October 19th, 2017
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 OKC has always sounded dumb to me, but you make it sound interesting. Especially to get laid off the internet that's ridiculous(ly awesome). 
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Head out to the usual. Slow to get started. Really in my head. No worries. I just frame it as the first night of the weekend and no pressure to perform well. Just get warmed up by taking action.

Open a cougar. She tells ke she's way too old for me. She qctually means it.

Run into sexybitch who I always see here. She busts on me for never calling. Funny I called once and she never returned it. Would be good to close this one at some point but I jut can't get myself to chase as hard as she wants me to.

Open a hot short girl by poking her as she's walks by. Insta make out. Dance. Tell her she's sexy. She loves me. But she has a friend who isn't really all that. I lead them around. Makeout with my girl more. I have a feeling this one is unclosable. Not really sire the best way to handle these girls that want to dance, makeout all night and that's all they need. Anyway, I spend the next hour with her. Everytime my hands leave her body she puts them back on there. Makes me squeeze her tits. We sit on the couches and make out. I have her honeymoon style across my lap. Bit her neck. She starts moaning. We get kicked offthe couches. Lead them to the main dance floor. We dance some more and then she takes her friend and bounces. Just was goodbye and poof into the night. I'm not mad or even disappointed. I knew this was gonna happen and I was just enjoying this sexy little girl for what she was.

Long sets like that tend to kill my momentum. So I walk around trying to get it back. It's about 1. Open a few more but nothing is sticking. 1:15, I don't see shit. I decide to bounce. My intuition is to stay but I bounce anyway.

1:30. Get a text from matt281. Come wing this set. I turn my truck around and head back.

Get there. He shows me the girl. She's dancing with an Asian guy and has a black guy trying to pull her away from the Asian guy. I sit back for a mintute until i feel like it's good timing. Hug her and lead her away. Spit game like a motherfucker. Pull her outside the club with matt281 and his girl.

We get out there and she sees her friends. One dude grabs her up and kisses her on the cheek. I'm tempted to call it a night, but I hang in there anyway.

Finally, matt281 and I lead our girls away. Some friend of theirs who is follow chode guy (fcg) follows us. Fcg hails a cab. We lead our girls away and to the car. Get in and back to their hotel.

We get their, find parking, and smoke a j outside the hotel. I make out wih mine. Be girls want to go to bed. Matt281 and I are trying to pull them back to somewhere else though! I'm like adventure! Be spontaneous! Matt281 suggests food. They're down.

We walk over to the diner (love it. Bc memories abound). Fcg follows us. Ughhhh.

As were walking over, we see some painting onthe side of a bus stop. My girl tells me this story about it. I fall in love and kiss her.

Get to the diner and order food. Fcg doesn't order anything. We eat. I make out more with my girl and stay physical. Were high and just fully enjoying the moment. She doesn't want to look like a in front of her friends (fcg).

Fcg leaves to smoke a cigarette. I think 'maybe he got the point and left us'.

Nope. Fcg comes back in and scavenges our leftover food. Keep it classy homie!

We walk back and kiss goodbye.

They're visiting from out of town. Maybe see her tonight. Or maybe not.

Either way, god I fuckin love this shit.

(written from my iPhone between interviews I've been holding today. Excuse any mistakes ;)
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 Any advice for OkCupid? Keep killing it. I went hard yesterday and was short on sleep all week. I was about to nap and miss some event my friend invited to me that is a potential adventure but read your post about your night with SF and now I'm saying fuck sleep and going out early. 
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Was a crazy fucking weekend.  Feels like 4 days all boiled into one mess of work and play with no time for sleep in between.  There's been a couple things ruminating in my head though, and I want to get them down here.

Sunday, I finally returned the call of hbattorney, who left me a message on thursday or friday.  I had hooked up with her awhile ago, but had only talked to her once since.  Anyway, we met up last night, hung out, ate some burgers, then came back to my house and got rowdy for a few hours.  I'm going to see if I can put her into the rotation as a regular sunday girl.  She's actually a really cool and pretty girl. 

That last point brings me to the first thing that was on my mind this past weekend.  I say, she is actually a really cool girl.  What was she before that then?  Maybe just a meat sock to jerk off into.  Could this mean I'm not communicating person to person and rather communicating as person to it?  Possibly.  Enough that it probably is a sticking point at times.  Here's the video that relates to the concept.

When I was on bootcamp, Tyler asked me to watch this.  Turns out, yes I am that crazy motherfucker.  I am happiest and most alive when I'm toeing the edge between life and death, pushing it so hard that one false move would be my peril.  Since I live like that, I've been through a lot of crazy shit.  It takes a lot to phase me.  That's why I can open girls without worrying.  Most nights out, I was out doing some crazy shit that would risk severe bodily injury or even death just hours before.  So, what does it mean for me to open a girl??? Not fucking much.

Tyler talks about the unflinching fearless look.  It gets attraction quick, but lacks social pinging and gets weird once the girl realizes you have no attunement for her subjective reality.  Don't try to shoe horn your view of "game" into her reality.  If it's not working, calibrate.  Don't keep trying the same thing over and over.  To get it, PAY ATTENTION to her, as a person.  Notice how you're making her feel.  Give a little bit of a fuck.

Moving on, but still related,  is how do you want to be alpha?  Brad talks about being the Silverback Gorilla rather than the wolf.  The wolf will run around all crazy being like, i'm alpha i'm alpha look at me look at me; whereas the silverback with just chill back and maintain his ultra relaxed air of coolness.  But, if you fuck with the silverback, he will put you in your place.

As Jeffy says, You can't be half a gangster.  I learn this lesson over and over and over.  It gets drilled into me repeatedly as I go out in the field.

Thursday night, there was that follow chode guy.  We had pulled some girls, but their friend followed us around the entire night and fucked up our pull.  Thinking back, what I should have done was get rid of him.  When we were at their hotel, we got high, and then bounced the girls over for food.  Follow chode guy was on the fence of whether he should come or not.  When he started to come I should have just said no.  Don't worry, we're just going to get food, we'll take good care of your friends.  Instead, I just ignored him.  He annoyed me, so I didn't even think he was worth the time or effort to acknowledge.  Big mistake.  Rather than ignoring an issue, I need to hit it square on.  Be full gangster.

You can't be half a gangster:

This game is such a paradox.  Have intent, but freedom from outcome.  Have social attunement, but be full gangster.  It is only through field experience that these paradoxical concepts can be internalized. 

The good part, is this shit is so much fun; but in learning it, we are becoming more socially attuned, confident, and overall better people.  We are coming into congruence with who we truly are.  We are men.  We have desires.  We are not afraid to express these desires.  We are fucking gangsters.
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StoliLover wrote:
 Any advice for OkCupid? Keep killing it. I went hard yesterday and was short on sleep all week. I was about to nap and miss some event my friend invited to me that is a potential adventure but read your post about your night with SF and now I'm saying fuck sleep and going out early. 

Good shit bro.  Hit it up every opportunity you get.  As far as the okcupid shit goes.  I put up some good pictures of me actually having fun with a smile.  But I did something funny by putting up a shirtless mirror shot as my main image.  It didn't even show my face.  Just my chest and abs.  Got a lot of attention.  Another thing is I made my profile 'real'.  I've noticed a lot of the advice of online game on here has guys putting a lot of really weird shit on their profiles. If that works for you then have at it; but I don't think it's that effective.  The keys are:  expression not impression, humor, and not taking it too seriously.  if you look at jeffy's profile- tacochode, you can see how the shit he puts up is hilarious, but it's real.  it describes his actual life.  Hope that helps some.  
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I'm in Calgary!  There's so many hot girls here!! Holy shit.  It's awesome.  Last night was pretty cool: met up with Xeofreestyle, opened a ton of sets, hooked a bunch throughout the night, and tried to go for the pull with several of them.  I'll probably just talk about the sets that kept going throughout the night.  That is, I opened them, hooked them, went around to do other shit, and then ran into them again and again and again.

-Brazilian Girls.  2 set.  The cuter shorter one, I liked was pretty funny.  Her english wasnt that good.  She was really hot.  She kept talking about how people think braziiian girls are sluts, but it's actually the canadian girls who are sluts.  i made fun of her for being a huge prude.  tried to kiss her multiple times.  she wasn't really down, but she didn't leave.  she liked me.  gf material girl.  hahaha fuck that.

-5 set.   I go for the cute short one again.  It's a huge crew.  When I first open, they ask how old I am.  I say 17.  They think I'm serious and run away.  I try to tell them I'm actually old.  Too late.  Turns out Xeofreestyle knows one of the girls in the group.  Later on, I get back in.  I tell my girl I feel wierd because I was just joking about my age.  She hooks.  Spit game.  Tty to isolate.  Impossible.  Next.  See her throughout the night and play with her and her crew everytime.  They kind of become my backup crew.  

-The hot blonde twins.  I beast on each of them seperately.  Xeofreestyle has # closed one of them and wants to date her.  Only problem is I didn't know which one he liked until the end.  They were both really fucking cool.  I led them around.  Danced.  Played.  Made out with mine, who I later found out wasn't Xeofreestyle's ;)  Too bad homeboy had to bounce out early.  We prob coulda pulled this set.  I tried at the end, but there were two of them, (TWINS WOULDA BEEN BALLER!!!)  but, they had their brother coming, and it just wasn't happening.  I got the girl's #.  Maybe see if I can hang out with her some time before I go.

-Sexy short blonde.  part of a 2set.  Opened her early in the night. Went in super hard.  Her friend pulled her away.  I saw them outside in the smoking area and opened again.  VIbed a little.  Left.  Saw them on and off the rest of the night, and would have a short little interaction each time.  End of the night is rolling around, and I see her again.  She grabs my hand as her friend is pulling her around, so I follow them.  When they stop, I try to get her to come back with me.  Or to get food with me.  Go in for the kiss.  She won't do it.  Laugh.  Move on in search of a girl who is down!

There was a ton of other sets, but not really worth writing home for.  The night was pretty good.  I remember Alex saying somewhere that if you can go out thursday, friday, and saturday to let the first two nights be warmups.  I like that attitude, it takes the pressure off so you can just relax and have fun.

Looking forward to my next two nights out here!
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That was a cool post a couple up. One thing that stood out for me was how there are so many paradoxes in all this. I keep seeing them everywhere. As soon as I think 'Ok this is how it works", I'll do the exact opposite and it will really work.

One of the biggest examples of this is something you also touched on - that pulling is not about doing some crazy-ninja-superhero shit, but often just sitting back, being real and relating to the girl. I kinda had it in my head that it didn't count if you didn't throw the girl over your shoulder and carry her off into the night, lol.
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^ya man, the paradoxes in this just keep popping up.  My most recent one, that I'm about to write about is this:  I'm in a new city for a couple days and I really want to be able to fuck a new girl in a new city; however, to be able to fuck a new girl in a new city, I have to have freedom from outcome. 


Start out the night with some of Xeofreestyle's homies.  They're all cool dudes who are into rsd.  This shit is so cool.  Tyler really is starting an army.  Anyway.... some of the guys do a little prepartying, then we head out to the same bar as thursday night. 

We walk in, and I see my first set.  3 girls at a table.  It's fucking freezing out here, so I go up to them while rubbing my hands together trying to get them warm.  I tell them about how friction creates heat.  One of them takes my left hand and warms it up for me, while the other one takes my right hand and warms it up.  The third one in the middle says she feels left out.  I thrust my hips towards her, and say, you can have this one.  They all laugh.  It's a funny set.  These girls....  One of them is fit like a motherfucker.  She tells me she's like the state champion wrestler or some shit.  Cool cool.  I'm not feeling them after 10 minutes or so, so I bounce off to find the homies.

They're posted up at a table right next to me.  This is when I look around and realize it's dead.  There's hardly any people in this venue.  We bullshit around a bit.  Then go out to see what we can find.

I open a 3 set and isolate the hottie.  Then some dude pulls her away.  I try to block her way out, but he goes on the other side.  In retrospect, I should have been full gangster (again)  and talked to the dude.  Instead I just tried to ignore him out of my reality, and it didn't work.  BE GANGSTER!  I don't think I need to post the lion video up again, but the point remains.  Be like him.

actually, why not?

I see one of the dudes in set with 2 girls.  I go up to wing him, and as soon as I get there, he blows out.  Oh well.  I take over the two set.  One's a cute girl, named boobs, the other is her anti social friend.  Anti social friend doesn't say shit the whole time, but at least she doesn't steal my girl away.  This one hooks really really hard.  We talk about pickup lines, and she asks me what mine would be.  If you've ever scene the jeffy santacon with evil stifler video, there's one scene where evil stifler yells down some girl in the street in his pimp voice, hey little red girl.  I like to use that voice sometimes, and this is the perfect time.  I go full embrace, hey girl like your face like your shirt.  go for the makeout.  get a kiss on the lips.  step back a bit and laugh about it.  she loves it.  anyway, the homies were talking about bouncing to a new better venue, so i get her digits and go to find them.  

I look around, but I don't see them anywhere.  Shoot one of them a text, but no response.  Looks like I'm rolling solo from this point on.  The guys were telling me about some club that sounds like a similar crowd to one of the lounges back home.

I walk over there in the freezing ass cold with no jacket (oops), and see a decent sized line.  It doesn't seem too bad though....  I stand in this unmoving line for about two minutes when these 3 punjabi indian girls come up behind me.  Some of these indian girls can be really really hot to me.  These ones fell into that category.  HOT!  I talk them up, but it comes out more friend to friend I guess.  Maybe I don't feel comfortable going beast mode on girls outside of a club.  That's kind of a fucked up sticking point I should work on.  To digress.  Writing this shit out is so helpful, I never would have had that realization if I hadn't written this FR.  

So we're in line.  10 minutes goes by. 20.  30.  Finally we get to the front and the doorman only wants to let the girls in.  They make him let me in with them.  He's our friend.  Yay.  I'm their friend.  At least it gets me in!

I get in and realize maybe it was a mistake switching venues.  My state is flatlined.  Oh well, I'm not going to chode this one out.  I want to get laid goddamnit!  I go through the process of doing awkward out of state opens and blowing out.  Some little pushes me really hard.  This fucks with me for a minute, then I let it go.

The first one that hooks is a cute blonde girl.  maybe a 7.  I go in hard.  Spit some game.  make out.  Then her friend pulls her away.  My state is on the rebound.

Another one hooks hard.  Brunette 7 with ze superboobz (tm Paris).  Make out.  Go outside to smoke a cigarette.  Spend the next 30 minutes or so with her.  Her friend is there too, but she's cool.  They're going to a friends house to play beer pong afterwards.  I realize this is the one for tonight.  We go back inside, and all of a sudden her attitude does  a total 180.  She's very serious, and says, Someone told me you just want to fuck me. I don't have sex with people I just met.  I'm a good girl.  That's a pretty hard core shit test.  I say something to the effect of I would fuck her, but I wouldn't want her to do anything she's uncomfortable with.  Then I start thinking, fuck, maybe she's serious.  I want to get laid.  So, I bounce off to find a new one.

There's about 10 more minutes left in the night.

I fInd two blondes.  Try to establish some sort of after party.  They want to do something, but they don't know, and neither do I.  Could have probably pulled these ones with a good wing man and a little more knowledge of the city.

I have a little textversation with boobs.
I already went home :(
What's ur adde?
Sorry man Im going to bed gotta work in the morning
Maybe see ya out tomorrow.  Hope you had a fun night ;]
Yeah maybe :)

Being out here is so good for my game.  It forces me to burn shit to the ground.  I normally wouldn't have asked for her address, but it was probably the right thing to do.  Although I could have maybe been more playful about it.

Run back into superboobz.  Talk some more.  At that point in time, I had mentally disqualified her.  That was my mistake.  I should have just agreed.  Ok no sex.  Then hung out to see what would actually happen...

Anyway, was a pretty solid night.  As always, focus on process, not events.  This shit is making me pimp.  Actually, I am a pimp because I'm doing this shit. 
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Calgary sounds like fun. You've inspired me to visit it one day. And to try OKC again. And to act like a lion, lol
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If you check out calgary, go for the stampede-

glad to hear this is inspiring you... haha  almost strange to hear actually... in my head, it's like, i'm not really doing that good.... maybe I am?  maybe I just need to keep reframing everything as I am the man.  


Continue the textervastion with boobs during the day, was memorable enough to post-
(picture of me) Look at this cool ass place I found
lol, welcome to canada haha
you canadians aren't as bad as they say ;)
lol im pretty sure we r
just a bunch of eh holes
hahah yeah basically :P
I'm going to (club) with my friends tonight.  you're welcome to join us if you want
that would be fun :( but my partner in crime already made plans with other people so I have no one to go with, plus im so broke, been going out all week!
My bank accounts really hurting lol
hello! u can go with me dork.  be adventurous tonight! (plus I have an extra vip pass to get in fo free!)
lol tru that! i'm adventurous all the time haha u caught me on the wrong weeks :/ lol
suit ur self ya eh hole :p
lol shut up! I'll se what I can do!! probs not much but lol
You're done in this town! I'm gonna tell everyone what an eh hole u r. hahahaha
Hahahaha bite me!!
If you come out I just might.  righ on ur neck.  but not too hard.  just right ;]
haha oh so tempting
just tell your friend that you have an old friend in town who you haven't seen in a long time.
She's already out :( I had to work so I couldn't go with her!!
I'll give you a ride.  Where u livin at?
I live with my mom :/ she wont like that!! I might meet up later though.  still figuring shit out.
Right on. Let me know cutie.
So I'm coming :)
cool. c u soon
yup yup

fuck that was longer than I remembered...

anyway.  I commenced the beasting, thinking I had a limited time before she got there.  so I beasted and beasted and beasted.  she never showed up.  i do feel like it was some solid text game though, seeing as how i had hung out with her for all of 2 minutes the night before.

trying to remember the rest of the night, but having a hard time.  i opened a lot of sets. 

here's a good one.  something like a 5 set.  get isolation with the hot one i like.  the group is right there still, but we have our own little bubble of love.  I bounce after a little while.  then see her in the dance pit.  grind on her for a bit.  then bounce.  see her in there later and get kind of freaky on her.  she's totally into it, but I'm not pushing it too hard because I'm experimenting with this alex game method thing that I'll post after this.  i go to screen for logistics and find they're impossible.  was fun hanging out with her though..

another pullable set was these two girls.  one's 18 and the other's 19.  I feel like they would have been very pullable if it were 2 dudes out there.  xeofreestyle has to take off early, and the other dude was having kind of a shitty night. anyway, this set went like all the other good ones in this relatively small venue:  I'd see them, have some fun, then bounce out, then see them again, etc, etc.  they always remembered my name and shit, but it seemed like it was impossible to pull them both by myself.

anyway, fun night.  awesome trip.  i learned a lot, and my game has def changed some.  I saw this alex video about over escalating in the club versus being physical just enough to establish a physical vibe between you and the girl and let her know that you can escalate when you need to.  from there just be a chill fun guy until you pull and you're in a place where you can escalate all the way.  

The video resonated with me so much because I've had so many experiences where I've escalated almost all the way in the club; like if there was a bed in there, we would have been fucking.  but, since it's not really possible (aside from bathroom/alley pulls), the interaction fizzled out. 

I'm going to be playing around with these ideas for awhile to see if it works better than what i've been doing.  seems like it could be the maturation of my game.  maybe the next step upward.

here's the video, and I'll post my notes from it afterwards.

-Focus less on academia of game and more on taking action and letting the transformation and growth take care of itself

-Physical rapport
         -you have to be caveman escalation monster to get girls (partially true)
     -you need to communicate to the girl that you are enough
         -you have a positive easy going vibe
         -youre having fun
         -you’re an alpha male and you do things on your own terms
            -but you have to have an empathy for the situation you’re in and the girls you’re interacting with
     -Girls want to be aroused
         -arousal translates to attraction
         -going caveman will generate massive attraction
             -but by going too hard too soon, it’s like blowing your interaction load too early
                 -Then the interaction fizzles out
                     -then she knows you just want to fuck her
                     -you could make her feel uncomfortable
     -adoption frame
         -making them feel comfortable with you
         -physical rapport is just establishing physical comfort with each other
         -rather than invading her space, bring her into your space
         -never want to go beyond the physical rapport that the venue could allow for. Ie- you can’t fuck her in the bar.
             -escalating too hard too early is a trap
                 -comes down to trusting yourself or not
                     -the guy can see the girl is reacting to him
     -physical rapport
         -be comfortable in each others space
         -be playful
         -really physically escalate at times but then stop. “no no we’re in a bar”
             -do it in a playful sense rather than an “I’m trying to score a girl frame”
     -create a frame where you’re spending time with a girl in a bar
             -attraction is a function of time
             -by being away from each other, she will begin to percieve you as better than the other guys in the bar
             -it puts her in the frame that this guy is cool, we have chemistry, and she’s going to be thinking why isn’t this guy trying to do more
                 -you don’t do more because you know it’s not the right time to escalate
                     -you trust yourself
                         -creates a vacuum
                         -the girl isn’t sure if you like her
                              -she will then game you
     -the vacuum
         -you do a lot to get the interaction going then the you pull back creating the vacuum
         -the girl will game you
             -you only truly get good results when the girl is gaming you
                 -why isn’t he taking it any further when I know he can
     -a shift in psychology
         -you’ll think oh shit im taking this too slow
             -in the long run you will consummate the interaction much more, have more social abundance, and have girls projecting attraction onto you
         -decide which girl you’re going to stay with, establish physical rapport, screen the girl
         -give her space to decide that she can like you and she wants to make you like her
         -you want to push and make takeaways
             -give the interaction room to breath
         -the interaction is a team effort
              -not the battle for the chick

-ninjigo chuey
     -beware of the ninjas in japanese

So ya, how cool is it that alex posts that FREE material up??  I only have one night of experimenting with this new shit, but I really see how it could be the next step for me.  It's like a more in depth look at another side to what I was writing about earlier about giving just a little bit of a fuck.

My calgary trip was fucking amazing.  sad to see it come to an end, but can't wait to keep the journey going here in seattle!!  peace out motherfuckers!! much love.
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