November 21st, 2018
The iPhizzle shizzle journal (pics and vids)
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 So i thought seeing as I'm writing for an rsd inspired blog i should have one of these journal things, the first 2 posts are copied directly from another forum i frequent, the rest are exclusive for you. If you like the words that i type then check out for my super special articles, there's one on LMR that twostep told me made him "cream himself" when he read it.
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Okay, so last week I got back from my 4 and a half months in New York, I met some amazing people and literally had the best few months of my life. While I was there I worked at an outdoor education centre earned A LOT of money with literally no outgoings, lived about 45 minutes outside of NYC so saw this as a great opportunity to flex my skills in the city.

So first night there I grabbed 6 other people from my centre and hit the town. Now I was confident in my skills before I got out there so thought I could cut it no matter where I was plopped in the world and to an extent I was right. Of course my skills plus a British accent would allow me to run good sets, pull a few girls (I say girls because I like them young, 21 year olds? Yes please) so I pulled this 21 year old, she had a good body but my beer goggles were probably on a little when I approached her because her face was below the standard I would usually go for (a standard that would be repeatedly ignored over the first few weeks)

The next day when I realized that my initial target had been pulled by my mate, we’ll call him Pingram (he’s read the game but is more of a natural) I find this completely unacceptable as I gamed her at the start of the night and wanted her. I don’t really know what happened, I think I just moved on and lost her in the crowd. I made a vow not to drink when I sarge in the city (which would also save me a lot of money, how expensive is it to drink in NYC????)

I sat down the next morning to eat my pancakes with Pingram and some of the girls and was going over the night in my own head, I thought about how my game had lacked focus the night before and how I had gotten lazy and reliant on social proof (at uni) in England. So I decided to choose how I wanted to put myself across and focus on those aspects, use my new focus plus my accent and use them to fuck the hottest girls in New York.

The list of things that I wanted to get back to:
1) Be ruthless (if I want it go and get it) This was the biggest factor in my game a few months back.
2) Get the first night fuck, I don’t want relationships or fuck buddies, just sex, so work on setting my frame as if you spend time with me we both know you’re getting fucked.
3) STOP underachieving, no more 7s, 8 and over only, I don’t really use a 1-10 scale but for this exercise I decided it was worthwhile.

And I set to work……

Over the next few months I pulled 6 girls that I consider to be of the very highest quality, the type of girls that when I saw them I would get physically aroused, personalities to match, but shockingly for the most part they weren’t that good in bed (with the exception of 1).

I don’t write many field reports, but I have book in which I write notes about my experiences and I have 3 very different reports that show my progress in the past 4 months (I’ve had more growth in my game in the past 4 months than I have in the past 5 years in England). Maybe it’s an age thing.

Since I’ve moved back, I’ve been out 6 nights out of 9 (jet lag my arse) and the success I had in America is carrying over (pulling literally every time I go out).

I’ve turned extremely physical in my interactions, I used to try to be funny and clever to pull and although it worked very well I have totally changed in my approach and it has changed my fucking life.

At the moment there are 4 girls that I have met since I got home that I want, these are the girls that haven’t gone home with me on the first night, I reckon around 2 weeks and I should have all of them. With the possible exception of 1 who is a party girl, way into drugs and drama and I kinda want to stay away from that (but she is the hottest one so I cant make any promises).

My aims to continue my progress:
1) Go out more, I can afford it so why not go out 5 nights a week.
2) Do more day game, I got pretty good in the States but seem to lack the same motivation over here.
3) Find a good wing, Pingram was the tits, he made it soooo much easier to pull groups of girls, even if he did try to nick some of my girls haha.
4) Don’t let my mates drag me back into drinking when I go out, it really fucks up my standards.

Heres some photos from the past couple of months, some are from New York and some are since I've been back, not all of these girls are ones that i fucked but i tried with the majority. The 2 girls in pictures without me in them are 2 of the targets i spoke about above.


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Wednesday 8th

 I never go out alone so i thought I'd try it, It was strange at first because i didn't know anybody so I thought the best tactic would be to make some friends so i went out to the smoking area and started talking to some guys about football, turns out the were Spurs fans, alright bunch of guys, i ditched them and decided to chat up some birds, if i needed i could go and find them later.

Chatted up a few groups but couldn't really see anybody i wanted so I was just killing time, hanging out with people and having a cheeky flirt. After an hour or so (12.30 ish)

I see a hot Asian girl this chick is tiny yo, like 5 feet 1 or something, perfect little body and cute face

She is with 2 guys so I just go in, shake both their hands and say hi, then I just grab the girl and start talking, I'm saying nonsense complete nonsense and kino like it's going out of fashion , she throws shit test, shit test, shit test, I answer with your mum, you are, Alright mouth, HWHAT are you talking about? Passed.

After a while of this high energy stuff she is attracted, so I slow it down and sit her down get low energy on her to get her to fall in love with me.

When she asks the golden question what do I do, she is mine

I'm in training to be a Blackpool donkey, does she want a ride?

She starts giggling and says yes, I tell her shit like I'm the most popular donkey at donkey school coz I have iPhone 4, and nickname her bamalama princess.

I grab her and throw her onto my back, she's tiny so it's cool

I stumble and say I'm still training and don't have my donkey badge yet

We are far enough away from her boyfriend/ brother/ dad whatever so I put her down pick her up facing me and kiss her.

She is way into it and smiling when I pull away.

So I say I'm tired we should find somewhere to lay down.

We go outside, it's cold and there is snow everywhere, I turn down a street and sit on a bench.

We get aggressive on each other.

She starts stroking my dick through my jeans so I do her a favour and unbutton them at which point with no hesitation. She gives me the wettest blowjob of my life, I don't cum because it's too cold and I feel like my balls will smash to pieces of they were to somehow be flicked.

I button up grab her and take her the 8 feet to the taxi rank, no queue sweeeet.

Get in and tell him my address, we get out and she pays, we go to my room past my housemates (2 of the 3 girls i live with) who look at me like some kind of man and fuck her in ways that can only be done with a girl of 5 feet in height she cums I cum we all cum I go to sleep while she is on the phone to whatever dudes were with her in the club (its now clearly some guy who fancies her) satisfied, wake up horny fuck her in the shower, i tell her to draw me some porn so I can wank over it later, throw her my huge bag of accumulated sharpie brand marker pens, she leaves having drawn the porn and writing her name and number on the paper

I also wore a frog hat.

I text her today to tell her I have forgotten what she looks like naked so she sends me this.

I also have video of her sucking my dick

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Thursday 16th

Thursday went to a Christmas party at work. There are a few smoking hot pieces but mainly cougars.

I kick off a wii tournament and kick everyone’s ass because I have mad skilllllz on wii dance.

Because it’s a work thing we have to leave the building by 11 so invite 4 of the chicas back to mine to continue wii fun (i don’t have a wii by the way, but I neglect to mention that).

I get super fucking drunk and forget which one is my target here and mercilessly hit on them all until one (the hippocrocapig) decides to leave, we all shed a tear because the hippocrocapig has left us and I start to think, me and 2 girls, 3way heaven awaits.

I sort of forget what I’m doing and stray into my room and lay down for a bit, and it occurs to me that I have no idea how to make a 3way happen, but I remember dual induction massage, so the plan is in motion.

Before I have a chance to get it off the ground one of the girls comes to check on me, I call her Beyonce because she has a name that I cant say and it sounds vaguely similar.

I grab her and pull her on top of me, she goes wild and is dry humping the shit out of me (so much it starts to hurt my dick) so I whip it out and she gets her nosh on.

In the crystal clear vision I have 30 seconds after I cum I remember my aim, 4 tits at once. I go back into the front room, Beyonce in hand and try to get the massage thing going, it’s a fucking shambles and I go to bed alone after the girls pass out on the couch.

Friday 17th

Wake up at 2pm with a MASSIVE hangover and the girls have left, little note from Beyonce saying she had fun we should do it again (keep her on the backburner for later on).

Get a few texts from the boys (none of these guys have game and are jealous of my superpowwwa) and they wanna go out tonight, I make a quick decision between Chargers @ 49ers or fucking (I know my number 1 target is out tonight) psh, decision made, I iron my super special shirt that makes women find me irresistible like a chocolate cupcake and sit down, bang out a few articles to raise the dollars for a night at the local disco.

To the club……

I’m doing my thing, making a fool of my friends while still making everyone think I’m super cool, if they don’t know how cool I am I show them my iPhizzle 4zizzle and tell them to look how cool it is.

Later on I’m smooching with some Barbie wannabe and out of the corner of my eye I spot her, number 1 on my list, been steady at number 1 for about 3 weeks this is too long so I tell Barbie that I need to go see something, grab her number and go to find my shiny new toy (she’s the annoying one from above in the dress) we will call her Sheera.

I find her and show her my iphone, I can tell she is super duper impressed as she takes out her phone and says all I have is this, I then make my iphone hump her piece of shit phone, tell her he’s not into it, he only likes it doggy, she tries her best to put her phone in doggy style so he can fuck it but it’s a miserable failure.

She says that it’s because it’s nervous as there are loads of people watching, but she isn’t so reserved, PROVE IT.

She starts talking moderately dirty things into my ear, I look at her unimpressed and tell her:
Me - shut your dirty mouth (trademark cheeky grin time)
Sheera – Or what?
Me – Or I’m gonna fuck it

This clearly turns her on so I kiss her, when the place closes we get a cab to my place and I take her MASSIVERay’s boom boom room and pull out my best moves, she has bedroom skillllz almost as good as my wii dance. She’s a very dirty girl but annoying as fuck, she ants to lick coke off my cock, this is a no go for me, but she has nice titty bamalams so I’ll keep her number.
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 Christmas ball

Last night was the Christmas ball for one of my mates (Juggmeister) at uni, his girlfriend is on his course so he took me as his date, AWWWW CUGGLES.

I throw on my dapper Sunday best outfit and a pair of aviators and go to meet up for pre game drinks. I have a quick scope of the place and there are about 3 fuckable women there, one of whom I have already got a blowie from a few weeks back (Shnugsy), she has a boyfriend so she is giving me the silent treatment and pretending it didn’t happen but everyone here knows. She’s by far the hottest girl here and is sat on our table SWEEEET! I need to melt her icy icy heart and get her home.

I say hello to a few people and by the time I’m done we need to get to the venue. We arrive and sit down, there are 6 women plus me and my Juggmeister at our table. This course is ridiculous, it’s at least 90% women and none of them seem to have dates.

I figure the best way to pull Shnugsy is to make her jealous by flirting with everybody at the table except for her. What follows is a few hours of what can only be described as a full on decimation of her negative attitude towards me, she gets visibly jealous and is seeking attention by flirting with my Juggmeister, Here I’m thinking that after the meal I will ditch the jealousy shit and get her on the dance floor.

However by the dance portion of the evening, she is saying that her housemate is drunk and they need to take her home, I’m not too worried because I will see her again.

I go over to her table give them all a kiss on the cheek goodbye and walk them to the door, when they are leaving I give her a hug and squeeze her ass, she gives me a cheeky smile and walks off. (later on she texts me to say she wishes she didn’t leave, I tell her to come back and it’s a no go so I stop texting her)

It’s dance time and I rip the dance floor as usual (I’m a bad ass mojito dancer) and try to fuck one of the tutors, I try to make her like me by singing with her but she is married and says I am too young for her, I tell her I’m going to go and cry in the lobby she should come and comfort me (trademark cheeky grin). She says no so I grab some super skinny girl and have a dance off, just so happens that Jason Derulo is on and that’s my jam yo!

The night progresses and I propose in the politest possible way that there is going to be a sophisticated wine and cheese after party at my place. ( by polite I mean grabbing the mic and shouting part back at mine, people cheer, I call them sluts and about 15 people tag along back to the crib.

I’m not interested in anybody who came back so I just drink and eat cake that is in the shape of a stiletto, I do notice that these two girls are both stood next to each other eyefucking the shit out of me, so I tell them to come meet my hedgehog (he’s a fucking awesome wingman), they come to my room and we lay on the bed, I try my best not to fuck up the magical threeway opportunity but fail AGAIN, it failed when I had them both stroking my chest (because I enjoy being stroked ha) and I grab one of their tits, she says she’s not like that and she’s ok if we talk and stroke but that is all, turns out they are both Jesus freaks.

We go to sleep, the more attractive one accidentally puts her hand on my cock “in her sleep” and starts moving it around, the other girl hears the commotion and storms out without saying a word. As soon as she leaves the other one literally goes to town on my cock, she nearly rips the fucking thing off and I’m actually in pain, there are tiny rips on my foreskin BAAAAD.

I tell her to do it gently and she does, after 3 more “do it gently’s” she gets a good rhythm going and moves down for the gob job. Rough as any I have ever experienced again. “do it gently”. In the end she is pretty good.

After I cum we go to sleep, we wake up at about 8am and she literally goes straight for it. Literally doesn’t take my cock out of her mouth for more than 10 minutes until about an hour ago.

I go in to tell Juggmeister what happened and he says that she is known to be a terrible Christian. Didn’t fuck her because she was on the jam and had a MASSIVE bush.

I WILL HAVE A 3WAY!!!!!!!!!

Pics soon, I have a hangover and my head hurts like a bitchy bitch.
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 Christmas Week

I was staying at my parents for the Christmas break so I thought i would try some online game, set up an account on Plenty of Fish and got to messaging hot mojitos. Got some replies but no one wanted to come round for the el sauseeege, GUTTED, need to work on online game, my boy 2 step reckons he's got skills so gonna get him to teach me.

So with no luck on t'internet I called the boys, who i don't get to see too often these days and got them to come to my local pub, they brought some girls they have been hanging out with, which suits me because I am tired and hungover and social circle game is easy.

They roll in and I look like shit on a stick, but i have some super fly new trainers on so it's all good. We end up just sat at the table talking shit all night, I also got a little thing going with the young hot bar maid.

I was getting bored of the gimp talk, the boys blatantly wanted to fuck the girls but didn't choose one each so were spraying weak ass game on any of them that would listen. I don't stand for this and show them how to be decisive, tell one of the girls that we should go and talk.

Take her hand and take her to a couch, the barmaid eyeballs us the whole way, she wants the cock, I can feel it, but I will go back another day for her.

Lead the conversation to sex and she is telling me how it's sooo wrong that girls who like sex are considered sluts but men aren't, that if we were to hook up just once, the boys would give me high fives and call her a hoe. hahaha surrrrre thing sweety, i totally understand it is WRONG, society should let women do what they want to without judgement and more such lark.

Of course everyone comes back to mine and are too drunk to get home, and i have a spare place in my bed, I wonder who I should invite to sleep there. 

We get into bed and i touch her sausage pocket, then pound it.

I realized tonight that being super physical when I go out, although it is good for getting the one nighters, but get less fuck buddies and make less new friends, I'm just the asshole who fucks girls. Gonna try to hold back a little and concentrate on keeping my talky talk tight.

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 Christmas Eve

Family tradition is that we go out for drink at the triangle, which is 3 pubs all on the corners of a triangular green that at this time of year has a gorgeous Christmas tree in the middle of it, perfect for romantic walks followed by public displays of vulgarity.

We have one drink in each pub then go home for baileys and to open a small gift.

Okay cute family shit is over.

At pub 2 there are two smoking hot waitresses, my bro literally NEEDS to fuck the cute blonde one. The other is cute so we have a deal. My brother isn't all that but he can sort himself out and can be a decent wing He says I can be his wingman anytime, I tell him bullshit, you can be mine, Top Gun references this early, we already know it's gonna be a good night.

My waitress has a group of mates or something in the bar, she keeps going over and chatting to a group of guys and girls and therefore is not giving me the correct amount of attention. I cannot stand for this shit.

I make a few cheeky comments at the bar, tell her she has beer foam in her hair, is she trying to start a new trend, simple shit. We leave and finish off traditional stuff and it's all over by 9, so me and MiniRay head back to bar 2, both of our waitresses and the group are still there and it's starting to quiet down. Perfect hunting conditions.

I figure out the best way to pull this off is to infiltrate her group ninja style and work it from the inside. I go over and bust out the hi-five bet, and sit to explain it to them. I'm in a silly mood so i play dumb ass games with them, 5 questions, thumb war and bet that one of the girls cant stand up on her chair while i walk around it 3 time, when she gets up on the chair i just walk off and go to the bar, chat up the waitress, she calls me Mr Popular and asks how I know her mates.

I tell her I don't, but they're cool.

By now I am working out logistics, I want her to sit on my cock, but she is at work and her mates seem like they're waiting for her. By this time my brother has his waitress locked up, she is completely in love with him. The boy has potential, but no standards, if its got tits he will fuck it.

I go back over to the group and start taking the piss out of one of the guys because he has a Chelsea shirt on, and they're in a shocking bit of form lately. He immediately gets gay for me and is my new BFF, after a bit of banter, I know he wont get in my way so I start to shamelessly hit on waitress. Who now keeps coming over way more often.

I ask her if she is following me around, and she slaps my shoulder, this is waitress code for please put yourself inside me. I bring my brother and the other waitress over and then everyone knows I am super cool because i have friends.

My waitress says my brother is cool, I tell her that's what all the girls say and pull my super cute sad face, bottom lip curled over and everything.

She tells me I am cute too and gives me a hug, CHACHING!!!!!

The friends quickly notice what is going on and we all trade numbers and they leave, now there is me, my bro and the waitresses. They say we should all go on a double date after Christmas, i tell them i don't do double dates, can i bring my brother, we all laugh and I am now the king.

We get their numbers and get up to leave, I ask what time she finishes work 11.30 SWEET!

We leave and go home, my brother is a and is happy with the date idea, but i go back at 11.30 to "walk her home" luckily I know the perfect way home, past the romantic Christmas tree and look up there, there is some misseltoe on the telephone pole, kissy kissy kissy.

I look around and cannot for the life of me see a yoghurt shop to take her behind so by the tree it is for her to taste my yoghurt.

This girl is cool, I plan to see her again, we make plans to walk our dogs after Christmas dinner and i bring my amazingly cute pup Nigel, in his presence she is powerless to resist and we go back to hers and work off the Christmas calories by railing, she wants me to put it in her ass but i don't like it so I respectfully decline, she's a freaky little snowflake.

Gonna add her to the rotation.
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Ha I'm loving this! :)
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 Pretty quiet few week in terms of journal worthy pulls.

I am working on 2 new routines that i invented on NYE fo sho!

They are called:
1) Push and open - this involves me pushing a girl on her shoulder as she walks past me then when she turns round to see what happened, act as if she opened me, fucking gold so far.
2) Midnight Mcdonalds date - we have a new 24 hour Mcdonalds near my flat, so i text girls and tell them i want a fucking burger and to meet me there, when we get there i eat a fucking burger, tell them I am going home to watch Dawsons Creek, Flash forward, Heroes or some other shit i make up on the spot, when they come back to watch it, i have sex with them, shit is crazy dope right?

After you have used my super awesome techniques, what do you do then? Swing on over to to find out.
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 Went out with one of my mates from uni the other night. To his female best friends birthday party.

Before i was ok'd for the invite he showed her pics of me on facebook, she obviously thought I was hot shit because she said I could go.

When we got there, it was me, my mate (Panda) and about 6 or 7 girls hahaha. The girl who's birthday it was is wasted and all over me from the second i get there, like kissing me and grinding on me and shit. I like a challenge so I decide to pull her hotter sister (who i introduce myself to as her future sexual love ducky), should be interesting haha.

We all hit the dance floor and I'm doing my usual shit, obviously setting the room on fire with my super slick moves, I see love ducky dancing alone (poor snuggles, she needs a friend) I step in and just stand in front of her motionless. This is creepy as fuck but i had an idea and went with it. She asks me why I'm not dancing. I tell her I only know two ways to dance.

her- "what are they?"
me - "super sexy or super gay!!!"
her - "show me the gay"

Here i pull off the most over the top campest moves i can think of, I'm twirling, jazz hands, and jumping really high waving my arms, all with a super fake massive smile on my face.

her - "okay, we can dance sexy" (haha we sure can biatch)

At this point i straight up start dry humping her in front of everybody (and here is where it gets silly) I kiss her (OMG right?)

Her sister sees this and gets jealous and comes over and slaps me (fucking hard) accusing me of being a and having std's as well as trying to give them to her sister. I take this as "my sister is going to fuck you"

I grab the sister while everybody else is trying to calm her down and we sit at the group table, she is looking all sheepish, and everyone keeps pointing over at the table, I catch Panda's eye and he starts laughing, which in turn makes me laugh.

her - "why are you laughing?"
me - "the awkwardness of the situation, it was only a kiss"
her - "i know, i think she likes you"
me - "is it wrong that i wanna do it again" cheeky grin and eye fucking her
her - "we cant they are watching"
me - "we can hide look"

I put my hands in front of our faces and slip her the tongue again. LOTS.

Everybody sees this and they all start giggling (except for the birthday girl who looks maaaaaad)

End of the night, and logistics are against me, i try to get her to suck me off behind the club but people keep interrupting, so I call it quits and get her number.

I text her "Night sexy pants"
her "you're one to watch aren't you"
me "fo sho, call me when you get up"
her "maybe"

She calls me at exactly mid day, which tells me 2 things, 1 she didn't want to wake me up, so she is caring. 2 she obviously wanted to wake me up but waited until a decent hour, which means she wants my peep to tickle her tonsils.

We have some bullshit conversation about how weird last night was, she doesn't know me and doesn't normally do that, me either, its so strange (hehehehehe) she wants to get to know me better so i tell her to meet me at the cinema, she offers to come pick me up. (silly silly girl, inviting herself to my place) when she gets there, I haven't even got dressed, I'm wearing shorts and t-shirt. I tell her to come in while I get ready.

We talk about how tired we are, and she decides that she would rather watch a dvd than go out, I agree so we settle down to watch Drag me to hell, she is obviously disgusted and snuggles into me for the icky bits, One of those times i kiss her, and we don't stop until I have buried my bone.

I'm well tired so I try to go to sleep after, turns out she is a massage therapist (no shit) then goes to town on my shoulders, I am in heaven until I fall asleep.
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she's a keeper. 
MASSIVERay wrote:
MASSIVERay wrote:

, 1 she didn't want to wake me up, so she is caring. 
My game = social skills + having a dick. Morely the latter. Join the Resurrection Crew!
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