January 17th, 2019
King Mentality: A Scottish Dude's Field Reports/Blog.
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Join Date: 05/03/2010 | Posts: 55

So yeah let me give you a little background on who I am.

I've just turned 26. I live in Glasgow and have done for all my life. I'm from a working class background. I had a pretty normal childhood untill I went to Highschool. It felt like a jail term. As soon as I got out of School I pushed on and really looked to get with a girls. Throughout my whole life I think i've been single for over 6 months only three times in my life. Once when I was 12, 23, and now. I've had a long list of mini girlfriends and three long term realtionships in my life. I wasn't a failure but after my last girlfriend Social Conditioning hit me really hard.

I went from being a total pimp in my head, having a great time to this ultra ULTRA serious dude. I mean really serious. The kind of guy who you all pitty. I was never really chodey all my life till I split up with my x. Why is this? I wasn't a strong enough man to stand up to my x's demands. She would go crazy if I didn't call her, if  I was talking to people in clubs that I didn't know etc. Really needy. She turned me into this really needy guy.

I've spent all that time from then trying to date girls, trying internet dating. I really tried for that band aid over my weak mental health.

I got into 'The Game' but couldn't handle it. I felt like it was chipping away at my personality. One of my friends turned me into RSD and I have been reading and reading. As well as going out.

I'm very much an amateur but heres whats changed since March 2010.

1. I am no longer needy to girls. Phone calls, texts to me no longer make me 'happier'.
2. I am no longer bothered by being single.
3. I am going places in my life, I no longer over react in work. I'm doing my IT qualifactions and learning Dutch.
4.I've had a fuck buddy for about 6 months.

Anyways I'm gonna post my random thoughts blogs and general brain stew below.
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Join Date: 05/03/2010 | Posts: 55

Date saturday.

Okay it’s sat and I’m in bed. I’m gonna get something to eat then i’m off to a date at three. It’s my final Internet date ever. I’ve decided that I should be focusing in on meeting woman in real life as I’ve had it easy over years by hiding behind my Internet personia. So it’s okay weather we are meant to be going for a coffee but I’m gonna drag her around the park. Just gonna experiment with the values I’ve learned in rsd and just go for it. I can’t wait.


So yeah the date went quite well. Not really my type but I maxed out around three hours of chat. Really nice girl but not my type in the slightest. All down I enjoyed myself and it was a really nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

So after the date I came home to try and muster up the energy to go out. Had abit of a problem really pumping up my mood. We went for a really nice curry down Ashton Lane at the wee curry shop which was fantastic really. I highly recommend it.

After which we arrived at the most packed pub going Oran Moore. Pretty poor atmosphere but a nice mixed crowd. Again issues with pumping my mood which I knew I’d be able to sort out with some high fiving. No avail.

Big ginger kept fucking with my state as soon as I was slightly pumped I dropped as he tried to push me. My ego as a big pimp has taken a bashing and no wonder. I am no way at the level I thought I was. I’ve really goto get out abit more.

Anyways I tried some dance floor games as I couldn’t be bothered talking to any of the woman. Broke a two set down with little alpha dancing and bopping to one girl. She was kinda unresponsive when I was trying to ask her some questions, my frame wasn’t strong enough but I went over to my friends to dance and I could see she knew I wasn’t a creep.

So anywas I tried a little experiment with one girl saying she had something on her cheek. Totally bombed but I win on the fact I tried something out of my comfort zone. So all is well.

Tried some more dancing games with another two set. Broke into it and really got somewhere. Got some hip bopping. Some ass spanking.(found that quite funny that It was offered on a plate). As the girls went for drink I introduced myself they didn’t. Asked if they where sisters, no. It was interesting I got some laughs. No shit tests. Got some major body contact with the other friend. They boosted to the toilet and I never re-approached after that. All in all the older woman. A lot of fun was had. Oh yeah i hit her with the ‘i’m shy’ then manhandled her. Funfunfun.

Later on I re-approached the blonde chick who was alone. Got some more touching and went for the kiss however she rejected it, I switched it up and said she tried to kiss me. She continued to dance so a win here. I hit her with the ‘i’m going now sad face’ which she replied that she didn’t care. I didn’t react so i passed. I didn’t close which I should have but I chickend out. Over all kinda interesting thoughts. I think I could have pushed that one for the close. Next time I think I’d be happy with a kiss or more.

Next up final set of the night. A two set. Went really well and passed some time. No touching just verbal amusement on my behalf. Happy days.

Over all a good night and progress to my indifference threshold.

Number of woman approched: 7
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Date night two.

Quick update then.

Got a date tonight with a woma(33) that I used to date three years ago. She’s pretty much an overall perfection for me. Great personality great looks. We stopped dating because at the time I just wasn’t a man in my mind. The dating frame was just really messing with my head. Now I really understand why that is and that it’s actually a man made thing.

So anyways around two weeks ago we met at a friends birthday jig. I was just in the mind frame of having a great time and not caring what anybody thought. Brilliant to the t and I totally carried it off. So we kissed after I cave man’d her around a bit got her number and pussied out of it. (pretty glad I did now because I picked up an STD two weeks earlier from a really silly ons).

Anyways we are going for the food, cinema combination. She’s off so she might want to drink. It’s my plan to get kino going right away as we have had two weeks apart and I want to set the standard. Expect an update later as I can’t go home with her(got a week of non sex to go le merde).

Kinda weird one tonight. Started off awkward and went into the full swing. Got a bit of kino going right away to get things comfortable. It worked out. Holding hands and high fives all around.

I suggested we go for a walk which went really well. I just felt really comfortable and just blasted out my personality. It was pretty cool. Teasing went really well. Some comforting touching on the shoulders. On route to the cinema we kissed and it was awesome.

The film was awesome and we really joked around. I really enjoyed kick ass and would fully recommend it. Fun, Guts, swearing and humour. 4/5.

After the film I suggested bar I like this venue as it’s pretty out the way. We enjoyed some deeper conversation and got a little tipsy. Afterwards I pushed her up against the wall which she loved. I can tell I could have pushed this one alittle further but alas STD. Worst. She expressed at multiable times how weird It was to go out again. I’m happy.

We went to a bookstore earlier and managed to pull her into my reality. Happy days.

I hear more and more about this. My mentality changes depending on the situational context with the girl.

Because last night was so good my mind is trying to calibrate me back to being a needy prick. I can feel myself wanting to shower my date with attention and have some sort of attention soaking exercise. It’s kinda weird. I feel like I need to really fight off these feelings because I know that this will drop my status and my levels of attraction to woman. It’s quite a dilemma I want to enjoy the fact and think of all the possiblities but I know deep down that boom I’ve gotta cut this out.

In other areas I really feel that I’m improving. I’m having more of a laugh with my co workers. Any kind of joke that gets flung will stay as a joke and I really feel emotionaly that I’m getting better.

Just need to keep my mind out of the chode clouds if I want to continue my success.
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Join Date: 05/03/2010 | Posts: 55

Computer Games are for CHODES.

State of play.

So last night I planned to spend in doors. I had my dinner(korma) my beers and my pro evo.

It was change when one of my mates asked me to go out to my favourite club. The old me would have not. The new me. Boom am out.

So we pumped our state with our first set of the night which was high fiving all the smokers. Boom 8 high fives. It was pretty good when we went in. Big fucking alpha smiles. Drinks down our necks. My mate turns up. I start bigging him up and bringing the party. This group of two girls open up to us like flowers. We don’t go for it. My two mates send me to the bar I come back and open the set with ‘did you guys steal my friend?’ and boom it’s on. My friends come back boom up the introduction. One of the girls gets isolated and I move in. Kino, plot lines, and have the alpha frame. Maybe trying to much. I was making this girl piss her pants. Got told I should be on the stage etc. Dancing monkey perhaps? Who knows. Anyways I close with a number close and try to go for the kiss close when she wasn’t up for buying but she continued to want to dance. Win. And I guessed she was a teacher outright. Awesome.

We enter the club and alpha it up. On the empty dance floor. We are the party. I hit state really easy. Dancing away and around two girls approach me. One was humping my leg. I tried to kiss close and kinda failed. Got her neck bit but no cigar. She vanished. Fun!

Later on my friend got dancing with a group and boom I get a kiss close and a number at the end of the night.

Some weird chick tries to come into the bathroom. And asks me where the female toilets are. I grab her hand totally alpha kino and drag her. I lead her to the toilet. And go to dance. She follows me onto the dance floor and grabs my cock. I try to kiss her and fail. She wants me to lead so I take her up the stairs where I bang her up against a wall and kiss her. She’s leading me to the toilet again and asks me to wait. I lose after she comes out. I know this. Kinda weird how she shattered my frame but she was pretty hot, horny and smashed.

Go home alone cos STDs are bad children.

Safe sex.
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Join Date: 05/03/2010 | Posts: 55

Lessons to be learned.

I really feel I won last night. I closed a night when usallly I would have not. I feel like an overall better person. More complete and not as nearly needy or high maintenance than I’ve been in the past. It’s a change within me that I’m really proud of.

I think it comes from having a pro active social life. My weeks are always filled. I have two days free. It makes you more relaxed. Getting out there really forces you to have some adventures.

I like the fact that if a girl doesn’t text me back I’m like. That’s aight I’m cool. Totally relaxed. I have had my wobbles.

I’ve had points when I’ve come home and went straight to my bed because some girl didn’t want to see me again. It’s pretty crule to really put that pressure on your self. Rise above it and really just let it go. You can only let it go and realise you always have things to cherish in your life.

I will always have the love and respect of my family and for that I am forever greatfull.
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Day three

So just back from my day three.

Points to note.

Being the dance floor Alpha pumps shit loads of attraction. ESP with a chick your already dating.

Social proofing is the win.

Leaving around 2am is the perfect time to go.

It’s not a big thing going home with a chick.

Sex is such means so little it just happens.

Carry your self with pride. Always.

Day three(s) expanded.

So anyways Friday was a biggie.

Work was a drag and I wasn’t really feeling the pump. I was pretty tired.

Got home had a cup of tea with my flat mate and then it changed. I motivated both our asses to do the house work? WHAAAT. My plan was to come home and nap like a pussy.

My energy levels rocked. We got the whole house done for the weekend. I even got my flat mate to cook me dinner. It was so on.

My plan was to invite the 33 year old up to mines with some friends. However my best friend pulled out to hang over at her boyfriends. Which was fine.

This would have seriously fucked me up before. I was slightly on the edge but decided to just let it flow.

The plan was for her to arrive at 9PM. She arrived closer to 9.45. I was like ‘nobodys here btw just you and me’. No excuses. It was all good.

Got her a glass for her drink we sat down and she spilled the beans on her working week and her carpet troubles. Got touching going again and some kissing. Gave her the ‘tour’. Came down stairs chatted some more. It was getting better. No rushing around like I would have before the vibe was set that this was going to be a great night.

I needed to goto my room for something when she was in the toilet so our paths crossed and I hit her with ‘oh fancy meeting you here’ time for some hot make out. BOOM.

Taxi ordered. Totally relaxed alittle hand holding in the taxi as the driver was listening to some political debate loud as fuck. It’s all good though.

Got to the club and we are outside. We both really need to pee but I need to find my friend and go to the bank. She suggests we just go in and she’s got 60 quid. So in we go.

Drinks down our necks. Its my fav ‘makers mark’. My friends arrive as we are at the bar. So we stand over the dance floor. I’m feeling the vibe and dancing a little really feeling comfortable in my surroundings here. I really enjoy the vibe, the décor, the look of this place.

Soon afrer we are on the dance floor for like the whole night. My best friends boyfriend is telling me that this chick is hard down staring me out it looks like the attraction levels are through the roof on this one. All i’m doing is being my self 100% and dancing. Keeping my head up and just being Alpha.

Me and the 33 year old dance the whole night. It’s great. We are even dancing to like this minimalist fuck buttons song thats 8 minutes long and hardly has anything do dance to. Its awesome. We get our final drinks as I notice she is getting too drunk. I say ‘after these drinks lets go’ she replies ‘where are we going?’ I reply ‘back to yours’. She pauses for around 5 seconds I just don’t react she internally nods and goes ‘okay’. She knows whats going down but I’m not being sleazy or anything. We get our coats and get a taxi. My friends have already left to goto my favourite club so all is well. This club must be the fucking club as by 2pm it is really empty.

We hail a cab and have some great chat going home. She puts her legs across mines. I compliment her hot heels.

We try to get into her house but her key is jamming on the outside door. We try it for like 5 mins before at the same time. We kick the door and boom. It opens. I think its pretty hot so I bang her up against the wall but sadly I actually bang her head against the wall. OPS this could have been a major fail but nope. I just find it funny. We move on. We get into hers I get us some water.

I get the tour before we get into her bedroom. I ask her for my glasses case(this is where I keep my condoms along with my glasses;my two most precious things in my life).

We make out and boom it happens.

We wake up in the morning BOOM. It happens again.

I get the ‘I didn’t plan for this to happen last night chat’. I reinforce that ‘it just happend’.

I depart not before she gives me a set of ear phones for my Iphone.

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Another close.

So I came home after a heavy night to go for a nap. I don’t think I was able to fall asleep again. My mind was messed from my lack of sleep the night before needless to say I was ready to go for my day three.

Having the mentally that I’m not outcome dependent is great. I arrived at the said persons house. I’ll call her funny girl. I had a great night watching a couple of movies and chilling like a demon. Not really any techiques to report apart from I didn’t try it on right away I slowly esclated the whole situation.

Over all good night and another full close.

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Stuck in that half way house.

I think its really important within your journey that you really keep focus.

Right now I’ve spent two weeks applying for two jobs. Really anaylising my point within my career and just wanting to really expand the chances I have to exprience the world.

I’m really hoping to do some traveling this year i’ve never really been able to afford a big hoilday on my own so i’m really looking forward to expriencing some new places.

Which kind of brings me to some random thought I just had there.

I remember I was seeing my one of my serious girlfriends and I explained to them I wanted to go live in LA for 3 months. Man that shit went down like a lead ballon.

It’s kind of weird how we go through life and can sacrifice just things you may want to do. Now I never went to LA its been a dream thats lets say has been put on hiatis. I will return to it.

Now why am I at this current moment stuck in my half way house?

Really because I have the option of really pushing on with what I’m doing right now or settling for a really kick ass girl. Like perfection.

What is stopping me?

Really its all down to my development. I feel if I settle now Im settling for the lesser dream. The dream of just going for it to the max.

I.e I really need to get my ass out this weekend.

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Finally got a 'normal' girl.

About a year a go I thought I could not talk to normal girls. I’m really into my music. My life is music, I play music, write music, sing. Its just like so music centered. I’m a big elitest.

Problem being is that causes issues when your talking to chicks right?

W R O N G.

So anyways a few weeks ago…

I’m in my favourite club as usual. Just me and my non pua friend. He goes for a drink what do I do? BOOM I sit next to a three set. Hit the leader by mistake. I say ‘your pictures SUCK’. Then boom i’m in pictures with then. Introduced myself and thats it. I’m in. My friend comes back and starts working on the one at the end.

We go dance its all good. Boom. We go back and shes like ‘ciggie time’. I’m like OKAY DUDE go get her!

I go for a drink and a dance. I’ve got friends in the club that I know from work. So its all good. I go outside to catch the two love birds?

What the fuck do I see?

HER ALONE. Oh my god.

So I’m hit her with all the questions. Do you like my mate etc. She doesnt. What a buzzkill. I quite like her so its time to step this up and really prove I’m gaining exprience. I kiss her. Simply by saying without fail or any tone change. ‘ok you should kiss me’. Boom. I hit her with about 4 venue change(within the club). Some dancing (she can’t dance I say this will not do good in the bed room*see later).

I venue change her and take her number. She’s really buying. I know because she asks me ‘will I text her’. Boom I win. She won’t go home because of my friend.

I did a shitty thing. It was a lesson to my friend that he needs to move FASTER.

So basicly I arrange a chick with a girl. That…

I have zero in common with.

She’s a small town Irish Chick. No chat.

Day two gonna be hard then?

Fuck no easy.

I get her at the train station. We walk 15 minutes (her in heels) to my favourite bar. We stay for 2 drinks and depart to another bar. Its all hot kissing in the bar and its alittle push pull. Even before 12 she’s back at mines.

I play her a few of my songs.

And it happens.

*It was terrible.
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It's been tough(ish)

So I’ve not updated in a while. I had more than a few nights of failures. So much had changed within me. I had actually went backwards. How was this possible?

Well I couldn’t vibe with people I became they negative force again that I really disliked. This kind of energy is so natural to me. It’s something that I know that people dislike and Im not fond of it.

I’ve been working on my self, I’m finally getting over some stuff and getting back to being indifferent.

There was a point two weeks ago that my patterns had resumed to my old self. My ego was back full swing and I really did start to care. The reason? I got comfortable again. I very nearly ended up in an ltr for all the wrong reasons. Needy needy reasons.

It’s amazing how people start to react to you when your in that mindset. It’s an inner change that you notice that girls know your a value taker.

I had developed feeling or emotions for this girl as a needy value taker. Guess what started to happen? I start failing her little tests and I can tell I have dropped the attraction.

I made the decision to hit this one on the head and I’m going to end it before it gets too long winded. It’s just run it’s course.

I started swimming this week something that I really enjoyed actually. It’s quite good for my well being as it’s going to build me up. For myself.
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State of play in October.

Just got back from Amsterdam where me and my best friends pimped it for 4 nights in a row. I had a week off work and I went out as much as possible. Things started falling into place once again. I have not closed since Amsterdam but I am generally getting more and more chill. I got to the point about 2 months ago when I just cared so much. 

Things are on the up.

So watch out for some more posts soon.

Its the Scotland Vs Czech game tonight and its gonna be messy.

Peace out.
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