December 18th, 2018
AHHH LMR*3, NEW scale for rating girls
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Wanted to start my first real FR with a LR, wanted. Been in the "game" for the past 2 years but only been going pure rsd for around 6 months.

Let's start off with saterday night of last week in Halifax, Canada. Went to a club with my bro Olio. Got in free cus we kept dropping names on the vip list and while she was flipping thru the list (we made up the names), i saw the name of a bachelor party on the list so i told her that name one and we got in free.
Unlike the past nights out we were focusing on having fun and self amusment. An opener of mention was an older but hot blond lady, who was loving me and we played fuck, kill, marry (great club game), untill her friend finally dragged her away. The fucking around was fun but there wasn't much talent in the club so we eventually left. I see the hot blond lady outside who tells me that "i made her night". I forgot to mention she was married and claimed she used to be a stripper.

We got to another club, nothign really happens, then hit a third. At this point it 230 bars close at 330. Now the third place we go to has an older clientelle. I walk in flashing my vip bracelet from the first club to skip the line and get free cover, with confidence, and it works (i've been doing shit like that for the past 2 years). my buddy comes in 2 mins later using the same technique to get in. Use laser eyes to open a 30+ year old year tall and cute girl. Now she was pretty drunk as everyone except me and olio was at this hour. Dance, twirl, move around club, eye contact, push against wall for quick make out, i pull back first, grab water which i ended paying for cus they only sold bottles her purse was with here friends, ADENTURE TIME. She gets purse from firends and we're off to the car. She see friends as we are leaving and says "what happens in halifax stays here" lol. She was from dartmouth which is right across the river or a 3 minute drive. I'm thinking: done deal. She asks me how old i am, i say it's a mystery, she keeps asking finally i tell her im 20.

I'm telling her about home city, job, life ect. She seems impressed. We go to the house, i bring her inside throw her against the door, begin make out. I try to take her purse off her arm, she starts saying "i have to go". I say "its ok", shhh, "yes we shouldnt but...". Eventually she opens the door and kinda moves to the hall, we keep making out and im trying to lead back into the bedroom. She literrally says "i can't" 100 times. Then she breaks down starts crying saying "There someone i love who's over in the middle east". I console her get her water n cleanex and bring her outside to the car. we make out in the car for like 30 minutes. Im suck on her tits but she wont let me feel her pussy. moved my hands away like 10 times. Eventually i drive her home thinking i can maybe get some head once were outside her house? as we drive she's licking my lower stomach but wont go lower to my cock, wtf? As soon we arrive she gets out right away.

Now i'm not sure if the age was factor but i suspect i was. I either should have lied and said i was older or told her right away, i dont like lying tho but maybe next time i will. I think it would also have been good to hook up in the car for while outside my place b4 going into my room.

Fast Forward to the next friday.
Waiting in a long as line to get into a club, i didnt want to wait but the buddy i was with did. As we wait some girls trys to but me and tell her to get behind me. One of them remains close to me and is oviously down. She's a 3 on the the new scale (SEE NEW SCALE BELOW). I hug her, get close, she tries to kiss me i back off but eventually kiss her briefly. I guy in line moves up next to us and asks us if we want mdma. She says yes and I also take a free pill which I give to my friend in the club. As we reach the font of the line she's grabbing my crotch and i'm saying "you have to wait", she says "why?". As we enter the club she goes off with her friends and I begin opening.
I do my usual club stuff nothing really special happens I do hook up with one girl who actually came to the club with line girl (who has since disappeared). Then I see her. She is fucking good to go (see vid at 00:55)

ADVENTURE TIME. She doesn’t even check with the friends. We get in my car, she jumps on top of me starts grinding and making out.
Eventually I tell her we're heading out and drive her to my house. She’s trying to unbuckle my bed and telling me she wants to fuck. We get to the house head we hook up in my bed, again she’s ginding my cock n shit. A lot of resistance but finally my third “I wanna lick it” works and she takes her tights n panties off. I lick, finger and then she tell me to fuck her. I start fucking missionary, then pull out, she gets on top and we continue to fuck. Im dirty talking but she’s not getting into it like most do, I spank her. Dhe says “don’t do that” im like “really?” continue dirty talk. SHE GETS OFFENDED AND GETS OFF MY COCK. I didn’t nut and I’m pissed. She says “ewww gross” and starts putting on her cloths.
I’m fucking shocked. I tell her its only dirty talk and most girls like it. We then keep hooking up a bit but she’s not as down, Then she runs up stairs and around my house I eventually follow her and she’s sys she looking for a guitar to play WTF? Looking back I think she must have taken the mdma and was flipping on it. Hopefully that's why she was acting super crazy. She then leans down next to my room mate who does not look at all impressed and asks him to play a youtube video of her playing ringette. I’m pissed. Tell her, I have no time for this. I want to get her away from my roommate and tell I have a fucking laptop in my room. I tell her she’s acting nuts she says “im sorry do you forgive me” I say maybe I will. I try to get her naked again she isn’t DTF, but keeps trying to grind me n shit. WTF. BTW the whole time she’s been saying “you’re lying” or “no you’re not” when I tell her something about me. NOT A COOL GIRL. Finally I kick her out. And head back to the club.

Hit up a kegger. Chode around for a bit then start to get drunk n open some girls, one of them hooks and ends up sitting on my lap, move her and a bit.
We chat for a while (30 mins) Tell her were going to my house so I can show her a video and she can see my new couch. Were outside and I say ok were going for a bit. She says “ok but I need to go tell my friends isnide cus I’m leaving with them after”. I say “no we’ll be back soon”. She says “just let me go get my phone from them”, I say “no we’ll be back soon” she insists and says I can come with her, obviously I can lol. Well she doesn’t return for a bit and I eventually go in to find her. She’s standing with them, think I introduce myself to them and I tell her we’re going and I can’t wait to show her the video. The friends oviously know whats up and are like is it on youtube, I say yes. she’s like “show her on my iphone” I do while thinking fuck these friends. I pull her to an upstairs bedroom and we hook up, im sucking her tits and rubbing her over he jeans but he won’t let me undo her pants. Eventually she says “I need to find my friends their leaving” I say no we still have time. She gets up and leaves I follow. They are certainly not ready to leave. I go an talk to some other girls and later she asks me why I was attracted to her. I tell her: personality and her body. Nothing else notably happens that night, she leaves the party without saying bye.

Usually guys rate woman from 1-10. 1 being complete discusting and ten being incredibly hot. The problem is you only have 5 numbers (6-10) to rate girls u’d fuck if drunk or really horny (6) to the most beautiful ever (10) this doesn’t do hot woman justice.
THE NEW scale is as follows: If a girl is too ugly to fuck even if your really drunk or super horny, she’s 0 aka not on the scale. This scale if for rating bonable girls not uggs. On the new scale a 1 is the lowest you’d ever go. A drunken fuck with no effort involved, and goes up from there. 3 is a girl you’ bang sober for sure but def not worth dating. 5 is datable and definitely considered cute by everyone. 8 is smoking hot, like celebrity hot. 10 is perfect, Brooklyn decker si perfect.

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There is no LMR in the VAN. It is sprayd with anti lmr pheromones.
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 Likin' the new scale. Makes more fucking sense. :-)
"It's a game filled with little peaks of success and long plateaus.  You go a bit further each time, but more walls lay ahead."-Chance
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"Then she breaks down starts crying saying "There someone i love who's over in the middle east!"
I almost choked on my cereal when i burst out laughing at that
Sorry that your misfortune humors me.
Fuck LMRs, women are so undecided
I'm starting a journal and you make an appearence, take a look
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