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Get Em Cus I HO
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So I read the post on October 1st being lay day.
  I thought this was a great idea, a holiday devoted to getting laid. I was prepred to celebrate this like no other holiday. I mean guys think about sex more than they think about jesus or the easter bunny. I'm sure girls do too.  Layday was a friday


woke up, do some work and then went to my buddy's university in a small town an hour away. He's having a kegger and he tells me i can drink free if i help with "Security" aka making sure ppl dont break stuff. Of course im down to jam with him and hit up some new females on lay day. Get there and it starts off with pretty much all guys. I'm not too worried and keep drinking. By the time im feeling tipsy they are more girls and im introducing my self to them and just having fun at the party. We play flip cup and i'm being loud and borderline obnoxious (in a fun way), yelling at ppl to join the game and shit. I'm definatly the highest energy person and i'm talking to everybody. I see one girl HB Tits (as she had nice big ones) that i may have met earlier and start playfully stealing her beer and messing with her. she's down as i'm money. By that point i'm flirting with a lot of girls and there were defintely hotter girls giving me eyes but HB tits is definately DTF. Also i was definately being the prize in my interactions with her, as learned from my mistakes which resulted in lmr (as documented on my last fr So i pull her outside for an ADVENTURE and pull her to a grass corner behind a house which shared a large parking lot with the kegger house. I tell her "i don't think its gonna happen but i guess you can try to turn me on" non chalantly. I'm think we hooked up a bit after this but next thing i remember i have my hand ups behind my neck á la farris bueller

saying "yea i guess u could try sucking my dick" in the same tone.  she procedes to suck my cock. then we fuck (it was before midnight and therefore still on lay day) . I'm banging her missionary with my pants completely off and some girls walk behind us and sound shocked, at first i stop thrusting and then just continue fucking and finally they keep walking. After we finish we go back to the party she's grab her purse and i say bye to my buddy then go to her residence room to bang again. We are hungry and we order a small pizza. It take over an hour to get it and we're hungry and drunk.  She can't wait and calls another pizza company order one from them. Finally the 1st pizza guy arrives and the pizza is tiny, barely a personal pizza kinda reminds me of the pizza mcdonalds u to sell way back in the day. she pays for it and we quickly eat it in her room. After we're done we're lyring in bed and she falls asleep. I'm deciding weather or not to stay the night (and get the next morning bang in) or go to my buddy house to crash. Soon her phone rings, its the second pizza guy at the residence door. I'm still hungry so i take her credit card (she ordered it, im not gonna pay for it lol) put a sandle in the door and go get the pizza. When i return, the sandel is gone and the door locks automaticly. FUCK. I left my phone, shoes, id and credit card inside her room. Im not even wearing socks. I bang on the door loudly. She's doesnt wake up. I bang on the Residence Assistance Door. No answer, im freaking out. I'm running around with the pizza trying to find someone to help me. It 3am by now and almost everyone's crashed. eventually i find some cleaners who cant open the door but call security for me. Eventually he shows up and unlocks the door without any proof that I know the girl and leaves lol. He doesnt even look inside the room. I eat half the pizza get my stuff and leave.
Usually guys rate woman from 1-10. 1 being complete discusting and ten being incredibly hot. The problem is you only have 5 numbers (6-10) to rate girls u’d fuck if drunk or really horny (6) to the most beautiful ever (10) this doesn’t do hot woman justice.
THE NEW scale is as follows: If a girl is too ugly to fuck even if your really drunk or super horny, she’s 0 aka not on the scale. This scale if for rating bonable girls not uggs. On the new scale a 1 is the lowest you’d ever go. A drunken fuck with no effort involved, and goes up from there. 3 is a girl you’ bang sober for sure but def not worth dating. 5 is datable and definitely considered cute by everyone. 8 is smoking hot, like celebrity hot. 10 is perfect, Brooklyn decker si perfect.

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"i guess you could try sucking my dick."

awesome <3
Max is the Christ child that was conceived from the love Tyler and Julien both shared. A bond so deep and true, it could only fabricate the saviour of our cause. Together they made this marvelous modern miracle Max, and finally after enough time he has grown to realise his destiny - Messiah of RSD - saving us from scandal and attack.
He is paying for our sins by taking jabs to the face by angry feminists -- and so it was,  so it shall be.
Praise Tyler, Amen.
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OCT 15, 2010

Went out to the Club Solo. Lately I've gone out basiclyy sober but would bring a little dex (mild speed) that i would snort to pump me up.
Tonight Nothing, Not a single drink or any dex. Got to the bar skipped most of the line (what i do is go to the front just before the little line barier, push in next to someone, if they dont say anything good, if they do just say "yea go infront of me u guys are chill" and go in behind them.)  Got in skipped cover (which is for chodes) bam open the first set of of hot girls i see, clawing em both. The hot one is down and says "who are you" in a dtf tone. I banter a bit but she is pulled away by firends. Immediately repeat with new set. I'm speaking rediculously fast, prehaps too fast but i was trying to bombard them with emotions somehow it didnt work. continue opening with the claw and pretty much beasting the club.

So I'm bouncing around the club like i'm high on meth, jumping round n shit, thinking wow this is great, im completely sober nd nobody knows its my lil secret.  I see a blond girl from the back claw her, and see her face! Shit shes uggg, looks kinda like a tranny? but i dont think she was just a gross manly face lol moved the fuck away, at least i'm going for shit with out scopping it out.  I'm dancing with another girl and a guy i know is with her friend and hooking up with her. She gets mad elbows in the jaw by some dude, the club is fucking packed, and she leaves the dance floor in pain.

Later im grindign with some other girl, see the elbowed girl getting grinded by two dods. I run over pick her up , lift her like 30 feet away and start grinding with her. She's happy about. We eventually go outide for some air. See see's her friend outside. I end up getting shawarma with them and going back to their hotel room but no sex goes down just chill. I'm finding it hard to keep up a sexual vibe and frame control when i'm sober, especially with two girls.  Looking back I knew that sex wasnt likely going down. non phsyically receptive n lack of ioi's. "MY warning system was letting me know it wasnt gonna happen but it was  overpowered by my desire (to bang her)"

Anyway it was a good night, I was fucking tired before i went out and throught it would be brutal but it wasn't. I just drank some DR P and manned the fuck up. The night was a succes tho. Proved i dont need a drop of liqour or sniff of dex to be high energy and not give fuck. I'm still not completely past th giving a fuck threshhold, but getting there. I also found 2$ at the club(theres always money right below the bar) and an unopened beer at shawarma, and since i spent nothing at either place, this was a profitable night ;).

Still looking for wings in Halifax bitches! Message me
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OCT 16, 2010

Went to kegger today mid day, nothing much went down, got drunk of course chilled out with ppl i mostly knew.  Was good times but ended around 8. ppl were going to the club later and i planned to go around 12:30. So i go home and plan to sleep untill 1130 get up, eat n go. I However wake up at 2:14am my alarm either didnt go off or didnt wake me. Fortuntely this is halifax and some clubs stay open untill 330. get in car hit the club.

get in Go around planting seeds, some go well others do not. One set i open 3 girls, one guy. They're work friends, dude and one girl leaves. HB Cute Girl seems down, would love to bang this girl, she seemed chill, looked like catie holms great smile. We chat, she eventually leaves to get a drink. Continue planitng seeds open a 2 set + 1 firend hooking up with some dude, i guess its a 4 set? They tell me they're virgins ;) I say me 2. I claw, we chat. We start dancing n shit, they're receptive. Then one seems not as down n puls the other away from me. I should hav stayed in but i left. Fuck. Cotninue around the club, state is worse then the night b4. 

Club closes i go outside, see HB cute girl with some dude chat with them, doesnt go well. I Think i helped him. She moved closer to him as we chatted. Lame. Keep opening sets outisde they go decently but i mention the pull to easy/early. i figured it was late so no time to fuck around.

Later see a hot girl with some guy, Go up to her say "I"m sad, my heart was just broken" she smiles and says aww I hug her she seems down. chat a bit then she asks me if i know the guy behind her, who turns out to be someone she knows. wrong answer lol. i tried to keep it going but the first guy get all pissed and says "were talking" totally blowing any shot he had with her. unfortunately she has turned to second dude. could have stayed in but i see another girl and open. 

later I hit a pizza place n see a girl from the back sitting next to a girl tlking to a guy in the corner. I want to approach but i leave. then i think fuck this go back. open with some like "its free fry time" girl is cute too. semi down. girl was semi down, her firend and is giving me the ok but girl gets up to meet her firend then i kind follow she says im not going home with this guy n goes back to seat. learn some shit = stay i sets till massive blowout.

Quote of the night: girl: i don't put out me: i put in!
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Fun friday, INSANE SATERDAY(a taste of semi CAlibrated beasting, see next post)

FRI: Went to the club with my chode buddy. Molest aka hug from behind a hot, shvering from cold, girl. She was down but not her freind. This place wasn't too crowed but the others club had way to long lines and I fucked up my line skip. I had one drink before the club and end up drinking 2 shots there cus they were cheap.

Open a girl(HB Leb) at the bar, she ends up being my girl for the most of night. My eye contact was key. Pictured me banging her and she got the idea. She was pretty cute, a 4 on my scale (see new scale at end of first post). WE dance, sit (on my lap) move around, repeat la dee da.

I leave her and the bar, piss come back some "goodlooking" dude is they talking to her. They used to go to high school together, I blow him out easily and he says good game lol.

Later I leave club to find my friend who wanted to leave, she wouldnt come with me but said to come back. I bring him back in. chill with her quick mackouts.

she ended up leaving the club without me. I fucked it up cus i didnt want to be too needy so i'd leave her and open other girls n dance throughout the night, then return to her or she'd come to me. I wasn't thnking right cus around 2 she had her coat on in the club and said she needed to say bye to her friend. Then she stayed around lil longer but i left her alone again. but then she was gone? I beleive i completely missed what was going on here. Fuck, live n learn

nothing else goes down, club has emptied and only remain
Quote of night: some sexy drunk girl says "I have a boyfirend and he's soooooo hot." in a really drunken, semi naisal way, i begin using that as my opener lol
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INSANE SATERDAY(a taste of semi calibrated beasting) - Halifax

Call HB Leb, invite her to kegger and concert after. she is excited about the concert and says she'll see and call me back, i tell her to call within 30 mins. An hour later i call her and no answer. Hit up kegger at 3pm with my buddy. Get wasted play flip cup and have fun.
I see on my phone i missed call from HB Leb, i text "at kegger, wastsup"
Get a text from her saying she was cleaning but cant make it but sh had fun last night. I'm drunk and when the kegger is done i call her to try n change her mind. no answer

we go to subway, my friends buy subs i order one saying i work at the other subway (i dont) and imply i want it free. When i go to get he tries to charge me i drunkenly expalin that i work at a different subway and want it free. He's says i've never seen u before and i say the same thing bakc to him. He wants me to pay i say i dont want to and he throws it out. lol

We go back to my place have drinks n i make some amazing shrimp pasta. My phone is shitty and pocket dials the last call and i realised it had pocket dial HB Leb like 10 times in an hour. I text her "Just checked my call history, so sorry' accidental" no response. i was drunk and this might not have made her understand that i didnt mean to call her 10 times lol, any advice cus i want to see her again.

We head to buddys place, his female neighbors come over, they arent that hot but im so wasted and therefore down.  pass out in there living room for 2 hours lol wake up they r just chillin there.

I have some texts from my buddy that is in town and going out. I leave and hit up the predrink drink alot of balck tea to wake up and drink more liqour. Hit up hispster club, dance, molest girls. Leave, puke, return. semi beast.

We go get shawarma. My bud and his sister leave and start to walk home with his sister friend(HB) and 2 dudes. Then im like fuck this the night aignt done. I have bracelet a reuse to get into a big dirty club. Go in beast the shit out of it.
man handling every girl i see, huging lifting, kissing neck. Most tell me i smell like garlic lol and arent down.

Club is closing i see this sexy ass short girl like 7 on my NEW scale (see bottom of first post). Beast hard. She remebers me from pizza place 2 weeks ago when i opened her and friend.

Girl nearby which i opened earlier tries to cock block saying i smell like onions (aak garlic). We both ignore the bitch. She said she sat in water and her jeans are wet. I feel up outside jeans her ass and and tell her how wet she is lol.

Leave together but she says she has to find her friends i try walking the other way she doesn follow so i eventually walk with her piggy back her down the street.  running around with her on my back. put her down kiss her neck. WE evetually run into her friends, after my plan to carry her towards my house fails.

Its a couple so im like cool, this will work. They trying to get a cab but they cant she eventualy see some chodes she knows and starts walkign away with them i run over start grabbing her. She eventually tells me one of the guys is her borther an then tells him, not quietly, to pretend to be her borther. i say fuck this open some other girls, set goes meh

Beast of some ladys in a parking lot who run away lol.

Its 415 am. I walk home and see a girl come out of door way from a stairwell and is about to smoke a cig. I run at her full intent, rembering something from rsd "Free" tour, I tell her im going to molest her in the stairwell. I am super fucking intent with this girl. No is not answer.

I hug, grab, feel outside pants. kiss neck, chat lil, basicly just force her to kiss me. She shows me her sexy ass tattoo on her side.  Tell her smoking is bad and a major cause of partying. Tell her she is going to have a hole in her neck and im going to fuck the shit out of it cus 3 holes isnt enough.

Pull her inside stairwell More longer, yet brief makeouts, she lets me feel up her for longer and is clearly loving it but knows shes gonna get fuck if she stays. keeps saying i have to go, i say "i know we shuldnt" eventually runs up stairwell. All of this goes down in 3 minutes. I realize the stairway was coming out of the side of a hotel I walk home feeling both happy about beasting and pissed about not trying harder to finger her which would have resulted in a lay.

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Oct 28, 2010
"I gotta go, gotta go, gotta go"

Went to bar sober, sucked. Wet to club sucked, choded. Went home,  drank 1 shot of vodka went back to club choded felt like shit.
All sets when poorly, about to leave. See two guys with 3 girls. Open. one girl is down. Right away she is trying to kiss my neck but like choding herself out. I tell her to kiss it, she does. Hot face, thin body but big ass. She's hooked, fuck around she asks me where im from la dee da. oviously physical from the start. quick kisses, she tries all kinds of weak shit tests.

Says its weird how i keep pulling out of kisses or doing the kiss fake out (my personal favourite). keeps saying she has to go. i ignore and lean back. She gets my number.
Bar tender and bouncer is cheering me on saying "makeout"  as i hold her, i tell them i wont. Then i grab her back neck n finnaly give her what she wants. Perhaps a mistake.

Move her towards the exit saying were not leaving. leave with her she says "but its cold" i say "we have to stick together!" while grabing her. Pull to car conviently placed across the streat. I play a song, then say we have to leave. She takes key n starts testing me about being drunk, "you wouldnt be at this club if you werent drunk" i tell her not everyone is like you. Mackout, grab keys drive home.

She tellsm e shes got boyfriend and i say me too, then shes says "ur gay?! im not down" i say what do u think. She like "im not down with bysexual guys" i say "cant u take a joke"

My place, get her in the house. she calls her boyfiend. I shutup but then SHE TELLS HIM SHE WITH A GUY and doesnt know where she is. she says she call him back. we hook up she keep saying "i have to go" fuck i hate that line. I say the usual "i know" "we shouldnt". she says her boyfriend will kill me and she feels bad that she already "cheated", by macking out. fuck pre mariage monogamy. You think i give a fuck if a girl im banging bangs another dude some night,
why do these girls fucking feel guilty. JUST DONT TELL AND IT NEVER HAPPENED. If a tree falls in the forest.....

Keep macking out, i believe there was a chance to get my fingers in but i fucked up. gets up says i have to go. Wash since reapeat, no luck. FUCK I HATE LMR. serves me right for not qualifiying enough, getting her investment. she gets up and says "i cant" i say "it's fine" jeffy style. She says ok. I thought she was sayng ok to the sex, i makeout again. "i have to go", she gets in my hall way, hook ups get a finger down(but not in) for a split second she grabs it away saying "no". she was hairy. I didnt want her anyway ;)

If only girls new how much of a turnoff hair is. Shaved is the shit.
walk her to get the cab she calls, make out a bit, go for it again she says stop and kinda playfully flings her arm back towards me but her finger hits me right in the balls. It really hurts I say "fucking christ"  agrily and push her lightly away.
She has my number, hopefully i dont get into trouble with the bf.

The end.
Lesson: always do one more set. Then do one more. then do one more.......
with girls like this theres always a split second where u can go for the pussy, i have noticed it before but clearly havent learned. You will know but if you miss it, you miss your only opportunity cus after words she will be responsible and therefore will not oblidge.
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Dressed up as Justin Bieber, went to predrink party. beasted. Drank lots of cheap vodka. Went to club i had a ticket for bouncer says i'm too drunk.
I try to get in thru side door bouncer stop me. hang around keep trying to get in.

See bouncer talking to cops, i run behind the building. Suddenly they swarm me saying "u think u can run from us", Arrest me for public intoxication, the stupid law that allows cops to arrested anyone they want at night,

Throw me in a cell with 3 other people. freezing cold, they have taken my sweater. I pass out shivering, no ticket the next day. And i dont have my glittery microphone.
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"we're not having sex tonight"

It's the night before halloween. My neightbors are having a lil jam. I'm dresed as Justim Bieber, I've shaved the chinstrap and therefore look young.

Get to neighbors place and theres some girls there. sit and drink for a bit. Dance in a circle. Attempt to 2 step like Bieber. More girls get there. I claw all of them. Grind with 2. They take pictures n shit of me. I tell 2 girls im 16 and need a shot to underage drink. They beileve me and talk shit about my costume n age.

Some hot girl comes up to me saying "you 16!" i claw her, she gets pissed. Word spreads im a creeper and my neighbor tells me in his burmuda accent "man these girls want you but like ur scaring them" or something.

I leave with my buddy to another lil jam.  We get there its mostly dudes but I dont give a fuck, im singing justin bieber songs poorly and freestyling. Girls say im good at freestyling. call my buddy, meet up and head downtown in a group of 5 dudes.

Hit up bar its like 2 am. Open many sets with my new pink microphone with bieber sticker on it.  Start dancing with girl, hooking up she seemes really down. move to bar to get water, she leaves?

See a guy we went to bar with (friend of friend) grinding with some hot girl whose friend is third wheel. I jump on that and were making out soon. Move her around th bar, then outside. Try to bring her home she says i need my wallet from friend. we are both wasted. She goes back to friend gets purse. Bring her outside to an alley whip out cock. She grabs it in the most unsexul and passive way. just kinda holds it, she says i need to go back to get her coat from friend lol.

shes hot but drunk, i feel she isnt down cus she doesnt come back.

last call. 3:30. start getting frantic, open some girls no dice. women have been claimed. open a girl with a Bieber reated opener i beileve. She kinda laughs n shit. Doesnt seem too down. Later i see her re engage. She 27. im 20, She seems a lil more down. Call her HB cop. Dressed as a cop. Talk more, she's with her firends a girl and some guy.

She leaves grab my hand we walk outiside. Turns out shes with 2 other girls and 2 guys.  They are looking for a cab. We walk she says "I guess i gotta go now" I Ignore. She says "we're not having sex tonight" I say "of corse not"

By sheer luck they secure a van cab and we all drive to her friends house. I just chill, im less drunk and very calm, sit on couch petting the cat. "this pussy's soft" i exclaim. she keeps getting up to smoke, i stay put. Her friend, whose house it was keeps saying "you can sleep in my bed" she says "no i'll sleep on the couch" ;)

We talk more more sitting on the couch, She's got her legs up on me, and were sharing a soft blanket.  and im running my fingers across her legs shoulders ects. she cool, in the navy n shit. im uber relaxed. She asks me what im doing, I say im just gonna chill, we kiss beifly when her friends arent looking.

She changes into swet pants. Time to sleep. One dude passed out one on floor, the other on half of the L shaped sectional couch that were are also on. the 2 girls are in there rooms. Lights off,


She says i just wanna cuddle, im kissing neck she wont mackout. running hands all over body. She says "i just wanna cuddle if thats not ok ill sleep with my firend" ignore, start hooking up, neck kissing n shit. This goes on for like 20 mins. im caressing her ass, no underwhere. Me like.

get a finger in pussy. she pulls it out. wash rinse repeat. 10 times. she says you need to slow down. I turn her around so im on top. feeling a bit. heavymack out, she is super turned on. grinding her against my cock. Wont let me take off the sweatpats. i take off my pants. Finger her for while. she takes hand away, i try the i wanna lick it, no dice

FINALLY she takes off swets, multiple glory times ensue with dude sleeping inches away on the same couch. She sexy, flat tummy fucking bubly ass.
we are satisfied, I take a cab home. its 7am.

Textbook examples that made it possible:
-didnt hesitate when she asked my age, im 20, shes 27
-assumed it was on even when she was saying goodbye
-ignored what i didnt want to hear
-she said "we're not having sex tonight" MY FAVOURITE LINE that really means we are fucking tonight
-played it super chill, no overgaming
-RAN MY HANDS all over her smooth body, this was key, not just her ass tits n (read about this in a fr, its feels nice for u too)
-put up with lmr and "were just cuddling", trusted my instincts
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Went up to visit my buddy for the weekend

He lives about 2 hours from Halifax in a small fishing town. 

I get up there at 730 pm on friday night, went to his hockety game which lasted a till 11.
We get home around 1145. I drink tea, He drinks beer. then I drive to the club about 30 mins away.

We get there at 1:30, im not "in the mood". excuses. I begin clawing girls, they dont like me.

Dudes push me, i keep on moving/opening. End up grinding on a lil platform with a valumptous young lady.
kiss her neck, then go for lips she turns away,

Clubs is closing. And people are moving towards the door. I begin singing off key the lyrics to smack that by eminem n akon "smack that all on the floor, smack that give me some...."

I see 3 girls ask them in english if they speak french, they ask me if i do i tell them in french that i dont speak french. claw shyest one and which turn out to be uncalibrated.

Me n my buddy head to the car. On the way to the car we see a a dude holding up this extreamly drunk girl. she like falling over n shit. They're with another hot girl and i ask her "do u think hes gonna fuck her tonight"
She says "probably"  "and ur driving them home" i say . I'm like "we're both the driving!" as i claw her.

She says but you too drunk thinking any dude who claws must be drunk. I say "u think so?"

She says i donno, i Say "decide" grab her and kiss her. She kinda pulls back but the deed is done lol.


Eat and amazing lobster and snow crab feast with my buddy. We drink alot of vodka then head to his younger sister (17)'s party.

We get there her freinds are all cute, she is not. The girls chilling with a bunch of older chodes. I keep drinking we do mad shots of grey goose. at first im chilled out just being firendly more less.

Then the liqour kicks in and i start revving it up a notch, claw begins. i dont really remeber too much past this point but bits n peices. The guys give me free shots of vodka, take some girls tequila and she lets me drink some. Wasted. I manage to piss some of the girls off and i remeber one saying "see nobody wants to sit next to you" as i sit on the couch with noone one either side of me.

I'm way too wasted to give the slightest fuck. Eventually the smallest guy there, tries to fight me. Their half french and it seems this community has a fight culture. He says something about some girl that i pissed off.

People are telling me to leave n get in the car, we evetually leave. My buddy completely ignores the bullshit as hes been hooking up with a young cutie who's boyfriend was at the party.

We leave and go to another party which turns into one big angry fight. I wasnt involved this time. but their were two groups of dudes yelling shit at each other and some of them fighting. I used this oportunity to eat someones smartfood porcorn.

We drive to the club with his buddy who has no id, i help him sneak in thru the outdoors smokers section, then i go in thru front door, i actually paid cover. *tears*

Procede to beast for like 3 hours cus of day light saving the bar is open an hour later.
Nothing goes down well, i way too drunk, way too drunk.  I think i puked earlier in the night but can remeber where or when.

Edit- Just remebered that i fingered some girl while grinding with her on the dancefloor. She was dancing opposite her friend who was grinding with some dude. She kept moving so she was facing her firend so the firend couldnt see what i was doing behind her. I was as subtle about it as i could be considering the circomstance and the friend never knew, although everyone on either side of us prolly saw. I think she left me but i cant really rememeber exaclty what happened but after i went up to some bitchy girl and told her to smell my finger while sticking it up to her face -

last call, end up finding some girl who's down
She a 1 on my new scale (see new scale below), but im so drunk that i want to bang her.

Meet my buddy whos wasted at his car, the girl tries calling her friends like 100 times, they dont answer. nice. i tell her i'll drive her home tomarrow.

We get all get in the car, my buddy is wasted. After a mcdonalds drive through, we drive home in a rain storm in this tiny car. Rediculously sketchy drive home 30 mins that feels like it last forever.  he keeps saying "we're hydroplaining" today i find out what it means.

Anyway he stops off at his sisters place to drop off his buddy and try to bang the girl he was hooking up with at the party. Me n the girl hook up in the car and after a lot of lmr we begin to fuck. Im having trouble keeping it up cus of all the liqour but i finally manage. As im boning her my buddy come out, taps on the car to let me know to put cloths on, We drive to his place and me n the girl go to the sofa. more and more lmr, im thinking wtf we already started boning, i need to finish.

finally i try to rip off her panties, end up stretching them enought to get em out ofthe way. a entremely short session follows and and a very uncomfortable sleep. I drive her home then next morning.

Usually guys rate woman from 1-10. 1 being complete discusting and ten being incredibly hot. The problem is you only have 5 numbers (6-10) to rate girls u’d fuck if drunk or really horny (6) to the most beautiful ever (10) this doesn’t do hot women justice.
THE NEW SCALE is as follows: If a girl is too ugly to fuck even if your really drunk or super horny, she’s 0 aka not on the scale. This scale is for rating bonable girls not uggs. On the new scale a 1 is the lowest you’d ever go. A drunken fuck with no effort involved, and goes up from there. 3 is a girl you’ bang sober for sure but def not worth dating. 5 is datable and definitely considered cute by everyone. 8 is smoking hot, like celebrity hot. 10 is perfect, Brooklyn decker si perfect.

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Lol at the fighthing, so much unecessary anger.
Sexually frustrated chodes are funnier than homemade dog shit
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