November 18th, 2018
Into the li0n's Den
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Join Date: 11/12/2010 | Posts: 49

 It's been a long long time kids.  

He's back.

It's been 3 years since I left RSDN.  Going through the biggest changes in my life, my emotional understanding of myself, my identity over these last six months has led me back here.  

Actually back to the RSD Wiki where, unbeknownst to me until today, a post I wrote 3 years ago is tagged as an 'RSD Nation Gem'. 

Shit.  Little old me?  

Haha ;)

What The Fuck Have I Been Doing For 3 Years?

Graduated college, let myself lose my own boundaries to a horrific girl, sacrificed my social health for the best job I could imagine, got a new girl, lost those boundaries again, FINALLY SLAPPED THE FUCK OUT OF MYSELF TO GET SOME FUCKING PERSPECTIVE, and set some boundaries, expressed who I actually am, and where I want to go.

That's landed me in an open relationship with my girlfriend, as of yesterday.  That's what I want.  When you know what you want, and you are accepting of the consequences for her (since she is involved in that choice to be with or without me), you can bring power to your choices.  And get what you want, much much much more easily.  (This is basic leading in a cold-approach pickup applied to a LTR). 

Holy fuck.  New territory for me, ya'll.  Exciting, new territory.

Why Now?

I wasn't planning on revisiting the forums because there is a lot of personal Ego tripping involved for me.  But I realized, wow, writing about this shit really helped me 3 years ago, and it seems like I had something to give back simultaneously.  

So let's go for it.  

Same style, same li0n, new chicks, new approaches, new problems, 3 years evolved.

Let's see where it takes us.  Off to the mother fucking races.
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Join Date: 11/12/2010 | Posts: 49

 Girlfriend #2

Met this chick 3 weeks ago, here's that story:

I'm pissed as fuck at my girlfriend, but really, I'm pissed at myself.  Thinking about this chick at work instead of work, totally within that reaction-seeking dependence cycle, the opposite of self-amusing fun.  FUCK.  

I'm so fucked up inside I reach out to my dad while working, fucking cry like a little bitch, and realize how fucking far down I've gone, and that I need to give that shit up.  Completely.  Depending on another human for your self-esteem... it's so weird to think about now but I was there 3 weeks ago.

I leave work an hour early and decide to walk home.  I have an impulse to go grab a coffee from a cafe and go for it (even these SMALL actions of right action build that core-confidence).  

I am so emotionally exhausted I am in a zen-like meditative state, totally present.  I walk in, the barista and I make eye contact, I'm walking, I hold it, I'm walking, I hold it, smiling, she's smiling.  

S'on.  Boom eye contact sexual tension, zero 'lines' or some shit, just a normal conversation with the 'Hi, we are going to fuck each other, and it's so fun to be thinking about it' eyes.  What are you for halloween, where do you live, what's your name, that shit.  

Tight.  I get my coffee. It's time to book it.  I chode, tell her I'll see her around our hood.  She's bubbly, giggly, says bye.

Fuck.  I'm walking down the street.  I'm happy with myself, offering value, brightening a day.  But I'm feeling guilty for 1) wanting so badly to pick this chick up while monogamous with my primary girl and 2) not doing what I know is right action and walking back to pick her up.  

Fuck it.  I turn around, walk the five blocks back, and camp outside.  Guilt takes over, programmed from 5 months of fucking my self-esteem up.   Fuck.  Fuck fuck fuck fuck.  I turn back around, rationalize that what I'm doing is 'right' and keep walking.  

But I can't keep walking.  I stop again, five blocks later.  I get out my phone, google the cafe, and call her.  

She picks up:  

It's li0n, we're gonna be friends, take down my number.
Giggle, okay, there's a huge line, so hurry!!
###-###-#### awesome text me.

Happy boy.  Does not matter if she texts.  I did the right action, and I feel great, for myself.  

20 minutes later via text:  "It's soooooo cool that you called.  Sorry there was a huge line of customers...."

It's over in the best way possible.


Gotta run and meet this chick, to be continued..
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After my classic "what does a gay horse say?" "what?" "haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy" text and some rambling I tell this chick straight up that I'm in a relationship.  I don't cheat.  If I have to cheat, I break up.  That's me.

She says she's too busy and shit too, and she was just about to say the same thing.  My thoughts: hahahahhahahahhaha.

Blah blah blah she's randomly texting me a couple of times the next day.  Here are some example texts I write:  

Cool girl we can make an omelette together and you can taste my grass jelly juice.  
My nipples are like rock candy and the woman in fancy sunglasses that just passed me on the street smelled like toilet paper.
If we had babies they could name a new type of mental disease about us.  That's beautiful, and I'm a romantic.

Her general response: it's cool that you're as insane as I am.  Yep.

We day 2 at this pinball museum a friend told me about.  We grab a coffee and chat for a sec, she's all dressed up sexy and that turns me on, gives me even more confidence, because she wants it.  

At this point with my main girl I'm still in a closed relationship, on a break, and have promised to not fuck other people.

We head to the pinball museum and I play pinball and then just stare at her.  Just fucking stare at the length of her body with her hips and big tits and just fucking revel in her attractiveness.  Sporting wood in this retro pinball shit, pretty fun.

We hit dim sum real quick and the mood gets kinda slower, there's a small fraction of 'oh we don't know each other very well' so I move us quickly.  We hit up a great japanese grocery store and I'm showing her around, we're looking at fashion magazines and ridiculous photos and I'm definitely squeezing her waist when I walk up to her, and staring in her eyes across the isle and really just enjoying the flirting process.  I want to kiss her so badly, fuck.  It hurts.  I have to look away to stop myself.  I'm getting wood again.  She gets this innocent, why aren't you rubbing your cock on my leg face.  Cute, but like, seriously and sexually engaging me, since I'm in that state.  It be hard.

We go through the store and I tell us we're buying crazy drinks and we grab a photo of her with random exotic seafood and I'm telling her to lick it, and pinching her and butt-shoving her into isles and grabbing her shoulders with my hands to guide her in front of me where I want.  She's short and the perfect size for me to manhandle with ease.

We're at the bus stop and it's like, fuck, so bad, kiss, why not, ahh, fuck integrity, but fuck not living on my right action.  I don't do it because I'm a man of my word.

Super fun day.  I take off and she's trying to make plans to hang out again, wanting to cook food etc.  Cool.  

I know that I'm not going to be able to not fuck her the next time I see her.  This makes me really depressed, because I have to break up with my main girl.

But that's what it is.
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 Meanwhile my break isn't a break, it's a fuck fest with my primary girl.  But I'm fucked in the head, it's going well but I know there's no length in this relationship anymore, and that's not what I want.  And I'm thinking about #2's huge titties while fucking my girl.

I talk to friends and ask for advice.  Most of them tell me the same shit:  you two don't seem to have a lot in common and a lot to talk about.  Yeah.  It's actual MADNESS that I could somehow NOT SEE THROUGH THE BULLSHIT SYSTEM OF EMOTIONS I HAD BUILT FOR MYSELF.  Yet there I was, finally seeing shit straight.

Finally realizing that the guy this chick begged to stay at hers to fuck her that first ONS we had (which turned into the relationship) wasn't who I'd become.  


So I said fuck it internally.  I'm gonna give up this sex to get more, since all the other shit I thought I was getting from this relationship was IN MY HEAD ONLY.  And totally dependent and unhealthy.  

No more.  I head to hers to break up.  A second time (the first time she wanted to go on a break, which was basically no daily communication and way hotter sex).

I feel like shit but I have to do it.  I don't want to cheat, and I have a date with girl #2 for Saturday (it's Thursday) and I'm going to fuck her no matter what.  

I head over and explain all the shit.  Logistics are bad, she doesn't have time to dedicate to what I wanted, and now I suck at handling the lack of connection, because I still want it.  I need to detach and let it go.  And I want to fuck this chick on Saturday.  Didn't say that last one.

I give her a hug at the end of it because I really do care about this girl as a person.  I give her a small kiss, as a goodbye.  I stand back.  

Then we both attack each other like we're head-eating raptors.  I'm immediately rock solid and pushing her into the wall.  She stops and gets some perspective.

We say some shit, I'm lamenting because I'm into her but the logistics suck, she says all I can promise is consistently infrequent.  I say I could only do that if it was an open relationship.  We say some more shit.  She hesitates.  She says, well.. we could do the open relationship.  Then she says, actually it would probably be a better deal with you since I work two jobs and just need time to chill out.  

All I know what to say is laugh and go, whose cause are you fighting for here?  In my mind it's: hahahahhahahhahaha.

We have a slow, intense fuck.  I come inside her, gently brush my hand on her legs with it still in, she gasps, I start rubbing her clit, and we go again.  I finish twice, enjoying the second time even more from my own man lubricant.  She tells me she doesn't understand how my dick works.  Two months in she told me they need to bottle that shit.  If you are in sales, let's talk.

I sleep next to her that night, the first time in a long time, with her on my chest, feeling like a real man.  Like the man I know I am, and the man who had been hiding, but who I found.

Damn it feels good to be a gangster.
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Join Date: 11/12/2010 | Posts: 49

I sleep over at #1's that night, and it's nice.  I'm into that shit.

I work, my mom calls me up, I explain my situation, she laughs AT me (my mom is rad).  Self amusement is great.  She is going to costco, I'm all over that shit.  She grabs me from work, I head over there with my sister and mother.

I'm in the zone.  The fuck zone.  You know, no shower, dried cum on your cock, total zen eye contact, the world is light, and my personal wet vagina.  

Costco is full of hot bitches.  Since that Thursday I've been seeing hot bitches everywhaaaare.  That shit is a LENS gentlemen.  

I try on a shirt that is too large for me.  I'm taking the pins and shit out of it, unwrapping it.  I see this phillepeano chick with the biggest sexy eyes ever, super hottie.  AYE, does this fit?  Insert smirk here.

I don't know how to describe my flirting dynamic.  It's a lot of me like, smiling to myself while I break eye contact, and looking back at them with that shit eating super content smile and they are fucking lit up smiling, giggling.  

This happens with this chick.  It's great, positive vibes.  She bounces.  My sister is there, she gives me props for being a P I M P and tells me to give me that chick if I don't want her.  My sister is also rad.

The costco girl bounces, I realize, fuck me, I need to PLAY THAT POSITIVE MOMENTUM and get that contact shit right then.  But I'm congruent with the right action, so I start walking around trying to find her.

Eventually a few minutes later I do and immediately walk up to her, whats up, where are you located we are going to be friends, lets kick it. Blah blah blah blah blah I make the universal phone hand gesture and she asks if I want her number.  No, give me your phone.

I leave myself a voicemail: "Hey li0n you are so awesome, can't believe I met you today, and yes I'd LOVE to cook you dinner.  Yay!! -Chantelle".  Rad.

I bounce feeling great.  That lag in between got me in my head, broke the emotional momentum, and made approaching for the contact info much colder in my head, which translated at first.  But I was on with vocal tone and eye contact, and it was good.

I text her in the store with my token text joke: "what's a gay horse say" she already knows it and I respond "well fuck me that's all I got.  I'm a one trick pony".

Good times.  

A few texts later (we've left costco) she texts me with: "hey I don't know how to say this but I'm gay, I'm into chicks.  You seem like good people so we should definitely kick it but wanted you to know".

LOL.  That's a first.  Totally awesome, new hot friend.  My response: "Ahahaha AWESOME let's pick up girls together!!".  

Her:  "Yay!!! lol".

Ahhahahaha life is full of fun.

I go home, wash off my cock, throw on some cologne, and head to a hip hop show.  I'm with my bud, we do a few approaches, I totally vibe to the music, it is good.  Should've been opening way way way more, but happy with the day, and on my purpose as a man.

More soooon....
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I sleep the fuck in.

I clean up my house and do laundry all day and write the second post in this thread.  

I grab some chow and #2 texts me she is hungry.  I made plans with her to chill that day and hit an art walk, which I want to do.  She texts back saying "Awesome I wanted to see you before my mom gets here and dominates my life".  This chick is really into me.  She texted earlier in the week saying "You should text me more often, besides XYZ shit that happened yesterday, it was the highlight of my day".  Alllllllmost needy vibe, but really she's just a total lover, heart on the sleeve type of chick.  I'm so glad I don't have to lead her on anymore.

I call her and tell her to grab some food, I'm eating and I need a shower.  An hour later she texts me and I call telling her I'm walking to her place (we live in the same hood).  

In my mind I'm 100% kissing this girl first thing.  Was chatting with my buddy earlier about what is "sexy li0n" going to do tonight?  Ahahah love that guy.  My response: "Eat this chicks face first thing, romance her, and then blow my load all over her delicate skin".  I'm a wonderful man.

Cool.  I walk over to her house.  She's waiting outside her apt, she's driving (woot).  Awesome we hug, she's short and so she lets go and is like, 3 feet away from my face.  She starts walking to her car, I'm walking directly behind her.  We are saying stuff and I'm laughing (oh wow whats new).  

She starts walking to her driver side of the car.  I am right behind her.  She turns around.  I have her hips.  I am walking into her lips with my lips.  

"What are we doing?"  
"They call this kissing."  

BOOM makeout.

She's a very delicate kisser and gets my cock rock solid.  I heart girls.

I tell her I had been thinking about doing that all day and she is all giggly, and then we talk about how we're going to die in each others arms since she's a horrific driver.  So romantic.

Cool.  We do the art walk and see a lot of beautiful local artists work.  I love talking about what it reminds me of, what it makes me feel, how I react to it.  She is into it and digs on me sometimes which is hilarious because sometimes I'm being a philosophical artistic romantic fuck head, which I like doing (and I like chicks who are into this, and can also be like.. you're making zero sense right now).

We grab a drink and she challenges me to "say whatever I'm thinking".  It's fucking hard.  My thoughts are totally incoherent, like the thoughts I realize I'm having are like 5% of the 'unthought' idea that's running through my mind.  I try and it's very interesting and abstract.  

I'm going to do this a lot more.  Really cool exercise.  She's a cool chick, she's looking hot, I'm gently rubbing her leg as we're facing each other on our bar stools, flirting.  An hour later she stops and says "Holy shit the bar is packed".  We both look around, and yeah, about 30 more people had shown up.  As far as a technique goes, this was almost like a mini-take-away but without the sudden ping of slight state drop: it made us both realize, hey wow, we are totally enjoying each other.

That's cool.  We talk about a million things, and she tells me I seem to have a million questions to ask.  I guess so.

The conversation is deep at parts, hilarious and light at others.  I can tell she is falling for me.  I have this thing where girls fall in love with me.  And like, think about it, and me, and us, A LOT.  [I'm not very good at framing the relationship in terms of hey this is a casual thing and let's not be too into each other.  I guess it's because I can let myself easily fall for the girl that's right in front of me.  But then when she's gone, and the next one is in front of me, I'm on her, not the one that's gone.  I don't think girls do this that well..]

Meanwhile my primary is texting me shit and I'm just ignoring it since we're like, soul gazing and all that.  No need to "do a take away" or whatever and check my texts in front of her.

I say let's go.  We head to another art spot with one beer in us.  We head down one section that might have art but is secluded.  "There's no art here."  Push into wall, makeout, her hand on the back of my neck, my thumbs rubbing into the top of her hips, down towards her pussy-majesty.  After I pull back she puts her head against my chest and is visibly weakened by my presence, my masculinity.  Makes me feel even more dominant and turned on. 

I love this dance of sexuality.  I heart girls.

Cool we check out more art, it's rad, we crack jokes with the artists, I really like that she's social and funny and doesn't take herself too seriously.  I like that in people and look at her in the eyes to tell her that.  

It's time to bounce to my apartment.  We're driving back to my pad, I tease her like crazy for being nuts and having hilarious shit in her car, which was so fun, and she almost cried from laughter.  I let our states settle back down in the car and fluff.  

We are looking for parking which is insane in my hood, and so I tell her to park at my house since I have a parking spot I don't use.  She's cute and is worried about being bad and getting towed and all this ish.  I tell her she's cute and in a dominate voice make the decision for us to park at my house.  I'll say that again: I make the decision for us to park at my house.

Cool, I walk into my house, she is jealous at how baller my pad is, and really it's because I just have a lot of cool stuff on the walls, cool lights, make it my own, an expression of me.  It's not baller in terms of "oh wow this probably costs a lot" it's baller like "holy shit that book is awesome, and what the fuck is that, a massage thing?"

I pour us a glass of pink (hah) and we fluff and I show her some recent footage I've shot.  I start making out with her, hard, breathing hard, getting myself into that sexual state.  Take hand, put on cock.  Take shirt, pull down side of shoulder.  Take lips, kiss neck.  

She's into it and me like into it.  My shirt off, her shirt off.  My shoes off, her shoes off.  Pull her bra down, kiss me some of them, move her on top of me, she's rubbing it through the jeans and I'm massing her back while kissing her shoulders.  I love this shit, man, this is my focus when I'm with the chick, from a masculinity perspective.  It's the in-the-back-of-my-head thought of "I am going to ravish you, take you, make you gasp".  

Bedroom time.  Grab hand, let's go.  My jeans and boxers off in one go, her tights and undies off in one go.  She laughs as I'm standing in the doorway because the light is behind me and I'm quite sure I look like the figure of a man with a gigantic erection protruding from my body at a 90 degree angle.  

I laugh too and immediately start kissing her legs.  HAHAHAHA NOT SO FUNNY NOW.  I'm kidding, when she laughed it was super cute, like oh my god this is awesome and your dick is happy to see me.  Yes it is.

After I'm all up in her clit I turn my body around and 69 on top of her, she's doing a great job, and she seems like horny vagina.

I grab a condom and put it in.  She isn't as wet inside as I hope, because, well, I've got plastic wrap on my cock (hate this shit).  In my head I'm thinking 'ugh I'm not going to cum' and so I'm just whaling away, keeping it up, watching her body move as I fuck her.  She's tight and I've finally hit my favorite deep vagina pocket and am going slow and hard deep in her, but know that this position that will get me all over her w/o a rubber isn't cutting it with.  Cool, I tell her I won't be able to cum with it on and pull it off and go down on her, getting her wet.  

At this point I feel like she's self conscious since I can't nut and won't cum from my downtownage so I tell her I'm recently tested and clean (true) and that it's cool if she's cool with it.  She asks if it's cool.  I make the decision for us that it is cool, since I'm clean and she said she is too.  

I'm up in it making that gushy.  She gets on top and I get to realize the true majesty of this chicks amazing breasts.  Wow, biggest breasts I've ever seen, really great to watch while getting fucked. 

What I've come to realize, however, is that while I'm super attracted to tig ol bitties, and was super excited to get her bra off, they aren't my favorite when it comes down to the fuckaluck.  I actually like chicks with B tits (she was rocking the most beautiful, porn-star, tear-drop Ds I've ever seen, for sure) because their nipples are like little buttons that immediately coat my penis with vagina juice, and I like that feature.

Anyway, she's riding the steed and I'm like, okay time to get off, so I roll her over and go to town, find my rhythm and pull it out, a quarter size of cum spills out and then a second later HELLO ROPE SWING ALL OVER YOUR STOMACH TITS NECK AND HAIR.

Holy fuck awesome orgasm all over her.  She's immediately laughing again and I'm like, damn, DAMN, fuck FUCK.  FUCK THAT WAS A LOT OF CUM.  Her response: "Wow.  Yes, yes is... all over me."

Haha, happy birthday!  I love art!

Cool I get her a towel and wipe it off of her gently, calming down from beast mode.  

And then we just chill in my room in the slight lightness and I'm just drawing my finger on the side of her both of us naked, chilling, talking about the map in my room and how I want to go see all these new places and what she would do and our favorite foods and all of this shit.  Eventually she says "hey if you want to kick me out if you're tired you can" and I was totally enjoying vibing with her so I took that as a hint of oh yeah this chick was up at 5am and is exhausted.  So I clap my hands and give her the excuse she wants to leave, which is great.  

Cool, I find my clothing, we grab her car and find parking closer to her house and part ways.  She seems kinda bumbed out at the end like she doesn't want to say goodbye (almost like I was leaving the country and her behind, if you've had that experience before).  I throw my hat on her and tell her to be good and kiss her goodnight.  

Had a total blast with the chick.  Sex was good for the first time.  She's hilarious, smart, hot.  Cool.

I read my texts and call my girl who wants to have brunch that next morning.  Sure thing dude in my head.  I call her up, she's wasted, and starts going APE SHIT.  Lose my number, don't fucking speak to me, all this shit.  We hang up, I leave a voicemail, she calls back and calls me an idiot, twisted, a therapist, all this shit.  

I am totally calm because in my mind, if she's going to cross the line, it's better for both of us to not be together.  And that's that.  So I'm bummed out that it ended badly, and with anger, but really, what.. ever..  Would've hurt her in the long run anyway.

I sleep like shit that night, though, all hopped up on new sex and losing a chick I actually care about.  Damn.

I get a text the next morning at 10.  From my girlfriend.  She says she could've handled it better.  I call her up, within a minute she's calling me babe, telling me she just wanted to see me, she thought I was ignoring her, she wanted to drink with me and spend the night and wake up together.  

She's sweet, but that's a fucked up way to express that she actually cares about me.  Cool, we are back together and now she's like insanely bubbly.  

I go play ball with my friends and dominate, getting my DUNK ON FINALLY baby!  I bike to my GFs house and am all sweaty and she's all over me, kisses, deep staring into my eyes, all this shit.  Cool.  I take a shower.  I haven't eaten any food that day.  She wants to go to her bedroom.  I'm rubbing her arm and then shoulder, shes rubbing my neck, I put my thumb to her lips, she gives it a small kiss, then a real kiss, then she's sucking on it.  I'm rock solid and ready to roll.  

KABLAMO we are fucking, her nipples (B cups) are like hot rods of vagina juice, ready to conduct the electricity of my tongue.  Hah!  She cums hard, looking me in the eyes saying "You are so hot" over and over again.  Kinda weird, almost, haha, haven't had her do that one before.  But damn it was hot, enough juice to have her rocking making the lovely gushy sounds of pleasure.

Heyo I roll her over and blow it all over her stomach and tits, shes looking me in the eyes biting her lip.  She's a bad girl, and I definitely am in this one for the super hot sex.  Damn.  I love a girl who can and does cum every time.  Either through the pound or through her/my fingers (hot).  

I lie back and cool off, she's cuddling with me.  I realize, wow.  My life is now officially fun as hell.

Time to go kids!  Yeeeehawwwwwwwww
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li0n wrote:
  and I'm like, damn, DAMN, fuck FUCK.  FUCK THAT WAS A LOT OF CUM.  Her response: "Wow.  Yes, yes is... all over me."

Ha ha, you have a great writing style. Highly engaging and entertaining.
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Hahhaha read the first and last post, missed the fuck out of you man, glad to see you are still alive and kicking
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li0n wrote:

But I can't keep walking.  I stop again, five blocks later.  I get out my phone, google the cafe, and call her.  

She picks up:  

It's li0n, we're gonna be friends, take down my number.
Giggle, okay, there's a huge line, so hurry!!
###-###-#### awesome text me.

Happy boy.  Does not matter if she texts.  I did the right action, and I feel great, for myself.  

Hahahahha. I've done the EXACT same thing with a receptionist at a salon.  It was probably the bravest and ballsiest thing I had ever done at the time. I felt like such a champ after.

Your game sounds a lot like mine.

"To accomplish extraordinary results always requires extreme measures. At least we're not girls, who have nothing but starvation and makeup to rely on to improve their odds." - TD (2002)

" just gotta realize that we are something entirely special. There are tons of attractive girls out there- girls know this, but guys like us are 1 in 5000." -Manwhore

Denver, CO
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awesome awesome awesome stuff Lion.  Id like to join the rest of the human race that seems to just be giving you props constantly.  The thing is you've given me so much value just by allowing me to read these posts.  I really like your mindset, there's a lot for me to emulate and learn from here. 

One thing in particluar:  you are so good at just using your smile, tonality, eye contact and body language to keep the interaction sexual while talking about even average stuff such as "where are you from?  what are you for Halloween? what's your name?"  I have shyed away from this type of convo in my sarges.  I always thought it would be too boring, normal and chode.  From what i gather from your posts, it's okay to talk about stuff like this because you keep it charged with a sexual state projection.  Am I right?  if i am and there's anyway you can elaborate further on it I would greatly appreciate it.  One question I would have is do you ALWAYS project the sexual state or play sort of a hot and cold at times?

Thanks a ton for sharing man, please keep it up!  ill be sure to check back in and read what you've been up to.
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lI0N you had some of the best articles good to see your back.

"I think I had to go away for a while, and do what I felt I should be doing, I had to go away and sort of a step I went down to  RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art), and I felt I had to get away to some extent to express myself, and I knew that I could'nT do that in the surroundings that I was Sheffield. As much as I love the city and I'm proud of it. I knew that I had to go somewhere else to be able to become part of this world I wanted to be in"  (Sean Bean, Lord Of the Rings Interview)
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