January 16th, 2019
LMR Series part III: Emotional Dominance (Leading, Cockblocks, Looks, & Negativity)
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Table of Contents

An EXAMPLE…………………………………………………………………………………………………..............................................
When to lead, when to chill…………………………………………………………………………...............................................
Blowing it up (Destroying so you can recreate)……………………………………………...............................................
“Catching Her” (The right way to “neg”) …………………………………………………….................................................
Social tension………………………………………………………………………………………………...............................................
The Role of Negativity…………………………………………………………………………………................................................
Agogs and Cockblocks…………………………………………………………………………………................................................
Always Be Projecting, and Why Looks Matter………………………………………………...............................................
Comfort Game………………………………………………………………………………………………..............................................
Lead Yourself FIRST…………………………………………………………………………………….................................................

You’ve probably heard the now cliché mantra, “Lead her”. And you probably have heard that your “role as a man” is to lead her and be dominant. Thought what exactly this entails is somewhat muddled. Do you “neg” her? Introduce yourself to potential cockblocks? Do you make friends with her friends or ignore them? How the hell do you get her home? And then FUCK her.. it all seems so.. undefined.

Leading a girl is, in it’s simplest terms, telling a girl how to feel; how to act towards you and the situation unfolding in front of her. Yes.. you need to show her what to feel. This in turn will influence her behavior.. but if you don’t first influence how she feels about the situation, you will lose her.

Also sometimes a girl won’t be feeling what you want her to feel.. her mood, her preconditioning, her strong-headed friends will have different ideas. We’ll discuss some tactics and procedures to get her (and them) on the right track.

Let’s begin with a story, an example.

During RSD World Summit last week (gives a hint how long I’ve been working on this thing ; b), my buddy told me about his problems arranging a threesome with is girlfriend who’d already said she was down for it. Now my buddy is a stud.. laid two girls in one night on bootcamp. Even without knowing this about him, it’s very easy to look at him and know his shit is straight. So why did he have a problem arranging the threesome with an actual COMPLIANT girlfriend..? His problem was a lack of emotional direction (leading) and pacing. He wasn’t the leader, and this forced his girlfriend to take control of the situation. And we very well know, girls are super reactive to external circumstances. It’s the guy’s job to stay on track and remain internally guided.

Now as far as the idea of “pacing” is concerned.. my buddy’s a chill, high value dude. The part of pacing where you chill back, and not fuck up, and let the girl do her thing.. he’s got down. It’s when the situation calls for a stronger more proactive hand that he starts to lose ground.

Anyways, his girlfriend and him went to a club with the premise of meeting another girl for a threesome. His girl met another hottie who was interested (very easy for girls to broach the topic with other girls), and my buddy sat back and let them talk. He did talk to the girl, but not much, and apparently didn’t have much of a rapport with her. Basically his girl handled everything. His girlfriend then suggested they all leave the club, which she was down for. However they had to stop off at her house first, and realized she lived with her boyfriend who she was on the rocks with. This threw him and his gf off as they stood in the house and watched this whole awkward scene go down. So boyfriend comes out from talking to her, (a whipped chode) and asks them to “make sure they take care of her”, my buddy told me he was able to tell the guy knew what was about to go down (threesome).

Anyways my buddy’s girlfriend tells her they’ll wait outside for her, then when they’re outside, she tells my buddy.. “[=rgb(255, 0, 255)]Let’s just go[/].” And they do.

What happened in a nutshell is my buddy did not have a lead role in the interaction, so when his girlfriend started experiencing some social awkwardness, she reacted in a typical girl way by fleeing the scene. As my buddy had not established the dominant role in the interaction when he needed to, she had no other input to go off of, no other feedback to base her feelings about the situation on, and therefore be able to make a decision off of. She was basically “alone”. And so of course she ran.

My buddy did not know his role in this interaction. He didn’t even know if he was supposed to have one. He knew how to be chill, and let things happen passively as many times this is what happens for high-value guys, but he didn’t know how to take an active role when the situation called for It, in fact couldn’t even recognize it when it did. What a homo ; b

Here are a few things he could have done differently to help ensure a different outcome. First off he could have begun the development of a dominant role in the interaction by having more of a presence in the initial interaction with the girl. Instead he let his girlfriend lead the interaction with a girl, which sometimes can work out, as long as there aren’t any hang-ups, but as soon as there are.. it’s pretty much done. Girls have absolutely no tolerance for social tension. They flee the scene ASAP.

This wouldn’t need to be a hardcore show of dominance or force, just a simple introduction of his emotional force in the interaction. Later on he could playfully hint at the idea of a threesome, to develop momentum and help the situation along. He could lead the conversation to different points, not necessarily sexual ones, just simply controlling the conversation at different points to show his influence, and then simply chill.

However the BIG mistake was back at the new girl’s house and the scene of social awkwardness with the boyfriend. By not stepping up and managing his girlfriend’s growing sense of uneasiness in the weird situation, he let it get out of control and the situation quickly became completely unsexualized, uneasy, and definitely not something that would ever result in a threesome.

At socially awkward times like this, it is NO time to be passive and just let things “happen” naturally. He needed to manage emotions here. As soon as the boyfriend walked out and this scene of social awkwardness occurred, my buddy needed to project the “correct” frame for his girlfriend to perceive this situation in. As it was an unknown experience and potentially threatening, his girlfriend would naturally lean towards an uneasy and nervous interpretation of the situation she found herself in. As my buddy had NOT introduced himself as a dominant force in the interaction earlier, she had nothing else to go off of, and so she simply had her own reaction to it to base her decision-making process off of. If my buddy had been a force earlier, at this point he simply could have projected that he perceived the situation as HUMOROUS, and his girlfriend would have taken his word for it. “Holy shit babe! Come on we got to get this girl OUT of here lol!

Then when he saw the other girl later on.. “damn you girl. I just rescued you.. you better be good to my woman here.. give her lots of massages. Shit me TOO. I could have left you there wink” (This all said in a humorous dominant tone of voice.)

Then take them back and introduce the two of them to his cock. At this point they’d be so beholden to his every word, as they’d developed a lot of emotional momentum and a feeling of safety and trust in following him emotionally.. they’d jump right on it. And I would have been there filming…

This concept of establishing and maintaining emotional dominance and pacing is huge.. is present in EVERY kind of interaction with women and society. Sometimes it requires a more active hand, other times it’s more subtle. But it’s always present.

When to lead, when to chill

I’m going to bring up a certain principle constantly during this post; the idea of “pacing” in an interaction. Basically as a high value dude you’ve got a particular rhythm you operate on, a certain threshold of stimuli you respond to, and many that you don’t. Stated super simply, the higher value you are, the less you actually do, and the more the girl allows things to just happen. However you REALLY need to know the difference. At some point you’ll just have an innate ability to read a situation and know, but until then I’ll paint some scenarios and illustrate it the best I can. Earlier I described it as my buddy being very good and chilling back, but not being good at being proactive when the situation called for it. I’ll bring this up several more times throughout the post so be sure to be aware of it.

Blowing it up (Destroying so you can recreate)

Many times as guys we deal with situations where we’re not perceived as having the social control in a situation. This happens a LOT with girls or guys that cockblock us. We’re talking to a girl and her girlfriend thinks she has every right to cockblock you. Because she’s the one in charge.. it’s her right to cockblock and take her girl away. She knows best. Don’t blame her, this is natural. And for most intents and purposes (interacting daily with chodes).. she is correct. However it is your role to recognize this, and correct her. Subtly and chill if you can, harsh and authoritative if needs be.

Let’s discuss a cockblock situation that required a stronger hand.

A couple years back I was with a few wings at a club down in San Diego. One guy a newb, the other guy relatively experienced. He’d opened a group of about 11 girls, most of them very very attractive. He’d opened them and then had nowhere to go, standing on the periphery and trying to stay involved with the group/get them invested etc. I waded in and addressed one of the cuties in the group. “Hey.. your dress looks like it’s from the 70’s” I didn’t say it as a joke, there was no real humor to my voice. Simply making a statement as a “boss” man. Several of the girls “pretended” to be insulted by this, and I was quickly in the middle of a baby birds’ nest, most of them cawing at me raucously, demanding and/or questioning my description of her dress. I paid them NO attention at all, simply addressing the girl I’d opened. I simply stayed softly present with her and she answered my statement, describing the dress etc. blah blah. As the rest of the girls could see I was plainly unaffected by their raucous commotion, they settled down and we all became friends. I’d established myself as an unaffectable, and dominant force in their social setting.

We all continued to chat, but I realized the girl I’d opened was married and very serious about it, and though she was attracted to me (this is just natural), I knew this wasn’t a real option. So I started chatting up a couple more of her friends. This was an uber group of hotties, and at this point were completely hooked by these dudes who’d walked into their group, raised hell and simply ignored the “normal” consequences.

Us three dudes chat them up (yes even newbs know how to simply be social- as most game is knowing what NOT to do, rather than what to do), and we begin realize we’ve got a solid pull in the works. Except that there’s literally a dozen of them, and only three of us. But I start to see the dynamic going down, I can recognize the emotional pull going on inside the group, and rather than try to “make” something happen, I just chill and socialize. Another important point is made as when one of the uber-hotties of the group prances around and displays super drunken behavior I tell her in front of the whole group, “Gee girl, I wish you weren’t so drunk”. Several of the girls turn to me at this point, because it’s got slightly insulting overtones, but they look at me and see how super calm I am, how genuine and in the moment I’m being. There’s a moment where they shake their heads in almost grudging appreciation and semi-awe at my candor; not only am I giving her something of a compliment, I’m also expressing the solid characteristic of a guy who wouldn’t mess around with a girl that was too drunk. But they wouldn’t have gotten this far in correctly perceiving this comment, and would have dismissed it as a guy trying to get away with being insulting, except as I’d displayed a solid emotional baseline earlier.. it was much easier to accept this from me as acceptable and alpha-like behavior.

Anyways it’s time to leave, and we need to figure out what to do next. We’ve already expressed to the girls we’ve got a solid fun after-party spot and a plan in motion to keep having fun. I know the girls are invested. Let’s let them handle themselves. The other dude with some experience starts fretting in the background “dude! We should go over there! We need to make this happen.” I tell him to chill and wait. Five minutes later as we’re watching, three of the girls we’d been talking to split off, while the rest of the girls get in a taxi and head off. The three girls just stand there expectantly, not exactly looking at us, but subtly projecting that they’re waiting for someone to take action. I look over at my buddy, who is at this point completely dumbfounded (one of the funniest looks I’ve ever seen on a dude’s face) and say “NOW we go in..

We pretend to take the girls to a diner, and then simply state we’re headed to our buddy’s place as it’s pretty close. It was actually a solid 30 minute drive, but they didn’t need to know this, they simply needed to feel good about it.

We split the girls up between cars (always a smart move), one of the girls is driving our buddy, while we’re in my buddy’s car with the other two girls. On the way I notice one of the girls has serious attitude. This whole thing to her is “[=rgb(255, 0, 255)]oh let’s see how these boys will entertain me[/]”. She’s got attitude the whole time and is pretty unshakeable in this opinion of us. Back at my buddy’s place the girls remark how actually far the drive was, we joke about it and chill out with them. But the one girl is still a pain in the butt while the rest of the us are flirting pretty heavily. This interrupts the vibe between all of us, as girls are super quick to adopt a frame of “entertain me chode boy” vs “I want to get fucked” if one of their girls is feeling this way. The vibe between my girl and I is off, as she’s enjoying flirting with me and running around the apartment playing hide the salami, but there’s no full surrender from her. It’s all this chode leader girl’s fault. She needs to be taken off her little pedestal and us boys need to be put in charge again.

As we continue to hang out, chode leader girl is acting more and more bored, and starting to get vocal about it. She remarks that she isn’t having fun and wants to leave. Now’s the window. I look her in the eye and calmly tell her “Michelle, I’ve been trying to get rid of you the entire time

She opens her mouth and some kind of a high-pitched sound comes out. She grabs books off the dining room table and throws them at me, throws saucers.. everything she can get her hands on. Everyone’s in shock. I’m softly grinning the whole time, batting books down as they come flying at me. I laugh and go back to what I was doing, I barely even respond to her tantrum. Her little spell is broken as she glares in sullen silence from the couch and we all continue to socialize. And I’m now the leader. I molest my girl in the other room on the bed, then we all decide to leave their and go back their place. My buddy tells me later the asks her friends in the car (I wasn’t present for this) ”[=rgb(255, 0, 255)]why he’s such an asshole[/].” The girls tell her giggling that "[=rgb(255, 0, 255)]that’s just how he is[/].” End of example.

A lot of us study Tolle, or meditate, or focus on positivity blah blah. This is amazing life changing stuff, etc.. but it can potentially cause a small problem. It makes us too easygoing and nice. It gets misperceived as weakness by different people. And they end up introducing bullshit behavior and circumstances that we end up having to deal with. It is therefore very helpful to be able to show/introduce a dick-natured side of yourself. Many time showing the fact you have a mean side is enough . Simply talking harshly about someone or something, is usually enough. However sometimes a nice “shut the fuck up” is required.

I was hanging out with a really sexy big-tittied cougar the other week. She was into me of course, and we were touchy-feely etc. But she’d brought a fat cross-eyed troll of a friend with her to the bar. This girl showed up, looking uncomfortable, sullen, even sad. I did my best to make her feel good and have fun with us. I ended up doing too good of a job. She turns into this shit-talking, vibe-ruining fiend. A couple other guys come over to the house after the bar closes, that this girl knows, and she ends up doing a very solid job of hooking my girl up with one of them instead. I’m watching this in cool, slightly pissed off, but very calm observation. Actually.. I’m pretty disgusted that this girl would start flirting with one of these weak pussies. Of course as “the self is always showing thru”, the girl ends up asking me why I’m acting like such an arrogant aloof bastard. At which point I calmly create huge social tension by talking shit, and then watch it all play out. The guys get super uncomfortable and actually leave. Troll friend shuts the fuck up. Girl is mine again and we spend the night together. I ended up “catching” her about to walk out into the living room not wearing panties in front of her 8 yr old son. Ya.. fun fucking times.

If you find yourself losing control to a girl’s friend who you’d previously had “dominance” over, try talking harshly/assholish about something, anything. You’ll find most of the time this will do the trick.
A couple weeks ago my business partner tells me he’s got a “buddy” showing up who’s known for looking for opportunities to tool people. Our incredibly hot waitress with her butt pinching out the bottom of her shorts pretends to be pissed I’m not validating her. “Buddy” remarks that I messed that one up pretty bad. I tell him very poignantly.. to shut the fuck up. He buries his face back in his cheerios and lives to tool (a chode) another day.

Another super interesting application of this principle is the fact that there are times when everything seems to be going relatively well with a girl.. but then you realize something is actually very fundamentally wrong. The only problem is that to correct it, you have to risk fucking up the entire thing with her. I had this problem with a girl I was dating. In the beginning everything seemed to be going so well, only for me to realize she had very strange views on sex. So what I did was preemptively tell her I didn’t think things were going to work out, on a high note. It kind of crushed her, she didn’t understand why I’d do this when things were supposedly going so well. And this put her into chase mode, at which point she was very willing to accept my sexual framing of our relationship.

“Catching Her” (The right way to “neg”)

This is a skill I learned from Naturall Tim. I don’t even know if he’s aware he does this, there’s a lot of stuff he does that he has NO idea. Tim has a way of tooling or teasing girls that makes them melt and giggle and jump in his lap. It’s not some super secret style of “negging” that walks the tightrope of “cocky/funny”, it’s the mentality he’s in and the vibe he’s communicating while he does it.
When I first saw this go down a couple years back I really thought it was the end-all of game lol.

When you tease a girl she needs to know you’re not pushing her away, or leaving her out in the cold to be scorned by society. This sounds harsh, but in reality, most of the time a guy teases a girl he does this without realizing. She feels the possibility of being outcasted and has to defend herself by becoming super defensive and aggressive towards the guy. It’s not even conscious, its simply a vibe that communicates to the girl he’s not there for her. Oops

So instead of this, communicate coyly that you’re there for her. That you’re teasing her, but your arms are open and waiting for her to jump into them. Your hands are spread wide to catch her and pull her back into you.

That’s the headspace. Most guys should be able to translate that into practical application. For those looking for more.. your smile is wide and expectant, eyes that communicate warmth and laughter to her- that you’re waiting expectantly for her to giggle and come back to you. You do NOT look away from her. Don’t be a fucking if you’re teasing a girl. Look at her in her eyes while you do it so she knows you’re with her while you tease her.

Social Tension

There are times you’ll find yourself in some truly bizarre and unexpected situations. It is at these times your training and experience, and your absolute bull-headed stubborn habit of being unreactive will serve you well.

A few years back I visited Android in Michigan. He took me to a few college bars and introduced me to a ton of his college peeps. Towards the end we started hanging out with a group of guys and girls at an after-hours bar. There was a super tall, sexy ass girl acting slightly bored at the table sitting next to me. I didn’t flirt with her, didn’t really even talk with her except from time to time. She’s got that slightly aloof “[=rgb(255, 0, 255)]I know I’m sexy and don’t need to socialize[/]” type attitude. Anyways we somehow all keep hanging out and I’m talking to her more and more. As I hadn’t been hitting on her, she got to just experience me, not that she was trying to, but by being on the scene she knew what I was about. Anyways at one point we’re flirting and sex is on the agenda as I announce we’re going to go back to her place to get something to eat. She’s down and has that lilt to her walk, like she’s going to get fucked by a new guy who’s “cool”. But as we walk back her phone rings and she answers it. After about 4-5 seconds she abruptly hands me the phone without a word. I have about a split second to think “wtf”, before I realize there’s a dude on the other line. I realize this dude was already supposed to be fucking her tonight. In fact he’s actually walking to her apartment right now. She’s handed me the phone because she’s got two guys expecting to hang with her and it’s just not her role to handle the tension going on.

So I start talking to the guy.. he’s surprised but I remain completely calm. He explains he’s walking and on his way to her place. I tell him actually I’m "hanging out" with \girl, (to which he replies "oh") and we’re headed back to her place. He says “oh”, sounding a bit crestfallen,and I step up and tell him what’s up. Tell him I’m hanging out with the girl and that I hope he has a good night.  I hear the ummph in his voice as the reality of the situation sinks in, but I continue on cheerfully and "strongly".  I finish taking girl back home to her place..

Back at her place Android leaves pretty quickly and it’s now time for seduction. I do this by giving her shit about stuff (I’ll talk a lot more on this later) and then demonstrating authority in her life by explaining to her how she should have responded to situations she brought up to me in conversation. Not really sexual in nature, but I was such a dominant ass it was assumed I’d want to bang her as I wouldn’t be hanging out with a girl in her apartment late at night without wanting to get my dick wet.

Which I did. I take her clothes off her, pin her back against her bed while I stick it in and out of her mouth. She tells me there’s condoms in her night stand drawer and I check around in it for some.
I told this next part to a lesbian roommate I had a couple years later, who told me I was bullshitting lol.. but I actually said this.. I find a red and a green condom, pull them out, and as I walk towards her in her bed with both of them in my hand I say..”Looks like Christmas is coming early this year.” wink

Anyways I’m banging her and taking my sweet ass time, unfolding this tall ass girl with her long luscious legs, when I decide to bend her over against her bed.

As I’m hitting it, I accidentally pull out, and go to shove it back inside her. I slip and it ends up sliding up a bit, aimed more at her pooper.

At which point she flips the FUCK out, turns over SCREAMING like a banshee. Look up the “dolphin” and the “angry dragon” on She grabs her clothes and throws them on, all the while screaming at me insanely and telling me to get out. A very intense situation has just screamed down on me out of nowhere. But as I simply value my emotional state and don’t listen to anything else if it doesn’t fit my paradigm, I just stand there and observe her going nuts. And boy does she go nuts. It is something else when a really hot girl is standing in front of you yelling at you so high-pitched that words are barely discernible, and she’s… naked. Flipping the fuck out..

Anyways I continue to stand there completely unphased. I slowly put my clothes back on and engage with her. At first I’m simply being unreactive to the completely insane show she’s giving me, then I introduce a fun, positive dominant vibe to what’s going on. She settles down greatly, no longer screaming. Then as I continue to act unreactive while still pushing my emotional “take” on the situation, she settles down a lot more, getting fun and relaxed again.. then a minute later asks me, “[=rgb(255, 0, 255)]wait.. why are you leaving?[/]” with a sexy sly little look. At which point I know the next step to take is to engage her little fuckhole again. I tell her “I’m not..”, push her back on the bed as I slide up her skirt, take out my cock (I never removed the condom), and stick it back inside her vagina. I’m not going to lie, I definitely got a kick out of it, almost like I was hate-fucking this girl, like I’d simply waited to release my resentment towards her, except that I actually did like her and knew she was just being a girl.

A couple months back I broke into a cemetery with a girl (same one they buried Michael Jackson). We’re looking for a place to get down, just nonchalantly wandering through this HUGE cemetery, as we come upon a big statue of the virgin mary holding baby Jesus. I lead her towards it, holding her hand, and then throw her hand in the direction of the grass and tell her to get on her knees like a good little girl. She complies and I take my dick out and stick it in her mouth while telling her to suck it. (I didn’t know this girl that well I’d hung out with her twice before and gotten a partial blowjob- I’d ran super awesome text game on her) My dick’s in her mouth I’m feeling her little mouth slide up and down on my cock as I’m talking major major naughtiness at her. e.g. What I think of her sucking skills, how much of a little she is for doing this in front of the virgin mary, etc… as I realize we’re about to be completely outlined in the headlights of a security truck passing through. I tell her “Stop”, and push her off my dick. I tell her “move over there”, and I move around the bend of the statue myself. The truck comes around the corner, and we’re forced to move again to stay out of its headlights. The truck passes out of sight and we’re good. But she’s still on the ground, huddled there terrified. The look on her face and her body language is pure horror. Her reality is at a crossroads . She is off my emotional rhythm. Fucked up off her sync with me, only her own social “intuition” to go off of, and this tells her she is lost. I automatically step in to take back over and give her emotional direction. “Get back over here little and keep sucking it.” She gleefully crawls over and takes my cock back in her mouth. Catastrophe avoided, business as usual. I could continue this story but it only gets naughtier.

A couple months back I was seeing this girl. She was a bad ass business girl being courted by different million dollar companies for her accounting skills. Her big fake tits and cute but driven personality made her a handful. She took her own emotional b.s. too seriously. A lot of people do this. Not their fault they just don’t know any better. Anyways at one point I tried to show her a better way, softly explaining things to her in a way she could hopefully understand. I failed to do so and we had a semi-confrontation The only reason being we didn’t have a full-scale battle was I was not interested in having one and so didn’t allow it to escalate that far. That night at her home she decided to go to bed early as we were watching a movie. I wanted to fuck her sauciness. I knew to go to bed a few minutes after she did, as if I waited too long she’d be passed out and no good to me. So I got into bed a few minutes later.. went to pull her in and caress her. She exclaims “[=rgb(255, 0, 255)]What are you doing![/]” I simply respond, “Chill out”. Subtle steel to my voice.. letting her know that NONE of the stupid pettiness from earlier was at play here, I was simply in a male/female frame. She acquiesced and I had my way with her body. Her little “cries” let me know she wasn’t exactly enjoying what I was doing to her.

The Role of Negativity

This is a touchy subject. We’re bred to feed ourselves with positivity. But as I mentioned earlier with the pitfall that meditating too much brings with it.. negativity actually has a strong role associated with success. There have been plenty of times I’ve blown up over something, or expressed supreme negativity with a certain idea or situation I’m in- and it creates a very constructive outcome. This makes sense as negativity is a NORMAL part of life. There’s actually nothing wrong with feeling long as you act on it. I was in a movie theater with a girl who started out very uncomfortable being in a dark place with me (1st date off plentyoffish), but as we watched previews, a trailer came on that I had a huge problem with. I talked major hateful shit on it, telling her (and anyone listening to my rather loud and brash talking) that I’d kill them if it was actually real and what pieces of shit they were (the premise of the story). It wasn’t the nature of what I was saying that struck her, rather how fucking solid I was about what I was saying. She got gleefully nervous and playful as I talked.. we made it halfway through the movie before she started rubbing my cock thru my jeans with her forearm and I took her back to her car and fucked the shit out of her in her backseat. And this was a girl who was supremely nervous at the start of the date.

Her Friends and her AGOGs
Last night I got cockblocked pretty hard. A girl’s friend pulling on her arm trying to drag her away, I barely paid attention to it at first, instead engrossing the girl in what I was saying to her, before looking at the cockblock as one would look at an ant and telling the girl, “Is she trying to cockblock you?

There’s a lot of finesse to creating social dominance; that unspoken but strongly felt “air” that you are the social context. Natural Tim taught a couple of good drills for this. “Whoa whoa! Hold on..” as the agog is talking.. you cut in and begin to speak. There’s also a drill I showed guys at a lair speech I gave, I told a guy to start talking about a random subject. He started talking about Babe Ruth.. at which point I cut in and started talking about the candy bar Babe Ruth, how nutty and chocolaty it was. He tried to stay on his thread but I was insistent and he unconsciously jumped onto my thread and started talking about nuts and peanut butter as well. You can also playfully accuse a girl of things, but as you do, pay strict attention to her (while maintaining a “prize” frame) so she feels the pressure of having you “on her”. All of these will let her know, and everyone else, that you are the dominant one in the circle. When it comes time to leave and make decisions for the group, they will subtly look to you.


I’ve got a couple threesome LRs written up. Inside them they explicitly detail how they went down. The interesting point I’ll make about threesomes, is many times the girls require a different kind of leadership style from each other. Some girls respond very well to the dominant vibe, others need to be “inspired”. It takes a bit of finesse to be projecting both these types of emotional dominance at the same time. Take a look..

Always Be PROJECTING and Why Looks Matter

This is probably the most important concept of this entire thread.

If you’re interacting with someone, and projecting something.. they’re not. In a boxing ring there’s one aggressor and one defender. Be projecting FUN, horniness, soft sexual state, dominant sexual state, fun times, whatever. But BE PROJECTING.. SOMETHING. If you come in as a blank neutral slate (rafc), you’ll get their current emotional state, or however they choose to perceive your approach. And if you come in projecting fear.. that is what you will get. Except it translates to rejection, because girls simply do not want to be subjected to your discomfort, so they will reject you and make you go away.

This means that you’re projecting something BEYOND your approach. e.g. even past their response.. you respond and react to everything from that frame. YOUR frame.

On another note: the thing that attracts women to men.. the thing that they can see.. is their animalness. Their “go getter”. This is the answer to the whole “looks matter” question. If you’re still back at the starting gate, asking and begging to know if “looks matter” or not.. you’re a pussy, and not an action-taker. You do not have the “look” women want, and you do not deserve their little pussies. They see this in your face, they see this in how you hold your hands, make eye contact, speak. There’s no “energy” to your movements, no life to your face. Because you question first... everything you do. Take ANY dude, whatever he looks like.. and give him that “awareness” to his face.. and girls will recognize it.

Sex is surrender. And they can’t trust you’re someone that once they surrender to, you’ll lead the whole thing along. Because you’ll question your next step, and girls can’t have that.

Don’t mean to call out Saad.. but his transformation pictures are EXACTLY what I’m talking about. From beat weak chode, to full shark predator. You watch the transformation in his face and eyes. The way he flexes his features as he looks at the world. I want to make a Superbowl commercial out of him at some point.

So when you look for what to “focus” on as far as leading women.. it’s an animalness to your thoughts and actions. Animals don’t discuss things in their heads, or worry what others are thinking, they act on instinct. They just move forward. So don’t question yourself on anything, simply act in a particular direction. The girls will automatically follow along.

Girls will open you if you look like you know how to talk to girls. And if you look like you know how to have fun with chicks. It’s an open relaxed fun expression you’ve got, like you’re open to your environment with a slight smile. Not afraid to look and linger on someone, or flash someone a smile, and they can either assume you’ve got this, or… you’re doing it with your buddies already.

Comfort Game

I used to have a certain negative bias towards “comfort” game. Viewed it as something weak beta males did to “seduce” women.. e.g. they weren’t strong enough to dominate them and make the woman surrender to and trust their dominance; so they had to come at them at “their” level. Adopting soft feminine mannerisms to put the girl at ease, and “caring” about them.

And I mostly still do view it this way. However as sharing is caring, and a strong man isn’t afraid of intimacy.. the value of telling a girl about you, and learning about her, can be a very fun and intimate experience. Now I see it as just another avenue of approach. Still dominating and leading them, just thru a different approach. One they prefer because they’re more familiar with and therefore more receptive to.

Still.. for awhile there I couldn’t figure out how to reconcile this to my way of being. How the fuck do I do this..? It’s not natural for me and just not the way I talk to women. But one night I was out, and it finally came together. Building comfort and rapport in a dominant fashion. TELL ME this about yourself, I’M TELLING YOU this about myself. No doubt or question. Tell me or listen to me.

You need to lead them into rapport and comfort. It is your excuse. You’re asking questions in a leading manner, that makes them feel comfy with you. They respond very femininely to this. Cute and soft. Just the way I like them teeth


Last night I pulled a girl up the stairs to the room and fucked her. It was now time to fuck and I’d created emotional momentum (socially by leading her around the party and adopting a dominant role in regular conversations with people I talked to) so that by the time I was ready and grabbed her to go upstairs, she fell immediately into sync with me and was responsive to my sexual advance on her. I took her upstairs, hip-tossed her onto the bed and slid her dress up over her hips while I manhandled her body. Done.

Leading Yourself FIRST

All of this depends upon your own emotional control of yourself. You determine how you will respond to things emotionally. You have enough of a grip upon yourself, at such a casual, “hands-off” level, that you can unconsciously lead others to follow your take on things. Reality is what you make of it. I shit my pants one time at a club and still pulled.
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Bout fucking time! :D

Really good. Had alotta "clicks."
Smile. :]
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nice thread as usual mate
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awesome post. especally the last sentance lmao
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Really solid stuff. I wish I had read this post a year and a half ago, would have saved a lot of trial and error.
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the glitch in t...


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This is gold for me...btw i shit my pants before a soccer game in high school and played the whole game with my white sux
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 This is really good since you talk about negativity, I always got a anti-negativity vibe from RSD which I found calming and easy going but it was too much of it, negativity is normal and if it used well at the moment it comes up then it cant affect us unconciouslly through other channels plus it helps wit the girlzz.
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Manwhore wrote:

Always Be PROJECTING and Why Looks Matter

On another note: the thing that attracts women to men.. the thing that they can see.. is their animalness. Their “go getter”. This is the answer to the whole “looks matter” question. If you’re still back at the starting gate, asking and begging to know if “looks matter” or not.. you’re a pussy, and not an action-taker. You do not have the “look” women want, and you do not deserve their little pussies. They see this in your face, they see this in how you hold your hands, make eye contact, speak. There’s no “energy” to your movements, no life to your face. Because you question first... everything you do. Take ANY dude, whatever he looks like.. and give him that “awareness” to his face.. and girls will recognize it.


So when you look for what to “focus” on as far as leading women.. it’s an animalness to your thoughts and actions. Animals don’t discuss things in their heads, or worry what others are thinking, they act on instinct. They just move forward. So don’t question yourself on anything, simply act in a particular direction. The girls will automatically follow along.

Girls will open you if you look like you know how to talk to girls. And if you look like you know how to have fun with chicks. It’s an open relaxed fun expression you’ve got, like you’re open to your environment with a slight smile. Not afraid to look and linger on someone, or flash someone a smile, and they can either assume you’ve got this, or… you’re doing it with your buddies already.

Leading Yourself FIRST

All of this depends upon your own emotional control of yourself. You determine how you will respond to things emotionally. You have enough of a grip upon yourself, at such a casual, “hands-off” level, that you can unconsciously lead others to follow your take on things. Reality is what you make of it. I shit my pants one time at a club and still pulled.

Loads of good stuff in this post.  I cropped it to the two points I thought were MOST important.

Projecting & Looks
At its heart, this game is the same game we've been playing with women for the last quarter of  a million years, and probably longer.  It's the game of an animal spying out another, dominant, high status animal and looking to get some of that.  We're EVOLVED to be animalistic men.  To be aggressive.  To bring home the meat.  To be combative.  competitive.  To win.  This comes out.  You can't hide it.  You can't be a or moderate or all bliss and peace and think that your animal Man is going to come out.  It isn't.  Whatever's on top, there's gotta be a FIERY COAL burning inside.  Even behind your smiles.  This is SPARTA for fuck's sake.

Leading Yourself
If you've felt dominance, you know what it is.  If you can remember what that feels like, on a whim, then you can recreate it.  Help your body back you up hormone-wise, by WINNING and giving it evidence that you WIN so that it can give you what you need to play that role, but don't forget the element of CHOICE.

"You determine how you will respond to things emotionally."  The way I put it...  Never forget that you're a Man, so you're made up mostly of steel.  Don't forget that.  Don't let that steel go.  Should always be steel, in every thing you do, no matter how faggy, you're a Man, so the steel will come out.

Good post whore.


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Thanks for the post MW.  Found this board in 07 and you were the reason I stayed on it.  Your posts are always a reminder of how easy it is to get laid (and get whatever you want out of life) by being dominant and making the world react to YOU.  It pumped me up too.....fuck I love making hotties surrender!

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The bit about meditating and becoming too chill (nice), I have experienced my self recently. People trying to provoke me with negative bullshit, trying to take advantage and my reactions just becoming too fuckin predictable. It's like some people use you as an emotional puncbag almost, trying to get some sort of emotional reaction out of you. Sometimes you just gotta throw some shit back at them...without become unbalanced internally. Just because you can take a hit without it hurting you, doesn't mean you gotta right?  =)

Also, when a girl realises that you can take this kind of emotional abuse, but you will not tolerate it past a certain extent, you can turn it into a kind of emotional play fight (banter). You could win easily of you wanted to (emotional dominance huh), but you hold back and just have fun with it, letting her hit you and trading soft blows back and forth while she gets wet.

thank for taking the time to write this. good shit.
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