November 21st, 2018
Just another day (in the life)...
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Overhear a guy running solid "dancing monkey" game that, from my appraisal, is canned. I stand around for a minute, eavesdropping on him and a 3-set of fatties, while he "dances". He talks with them, "dancing" the entire time; and says, "hey, look how ballsy I am". He looks over to a girl painting a mural (who I have been eyeing, which is why I'm in the area) and says, "HEY!". She takes an earphone out and yells, "huh?"; to which he says, "that painting is AWESOME!". The girls don't react very positively, and it is an anticlimactic event (he loses some value). "That wasn't that ballsy", one of them says, "you should've said (?)" I take it as yet another "dancing monkey" newb behavior, and laugh at the familiar. One of the girls notices (I had probably already been in her RAS). Then, all four of them look over at me; and the guy asks me "she's single, are you available?", and I say no, in a BR tone. Then, I say, "no, but I want to ask you something.", as I walk up; smiling. He says, "Me? What do you want to ask me out or something?", continuing with his routine (haha AMOG [I haven't AMOGed many guys yet; I haven't felt it necessary. But that's probably because I primarily approach 1-sets.]) I tell him, "no, but I heard you say some cool things" (haha more like canned; I don't think canned lines are cool). "Do you know who Mystery is?" ( I have asked this question before, to another suspected "student of social dynamics" [ssd?], and gotten an affirmative response; leading to sharing of material, and a funny conversation). He says something like, "no, but I know the my5tery of [can't remember, but as was the pattern, it wasn't authentic] this is how I am". I ask him if he knows what a PUA is, and he asks, "Public Unified Association?" and continues to "AMOG"; the girls all laugh. I then look at him with a smile and a squint and ask, "you really don't know what I'm talking about?" and he denies knowing. He introduces me to the girls; I turn to them, and with complete congruence and calibration, from being social for a while, explain with a big smile that "I've been talking to him in code, and he doesn't even know what I'm talking about." They laugh, and appear extremely eager to meet me. "I might as well introduce myself", I say to one of them, and do so (and forget their names instantly). "Well, if you know what I'm talking about (and don't want to blow your cover), my name's Johnny, and I'll be around." "I'm Simon; and not that dick from American Idol" All the girls laugh, and I am done dealing with the mask he's put on. "Alright, well nice to meet you", I say; take a couple steps away, and return to admire the mural girl. "I think we should go before (couldn't make it out)." Girls laugh, and they walk away. Not a minute goes by, before mural girl initiates contact with me (for once, I get opened; I'm surprised) I spend the next 15 minutes talking to her authentically, and we have a connection. I notice her arms are FULL hairy, (hairier than mine!) lol; her face has acne scars all over it too (I'm not shallow, and one of those things in and of itself is not a dealbreaker; but both of them, possibly). I also notice, as time goes on (we ultimately spend about an hour together; she paints as we talk) that the sense of humor of her and I don't really "click". She is very eccentric, even for my taste (making horrible puns and inside-jokes that I don't understand until she explains them). She is highly intellectual, which I like; but has a stronger reality and may be more masculine than I, which is a turnoff. I end up talking to her friend as he walks up, midway through the interaction, and decide that I like him better as a friend than I like her as a potential day 2. I get both of their e-mail addresses, promise to add them on Facebook, and leave. She tells me, "thank you for hanging out with me", and gives me a hug. I like her, but I'm not romantically attracted to her (I'd fuck her, yes; but I'd fuck almost anything over a 5, and she was a 6 ;). I don't really desire a day 2.
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I just got back from a night out, and I want to write a field report.

I wake up to a message on Facebook, from a cool (5.5) girl, Jozeanette; who I met a couple weekends ago at a party (where I had started the night fun and social, and ended up laughing to myself about being drunk behind a fence, immobile), and ended up staying at her house. I get to her house around 5:00 PM, and there was a party on Bleeker Street! Pissin' me off! No, but she knows of a party, and I am ready to beast.

I woke up at 6:00 AM that morning, so I'm already pretty tired; I drank a green tea early in the afternoon, and I have another in my hand; waiting for the bus. I get on the bus,  pay my fare, and wait for the night to begin.

After Jozie introduces her (6.5) friend, Jessica, who comes over; we sit in her room and wait for Jessica to get dressed. It just happens that this girl isn't really that excited about a party, and would rather have a night in. After dragging her feet for an hour, while I sit chill at the computer, showcasing some DJ'ing skills :D, two more of their friends; a 7 and her underage sister show up. The girls decide to dress up, as it is a costume party, and I tell them I am dressed as a douchebag (thanks, Jeffy lol).  The 7 is interested in me, as interpreted by being touched in the hair, when I "wasn't paying attention or caring". She also rubs her hands all the way down my back, and says "excuse me" to get something from the desk;  when I say (loud enough for everyone to hear), "what are you just gonna wipe your hands off on my shirt?" (jokingly, but with a serious look [C/F maybe]) she gets a 'deer in the headlights' look and becomes passive (she was enjoying it, though ;D). We finally go at around 7:00.

Lesson: I'm relatively ugly [especially under close scrutiny], but just by being a hot, searing coal (or just being authentic), I can get attention and validation :D lol; that's not my end goal, but it seems to me to be a good thing ;D

We show up at the party, and it's a family event; ~90/10 family/friends. I walk around, and don't notice any girl I want to approach. I decide to just go in "friend frame", and just hang out with the family. There is a costume contest, and Joezanette is an angel; collectively, her friends are not totally supportive, so I take responsibilty for getting her votes.

About a half hour after arriving, more of her friends start showing up; there is Sam, a "badass" (5.5) lesbian who is ~5'4", wearing a leather jacket and a shirt that says "stay brutal" XD; Miguel, who looks like Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Fogell in Superbad); and Beto, a lower-status, slightly insecure, guy who has a house to hang out at (which we later go to) and listens to Dubstep (one of my favorite genres). After dealing with a Shield from Sam, (it was her who invited me to the party I got wasted at; it was also her house), I "hook" the group, and we all go outside to smoke. I am enjoying the interaction, as more people continuously go in and out; I hold my frame nearly all of the time, and have fun as the night goes on. The nimbus is shining.

I go to an overpass, 5+ blocks away, and smoke a bowl with some people I had met that night, friends of friends; I am enjoying myself. As I walk back with them; the entire group of people we were first with, plus one more person for each of them, are standing on the sidewalk near where we are. I talk with them and have more fun; my reality is very strong, and I am finally getting consistent results, after 2 years of occasional cold-approach, and a year of consistent approaches.

note: I am considering a line like, "I have a very strong reality", or "you're in my world now"; I may try it some time. XD

As I arrive back at the party, and relax a little, I walk towards the ice chest. A 17-year-old, Robert, asks me for a beer; he's already drinking one, and he tells me he's only 17, so I jokingly tell him I don't like to contribute to minors. He holds his frame, surprisingly; and possibly can sense that I'm joking, so he just says, "just get me one", and I laugh. I respect his assertiveness, and ask him why he isn't approaching girls; he tells me he wants to, but [I don't remember the reason he wasn't]. I go into "coach/wing" mode, as I had just watched Brad's latest video post, and am in the process of completing "Foundations" for the first time (I have watched all other distributed RSD programs). Inspired by Brad, I tell him, "girl, blue shirt, to the left", while she stands in a 3-set of girls, a foot away. To my surprise and excitement, he does it; after ejecting himself after a few minutes, nimbus-o-meter rising, he comes back to me. I point him to an other one. I expect he'll continue approaching sporadically (and throughout the night, he does), and will have success. As I'm already in coach/wing mode, I walk Robert up to the original girls I had come with; we talk for a bit, and there's a cool vibe. I hear the girls talking about "Johnny" (which is my name) and I look at them; "me?" I ask. "No", they laugh, "that Johnny, he's weird" (some guy standing around in a chode crystal, eyeing the girls not-so-subtely). "You're Johnny, bro?" (I have fun saying "bro" and "brah" to people I haven't met) "I'm Johnny!"; I ask him why he isn't approaching the girls I just left, and he shakes his head, puts it down and smiles; communicating to me "I want to, but I'm nervous". I persuade him to walk up and say hi, and he does; I leave satisfied with my work ;).

An hour or so later, word of an other party comes up (at Beto's house) and most of us go. The rest of the night is spent drinking Sparks and Four Lokos until the cows come home/the cops come shut us down. I also have drunk, unsatisfying, sex with Jozeanette; and fall asleep with the condom still on (lol).

Just another night.
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I've been using indirect openers primarily today; I don't consider myself a great manipulator, but an above-average viber. Im usually able to sense a person's state, and vibe better than I used to (that's where first-hand experience comes in). This could be abused to selfishly manipulate, (which I have done; it's the flip-side of the coin), but also to gently lead in a mutually respectful way (which I usually prefer).

I've noticed that when I don't approach when I want to, I feel like I need my ego to be validated for my confidence; like I want a reason to be confident, and without going for what I want, I usually won't get it (I have just discovered my apparoach anxiety for 7.5+'s. The solution: approach who I want to no matter what (this will be tested in-field).

I'm considering the idea that my previous claims about having a very strong reality may have in fact, been a consistent, quick, crossing of the indifference threshold; I'll test this theory out in-field.

-Sam (from Saturday night)
I stop in front of Sam, and stare at her, expectantly (as I learned last night from Foundations). She opens, and we finally have a level of trust/comfort.

-Carly (6.5; who looks like a 7 from afar)

I open with a cold-read: "you look bored". She replies, "you've said that to me already". Amused, I laugh. (It's my first time uknowingly approaching the same girl twice:D)

I talk for a while, and vibe. I unintentionally do a false-time constraint: "I'm gonna go find something to do", stand up, and hug; then start a new conversational thread and slowly sit back down. I consider actually leaving; lest she get creeped out (as it was unintentional; even I was confused). Then I remember hearing "she probably won't even mention it, just ignore it."; it works.

I don't entertain too much, and let the conversation be mutual (like I'm learning from Foundations). Her "friend" (a possible orbiter) comes up and sits next to her, awkwardly mumbling for her attention; she's obviously torn. The interaction not as fun as I'd like it to be, and I'm not attracted to her enough to hold frame over the chode, so I eject.

Only after ejecting do I remember opening her a week before; the same way, at the opposite side of the quad area. Last time, she said "No, I'm chillin". I didn't plow, as I had noticed her transformation (appears as a 7; is actually a ~6.5).

- (7.5) girl in front of Music room

I sit in her general area [chodely] and wait until she gives me IOI's to approach; she is surprisingly very friendly (she appeared to be unsocial [at the moment]  and intent on doing her homework. I don't know if I built attraction in the two minutes that I was there (before class started); but I will approach next time I see her
- 7.5 in hallway
I go up to her; after exiting class and standing there for a while, waiting for IOI's (which I thought I had seen). She's waiting for class, so I talk to her for a minute. I ask her name (and soon forget), and she asks mine.

"Johnny", I respond.


I remember Tyler, in Foundations, advising to "give any answer but the true one"; and say, "Jacob..James. Jeffrey. it starts with a 'J'." 

She laughs, and says, "stand here, Jeffrey"; and pats the wall next to her.

"I'm gonna stand right here", I tell her; in an attempt to hold frame (may have been unecessary).

"Aww, fine"

"I don't even know if I'm gonna stay; I just wanted to know what you're like, first."

"I'm really cool"

I stand on the other side of the one she pointed to, and stand close to her. I tell her, "let's sit down" (and in retrospect, could have grabbed her hand), and we both sit. We spend five minutes together; during which, she repeatedly asks me to qualify myself (possible IOI).

She asks what class I'm in; and I tell her the true answer: "vocalization; singing". She tells me that I should sing her a song, and I tell her I don't have a guitar. She tells me to sing anyway, and I tell her I will if she uses her mouth to make music for me to sing to. "I don't sing in public", she says. "Oh, so you just wanna use MY confidence for yourself?"; I laugh to myself, as it is sort of stating the obvious, in regards to what girls usually want (confidence). Her teacher comes, and we wave goodbye. She says, "bye, Jacob, James, Jeffrey" (she remembers the names; which may or may not be a big IOI). I tell her I'll see her again (which is a standard line I've been using), and eject.

-Older (7.5) girl
I see her staring in my direction through her sunglasses. I stop, look around, and look at her quizzically; I walk up to her with the same look on my face. She's smiling and looks confused as she takes her glasses off, "do I...?"
"Ohh, my god!! I don't know you! :D " I put my arms out, and she stands up and hugs (lol, I synthesized this from Tyler's interpretation [in Foundations] of how girls greet eachother) It pumps her state a bit, and I tell her I saw her staring at me through her sunglasses, so I thought I would come over. She's a little attracted (at least); and I decide, after learning of her position as a tutor, and noticing her age (~25) that I don't want to escalate (it would be fun to fuck her, but I don't want a serious relationship); her reality may have been too strong, and intimidated me (honestly, idk). I tell her I'll chill if she wants, and she says "Oh thank you, that would be really nice, but I'm going to work right now." I don't ask for a number, and tell her it's been nice meeting her; she leaves with a smile.

A (5.6) girl who has shown consistent IOI's over time. We were in a class together last semester; but only met a few times outside of class, when she asked for a light, and I lit her cigarette for her. We met again about a month ago, as she asked for a lighter. "Again?!" I asked her; she opened, and somehow we had a mildly interesting "interview-type "conversation.

This time, she asked for cigarettes (lol?); I told her, "no, I don't smoke...regularly; except when I'm drunk".

"Yeah, I smoke a lot when I'm drunk. Do you remember my name?"

"Leia, or Leah?"

"Yeah, Leah! I don't remember yours"

I look at her like she's done something wrong, and she says, "isn't is John, or something?"

"Yeah :)"

Somehow we shake hands, and end up holding on to eachother's, playing with them gently (physical escalation is one of my sticking points, so this seems to me like a success). I'm turned on, and I can tell she's turned on. After a bit of this, I leave on a high-note, and give her a  hug. I walk away, and stand around while my erection subsides. XD

I'm singing to myself (which I frequently do, even in public) in the middle of school, and an 8 walks by. She looks at my mouth, wondering what I'm saying, and after a second, smiles at me. I hold eye contact, smile, and say "I'm not talking to you (neg), I'm singing to myself" (in the future, I could sing to her, or say, "I'll sing to you if you want" [I may test it]). She smiles more, and as she walks away, I yell, "what's your name?"
I laugh and consider following her; I don't (and possibly miss an opportunity)

- The girl I scare lol
A blonde (7.5) overhears, and I say "hi"; she has her Shield up, and doesn't answer. I sit next to her, and after a split-second (I lol that it took that long), she appears very startled, and jumps back in her seat, saying "oh my god" to herself. I am startled myself, and as she picks up her things, I say, "I'm not leaving until you say hi." The part I find funniest, is that she actually says "hi", as she scurries away; lol.I see her again a while later, and mockingly say "Hi" and BR.

I see a (8) girl eating alone, who I had been attracted to earlier; so I cut the thread off a conversation, between me and a potential new friend, to go up to her. Apparently I'm in her RAS, as while I walk up to her, she looks at me over her shoulder, curiously; I ask, "do you want some company?". She doesn't hear me, so as I stand in front of her, she takes an earphone out of her ear and says, "hello?".

"Hello?", I ask, miming a phone conversation; "is Jessica there?"



"I'm not Jessica, I don't know her"

"Oh, wrong number"

I scrunch my face and shake my head, communicating "What are you talking call? Why are you being silly? We're not on the phone." 

"I asked if you wanted some company, you didn't hear me?"

(laughs) "I'm actually going in the library to look at rocks"; she holds up the picture of the rocks, and waits for me to respond (instead of immediately walking off), which I perceive as an IOI.

I might have gone, had I not been so physically and mentally tired. At this point, I just want to open, hook, and escalate.

"Oh, well I'm not going in there"

"Oh, fine then"

"But I want to talk to you again; I'll say 'hi'"

"Alright, nice to meet you :)"

There was some attraction, but not enough to hook; I'm going to open her again and hook from there.

Lessons: Be more careful with the strength and calibration of the approach (approach like a cat)
, and even if state is extremely low upon arrival to the venue, the indifference threshold can usually be crossed, resulting in success.

currently improving:
"being not doing", and quick assessments of logistics/venues.

'Till next time.
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I am starting to realize that, "most people don't approach". I've heard this from countless girls now, and it's barely starting to settle in my belief system. Most girls [IME] call it , "brave, ballsy, daring,", or some other variation of a word that means, "better/more attractive". I'm surprised at the time it takes to get to this level of understanding; it's taken me hundreds of cold-approaches, and a couple of years [!] of reading/applying material. It's such a mind-trip; it seems, "too good/easy to be true". "Most people in the world walk through life in a walking daze", so just by being awake can make a very significant difference; it seems easy, but it can be brutal. It [currently] seems like a lot of power/responsibility (that I'm not familiar with, but am hopefully ready for), yet, most people will rationalize away, or even fail to acknowledge the transition at first. People might react with hate and/or distrust; probably even fear for the power I carry. It's ok, [IMO} it'll probably get better with time; if I just trust the process.

Number closing has been my focus for this day; along with vibing and comfort building/rapport. I will need to work on other things soon, and these have been successful so far.

I have just begun telling people about my "pickup" activites (after 3+ years!), (close friends, and even strangers), and that has opened a whole other can of worms; updates will follow with its development.

-Shelby (6.6)

Open outside of class, at the stairway; approach within a couple seconds of seeing her (smoothly, like approaching a cat), and vibe for a minute. I have a really good vibe going; but there is not enough verbal filler to keep her logical mind going (it's one of my first cold-approaches, and I am not past the indifference threshold yet). She seems attracted, but ejects within minutes; probably without logically knowing why (it seems like ASD, because there are a couple of people watching [?]); I might approach again if I see her around (with a little physical escalation [!).

Lesson/sticking point: keep the verbals going; say things in a way that increases attraction (what and how?) Physical escalation is (sometimes or always[?]) essential.

-Marcel (7.9)
I have opened this one before, with a positive result. We have talked about traveling together, (though I implied that she'd drive); and have some physical rapport though she's not "hooked" at the moment. I yell, "hey!" at her, as I see her walking across the fountain area; she sees me more than a few steps away, and smiles as I approach her. I give her a hug, and smile, and we talk for a minute; I ask her what she's doing next, and she says, "I'm meeting my, friend; actually, she's right there!" We approach her (6) friend together, and before they blow me out, I introduce myself to her (as learned in Foundations recently; thanks Tyler). "I met you last week" she looks at Marcel; "he asked me if I like music". I just laugh, I find it hilariously awkward; "you guys are friends?! *lol*" We all talk a bit more, and I ask Marcel if I can have a drag of her cigarette (I don't know why, but "sharing things" seems to be a part of my routine [is it effective?]) She asks if I want my own, and I say, "no, I don't smoke.; I just want some of yours.". "That's kind of weird", her friend says (seems like she's cockblocking me; I don't know why]. I want the first drag, and put out my palm (this was kind of unecessary; I wanted to control the frame, but ended up feeling like I had come across as needy) After a bit of talking, they begin to talk more to eachother then to me; I'm getting blown out (I have not much experience with 2-sets+)!

I reach into Marcel's hand, grab the cigarette and start to smoke; they both watch me, and I say, "*puff*I'm gonna go; it seems like you guys want 'friend time'". "Okayyy, Johnny..", says her friend (what does that mean? lol; is she really cockblocking because she's jealous? I want Marcel) I give Marcel a hug first, and then her friend; she's very receptive. "Be nice next time", I tell her friend; smile, and walk off. I think I accomplished something, because I ejected before getting blown out. Is this the next level to my vibing/calibration (we'll see)?

Lesson: Open more 2-sets; build from there

-white shirt (6, looked like a 7 from afar [quite a funny "quality problem" here] XD)
See her from across the hall, and walk over; stop, stare, feel out the vibe, and approach accordingly (in this case, I could sense she was afraid of people a little bit; introvert). I say, "hi, do you want company, or are you trying to be alone?" She smiles, and says, "no, I'm just waiting for class." I fluff/get rapport, and lean on the wall next to her. I vibe (as has been my focus over the last couple of days) and eject after a while; as I'm not interested (I forget to number close, as it is my latest focus, and promise myself to do it next approach). In retrospect, she seemed to have been waiting for physical escalation: staring deeply at me, and re-initiating conversation as I let it drop off; I could have done it for the practice.

- shy girl (6.2)
I see her walking, and after a hesitation; walk up to her. I follow her across the campus, as she's walking so fast, and wait for her to stop walking/sit down. She sits down at the front of the school, and I walk up to her with, "hi", and stand next to her. She's obviously shy, so I take it easy, and lean back more than usual (some girls tend to need to be trreated this way, IME). Her ride arrives soon after, and I attempt a number close; she hesitates, so I get an e-mail close instead.

-Stefanie (a [7.8] girl I have slowly been escalating with over time; grab her ass sometime, lean my head on her shoulder, tell her I want a kiss)

She comes up to me, and we talk; it's more intellectual, because in retrospect, I'm think I'm supposed to escalate HARDER on her (yet, when I have, I have gone too far; Solution: calibration) She asks me where I got my shoes (implying that they were not ideal), and I tell her that I got them at the Goodwill, in the dumpster; she believes me for a second, then figures out that I'm joking. She looks at me with feigned contempt, and tells me I look like a crackhead. I agree with her, easily, and she goes on to tell me that I look like a creep; I agree, and hold frame. I think this was a shit test, because as soon as I had agreed, and not dropped frame, she has a whole other story: she began to reiterate her feelings, "no, you're not that creepy, you look good", but then telling me that I could use acne cream and conditioner, because my hair was a little "dull" (lol, in retrospect, she was giving me a lot of shit tests; and probably having fun doing so XD)

I explain to her that I approach a lot of girls; and this may have been a DHV, I'm not sure. She seemed interested,and gave me some tips, that had correlated with the community's teachings and my personal reference experiences; is she a natural? Are all girls "naturals"?

Lesson: "Have the stronger reality" (I'm still figuring out what this means; though I used to ""know"), hold frame, express core confidence

-Megan (blonde 7.7)

Very interested in psychology, learning, being adventurous (truly); and psychonautic (explores the mind). She agrees to do drugs with me (DXM) and we have a strong connection. <b>Stickking Point: I am not able to escalate physically, as I have some anxiety with girls I like (I don't want to lose validation and state) We talk about drugs, and one of us mentions MDMA. I tell her how I rolled once with 18 people; "wow, how didn't that become an orgy? That would've been fun." I imagine this, with her involved, and tell her, "I'm turned on now" (I vibe very carefully here, leaning/looking away/smiling as I say it.) "Uh oh, we have a problem", she laughs (I don't know if this was an IOD, but I take the number on a high note. I talk a little bit more, and I feel myself becoming reactive (I'm running out of things to say). I vibe a little bit more, and leave on a medium-high note; a little miscalibrated, and the results will be discovered; I am going for a Day 2.

I am stressed out by the thought of leaving the set too early (I think she was still interested in chatting; she said she was free for an hour. I am <u>very interested in her; so much so, that I find myself contemplating, "go home, go back back to her (for more validation)?" My eventual solution: beast more!

Lesson: become less results-oriented.

- Stefanie (again)
she asks me what I'm still doing here. I explain the situation with Megan, intentionally attempting to DHV this time; as we walk to her bus stop (as she asked [following]), we talk about it. As the bus comes, she asks me if I'm gonna come over to give her a hug (there's a high level of push/pull going on from both of us, it seems!lol), I sense the vibe, and tell her, "I'm not going over there", for her to. "come over here [come to me]" I grab her ass and bite her neck, and she giggles and says, "don't grab my ass, creep." Lol

Lesson: I may not be escalating hard enough on her; escalate harder! [? (I'll test this)]

I have asked a lot of girls (in set) what they think about how "creepy" I am. All have responded, "no, you're not creepy"  (Sticking Point: I can be though, when I have too much intent/not enough "woo!").

-Renee (6.7)
as I leave the bus stop, I see her within twenty seconds; I approach, "you're cute! (more direct, with a smile) [Finally past the indifference threshold/in beast mode!] She says, "thanks" with a blush and a smile. I shake her hand, and tell her my name. I ask her if she's going or coming from school, and find out she's seventeen. I tell her I still want her number, but I won't call her until her eighteenth birthday. I end up with her e-mail address, and a hug; she was cute.

- Amber (6.5)
She's sitting at the fountain outside of school, and I'm in "Beast-validation"-mode. I feel the urge to beast, and as exhausted as I am, every time I leave the school to catch the bus, I am pulled towards ego-validatio through beasting. I rationalize that I could use the reference experience (which is true); go back, and open more (at least I'm on the right track)!

Number close, hug, and conversation. These approaches are starting to blend together and seem like a similar structure; there a common theme. I'm beginning to see the Matrix!

- tutor (from Monday)
see her again, and say she says hi first. I could take this farther, but I'm not planning on it.

-walking girl (7.5)
Slow down in front of her, and as she walks, just stop in front of her and say, "you are <so> cute!" "Thanks", she smiles and walks past me. "What's your name?", I yell at her; she says, "oh, it's..." and walks off lol.

-History girl (6.6)
I see her walking, let her walk past me, then decide, "I'm here to beast, what am I doing?"; walk up in front of her, feeling the vivbe so I don't get to close/scare her off, and say "Hi". When she says, "hi" (she's a little confused, apparently), I stick out my hand, and say, "you're cute; I'm johnny", and smile. She smiles, and says her name. She seems like she's blowing me out, so I just follow her and ask her where she's going. She says, "I'm just going to history class right now"; sounded friendly. I asked, "do you have a number?"; I think she was going to give it to me (either that, or give me an excuse), then I qwuickly remembered what I had learned earlier - if she gives resistance to the number, quickly change the question to, "e-mail?" This seems relatively consistent, at the moment. She waits while I get a notebook out, and writes it in my notebook. I walk with her to the stairset, where she goes up, and as we get there, she begins walking up quickly. "Wait, wait!" I say, and maneuver around an other guy to give her a hug (I read/heard somewhere that girls enjoy hugs; I do too). I say, "'bye", she says, "nice meeting you", and I leave.

Funny story: As I'm walking to the bus stop, I hear a homeless black woman asking if someone wants orange chicken. I'm hungry at the time, and though I don't intend to take it from her, I look back; we are the only two people around. She asks if I want some, and I smile and say, "no, thank you". As I turn around, she yells, "ssh-sh-SHIT!", and mumbles to herself angrily. As we walk on, she continues yelling "shit!" and "eat shit and daaa!" She does this to a few more people as we continue on down the street, before I finally turn the corner and she continues walking. I'm glad she's gone; pissing me off. XD


- A girl may freak out if she's attracted to you around her boyfirend [sees you as undetermined status compared to him]. It seems like she's communicating, "be cooler, tool him, or show me that your position is [----}compared to him; I need to know!!" Status is real? (Or is it?)

-I avoided doing some approaches today (about five); I am not yet full beast, but the ego is on a feeding frenzy for reference experience.

- Communication doesn't usually start off full sexual (unless I want it to); this means that I can approach any girl, anywhere, and no feel like a pervert, or like I'm disrupting people or breaking a law (irrational fear, I know).

- Approach moving targets (walkers); I will learn how to do this

- I may subconciously want to keep my "chode self" alive: not escalating hard enough, not moving things towards sex, but towards a provider-type relationship; why is this? (I am going to think about this)

-I have begun using overtly sexual innuendo, and may have gotten a positive respone; this is yet to be determined.

- I am in full beast mode by the middle of the day, even though I started sleepy and fatigued; I can cross the indifference threshold any day, eventually.

- The beast feeds heavily; and continues to get stronger. It feels like an addiction; I have "Beast Fever".

Somewhat satisfied, with an empty campus, the beast returns to dwell; resting only to beast again. (haha, sounds creepy)

- opening is easy
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just had a weird experience, with online dating (Skout app). The premise is based on something that I have heard both Tyler and Jeffy say...something like, "insult them, on qualities that don't really exist: like, 'you're too fat', to a skinny girl"

Pretty girl (7), 18 years old

Me: You're up late
Me: go to bed creep

Her: Haha why?

Me: You need your beauty sleep. You have crow's feet
Me: It's gross.


I've just gotten back, from HotSeat with Tyler; and after seeing Julian, it's kinda like a slap in the face and..."No - you're not Julian". But I'm going to continue field-testing; and hopefully, calibrate more. It might've been too early; or just by virtue of being on the internet and not in-person - I'd venture to guess that I'd be more able to maneuver the situation and mitigate her 'leaving'-impulse, in real-time.
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Great stuff man, keep going!
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Agreed! Good stuff!!
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approached for the first time in a while, last night (I have a live-in girlfriend of two years; we're in an open relationship); didn't really have a set goal, except to approach, as I have just been going out and playing 'James Bond cool' for most of these past two years (success rate: <1%).

go to the dancefloor, as per every night I go out (I've been practicing self-amusement greatly, as this has been a sticking-point of mine: too much intent; come off as creepy); after a while, I'm almost past the indifference threshold (i.e. in state) and I'm about ready to approach

first girl (7.5878): sitting at the benches around the dancefloor

I walk up, lean in far enough for her to hear me over the music, say hi and put my hand out for her to shake. She looks annoyed and rejects the handshake. "I'm here with somebody", she says and points to the seat next to her - two other girls around her see this; I walk back to the dancefloor.

not really an approach (7.1356): after a few minutes of self-amusement, I see a girl dancing with an other lone soldier (he's been self-amusing on the dancefloor, as I have) - I give him props and continue. 

A few minutes later, I see the girl walking around and make eye-contact; she walks right up to me and claws my chest. 

"Me?" I ask in surprise
"You're hot!" she drunkenly yells
"Thank you :3"

She comes up and starts grinding on me (note: this has only happened a few times in the last 100+ that I've been out; I wonder how much of this is attributed to the fact that my intent was to approach, on this night) - her breath smells of alcohol and she is slurring. I feel like 'negging' her with "have you been drinking cough syrup?", as this thought had actually crossed my mind; but think better of it. We dance for about three minutes and eventually kiss. She compliments me again and leaves me, with "I've got to find my friends!"

I'm stoked now; and approach a few more girls in the hour I have left

third (6.7587359): I'd been looking at this girl for a while - before I'd approached the first 'target' - and I think she'd noticed. I could tell she wanted me to approach her, when I'd first noticed her; but after my delay, I feel like she'd begun feeling creeped-out (I was kind-of staring [and chastising myself for 'failing to approach'])

anyway, now I'm pretty 'in-state' and walk up to her three-set (all girls). Her friend notices me first and I say 
"Hi! I just want to introduce myself to your friend"
"Oh, yes! Go ahead...!" she replies, with a smile.
"What?" the target yells, shocked that I'm pointing at her
I put my hand out and say "I just want to introduce myself! I'm Johnny"
"Oh" she shakes my hand
"No dancing or anything" I say, slightly panicing "I just want to meet you"
"Okay" she says, kind of disinterented; and I awkwardly stand around for a few seconds, with an empty water cup in my hand, before slinking away. She seemingly avoids me (turns around and acts 'creeped-out' whenever she notices I'm looking in her direction [though she looks oddly attracted, still; I think I could've opened again, with some kind of saving-face]

four (7.88888889): 
 she had already noticed me (i.e. mocked my dancing) and was her own party, so this is kind of cheating; but:

tap her on the shoulder, say "were you head cheerleader?"
"you want to hit me?" mimics hitting with a hammer "hit...?"
"nevermind!" I could tell she was playing; but am a bit flustered and walk away

I walk up to her again an other time that night and she says there's a penis on my shirt (it's a gun)
"there's a penis in my pants, too!" I say (later, consider this as being too forward/needy)
she walks away

later that night, as I'm leaving, I see her walking down the street
"Penis shirt! Have a good night!"
"Thank you :3" I reply
"Did you hear them giving me shit for calling you penis shirt, in there? Somebody told me to watch my language!" she relays, laughing
I laugh
She's on her way and I say "By the way, you are awesome"
"Thank you!", she beams
"I think you were trying to be mean; but get caught up in your own fun"
"Thank you!" She smiles and goes to catch up to her friend

five (6.88889) [four's friend]:

walk up and put my hand out - four sees this and I say "I'm just introducing myself"; I look back to five, "I'm John". She smiles and shakes...that's the end of that 

not really an other approach (7.888888)

two girls go around dancing with guys for a minute each and come back to eachother. "That's four...!", they say to eachother (they were doing some kind of 'challenge'); I'm one of 'em. I had been considering approaching this one and now that she had approached me; I felt like I had lost the edge. Still, I tapped her and she never turned around. XD

that's all, I guess; well, now I'm in the rhythm (barely); I have a bus pass, for the month and am planning on going out two or three nights a week

'til next time


more physical
approach sooner - fuck the indifference threshold
approach more

weakness: two+ sets

edit: just remembered, like two weeks ago, I approached an employee at my local grocery store (6.888888): 

see her at the customer service desk; and consider approaching her, despite the line. I stand there, after buying groceries and notice other employees looking at me. I look at the target; slowly turn and walk out the door. I stand outside for a few seconds and decide "fuck it - I'm going to do this".
When I return in to the store, I see her going in to the bathrooms. I wait for her outside of the bathrooms, for a minute and when she comes out, approach with "excuse me".

"Yes?" she smiles
I feel nervous; say, "nevermind; sorry" 
and walk away
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approached one (6.333334) girl, last night:

she's walking toward me and smiles.
I hesitate for a split-second; but then say 
"Hey! :)"

She stops and says, "Hey!...who are you?"
"Uh, I don't know; I'm just..."
"Sorry; but I have to go", she says as she walks off
"All right cx"
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 nice bro
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one (7.667) more:

she's walking through the dancefloor; I put my hand out and say
"Hi! I'm Johnny. How are you...?"
"Good! How are you...?"
"I'm good."
She smiles and walks away

first and only approach of the night. I realize, after, that I could have pulled her into dancing

edit: oh, yeah...forgot to mention: I didn't care for the music, this night; so was listening to Julien's podcast, on headphones, while dancing
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