January 18th, 2019
Ultimate FAKE ID Guide + Cutting Line | Avoiding Cover charges | Getting in ANYWHERE
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This is a partial repost/mix of two thread replies made a few weeks ago by myself and getemcusiknow.
Over the years we learnt a lot through trial and error which has helped us hop over various hurdles, be it age, lineups, cover charges or any external factor, really.
This knowlege also applies to many other venues beyond bars and clubs. Concerts, sports games, fucking VIP lounge at the airport, maybe even onto a plane without a boarding pass, and much, much more. And it's very simple, really.

This post is split into three parts: (hmm I don't know how to add anchors to different parts of the page, scroll down )
- Fake IDs
- Tips on using a fake ID
- Getting in anywhere

Fake IDs

The doppleganger

The most effective is finding someone who looks enough like you and buy an ID or two from them.
Memorize the info on it, birthday, home address and zip/postal code.. even the zodiac sign. Sometimes they test you if you don't look like your picture

The ISIC card

This card is an internationally recognized general student ID card. People get these when they plan to travel overseas where their local school ID might not be accepted for student discounts

- Anyone has easy access to getting one.
- Cheap $22
- Not fake, you get the real official card (with a custom D.O.B)

The process is simple:
- Show up to a location that makes them near you:
   There's multiple in every city globally.
- You fill out a form which asks you to state your info, none of it is verified. You just write any date of birth you wish and it will be printed on your card.

What you'll need:

- A student card (if you don't have one, read below (*))
- $22
- A picture (sometimes they can take one on the spot for extra $)

You don't (usually) need any proof of age, you tell them your desired birthdate and they print it out on the card.
If your school ID has your age on it, simply scratch it out with an exacto knife just in case.

*  If you're not a student, you might get lucky and they won't even ask to see any ID, especially if you look young or dress like a hippy.
   Try to get your hands on some sort of student ID. I used a bus pass that said 'Student' on it and they accepted that. Try making something on the computer and printing it out on photo paper. Get creative.


This card will not get you in everywhere, but it will work in many places. What helps a lot is having some sort of second piece.
When we first found out about these cards in Ottawa, Canada they worked perfectly.
We went to a casino and strip clubs and we were 15 and 16 and looked it. Buying beer in corner stores (in Quebec) worked flawlessly.
We started to tell our friend and soon A LOT of high school students started using them and they worked less and less. Nowadays, almost every bar and club in Ottawa doesn't accept them.
Nevertheless, we used them in other cities and in the US with great sucess. Liqour stores (Utah and NYC), Casinos and stripclubs in Las Vegas, bars in New York and San Fran. One club in NYC (the only one we went to)

I wasnt able to get into clubs in Vegas because I had just turned 17 at the time and looked damn young. I got denied with the id in San Fran when but the bouncer said to come back with a girl and I'll let you in. This was in my chode days so that didn't pan out.
These are legit 2nd peices and as a first piece are good enough

I definately think a guy who is 2-3 years underage wouldn't run into too much hassle using this ID in most clubs.

Professionally made Fake IDs

There's plenty of websites that offer this service. I have never tried this before but I remember hearing somewhere that they're decent.
Do a little google research, make sure to read some reviews

If you're ever in Toronto, Canada, they make custom fake id's legally on Young Street at many places, look for head shops and I'm pretty sure one of the spots even advertises it on a huge sign. Its legal becasue the gov. can't prove the IDs will be used illegally and they are labeled as souvenirs.
Many of them look like actual Canadian and US drivers licenses, but they say Identification Card instead, to keep it legal. There are about 8 places that make the IDs and only 2 make really good ones. They have a flip book with real expamples so shop around and chose wisely. Many of the look like shit but there's a good selection of good ones too. We've gotten some really good ones on that were compared to the liqour stores ID handbook and passed numerous times.
A few of the spots sell IDs in pairs, so for the price of one you also get a really good second piece.  My favorite was the Colorado 'Identification Card' and it came with a Colorado college student ID.
If you're gonna use one in Canada, buy a US ID, and vice versa. Bouncers have seen more IDs from their own country so are less likely to notice something off.

Making one yourself

(Informational purposes only)

EDIT: Great resourse:        Google: Ultimate fake ID guide

This is the cheapest but most time consuming method.
Some photoshop skills required, I tought myself, you can too.
I will only describe the cheapest printing method

What you'll need:

- Color printer (Alternatively, going to print shop would yield very nice results... but it's a little sketchy. If its a young chiller who seems cool, give it a go for sure)
- Photo paper
- Hologram laminate:
- A PVC ID card (you can use an old ID that you have lying around)
- A high quality scan of an ID or preferbly a .PSD template (you can find plenty of these through torrents, probably frostwire too)

Edit your template ID to suit your needs. When you're happy with it scale it to size and print it on photo paper on the highest settings your printer offers.
Now there's two ways to go about it:

Old ID on back:

- find an old ID you don't need anymore, make sure it has a nice looking back, magnetic strips are always a plus, and make sure that any writing doens't give the ID away at first glance.
- Try to find an card that is thinner than usual since we'll be adding some thickness to it. If you can't find one, buy the thinnest photopaper you can find.
- Photopaper is made of several layers. After printing, peel off as many layers as you can while leaving the top most still intact.
- fit your printed photo paper onto the card and cut it to perfection. Use a straight cutter for the edges. Getting the corners nice and perfectly round is the hardest. Use scissors and get a nice arch. You'll fuck up the first few so practicing once or twice is always a good call.
- Glue it on to your pvc card.
- Stick your hologram sticker VERY carefully, use a credit card to apply even pressure as you stick it on to minimize the chance of airbubbles.
  Make sure to buy a hologram sticker that covers the whole face of the card, this will waterproof the photo paper and make it realistic to touch. (Its easioer if you stick the hologram on before trimming the photopaper metionned above)

Clear plastic:

This method allows you to make a custom back. I recommend making the back black and white and printing it out on a laser printer, that way the magnetic strip comes out a realistic 100% black.
-Print out the front and back on photopaper.
-Glue them back to back. Depending on the thinkness of the laminates or see through plastic you use, you may need to add some padding in between the front and back printouts.
-either use this
   a clear plastis pvc card. These come in various thicknesses but add a nice realism when you glue it onto the front of your card. Make sure to use quality transluscent glue.
- stick some holograms if you wish


At first we got rejected with these IDs quite a bit, but it's not the IDs they were (usually) rejecting, it was us. By following these tips it makes it work so much better.

- Be confident and dress well. Bring women with you if possible (open them on the street or line up).
- Assume that everything is A-OK,  that you're of age and just EXPECT that you will have zero problems with it. But don't act suprised that you're getting ID'd... Everyone gets ID'd. Having it out and ready is always appreciated by the IDer.
- Print your real name on the card so that you can use credit cards, student IDs, or other IDs that have your name printed on them as a 2nd peice. Passport photocopy (explained below (*)) is a decent second piece as well.
- If it doesnt work instantly, stay clam, explain that it's is a government issued ID (even though it's not) and for the ISIC, that it is certified by the UN and UNESCO as an internatioaln identification card (it says UNESCO on it which is part of the united nations.. but that still doesn't make it a valid statement)
- I just got back from a euro trip so its all I have.
- Still no good? offer your second piece. I'd suggest you chose 2 out of the 3 methods outlined above and use the shittier one as your second piece.

* Passport photocopy
A nice backup we used for a while was a scanned photocopy of your passport that has been altered to show your new date of birth, simple enough that it can be done with MS paint by copy and pasting numbers from other codes or expiration dates. You may want to make this first before getting the ISIC because some date of births are easier to make.
NB: You have to change the birthday in 2 spots on the passport since it shows up in a series of numbers such as the unique passort number. It's somewhat hidden and some IDers are smart enough to check there. Eg. your date of birth is 25/05/92 it will show up in the number as 250592, possibly preceded and/or followed by other numbers. So look thouroughly for that series of numbers and chage them as well.

If the bouncer says I need something government issued like a drivers license or pasport, say "Well I might have a copy of my passport". While he's looking over it say that you carry around the photocopy when travelling as not to lose the original.

You can also say I just used it at the liqour store and they knew its an official ID.

One time I argued with a doorman type for like 10 mintues before he let me in  "just this once".

Getting in Anywhere

Here's a few alternate way of getting into a club without getting ID'd, and more importantly for me nowadays, cutting the lineup and avoiding the cover charge.
I would still highly recommend you get an ID if you're underage.

The confident walk-through

This is such simple thing, yet is highly effective in so many ways. It works on the same level as the whole sense of entitlement thing.

Scope out the spot
Realize that you have 2 checkpoints to clear with most clubs. The bouncers out front, and then the cover charge gatekeeper inside.
First checkpoint: Clubs entrances a split in half, lineup to one side, exit on the other. Pleople with a stamp or VIPs can walk in throught the exit half. This is where you want to go.
The mindset I put myself in is, I was inside 2 minutes ago and I'm going back in. Simply walk past anyone without noticing them, as if you were entering any other corner store, you can flash your wrist where a stamp would be if you wish (make it look like there's no thought behind it, you're just doing the motions. )
You don't have to flash the wrist, sometimes it works better to just walk in normally. Vary it up.  If a bouncer says something flash the wrist, if you didn't already, or spread you arms for the pat down if you know the club does this. If he notices you don't have a stamp and physically stops you, don't fret, say you just came out for a smoke. "You need a stamp to get in."   Say you had one earlier, it rubbed off. You just came out for 2 seconds ago blah blah blah. Half the time they just can't be bothered to argue with you anymore and  say fuck it, go in. The other times they insist on a stamp and won't let you in. You can stick around from a distance and try when there's a group of stamped people going in or any of the following tips:

A few things that make the confident walk through more effective:

- Distractions: If the bouncers are crowded by a lot of people, IDing others, flirting with chicks, breaking up a fight, or beating up a mother and child, then don't even think and just GO
- Blend into a group of people walking in. It makes it harder for them to notice (or care about) you walking in.
- On the phone: My theme of choice: girlfriend giving me shit for being out at the clubs. "baby, it's just a boys night out..... no.. listen..... look we'll hang out tomorrow.... i told you, downtown......... no she isn't here, you know you're the only girl for me"  People just don't want to interfere with drama.
- Flashing the fake stamp (see below)

Cover-charge specifics

- The person is always sitting, sometimes without a bouncer
- No bouncer? Just walk, fairly quick, and disappear into the crowd, ignoring the cover girl
- Prentend like you've already been there, you expect to just be allowed to walk in. Assume that it isn't a problem.
- If there's a bouncer walk by without noticing him there.
- If he stops you, flash your wrist and/or spread your arms and legs bracing for a pat down.

Sometimes, in between the bouncer check point outside and the cover girl inside, there's an alternate exit for people leaving that can only be opened from the inside.
Hang around waiting for someone to leave (pretend to be on the phone if bouncer notices you). Get in, then let your buddy in shortly after.
This is where being aware of your environment helps. I'm always looking for shit like this.

PS. Google "your city's name + guestlist", maybe there's a site or two that offer discounts or free cover to certain clubs.

The Fake stamp

Bring a sharpie with you to the club, you can draw on chicks and get their numbers on your person. But most importantly you can fake many clubs' stamps.
- A black faded out blur will work fine most of the time, having this on your wrist doubled with the confident walk through will get you into practically anything. (You can drawn it on your wrist before heading out if you please)
- Catch someone leaving the club and ask to see their stamp in order to make a more accurate rendition. Get them to lick the stamp on their wrist and press it up against yours in an attempt to copy it. If they're bangable, do the licking yourself ;)

Pro tip: always draw a mustache on your finger - this way you have a readily available disguise in the likely event of trouble.

My scapegoat personality is basically a shitty version of Waluigi


Special metion: Dropping names

This summer, there was this shitty club that would always have a few hotties, but the cover was way overpriced. Its a small club so it was very hard to sneak in and the cover checkpoint was unbreakable.
My buddy picked up barmaid there once. I got her name out of this

I got onto the guestlist another time, but it was a one entry type thing, so they didn't give me a stamp. I didn't want to stay there all night so I talked to the guestlist guy and he said it's fine and said "Tell [the covercharge girl] that Ryan said you can get a stamp"

So now I had 2 names out of it.
The next weekend I tell the cover girl that "I'm here to see Talia upstairs. Ryan said to go right through. "
No problem.

So, what I'm getting at is I've tried that line at different clubs when they wouldn't let me in without cover or a stamp,  and it worked pretty damn well, even though those names didn't correspond with the club.

Sneaking In

This is about finding alternate entry points.
- So scope out the spot well, see what you're working with
- With bigger clubs, they have nice outdoor areas or smoking areas, be it out front, behind the club, or even on a balcony up high. All these are potential alternate entry points.
- If its out front, it's usually only fenced off by something low = jump over it.
- Scope out for any bouncers that are looking for this exact thing. If you see one, time it when he's looking in another direction. Most importantly just go. The quicker the better.
   Some would compare it to a video game, reminds me of this flash game classroom:
- Don't worry about regular people seeing you do it, they really don't care enough to do anything about it.
- After the jump I either open instantly to blend in, sit at a table with people, blend into some large crowd of people, or walk straight indoors and, again, blend into the dancefloor or something. I like to avoid flashy clothing to prevent being spotted or recognized by a bouncer if he saw the hop.

If you leave the club later, on your way out, tell the cover charge girl gate keeper that your stamp faded out and that you'd like another one. This will make coming back much simpler.

I've been 'caught' plenty of times, but I've gotten in without a hitch countless times, like 90% of the time. I've never had bouncers kick my ass or anything, the worst they'll do is grab your arm and throw you out, somewhat gently.

All this has made the whole clubbing thing more thrilling and I've had some fucking ridiculous spontaneous adventures over the years.

I've scaled walls to get to high balconies, crawled under this stage thing to get into an outdoor event, and hopped a double 15 foot high fence to get into a deadmau5 concert.
I even considered swimming into a Tiesto beach concert.

Feel free to add anything else

A classic:

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LOL. I can laugh at the fake ID thing now since I'm 21. Oh yeah baby. good advice though on the student ID cards.

What most people don't know is that most bouncers are only told to check IDs but they have no training to spot if an ID is real or fake. I remember a buddy of mine who was not 18 get into a strip club by just going on Word and writing up piece of paper that resembles the piece of paper you get when your ID is being made by the state of Michigan. Its like 2 paragraphs with your name and age and a place for you to sign. HE GOT IN. ROFL. He wanted to see titties badly.

In my experience, as long as you have an ID that says your of age you should be good. The only time I had issues was when I moved to Colorado since the bouncers are trained to spot fakes =/. What is even worse is that in Denver, there are 2 cops at the door next to the bouncer who is checking IDs, so, if the Bouncer is unsure he asks the cop. If its fake YOUR F-U-C-K-ED (I found out....).

As for cities that are easy on fakes, NYC is SUPER easy. Grand Rapids, MI is SUPER easy. Milwalkee is SUPER easy. Chicago is SUPER easy. Ummm.. Vegas is a little tricky. I got into several clubs jsut fine but they cought me at Pure.

gl hf

I also circumvent the lines and cover by getting on the VIP list. Just network for a promoter of the club when your inside and send him a text when you wanna go.
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nice, now I can get into clubs
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good shit ive been looking into isic cards when i get a chance imma check it out  
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Holy shit, IDK how legal this is, but reading this post made me so excited. I'm 17 and live in the suburbs, but I do plan on moving to a city when I get up on my own two feet. I do parkour, so when I read about scaling walls, climbing fences, blending into crowds, decieving guards, I instantly thought of two things:

1) Assassins creed-Ezio, sneaking into an outside Orgy in renaissance Italy, getting past a bunch of guards at every step by blending into crowds, climbing roof tops, assassinating a guard here and there and pulling them into a haystack/off the side of a cliff, hiring a bunch of prositutes (courtisans) to dance around you and help you blend in as you walk past guards and they distract them, sitting on benches with head low to avoid detection, etc.

2) This sounds so fun. Forget picking up chicks, I would love to scale a sheer wall with a few handholds to get to a balcony party.
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 international student id is generally unaccepted as a first piece a t most nightclubs, BUT what i did was i used a buddies drivers liscence that was not great, different eye color height etc as my first piece and got an international student id made with his birthdate and name but MY picture. worked flawlessly at even the toughest clubs. used that from 17-19 in canada,

it was funny when i showed up on my 19th birthday as myself instead of the one on my old id as i got to know the bouncers, they were not overly impressed
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 as for getting in free,  my city isn't that big, only a handful of clubs. so i've just managed to get to know promoters etc that can put you on a guestlist, as well as owners and bouncers who will let me cut lines.
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I will become  a monster by the time I'm 21
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awesome post - sounds like fun.

I've never tried to use a fake ID personally, but I've had friends that tried various priced/quality ID's with no success at the bigger upscale nightclubs. From what I can tell those guys know what to look for and they do so very quickly and easily.
I'm sure we got guys on the forums that have experience with door security, any insider info anyone can shed on this?
A lot of places also scan your ID now days - anyone know what info comes up when they do that?

However your social engineering and envoirnment awareness tactics are tight! Good ideas on a lot of that stuff.

Reminds me of the time me and a friend jumped a big chainlink fence into a $50+ event, we had to cross this big open field to get to the crowds of people. But there were about 8 security guys standing together on the edge of the field also, all they had to do is look back once while we were crossing - -but I guess we timed it right and everything worked out, ended up being an awesome night!

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Dude i did some shit like this when i was 18.  I sent my money over to the Netherlands or some bullshit.  I sent $120 over there and never got a fucking thing back.
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On cover charges:

At some bars, the bouncer will check your ID and stamp you, and you pay the guy/girl behind him at the counter. In this case, get stamped, then turn around after he tells you what the cover is and say nevermind. Don't make a scene because you're gonna be coming back in 15 minutes or so and showing him your stamp. Then just walk in.
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