October 23rd, 2018
First Step: Approaching Machine, lets GO ! Awesomeness FRs
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Alright. I got into this Pick Up, self improving stuff like 2 - 3 years ago, when a buddy of mine stumbled upon an article of Neils Strauß in the playboy.
I had a girlfriend in this time and just didn't really care about this topic. So my friends started to cold approach in some clubs sporadically  via the mystery method.
To cut a long story, I broke up with my girlfriend and started to do my first cold approaches about 6 months ago. (Had problems with the Opening of Set fattys with "When does this club get busy usually?" lol)

Fortunately I found RSD with the help of a friend and just attended the Free Seminar and Hot Seat. (But I was already into the RSD concepts before, watched the Blueprint etc.)

Currently I'm on a level I'd still call newbie, but I feel a HUGE process between my first cold aproach and where I'm at now.
I'm also looking forward to take a bootcamp with Alex in the beginning of 2011. Maybe I'll also attend the Hot Seat again, we will see.

With this thread I'm comitting myself to write field reports regularly. I'm going out up to 4x / Week, sometimes 5x.
And I want to focus more on daygame to improve my conversational skills.

Due to the fact, I read the book of Ozzie Physical Game, I developed a plan for my daygame. I'd very thankful if you guys could evaluate if this is a good or a bad one.
I resolved to do daygame 5x a week in the late afternoon for 2h. Here are the rules.

- At least 5 Sets
- I'm going in always direct
- If I'm prevented, I have to do it on Saturday or Sunday
- I burn every Set to the ground, means I'm not choding myself out (Biggest sticking point for me so far)
- I'm also going alone, if none of my wings got time

I thought of a continual weekly increasing comfort zone crushing. Which means by detail:

- First week (5x 2h) I do only single Sets
- Second week, same "volume". I do two-party Sets
- Third week, I do only approach in a store
- Fourth week, mixed Sets
- Fifth week, large groups >5ppl, optional mixed or not
- Sixth week, I do only approach in the subway train

My rules for the nights I'm out are:

- During the week at least 5 Sets (On Fri+Saturday I'm doin more sets anyhow, depends how I'm doing.)
- Try to talk to anybody
- Accept bad state and take action anyway

That's it so far my Pick Up plans are concerned.

Feel free to give feedback on my plans!

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Old, but golden :=)

First day of my Challenge. Met up with a friend of mine in the city. After drawing by lot who had to start with the first set, we began.
After two excuses of my mate he did a really hot blonde and got a blowout quickly.
So it was my turn and I opened a really hot girl with heels.

"Hey, just saw you walking by and thought you were cute!"
"Erm, okay?"
(It was like my 5th Set I opened direct on the street, so I'm ran out of words to say, lol)
"So, how can we proceed now?" (lolol :))
"Uhm, sorry I have to go to meet a friend of mine"
"Alright, I'm Awesomeness (handshake) If you give me your name you can go" ( uuhu)
"I'm XXX"
" Ok, have a nice day"

Wow first set on the street about 2 months ago now. I was fuckin nervous. Awesome, next one!

Next Set:

"Hey I'm sorry, but I saw you from over there and just had to meet you!"
(She had earplugs)
"Eh, okay"
"I'm Awesomeness!"
"Hey, I'm xxx, but sorry I have to go, no time "
"Ok, nice to meet you, have a nice day."

Humm. Feeling more relaxed during the set now but this was getting nowhere.
Next set was a set of three EXTREMLY hot girls. I guess they were models from russia. If you give them numbers, none of them would be below a 8,5.
I went in, but didn't go in hard so they almost didn't even notice me saying "Sorry", like three times (in german, so I guess they don't speak german, otherwise they wouldve reacted)

Next set I opened was a stunning girl with black hair.
"Hey, just saw you walking by and thought you were cute!"
She was definately confused.
"Eeh, I'm xxx"
"So tell me, what are you doing in the city? Like shopping?"
"Yes.. (I opened her in front of a store, she wanted to enter) but sorry I have to get inside (It was almost closing time)"
"Hehe, ok, are you nervous or something? Seems kinda"
"No no im not nervous *smile*" And she went inside
So far the set with the best reaction, like smiling all the way. But I choded out.

Last set was an Indian girl I guess, I opened in german initially. When I had to switch to english I was kind of overwhelmed and just said 3-4 sentenced before I left.

First day of my daygame challenge. Damn I'm not comfortable opening girls on the street but I'm confident that I can make it. I don't have much problems opening in the clubs or generally in the evening, getting makeouts etc, but the street was killing me today :-)

What was good about this ?

- I did only girls I REALLY was attracted to
- I did my day goal, which was to open 5 sets directly.
- I didn't excuse a single set

What wasn't good about this ?

- The proportion set to time wasn't good at all. It took me about 3h to do my 5 sets which is way to long. (But I did only the hot ones and selected strictly)

Goals for next time

- Vomitting, vomitting, vomitting, I won't run out of words to say, I just say what's on my fuckin mind
- Get my 5 sets done in 2h<

In the evening I met up with a friend of mine to hit a dance-bar in the city. As we went in it was pretty empty and the clientele wasn't what I imagined.
We both did one set and immediately left the venue lol. (Going out on wednesday actually sucks here.)
"Wooooooooh, guys when does this venue usually get busy?"
(Group of three girls, not that hot)
"Haha it's already full of people!"
"Hm, alright I'm gonna count the people here and it won't be over 20 I bet! Do you have a Clicker (I dunno) like George Clooney got in the nespresso commercial?"
Talked for a minute then I ejected. Went to my friend who was still in his set and intodruced myself to the group. Talked a bit about the strange forename of one of the girls and then we left.
As we we're walking towards the Subway, my friend wanted to open another seating set on a fountain. Turned out it was a girlfriend and we chilled for a bit.
Met some more friends of us, who were watching some movies in the cinema.
Ate, got my bike and drove home.
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haha like the training program style.  one thought though, you might want to expand your comfort zone crushing phase.  i could see that becoming an excuse not to approach.... like, oh there's a fuckin hottie sitting all by herself; but, i'm on group set only!

you get the point. have fun!
Tyler/ Julien Bootcamp Alum- July 2011 

Field Reports

Alexander Videos w/ Notes
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adjunkie wrote:
haha like the training program style.  one thought though, you might want to expand your comfort zone crushing phase.  i could see that becoming an excuse not to approach.... like, oh there's a fuckin hottie sitting all by herself; but, i'm on group set only!

you get the point. have fun!
Just talked about that with a friend recently.
If a hottie walks by on the street, I will approach her but still have to do my 5 approaches in the store. It's like an additional bons :-)

Goals for tomorrow:

- 5 Sets direct on the street
- 5-10 Sets in the evening. Due to I have problems with closing I should try to close any set, as Ozzie says on transformations and in his book.
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Hey guys, just got back from the city.
It went really well. I managed to complete my 5 sets within 2 hours, which is still expandable in my opinion. Maybe I can add more "volume" if I get my 5 sets done more quickly.
So, started relative late in the afternoon.
First set of the day.
"Hey, wait a second, just saw you walking by and I decided, I had to meet you."
"Erm okay, but I have to go sorry"
"Haha ok, you're already on a christmas presents shopping tour, aren't you?" (lol)
"Ok, nice have a nice evening" 

Although I'm getting blowouts nearly all the time, I'm feeling more comfortable and relaxed during the conversations.

The other sets went rather similar to this one.

What was good about this ?

- Got my job done in less then 2 hours
- Didn't excuse any set
- Only approached girls I'd like to bang =)

What wasn't good about this ?

- No intent, just saying my statement
- Tonality

Goals for tomorrow
- Work with my tonality, Louder, breaking rapport
- I'll try to be more touchy, holding her hand when intodrucing as long as I can, tapping her shoulder etc.

I didn't know that just walking for 2-3 hours can be that exhausting, I'm fucking tired right now and my feet hurt.

Met up with my friend in front of the club to wait for some friends. Unfortunately the bouncers didn't let them in, because two of them were foreigners. (lol, wankers)
So it was just the two of us.
After we came in, we had an agreement to open sets for the first 10 minutes and meet again at the bar. (Small version of the Flawless Naturals Wooo routine)
First set I opened didn't go well and I got a blowout pretty fast.
When I was walking the stairs to look what's going on in the other area, a cute girl was stopping in front of me and just starring at me.
I opened her, stroke her hair and clawed her.
"Hey, I don't think this is getting somewhere with us"
"Hehe, do you dance? Standard dance?" Full smile and fully into my claw, holding hands.
"Haha no I'm actually a professional salsa dancer, look at my three-day beard I'm a really hot latino." (Im the exact opposite, not that heavy growth of beard)
"uuh, disgusting blablabla"
Intodruced each other, teased her of not being full-aged and keeping the claw & escalation.
She was absolutely into it, hugging me etc. but in the end I choded out and told her I'll come back later and give her a lapdance.

FUCK IT! I have to get rid of this closing - phobia.

Did some more sets, altogether completed my 5 sets. Nothing special.

But I found my biggest sticking point.

- I have huge problems opening sets by myself. When wings of me are in sets, I find myself choding around not opening sets. I can open any set and do well if a wing send me in. No problems, no Approaching Anxiety.

I also thought about some goals till the end of the year. I'll post them tomorrow.

Goals for tomorrow evening

- Open sets, even if none of my wings is at my place.

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19.11 + 20.11

Hey, gonna review the last two days.
On friday I wasn't able to do daygame, cause I had to work till late afternoon. It's ok.
In the evening I went out with some buddys of mine in a local club.
Did my five sets or more as far as I remember. But none of them was worth mentioning in my opinion. I'm at a point, where I'm getting positive reactions/hooks nearly all the time, but I'm not pushing it hard enoug.
I am playing not to lose instead of playing to win. Sucks. BIG sticking point. I have to push my sets further and go for the makeout or rather lay. Gonna crush my ego regarding to this in the following week.

Today on saturday I had to work so I went in the city really late. I managed to do only 3 sets, which is OK concerning the fact that I had only 30 minutes of freetime. None of them were mentionable. I'm saying my statement which is mostly like
"Hey, just saw you walking by and thought you were cute. I have to meet you" After intodrucing with handshake most common answer is "Sorry I have to go" or "I'm sorry, Im in a longterm relationship."
I have to start plowing through this "I have a boyfriend" bullshit.

In the evening I went to the same club and did my 5 sets. Same story as friday. Either I'm choding myself out or I'm not pushing the conversation further.

Due this review I decided to set up goals for the upcoming week.

- I am going out every day except Sunday (not worth it, waste of time)
- Increase the number of sets to 7 on weekdays
- I am doing daygame 6 times a week except Sunday (5 sets min.)
- I do one thing that scares me every day (For example approaching in the subway)

Non-PickUp goals for the week

- NO cigarettes. Developed this silly habit to be a smoker when going out
- DO my workout routine, inclusive cardio
- eating healthy, NO Burger King/McDonalds after going out etc.
- Read at least 30min per day
- Do meditation 15min per day

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Very good man, I'm liking the ferocity. I'm in a very similar place as you. Keep pushing brother.
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Hehe, nice thanks mate. Feels good to know someone got the same ego bulshit issue as me.

One good thing is to mentioned tough.
I got my tonality fixed.
Managed to talk in a breaking rapport tonality yesterday almost the whole evening. It's incredible powerful. Felt much more energy, sets went much better and I hit state pretty quickly. Gonna get used to talk in a breaking rapport tonality in the upcoming evenings.
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Had a rather bad start in the week. Went in the street on monday to do some sets, but I didn't do one single set with my wings. LOL bullshit omg.
In the evening I met up with a buddy of mine. Haha monday is a horrible day to go out here in munich. We made our 5 sets in this nearly empty club and left. Nothing mentionable. But I'm glad I did actually go out.
On tuesday I didn't go to the city. Did meet up with a buddy and helped my mother with her work. In the evening I went out lol. Fucking ridicolous. There are two open clubs, that are noteworthy on tuesday. None of them both were nearly busy. Absolutely empty. Didn't see a sense to spend 7€ for an empty club with no sets inside. Cool.
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Awesome day. Went in the city to meet with a friend. Had this idea to give him 50€ if I can't finish my 5 sets within an hour.
Got one numberclose with a cute girl from the US. (Lol was kinda overwhelmed to speak english) Gonna meet her tomorrow, we will see :=)

Did manage to do my remaining 4 sets withhin an hour and went to the gym. I'm extremely more relaxed when talking to girls on the street now. Awesome.

So yesterday I went to this event, which was organized by a friend of mine.
Met lots of friends and just had a nice time vibing and dancing. Did some sets but in the end I was just talking to old friends I haven't seen for a while.
I also started reading The Fountainhead! Very inspiring till now.
See you guys :- )
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Just got home from my "social gathering" lol.
Today was a nice day. Did go to the gym to do my workout with 2 friends of mine. Afterwards I worked for a bit and in the evening I went to some bar, kind of like boys night out lol.
Met the cute american girl at 11 and got 1-2 drink with her. Lol my english sucked at the beginning but I tried to just not give a damn about it.
Due to I wasn't that attracted to her, altough she was really cute, I wasn't escalating that much and didn't keep the conversation sexual.
It was more like a friend to friend conversation. I also rationalized that it wasn't an excuse to push (like escalating, being physical etc.) the conversation further, I just wasn't interested.
We vibed and talked about each others life, got to know each other. She's thinking about moving to germany in some months and we will keep in touch.
Tomorrow Day &  Night game <3
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