January 17th, 2019
1000th Post: Distant Light's Theory Of Everything (Very Long)
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Distant Light

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Dedicated To Manwhore: I wasn't planning on making a 1000th post anymore (this is actually post #1001) but after seeing your post wondering where it was and me having no life at the moment I decided why not. I still remember back in 07 on instant messenger asking you about dominance.

NOTE: All pictures are real and based on photos I've collected from hotties I know and guys in NYC, both who are living a rather extravagant lifestyle. (Please, don't repost them) Although RSD, NYC crew and a handful of community guys have helped me in this area, my focus is now on living my ideal lifestyle and having it setup similar to the non-community guys I see killing it. IMO, these guys have the best of both worlds "enjoying life" while having the potential to fool around with tons of attractive women.

Recommendation: I always say this but "My Big TOE" by Thomas Campbell is an important book that everyone should read. If I hadn't read this book back in mar 09 I would've never been where I'm at nor would I have become who I am now.

History - "...This is like a dream..."
I wasn't suppose to make it to 16, already almost killed someone, (by mistake) by age 14 I'd have to be escorted from school by my fellow gang members for a month because a group of gunmen had a hit out on my friend and anyone he hangs with. Simply put I was a very negative person and reached a point where I needed to change. Around age 15-16, remembered I used to lucid dream was positive and overall an amazing kid. Discovered the term "Lucid Dream", heard you could speak to a spirit guide and so I needed to ask "What the fuck happened to me!? Why am I the way I am!?"

Fast forward, beginning of 07, I'm deep within spiritual stuff which changed me for the better. Finally decided to explore this pickup stuff hardcore based off Tyler's archive. (No more running trains) I'd soon realize I wasn't happy at all and was now a negative person who could get laid. Even worst, high school ends an I can't approach solo, so I go to manhattan alone 14 days out of 16 and approach ZERO. Next day I see a drug dealer opening chicks on the train like it was nothing and it inspired me to approach 7 women that day.

Fast forward, beginning of 08, I've handled majority of the negativity after focusing on changing myself. What unfolded was the best year of my life, started going to acting school, met up with an rsd guy "summa" which left me with a positive image about the community. I'd later meet "haze~" an the crew "Lprince", "Mix", "AS89" along with dozens of other well known guys "Utopiafive", "Phred!", "JT", "Saad" (Before he was an instructor)

End of 08, life was slowly collapsing BUT I was at the peak of my game. I was a 19 year old kid hitting NY night venues 3x a week an going home each night thinking "These people don't even know, its all a lie I'm not even 21!". Funniest moment was meeting nathan! because I actually left a set when my friend said nathan! was here. (Him, Jeffy & Manwhore helped me big time back in 07) Inspiring moment was seeing alex dominant and makeout with this chick in under 1min so next week I decide to makeout in under 1min with every girl. (Huge success) This is also the time period where I was meeting hotties who would want me to leave with them and their group, I was underage so I always declined. (Even the hottest woman I've ever seen in my life) Women started inviting me to all sorts of things (Private island in Denmark) and rich dudes wanting to party with me everyday and telling me to stop by there businesses for champagne. During 09, I was just shocked at the experiences I was having and was dying to be 21...

By summer 09, mix and I would start hanging as he helped me into two other clubs under the pretext that I'm a promoter. An there I was 40 girls and 4 guys with free drinks and food, random chick trying to get me to come home with her and random chick following mix into the bathroom. This experience fucked with my mind because I shifted to wanting hotties almost exclusively. Two weeks later I'd meet 8 gorgeous women in less than a week...

However, despite this chick dying to hangout and things being on between us, the time she showed up she instantly left texting "Sorry babes, this isn't my scene I'm going to xyz high end venue". Started noticing a pattern, all these women lived some form of jet-set lifestyle which made me start thinking about "lifestyle" stuff. By time, I started shifting my life collapsed (Sept 14th 09) and I wouldn't be back out for 7 months. This was a huge blow because I was consistently going out having a blast an having options between 5-8 women a night, all I had to do was nonchalantly take one of the chicks home.

Apr 2010, I'm 21, read to fucking takeover after 7 months of hibernation. First month, I came out strong only to lose steam after realizing I'm using the most unreliable phone. It was taking me 2 hours just to text all chicks, I'd get to the club no service or the phone just stops getting calls/texts. Project collapses and restarts from scratch on sept 14th only to collapse again around oct 4th.

Despite knowing I can build this just based off first hand experiences, I've yet to gain the opportunity to see how far I could take all this... (I've had to rebuild my whole life about 7x now)

NOTE: I'm not going to go indepth theory or any experiences as examples since my journal is flooded with that shit. I'll just provide an overview and leave you with experiments I did which ultimately lead me to become the person who I am. These are my own truths I discovered, you can't just believe me because I have 1001 posts, go seek the truth for yourself. For all you know I could be lying my ass off, so go out! :)

Social/Fun Guy - Meet
This man along with many other non-community guys living NY made me understand the biggest currency is YOU (an the value you offer) and there is no downside being the social/fun guy. People want to be social at all times they just don't get the opportunity, do you really think a group of chicks are coming to some million dollar space just to watch others watching other's? I'm providing an opportunity for people to be social and I'm also inspiring people to be social in a care-free manner. When I show up I'm already hyped to have fun an I don't wait nor care for something external to happen as I proactively get things started.

The key thing that needs to be understood is that women regardless of their age LOVE FUN and want to be around all the fun. People in general are waiting for someone to inspire them and take the lead which is where you come in. I'm purposely creating a fun atmosphere helping others have fun escaping from their boring/normal lives and problems/issues.

Byproduct of BEING a social/fun guy is that your 100% guaranteed to meet lots of people regardless if your doing it proactively or passively. You will always have a blast an everything will be a bonus adding to the fun you already have by default. Reason your going out is to have an epic time because you know your going to be meeting people for the sake of having fun which will result in some wild experiences. (Once went out an got interviewed by a news reporter, snuck into a yacht company convention, had to defend a friend, and then ended up in the middle of a reality show)

Also, you'll be getting tons of people seeking you out, inviting you out, giving you free drinks and all sorts of perks. Start out I never used to drink an now every night I get offered drinks to the point where I get drunk. Also AA and hesitating is non-existent shit is actually comical because you know your the one providing the opportunities. No situation is weird whether your socializing in a restaurant, mixed set, all girl store, make shop, etc because your just having a blast PROVIDING OPPORTUNITIES.

1. Short Set Method - Go around interacting with everyone over and over again. (My interactions average a total of 5mins with any one chick regardless of what's going on in the interaction) From when I enter I'm chatting/joking with whoever an from there I'm walking around interacting, leaving and interacting with someone else. Sorta like I'm swinging from tree to tree. (Keep in mind as the social/fun guy you can do no wrong because your helping everyone)

2. Low Key Method - Don't even bother going around talking just chill alone or with friends and have your own fun, if a chick walks by or is within the area just chat her and bring her into your world if she's cool. (I usually do this when I'm my life is in a current state of collapsed but I happened to still go out)

3. Homebase - Friend has a table OR due to socializing I get invited to someone's table. What I do is create the party at my table and bring more chicks to the table. If not bottle service oriented then I just find a group I have the most fun with and establish them as my homebase.

4. Mini Homebases - These are different groups around the venue that you had the most fun with so regardless how the night is you'll always have fun. Between my "homebase" an having multiple mini homebases women surely are going to be coming up to me even if I'm with a new/random girl.

5. Host - Focus on creating memorable experiences by purposely instigating the party. (When I go out its like I'm the ambassador of fun) Be prepared to be bombarded with women coming to you or around you. (I've had 5-6 different women run up to, generally I can always just makeout with these chicks.)

6. Self Amusement - A classic concept, basically entertain yourself just to see where the interaction will go and letting whatever happens happen. (This is how the wild things occur) The key is having the interaction YOU want to have by leading it in whatever fun direction you want all for the SAKE OF FUN. I'll jokingly bring shit back up, pretend she brought something up, I'll just dominate her verbally by fucking around with the interaction and even creating shit out of nothing. (When I'm making out I'm only amusing myself to see what will happen haha or fucking with her because I know she won't at that moment)

7. NO SERIOUS TALK - Do not talk about anything logical except for when your screening. (Which many times isn't even logical either) Relationships are built on having fun, fluff talk and shared experiences. However, screening is the only acceptable logically talk that can go on, fuck connection building and rapport. (You'll bond on a deeper level by having amazing shared experiences, I've met chicks who I thought were a waste to call an next thing you know they're wondering where I'm at and want to meet up)

Fascinating Man - Screen
YOU ARE THE OPPORTUNITY, they have to prove themselves to you. Women get no special status until they've proved they deserve that status and regardless if she's hot she still needs to meet your criteria. I'm always wondering if a chick can handle me. If your truly fascinating an have options of selecting which chick you want, how would you know which one to take. (Have someone randomly pick out of 20 different chicks?)

This isn't some shit you can fake YOU MUST HAVE some form of standards/criteria/boundaries because that's what makes you attractive. "Does she make the cut?" is what your looking for, no one is perfect but so longs she atleast makes the cut. Be very casual/aloof about seeing if she makes the cut, don't hide the fact that you have a criteria.

You have to realize the rate that you'll meet people an have people seeking you out will cause the competition for you to be high. (The mere fact new hotties enter the market everyday makes it even tougher) If she doesn't meet your criteria you must be willing to walk away no matter how attractive she is or how great the offering is.

Your reality will be soft/weak as shit if you don't stick to this because now your TRYING instead of just being. The ones who truly make the cut will know the drill an maintain those standards in order to stay on the team. This will make you naturally screen immediately to figure out what your going to do with this girl, if anything and when. This is all for the brand, (you) an your figuring out where she fits within your lifestyle.

IMO, this is the most powerful aspect of who I am and why I'm interpreted as a douche. But like a famous chef said "I'd love to pass everyone but I refuse to compromise the standards of my school for the sake of letting someone I like as a person pass." Chicks will be chasing you hardcore an going out of their way to get an opportunity to meet you or get your attention. (Always make chicks feel good for chasing you regardless if your interested or not) Women are going to be fascinated by you, constantly qualifying themselves and doing shit to win you over.

Best of all, YOU WILL GET YOUR IDEAL TYPE (Atleast personality wise, your most likely not going to find many japanese women in a small town in mid west america) and they'll understand how to be and treat you when in your presence. Although I don't fuck with this I've noticed a powerful dynamics in terms of chicks falling in love when you fully select a woman OR if you have an criteria an bang out tons of chicks who actually don't fit the crtieria. (I've noticed chicks become shocked when they realize they won you over despite not really fitting your ideal type)

1. Express Yourself - I PURPOSELY express myself 100% in a "take it or leave it" manner and push things in a "try to defy me" manner. It's like I roll in a business meeting kicking open the door, open my briefcase an saying "This is the deal, if you don't like it fuck outta here". I'm ultimately just going with the flow an if we don't mesh she's done me a favor and I can screen her out.

2. Criteria/Standards - What does you "ideal" type look like physically? (Specify) What is her personality like? How will she fit into your lifestyle? (All women should be judged based on how close they come to that ideal, the closer the better)

3. Aloof Screener - Screen immediately whether passively (expressing yourself 100%) or actively. Nonchalantly ask questions and LISTEN as she slowing brings your interest for her out. (1min makeout challenge I'd grab a chick saying "Where are you from? OMG I love that place" *makeout*)

4. Judgment Day #1 - Interact with chicks an once it isn't meshing well walk away (You'll reach a point where it's her issue not yours and if anything you can just comeback later to see if she got her act together.)

5. Qualification: Light - Throwing out questions which takes little to no effort for her to answer. Cold read by making random observations about her. Asserting boundaries by joking about it an telling them you don't like it.

6. Qualification: High Energy - Asking silly questions, playfully challenging her, qualifying her under a roleplay, playfully asserting boundaries by telling her what she can and can't do or just denying her and then giving her what she wants. Playfully accusing her of having things you want or don't want in a woman.

7. Qualification: Medium - Asking specific questions about her, telling her what value she has to you, complimenting her on things she hasn't cultivated, framing what you like or dislike by talking about SOMEONE ELSE. Framing what you like or dislike by talking about PERSONAL EXPERIENCES. Asserting boundaries by telling them its not cool.

8. Qualification: Deep - Asking questions which are specific things about her that requires depth and insight, telling her exactly why you like her, telling her you like her based on things that can't be logically explained, qualifying her based on the connection between the two of you.

9. Qualification: Utopia - Showing her where she fits in you life, telling her why you've decided to give her that position, and letting her know how to maintain it. (This is the pinnacle of qualification IMO an I rarely use this since I don't want chicks attached to me like that)

Desirable Man - Select
When I started getting effortless results it was when I removed ally my wants/desires. How? Understand there will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS be more, you don't have to go to them because it'll never end. This isn't the last girl you'll ever talk to or have sex with because EVERYDAY thousands of younger, hotter, cooler women are turning 18/21and the older women are COMPETING with those younger/hotter women for the same men. (I've seen chicks blowout other chicks just to interact with me, shit is ice cold) Women are women are women, there essentially all the same women. (There is no difference fucking a cutie and a hottie as I've fooled with both in the same night an found no difference besides how much more motivated I was to give an experience to the hotter one) There should never be a worry about the end result because it doesn't matter it's just women. There is always more, you don't need to get this specific one, there are other hot women this girl isn't the only hottie.

Women want to become attracted to you and want hooking up to be THEIR IDEA. The chick knows if she waits or hesitates even for a second this man will be getting offers from other women who are potentially more attractive so DO NOT BOTHER CHASING, there is no need to even chase alittle. (Social/Fun meets so many women an he's a fascinating man so he truly will have offers from other women, there is no need to freak out an start beasting over some chick)

This doesn't mean your a passive because although your not chasing her, you can create opportunities for her to express that idea of wanting to hook up with you and allow her to win you over. (Giving her the opportunity to meet you by approaching, going for the makeout, etc)

Dudes who chase waste time worrying about a chance to make something happen, worry about taking the interaction further or making sure she's interested. If chick is thinking about winning you over, then so longs you create opportunities she'll do what she wants to do.

It's important to realize sex isn't a big deal, a guy who doesn't really care just gets it when he feels like it because he never believed it was a rare mystical activity. (Go to a swingers club an have sex or drop ego and pay, sex is accessible in many forms) With that said, the strongest males are always competed for by women. All women want him and they'll be lucky if they end up with him because HE CHOSE HER out of all the others. Ultimately you choose who you have sex with, if its possible for her to get you and when she can have sex with you.

Overall, this is the aspect that caused me to consider myself a "high end escort" because it truly felt like I was just giving all these women experiences and certain chicks were just rewarded by giving them sex. I'd be fooling with one chick, another runs up an then I'm surrounded by tons, and next thing you know I'm making out with another chick. The funniest experiences was chick asking if we can makeout for fun and a chick who ran up to me an I just makeout, move her to the railing , finger her and tell her I might fuck her later. If a pull didn't go through the transition would feel like handing out a paper to each person in the business meeting, I'd just nonchalantly walk to the next batch of women who wanted me. Like I said before I never got to see how far I could take this but I do have a list of all the avenues I can take which I'll mention later.

...Opportunity - Start seeing everything as an opportunity for her whether standing your just standing next to her saying nothing or grabbing her and just pulling her to the stairwell
...Free Flow - Let the chips fall where they may because nothing needs to happen AND because you can walk away at anytime.

Your "Reality" Show: The process that makes a bachelor sex life possible
This is the process that naturally causes you to have tons of women around you who come close to your ideal type. This is the byproduct of becoming a social/fun guy who is fascinating and desirable by women. Dudes talk about theory so much an forget this is all about about probabilities. Non-community guy in NY knows 1,500 models its highly probable he'll have sex with a model. If you live in a small town in the mid west don't expect to find tons of hot japanese women. The non-community guys who inspired only hook up with hotties because they strategically setup things where it became probable.

The basis is understanding that your going to live your interesting life. Even if this woman never hooks up with you, it doesn't matter because there is always more and you don't need the validation of having sex with her. (No one is keeping score) This system is about giving women the opportunity to meet you and possibly come into your life. Bring them out to do something your already doing an to save time just invite them all out sametime because whether directly or indirectly they'll be competing for you. Hot women can sleep with men at anytime they want so it's not unique. HOWEVER, women want to get fucked badly by fascinating men and they are down for alot of things when he's present. It's so rare for women to meet a fascinating man that when they do they'll chase hard! So how does it all work? Planting seeds while living a "bachelor" lifestyle...

It's established that as a social/fun guy it's 100% guaranteed that you'll be meeting lots of new people. (women) Women know your fun so they're always going to want to be around and the fact that your fascinating is going to cause them to want to win you over and meet your criteria...

As a desirable man your giving HER THE OPPORTUNITY to chase you. Being aloof letting her chase, bringing the interest out of you while you just convey their is a possibility that you might be interested but its not for sure. This is all because at the end of the day you don't really give a fuck if it happens or not...

As a social/fun guy I can create an opportunity for her to actually get my number in hopes of eventually being able to hook up with me. It's all fun an dandy in the neighborhood an I give her the easiest excuse for having my number. Which is getting together again for something social or for some form of info. (Generally logistics for your/her place, after party, possibly meeting uplater, etc) I make it known that she can reach me anytime she wants. I NEVER CALL, only give her the opportunity to meet up by inviting her out to something I'm already doing. The only thing I do is leave the door open for people (women) to come along into my life.

Now think about how many women I meet when I'm proactively going around meeting everyone and I got shitloads of women running up to me. All these interactions, mere fact that I'm a screener, I just blurt out "Shit I'm shocked you can handle me, I'm leaving so take my # an will have another adventure xyz date." (Make her put # in your phone an text your name showing her your phone or calling making sure she save name) The shit is like clockwork because as I constantly do lap an lap if I want to leave I just run from one chick to the next getting there # and then just pull the girl I like the most. While the "blow me or blow me out" dude is focused on pulling 1, I just planted tons of seeds AND potentially pulled. (He planted nothing but potentially pulled one chick)

Be forward an get to the point because this is her opportunity if she's been trying to win you over this is what SHE WANTS. Be flirtatiously playful finding out what's going on and what her intentions are by asking her or accusing her of trying to hook up with you. PUT SEX ON THE FUCKING TABLE, in the past I noticed this is why I didn't pull many women who seemed so into me.

Be NON-VERBALLY DIRECT, putting sex on the table by making a move aka leading her physically without caring if she's down or not. If she resists first time, try only ONE MORE TIME because she might want you to sit back as she seduces you. An if not, then drop it it, you presented the opportunity twice, gave her the chance to take full responsibility by seducing you so now the window just closed. (Its up to you to decide if you'll ever reopen it)


Be VERBALLY DIRECT, putting sex on the table by asking in the form of a question. (The sooner you put it out there is the more likely she'll follow through when the opportunity arises) Generally this consists of me asking about logistics and saying "Lets go" or me telling them I might be down for fucking them that night.

Be that unapologetic man who gets things started quickly because he's got a busy life and constantly on the move. Makeout early and put sex on the table in a "take it or leave it" manner because no matter how long you wait it'll always be the same result. Just take action, if she shuts you down, let it go because your not missing out on anything. (You know how much options you'll have?) Just embrace being the male escort with confidence an think about how great its going to be for her as you lead it towards sex. (This is very powerful if you clearly show you have no intention on being her boyfriend)

Pulling is all about dealing with the logistics an I've been using my phone as a way to deal with it. I now take certain chicks numbers for the sake of possibly hooking up at the end of the night when our friend's are gone. (This is great to have potential pulls as backup) I also setup "text for sex" where basically I let chicks know they can text me if they need me to come over and fuck them. (Chicks I fuck I let them know if they need me just text "tonight") Also when you've planted so many seeds before going out you can send texts "I'm might be down for hooking up tonight, hit me up later".

The thing is you'll NEVER be able to handle all the women in the world an the vast amount of women you'll have means you can just set it up where it's effortless...
- You have chicks coming out who you can choose from
- You have new women in the venue who you can choose from
- You have women you texted BEFORE the club letting them know you might be down for hooking up later
- You have women you #closed in the venue who you told you might be down for hooking up later
- You have selection of all the women in that moment who wants to go home with you
- An if your that fucking horny you can mass text your whole network of women to figure out who's out right now. (Yea its fun being with you so chicks have no problem randomly coming to a so called after party, because in the back of their mind that's THERE OPPORTUNITY to possibly seduce you)

Like I said before I haven't been able to see how far this actually goes but I do know in about 4 days...
- I had 2 chicks on "text for sex"
- There were about 8 chicks in my phone I fooled around with who were down with the swirl
- Pulled a new chick who I bumped into
- I dropped ball pulling one chick so went back to pull my original girl who was pissed that so many women were coming up to me. (So she called her fuckbuddy in taxi as I pulled with this natural)
- Could've been a dick to the natural an take the girl's friend who was pissed at her friend (I guess if she knew she'd do this she would've taken me for herself)
- Met a natural dude who's girl and her friend came to me (fun) but I felt like a dick fucking his flow up because he was friend's with a guy I know. When I was about to leave, chick told me not to leave implying she'd roll with me haha. One of the chicks is going to live in NY for a summer.
- Chick claims she saw me at another club before an so I #close, then she actually tried to meet up that night. Next time I saw her she greets me by kissing me haha and then introduces me to her friend who starts going for me.
- Chick comes up makeout, finger, leave and tell her I might fuck her later. She cameback like 3-4x to makeout with me haha.

An those nights I wasn't going around meeting women for the most part I'd chill alone or at "homebase". First hand experience is the only way you can turn potential possibilities into truths. The irony is that I do LESS now because this takes no effort, just BEING produces the results an I can choose how much energy to put into building it more rapidly or slowly.

Creation of your "Ideal Lifeystyle"...
Food, Partying, Traveling & Women are something I love an happen to all go hand in hand together, but enough about me. The thing all the natural guys in these "high end" spots have in common is the amazing lifestyle they built. There all confident in who they are and what they do for a living because there focused on following their passions. These guys are PROACTIVE at building there lifestyle...

At the sametime I'm learning its not a race and that thousands of opportunities are right around the corner. The first month of summer I randomly spoke to this chick who turned out to be a host at one of the toughest clubs to get into. I fell off the radar for abit, an when I cameback out I met another chick who was going to another semi-private club which article's joke "If your in there then jayz KNOWS YOU" implying that he'd be part of your entourage.

This area related to pick is all about mapping out all your interests/hobbies/passions and integrating it into your social life because if you can leverage your social life, you can take everything to the next level not only for yourself but your social circle and anyone who comes into your lifestyle. Add the fact that your "Reality Show" is running in the background so you are living life and have tons of women in your life.

At the end of the day no one really cares what you do with your life so focus on it without worrying about others. Stop wasting time on irrelevant BS an focus exclusively on the areas you truly enjoy and makeup reasons to have people come together that is based around your interests, hobbies, passions. BE CREATIVE!!!!

The whole basis is that it's no longer pick just this fascinating man who lives a fascinating life and hooks up with the women he TRULY ENJOYS most. Everything seems effortless because your not trying or doing anything, it's just who you are. When you make those internal shifts you know you'll meet women, you'll have the option/potential to handle your sex life whether you want a girlfriend or tons of women. The beauty is that they ALL come close to your type. (90% of the women in my phone come close to my type with a few coming very close and there is never a feeling of "Ugh, I'm not even attracted to this one")

Irony is that ALL OF THIS ARE BONUSES because you only went out to have a motherfucking blast, helping the human race have abit of fun. The free drinks, random stories, and people within your life are just the bonus for going out for the sake of adventure.

You don't know how far your life potential can go until you've explored all the possibilitiess...

When I watch videos like that knowing that I love to party it always reconfirms for me to check how far this goes because I know 100% if I was at such events I'd be having an epic time and most likely having more options than I can handle. I jump for joy at possibilities, no excuses here.

P.S...As it says in My Big TOE "All results must come to you...If you make the internal modifications then you'll gain the right consistent reality to cooresponds with it."

P.S.S...I'm not a fan of rereading an trying to make sure everything makes sense since I like to keep things raw an uncut. So if I need to go deeper on certain aspects then feel free to ask. I think I have a week or 2 left of having no life.

P.S.S.S...Before anyone asks about daygame, its the same process. I'm that social/fun guy who's having fun and I just screen, screen, screen. Before I used to be very phyiscal in the daytime but I actually dislike daytime so I just get straight to the point. If I'm not saying some random shit to start the convo, I'm in lazy boy mode saying "You seem cool" or "I like your style". I'm so aloof/casual screening them that people actually thought the chick wasn't interested BUT really it was me being so aloof about it that I almost seemed bored. (I still fuck around with the interaction though, just more emphasis on screening so I know whether to stay or go)
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 Finally made it the whole way through. Incredible post, might as well be your instructor application man. Some truly great perspectives in here, you seem like the kind of guy everyone would want to hang out with.
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 yes, i as well would like to hear more about your "collapses" - your low points in life, how you got there, and how you got out.
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 Awesome man.

What do you mean by having no life?

Gotta go, gotta make my life awesome and the way i want. RSDnation seems like a distraction,

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This was awesome, my favorite part was Qualification:Utopia but I got a lot out of everything in this post.
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 Damn great post.  

You obviously had no idea but I considered you the most improved guy on the forum.  Going from depressed dude with nothing going for him to skyballin' hero.  

This is great for me to read right now as I'm so busy focused on building wealth right now, and not this "stuff", sometimes when I go out to clubs I focus on the wrong thing.  THIS post is what its about dude.  Hell ya

People forget that pu is NOT the end all.  You will not find the ultimate truths or answers in PU.  It is simply a train that goes round and round- passes the same stops.  At some point you need to get off it because you've gotten all you can from it.  Sure you can still be a part of it.. but you can't be thinking "if I go deeper into pu, I'll get to the next level and unlock SS5"

Cheers minger
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Best post I've read in my life

Motivational Images
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Lala: haha @ instructor application. Your right though, many people would like to hangout with me which is why I currently joke with the crew that my company (me) has bad customer service and my credit has gone bad.

Manwhore: haha @ most improved, I must say that shit was a thrilling journey and still continues.

Arnaut, Chinaboy & Csrpj: What I mean about collapsed life...
This is deep shit that I've uncovered through my understanding of consciousness and my ever evolving "philosophy" based on my experiences. Like the author states in MBT no one can help you grow it's something you have to do on your own. "Personal growth isn't a group activity". Back in 07, I sorta knew what my biggest obstacle was, having my parents support me. As a result I was a "Yes" from being shipped off to train an become a U.S ranger, by time 2010 hit I'd have made my first attempt to become a special force member. Recruiter was willing to help me run away from home haha, but despite spending 4 months working out hardcore just so I don't struggle too much physically, for better or worst I decided not to run away since I didn't actually hate my parents.

Three years later, I finally learned my lesson and can only blame myself. (One of the hardest things I had to accept) It would take forever to explain how I went about this but the overview... (Keep in in mind, I purposely left out a major situation)
- "Collapsed" life is a concept I've created based on certain dynamics of reality. Like the film inception when your in an altered state "real" is based on perspective of AWARENESS. On "earth" I wasn't able to live my specific life system due to having no cell phone so I had zero contact with anybody and if the system isn't continually growing then it's becoming more chaotic an disorganized until the system collapses. First experience of a "collapsed" life was in dec 08 which I still went out only to realize life became a recreational train ride with little growth. Cell phone broke, I pleaded over and over an nothing was done
as parents set a "Hard Times" dynamic. Shit was mindblowing even then because lets just say parents lie about how much they make and yet I knew people who truly had no money who could handle my problems.

- The 7 month hibernation was the worst but it gave me an opportunity to really dig deep in the exploration of consciousness. (I read MBT in mar 09 and again during the 7 month hibernation) I started defining my path as I now was turning 21 and could hit any night venue. On a larger scale I was hardcore on myself as I now was deep within personal development of consciousness. Started calling my parents out on things an telling them exactly what would happen in the coming weeks based off future probabilities. I was 100% right each time.

Overall, I learned that I grow immensely when alone, 08 was amazing because of the consistency of my reality where I interpreted myself as being alone. (Sleep at home, wake up, go out living life) Like my old high school friends, my parents have no idea about what my reality consists of. Due to viewing my lifestyle as an "Escort Service" where I should be providing a consistent experience. (This became profitable after assessing how pornstar friend lives her life)

People depended on me for the opportunity to just have memorable experiences. Women in particular contacted me because they knew they'd ATLEAST have fun because regardless of my situation I'll be having fun. If we fool around they know 100% there is no pressure so they can do whatever they want because at the end of the day I'm just providing them a service.

On a larger scale, I'm very passionate about people socializing. In MBT book author talks about fun being highly important and good medicine for our internal environments. It's insane walking into a club knowing I ONE HUMAN BEING can turn this whole place into a venue where people are having a blast an forgeting about there petty problems/issues. Majority of the time if I don't then the places remains a boring dead space of people playing with cell phones and just looking at each other. Knowing that I can't provide that service/opportunity for the human race saddens me, especially when I remember moments where people even for even a moment hit that state of "Euphoria". Here it was chick worried about something for weeks had the opportunity to FORGET as I make her moan intensely with pleasure. (She thanked me for not freaking out and obviously stopped worrying in that moment)

NOTE: I joke with my mother stating "I am cocaine, I'm peoples choice of drug for recreational purposes". People can have fun, get fucked (women only haha) and experience all the perks that come with being in my world.

However, my parents never understood this, they think I'm moving towards this lifestyle for the sake of happiness BUT I'm already happy. They have no idea of the dynamics that makeup my reality an think this is some "recreational" thing that I'm doing, when this is my lifestyle (external reality) that facilatites growth within my quality of being. It's the stage/props, the smoke and mirrors only as valuable as its neccisssity to be in my reality.

MBT-Releated Understandings
Exploring consciousness made me realize no matter your external environment/reailty your INTERNAL environment/reality (personal reality) will always remain with you so GROWTH is very important. If your growing internally it'll naturally spill out in the production of external processes being generated forming systems. (Governments, travelling systems, culinary arts, military science, etc)

Although future probabilities show I'll be back on track starting before 2011 begins, I have to always be moving in the general direction gaining experience, learning and growing with the specific reality. Its like pokemon he has a purpose set and moves towards catching all the pokemon, each episode all this shit happens, and technically it can go on forever but it's not about the end result its the GROWTH he got out of walking that path.

I rather not be apart of this reality than wasting my lifetime potential sitting with the general population playing the game of "Feel Good" fantasy. I can't imagine spending 50 YEARS in a comfy recurring cycle that provides little potential for growth. That's like sitting in a room with a door that isn't locked BUT you never open the door because this room is comfy to live in for the next 50 years.

I've never gave up because its stupid to about the external environment not being in my favor, I've got a whole lifetime to keep evolving. My life purpose is to see how far I can take this whole lifetime package for the sake of growth and just pushing it to the limit. I can honestly say after this last "collapsed" phase I'd rather not be apart of the evolution game if I'm not going to be evolving so that means I'll never give up.

Quote from My Big TOE by Thomas Campbell (800pgs in haha..)

You are what you are - why not become all that you can be? How can you possibly discover what the limits of your being are without reaching beyond where you are now? How far, how consistently, and how steadily will you reach out toward the light of Big Truth? How courageously, carefully, honestly, and scientifically will you explore your personal unknown, your personal ignorance, prejudices, assumptions, fears and beliefs? Are you ready, willing and able to challenge the monster that lives under your bed at night? Do you need assurances and expect or require definitive answers to come quickly - or are you prepared to let the process take a lifetime and define its own path?

What's a lifetime worth? What else would you want to use one for? To see how much stuff or power you could accumulate, or how many facts you could figure out or learn? How about to see how much fun you could have, or how much beer you could drink? Perhaps all existence is random and the concepts of consciousness, evolution, entropy reduction, love, personal growth and profitability are simply delusions because there can be no point or purpose in randomness.

If you wish to progress beyond the bottom rung of knowing (which simply is to be a believer) you must develop your own personal understanding and truth.

P.S...I know I make it sound like MBT is some form of bible but it truly is the most important book I've ever read. The beauty is that there are no answers in the book, the journey starts after you read the book and discover your own "Theory Of Everything"
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 Fucking inspiring. I think I still visit the forum looking for posts like this
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