January 17th, 2019
Cat 5.0
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My journal has recorded many relationships, friendships, dates, one night stands, and slutty stories about me fucking beautiful women. I hope it helps you learn, helps you grow, and inspires you to take your own action and KILL IT. Enjoy!! -Cat
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I'm an approach noob. Fairly natural style, can hold social pressure. 13 lays, lots of make outs, 6ish relationships.

Going for mastery.

That means consistency.

Today is Day #4 of solo approaching during the day. Tonight is my first night of solo approaching.

My only criteria for success is opening right now.

Headed to an Art Walk and party a guy I met a few weeks back invited me to. Forging on alone, gonna do some warm up what time is it, where is xyz street, shit on the way.

My only criteria for success tonight is to show up.
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Left my office at 7, clapped my hands because it is time to get in state. I walk down the street whistling to myself and singing. I laugh at myself for being stupid, and proud I don’t give a fuck, and it gets me more into state.

I’m out solo at night for the first time in a long time, if not ever (where I didn’t have a solid group of people I would meet later).

I show up outside my this dude’s art studio (had met him once before this), call him, no one is there. He texts back he is at a bar on the other side of town and I’m walking. So I just wander into the studio next door, down a hall, and out of a room walk 3 girls. I say Hi and try to enter the studio, and one, C, says we are leaving. I make a sad face and one of them laughs and I say okay cool you guys are taking me around to find wine, or something like that. They laugh and it’s cool.

Outside of the studios C asks me are you alone? I look her dead in the eyes, totally smiling, and say Yeah, and now you guys are my new best friends, yay. She laughs and says ah I see out prowling for girls huh? I laugh and say Yeah, where are the hot ones? Then I give her an elbow in the rib jokingly. As we turn a corner I’m pushing up against her too, the physical shit has begun.

We go to this art studio tower that’s huge, 5 stories, with tons of people. I don’t want to be linger-chode so I walk off and look at shit, find them again, walk off again, find them again. I realize after losing them for 20 minutes I should get C’s contact info to find her later on. I take out my phone the next time I see her and hold it out to all of them, just sorta push it in their space. C grabs it quickly and punches her shit in and calls me phone (unbeknown to me). Cool. She is a 6 or 7, not really doing it for me, but we’re bantering and it’s fun and they’re giving me shit and I’m giving them shit, stating each other. C snorts at something I say and I totally bust her, she says get over it it’s who I am and I move her shoulder back with my hand and look her in the eyes and say that’s great, really. It was cool to do, made her feel good I think, and I like that she was so unflinching about me giving her some shit about it. She’d be a fun friend.

Cool, I end up losing them again. In between this I slowly start to lose state a bit, kinda get in my head. I laugh and put a smile back on my face and begin walking back down the stairs to re-enter another space and find some people to chat with. I’m a bit in my head.

As I walk down the stairs two chicks behind me start howling like wolves as we go down. This amuses me greatly and makes me think of my wing, since we bark like dogs and meow like cats. I leave voicemails that are literally just meows.

I laugh at their howls and sorta turn my head with a smile and say “did someone hear that? I swear there are wolves in here” and they laugh, I don’t see their faces though.

I turn the corner and head into a new section and browse around, do a turn and see two chicks with bodylanguage facing me, so I walk up and point and say “Wolves?” and they laugh and say yeah. I just do basic Hi I’m Cat Hi I’m R, I’m K, stuff, good eye contact. We wander together, they are my new best friends, I try to figure logistics a bit. A bit later R says to K (walking in front of me) he’s a flirt, after I look at K and tell her I have an intense desire to poke her eye with my finger (after having wonderful eye contact with her).

R is a 5 but she has good social skills so I’m sticking with her to chat. Her friend K is quieter, a 9+, totally fucking gorgeous. I am immediately wanting to blow off R and focus on K but I know better. I realize the logistics for this building are weird so after a few jokes I get contact info because I don’t want to lose you guys from my life, I’m so alone, and some stuff like that, joking.

Cool, get the ug-o’s contact info, trying to make it work with K. I finally find her without R around walk up straight to her dominating body language, looking into her eyes deeply, she’s looking up a bit, I ask her some interview question like how do you know R? She answers through some dude who is here. I just nod and smile and stare into her eyes, because she is so so so beautiful. She laughs nervously from the social pressure and she looks so beautiful. She is so so beautiful, totally my type. She’s younger I’m 23 shes 20, so that also played into her nervousness a bit I think, and her social skills were not insane, but not horrible.

I wander off again, I end up losing them both again. It’s around 9pm now and I need to eat my second meal of the day so I bounce to head home, totally proud of myself for accomplishing my mission of going out solo, and on top of that riding the wave of opening 5 new chicks and having them love me, getting two numbers.

I’m feeling awesome, and will use this as a reminder in the future that while I don’t feel like going out solo, it is totally worth it. Seriously, I went out alone, found a group of people who enjoyed me (because I was enjoying myself), had them lead me to an amazing place, and began my own little adventure because of it. Solo times is adventure times, no restrictions at all. Gotta frame it continually in my mind.

So I hop on a bus home and get a text from R after I called to leave a vmail (which I’m pretty good at these days, can get myself in that laughing state and leave a normally boring vmail but its good because I’m happy). She asks where I am, yadda yadda I’m on the bus, we should all kick it again. She texts saying where am I exactly, I write back saying Im in my hood if guys want to grab a drink come meet me, ask if she is staying at Ks house, where does she live (lol).

She texts Yeah I can come out can I crash at your house?

Lol. Ewwwwwww. I lie blatantly and say I’m in an open relationship and my GF is at my pad, so it would be awkward, and that makes me an asshole but I still want to be friends. Haha, sorry ugly, I like your friend wayyyy more. She writes back that she’s an all or nothing girl. Cool, sorry dude. I write back saying Its hard to explain it without it sounding weird and :( I’m horrible.

Hahah wellll I could’ve bagged an ugly one last night I guess. Yesh.

Its hilarious too, I got the text and did the sterotypical ASD thing: I hardly know you, you’re being so forward, all that shit, hahaha. If it were her friend I would’ve been like YES CAN I PLEASE LICK THE PATH BEHIND YOUR FOOTSTEPS!??

Really weird, def felt like a biological thing, not wanting to produce bad children, as opposed to me pussying out or something.

As I walk home from the bus laughing I get a call from a chick I met a while back, got her #. We’d never spoken on the phone, I had asked her out to the art walk (she is gay btw, but super hot). We finally speak on the phone and it goes super super well, convince her to meet up with me and my friend tonight for a show, bring some hot straight girls, lol. So cool, that went great, my phone skills are pretty dialed I feel.

Get a call back from an ex who I had invited out as well, same deal, great convo, no plans to meet up just bullshitting, I had just smoked weed when she called so I was lit and instead of not saying anything about it like I would’ve in the past, I just say Dude I just smoked and I’m crazy, this is hilarious, and it was totally authentic and she blew up laughing and it added to the interaction. I did a fake end of phone call about 4 times saying I really gotta go and then quickly threading off of that. That was cool, really amped up the energy.

Overall I had such a blast last night. What a fun ride, damn. Just writing this out makes me super excited to go out again solo since I know I can control having a blast and hey, even if the next 5 times I suck ass, dont open or something, at least I know I’ll have this and be building up my confidence and reference experiences.

Been reading mastery too, it’s really good.

- Be authentic about everything, going out solo, wanting to meet people
- Going out solo is fun, there are no restrictions
- Going out solo makes me feel even more responsible for my own good feelings
- People at social events want to meet other people, there’s absolutely nothing strange or out of the ordinary about swapping contact info (felt so natural / logical at the time)

- I’m genuinely funny and clever. When I’m out of my head I have really strong verbal game
- I’m good at doing natural physical escalation (although I dont go to clubs so I’m not at that speed yet)
- I had a great time.

Cat, you have to go out solo again next week. No matter what.
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Hah Thanks Dave7, you are an inspiration!!

Today is day #5.

I've got tickets to a big local show here, headed out with a wing/friend who understands this shit, not that either of us can execute.. lol.

Mission: show up.

Mission 2: approach one set with a girl in it and chat with them.

I'll see you fucks tomorrow.
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Day #5.

Walk to the venue with my boy. We show up I take a leak and head into the venue.

Mission 1 accomplished. This literally makes me feel good, just showing up, cause I did what I know I need to do.

I see two chicks, it's darkish so I can't get a good view, but I walk up and tell my boy to follow my lead. I step to them side by side and stop, noob shit.

"I don't care and it doesn't matter".

Hey do you know what time it is? It’s blah blah blah. Haha, I’m totally kidding I just wanted to talk to you, I’m Cat.

Cool, convo is started, realizing its always just a fucking excuse to start talking, and thats where it happens, approaching is just getting the balls to move your feet towards where you have to go and using a commanding voice.

We are chatting, the main girl I’m talking to is a 6, her friend is an 8. I move my sweet ass over to her friend and have my boy (who isnt doing anything) move to the 6. I’ll call them M (6) and J (8).

I am chatting with both, mostly winning over M since I get the mother hen vibe from her. She says I’m weird, and that I’m just randomly talking to people, and that I’m gay. I tell her she’s weird and I’m being social (I’m using very light-hearted voice tonality and shit so I’m not like, “negging” her or something weird). She says my mom is weird. I laugh because I would say that (thanks to Jeffy). I don’t give a shit about any of the stuff she is saying even though I think it would sound like a shit-test from an observes perspective. She was kidding though, just feeling me out.

I keep moving back and forth between them on each side of them. I think this was a big thing, looking back, since it helped me divide attention between both of them. It was loud as hell, so it was a great excuse to get up in J’s ear and tell her ‘I love you’ after she said WHAT a bunch. My lips against her ear, my hand on her hair on her head. I’m touching her back and stuff.

First set so I’m not totally in the momentum yet but it’s really fun. I tell M I we are going to be friends in real life, she calls me weird again, I tell her to shut up and take out her phone (jokingly) and she does. I get her contact info.

I move over to J and touch her again, she is saying WHAT since it’s loud and I am just on her face telling her we are going to have a horrible marriage, cant remember the words. It’s good, she’s laughing but not really touching me back too much, was a subtle thing, early in the night, but it was on..I get her contact info and joke about how shes giving me a fake number and I’m the next youtube star. She picks it up and adds my name, solid.

They head to the bar and we mingle in closer to the crowd. Set 1 done, two friends, they live together, two numbers, seems solid although a lot of fluff and zero connection / interview stuff. I bring the fun vibe but also qualify the number a bit with the whole emphasis on having a real connection outside of this venue.

My wing bounces to piss, I open a 4 set of 7s and 8s. I point at some chicks beer with a sock on it and it doesn’t stick, I sorta turn my body away and then reengage with a chick across from the one I opened with “you look really familiar” and I just walk through all of them to her. She says “yeah are you from lksajdlkasjdlksajdlsakj?” Me: “no” her “oh haha” and the conversation continues. Her friend grabs her attention, I let it happen and say some legitimately stupid shit. Even so I just laugh when theres a pause to dissolve the tension and the friend is pulling her away but shes still hooked, even though Ive made an ass out of myself. I really think confidence and my approach was what hooked at that point. Good eye contact, owning that I was approaching.

I felt great about that one since it was much more challenging, these chicks were dressed up well, acting hot and shit, and I went in and got it done. Cool.

That band starts I’m digging the music just feeling good, and noticing on the periphery that many many many girls are glancing at my eyes. This makes me feel even more in my own self because I know that I’m generating that attraction by BEING HAPPY.

I see a set of 3 we are glancing at each other back and forth, cool, the band is playing there is no lull so I just wait and enjoy the music. The band ends, I open the ugo in front of me with thank god I didnt spit my gum in your hair. Some shit happens they bounce, I didnt force my entry into their group so I had no presence besides a half-assed attempt, good lesson. Go in hard.

Cool, I notice a blond behind me say something to her like Hi or something wacky like that. She says hey, what do you do? first thing. What the fuck? Weird I back turn her cause what the hell I’m in a venue trying to vibe this hip hop. I sorta get stiffled by the question too cause I dont have a decent easy answer for this.

I turn back around and look at her and say something, then I say I love you and just fucking grab her. She is like puddy in my arms, and we are inches away from each others faces, about to kiss, and it’s great. I feel fantastic, in the moment, like a man, we are saying nothing its so fun.

I disengage a second and see her friend behind us watching. The blond, E, is a 7. The friend is a 9, she is K. K is heavenly.

I dont recall how it happened but I left E and opened K and said your friend is great, how do you know her, solid eye contact. I dont hear her and say WHAT? and then move into her ear and tell her I am in love with you. She giggles like a beautiful woman. I step back and look her in the eyes and say We are 2% in love right now. She is elated.

She has some dude there and she puts her arm around him and I ask is that your man and she says no a friend (arm around him because he was choding it up and needed support i guess), cool I don’t even know what that guy looked like I’m laser focused on her.

I get my arm around her a second and tell her our honeymoon is going to be amazing, where are we going? I say Africa she says alcopulco, I say burger king, she busts up. I look at her face and it’s beautiful and she has an amazing cute freckle and I touch it and say I love this freckle it is mine, she loves me and Im loving her and it’s awesome, she is so cute and hot and beautiful we are going to have a blast together.

I tell her we are going to be friends in real life and get out your phone. She laughs and says something that was sorta a shit test and I laugh and say yeah give me a fake number I want to be on youtube. I call it it lights up (good social proof, hah), she adds my name, she corrects how I spell her name (good). I say I’m going to text you ridiculous shit and you’re going to laugh. She says OKAY! happy like.

The headliner starts and I’m moshing/dancing for 50 minutes fucking soaked with sweat, totally rad show, super fun. We bounce after and head home, ears buzzing.

Opened 4 sets, 3 phone numbers, 1 decent-ish blowout, 1 not-commanding approach.

I had a fucking fun night. I debrief with my boy after and want to text K to make it more solid, so I think of what to do and do the following:

Me: “Don’t lose that freckle it’s my favorite”
Her: “Aw thanks Cat”
Me: “I’m calling you randomly to make you smile. I have this feeling you are actually a total sweetheart”
Me: “Don’t tell anyone it’s a secret”
Her: “K I wont”
Me: “4%”
Her: “69%”

The 4% is a reference to being 2% in love, from earlier. 69% made me laugh.

I’m fucking happy as hell about K she is a stunnnnnna. J is also going to get fucked.

- Approach strong, fucking approach the whole group. Get in their space, like in the middle of it.
- I think I need to approach more sets.
- I need to think more about moving chicks to places where we can talk about how awesome we are and how amazing its going to be to fall in love.
- Beautiful girls want to get approached. By me, especially.
- Just do the first set, it’s what sets momentum in.
- I can get physical with a girl as quickly as I want, and my calibration was on tonight, and I could’ve kissed the blond (luckily I didnt but I should’ve).
- The hottest ones are sometimes way more receptive and into me than the ugly ones which internally I’m less preoccupied to begin the night with.
- Get sexified more often.
- Creating my own feeling of amazingness is what I need FOR MYSELF. And coincidentally it makes people stare at you to see what you’ll do next.

- My text game is tight.
- Some hot girls really like me, actually a lot of the ones I approach.
- I have pretty solid calibration.
- That’s the most physical I’ve been with a cold-approach girl that quickly in a long time. Feels good knowing I went there without any thought, just HAD her in my arms because that’s what I wanted. This set felt silky smooth between both girls.
- I feel amazing
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 Day #6.

I wake up feeling like complete ass. My whole throat is swollen. I have 6 hours of stoned-out-of-my-mind sleep and have to chill with my family and do xmas shit. Speaking hurts. I dont get coffee. I am dead inside. Last night was broken, but I am megachodefuckhole in my head.

Im still rolling throughout the day on these last two days being awesome, the family time is good, it goes well, I’m relatively exhausted and sleepy though, and am thinking “fuck i just want to go out and ask for directions and then fucking smoke myself to sleep and get some rest”. For like 9-10 hours today. Inside I’m also thinking “it’s saturday it doesnt matter im feeling sick and tired i have to go out this is my new lifestyle / practice”. I feel like more ass, self-esteem wise, having these contradictory beliefs and leaning towards chodery.

At nights end I ask my sister for a ride to my apt and say hey lets grab a quick drink and shes down so she gets dressed up and we bounce.


I hit my apt, I throw on something decent and some cologne and we hit this tight bar/restaurant with cool food.

On the walk over I ask where the place is to just fucking open someone and have that “done” in the back of my head. We find the place, head to the bar, sit down, check the menu.

I scope the place out and see a booth of 3 people, two girls one guy. One of them has an interesting look and might be cool, and I immediately think hey I should just walk over and fucking ask them if my sister and I could meet them and all eat together.

I look at my sister and look back, smiling, at them like AWW FUCK ITS TIME TO DO THIS SHIT I HAVE TO DO THIS FUCKKKK FUCKKKKK and then back at my sister and shes like What?! haha and I look back and say “I’ll be right back".

And I fucking just walk up. God DAMMIT it feels really good to write this out. I sucked it up and approached even though I feel horrific and today has been off all day and I’m exhausted. I fucking did it with the social pressure of it being a restaurant with people to see and hear it, with it being a mixed set, with just fucking PUTTING MYSELF OUT THERE because I know it will ENRICH MY LIFE even if it’s a bit terrifying to do (and honestly, writing this 3 hours later totally baked I gotta say I’m tripping out physiologically just rethinking it).

They were genuinely into it and had friends coming that they wanted to seat and to grab a chair later on or something, I don’t remember, not at all a blow off but like ‘we hadn’t planned on this’ and sorta them being socially awkward because I randomly show up inviting myself and my sister to eat dinner with them (we are both awesome and totally 9+s). I don’t take it like a blow out because it wasn’t, logistics were weird, which happens. I say we’ll find them in a bit or something and head back to my sister, who is impressed at my balls, which was gratifying, honestly, hah.

I end up having a blast vibing with my sister and also talking loudly and genuinely about real shit in our lives, like the noise of the people around us was just fucking noise, and none of it mattered.

During this I was laughing even louder than yesterday and had better vocal projection even though my throat is killing me (now).

I think that is hugely about opening and approaching everyday for multiple days. Travel by yourself makes this automatic (if you want to game your own environment to force yourself to develop this shit, try it).

I’m nervous about going out tomorrow already even though I’ve had such good reference experiences thus far. In my head I’m choding around being tired and feeling really sick tomorrow, even though it’s not tomorrow. It’s actually an crazy thought pattern, and I think being honest about it is helping me realize how fucking unimportant it is.

Tonight I’m celebrating my victories, and my consistency, and wishing myself the best for tomorrow when I have to show up and do it again.

- It is always worth going out. Going out isn’t something my ideal self would force himself to do, it’s something simply a part of who he is. Part of that ideal guy is that he is out almost every night, or really really regularly being social. It is always worth going out.
- Consistency is the goal. I would’ve been satisfied going down the street and asking a stranger for directions, honestly. That would’ve been enough.
- Anything beyond the bare minimum is reward. I’ve outdone my goals but am trying to focus on just doing that first, and anything after is reward. I really like this mindset. I’d rather have my commitment to this be based on consistency in practice than outcomes.
- It is always worth going out.

- As a “intensity of emotional investment” thing, tonight was WAY MORE INTENSE in a “holy fuck I could get massively rejected” emotional sense, and yet, tired and sick, I pushed that boundary. This experience is going to be a great signpost for what I can do.
- Mixed group stuff didnt feel weird, I literally just want to get to know these new people and see if they’re awesome, and if so we could become friends. Thats what my walkup felt like, and thats how it was received. I really don’t give a shit about actually sitting down with them as the outcome, it was pushing myself that was the “reward” emotionally.
- I feel sexy as fuck way more often. It’s much easier to let myself go there.
- I have a strong sentiment that, despite being nervous, I’m going to be consistent tomorrow and get shit done.
- My life feels a lot more fun.
- I don’t care about one chick that much right now.
- I feel like I trust myself to do the “right thing” regularly, and that trust makes me feel more confident.
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I've got a bunch of text messages from today that I'll write up about tomorrow, so far all 5 of these numbers are down to chat on text (except the ugo who tried to pull herself to my house, hahaha, she is a no).  Out of the last 7 numbers Ive gotten since I broke up with my GF, every one of them has stuck, been real, been down to chat, so I'm looking forward to see how these turn out (texts should explain where each is going..).  

That's really gratifying, in a superficial sense, but it's fucking rad because I know when to get a number and how to make it solid, and I get to add these people into my life (and if they are friended, add their friends into my life too).  So what the fuck ever man, loving this shit.


Me:  "Excellent I'll be your demonic slave master and command you to partake in acts of public sexuality while eating kittens in my lair in hell".

Me:  "Your gibberish is sexy stop before its too late".

Me:  "I recently had my penis removed due to a horrific bar accident involving a hooker and a pitbull"

Me:  "lol COME OUT bring the girls we can do shots and yell things it will be romantic"

Her:  "Perhaps you should stop hitting on random ladies in the bar then?"

Her:  "What's an attack kitten"
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Day #7.

I've felt like shit today but I knew I had to wake up eat and play bball.  Was totally worth it, shit.  I had a great game with my pullup jumper and passing.  It feels like an afterthought but I really wanted to sleep in and say fuck it but I didn't so that was big.  I'm on my shit.

My friend invites me to a small party at my ex-gf's good-friend's house.  I was hesitant at first thinking she could be there and weird stuff, but whatever, it's a good idea.  I say cool and head over, covered in sweat exhausted but feeling good.  

I meet these new people and we really all hit it off; they aren't people I really want to incorporate into my life right now but it was really nice to just meet new people and have it be a really great time in the moment.  Added to the happiness of my day.

One part of this which I will speak to is that this one girl, who probably had a nice face but overall was a bit stifled, was chatting with me for a minute and she had stellar eye contact even though she seemed kinda nerdy and like... like she didn't have a lot of self-confidence in how she appeared and how she presented herself.. anyway she was just looking me dead in the eye totally not phased at all, just like not flirty either, but it was really powerful.  It was like she captivated my attention for that time and who the fuck remembers what was being said.  Very good lesson.  Talk to people with that honesty and intensity, not just girls.  

Cool, I feel at this point like okay I could be done for the day I had a fun at this chill party and enjoyed myself and everyone else, I came out exhausted for 6 hrs sleep to play basketball, and I'm always really enjoying playing and getting better.  So I feel good. 

The four of us (dudes who played bball and went to the party) head to a cheap sushi place that was selling $1 plates, huge line, was loud and packed.  Cool I am pretty on with my voice and humor and we all have a good rapport (which I feel like I'm leading, in a lot of ways) and it's great.  I crack a joke with the waiter person and then some people in line, opened 2 sets of 2 girls with whatever, got my social mission accomplished for the day, felt good, had really good rapport with them (enough to tell them to "get out of here!" jokingly and have them laugh as they are walking off).  So that felt good.  Was really fun too just to be loud and in the middle of a place fucking soaking up the attention talking about ham wallets and shit.

My other thing I wanted to do today was laundry and I'm doing that shit.  Totally on day so far.  Going to enjoy the rest of it to myself, watch some movie that seems interesting and read.

Week 1 is done, and I'm realizing how this isn't about "week #245" or something, it's about this becoming a practice I do: I go out and find amazing new people to incorporate into my life and the lives of my friends.

- Shut the fuck up and just do it.  Especially with the small shit.  Literally I am going to walk up and eat fish oil right now to get that done for the day.  Done, small shit like that is totally worth it because it's the easiest shit to do.  Today showing up to play bball was hardish and totally worth it.  Going to that party, to sushi, all that shit.
- It's about being social everyday, for me.  I think that's why the mission is just show up.  It's because I want to be gaming that social habit, and using momentum as a TOOL to get better faster -- aka I could spend 30 days doing this shit over a 90 day period, but spending 30 days over 30 days keeps momentum high.
- Eye contact is really what it's about with personal connection.  When I'm talking about some vulnerable shit blah blah blah it's not like you need to know these details its like this is me, being with you, looking you in the eyes, going to a place within me that is tough, and showing that to you because I trust you.  Ramble but yes, eye contact is so so so powerful.  I think vocal projection and eye contact are two "techniques" to this game and the third pillar is just having some fucking fun as part of who you are as a dude.

- I overcame negativity to do the right thing every time today, even in really small things.  That makes me feel "flawlessly" consistent, which makes me really proud.  I feel "on".
- I had a blast at bball.
- I'm getting it done.
- Almost every random person I've met this week has really enjoyed me.  I think that's because I'm having a lot of fun these days, going to venues that are fucking awesome, living it up.  So that's great to be able to meet people and enrich their lives and have that amplify my own happiness and enrich mine.  
- I'm the shit.
- I know I'm gonna get it done tomorrow, and I'm excited to see what I do. 
- Edit: got Js facebook and she is actually gorgeous total 9 beautiful girl.  Cant wait to kiss her
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dave7 wrote:
 On some level, it really is about making this stuff into what you do every day, rather than just being social 3 days a week or whatever.
Absolutely man that's my focus.  

I'm headed out now to go do some daygame but really, I'm just gonna go enjoy the town and wander and be social!  

I'm excited, I have no clue what's going to happen but I'm sure I'll meet some neat people! 

Cheers man
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Day #8.
Headed out after work to do the regular, aka go to barnes and nobles and hit up chicks.

I had a “no thinking” mindset going on where I was just having all the sensory information come in. These last few weeks I’ve had this intense sense of calm and happiness, having been focused on this shit, and DOING IT, and quitting facebook and cutting off my ex.

On my way out of the office I walk into the elevator and open the dude there, make him smile. It’s great. He leaves, a chick walks in, same deal.

I used to not do this shit. It’s weird, almost, cause like, it’s so so so enriching, and so so so easy. Low investment, and you get smiles out of the deal. Made me feel great being able to give that.

Head out to B&N and ask for the time from a hot late 30s something. Head in and chat with the person, buy a nook color (thing is awesome) and wander around a bit, then bounce.

I feel like, okay I’m good, I feel good for the day I got my social in, but I always want to push myself so let’s see what else is going on. I do an internal 30 second countdown and just find someone to ask where the fiction is. This is important because I AM TRAINING MYSELF to obey my own commands. Success.

I’m not seeing shit here so I head out and wander the streets, head to the bus stop. I see a beautiful girl there and make eye contact as I walk up, look off to see if the bus is down a ways, then ask if shes seen the bus, and immediately, as I move down to tie my shoes, tell her “you have freckles!” in a jovial tone. She said “I’m freckulous?” I laugh, “no, you have freckles, is freckulous a word?” her “no, haha i dont think so” me “it is now, you are so freckulous, i’m Cat, you in the christmas spirit yet?”

I feel awesome about this, I’m pushing it with a stranger, it feels good. I’m noticing that if these girls aren’t in a club/bar they feel waaaay more stifled off this approach, since.. it doesn’t happen much. I think thats why, when you can hold eye contact in a genuine, kind, powerful way, and just chat, it’s really really really attractive, and really memorable. I like being that guy who is memorable for these women. That’s great :)

So we head to the bus together, and she grabs a seat and I have one a bit off so I figure okay, this is done but I’m on my game, I just need to push it farther next time (and for now I’m content with where I’m at).

Then a 7 sits besides me. She’s probably an 8 without makeup on, and damn why do chicks do this, ugh.

I open with hey what time is it and ask her if shes enjoying christmas and other shit, laughing good eye contact when she actually turns to look at me (calibrated so I’m not staring at her too). Shes happy we chat for 5 minutes I gotta bounce so I say hey let me get your phone number, lets hang out. Her: “no... no i dont think so” Me: “haha okay” her: “yeah.. something something blah blah” (literally couldnt hear her) me (still looking at her in the eye no flinch): “seriously, it’s cool, i really dont care, its great we got to chat here for a second and you’ll have a great christmas and maybe we’ll run into each other again”.

It was weird but like, i flipped the script or something... I really didn’t care, not that I didn’t want to see her or hit that but like, honestly, her loss. Its weird, I don’t get it actually, why would someone NOT want to bring people into their life? She had said something about ‘thats not what people do where I’m from’ and I’m looking at her like, don’t defend yourself, i _do_not_care_.

It was strange though, having her say no and being like haha that sucks for you.

And AWESOME. Did I mention how AMAZING I felt after? Like, walking off the bus laughing, having 20 people watching me as I’m giggling so happy.

I felt amazing because I pushed it even though it wasn’t super super on. That’s the shit dudes. That’s the shit.

Getting my social on everyday because that’s who I am.

I hit the gym and wreck some metal, felt great, exhausting but good, hit a shower and then go grab dinner with my sisters and my dad. As we drive out I see K and M on the street, literally, and scream at them out the car and then text em (i need to write that report up on my text shit.. but all those numbers are very solid, asking me to meet up over the weekend or just really fun. one thing i gotta work on is simply detaching myself from that outcome, since it’s not healthy. i need to not care where it goes, just enjoy where it is right now. will have that be a focus).

M and K call bullshit and I laugh and tell em where they were they call me a creeper I joke back and call them hookers and that I ain’t no John. Fun shit. M is being really like.. testy and K sends me this super cute message, adorable girl, awwww.

I hit up dinner with the family and we have a blast. My social confidence and voice is dialed these days so I’m being loud and totally unreactive. My lil sis sees a chick with an awesome tatt and she’s super afraid to tell her she likes it because “it would be awkward”. Me, loudly: “It’s only awkward if you MAKE it awkward!” Then I turn to the girl and tell her my sis loves her tatt and she really enjoys the compliment and it’s great.

Another place where I could’ve said nothing but knew I wanted to say something, even if it wasn’t this HUGE burning desire, or there was some outcome attached, I just wanted to say something. That felt so big, even though it was so small.

- Being social is a great way to brighten my day and the days of others. Its so win-win its not even funny.
- Pushing it is always worth it. Just one more set. Feel good, smile, just one more set.
- Everyone likes to be approached, even if they aren’t familiar with it. Give them time to get comfortable or “give them a chance to give me a chance”.
- Having a girl say No to asking for a number is hilarious, and great. I need more No’s in my life because every time a girl says No I’m getting so many fucking Yes’s its amazing. More no’s = more yeses = more to bring in and share.
- Its impossible to tell based on looks which girls have good social skills, are bashful, confident, nervous, or comfortable. To figure this out, I have to talk to them.

- I pushed myself.
- I was on alignment with all my goals, big and small. Just nailed some fish oil too.
- I lowered my fear of rejection.
- I’m fun, seriously. I’m attractive because I have a great state and can go there. My wing buddy said this yesterday genuinely and not only was I really appreciative of his genuine compliment (since I’m working on this stuff) but I was also impressed with his balls to not be a “bro-chode” and actually feel something and express it honestly. That guy is the shit.
- I had a great day.
- I built my momentum even farther.
- I know I’m gonna go get it today.

Let’s go.
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Day #9.

So I had a lot of interesting epiphanies and did some important shit for the day (as far as continuing my path) but overall, I didnt push it enough. It’s because I didn’t have a plan, and because of that, I had no drive to SHOW UP someplace and no motivation to DO X at Y.

I head out after work with my co-worker and grab dinner and a beer with his friends. They are good kids, but def. need some help with social skills. Still, they weren’t intimidated by my presence, so that was nice, I was able to be social but not have to be responsible for everyone’s fun (sometimes if you are a fun guy you sorta get slotted in this role and it’s like, okay I dunno what to say so you say something Cat!). They were definitely low energy so I wasn’t getting pumped up by these dudes.

It’s weird, I’ve been TALKING ALOUD TO MYSELF a lot more and that fucking pumps my state. And laughing at shit a lot more and that pumps my state. It’s awesome. Just fucking laughing for no reason.

So, we grab some food, I kick it with these kids, head to grab some shit on my way home, hit the bus stop, ask the time 2 times on the way over. I hit the bus and get off early so I can walk home through the most trafficked section of my hood.  This choice, even though it is small, IS A BIG STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.  Giving myself props and pumping my state right now thinking about it, because its so so true, I could stay on the bus and avoid people and be antisocial, or I take that shit headon.  I did the right thing, and that's fucking awesome, proud.

I had one two set where I asked the time where they were like, very receptive and laughing cause they said it’s approximately 7:09 and I said approximately huh? coy smile. Should’ve followed up with I actually know the time I just wanted to talk to you two. Missed opportunity.

I realize out of this I need a better opener that pulls them in for a second longer, something more risky.

I’m feeling gooooood at this point in the day and am in my head like fuck I need to push it more and do some riskier shit, I’m feeling goood.

Yet I didn’t push it hard. It was a bad choice, or rather, I let apathy take over.

What I did do, because I was like, fuck, I’m not opening, is when I walked past ANYONE I had ANY desire to open, I would ask the time. In a 6 block stretch I asked 5 people, including couples who were flirting with each other, a mom and daughter. And I’d turn around if I walked past not asking and grab em.

This is GOOD. Even though the results are LAME it is GOOD. It was the RIGHT ACTION. I am in TRAINING CAMP to make these instincts and getting simple ‘what time is it’s under my belt with whoever is key. So this is big even though I felt like a lame duck.

What’s important is I’m still focused. I do not want to dabble, I want to make this a practice. So I’m right now (day later) pumping myself up for that, since that’s whats most important.

What I realized is I need a gameplan everyday I go out, so I can easily hold myself accountable and KNOW where I have to show up. This is a big lesson, and it’s a lot like the 30 second game, you define an outcome and you FORCE YOURSELF THROUGH NEGATIVE EMOTIONAL CONDITIONING to act in the right way.

Today I just have to show up to the mall I decided/planned to go to, and I know I’ll bump heads and meet people. But its showing up. Just showing up.

I can feel myself choding around about K in my head, she was so so beautiful. I realized this but knew I had to call her anyway, even if it sucked, and I was in a weird state, because it was the right time, and I had to take action. I call and leave a voicemail and it’s chill, a good voicemail.

After this I realize what this means for me as a practice, and how I actually sorta think that like.. if I get this chick, she’ll be the “end” and I’ll have “reached my destination” with this shit. I was realizing this on the bus and it was like WOW, NO, that’s not what this is about. She is just a girl and she’s going to be a moment on my path toward mastery. Shes a hot girl, but shes just a girl, and because I KNOW I AM GOING TO KEEP DOING THIS I also KNOW I will find another one of her, and then another one, and like, a lot more of them. She is the FIRST of these girls, but there is no END to them.

In my mind this has had a big impact on my framing of our situation. I’ve framed it like we are totally IN LOVE and like INTENT is there and she is a woman and I am a man. And I realized I actually LOST that frame by THINKING ABOUT HER. It’s so weird but that’s whats happened. Now she’s become this object that I want. Thats so unfair to her, so I’m going to give her the gift of just wanting to beast her, take her, make her gasp, and let her go. Let her come back, let that desire build in her, let her show her womanhood THROUGH ME.

So I’ve had this big shift in my head. I realized, wow I want this to go well. In reality it needs to be “wow, I am practicing the steps”. So thats where that is.

She ends up texting back saying shes very busy with school, asks for my last name so she can facebook stalk me and procrastinate. We add each other and she turns out to be a 10, straight up. She is the hottest girl I’ve approached and had it be like, 100% on.

So its weird I’m trying to ignore that shit, just let her be her. She’s actually cute, and like, shy, and nervous about being with me, because I’m a pimp, and she is a little bit afraid to pick up the phone. It’s adorable, but Im gonna have to call her out on it tonight while I’m roaming the streets looking for new meat.


There are so many fucking beautiful, smart, witty, artistic, sexually and emotionally intelligent girls out there, I’m so lucky to have the balls to go for it, and that’s what I’m living right now. Motivated by this idea that I’m on my deathbed and I’ll know, yeah, yeah I did fucking talk to that girl when I was so afraid. I did take that risk. And I did it again, and again, and again.

I feel like the man, dudes. I’m totally on the path.

- Pushing through because of a ping of desire is always the right move. When I see a beautiful woman it’s never too late to walk toward her, turn her around, and talk. Never.
- I always need a DESTINATION to SHOW UP AT to hold myself accountable.
- Women are people. They get nervous, they get sexually turned on, they get anxious and excited about meeting amazing men. When you make them “a hot girl” and not a woman, you lose all of the preciousness that women offer, all that lust and fiery sex and moaning. Women don’t deserve this, ever, so I want to focus on making a woman be a person, and a woman, as opposed to a vagina and a number, 1-10.
- Even in the lamest sense, consistency is king.
- I need a default opener that has more length.
- I need to let go of the ego surrounding these women being beautiful. Their beauty is not about MY ABILITY it is about THEIR BEAUTY. That’s ONE of the gifts they get to give me, and the gift I can return is my intent to fuck them so well they gasp, and make them laugh and feel loved and dominated (which is protected). Ultimately they are just people and they are who they are, I need to let go of their value, detach from that, because that value really doesn’t exist in the relationship, it exists in me. I’m going to meditate on this tonight.

- I did what I knew I had to do, even though I was afraid. I took risks in some situations, and didnt in others, I’m not perfect, but I’m ON MY PATH.
- I am naturally attractive to beautiful women because I’m a funny, charismatic, non-judgemental guy. I can go there quickly and women love love love that.
- People are fucking friendly. They light up when I ask them what time it is, seriously. They actually like, fucking CHANGE THEIR BODY in reaction and light the fuck up.
- Even though I didn’t push it super hard and get like, insane results (or I guess, it’s ANY result from a situation where I push it, E.G. show intent and get a yes or a no) I still felt really proud of myself, because I went out and did it, and I’m changing my life, one day at a time.

I’m about to head out to the mall now and talk to women about soap (e.g. “Hey whats a womans favorite type of soap?”). Part of what I realized from that last bullet point is I feel like a fucking champion after I go out and show intent, so that’s my secondary goal today. The first one is to just show the fuck up, and I know I’m gonna go get it.
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