December 9th, 2016
Vipassana Meditation and pickup
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Last summer I did a 10 day meditation retreat called Vipassana. Since then my life has changed dramatically.

I was in a big slump, I was a fucked up chode relying on alcohol and drugs to feel comfortable in social situations. I was quiet and had a bad vibe.
I would have self defeating negative ass thought patterns that would be on repeat throughout the day, like ''I hate myself, my life sucks, I'm gay''.
It would be hit and miss if I would ever hit on a girl, I would have to be "in state" otherwise I would just suck.
Overall I was a loser and depressed inside, slowly getting addicted to alcohol and weed just to talk to people.

I´m always in state, it´s not even state anymore it´s just feeling fucking centered, clear headed and energetic at all times. 
Like Tyler talks about instead of the burning brush fire it´s the steaming hot coal.

If you have ever done a line in a club before or taken an E pill, you´ll notice that before you go in that bathroom no chick notices you,
but when you come out chicks show signs of attraction and even approach you straight away. Also if you´re
walking through a crowd of people you gotta stumble through and say "excuse me", and after you´re high you just kind of glide
through everyone like Moses splitting the Red Sea. An obvious change happens. 
Well the exact same thing goes for meditation. When I get out of the bathroom
from meditation for an hour, all of a sudden everyone's like YOOO wassup dude!! chicks all smile and shit it's pretty crazy, when
before that people would avoid eye contact. It's as if some part of them can see how high your invisible vibration level is or whatever.
And if I'm walking through the corridor I don't have to push through people, I swiftly move past and they just kind of get out my way like I'm royalty.

I'm fucking sharp and aware, noticing everything going on around me. I'm a waiter and last week when someone dropped a glass I
caught it just in time, it's as if time slows down a bit after I meditate.

I have a SICK vibe with girls and listen to everything they say, interactions just flow and I tend to get the real out of chicks more.

If someones talking to me I notice every emotion they´re feeling and can see right through their intentions. I can read body language cues and
everyones position in the social ranking very quickly. I can also pickup on how high someones self esteem is within seconds of talking to them.

During my lectures at school I can pickup everything the teacher is saying and I don't have to study at home because of this. My grades have improved tremendously.

I suddenly have access to my intuition. If I gotta make a choice to go left or right on the road I just make split second decisions
from my gut feeling and mysteriously it's always correct.
If someone wants to ask me a question in class and they're kinda on the verge of asking it, I can feel it somehow and I ask them
"whatsup?", and they're like oh snap how did you know I wanted to ask something?

I stopped doing drugs and drinking liquor, I feel my awarness decreasing with the more alcohol I drink.

I meditate 2.5-3 hours a day everyday.
Everything is just 10 times better. Meditation transforms you into your best self, so fuck every other routine.
I think this is the final step in my journey of pickup and self help crap in general.

To go deeper and explain how this works:
I've realized that there are two "dimensions''. One is the dimension of thought, which is dwelling on the past or the future.
The other is experiencing the present moment through any of your 5 senses. (touch, sight, feeling, hearing, taste).

You are either in one dimension or the other, you can't be in both at the same time. Thought cannot exist while you are feeling something.
You are either in THOUGHT, which are projections of past or the future, which ultimately don't really exist, which is fake, not here/NOWHERE, which is.. dead?
Or you are NOW HERE, which is experiencing whats infront of you through your senses.
If you are feeling your hands on this keyboard you are now in the realm of being here now,
no thought can exist while you feel the warm plastic against your fingertips.

The nature of the mind is destructive. You notice this when you've spent 8 hours a day sitting still.
Thoughts tend to either criticize other people, think of what bad shit you can say or do to other people next time you see them,
lust for things or people, try to project a better future, etc. They are generally fucked up.

So I prefer being in the experiencing senses mode than thinking about some fucked up shit all the time.
By doing Vipassana meditation you feel all your body parts up and down for an hour straight, so it puts you in the awarness dimension for a few hours, and after that you still linger on in it.

A 10 day vipassana meditation course is for free, free accomodation free food, I reccomend it if your in a big down wave in your life and can't seem to get out of it.
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yeah i know man it's helped me to an amazing extent in all areas of life. the amount of effort required to get things done is 1/2 what it used to be.

for those of you who are interested but not ready for a retreat check out the science of enlightenment with shinzen young. he offers an amazing explanation of the practice in the language of western science as well as some guided meditations to get you started.
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The final step is to realize there is no final step.

because if you think "meditation" is the final step, you become lazy and unaware of everything else.
than that stuff stabs you in the back.

never allow yourself to think: "now I've mastered it" or "now I have a theory that covers everything".
it will create an ego of arrogance, or blindspots.

you've got to enjoy the proces, and this is continiously keep practicing. looking for things to improve, not because you don't accept yourself, but because you enjoy expanding your awereness and developing yourself.

meditation and being present is hugely benificial. however it's all about accepting and experiencing, not on what you should do.

now, you experience that "you automatically know what to do" in those times. It's effortless action. That's cool, but that is NOT caused by meditation. It's caused by having a purpose and direction in life, by knowing what you want (without getting obsessed over an outcome, you just need to enjoy moving in the direction you choose). This is a different aspect you can not afford to ignore in the long term if you want to become good at this. (However it's fine to focus on meditation for a while, since your biggst gains in learning this now obviously come from this!)
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Cool. Looked it up - 10 hours of meditation a day sounds pretty intense. I like the hardcore approach though, they are obviously beasting it when it comes to meditation. It's sick that the retreats are only financed by means of donation. Fuck it, I'll go. My gut feeling is that it would do me good. What kind of meditation poses did you use?
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"Thoughts tend to either criticize other people, think of what bad shit you can say or do to other people next time you see them,
lust for things or people, try to project a better future, etc. They are generally fucked up.

So I prefer being in the experiencing senses mode than thinking about some fucked up shit all the time."

Those are some pretty judgemental and negative thoughts over there.
Thoughts that are compassionate, loving and non-judgemental are fine.

At some point, you can't just experience and need to decide what you want to do. The trick is to want something that is completely under your control, so you can always do that and meet your own expectations. This way, you avoid the stress and frustrations of not accepting what is there. Ultimately, it's you desire to control things you can't control that hurts you -- not your thoughts. It's clinging, desire of aversion. The trick is not to stop thinking, but to stop clinging. To change your thoughts so you can always accept the moment.

And that NEVER happens. You will always struggle with accepting hte moment, and with desire and aversion and clinging. That's why you got to enjoy the proces of being aware and letting go of the things you cling to.
wel heb ik je ooit!
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Yeah i really want to do this. I like to meditate and after i listened to the science of enlightenment and listened to goenkas vippassana talks i started meditating at least an hour a day. I really want to do a 10 day retreat especially after reading about your experience. but i havent had the oportunity yet. maybe soon.

your inspiring me to meditate more though.
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thanks Alex.
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Yes I agree with you diskodancer.

You could view it as a final step because it's the best way to surf the highs and lows of your life and deal with it the best.

I first came in contact with meditation when I was 15. I started quite a few times, did it 3 months, of 9 months... and then I quitted. Each time I regretted that I failed to have enough self-discipline to keep practicing. That why I decided last year to start meditating again and to practice daily once of twice. (10-30 min sessions). And that's what I have been doing.

I practice buddhist meditation, which is essentially what they teach at the vipassana course. Do they also teach about jhana's and stuff?

I almost went last summer to this course too! But I did not have the time to do it..... maybe I'll go in february! Because I never meditated 10 days in a row all the time. Never did it SO intense. I think I can learn a lot from that.

My post came from the following personal experience: This summer, I have been stagnating in my progress. I was getting more and more frustrated and not where I want. This is because I focused to much on "letting go", "accepting", just being myself... and growing through mindfucking yourself. I did not like to force myself to do thinks I would not like.

I totally ignored the part which really makes you grow. That is to just do what you fear most. Force yourself into things that make you feel uncomfortable. This way, you reach indifference threshold and stop caring. It's another way of letting things go and becoming stronger. Meditation is a powerful method for cutting attachments, letting go (and much more!!!).. but it's not the only or the best way. I found out that just to "crash and burn" is also very effective! Also important is to KNOW what you want. And meditation helps you to accept everything (and the moment).. but it does not tell you to do with all the freedom you get with that!
wel heb ik je ooit!
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GREAT places to meet high quality women.  No cover charges, no AMOGS.  Don't have to stay up late at night (being up tto 3 or 4 am can ruin your next day). The some of women are very sexually open.  Health food stores are good too.
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I was really interested and applied for this but was taking medication and had to fill out a bunch of forms.

I'm off my medication and just applyed for a course during my winter break.
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Damn. I don't see any free courses in Florida.

Is there any kind of instruction guide you know of for vispassana meditation? I know how to do regular meditation but have no idea what the differences are.
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Time seemingly speeds up as you get older because you've lived more days, months, and years. If you compare one day to the rest of your life, it's nothing as to when you were a baby and that one day is your entire lifetime. Two summers ago seemed longer than the last, etc.

By living more in the present, you can soak in more from every experience. 
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