November 21st, 2018
Any asshole can chase a skirt, art takes discipline. -- Lethyr's Journal
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I usually keep my journal private, but feedback's all good.

30 October 2010

I started the night by going out with HBFriend and company to SS for a friend's birthday and leaving party. I was in a reasonable state. However, when I got there, I experienced quite a bad state crash that put me in my head for a good portion of the night. I felt quite uncomfortable until I started drinking and even then I wasn’t completely OK.

Stop by Third. It’s completely dead, but I just needed to take a piss. I get back to the seat and M's talking about Adam Lambert or some shit. I can’t remember. There’s a girl there and a stunner too (HBBartender). I can’t even remember what I was doing. Just vibing I think. Telling stories, teasing them, busting their balls. All I can really remember is using the breaking rapport tonality, telling a few stories. Shit, I’m not sure. 

Lesson: remember to use breaking rapport tonality with the really hot girls.
Lesson: when you say something questionable, or call them out for being shit, keep eye contact and hold your frame.
Lesson: be indifferent to the outcome
Lesson: make sure to seed future plans well

All I remember is that I was spitting gold and doing a lot of the above. So, I know that I can do it. The thing is getting myself to a state (where I’m not wasted) where I’m able to do it again. I number-close and we move on.

We head to Soviet next, I think. M's slightly out of state. He was kinda out of state the whole time because he kept observing me. He went to approach a bachelorette group with his Adam Lambert opener – which I hate for obvious reasons. I can see it staling out, so I just yell “OH COME ON, IT’S THE BEST WE HAVE. You guys seem cute and we just want to meet you. Introductions.”

Vibe for a while. Do the same stuff. Constantly spitting gold. Touching is good. I invade one girl’s personal space with full knowledge she’s call me on it. That was fun. Again, I can’t really remember much. Either because I was drunk, or I was just really in the moment. It’s a gay set, so we bounce.

Off to Waterfront next. We’re waiting in line. I turn and see a girl behind me. Instant open. Hi I’m Lethyr. Then on to the friend. Then M steals the other one. I really can’t remember what the hell I’m saying. The touch is going relatively well. Pushing the set forward. This one was really easy. I actually didn’t give a shit. Still a little pissed that M took the cute one though. But whatever.

This one goes for ages. I just vibe and escalate. But not too much. I don’t actually want this girl, and I know that I could have her if I want. She has that look.
That look + escalation = you’re in.

We ditch in some random bar and head to another bar that one of the bartenders said she’d give us free drinks at. Can’t find her there, so we gap it to Agents. We see S and company there. I don’t do much apart from talk to them, a couple of female friends.

I’m walking around looking for M when I see a girl look at me. I look back, I think she smiles. I just go in with full intent. Push the friends away. Hell, I didn’t even know who she was there with. I literally DID NOT SEE THEM. Now that’s intent.

I can’t remember what I open with. It doesn’t matter. There’s an introduction but I don’t think any of us are listening. I really can’t remember what I’m saying. I do remember qualifying her early though. The funny thing is that I only get close to blowing myself out when I use a line that I think is the logical thing to do. Otherwise, I can’t remember what we’re talking about. Maybe I didn’t qualify enough. That’s a possible reason for the flake. I could’ve come off as too much of a player or something. I definitely felt the rapport building though. I can’t remember what the touching was like. I’m starting to think that not remembering is a good sign. It’s not just because I was drunk. I mean, I don’t remember every single shit I take. Why? Because it’s just so natural.

I started seeing the look when the rapport was building. We were talking about Eckhart Tolle and all that new age stuff. I made sure to indicate my interest. I like you. Plain and simple. I don’t like many people. I can feel her shifting her body closer to me. I see the look again. I tell her to kiss me, grab the back of her neck. I do this twice, later on in the conversation as well. I get her number at some point. She goes to the bathroom. I chat with her friends. It’s funny. I’m starting to realise now that the “disdain” or “judgementalness” that I see with guys when I’m talking. It doesn’t have anything to do with who I am or what I look like. They’re going into spectator mode. They feel uncomfortable because they’re being dominated and that’s how they deal with it.

LESSON: When guys get dismissive or disdainful or seem judgemental, they’re uncomfortable or feeling threatened. Think about how that short dude reacted to M when she was talking to someone she thought she knew in Eighteen.

When she comes back from the bathroom, she doesn’t re-engage me. I think I give her a hug or something. I try to isolate her again, but she denies me at this stage – which is odd. Says she wants to chill with her friends. They suggest going to spy bar. I’m probably being cockblocked at this stage, now that I think about it. Irony, again, I was being reactive by not simply taking what I want. I wanted to appear cool and detached, so I just let them go. What I wanted to do was what Tim does: you can’t leave, I’ll be sad.

LESSON: Reaction can manifest in counter-intuitive ways.

Oh funny, there’s still more. We head to Horse next. Walk around a little bit. M opens some blond girls. I can’t remember saying anything. They seem a bit like bitches, but I don’t care and just vibe and shoot the shit. Eventually it becomes obvious that M's target is becoming attracted to me – which is hilarious. 

LESSON: Be careful about your ego, and creating any “big pimp” image.

I don’t remember what I do most of the time. I just talk and vibe. I escalate and spin where I can. I can’t even remember this shit. When we leave the bar, I start telling the girls that I’m a virgin and have never been kissed before. Fuck, that’s funny. I step back into my head very briefly when one of them seems like she believes me. But it’s great, what a funny congruence test. I can’t even remember what I’m doing. There are some marriage role plays somewhere? It’s all good.

Night ends with M trying to bring one home. He could’ve gone there if he knew more game. I’m on instructions not to talk because he doesn’t want the girl to be attracted to me. So I don’t say anything. It’s just body language and facial expressions – which almost work just as well. Goddamn funny. I crash at the pad.
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3 November 2010

Following up on HBBartender and HBTolle.

Send some texts to HBBartender. Went really well. Focus was on hot and cold, balancing the texts, using calibrators and distracters. But still keeping yourself in the moment. A big thing to remember when texting: DO NOT RESPOND LOGICALLY. Answer in a logical frame and you are dead. Similarly, be careful about being too reactionary. Also, be aware that sometimes the girl is just down to fuck. Not every girl wants to “date”. That’s probably why you lost it. Either that or she just wasn’t keen on a Day 2 (but this is very unlikely).

Sent some texts to Maree. Knock, knock. Instant response indicating buyer’s remorse. Logical frame, so I don’t buy in to it. I just go with my illogical frame and tease her. I push it a little bit more, even disqualify myself a little. She says something and I become reactionary. Give her too much of a reaction via text. And that’s where I lost it. That, or I’m playing too much attraction game and she just doesn’t appreciate it. I remember she did the same thing on the night too. Remember to calibrate your responses based on the girl.

LESSON: Afraid of looking needy or desperate or having the other person think that you are those things. Guess what? That’s being reactionary. Think – is it because acting that way will lose the set? Or is it because acting like that will damage your ego?

I reengaged with a follow up to the knock, knock joke. It wasn’t really meant for success – just thought I’d push it. Got a response. I replied. She sent another message like her first one. Obviously she didn’t get my text. But isn’t that interesting? She actually sent another message because she wanted to know how it ended.

LESSON: Open loops, unfinished loops, unfinished stories. Gold.

I sent something else that was a bit too logical. I knew it was a bit too logical too, I think. She sent something back saying that she’s bored and good night. I could stop here if I wanted to. But this is bullshit, I have to get out of my comfort zone. I’m going to burn these sets to the ground. 

LESSON: Burn the sets to the ground.
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6 November 2010

Had a great day. Won a trial. Also had HBBartender text me back, apologising – she wasn’t flaking. Got a Day2 set up.

Felt on top of the earth. Then realised I was identifying with it too much. Reminded myself that this too shall pass.

Keen to go out and get drunk then go to town. Nobody was really keen. That and I was with my couple friends, and I have an early start so didn’t want to get too wasted.

Decided that I should go to town regardless of how I may feel.

LESSON: Always do the right action, no matter what your emotions. It’s like grief, you do the right things and trust the process. So, trust the process here.
I went to town. Saw W. He’s drunk and desperate as fuck. So uncalibrated that it actually bothered me. He went away with his secretary hoping to get something out of it. He won’t. He’s going through a weird patch. I shouldn’t have brought his state down in the club. I’m not sure why I did.

Then I went and hung out with M and his friend. That was boring. Only headway I made was chatting to one of the bar staff in Eighteen. Slowly building up my network there. It’s good. That was worthwhile.

Still not really drinking. Two drinks tops. M and I head out and go to Soviet. He’s asking me weird questions trying to suss me out. He’s also always bloody qualifying himself to me. It makes me uncomfortable. 

We go to Soviet. We just chode out and talk. I’m walking around in a low state. I think I would’ve been in a higher state if I just went out by myself.

LESSON: You can’t rely on other people to initiate the start of the game. You have to give yourself permission to begin. That’s always been the way. You don’t need people to agree to “play” before you start playing yourself. Just start.

LESSON: Do the right thing. Don’t worry about results.
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November 2010[/b]

Was out the whole day with friends. Absolutely exhausted most of the time. I wasn’t really in the best
state of mind most of the time. I found myself in my head quite a lot, which is

LESSON: Don’t state monitor.

Night starts getting late and I’m getting
antsy about going to town. This is interesting. I almost feel guilty if I don’t
go out to town. It’s not to say that I’m going to do anything, but you’ve got
to be in it to win.

LESSON: You’ve got to be in it to win it.
Right action must prevail.

Having said that, I do want to be careful
about framing town as something that I am “obligated” to do. It has to be fun.

I head over to W's place to meet up
with the boys. It’s good. I start amping up in the car and when I get it. It’s
surprisingly easy to do. Scream and yell to the radio. Make everything louder.
Increase your modality.

I didn’t have very much to drink, which is
good. I’m still able to be relatively charming even without alcohol, which is a
good reference point. It’s just about being chill, and flowing.

Had a couple of drinks then headed out to
Steam. DIdn’t get up to much, but was going to help C out. Went to the
dancefloor. I thought it was a waste of time, but it’s a crazy state pumper.
The louder you yell and scream and sing along and dance like a retard, the
higher your state gets. It almost works as well as booze. It’s something I want
to experiment with. Maybe walk into a club, open a set, then head straight to
the dancefloor.

LESSON: Dancefloor is a state pumper. Don’t
shun it.

C opens a few sets. Does really well.
He’s clearly in state.

I see a hot blonde giving me the fuck me
look. I hesitate and don’t approach. And the reason was because I didn’t think
I was having a good hair day. No shit.

LESSON: At the very least, approach when
there’s clear AI – no matter how you feel.

Fucked around a bit more, then went to
Soviet. C’s lost state and isn’t approaching as much. He says to go to the
dancefloor. I say why, and he says because he enjoys it and it’s fun.

LESSON: Don’t be negative. Say yes – like

Again, the dancefloor pumps my state
hugely. Just yell and scream and dance like a retard. It works. And I’m pretty
certain we were getting AI too.

We eventually move to Agent, lots of hot
bitchy girls. C’s completely out of state. Doesn’t want to open anything. I
start to get quite frustrated. It shows. He tells me to chill because I’m
pressuring him too much. I say that pressure is good. He says that it’s meant
to be fun. I guess I get fucked off hearing excuses from him, but he has a fair
point. It should be fun.

LESSON: Make it fun.

Not only that, I’ve also realised that I’m
pinning a lot of my expectations on my friends. Almost like I want to live
through them. I have to just start doing it myself, because it’s getting
ridiculous and it may affect my friendships.
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November 2010[/b]

What the fuck. Honestly. Day 2 with HBBartender.
Text exchange is going well. Meet her outside Brit. Give her a big hug,
spin her around. A couple of shit tests here and then. Instant kino but then I
started to withdraw into my head. That’s when I lost it. Fuck, it’s so easy to
pinpoint when you lose it.

Anyway, whatever. Shit about not knowing it
was a date, etc. Whatever. It’s pretty obvious. 

Conversation was OK. Not the greatest but
it got a lot better. I was too fucking reactive. If anything, she took the lead
in the way that I wanted to. It was quite good actually. I’ll have to remember
that feeling. Nonetheless, the problem was the lack of kino. There wasn’t a lot
of “fun” so to speak. There was some tension. But fuck whatever.

LESSON: Get kino from the very start, with
at the least a big hug. Then segue into hand holding or something. DO NOT LET

LESSON: Don’t worry about the shit tests.
She’s there. So, who cares?

LESSON: Don’t be aloof. Jesus, fucking
engage! The whole aloof when insecure thing is so played out.

LESSON: Just trust yourself. Stop doubting
yourself so much. It’s chill. You are enough.


Fuck this, I get so fucking angry when shit
like that happens. I don’t even CARE about the result. I genuinely don’t. It
was the same when I lost the Martin trial. It was the fact that I
wasn’t better when I damn well know I could’ve been better.

Fuck this, I will be better. I’m going to
approach the shit out of everybody this weekend. I am just disappointed that I stopped myself today. I was playing
the game against myself. Nobody else. I defeated myself. 

LESSON: You're playing against yourself.
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13 November 2010

Decided that tonight would be my first big night of approaching. And I lived up to that. I wasn’t feeling very good, I’d slept too much and I had quite a bad headache. Started the night out at C’s watching a movie, it was relatively chill.

I started drinking around 10:30. Played a drinking game with a few friends for a little bit before heading into town. I wonder whether the alcohol or the drinking game is what put me in to state.

Start off the night at Northern Steamship. I go in and order a drink. I talk to the guy next to me a little bit to build some momentum. He’s friendly. I talk to C a bit. I say Let’s Play. Paper, scissors, rock. I lose. I spot a nearby set of two blondes. I tap them, tell them they’re cute and I have to meet them.

They’re friendly, clearly a little shocked. It’s good. Spectator mode. I don’t really remember what I say. The most I remember is asking which one is in charge. It’s that funny little submissive looks first thing. It’s actually maybe more akin to who’s pinging who. Anyway, that goes on for a little while. Talk, talk, have a bit of kino. I end up hitting a weird pause in the conversation at one point, which is interesting. I don’t think I would’ve felt that way if I’d managed to isolate.

LESSON: Isolate as soon as you can.

I choose the friendlier blonde to target though I’m engaging both of them. One is finishing her masters in sociology and history. The other works for MAF. I go for MAF girl. C comes in to wing at one stage. When I go for the number, MAF girl declines because of her boyfriend right next to her. C does really well with the other.

LESSON: Always assume it’s on. You cannot mindread. 

We bounce out of the bar. I think we go to Eighteen . Along the way I step into somebody’s photo. It was funny, purely self amusing. Introduce myself to the people then keep walking to Eighteen.

Go in, talk a little bit with C. Grab some random Indian girl walking by. Chat, escalate, chat. Tells me that she loves how confident I am. Excellent. I probably need to be even more physical. They leave.

I can’t really remember that much more. Approach, talk, approach, talk. No hesitation though. I was also getting to the point where I would just tap, stare, and say hi. That was awesome.

Two memorable sets. One was the set of German fatties that I opened. Quite boring, when the friend came I just decided to push it for shits and giggles. Just overwhelmed her reality with mine. No, you’re not leaving. No, you’re staying here with me. I’m the party. Kiss her neck. OK, I’ll kiss you but then I have to go inside. Bam. My reality is stronger.

Other set, reapproach someone by accident, end up talking to another girl whom I thought was a friend. I can barely remember what the hell happened. I think I was getting physical. I don’t even remember what I was talking about. I do remember that she’s Irish? Just finished her bachelors in something or other. She had to go, I grabbed her number, gave her a kiss and a hug goodbye. This will be one to follow up, but no idea if it’s any good. We’ll see.

LESSON: More polarising behaviour. Push it.
LESSON: Be more flagrantly illogical.
LESSON: Insert role plays. Create the love bubbles.
LESSON: Isolate sooner.

Another interesting set was the one that C opened with the two smoking hot blondes. They were fun. They were also giving me a lot of shit, calling me a man slut, asking me if I shop at some gay store. Telling me they hate me (playfully). I loved it. You don’t get that kind of shit when girls aren’t attracted to you.

Other things that I’ve realised: it genuinely IS weird when a girl blows you off. They are there for stimulation, etc, so when they blow me off – I’m literally like what the hell. They’re weird, I’m just trying to help them WIN. Also have to start viewing people as cheerleaders. That helps a lot.
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19 November 2010

Went out to dinner with friends before heading into Eighteen with C. My memory is really dodgy at the moment, struggling to remember a lot of what happened.

I remember going in and being a bit sober, which was difficult. I started having a few drinks at C's house, but I didn’t feel like I was buzzed enough to start approaching. I walked into Eighteen, felt a little intimidated. I didn’t approach any sets before going to the bar. I ordered myself a long island ice tea. Walked around with C and talked to a few people just to be social.

Got outside, talked to a few people, and just vibed. C introduces me to one of his female friends, HBJackson. We are just talking. Gradually I start to warm her up. Hooking her and attracting her with a few cold reads. Telling her she speaks in imperatives, and sets herself up as the judge a lot. Being physical, teaching her the LA handshake. Pushing and pulling. Letting the interaction breathe. Walking away, coming back. Watching her qualify me when I ask questions like Can you sing? It was really solidly run interaction. Lots of touching, hugging, etc. She remembers my name after one introduction. Texts her friend telling her she's hanging out with me.

Spent most of my time talking to her, and a couple of C's female friends too. My attraction game was really sharp actually. Probably because I really didn’t give a fuck. I didn’t care very much about the interactions.

Eventually left to go to another bar. Now I’m getting pretty smoked. C leaves in a hiffy because when some random tried to cock block me, I respond by yelling “TAKE THIS CHODE AWAY FROM ME” in front of his work mates. Apparently that's not a very professional look. I decide to keep gaming solo and get to 10 approaches.

Pretty sure I head to Crow at this stage. Go downstairs, it’s pretty quiet. Order a drink. See two guys and figure I might as well talk to them and see if it’ll go anywhere. They’re friendly, but young and chode. Chat for a little while, and do an approach on the dancefloor, I think. I can’t remember it being particularly amazing. Also did a few approaches just upstairs at Crow. One girl opened me on my boots, pretty sure that I went direct, told me she’d be downstairs. I should’ve reapproached but I don’t think that I could find her.

LESSON: Some guys are friendly. Don’t be afraid to approach.

I chill there for a little while. I leave. I see an old school friend. I say hello to him and he has two girls with him. We go for a walk down the street. I open a two-set. They’re definitely interested. I try to pull them to Mexico, they tell me they just came from there. I know that I had them hooked. My attraction game was solid. School friend keeps marvelling at how different I am.

On the way to Mexico, I see hot brunette girls. Clearly foreign. I approach. I think there might be guys there but I’m obviously too ripped to care. As I recall, it actually goes pretty well. Though it was a pretty 50/50 set. I can’t remember whether I left first or they left first.

Can’t remember anything happening in Mexico. Next thing I remember, I’m in Proof somehow. Talking with a group, girls and guys. One Brazilian guy getting really aggressive with me hitting on his girl. Keeps saying he’s the boyfriend, etc. I tell them they should kiss. He chokes out, which is funny. Eventually starts getting a bit physical with me, really starts to amp up the aggro. I eventually pull out, especially because I’m not sure whether the girl is really that interested. But I forced myself to stay in when I felt uncomfortable, just for the sake of it.

At some point, I think I open some blondes. I was going for the hotter one but the dudes must’ve come in a bit later. It was a relatively solid interaction. Ended up hanging with them for ages. Interaction staled the fuck out late, probably because I wasn’t physical enough. I think I copped out hanging with them for too long rather than cutting it and doing more high risk approaches, but whatever.

LESSON: I am an attractive person. I have an attractive personality. I’m naturally charismatic, charming, engaging, and attractive. It’s not something that I have to worry about.
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20 November 2010

Welcome to sober, in your head, and distracted land. Get a text message from my ex-girlfriend that rattles me up a bit. It was an “accidental” text apparently. That was sufficiently ambiguous that it could’ve been sent to anyone from a friend to a boyfriend. Whatever. I try not to let it affect me, but realistically it does. So, I’m a little out of state the entire time. And that’s cool. It happens.

LESSON: Shit happens. Don’t be too worried when random things in your life go down and affect your night out. Maybe they will affect your night, maybe they won’t. But it’s part of life, and it’s cool to be affected sometimes, you are still human.

Start drinking and shit at W’s place. I feel like I had a lot to drink but just couldn’t really get drunk. Maybe I was just in the wrong headspace, and not really in the mood to have fun.

Drink and talk shit. There are a few girls there. The girls aren’t really that into me. Eventually  I get one on one with one of the cuties and bam, I have her. Just full expression. Projecting my sexual intent. Telling her she makes really good eye contact, qualifying her on that. I can’t remember what I was saying. It was the sexual subcommunication. The whole “I will fuck you and you can see it in my eyes, bitch”. I’m sure there was some physicality but I can’t remember much. Push, pull. Let the interaction breathe by walking away, not appearing too needy to stay there the whole time.

I knew I had her when we were doing the shots. Arms wrapped around each other. Cutting the space. Strong eye contact. Yep, that’s attraction.

LESSON: When you fully express, you ARE attractive. And you know what? You weren’t that drunk when you did this, and if you were that affected by the rest of the stuff, then how come you nailed it?

I wanted to push to a close later, but when I got downstairs, they’d already left.

End up going to Eighteen. I’m so fucking stuck in my head it’s painful. Walk around douching it up a little bit. I wing C in set. The girl I’m talking to is ugmo and I’m just doing it to be talkative really. Funnily enough the conversation hooks hard after a little bit of ploughing. We actually turn out to have quite a lot in common, even though I’m not slightly attracted to her. I think she’s probably a bit attracted to me. It just illustrates the principle that I am an attractive guy. Not to say that every woman is in to me, but that on the whole I have an attractive personality.

I start choding out, waiting around for K (a new friend) like he’s going to be my fucking saviour. I chill with him for a little bit, decide that I need to approach. I approach a big fucking group outside. Jesus Christ. Sometimes I’d rather just be blown out than deal with 15000 shit tests. I’m standing there, talking, talking. I don’t even know the shit that I am saying. I’m definitely a little out of state but I keep ploughing anyway. A couple of the girls accuse me of being mean. I keep ploughing. More shit tests, I try and remain unreactive. More and more shit tests. I just want to get the hell out of this set. One girl tells me to go away. Well, shit bitch, now I’m definitely not going until it’s on my terms. Keep going, and going. Some random guy nearby comes over and congratulates me. Telling me he and his friend have been watching me spit golden game. He says it’s magic. OK, whatever. I use it as an excuse to leave. K's locked in with one girl. I do not want to come back to that set. Seriously though, well done for sticking with this set. You haven’t done an awkward set in a while.

LESSON: I seriously think that a large part of being unreactive is keeping your eyes slack. You know what I mean.
LESSON: Just plough, plough, plough. If they’re laughing, then it’s on. It’s when there are no emotions that you’re fucked.
LESSON: If there are 3 or more girls - go hard on the one you want. Approach her direct. You’re not running group theory here. Calibrate yourself later.

I start choding out, hardcore. I don’t think I do anything for the rest of the time in the bar. Eventually we move to another bar North. In the hopes that I’ll freshen up along the way. I don’t really. I’m still quite badly in my head. Don’t really do any approaches in North that I can remember. C is with HBcutie. There’s a fucking hot, hot brunette dancing right next to me, C and K. I have no idea who she’s interested in. That was so fucking chode, one of us should’ve ballsed up. Anyway, that’s all good. Nights like these are going to happen.

LESSON: When in doubt, act.

Nobody is ready to go to Soviet. I decide to just man the fuck up and go by myself. Get in to Lenin. While at the bar, some dude says he recognises me from last night. Tells me that if I need a wingman, then it’s all good because they are pick up artists. Anybody who tells me they’re a “pick up artist” is probably immensely shit at picking up. Also, I don’t see why he’s qualifying himself to me. I ask him to show me. He chokes out and doesn’t want to but tells me some of the others will be. Fuck, I really don’t care. They look like chodes. And I think what’s really telling is that they don’t seem like they’re having fun. They are value takers.

Approach a sitting two-set outside. Both are fucking old and probably married. Whatever. Keep talking, they’re definitely hooked conversationally. But just using me for my personality. So obvious. Nor am I particularly interested in them. In fact, I really want to just end the conversation. I’m here for fucking ages. Eventually spot MC and S and all that. I use that as an excuse to go.

LESSON: If you don’t want to be there, then don’t be there. Approaching and getting blown out is better than staying in a stale interaction.

Chill with S and the others a little bit. They’re being chode as usual. Someone tells me to approach some girls. I do it. Competition always gets me going. Talking to some Hispanic girls and a French girl. I can’t remember what I’m saying, I’m just ploughing. I’m not that interested in any of them, but I can feel them become attracted to me. The Mexican gets my number. I get hers as well. It’s just all about the really sexual eye contact, I reckon. Demonstrating authority in her world. Talk, talk, talk. I am enough. I am attractive – expression is all I need. She’s really into her Greenpeace stuff.

LESSON: Full expression is such a massive part of this. The more fully I express myself, the better my results.
LESSON: Just assume attraction. You’re the man, you know they’re attracted the moment you open your mouth.

On a tangent, I see the Mexican and another later on in the night. I demonstrate authority in her world again, with some insights into how to close. I tell them people here like to be commanded, etc. This was a stale interaction. I was soaked and wet and walking home by myself. But, what was interesting is that she told me how much she liked how I approached. Strong, direct, with clear intention. It’s the second time I’ve been told something like that. I think girls really like it.

LESSON: Strength and intent when you approach.

Anyway, back to where I was. I’m still in Soviet. I’m just chilling and talking with a group of acquaintances, not friends. Maybe I’m being negative, but they strike me as real faggots. But don’t judge, man, just chill and have fun with who you’re with.

I see a blonde girl behind me with two ugmos. I approach. Blonde girl has a boyfriend like right there. That’s cool, I talk for a little while and then excuse myself. One of the other girls gets instantly attracted to me. Not keen, thanks.

I hang out with the guys again. I see a blonde girl, brunette and a guy. I approach straight away. Talk, talk, talk. Blonde girl is attracted pretty soon. There’s a bit of touching, teasing, set the bubble that we’re going to Vegas to get married before I divorce her. She tells me she loves me, etc. I probably could’ve banged her. Tells me she leaves on Monday. I stale the interaction out by not moving it forward, which is silly. I find that I really don’t care about the outcome very much in these sets. Which is interesting because the blonde girl is pretty cute. But yeah, whatever.

LESSON: You have to move it forward. Not escalating is the same as blowing yourself out.

OK, on the whole, I was doing fucking awesome in terms of attraction. When I actually look back at the sets that I did do. I’ve come to the realisation that it’s pretty easy. Not just easy, but it’s natural and expected that girls are attracted to me. I just need to escalate and move things forward. I can feel myself stale out the set by not escalating. It’s bizarre. I was probably just a bit gun shy last night. That’s cool. It’s like, as long as I can get past the hook point - I know I own the set.
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24 November 2010

I should be going out. But I just don’t have the motivation for it. Oh well.

Recap on some of the interactions. I texted HBJackson (LA handshake girl) with I just saw your twin. She responded incredulously/curiously. I sent a message back saying that I was trying to work out who was cooler. Maybe it was too hard of a release? I’m really not too sure. Could be anything. I’m starting to think that I might just start calling people because I’m getting sick of all these text flakes (which were a problem back in the day too).

Also texted HBBartender on the same day with “Inane joke. Inquiry about work schedule. Non sequiter reference to dolphins and rainbows.” Just witty, illogical shit. I was going to make it Talk in Subtext Tuesday, which I think is actually pretty funny.

Realised a couple of interesting things about some of the other interactions. One, it wasn’t anywhere near as bad a night as you thought – it was just your mood. Two, I probably could’ve and should’ve closed the blonde girl at the end of the night. After the marriage role play and she was like “I love you” more than once... I think that’s a pretty clear indication. I could’ve said anything really “you just saved our marriage” etc. I should’ve kept leading her. That’s no biggie – I can almost FEEL a success barrier. It’s bizarre. Oh well, next time – right action.

Oooh, on an interesting note, won’t it be cool when I have unlimited calling next year?

I’m going to keep pushing with HBBartender later this week. It’s always on – and I have no clue what’s going on in her life.

Also realised that there’s still room for “repetition” if not full out canned material with the "natural" approach. There’s nothing wrong with having a few routines here and there as grease for the wheels. It’s when everything you do or say is scripted and reactive that it;s a problem. And realistically, I just have a few tease lines here and there – so I’m going to start incorporating a little bit more of the old material in my interactions.
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27 November 2010

I start at a work party. It’s awkward. I’m stuck in my head really badly. I go for a walk and come back.

When I get back, I spot C and a cute chick I know. I enter the conversation immediately and start talking, flirting, and fucking around. Puts me in state almost instantly with no alcohol. I go from group to group to group. Awesome. I own this party. I start getting boozed. Things start to go a little haywire.

I don’t remember much. I do remember talking to my work friend and her friends about how self expression is the meaning of life and offer as an example how what we say to our partners is that we’re able to "be ourselves". Cougar starts getting really attracted. No thanks, miss. 

I bounce with some female friends  to Book bar. I start to feel sick so I leave briefly to go spew up. I open a group of Russians or something about their scarves. My cold reading is fucking tight. I do some sick cold reading on E too. I’m not even bullshitting. It’s just what I can see.

Eventually we all leave. They go home, I keep going to Eighteen. I decide to open a few sets at Soviet first. Grab a drink and open an ugly two set. Who cares. I’m just practising and it’s a bit of a laugh. I get the same fucking shit about being in sales. Gift of the gab, blah blah. Not necessarily a good thing but whatever.

I get a text from C, etc, I tell the girls they’re good entertainment and bounce to Eighteen. I’m there with C and a few others, including some of his female work friends. We’re just talking the shit. I don’t know how many I approach. I’m not really counting. There are some good approaches.

Notable ones include the hot from New York. C approached and got snubbed. I approached direct and strong, making sure I had breaking rapport tonality. It opened. But proceeded to burn it when I started trying a bit too hard I think - I could feel myself stepping into that third space that Tyler talks about in Foundations. Oh well, the success was the open and hook.

Open a two set on the dancefloor. Tall brunette and Canadian blonde. Fucking hot. Just talk and talk and talk. I don’t even remember what I’m saying. But it hooks. They’re in to it. If anything I suspect the brunette is more into me than the blonde. It’s something I realise very soon. But I don’t know how to switch targets and make the kill. Hell, I even take them to the bar and they wait patiently behind me while I order drinks for myself. It’s awesome - female chodeliness. Obvious that I could’ve closed. I didn’t on the basis that I didn’t have a wing so I couldn’t isolate. It’s not the best habit. I should just close next time.

Had another set with two blondes at the bar. It’s going OK. I feel like they were teetering on the brink of attraction/hook. But not quite getting there. They eventually gap with some friends. I could’ve made this one work with a bit more ploughing and maybe a wingman. More a logistical issue. I really think I had it.

LESSON: Include the marriage role plays all the time. It’s awesome.
LESSON: Your cold reads are fucking sweet. Keep them up.
LESSON: Be careful about your canned lines, sometimes they might blow you out.

Last set and the coolest: Canadian chick outside North. Just spit game about Americans getting my name right. Start cold reading about her travel experiences. Cold read that she’s spiritual. Start talking about Eckhart Tolle. Just vibe, vibe, vibe. Her buying temperature is through the roof. Physicality, hugs. Tell her that it’s chemistry. That it’s rare to meet someone like her. She number closes me, right before I was about to. How interesting. She texts me first telling me I’m awesome. I reply the same. She makes some mention of me being her friend. Wrong - I'm going to make you mine bitch. It amuses me. It’s always on.

LESSON: Who cares? You can always get another one later.
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November 2010[/b]

Started at W's place, with a couple of
jager bombs before heading into town. Go to Soviet first. We're relatively sober
at this stage. Make it a rule that we have to approach first before we can get
a drink or go to the bathroom. I approach a random group of Indians and tell
them they look Spanish. I eject because I'm not interested and just want to go
for a piss and get a drink.

W approaches a bunch of Germans. He
ends up in accidental isolation with one of them. I approach the remaining two.
I don't actually acknowledge that I know W because the logistics are bad.
They actually think I'm a total random approaching them, which is good. I'm
just spitting game, don't really remember what I'm saying. There's a little bit
of physicality, leaning into me, cheeks touching. One of the girls is really
hot. She seems pretty keen. I keep talking, but start to psyche myself out when
I think they don't understand what I'm saying. We eject very soon after and
tell them we'll see them around. Probably should've stuck around. Wasn't
reasonable to end the set.

LESSON: Keep ploughing. It’s always on.
There was nothing there to even slightly indicate that it wasn’t on. And even
if there was, it’s still always on.

We go outside, W's still stuck in his
head a bit. As am I. I approach a seated three set and start spitting game.
Again, I don't remember what I'm saying. But I'm not that drunk either.
Actually quite sober. Hook the set. Run a marriage roleplay on the blonde girl
next to me. Put my arm around her, and she puts her hand on my hand.
Interested. Call out one of the girls for girlcoding. I start flirting with the
entire set. The hottest chick there isn't actually that interested, but
gradually becomes really interested. Keep talking. W comes in eventually.
Keep talking. Brunette opposite me has to go to bathroom. I steal her seat, game
the hottest girl. She's getting really interested. Not enough physicality
though. And should've isolated, but didn't. Deep convo about how the hardest
times in life are actually the best.

LESSON: Push the physicality. Isolate. And
give the boyfriend test. Don’t waste your time.

Brunette chick comes back, actually says
that she's gutted everyone's paired up in the time that she's gone. Starts
having a bit of a sulk. Interrupting my conversation. Hot girl tells her to be
quiet because she wants to keep talking. Brunette keeps trying to hook my
attention by telling me things. Set starts to feel a bit odd because everyone's
vying for my attention and W's girl's RAS is locked in on me.

I suggest a bounce to Eighteen. Doesn't really
pan out because of Little Miss Sulky - it's OK I can just have sex with both of you. That's fine, but I should've closed with a number at least. 

LESSON: If you’re leaving, get the number.

Head over to Agent. One memorable set when
I approach the two blondes outside. Not that attractive, but look badass with
their tats. Again, don't remember what I'm saying. I just keep spitting. I've
got them locked. W comes in and starts talking, don't think it's going that
interestingly. My girl is looking for me to escalate. I don't really do it.
Damn ultimate chop. I let her game me a bit just for shits. So funny what they
ask. Do you come here often? What are you drinking? Really obvious shit. I
qualified her on being spiritual and funnily enough, she just completely lied
because it's what I wanted to hear. Funny realising that afterwards. We
eventually bounce, just cos.

[On a tangent, the phenomenon of cockblocking yourself is called the "Ultimate Chop" by my friends and I. The reason being that you can't always control when a girl chops you, but you can always control whether or not you chop yourself. Hence, when you chop yourself, it's the Ultimate Chop.]

LESSON: Quiet and attentive is the ultimate

LESSON: The way you may see yourself is not
necessarily the way they see you. I’m in leathers, black jeans, motorcycle
boots. I’m fucking badass.

LESSON: A lot of the girls I’m hitting on
are older than me. The age disparity is fine.

Approach a two set on the street. Drunk
party ADD girls. I just spit. I remember doing ridiculous feisty cold reads. It
was definitely on with W and his girl. Although we didn't push it. Let them
get out of our sights and that was that.

LESSON: With party girls, lead hard and
stay close. Keep verbal game simple.

Get to Crow. I'm stuck in my head like
shit. I do a few approaches that don't go very well. Can't hear what's going on
and I'm in my head a bit.

LESSON: Keep approaching. Remember the
success criteria is just approaching.

Leave Crow to go home. I do another
approach on the street. I remember to use breaking rapport tonality. Stops the
set. They don't look receptive. But they're not leaving. They're still
listening to us talk. They laugh a little bit here and there. IT'S ON. But
instead of ploughing, I eventually end the set myself and decide to go home.

LESSON: Are they walking away? No? Keep
talking. And even if they were walking away, start shouting. 
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