December 12th, 2018
Self-expression vids
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Here are some of my favorite improv vids, self-expression and not giving a fuck at its best!

High self-esteem (and resulting beliefs and vocal projection from that)  = the single MOST important piece of the game, from which everything else stems. Draw the good feelings from within, feel brave enough to experience happiness and awesomeness about yourself on an ongoing and consistent basis, feel truely ENTITLED to 10's, make yourself validated internally (approval or rejection by other people does not alter your awesomness), bring the party and be loud as fuck (borderline obnoxious vocal projection at clubs). It is your birthright to feel entitled to and to expect all the best life has to offer. It doesn't matter what everyone else thinks about you. Ryan Bootcamp, Nov 19-21, 2010, Washington DC
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Yeah, this is where it's at. These guys are flying a little under the radar. Try Christopher Hitchens.
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