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Foreigner in Chinaland: Trying out some dim sum, Wing Chun and layin' some lumber
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2 exciting nights with endless epiphanies.

The 1st nights started off with me being extremely excited to venture into the nightgaming scene. Something much of game is more calibrated towards IMO. Alright, let's get right down to it.

Beliefs about night game
HBs go to clubs to get laid.

Night 1

Emotional State: Excited
Goal: Have fun, get number closes
Venues: LKF 7-eleven, Azure, Pi

Outside 7-eleven
This place is the shit. Hot chicks outside the place, hot chicks walking up and down to other places.

I open a few sets here but they all go nowhere. Intuitively, either I came across too strong (i.e., are you from Korea, I said it loudly or perhaps it was rapport seeking) or it came across as ingenuous. I thought they were ingenuous since openers like "Are you from Shanghai?" came from a desire to game them not from a deep curiosity. Perhaps that connects with the vibe that I gave off.

However, I did approach them at an awkward location right when they were about to turn down the road, but it was not crowded. So many questions!!! W/e the field is KING, I'll get'em answered through more field time.

My wing opened a 2 set, I entered later on with low energy in order to not scare them. I immediately, without introducing myself to both of them started talking to my wing's obstacle. I was gaming her, but I was not interested in her (I should really stop gaming girls I have no interest in). Talked about some random shit, did some stupid reaction seeking stuff (Oh, you look like you're from Korea), getting into my head, number close. bye bye!


Crush opened a 3-set, I immediately grab on of those chicks so that he can get it on with his target. I do this w/o looking at the chicks to see which one is hotter...Btw, I think the girl I grab is cute, say Hi, introduce myself, spin her around and around...Haha ran out of things to say. Try to dance, all 3 of us (3 girls, 3 guys) are on the patio. Talk some stuff getting to know her better, talk about her career "event management" something that I am very interested in myself, qualify her for that. I claw her in occasionally, absolutely no resistance.

Get into my head once more, introduce the cube, felt weird since I dislike saying shit that isn't "me" but it's a good filler. Anyhow, ends up she has a bf. Which I was confused about given that she didn't resist my touching and I sensed that she was ready to be kissed, and I was also wondering whether it's a shit test...

Or quite possibly misinterpreted her wanting to be kissed given that I thought her pursing her lips meant she wanted to be kissed.

Regardless her bf came in and I left after a while...

End up groping her drunk friend who ended up going to the washroom. This is the confusing part, when her drunk friend said that she'll go to the WC all of the girls left with her and ended up dancing inside. I am still confused by why they did this :S

Anyhow, I went in and opened some more, simply with "Are you from india?" which got the guys in their group to stare at me when they were far from the girls and I just randomly went to people to say hi and opened guys proving to myself the club environment isn't really hostile.

Night 2

Emotional State: Less excited, AA (used redbull to try and raise my state which backfired cause I felt weird after drinking it)
Goal: Have fun, get number closes, K-close
Venues: LKF 7-eleven, Azure

Still suck at opening, maybe b/c I have a belief that they won't hook :S

Anyhow, my friend opens a 2-set I enter say hi to both briefly and immediately talk to one HB. She works for an Airline company. I talk to her, alternating b/w being in my head and being in the moment. I inadvertently tell her that she is stuck up. A neg, she's like wtf, I'm taken a bit back by what I said, I said it quite spontaneously, but I plow through and she agrees that she is. Palm read, also at the spur of the moment, she doesn't seem nervous or seem to resist me touching her hand. She asks me where my other friends are I turn her around and point to them. I inadvertently DHV myself, but carry on doing so even though I realize that I'm doing it.

I'm getting away from all this trying to impress others BS (well it works but, it's not really like me to impress others with DHVs) , I'll be myself and she'll be impressed eventually.

I tell her that's she's interesting and that I'd like her #, she smiles and says "What?", I am taken aback and backtrack 'What's the best way to contact you?", she says "It's ok you can have my number". I ask her to send me a text message as my phone is dead, she asks me what my telecom channel is. It's not the same as hers so it's not free to sms each other. Btw, then her friend looks as me weird and says they have to go, I don't know whether it is b/c I didn't really talk to her or b/c my wing did something that lost her interest...

Btw, sms'd her later, but she doesn't seem to answer me if I reply to her reply, maybe its b/c she doesn't want to pay for the sms, or maybe the interaction which I considered solid wasn't really solid. I asked her out but she said she has to work late and go to a farewell party for her friend this Saturday. W/e, I'll contact her next week.


Enter Azure, there are 8 of us. Crush tells me to approach a girl and tell her "I would like taller children, my name is TheApostle" I do so, she smiles and I see her friend introduce myself to her as well. Fuck I see infinite possibilities I can fuck taller chicks soon.

I think what Crush tried to show me was what you open with doesn't matter, but what I got off of the funny openers was that you have be interesting in order to hook them. Feel free to correct me here buddy.

Alright, I'll cut it short to 2 sets that I opened.

I see this cute HB, I am even more attracted to her since I saw her looking at me occasionally at the lobby. I see her at the patio and I grab her, "Are you russian?" this came from a deep curiosity within me, I just wanted to know who she was. "No I'm from France", run out very shortly of things to say she goes back to make a phone call. I do not know what to do, should I approach her at the back or should I forget about her. In my moments of indecision she returns, I grab, "My name is TheApostle" What's yours?, "My name is Matilda I'm leaving HK tonight", now I'm back in my head, it seems like she wants to leave but isn't really leaving. I'm back in my head and she leaves..

This is the first time I've had this burning desire to stop a girl at a club and did it.

Another set, 1 woman, old but good to check things out, we talk after I open my tapping on her shoulder. She's here to meet new friends...we dance, asks me where my friends are I point randomly (this is interesting, they don't pursue to ask me to prove it or introduce them to her) we dance I run out of things to say I pull her in by her waist. She resists, within a few seconds, I react albeit for 3 seconds, I try to hide my emotions but its too late. She walks away as though she has seen a ghost.


When I was reactive to her rejection her view of me changed. I've read a lot about this but it's different experiencing it first hand

When she walked away I scanned the room, FUCK, it seems that a few girls were acknowledging what just happened. I thought I was fucked and I felt my state shift to the negative.

I should've simply smiled and said FUCK THAT time to have more fun, rather than looking around to see and assume another person's viewpoint. Or my perception of how they viewed me.

Now the confusion lies in whether she was no longer attracted to me because I showed too much intent or b/c I reacted to her rejection of dancing closer.

The rest of the night went shit b/c I let it and was stuck in my head. Furthemore, it seems that the sets that I opened randomly saying "Hi, my name is TheApostle, what's yours?" kind of sucked when I reopened them. Probably due to me not spending much time building comfort with them early on. :S

Check out my progress! Comment, just say say hi or throw me a few motivational words to help a brother move forward, all are appreciated! teeth

Foreigner in Chinaland: Trying out some dim sum, Wing Chun and layin' some lumber
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Join Date: 11/14/2010 | Posts: 96

motional State: Empowered and excited
Goal: Have fun, doesn't matter whether I get anything. My priority is to have fun.*
Venues: Azure, Pi (Clubs in Hong Kong)


Upon entering Hotel LKF ,where Azure's located, hotties were everywhere which made my blood boil in excitement and eagerness spike to have a good time and involve some ladies in my reality.

Enter Azure. The music is playing, it's dark and I put on a smile and start grooving with the music. My physiology is affecting my state and I'm feeling good.

There are ladies everywhere, it's packed but I can't get myself to approach them unless they walk by or are a 2-set of HBs. I'm a pussy, I know, but man will I overcome this very soon. Wink

The thing that I will work on is my courage to open on the dancefloor. (Or in Azure's case, a restaurant with people dancing around it). I walked around and around the place, to the DJ and out to the patio and in again and out again and on and on. It was depressing, I even had to exit to the 1st floor of Azure to get myself together.

I walked down to the 1st floor, saw a girl walking by.

TA (TheApostle): Are you Linda? (I didn't know her but I said it for shits and giggles)
HB: No... (as she's walking by)
TA: Have we met before?

She didn't stop to chat.

Which in hindsight the "Have we met before?" was shit, shouldn't have said that but pulled her in by the arm gently towards me. Btw, I did it for fun.

Walked back upstairs, headed to the patio.

Open a 3 set.

TA: I know you 3 are having a very intense conversation, but I need some feedback on my Cantonese. Could you rate it?

HB1: Sure.

And she rates it, I look at all 3 but the other 2 don't seem to be interested in what I'm saying. So in a short while I eject.

Ejecting is a bad habit that I have. And I think I eject for 2 reasons:

1) B/c I believe that there is nothing I can do to turn the set around.

2) I don't have the intention to full-close them.

Now, the 1st belief is BS I've lived for quite some time and I do have enough material to turn it around. I could even pull in HornyLilMan to help out but I didn't. I could've engaged the other friends but I didn't.

The 2nd belief is a subconscious one and something that I have to show them via my actions. Even though the fact that I approached them is obvious that I am interested in them, it doesn't convey that I'd like to get them. And sometimes to HBs that are into me and I don't make the move I get friendzoned. Intent is important.

 I walk on back to the patio.

There was a cute 2-set talking amongst themselves, I open with:

TA: I know you 2 are having a very intense conversation...
HB: Hahahaha (While looking at her friend)
TA: What are you laughing at (in Cantonese and with an amused smile)

I introduce myself and my wing lamaach and we start talking to the HBs we're with.

I talk to HBshy. She's dressed in red, dyed brown hair and has light-colored skin. In other words, I find her to be quite cute, HB6-7 for me.

We shoot the shit and talk for a bit. Even though I don't actively look for IOIs any longer, I can always see them due to my past emphasis on them. And if that's a measure that she was giving me a tonne of them. But I didn't care and talked on.

At a certain point in time, she even tells me that she thinks that I'm handsome...Anyhow my conversation isn't smooth and I'm constantly worried that I might say something or not say something that will result in her leaving and hence it was IMO not smooth.

(I should stop giving a fuck about her reaction, something that I proved yesterday with another set that I knew wasn't going anywhere, or if she did I didn't care. And she didn't leave and obviously was attracted to me. BTW, attraction doesn't equal her wanting my cock.)

HBshy asked for whether I had graduated from college as I went to the same college as she did. I told her to guess and then I told her I hadn't, which kind of shifted the dynamics of the conversation and subconsciously I believe it kind of led her to become less interested b/c I was much younger than her. Either that or I was suffering from DancingMonkeySyndrome. When attraction was established, I didn't build enough trust/comfort/connection. Overgaming, another sticking point to overcome.

Another item is that my wing told me that I lean in and don't physically escalate much. I agree with the 2nd point but the leaning in is something I believe it doesn't affect things much as I've seen cases where even after I lean in the HB leans in or doesn't leave, so it's not a major thing...

I went for the #close with HBshy:

TA: Hey, you're interesting to talk to, What's your #?
HBshy: I don't give my number out at clubs (said apologetically)
TA: No, seriously. What's your number? Does it begin with a 9 or 6?
HBshy: I don't give my number blah blah blah
TA: 6 or 9?
HBShy: (Goes on to explain why she doesn't give her number.)
TA: Ok, if you don't want to give it, that's fine with me.

Here I think I am visibly affected and don't change the thread. She pulls her friend away soon afterwards to dance. I don't follow don't wanna seem too needy.

Still not giving a fuck, Chronic and I open a 2 set. One was very responsive the other very closed, their male friend shows up, invites us to their table but we all leave soon afterwards a short stint at their table. I make sure to loudly tell the friend that he's very nice to get his mind into that frame...

A Korean HB steps on my foot with her heels and says sorry.

TA: (Reply a greeting in Korean.(
HBKorea: Oh, you can tell I'm Korean by my look. Now, you must think all Korean's are rude and like to step on people.

She's hot and a bit drunk. But it doesn't occur to me to continue the conversation. FUCK + the fact that she was with 5 other guys and women didn't keep me focussed either. I don't reply and she doesn't continue talking.

Head up to the roof of Azure. There are a couple of hot chicks and I talk to a few.

TA: Nice glasses.
HBHarryPotter: Thanks.
TA: They look like Harry Potter's glasses (In a reaction seeking mindset)
HBHarryPotter: Fuck !@$#@%#$%#$%^
TA: (I keep quiet and just stare at her)
HB: Sorry, I'm like that, my name is xxx
TA: My name is xxx

Soon the conversation wanes and she's with her boyfriend so I don't talk much. + I don't like bitchy women.

HBsmoker was Lamaach's friend's friend.

TA: Hi, I'm xxx
HBSmoker: I'm xxx
TA: Your accent is not very Hong Kongish, where are you from?
HBsmoker: Oh, isn't it? I'm from LA. Where are you from?

People say not to show an IOI before the HB does, which probably is the case for stuck-up bitches but not so for socially calibrated women, so fuck that.

TA: (I make fun of the local accent for shits and giggles)
HBSmoker: Hahaha
TA: Don't smoke on my face (Which in hindsight is the equivalent of saying Fuck you, I was unaware of this relation at the time)
HBSmoker: (Shocked) I'm a bad woman, I like to smoke on people and am a bad influence.

Her boyfriend came soon after and she left Crying or Very sad

Soon after I left to grab a bite at Ebeneezer's.


Up in Pi. It's packed, hard to walk around the dancefloor and I don't have the courage to approach anyone but I keep dancing and high-five an HB just to see what is possible. I pull a girl's sleeves down asking her name as she walks by and she says "Emily" w/o stopping.

Gotta get girls to stop when I talk to them by pulling them towards me. And stop expecting them to stop.

Head home soon afterwards.

No number closes, no nothing but it was a good day, had fun and learnt a few things.


*Something that I've neglected a few times for results and ended up feeling like shit b/c my ego was in the way. Since I was reactive to the fact that I was not getting results, it affected my state. If I had no ego, my state would not have been affected. Hence my reluctance to game for games (G4G) sake. I am a human being, just like everybody else, and don't have to prove to anybody that I'm a pimp, including myself.

Here's a link to a lengthy article that inspired these thoughts within me:
Check out my progress! Comment, just say say hi or throw me a few motivational words to help a brother move forward, all are appreciated! teeth

Foreigner in Chinaland: Trying out some dim sum, Wing Chun and layin' some lumber
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The ladies were dressed to kill, the scent of alcohol permeated in the air and I was ready to lay some lumber!


But that didn't happen.

Instead I met a couple of horny women who were DTF from the get go but they didn't meet my standards...

Should I lower my standards or strive to stand by them, but make it difficult to conquer the punani?

My basic standards:
1) Can speak fluent English
2) Does not smoke

Cutting to the chase...

After a long night roaming around Hyde Club and saving up mental images for the wank bank, a friend and I entered Beijing.

Beijing Club is a posh place and it played into my favor b/c the chinese to foreigner ratio was 50 to 1. I was a rare gem in a sea of homogeneity.

I felt like I would have a great time, perhaps this mindset contributed to my greater success here. Believing that this venue was the shit and I am going to have a great time!

I opened a few sets and I wasn't blown out by any (since starting night game the worst "blowouts" I've had were girls walking away from me, which isn't bad, and mostly they even excuse themselves before leaving. Well-mannered.).

I open an HB from the bar with "Are you Korean", I thought she was, so I asked. Being genuine. She asked me why I thought such, I referred to her makeup being better applied than most HK girls.

I started conversing in Cantonese and it was all good, they loved that I could speak it. She was being a bit obnoxious at times, screaming at me for things that I misheard and reiterated, to her embarrassment , incorrectly. For instance, I heard "hooker" while she said "tutor" :S

I mockingly screamed that back at her. Which made everyone laugh.

She introduced me to her friend, HbWitch, who was in to me immediately, I talked to her about many things but she mainly talked about herself. That she could see ghosts, I asked her if she could see any now and she said yes.

She said she helped people breakoff the curses placed on them. This was downright freaky. (My friend asked me later whether this was a shit test, I'm not sure, it didn't seem like it).

We were in a conversation and she said "..c'mon the reason you're in a club is b/c you're single" I didn't have anything planned for this and said "...I guess you are too". SHE asked for my number, which is something I've rarely encountered before, I just gave it.

Should've put up some resistance, haha, make her pass a test? Not doing that makes me feel low value in that situation.

I left soon after, I didn't like her that much, I liked her friend! but I thought it'd be weird if after talking to her I'd go and game her friend.

I've been kinoing moreso than previously and more consciously HOWEVER still a bit shy embarrassed haha, for now
Check out my progress! Comment, just say say hi or throw me a few motivational words to help a brother move forward, all are appreciated! teeth

Foreigner in Chinaland: Trying out some dim sum, Wing Chun and layin' some lumber
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Thanks Serpicoo.

I met her online.

Fast forward 1 week.

Met her in Admiralty. She was dressed like a rocker chick. Makeup, dressed properly. Red earrings, leather boots. It was clear that she was serious about putting up her best front.

We went to Starbucks. On our way there, she mentioned The Game. I said I had some friends who do that. I used that to cube her in Starbucks.

There were some quiet times, it was after all our first meeting and she must've had inhibitions (any normal person would). When starting my "gaming" journey I'd talk non-stop. If there was dead air, I'd rack my brain to fill it up.Not this time, even though I had the inkling to talk, I let the silent moments be silent momentarily and said whatever I felt like. I did not care what she wanted to hear.

I talked about what I was passionate about. As they say enthusiasm is infectious, she was infected.

I realised a couple of things.

1) Previously, in one of my field reports, I was advised that if the HB said that she doesn't like XYZ, don't talk about it. It's bad.I didn't really understand it back then but I think I do understand it better now. Talking about something someone else doesn't like brings negative emotions within them. Not good.

A socially calibrated person would not go on talking about what someone else doesn't like. This is a new realization. It was knowledge before, now it's a belief.

Regardless, I don't think I'll talk about what she likes, just to please her. If I like it too, I'll talk about it. If it's something she doesn't like, I'll simply avoid it. Just to keep the positive emotions.

2) As for taking risks. I did something I didn't do before, I HELD HER HAND. (Not that I haven't before....with my girlfriend..., never on a first date!)

Yes, I did. Cool

This may not be a huge step for many on this forum, but it was a big step for me. FINALLY.

Normally, I'd simply take her out, and talk talk talk. She's interested and there would be no "physical escalation". But since she wasn't within my social circle, I had no fear. I simply said "Give me your umbrella, now give me your hand (as I grabbed her hand without waiting for a reply)."

Prior to this, as we were walking down steep stairs, I told her to hold my arm. So there was some form of progression.

Anyhow, she made a very weird face when I held her hand. As though she was extremely weirded out. 1st date, hold my hand?! Ewww.

But she didn't let go, as a matter of fact she was kind of fidgeting around. I don't know if it was in fear. Anyway, she said she had a phone call and let go of my hand, she didn't check for her phone. Haha. Just an excuse to let go perhaps...

3. The other problem I noticed was that whenever I go on dates with HBs. They get tired fast. OF COURSE. I don't like sitting around, and make long treks and girls get tired fast.

NOTE TO SELF: If they tell you they aren't athletic and you take them for a long walk (in heels) attraction will decrease.

4. Leading

It is important, but sometimes its hard when the HB knows the place better than you do. How do you guys handle this?

Perhaps, knowing all the locations in advance would help.At one point, she told me "I will not go to starbucks, it's pro-Israel". I said "fine, where else do you recommend". I really did not know the place well, no point walking around getting her more tired and then saying I don't know where we're going.

5. I take a long time to progress (phase-shift) from A to C. Maybe that was why she was weirded out when I held her hands, didn't qualify. I did phase-shift eventually.

6. "Adopting her reality"

I saw that she was getting tired walking around so much so I said "Man, I'm so tired" and she agreed and seemed a little shocked that I finally realized it. Anyhow, I thought this better than simply ignoring the fact that she's tired and walking around and guessing whether she's tired. Or asking her what she wants.

That's all folks.

Comments always appreciated.
Check out my progress! Comment, just say say hi or throw me a few motivational words to help a brother move forward, all are appreciated! teeth

Foreigner in Chinaland: Trying out some dim sum, Wing Chun and layin' some lumber
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Join Date: 11/14/2010 | Posts: 96

 I am who I am and I will not apologize for what I do. In other words I upheld an "unapologetic" state of mind.

This is in contrast to the "I don't give a FUCK" attitude, which is a reactionary mindset that I used to have recently.

My goals for the day to be were completely outcome independent, to be unreactive and to uphold a rapport breaking tonality(BRT).

My accomplishments for the day were all the above plus taking greater risks(which lead to greater accomplishments). BOOYEAH!


I have picked the sets that I enjoyed and learnt from.

Bitch Set

Approach ladies outside 7/11.

3 HBs. See them, my hand on their shoulders (rotator cuff area).

TA: Hi, my name is TA (BRT) [Hand extended, 100% certainty that she'd take it]]

One of the HBs takes it, shakes hand.

Introduce myself to the rest of the group. One of them keeps texting another friend.

TA: You seem very active.

She laughs.

TA to HB Bitch: How old are you?

HB Bitch: Guess!

TA: 3 (BRT)

HB: WTF?! Guess again.

TA: 17. (BRT)

HB: Fuck You!!

TA: (Unreactive, look elsewhere ignore chick)

TA: I like x

HB bitch: I don't like x

TA: Fantastic, we can be friends we have nothing in common!

HB Bitch: No I don't think so, since we have nothing in common.

TA: (unreactive)

HB Bitch's face was red after she said Fuck You, but the odd thing was I sensed that she was attracted and pissed off at the same time.

W/e, they probably were chatted up by lots of guys and didn't like that and indirectly asked my friend and I to leave.

As long as she doesn't physically assault me I'm good.

Emo Set

Loved this set. One HB had a lip-piercing and the other had a tattoo on her tits.

I love lip-piercings on HBs.

I open the chick with the tattoo on her tit.

TA: Hi, I'm Francisco (BRT, 100% belief that I'm the shit!)

HB Tit tat: blah blah blah

Talk with both chicks, HB piercing tells me she pierced her lip by herself. I told her I like that.

My friend: Pointing to the tattoo on HB Tit Tat's tit asks a question about it.

I notice that HB Tit Tat doesn't like it so I blow it out of proportion.

TA: C'mon man, you shouldn't be pointing to the tattoo on her tit (that's what I said) in conservative old Chinaland). I mean would you like it if someone talked about your tit (he's a guy). [I grabbed his chest]

The chicks go wild even though I am amusing myself, not them.

TA: I mean man that's not a good thing, I would never grab a chicks tits that's not nice...(pause)...I'd rather grab her ASS!

HB piercing laughs hysterically.

TA: Talk to HB Tit Tat, say that HB piercing is the naughtier one.

HB Piercing: Bastard! (Her whole face is red)

I stare at her not reacting to her comment and give her a cheeky smile she reciprocates.

It's so fucking on.

I left, bad habit ejecting way too early.

TA: Nice meeting you guys, give me a hug! [grab them both and give them a hug]


Set fledging PUA and a girl I dated for 5 minutes

TA: Hey, I'm Francisco (BRT, 100% belief that I'm the shit!)

HB gf: Hey

TA: Is that your boyfriend? [noticing a guy next to her]

HB gf: No, that's my friend. Actually we were introduced today by another friend.

blah blah blah

TA: [Claw HB in] Ok woman, you are going to be my gf for the next 5 minutes.

HB gf: WHAT?! No

TA: Come here, come here! Now what shall we do for out next date?

HB: Says some lame shit. "We're in this club for out first date "

TA: Woman! Be more creative

HB: xyz

I forget the guy's name.

TA: What's your name?

Fledging(F): YOU forgot my name?! [he copied something I did earlier]

TA: Oh, I'm soooo sorry. Lucy right?!

HB cracks up.

F: [doesn't give in]No, it's Jennifer!

HB: Oh, Jennifer!!!

continue with my date with the HB, claw her in. Try to get her to twirl, won't budge, had to basically force her to do so. She even fell down once, luckily I caught her.

TA: Jennifer (me to the guy) don't be jealous we're going to have our date later. Give him a hug, then give the HB a hug.

When time came to leave I #-closed the guy first and then the girl (credit: ulisse)

Sent her an sms of my Facebook account, she replied shortly after. But didn't add me on facebook.

Bisexual Set

The big thing here was the bisexual made it explicit that she liked the other girl. But I kind of befriended her~

She left for 5 minutes leaving her little friend with me(I think I read that this is a signal for me to get it on, if it's not on when she gets back she's taking her friend away)

TA: You're so tiny I'm going to put you in my pocket!

HB Tiny: hahha.

Then bisexual came and I didn't have the guts to do anything!!!

Brother sister Set

Nothing big, just gave even attention to brother and sister.

Sister was texting frequently which sucked! Number closed the brother first, then the sister in front of him.

Sms'ed my facebook to them. No add yet.


All of this was done in the breaking rapport tonality and the mentality that I'm the shit.

Why am I the shit? Because I'm the shit! Why? cause I'm the shit! Enough said.

Comments always appreciated.

Check out my progress! Comment, just say say hi or throw me a few motivational words to help a brother move forward, all are appreciated! teeth

Foreigner in Chinaland: Trying out some dim sum, Wing Chun and layin' some lumber
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Join Date: 11/14/2010 | Posts: 96

FR: Social Dominatrix

This day marked a deeper understanding of the power of networking.

How to network properly and how bringing a winggirl with me affects my results both postively and negatively.

Negatively, given the extra barriers I have to breeze through.


I had been always trying to understand networking and how to get it to work in my favor.

My major mental sticking point was how to give value to my billionaire mentor. I understand that a long lasting relationship can never be based on taking and never giving.

Yesterday, being the youngest amongst directors, vice presidents and other professionals I felt powerful.

As one HB put it "It seems like you are the organizer of the event!"

I called along one of my online sets with me to a networking function. We've been out before, she's a laid back girl and I enjoy hanging out with her but I don't intend to take it further.

I'm thinking of deliberately going into the LJBF zone by increasing comfort massively so as to prevent her from cockblocking me in the future.

Btw, we entered the venue and the chicks were pretty solid. I'd fuck 30% of them, others were either old or not very attractive.

I'll talk about the sets of value (i.e., lasted long enough and I experienced something different)

Rothschild VP and HB Aquarius

I feel a tap on my elbow. I look around and see someone I can't recognize.

TA: "Did you touch my elbow"

HB Aquarius: *Stares*

I get pretty confused as I was in another set talking to someone else.

TA: OMG! It's you! You look so different.

*I introduce myself to the guy next to her*

HB Aquarius: You didn't tell me you're coming here!

TA: You didn't tell me you're coming here! * I mimic her in mockery*

She laughs.

I start talking to the Rothschild VP and he's pretty chill, he asks me about my zodiac sign, I say "cat" and then he asks for the Greek zodiac, I say Scorpio.

VP: Ooh, that's one of the best ones, what that means is that you're very xyz and sexy.

TA: *Me to HB Aquarius" You hear that woman! I'm sexy *As a dominatingly walk towards her with a smirk*

HB Aquarius: Haha

Then I grab her over and tell that guy that she works in a kindergarten as a janitor, she laughs.

I then take it a step further and try to set them two up. I physically dominate HB Aquarius and claw her in and then push her and the Rothschild VP together.

I tell them that they're made for each other and then they take each others numbers.

Revelation: You set others up they'll be indebted to you. The Rothschild VP kept calling me over to meet his HOT female friends, I was busy with women I was talking to to bother. I'll probably e-mail him and see whether we could chill some other time, seems like a great guy with hot friends.

Revelation 2: This is just an intuition, but it seems that the more I try to set HB Aquarius with others, the more she resists them. I think this kind of conveys I don't need her and this generates attraction because even in the room I'm a high value guy I'm talking almost everybody and women are looking at me simply because I'm the only non-Chinese speaking Cantonese. sexeh!

Social dominatrix set

Was in a set, introduced myself to others. Got bored, saw a guy talking to no one. Grabbed him, pulled him in and introduced him to others.

Key: I am no longer there with the intention to get chicks. I'm out there to be social and if ladies happen to be there so be it, if they interest me enough I'll bless them with my presence and get things going 8)

Saw a few more PUAs since the last networking session. Tried to gauge their game, they were beginners just like me but with lesser experience. I don't like AMOGging, and I haven't really done that. But if I tool them I ususally tool them physically(even though I'm not tall or big) or blow up their jokes directed towards me. I need to read up more on this.

Got a few numbers sent, them a text immediately "Save me! Some chick is hitting on me!" when I'm next to the HB some liked it, some didn't get it. W/e next.

Revelation: An HB will give out IOIs to many of the men they meet during the night. Just because she gave you some, doesn't mean she'll give them to only you that night. In other words, forget about IOIs because "what you feel, she shall too!" Looking for IOIs is reaction-seeking, and hampers ones progress. This does not mean I shan't display social intelligence..

HB "Are you married?"(HB AYM)

Was talking to this chick, I think I got a boner when I was in this set.

Started out doing basic attraction stuff, then I left and happened to come back and remembered to stop fucking doing attraction. Need to built more rapport, need to have a solid number.

Played the questions game. My questions were to get her mindset more sexual but the questions she shot at me weren't so maybe she was either shy or thought of them as taboo.

Some of her questions:

1) What are your aspirations?

2) Will you live in HK forever?

3) Are you married?

My answers

1) Gave her a detailed outline of my goals and aspirations. No BS, I did actually write up my goals for the next 10 years. I wasn't trying to DHV myself as I don't like doing that anymore but I knew w/e I was saying had that effect.

She was impressed

2) I mentioned that it depends on whether my children shall have a better education here or elsewhere, and whether my wife needs to work elsewhere. This was for pure self-amusement and reaction-seeking tbh but I knew 100% how she'd react to this and that is how she reacted by asking me if I was married.

Then I asked if she hugged well, she said maybe. I said let's find out. Hugged. Told her it wasn't good, let's have another. She refused. Perhaps she was conscious of others noticing her.

I then asked her to look into my eyes, and asked her what she thought of my eyelashes (they're longer than many Chinese people)

She replied "they're very pretty"

I said "You sure" staring into her eyes increasing the tension.

Btw, got her digits and left.

Twist of events: Jealous winggirl and HB Ada

I was introduced to this set by some guy from Deloitte and there was a director of an international bank chatting up some chick.

I entered and talked to this chick and told the other PUA where to position himself as he was making it hard to go one on one with my chick.

HB Ada had smooth skin, by the way she talked she seemed a bit intoxicated. I loved her skin, mmmmm.

Suddenly, the girl that I mentioned from the online set came in. She started talking to Hb Ada, fuck. I sat there like a chode as they had many commalities and I tried to get my chick to leave but she wouldn't!!

After they got each other's contacts I was more focused on HB Ada with occassional interruption from Winggirl.

After I hugged HB Ada.

Winggirl to HB Ada: Do you date foreigners? (cockblocking)

Hb Ada: What are you talking about we're just friends

TA: Yeah, what are you talking about we're going to be the best of friends (of course, I want to fuck her but I wouldn't mind being friends)

HB Ada to winggirl: Continues supporting what I'm saying and retorting against winggirl

I continue to blow it up and claim that Winggirl is a pervert and Hb Ada supports me.

Winggirl: Did you know he's a student (She was trying to tell HB Ada that I was too young for her, as in some sets she overheard me not mention that I was a university student but had a business [which I am in the works of setting up] another form of cockblocking)

HB Ada: *looks at winggirl seriously, with a WTF look* I know! *As if it doesn't matter, good thing I told HB Ada I work and study*

I then asked her to look into my eyes, and asked her what she thought of my eyelashes.

She replied "Wow, you look very charming". Winggirl concurred.

It seemed that HB Ada was even more attracted after looking into my eyes.

Revelation: The dynamics are weird. HB Ada might've realized that winggirl was into me and trying to cockblock me and hence her attraction for me increased subsequently.The power of pre-selection.

# closed and left.

Before I left the banking director told me that if I wanted to get some clients for some project I'm involved in he'll help me out. What did I do? Bring a good atmosphere.

Grabbing a bite to eat with my winggirl

When I went to get something to eat with winggirl she kept talking about another hot guy. I didn't really care and actually said that he was quite good looking and quite successful she should go for him.

This turned out to be a shit test, she said "no, no I am just talking about it, I don't mean it"

Later on as we ate, she kept asking me about my previous relationships and shit. I was too tired to talk to her, but she kept on talking.

That's all folks

Comments always appreciated.

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Read last post & then saw the date :D Either way, really nice adventures! 
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