I’ve ever had a bad period in the past, it’s been followed by a good period.
I am on a plateau. Being on the plateau means that IT IS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE I HIT THE NEXT LEVEL.
Enjoy the process.
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On the streets again.

I had big nervousness, after my yuck day yesterday.

So yesterday girls kept blowing me out. Today, I was blowing myself out.

First approach, stopped dead, I wasn't into her - I ejected early.

Next approach, mega cute girl; the wind blew her skirt up just before I approached her. She was such a cutie pie, looking up into my eyes, so adorable. i ejected though, I felt so fucking uncomfortable.

Next; cute portuguese girl. She was liking me, but trying to walk away.  I kept talking ; semi plowing but she wouldn't stay. She wouldn't stay though.

Next; brazilian girl, cutie pie. Once more she liked me but offering resistance, trying to walk away. What you feel, she feels - I was nervous, so so was she.

I decided to head home as tired and not in the mood.

Last approach, tall blonde, she was into it from the second i opened my mouth ; crossed her legs over, straight from the open. And blah blah blah, I ejected.

I went out.
I approached 5 girls.
My vibe was much better. All the girls were attracted.

Don't bloody eject. - My confidence was super low today; so just looking forward to it going back up in the future.
What you feel, she feels. yesterday,I felt shit so the girls felt shit and blew me out. Today I felt good, but nervous. I made girls make good, but nervous.
Calmness will come back to me with time. Keep going.

What's next:
Keep going out. Keep going out.
Approach more.
Keep the faith!!!
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I was fucking exhausted after work so I said I’ll just go out for about an hour and do at last a few approaches, so I don’t fall out of the habit. I’ve had a few crap days in terms of results but I know that it doesn’t matter because I’m still accumulating reference points and I know for a fact that if I keep going out the results will come. My success is inevitable.

I wander around for about 20 minutes, in my head, don’t feel like approaching.

1st approach: In the shopping centre. I need to do more approaches like this where there are people around who will see and hear my approaching. I need to expose myself to more social pressure. I approach an Asian girl. Instant, harsh blowout. People look at me. Good. I feel better. Before this approach, I was in my head, projecting the different ways it might go and how she might react. Chode.

Next approach; Cute blonde, she looks really hot from behind. Street approach, harsh blowout – the creeped out look. Before the approach I was in my head, projecting how it might go.

Next approach; an ok looking girl, she is wrapped up really warm. I was so uncommitted to the approach. She was polite but walked away.

Next approach: a hot Spanish girl, she was smiling as she blew me out.

DAMN What the fuck is going on? Why do I keep getting blown out?

Then I had a click. I was getting blown out cos I was thinking of what would happen after I approached. I keep fucking doing this – running possible scenarios through my mind of what could happen after the opener and how I’m going to hook the girl. THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF BEING IN THE MOMENT.


I see a hot, tall dark haired girl walk by, and I fucking THROW myself into set, before I have a chance to think and to fuck myself up.

And BAM!! Talk talk talk. She is Italian and REALLY HOT.

Tell her I’m going to the bookstore, and she decides to come with me. We get coffee and chat. She tells me she has a FUCKING boyfriend. Later, I tell her I’m heartbroken cos I’m in love with her. I suggest being friends and that I’ll try not to hit on her.

I buy a book. We chat more, she’s very cool and the more I look at her, the more I realise how gorgeous she is.

We leave the bookshop and in the street she tries to slip her arm into mine. I don’t exactly throw her off but soon after I gently extract her. We swap numbers. I go home. I’m not going to call her.


Did 5 approaches.
Persisted through nasty blowouts.
Realised what I was doing wrong.
I had a really strong frame on the instant date. There was NO approval seeking behaviour.

Live in the now.
Don’t be projecting / trying to predict reactions.
I never feel the need to kino a girl anymore once I’ve got her on a date / instantdate. When I first grew the balls to kino / hold hands with / kiss a girl, I got excited about it and used to do it to validate to myself that I was able to do it. Now I don’t need to because I know I can do it when necessary in a discreet place.

What’s next:

RSD Free Tour on Thursday. Awesome.
Keep going out often.
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RSD Free Tour:

Ok, this was fucking awesome. To be honest I was kind of just expecting a big sales pitch for Hotseat. But actually it was PACKED with quality content.

The in-field video of Tyler vs. The CEO was worth attending for in itself.

Highlights for me were:

1. Ozzie’s talk on fear. He made us write down our biggest fear when approaching women. Mine were ; awkwardness and the girl thinking I am weird / creepy.

This was a BIG revelation for me. I wanna be a smooth motherfucker. This is why I don’t plow enough.
Often I prefer to say nothing than to say something that might sound weird or boring.

2. Tyler’s rejection compilation; This shows what blowouts should look like – basically Tyler makes them reject him SEVERAL TIMES before he lets them get away.
PLOWING like a mofo. Most of the time he is talking complete nonsense.

Lesson: Keep talking no matter what. IT DOES NOT MATTER. It is not supposed to be smooth. It is not meant to be pretty.

On the way home I did two approaches in the train station and I plowed them into the ground.

Haha I actually went overboard and creeped them out by going too far.

But this is good. The next few times I go out I will push TOO FAR and look like a tool and then I will calibrate down.

Thanks again to Papa, Ozzie and RSD in general.
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