March 28th, 2015
Trouble getting a boner
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Hey guys,

Recently I ran into a problem of not being able to get an erection or boner right before sex.  Even with foreplay and external stimulation, I have a lot of trouble maintaining an erection, much less getting one thats good enough to have sex.  I even stopped getting a boner/lowering my sexual state projection in the field when talking to girls as well. Does anyone here have any how I can solve this problem?  I'm not sure why this even started happening either.
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 most cases are mind made... should consider therapy...

there are some good drugs out there, but they might not touch the root of the problem.
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I´ve written this on this forum so many times that I feel like a boner drug freak but..

At least here (Finland) you can make a doctor´s appointment, tell them you´d like to talk
about your sexual health. They give you Viagra/Cialis right away without akwardness.
Nothing to lose except a little money. I didn´t get side effects.

Might not be a permanent solution but worth a try I think.

I guess the natural stuff like maca, horny goat weed etc might help. I decided to try maca and my erections became a LOT better and feel better too. No false stuff. Nature´s gifts.

Anyway, I wouldn´t be ashamed to go and talk to a doctor. They might know stuff. Sex is a part of being healthy.

And 3rd: pc muscle "in shape". Actually the biggest for me. Loooong and max strong holds. If I don´t do this, I can´t get a good erection and I also finish right away. Works for both problems.

My two cents once again..
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Wank less, eat better, excersize more. It actually helps - if i dont do that, i can have trouble 2.
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