July 20th, 2018
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dave7- wrote:
Tyler talks about macro momentum and micro momentum.  Basically, macro momentum is what you get from going out regularly on a long time line- a week, a month, a year, a lifetime.  Micro momentum occurs during the night- it comes from hitting up a lot of sets. 

I'm realizing there's a third dimension of momentum that can be tapped into.  It's GROUP MOMENTUM.  It has a lot to do with the "you are your 5 best friends" rule.  That is, you are a product of the people you spend the most time with.  I see our crew get better and better.  As one of us gets better, we all get better, and as we do so together, our momentum increases synergistically.  We progress much more rapidly then we ever could on our own.  It's a circle of feeding off each other and getting better.  The sky is the limit.

I guess my point here is twofold.  First, if you're reading this and you don't have a solid crew- find one.  Second, my crew, you guys are fucking awesome.  We're all progressing so much faster with each other.  It's great to be out there HAVING FUN with you guys and see you guys STEPPING THE FUCK UP.  Being able to come on here and read about it later is just icing on the cake.  Much love.  

Love this. See ya this weekend bud.
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Head out with the homies.  Beast it up.  Get a text from one of my fb's.  She has a friend.  Cruise down there with Boskap.  Pull girls to his place.  He almost gets it in with his.  I take my girl back to my side of town, and when we get there, she wants to "do something awesome". 

I take her down to the beach and fuck her on a pier with the seattle skyline in the background.  A car drives past.  It's a cop.  He slows down.  Then continues on.  We continue on as well.  Then go back to my house and finish what we started.


Fuck.  It's 4:22 am.  And I just got home.  This will be the second night in a row that I don't go to bed until 5:00am.  Oh well.  Go hard or go home motherfuckers.

Start out at free tour.  Owen fucking kills it in his speech.  He talks about the process of getting good at this.  The part that speaks to me right now is getting hotter and hotter girls.  The way you get hotter girls is by getting to the point that you can be normal around them.  This is awesome to hear.  It makes me feel like I'm doing all the right things.  In my last FR, I talk about relating friend to friend with tall stunning girls.  Owen's speech made me realize that's what I need to do right now to get to the point of being able to be normal with them.  So, I'll work on getting that down, and then the sexuality will just naturally come in when the time is right.

We head out afterwards.  The one and only Dave7 is with us.  First thing in the door, and he instantly beasts on some girls.  I wing him, and we pull the girls around.  They run off at some point.  I beast on some more girls.  We head to another side of town to find the bootcamp.

We hit up another area of town, burn it down.  Then bounce to the last side of town.

I get blown out over and over and over.

Then, last song of the night comes on.  It's some slow dancing song.  I think, "I don't want to be by myself for this".   I open the first single looking girl I see.  It's on from the get go.  She's not exceptionally hot, but she does have blue eyes and brown hair.  I'm such a sucker for that combo.

I tell her we need to afterparty.  She's all about it.  She has four friends, and some guys are pulling them.  A lot of the group is packed into a cab.  We sqeeze in, making it 6 people in the backseat of the cab, but the cabbie won't allow it. 

I take my girl out.  One of her girlfriends is there, as well as three dudes.

We jump in the dudes car and head way far away.

Get back to their house, and everyone is downstairs kicking it.  I notice this has nothing to do with me getting it in, so I lead my girl upstairs to a vacant couch. 

We're on the couch grinding and making out, but she won't let me take her stalkings off. 

She says her roommates will see her.  She doesn't want to look like a in front of them- understandable.

I pull her down the hallway and find a bathroom.  More making out.  She won't let me take her stalkings off again.  I slide them down a couple inches.  Make out more.  Rub her pussy.  Finger her.  Whip it out.  Roll on a condom.  Spin her around so her back is facing me, and grab her hand.  I tell her to pull me into her.  She does. 

It's hot.

We finish up and go downstairs.  Her friends know what happened and now they hate me.  Well, one of them does.  She makes it really weird.  So, I call up a cab, and get a ride back to my truck.

Anotha thursday in seattle...


This is the second time i've pulled and fucked a girl in this same situation.  I'm on the dance floor, some song comes on that makes me not want to be standing there by myself, I grab the closest girl to me, I take her home and fuck her.  I wonder if there's anything more to it.  I should try to recreate that vibe or something.  idk..  I need to sleep.  Peace out RSD.  See you all tomorrow (today)...
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Cool meeting you, awesome that you pulled so late like that, inspiring.
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Ya Dave.  Had fun beasting with you.  If you're gonna stay out late, you might as well go hard to the end.  Never know what's gonna happen.  All it takes is one good one.
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adjunkie wrote:
Ya Dave.  Had fun beasting with you.  If you're gonna stay out late, you might as well go hard to the end.  Never know what's gonna happen.  All it takes is one good one.
I almost had a pull at the very end of the night.
Time from meet to getting into car for ride to my house. Probably under 1 minute.

Its like alex says in his same night lays video.
I was about to find the youtube video and cite it here. Then I realized you made the alex video info thread so Im pretty sure you know the one Im talking about.
I just want to enjoy amazing girls. Crazy what sort of journey ive embarked on pursuing this quest.

My adventures in Dallas - 2013
 My adventures in Austin - 2012 
  Tyler/Julien, Honolulu Bootcamp July 2011 Tyler hotseat2 x5 (2011-2012) Alex hotseat x2 (2013)
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What a crazy fucking weekend


I went out and hit up all the usual spots.  The only difference is the bootcamp is running, so several of the usual homies are on a fucking mission.  It’s badass to see. 

We get in the first club, and it’s still early.  There’s one group of 5 or 6 really hot girls dancing with each other in a circle on the floor.  I check them out for awhile to see which one I like the most.  Make eye contact with the hottest one.  I walk right through their circle and open her direct.  It doesn’t hook hard, but she stays in for a couple minutes before passing me off to the birthday girl, who is also extremely hot.  This one  hooks alright.  I spend about five minutes vibing with her but don’t really get anywhere before one of the friends pulls her away to dance.  These were definitely the hottest girls in the club. 

Next venue.  Roll up hard on two 8/9’s separately.  Number close both of them. 


This was one of the first nights in a while that I felt like I was getting emotionally used up.  That’s because I was going hard on the hottest girls I could find.  I’m consciously making the decision to up my game to the really hot girls.  It’s not going to be easy, but it’s what I want.  To quote my friend Matt281 “If you want something, go get it.  Period.”

I notice now that I was being entertainer guy too much.  A lot of it was that I felt really on and was enjoying talking and amusing myself, but a part of it was “I’d better keep talking so she likes me.”  Fuck that.  Spit some game, hook the set, then chill back and let her invest in the interaction.


Hot seat

Then head out for a late night beast session.   I was super amped up but really fucking tired as well.  Disastrously tired.  I pushed through that shit and had a pretty good night, but it’s pretty much a blur.

I opened one girl on top of the stairs.  She was a 6.5.  She wasn’t into it.  She went behind her cuter friend, who is an 8.  I opened the cuter friend by loudly telling her she’s hotter than the other one.  The 8 is kind of into it.  The 6.5 is mad and is trying to pull her friend away.  I yell at her, and then block her out.  This goes on for 5 minutes or so before I start to lose it and the 6.5 is able to pull her friend back.

Bounce around and open like I’m on bootcamp.

End of the night street set.  Open a short black girl.  She’s fucking hot!! 8.5 Tiny in all the right places with a perfect ass and big boobs.   It’s her birthday.  I decide she needs bday sex.  Her friends were trying to get her to go to some hookah place or something.  She wanted a street dog.  I led her over to the street dog stand to get some isolation.  Some chode starts talking to her, and right at that moment another girl appears right in my face.  It’s my most consistent fb.  “OH  HI”.  I hug her, and in my peripheral see the 8.5 get pulled back by her girl friend.

There's a moment of indecision to chase after her and ditch the fb or go in damage control mode.  I make the split second decision to damage control.  I basically just spit some game at the fb, get physical, make out.  She’s not acting mad, but I can tell she is.  She knew the deal at some level that I was this player guy that fucked a lot of girls, but she hadn’t witnessed it first hand until tonight.  Oh well.  I stay chill.  My frame is, “this is what I am, if you don’t like it, you’re free to go.”  She tells me I can come back to her place but she doesn’t want to go to mine.  I walk her back to her car and tell her I have to go home and sleep.

Then I walk back to the strip.  On my way there, I see the 8 from the first set of this report.  Point at her and smile.  Hug spin kiss.  Carry her away.  She is obliterated.  Barely even able to walk.  HAHAHA.  I’m like damn how’d you get so drunk.  She says she’s only a little bit drunk.  I try to steal her away, but her friend hates me, and takes her away from me yet again.  Idc cause she’s too drunk anyway.

Jondaygame and I are hitting up the last stragglers on the street in front of the taco stand.  I open a tall black girl who is in set with two tall good looking guys.  I spit some game and pull her about 6 feet away.  The guys back off and get mad, but then the girl runs back to them.  Jon and I are standing there, when someone grabs us from behind.  I try to turn around, but the hand gripping my neck stops me. 


Me-  It’s not illegal to talk to girls.  (I try to pull his hand off my neck, and he grips down even tighter to the point that it hurts.  I know not to struggle because I've done that with cops before and gotten seriously roughed up)


Jon apologizes.  I rub my neck.  What the fuck.  God I fucking hate pigs so much.  He was a short fat little bastard.  My guess is that he saw me open that hot tall black girl and it triggered some ego response from him.

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Shake it off.  Center.  Be cool.

On to the after hours venue.  Beast hard.  Nothing hooks good enough except one girl who had bad breath and wasn’t that hot.  The bad breath was the deal breaker. 


Was a rough weekend.  That’s good.  It’s like a tough workout.  Those are the ones that get you the strongest. 
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Hot Seat Notes

Tyler said, “What you see as awesome in other people is what you need in yourself”.  In that, I see things in both Owen’s game and in Julien’s game that I think is awesome.   I basically see two different sides of the emotional spectrum out of them.  Tyler gets girls laughing because he’s hilarious and says funny things.  Julien gets a girl turned on by being a fuckin dick and saying really mean things, but in a playful way. 

Eye contact.  This is so fundamental and so key.  I’ve learned a lot about it by watching the hot seat.  If a girl isn’t giving me the eye contact I want, I need to demand it from her. 

Prior to this, my game fell into a pattern of chode conversation in pretty much every set.  Since the hotseat, my verbal game has been much more fun.  I’m playing with the male/female dynamic a lot more verbally, and am exploring authentically communicating the deep emotions of love and hate in a fun and congruent way.  

Right now in my game, I'm going out all the time and trying to internalize the things I picked up on and learned in the hotseat. It’s a process of learning new things, and trying them out until I come into congruence with them.

These are basically my exact notes from the hot seat:

#1 Core Principle- ABUNDANCE
-and the capability to convey it
-a girl will rationalize anything if you convey value
-value is conveyed through an HONEST SIGNAL
-That is, a signal that’s hard to fake
-You can’t say you fuck lots of women
-The ways
-Entitlement exercise
-Approach 3 ugly girls, then 1 hot one.  Do it the same way with all them
-Be relaxed.  No leaning in.
-Don’t get validation from girls, that shit is pathetic.
-Never let the rejections take away your swagger
-If she rejects you, she’s probably too dumb to see your value
-Anime Eyes
-She is open to you and will be compliant
-Power is got by people who take it
-Apologize rather than seek permission
-Back off when you creep her out.  Apologize.
-You have to believe they’re going to drop everything they’re doing to be with you
-Buyer/ Seller
-The girl never feels validated until your dick is in her
-Street game
-Open them, then move them somewhere else QUICK
-Find out soon who she’s with
-Who are these guys and how do you know them
-Girl- “Is it good”  Owen-“Im not gonna sell you on it”
-Funny text
-The curse of the douche.
-If you’re in a bad mood or unconfident, admit it.
-Hey what’s up, I’m shy
-Do Something!!!!
-Find reasons why you can do it.
-Dance floor game
-You’re Cute… (pause)  I love you
-An example to show how the conversation is in rhythm rather than constant.
-Get her laughing then escalate
-Heightening of physicality and emotions
-Value= Raw attraction+ enhancement to her self image
-They love to fuck guys who have options but choose them over other girls
-Travel for game
-Do it on the cheap
-Momentum building for joy of taking action

Day 2
-Hit up the numbers
-Go hard.  Try from different angles.
-A social status gap can cause a girl to want to fuck you right away
-Owen attempts to go from a logical to an emotional state
-Make weird noises. Animal sounds.  Socially inept Asian guy.
-Owen will find an image that’s funny to him, think about it, and imitate it. 
-You want to be coming from a care free place.
-Whatever is funny to you will draw people in.
-Memory is state access dependent
-Don’t self monitor

Julien Game
-Be asshole gangster but obviously playing around
-I have to go the bathroom.  Goodbye forever.
-Fight for me.  What the fuck!
-Tell them to leave
-Yell HEY at them when they aren’t giving you their full attention.
-Leave now
-You will lose me forever
-Youre in set and a guy approaches
-tell her to ignore him
-You attractred a homeless bum
-When you see they get creeped out, voice it
-Oh he’s so creepy
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Julien Hot seat and then head out with Cat, Dave7 and Boskap.

End up at some spot with no girls.  Pretty lame.  We’re about to leave.  But wait.  Where did Dave7 go?

Oh shit.  He found girls!  He’s in a group set.  We all roll in hard to wing him.  Lol.  Within minutes, Cat and I are slow dancing two girls.  Somehow Cat is with the one I thought was the hottest.  Hahaha

Earlier, Cat and I had talked about stealing each other’s girls for practice so when other guys roll in, we’ll be good at handling it.

As we’re sitting down, I go to work stealing Cat’s girl.  I get her attention and she’s obviously attracted.  Cat sits back and then comes in hard. I realize that it was fun and games, but there is an underlying depth which I hadn’t taken into account.  It’s here that I get a real life, real time lesson from Cat.  PLAY TO WIN.  #Bruv

Cat takes off to go bang some girl.  Dave7 is in tight with his.   I take turns hitting on two of the girls I like and talking shit to the one I don’t like.  Make out with one of them during a game of spin the iphone. 

Towards the end, an immense wave of exhaustion hits me.  I sit back and become useless.  The girl I had talked shit to all night is actually offended and saddened by my behavior.  I apologize and buy her a drink. 

Dave7 and his girl disappear.

It’s not too long before I bounce out.

Dave, I was really impressed by your level of game and the way you consistently stepped hard.  You're a cool motherfucker and I had a lot of fun beasting with you.  Until next time homie. 


Coming into congruence with the new things I picked up from hot seat.

My sets are all much more fun than usual. 

Nothing really sticks.  But it’s all good.  I open the hottest girls there. 


After having one day 2 flake and then burning another 2 interactions to the ground trying to line up another day 2, I head out with Boskap.

My best set of the night.  3 girls in the street.  I roll up hard.  Get the what the fuck face from all of them.  2 of them begin to walk off.  I hold my ground and keep talking while I stay chill and positive.  It hooks hard.  They are all standing around me smiling and enjoying the interaction.  Turns out they’re all married.  But it doesn’t matter.  Was awesome to go from 3 what the fuck faces to 3 smiling women who are happy to be interacting with me.

The near-pull set.  Walk into the bar.  Don’t see much but do notice a 2 set.  As far as ratings go they’re a 5 and a 6.  Hahaha.  I walk around some more, and then realize they are the only ones to approach in the venue.  Fuck it.  Why not.  I roll in and it pops open hard.  I take the 6 and intro Boskap.  We spend the next hour or so with them.  Mine loves me.  I kiss her.  She wants to make out a ton.  I pull back and look at her.  She gets mad, and says, how rude.  I don’t care.  Last call comes around and Boskap’s girl is saying nice to meet you guys maybe see you around.  I tell her to shut up.  It’s her birthday and we need to party more.  They want to go to another place.  I take the idea and turn it into mine.  I  leadi them to the next venue. 

We get to the next place, and for some reason the vibe changes.  My girl goes and dances with some other dude.  I chill back.  Boskap’s girl is still with us.  Then my girl comes and grabs Boskap’s girl.  That's when I realized shit wasn't as solid as I thought.  I chill back and watch the situtation unfold before I take action and go dance with my girl.  She dances with me for a bit, and then pulls away and goes to dance with some other dude.  I tell Boskap’s girl, I really liked her, now she’s dancing with that other guy.  He looks creepy!! You have to go save her!  She does.  Hahaha.  I keep thinking this is too much work for a fucking 6, but I want to burn it to the ground just for the experience.  Process.

I dance with mine a bit, and then they bathroom me and disappear into the night.

My theory is this.  Remember when you were a chode, and you’d open a girl who you perceived to be too hot for you and it would hook, but then you’d eject because it would scare you that a hot girl was talking to you.  Pretty much same thing, except she's the chode and I'm the hot girl.  Ya, she choded out.


Gonna cherish tonight and then hit it hard again on Thursday.

I fucking love this shit.
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Watch this.  It's badass.
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Fucking sweet meeting you too man, you have a look in your eye when talking to girls that says "I want to fuck" and I think girls love that shit. When I see you talking to a girl, I'm thinking "damn she is gonna fuck adjunkie for sure". 

And that video was epic Jesus. 
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