January 18th, 2019
RSD World Summit 2010
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So here, finally, are my notes from Summit. I'm sure they're similar to everyones, like SaintPatricks, but at the same time there are probably a few differences (we were at different points in our game during Summit so the interpretation could be different). The format is still somewhat chopy, but I'll be editing it to look better/more user friendly and readable throughout the week, but for now just the speaker name/date are bold and highlighted (for easy browsing). My notes in word also have drawings attached but they don't transfer to the forum layout, if you want a copy of those (like really want a copy) pm me and I'll see what I can do, enjoy! BTW My notes from Jeffy's speech are kind of short. It was a great speech, I just saw a lot of it in the Phoenix Hotseat and wanted to sit back and enjoy it instead of take notes during the whole thing.

RSD World Summit

August 2, 2010

When going out fight to bring out the “awesome” personality. Thoughts/actions/environment promotes different selfs to surface.
Different selves
Adventurous – fearless, good emotions
Conservative self – Appreciate what works/worked
Irreverent self
Approval seeking self – Ansy – emotion
Victim self
Chilled out self
Ansy self
Humanitarian self – far range of emotions, empathy
Utilitarian self – helps to get shit done. Little regard for emotions/other, little empathy
Narcisistic self – good for pickup
Humble self – allows to learn from others
Each self is like a plant – The parts that get sunlight (attention) will grow larger, the other parts/leaves will shrink
Eastern philosophy – don’t identify with false self
Let false selves come when needed and leave when its time to leave.
Conservative self - so cancerous for society
What types of thoughts/influences, behaviors, friends, etc will bring selves you want to the surface?
_____________ (fill in)
What will put the other selves away, and make them smaller?
When certain (victim) selves come to the surface, why is it here, what is it telling me? Acknowledge its purpose and then get rid of it.
Make an agreement with the chill self to have hard work, etc.
Will power – the real you.
Will power - the part that exists in you.
When exerting willpower over yourself that’s like the one real part (not false) of you showing yourself, coming through. Like withholding eating while you’re hungry and on a diet, etc.
Becoming in touch with --> independent will

Aug 2, 2010

Secrets of the VAGINA!!!
Results. Honesty. What are your goals?
Goals: Vagina – lots of hot girls; Personal growth
80% (of the way) just by doing cold approaches.
Expectation theory – what you expect, you get!
Set expectations HIGH & have a kickass time!
Expectation – if theres a “swirl” that moves me, I’m gonna go and get her
Game face
-Acceptance – go for the ball or die
Practice is for fags!
So much practice is going on that not enough hot chicks are getting laid
Take the best punch (of the opponent). I.E. if you can take your opponents best punch , and stay standing you know you’ll be fine. So what is taking the best punch from the woman?
Move with purpose
Blow shit up
Who is having the most fun (wins)?
**Side note** from self – to try in bar – “I was walking along in this bar and I saw you and want to talk to you”
Does she like me? Do you like her?
Honesty opener builder:
1. Walk through of desire. Ex: I was just with my friends walking thru
2. Complimenting her. Ex: I thought you were cute
3. Introduce yourself, Strong.
Vulnerability – Its ok to show a bit of vulnerability
Typical conversation threads (horrible ones)
X 1. Ask questions
X2. Relate of questions
X3. Storys – long and boring
^^^bad, creates enemy^^^ (i.e. too much logic not enough emotion)
The enemy – talking in the night – 4 hour conversation that is going nowhere
Conversation – too easy/predictable – Bad
Solution to the enemy
Add dimensions to communication
Body language
Emotional spikes
1. Cutie – married, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc
2. Badass – I don’t like you. Or BOOM (Good and bad)
“I’m having a good time ( not)”
Disagreements – “I’m from California” “WTF?! California!”
“Shh” –during her story or a story she wants to tell
-“Lets talk about something else”
Badass to shy or Virgin
Swift comfort building/Bubble of love
Get Physical
-Claw, standup, spin kiss (right to right, left to left, spin hands to over head, kiss)
Create a scenario – sisters friend, kindergarden, in the room next to me
Mixed groups
-train – stop the locomotive
-switch - when 1 doesn’t like the friend
Take care of everyone
Introduce self to dudes
-eye contact/shake hand
Point out drag away friend
NO AGG – Angry Glasses Guy
Blowing up Peoples Sets

Sticking points

Energy –too much energy…Think: You can’t bounce around &/while making out with chick. Think Vagina.

More than 10 approaches a night  You’re practicing. Get in the game, don’t practice the game.

Dance floor – Burst in, move with purpose. Palm vs Claw. Twirl/pull in right away.

Aug 3, 2010

(started @ 130pm) Arrived at 2 pm

Deal with cause not symptom.
We are not a blank canvas
Remove fear and allow natural skills to come out by themselves

When FEAR Decreases

Pickup performance
Social Skills
Risk Taking Increases (& stays up)
Verbal Skills
Getting Physical
Body Language

Benefits: Long term relief of fear
Long lasting confidence
Stays up longterm

Opportunity minded rather than safety minded

Natural skills (not a blank canvas) – when no fear. Ozzie basically explained that he believes all men/students have the natural skills needed to pick up women when the fear is decreased or destroyed, that fear is what inhibits those from coming out regularily.

Natural skills: Verbal skills, Body language, fun/funny (w/out telling jokes), physical game skills: shake hands, hugging, clawing, going for kiss close.

Fear technology – Simple not simplistic, remember in feeld (field?) Works under the level of awareness (when aware of fear, fear decreases)

Ozzie’s 1st bootcamp step
What your (specific) top fear with women. If rejection, what type of rejection?

Fear of…Is boyfriend going to kick my ass?
Be specific
What kind of women are you imagining
Describe the scenario to yourself

Personal one -Afraid of being uncool enough for the girl

If afraid of failure – seek humiliation
Personal side note – humiliation versus humility – think about it

Fear of being thrown out of the club or girls calling the cops
Personal one - Fear of having taken too long to approach or losing opportunity and the set messing up because of it, then not taking any action because of that.

At Ozzie bootcamps – no drinking allowed

Understanding fear

The vicious cycle of fear

Fear occurs in

Feel fear again

Confront Fear!!!
2 causes of fear:
Unrealistic expectations about people
-you think people expect a lot from you
-the hotter the girl the more you think she expects from you [false]
-you think you need to make a good first impression
-everyone must like me (they don’t have to like you will still fuck you)
Negative self perception
1. I am incompetent
a. Something is wrong with me
b. I’m not good with hot girls
c. I don’t have skills
d. I’m not good with girls
2. If they really (really) know me she would not like me
ex. I like animal porn
ex. I’m too old
3. I must do everything perfectly all the time (perfectionism)
a. I have to be perfect before I pick up girls

Fear and Avoidance

Fear 10

Time (in seconds)

Fear is a private experience (only you know you are experiencing fear)
Heightened by negative self perception
It can only survive in avoidance
Exposure to fear
Going in, instead of avoiding
Eliminate fear by exposing yourself

Long term confidence – true confidence
The 2 minute mark pickup performance increases
10 1 minute mark – almost there, over hump

Fear 2 minute mark
hump bonus time
comfort zone
Fear will not go away long term if you leave before the 2 minute mark
Survive 2 minutes or you’re cheating. This allows fear to be destroyed. This allows for long term benefit.
If they say “fuck off” then leave and try a new one. Unless they say “fuck off” then don’t.

2 minute rule:
Prevents escape or safety behaviors
Feel fears and overcome them
Girls get chance to warm up to you
Consistency in your approaches
The goal is outside of outcome dependence – to having to do with the girl but with time

There is a fear of public humiliation embedded in all fears

During fear exercises (videos) Ozzie would say “This is very weird what you’re doing, I want you to be very aware of this”

What is your comfort level (1-10) – ozzies tool to gauge how much fear you’re feeling

Side note to self –
Glory is for me, my friends/wings don’t have to be around. I can make magic happen on my own

Riding the fear hump
After 1 minute you start to feel better
As a result your performance goes up
The second minute is not as hard

You’re more critical of stuff than others
Fears are usually false

Get rid of them
1. Spot/identify it
2. Build evidence of the opposite
a. Get exposed
i. Perfectionist – go fail, go make mistakes
ii. Etc…
Day Game
(blank, no notes)

Physical Game and Fear

Create a fear hierarchy of moves
1-7 7 = most fearful Push from lower level to higher level moves
7 go for the makeout
6 claw Fear of physicality: 1,2,3 in under a minute
4 lifting girl
3 hugging
1 high five
5 spinning
2 handshake

Top fear physical game: Get slapped or a bad look (pissed off girl)
Boyfriend will be pissed off
Once comfortable go start with #4 and in under a minute go to 5 then 6.

When comfortable with 1-3 then 4,5,6. Eventually #7 will happen but don’t worry about it.

Top fear when attempting physical game
Expose self to fear
1 minute rule
Bonus rule
When she doesn’t go for it: 1 step backwards, 2 steps forwards
If you don’t start in under a minute, you won’t start
Observe 1 minute rule whether she likes it or not

Zero fear pickup
No fear to do moves, etc
Can get in trouble but its ok
After repeated exposures, fear goes away
Under 1 minute challenges
Keep changing moves you do in < 1 minute
Start easy and increasingly expose yourself to fear
Keep getting bonus moves after that
Keep cycling

Alex Treasure
August 3, 2010

1st speech about inner game

Inner game
*You are enough – second thought – there is no second thought
*The girl’s not going to show you that you’re enough
*She has a quiet and attentive response

Subordinate not lesser
They’re not as enough as you, not that they’re not enough

The girl will say stupid things she will regret, it’s not what she means, its just her reactions
Don’t take it seriously, they’re just instinctual tests

Arousal is attraction

Quiet Attentive – single/looking, introverted
Overly friendly – has a boyfriend
Don’t fucking talk to me – boyfriend is in the bar or something

3 “In the zone” / I’m enough behaviors

Creating attraction from nothing
There is no way in the world to create an impression
So instead – express

Opposite of arousing – predictable

Game fag = attention seeking cause not enough

Neg/or Mr nice guy

I’m enough / express
Positive and negative expression

Love/hate sometimes positive
Push/pull sometimes negative
Etc naturally self amuse is a product of this

Talk shit
Do shit
Deal with shit

Create initiative  Its not what you do, its what you deal with that makes good game
-The club is your temple of relaxation

Want – to explore us further – keeps it unanswered question (I believe he was talking about when the girl asks what you want)

You only clearly demonstrate value – when you deal with a test

Delivered illogicality will generate tests to develop arousal more quickly

Sometimes girls will say poor/mean prerecorded stuff in their head because they are intimidated – its often cliché things they’ve seen in movies or on tv, or that society has somehow otherwise told them is right.

Hot girls often are negative and will want to stay in comfort zone (of negativity), stay with it.

Fire star girls – chemistry/tension/shit is how you often get them

Girls are arousal junkies – tests arouse them
They do the tests to make the interaction more arousing for everyone

Endure success – even against your own will
Need will power

Natural Game – How it works

Ex. 25 years
--need to have a wider reality than the girl
Sheltered girl > reality than sheltered guy
Doesn’t matter what moves you make, just that you’re making moves
Neck kiss not makeout
Combos of push & escalation
Not what you do, what you deal with
Things that you say (to tests)
- Irrelevent, by player you mean cool, by xxx you mean your best friend, Its fine, I love you, etc/creativity
4 things
1. Create initiative
2. Time frames
3. Deal with tests – not what you do but what you deal with
4. You’re enough

Tues – Pure, tao, tryst, xs

Paradigm shifts
Time frames – time is your ally, don’t rush the set
The more you have trust the more what they say or do is an arousal to you or them
Its as though you can’t lose

If she has a boyfriend – self amuse, otherwise you’re wasting time being used for your fun. She wont tel you she has a boyfriend – friendly = boyfriend

Screen the fuck out of her to see what kind of girl she’ll be (bf?, come home with?)

When you don’t make move/approach, anxiety only goes up

TD on Alex’s stuff

Conciously register what you’re actually watching (like the bathroom pull)

Provoking girl to be open minded enough to be intimate quickly

Why are we drawn to doing crazy shit
-Allows to be chill/not stuck in head, its not a big deal
- designed that other stuff is normal
- Expanding comfort zone
- Still rack up blowouts
- Newbie mission style pick up
- hit them up like an animal
-RSD – like minded support group and decoders
- Don’t worry about trying to get the same results, just go out
- Focus on what you have control over
- like hitting girls up – momentum focus, not self image focus
Don’t try to be confident, try to be indifferent
Make games
Make it be an adventure
Its not what you get out its what you put into it.

Alex Treasure
August 4, 2010

ONS – the topic
Learning, recall and recognition

Figure out which girl is down
Find out where she is staying and who with

May interview 20 different girls & screen and find out which one to fuck (DTF)
May pass up fire (9.5/2 week girl) for (8.5/down to fuck)

Screening – learn to walk away from set if want to and not get held up in conversation
Can just leave with no excuse, If want to be eloquent & not asshole (hey I’ll brb, I gotta go)

Self amusement: “I once fought a large animal”
“I like this song” ”I like myself”

Alex doesn’t like age 23 – career, job, good boyfriend
18-21 – looking to party/have fun

If you find she’s using you for your personality give them the boyfriend treatment
Find out if they’re using you, then use them to amuse self
Give the “boyfriend treatment”
“No boyfriend, you’re a chode!” – if they grab a random guy

Offer value by talking shit & ….

ONS – seems like general ?’s youre asking the girl but Alex is very aware of screening for ONS (He’s asking her what seems like general questions but he’s actually screening if she’d be a good one night stand girl)

“Are you a risk taker” – emotional reaction?
Is she excited about the word fun? Whats her reaction
Is she planning on having a big party night or go home early

Plant ideas/expectation of her/being aggressive, party, etc.
She will want to embody these ideas you are expressing

Sometimes you meet the girl that will fuck in the club

May have to spend time with her to let her warm up to you
Don’t have sense of urgency to pull out of club against will (lowers your value) (and she want to leave anyways)

Once you go sexual, theres no going back, don’t go too hardcore too early, its like blowing your load early
You can change gears up at any time but can’t change gears back
Club with cover charge & dress code – only 20% girls will be pulled, 5-6% will fuck that night – 45-50% ugly, most not logistically available – work/doesn’t drink much/ boyfriend

I Friendly mode (slow)
You’re enough – that’s all you need
Friendly + Physical rapport
No need to fuck till a proper location

Only switch to if you could fuck her – if she’s going to leave ex. – if youre at after party & she has to go
II Sexual mode ( Intense)
All or nothing
Instantly polarizing
Shock & awe
III The perfect hybrid

Fuck the 1-10 ratings
Star rating!
1-5 star
3/5 star – fuck if desperate
4/5 star – fuck without hesitation
5 star – who you show your friend & excited/inspired about

In Vegas
-Most girls come to have good time (aroused)
-Far more sexual & fun but not necessarily DTF
- Same screening
-A lot of the girls will seem more flirty than they actually are, and may pull but not be DTF

All the game in the world doesn’t mean ONS inevitable, but you could still get solid #’s etc
And you still have so much fun
And you have the girls love you
Man inspired by influence (inner game) & influence of hot girl is substantial

Remove desperate idea of having to have ONS

Influence – money, girls, winning, friends – will make you happy but doesn’t fulfill

Happyness – quick & fleeting, crazy, fun, smiling, pops up

Inspiration & fulfillment is deeper and steady
Influence – interdependence not superficial
Why powerful? Survive & replicate
Having family & a house, being a king, the lord, head of family

Irreverance – saying & doing what the fuck you want because it won’t change if they’ll be DTF or not
And you enjoy your own presence and that’s very attractive

Goal in bar – physical rapport not fucking in the bar

Way to screen for boyfriend
Ask 3 quick questions – then last is asking “whats the name of your boyfriend” or “did your rich boyfriend/sugardaddy buy that for you?”
Watch their facial reactions – they’ll be sad because you’ll leave them

She’s asking – why isn’t he doing anything – “I’m hot, he’s socially appropriate/cool, why isn’t he doing anything?”
Then she games you. Girl has to be gaming you.

Some girls will want all the arousal but won’t want you to get the arousal of sex at the end

Arousal is different than energy (fire)
Arousing convo combo of +/- emotions

Friendly vs flirty – physicality

Guys will piss the girl off because you’recool & guy blows self off

Blow out guy/chode/vulture
2 ways to deal with guys
If he’s socially calibrated trust girl will know you’re cooler guy/less reactive
If he’s over the top just say “dude be cool” he’s done
For the most part other guys will just make you look good

She’s thinking – he’s so cool & normal
Guys thinking – just another girl, woop
She’s pretty but I’ve had girl, her friend may cut her hand on a glass & they’ll have to leave”

“You’re a question mark”

Note – friendly mode, no need to rush it, time is friend
“Is that your friend over there” opener

If what you do doesn’t make sense to the girl, you won’t make sense to her, slow it down & relax

Open: excuse me who are you & who are your friends

If you were drunk off your ass, can hardly move would you let a gay man fuck you in the ass? No, you can have drinks with a girl and she won’t let you fuck her if she doesn’t want to. She just will use it to rationalize/justify her doing something silly/fun.

1st 2 hours of night don’t count, they’re just there to help you get calibrated to the venue & the vibe & how it works, & become the person with social value/proof

The girl gets excited when you drag her somewhere & when doing so with lots of girls others see that

Club is a temple of relaxation, become so relaxed that you become aroused. Relaxed arousal is perfect state – outside of head, can open up & be really expressive

Girls will use you & waste your time for your personality with no intent of ever calling, sexing, dating you

To make fat girls not want to sex you never physical contact with them

ROT – rule of thumb
Have to get to same level/intensity or be more chill about their level of fucked up
Girl will not want to be picked up just to prove a point.

Asshole is just the name people give to others more confident. Its ok to be an “asshole”

Its not really asshole its alpha male status, focus for what they want

If girl is really drunk, if its morally wrong to mess with drunk girl get just as drunk – lol

Drugs – if person or girl is doing drugs they know what they’re putting theirselves into, you can game them, its their life – you have to go crocodile hunter mode

Biggest bulshit trick of ONS: So simple – leave when the girl does. You can wake at 3 am, go to club, “hey” then leave with them – walking through the door.

Club will get feeling of slowing down – if you want to accelerate
“My ex is coming to fight, have to go”
“Those are gangsters from my home town, they always fight” or “my ex’s new boyfriend…he hates me”
-then “ we gotta go”
No such thing as impressive/unimpressive lies “ I’m a doctor” “I’m jobless” but there are accelerative lies “ I have an expense card” “Clubs boring lets get out” “Dj’s failing lets get out”
Boring, fight, ex, music sucks, hungover, casino, smoking
Make sure you leave with the girl.

Time is your ally, like survivor (tv show), time, persistence, survive the night

DI openers – “I’m an inspiration for beer” “I’m the inspiration for Kramer” “Does beer make my beard grow faster”

The girls thought process – the girls view – prob won’t have sex till 4 or 5 am – girl wants arousal
Be in her company around 4 or 5 am

Turned off by cliché guy trying to fuck her too early or pull her too early

Deliberate illogicality (DI)
-Psych behind it
-Make you have fun
-Make her not quite understand it
-1 degree removed from logicality
-like advertising – makes you think about it
-you have a secret joke she doesn’t understand, you’re fuckin with her in a lighthearted way
“I’m the inspiration for Kramer”
“Could I have a penguin as a pet”
“How do you know when love takes over”
“I invented biology”
“I’m a bobcat”
“Could you drink a rainbow out of a cup”
“Does this drink taste like roofies?”

She asks “Why are you asking me”
She gives a test, you overcome it “irrelevant” etc
Makes you feel good, engages girl, draws test (test – mental masturbation for girl)
She may call you weird – out frame her

Condescending not cause girls are bad people but cause you know where value is

Faux pas – a little socially awkward but not socially bad
“Love is a flavor I’d be that flavor”
Talk about G strings, inhibitions, ovaries, chivalry, love actually, beard, old spice, etc

SOE – Statement of Empathy – girls think one thing but feel another thing
Congruence – mind thoughts & emotion all line up

SOE – you know, I know you think this but I’m going to do it anyways
“I know you think I’m aggressive but I’m from Australia and that’s how we do it there.”

Emotionally they’ll like whats going on but not logically
Her: “Fuck you yer full on”
You: “I know you think I’m full on but this is who I am”
Her: “I’m not going to fuck you right now”
You: “I’m on Tokyo time….”

Tips – leave when they leave
Survive till 5 am

Blame her for your escalation on her & for wanting to go on her in the bar
Best for houseparty or end of night or bathroom pull

Value Inversion point
When you go in set and at some time you take foot off arousal gas, shift, stare, let her talk, out of entertainer mode – she’ll fill the space & can start investing.
Getting her out of spectator mode

Targets – Party or skillful manipulation, Whoosh vs Work

Party girl – keep arousal going, keep passing tests, make through the time
When energy goes backwards, things go sour.

2/3 girls in bar with partner or bf in life and can’t be picked up. Youre just a cool guy (to them). Not for ONS but would fuck if opportunity.

More creative the better, talking shit with your mates, making others feel awkward

If with her long enough you will find yourselves in a place to sex later, if you screen her well, she will include you, don’t be too predictable

Social hand grenade – things not to do
but its first 2 hours
so nothing matters yer just having fun, getting calibrated, getting relaxed and aroused
1:45 to 2 AM in vegas/ 1 AM in phoenix or LA
55% of way thru night

Be clever/smart of who you’re dedicating efforts to

After 55% point & you’re connected with girl you don’t want to escalate hardcore you want to be question mark to her, unknown outcome, leave/come back

“you don’t get laid till girl games you”
Be patient, don’t rush, its fun & rare for her

ONS girl if you fuck her she wont talk to you again, that’s her slutts party mode she doesn’t identify with
She wants to party up to bedtime

If LMR in bed, you’re trying to trick her into sex. Unless its token or if they want to keep you.
“I feel real shit you don’t trust me enough yet that I fucked up for you not to feel comfortable”

Time frame
I’m enough
Play it out
Judgement calls – pushing in tasteful way
Shift focus
Enjoy the times

Friend zone vs fuck zone is physicality
“Mind set of course they’ll notice me, maybe not right now but eventually cause I’m the shit”

Ryan RSD
August 4, 2010

Graduation – from pinging to inception

Chode & Pinging synonymous
Ping – to look for cues/clues of how to interpret, respond, handle situation

Chode – perceptual pinging

Full internalization comes with decrease in analytic ability

Awareness = hinderance

The culmination – full understanding, reduced ability to verbalize

Emanation – state of interaction where acting feely because of who you are, not what you do

Flying blind – stop guidance from others
Breaking rules – we’re not supposed to all be players or winners, break that rule
Flying alone – more attention from girls but others and close people that are used to you don’t like it

Nobody knows what the fuck is going on – we are all looking to others to find out whats going on

Theres no such thing as a certainty

Individual influence – based on your strength of frequency or reality

“the tipping point study” Strength of influence changes those around you

Increasers of influence
1. Absence of pain
2. Increased situational experience
3. Increased outcome detachment
Measure others influence to their absence of pinging

New guy – club – girls have more experience
Club guy – club is safety zone

All instructors and guys good with girls have very active facial expressions and body gestures

Successful with girls if cognitive mastery in place

Increasers of influence continued
4. Developed increased emoting muscles
a. Actively working on facial expression when out not when in front of mirror
b. People are more expressive when in more comfortable situation therefore shows you’re more comfortable and high value
5. Increased value
Cognitive mastery –
holding your beliefs in the face of counter evidence
holding beliefs to serve you
Gaming as the reality architect
Frames/meanings determined immediately
Changing it is huge up hill battle

Alex always in state of output/initiator not responder
Important to be outputter/initiator
If you let girl decide, she will go with social conditioning

Propper rhythme: output/reaction

Reaction elicitating
Says something to cause them to be the responder
Similar but different to button pushing
Just getting rhythm started or in place when out of place
Frame generation: Inception
What scenario to create?
Courting her?
I wish I could?
Better: We’re flirting
Winning: I’m a fucking winner and I like you. You seem smart, so this is a no brainer.

[Alex: output without pinging]

How is this accomplished?

Strengthening & projecting your reality
Bringing her to call into question her reality
Believing it
-Cognitive mastery
Pinging – absence of
Situational unawareness
Outcome detachment
Your reality is influencing theirs and their reality is not influencing yours (unless its beneficial)

Ongoing narrative of pickup “I like that we like eachother”
Describe the best situation not read

Telling vs asking
Do you want to come with me to the bar?
“Hey, tell your friend you’re coming to the bar and that we’ll be right back”

But not making someone do something they don’t want to do.

Shaping the multiple choice
Do you like me = yes or no
How much do you like me, tons or super tons?
Shaping the option pool she has to choose from
Can you kiss me or you cant because you’ll get in trouble cause your friends are watching?
She wants to but can’t cause friends are there.
Projecting expected behaviors
Talking softly expecting attention vs talking loudly hoping to be heard

Inception Architecture in Practice
Burger –rant pull
GF finds the blog
Chinese food frame control
--Rejecting existing reality and replacing it with something conducive.
Reality is shaped by what you acknowledge
No reality can exist without mutual consent
It takes 2 to consent to reality, until then, its all assumption

The formation of a pickup
Chuck Dumante – no photos & table
Creating scenarios to be bought into

While bombarding with what reality is you’re chipping away what her idea of reality is

Open on isolation
The tricky part is…
She may not want to turn away from friends
Her friends may be protective

Commit to a reality
Your behavior will follow
What you’re thinking broadcasts out

Establish conversational rhythm
The tricky part…
Outlandish answer
Eggo waffle fortune
Child support payments
Narrate the moment with the ideal interpretation
The tricky part is…
Pinging (temptation to)
Frame battle (caused by outcome detachment)
People have more outcome attachment to things of uncertainty

Monologing – The strongest tool in your arsenal
-mixture of yes/no
-The idiot monologue
-The emotional 10s (?couldnt read my writing) monologue

Like a rant or 1 minute license to say what you want and nothing got a hard no. Barrage of reality that can’t get a hard reaction

Playful¬¬¬____ _>
Easier to influence in a playful way

Want a girl to get used to saying no, letting things roll off on non big deal things, soft “no” like “we’ll have 15 babies”

Elicit Value – present behaviors
-her acting in a way she would in the presence of value

Protecting your reality once you’ve shaped it
-Frequency divergence
Social settings have range of emotional/physical frequency
-Leading into divergent frequency than present reality’s
Like different than clubs
Becoming unrelateable (together)
We’re winners
We’re tired
We’re different from other people
Gaming in groups with protocols assigned
Gaming in my existing social circle – Tough for ryan
Man up!

Turn YOU up!
All instructors are like charactertures of themselves
Alex is very Alex
Tim is very tim
-the partyer
-the playboy
-the executive
-the angst filled artist
Nothing is set in stone. The world is plastic. Changeable, moldable

Turned up personalities
Forward thinking
Not stagnant
Confidence in compliance
Ruthlessly positive vibe

*Personal note: Great, another blowout, more social experience

Live in the world you want to live in

You’ve got to believe it before anyone else will, moment by moment

Book Women by Charles Wikowski (?name)
If you can figure out why the girls love him then you can understand

Girls won’t blow out
VIP host

Ozzie RSD
August 5, 2010

Physical game & the fear technology

Make as simple as possible

When learning skills –slow is fast at the beginning

Salsa 1,2,3…1,2

Teaching pick up
Instructor teaching (student is blank canvas)
What to do problem (10%, its free) – for example all of ozzies exercised etc are free on the forums and how he teaches bootcamps. Knowledge doesn’t solve problems. Actions do.
Students learn but don’t replicate
Only with instructor present

What causes performance to go awry?
Fear – the great saboteur
90% of game from fear

Opener? Is English a real language

What it comes down to

I am incompetent – fear of looking awkward, foolish, idiodic. “I don’t have the skills” After program – Its so simple

Repeated exposure equals long term relief from fear. With repetition fear drops to 0

Fear street exercise.
Every girl walking street grab and try to hold there as long as possible

Plow, never stop plowing
“oh no, we’re back”

Your passions – talk about them & in 1st 2 minutes
Your inspirations inspire others

How to claw on really tall girl? It’s a challenge
Hooking sets solution – survive 2 minute mark
Leave out sex – reaction seeking (opens, or etc)
When you don’t challenge fears, fear takes over.

How to keep physical interaction high for 2 hours

Fear is a good thing, don’t be afraid of fear

Anger issue towards women
Blowout – angry?
Take a step back from current moves & just be friendly to people

Physical game during day 1,2,3,4 (of fear #)

Energy without alcohol – go to gym, eat healthy, pump up testosterone

Overexposure to fear can be counterproductive

August 5, 2010

Use those attention muscles you lost back in high school

Group awareness: PSI, Landmark

Group think
Super awesome need to unplug from group think
Normal & GF don’t need to unplug from group think
Mob has trouble processing certain things
Subtleties, paradox, grey areas, case by case scenarios
Seeing world through own eyes – strength of your reality
Group think
But can go drastically wrong
Nazi Germany, mass murdering
Unthinking masses when told what to do just do it
The average person is too sensitive
The group is too sensitive
TV reinforces group think

Tolle not in group think – not getting state out of followers
TD likes antipickup stuff

“It always will work out”
What will work out?
End of world is already here in a lot of the world (3rd world countries)

Guru phenomenon – TD guru since 22
Guru relies on group think
Truly confident – looks at world in own eyes
Next level – leave group think behind, leave RSD behind

We all rationalize

Letting go of group think is a mind fuck
Asking questions like where do I go when I die? – Maybe you become a pokemon character
Why do I not kill myself? Are human beings good? What else is wrong?

10’s – narcissistic rant to them works will
People with money don’t spend it and waste it on fancy hotel rooms

Group think – everything happens for a reason vs sometimes shit just happens with no reason

When letting go of group think, you’re letting go of a lot of things

In regards to pick up – you will pass shit tests like a mother fucker
No approach anxiety, maybe just approach laziness
People look to you for your opinions, you’re the most certain
When truly stunning really hot girls meet someone with reality stronger than theirs they get super horny

Steven Covey – Co dependence, Independence, Interdependence

Side not – TD hikes in LA everyday – Runyon canyon

Self obsession –
Looking at photos of ourselves
What do they say about met
People are biological machines, self obsessed with ourselves is natures attempt to survive and replicate
People want to know who they are and are confused about it
Self obsession creates approach anxiety
Most fun is from presence, listening to people, offering value, Not self obsession or offering value

Everyone has the potential to evolve and that’s why its important to respect everybody

Approval seeking
3 types
1. Social status
2. Validation of roles/beliefs
3. Harmonizing with the environment
a. Trying to harmonize
i. Trying to dance with the rhythm
Ultimate irony – People do not value those who seek their approval because it communicates low status
Doing nice things often comes across as manipulative
Finding young stud to fuck older hot wife as older man
If people haven’t been made to earn it they distrust it, they need to feel like its win win
Just do your own thing, be authentic, people will appreciate it.

Lawrence fishburne’s daughter became a pornstar

Video clip
Jaden Smith on David Letterman
(the new karate kid)
-social calibration
-lack of approval seeking
-neg’s David Letterman
-Way he talks to Letterman is how TD talks to girls
-Pumping own state
“I’m the shit, you’re a dork, I’m cool, in a funny way” attitude

-You can 10/10 game on who you feel entitled for
-Condition yourself to be entitled
1. Approach super hot girls until it becomes normal
2. Meditation – conditioned not to think
Entitlement criteria
-what you need to be/feel entitled
-State not needed for entitlement
Be hyper aware of entitlement, what it is, and how you feel.

Book – Johny Bowden – The 150 healthiest foods on earth

Going to real outdoors 1 time per week is equivelant to taking Prozac
Cardio increases BDNF in the brain


you know what works and how to act and what doesn’t work
you know whats true but its hard to get off autopilot
Get reference experience to prove it to yourself

Getting your brain working properly
Diet, sleep, meditation, supplements, getting outdoors, reading (no tv/internet), lifting weights, cardio
Humor as antidepressant, the way you look at the world as antidepressant
Get sleep – same time every night, darkness sleep
Social interaction without any outcome. I often feel like I’m convincing, selling, getting things done. This is good because it makes me ultimate hustler, but bad for my brain.

Eccentric Personalities
Robbie Williams
Russel Brand
Arrie Gold

Intent vs freedome of outcome is 2 sides of a different coin. Like working out biceps & never triceps

Shock humor & Eccentricity
-It communicates “irreverence”
-Eccentricity does not provoke attraction, it provokes shit tests & when you don’t care and pass she gets attraction
-Arrie Gold
-Super unpredictable, periodically completely predictable for a couple minutes!
Balance of intent & freedome of outcome
Game – Intent, freedom of outcome, entitlement, momentup, physical game, free association
-Kobe Bryant Game 7: video blog
-Key to everything in life is intent plus freedom of outcome
-Typically when I’m sucking, I increase intent, and my freedome of outcome gets sacrificed
-Going slow & no freedom of outcome
-To cultivate non-resistance you must encounter resistance
-Intent without freedom of outcome is corrupted (no longer aligned with the will, but with the false self). Freedom of outcome without intent is lazy
Spend your life coming closer to expressing your true intent, and becoming more free of outcome
Freedom of outcome are roots allowing you to express intent

Guest Speaker –
August 6, 2010

Undumpable guy – in case of fire, break glass. In case of need good genes, break glass.

Theory Background
2 archetypes of men
Impregnator (The one I choose)

What a girl really wants –
The guy who she doesn’t deserve but who somehow finds her special and will therefore take care of her.
*The best genes possible
Why I am amazing
Undumpable guy theory (comes from evolutionary psychology_
Gene provider that will not get in way of the life
“chocolate without any calories”
Such things have never concerned me
Frame – “You know such things have never concerned me”

Ultimatum theory/response: …

Commit & consistency
Rewarding with less over time
Small commitments to things they don’t necessarily agree with
Vietnam communism story from power of influence
Cookie metaphor

Intrigue game
-Cookie metaphor – If I had a cookie and you didn’t know I had a cookie it would not affect you. If I was eating it you might think about it. If I ate a little piece and gave you a little bit, you’d want more and have to work for more.

Psychology – Robert Cialdini – Influence
Classic conditioning
Operant conditioning
Commitment and consistency
Become an authority in their world
-Something unique about yourself you’d want to know that may help you, I’ll tell you later

Book – Making people talk – By Barry Farber – Assume burden starting conversation, like starting a lawn mower, you may have to pull the cord a few times.

Open loops and provocative statements (reconcile with button pushing)
Becoming an authority
Trigger insecurity

Open loop – as soon as they want to hear more of something, you stop

Thought, how can I make her chase me?
Her: “Where are you from”
Me: Ahh I can relax, she’s chasing me

Why do I not need state
Check giving theory – not nervous about talking if you have $10,000 check for them
I am offering value

Deservedness – getting girls of same caliber
You can always walk away if you can get 8’s there will be another, if you don’t deserve an 8 you didn’t really have her to begin with

Poker variance theory (Process oriented thinking) – You can play perfectly and lose. Must be serene & happy. You can play awful and win, should be unhappy about it.
Deservedness theory (in line with Alex’s expectation theory)
Infinite practice theory (Reconcile with “Practice is for fags”)
“Right” Versus “easy theory” Making the right decision versus easy – differentiates you

5 reasons:
You are the best decision a girl can make
5 things you’re looking for in a girl
5 things you won’t tolerate in a girl
5 things you won’t tolerate from yourself
-like not approaching a girl you’re interested in

Truth VS Utility
1“Act as if” VS 2”The menu is not the meal
Why I’m glad I’m not a “Natural”

I tend to avoid deluding myself but that’s just a personal preference
Use what works for you, but be aware of both options
1&2 are both good to have. Learning time & doing time

What is a relationship?
Emotional investment

Girlfriend training (or fuck buddy training) from the start

The way to have discussions about it, emotionally not logical

“I’ve never been a one woman guy, but potentially I might be into it, if I meet the right girl”

Managing multiple relationships (with disclosure
-Pick the girls wisely (girls who won’t know eachother)
-Don’t bring it up for as long as possible
-Never rub it in, even subtle unintentional ways
-Be 100% willing to let girls walk when they give you “the ultimatum”
-Be amazing in bed

Set ground rules
1. I am your 1st priority
2. Above all, be honest (If you’re honest with me we can work through anything)
Takes a lot of character and is not for everyone.

1. I want your set to improve drastically each day
2. I want you to be self reliant & learn to learn
Be polarizing, let them either love you or hate you, not be luke warm

Day 2 – I’ll text you the address where to meet/not I’ll text you my address

Opener - You seem cute and interesting and I don’t know anything about you and we need to meet

Game diagnosis
Am I being true to myself in this situation
What would I do if she was already my girlfriend?
What would I do if she was 4 years old?
What would Brad Pitt do? (not an excuse to be an elitist asshole & walk away)
Did I play to win?
Did I show penis?
Did she need more value or more comfort?

Papa RSD
August 6, 2010

Wants to be Iron Man

What is a celebrity lifestyle and social circle?

4 simple goals you can achieve
How to get access to celebrity/billionair lifestyle without fame/money, etc, etc

You don’t need money, money needs you!!!...Huh?
Yes, you spend money
-Dating, travel, night clubs, personal education, fitness trainer
However you can do it for free/cheap
Develop value giving mindset
Reach out to people with resources & build contacts
Measure returns on investments

Top 10 travel tips to live like a VIP

10. – online corporate codes
Airfair, flights, hotels
9. Connecting flights, 1st class & round trip. 3 separate tickets. 1st class often doesn’t sell out
8. – CEO office of IBM (or code: xxxx)
7. for lodgings & love 
-Hey I love meeting people, stay here and I’ll show you the city
6. Eurorail pass – 21 countries
5. – choose your own price
4. for mansions cheaper than hotels
3. I love Microsoft, so I work for Microsoft (name drop Microsoft)
2. Be a part of the industry – cars, nightlife, fashion
1. RSDnation: PMs for lodgings & hitchhiking Invitation code xxxxx

Private members events: create a community & elite network
Party clubs: Xenii --died, Carbon, Attica
Sohohouse & real member nightclub
French Tuesdays (cultural events)
Charity (Philanthropy Galas and clubs)
Country clubs (youth groups)
Summit series and TED
Elite business clubs (EO, SYP)

Awesome travel using tools & technology
Talk to someone else’s concierge
Google text message 466453 (Google)
Talk to friends friends and locals
Event forums,,
Talk the talk and walk the walk with VIP hosts Experts & guides
Private social network sites (a small world)
Subscribe to local E newsletters for nightlife a few weeks before traveling somewhere

Creat a brand by partying with purpose. Another night at the clubs VS special night

Oversell/hype up every party

Act like you’re a major airline – overbook your schedule

Important considerations of a Party
Rule 1: Have more girls than boys
Capture everyones name, phone, and email that you want to see again
Have enough food & drinks
Get great music (or DJ)
Create an ambience of intimacy
Have diversions: Dancing, go go dancers, poker, beer pong/darts
Use excel spreadsheet
Build a party list

Special events:
Grammys, Oscars, emmys
 levels the playing field.
Rent house: Host official event/afterparty
Executive retreats
Create your own regular trips

Intimite parties: Social circle enrichment
Dinner Party clubs (LA/NY/SYD)
Convert restaurants * Pop Burger NYC*
Hotel suites parties
Hotel lounge events
I’m on a boat!!! Events
VIP areas in clubs

Important players in partying/nightlife
Promoters, VIP hosts, owners, security, bartenders, concierges, entertainers, celebrity appearances, models (aka filler girls) – Girls to fill space/party not spending money
& Non industry insiders&workers

Long distance social circle/management
-text messages
-Organize mobile phone by city
-Create forum to act as phone directory excellblackberry
-Organize spreadsheet directories by city
-Fly to them or get them to fly to you
-Twitter, facebook, myspace, ASW

Access to hot nightlife
Be in the industry or friends with industry insiders
Appear as a possible VIP Joint Venture Partner
AMX black card (or fake ebay version)
“I’m from LA”…here to see your club
“I work in clubs” I was told to come here, this is where I’m supposed to go
I’m from X productions
Bribe $20
Talk to owner, promoter, VIP hosts
Befriend door staff
Bottle service/ Host party
Celeb help (i.e. Bill Maher)
Hotel or Card Concierge “talk as if”

How I sort girls in my phone
-Party girls
-hot dates
-VIP hostesses
-Close female friends
-girls I don’t want to talk to
How I sort dudes in phone
-Close friends
-VIP hosts
-Guys I don’t want to talk to

Day 2
Private tour of secret gems on City
Movies drink at place
Cooking meal at hers or your place
Bring hr to event/party
Executive lounge at your hotel
Museum parties & showings
Secret event (buddypass)

Date ideas for city
Drinks at a hotel loungs –
Fine dining –lingerie shopping
Will smith: The only difference between me and you…I will work harder than you and therefore get farther

August 6, 2010

“I feel that you appear attractive”
How much do you love her? More than yesterday but less than tomorrow.

When see the window “pop” jump through it
Man-woman communication

The gun is always loaded – Everything you open theres potential to close her. When window opens theres very little time to jump though it.

I don’t see beasts like us, I see scared fatties and weak willed pussies

“Your name should be love”
“I’m drunk off my own awesomeness”
Strong reality
Core confidence – expression not impression
Bring value – Bring party
Its Jeffy time bitch!
Leading (assertive dominance)

“Durr I’m Gary” – Makeout

Self – swaggerjack – how express yourself, how they feel not if they like you

Intent- important. Boners not kino
Have boner – law of state transfer. She will know it. What you feel they feel

Most pulls are textbook and straightforward

Jeffery Allen Louis – new identity – Birthdate July 4, 2010

Robot unicorn attack
Denouement (means the outcome of a complex sequence of events)

Seducers dilemma – care about all the women they’re involved with but can’t stick with just one of them and indirectly hurt them because of this. Its just nature, you’re not doing anything wrong you just have to be honest.

Grace and Poise – Beer on head

Approach invitation
Don’t want to just stand in club – find rhythm of the club
Drunk Maria – night after breakup. I’d love for you to go to the bathroom on me.
I respect your relationship with your boyfriend and I respectfully don’t care.
Feeling girls feelings is like balance
Secret to day game – get drunk. 4 loco malt liquor
Miss miss can I ask you a question, yes, okay so can actually I makeout with you.

Brad –
August 7, 2010

The first 15 minutes
She has 1 million reference points of “I’m a hot girl” against your reality of “I’m a cool mofo.”
Bootcamp – about the students, then @130, like a hunter, 1 shot 1 kill
Talking to wall for 10 minutes
-popping the girls bubble
-screening for a cool guy
Reframe – she doesn’t realize how awesome I am? She must be really stupid

Its kind of a joke going out

Goes solo, just stands till 1 am, then looks for receptive girl and “hey’

Biggest motivator to go out – more reference points

“Somehow I got into eastern philosophy, o shit, why’d I get into that again”

Under 25 – often – rainbows/dolphins – to talk about
Over 25 – more normal

How to vomit
Actions speak louder than words
She will find you interesting as long as you’re interested in what you’re talking about
Lower the conversation bar
Not worrying if what you have to talk about is cool enough
1. Take any word and just flow for 3 or four sentences
2. Role plays – and you can be completely crazy
3 minutes word – flow on it (I like). Pick a word and flow –moving to sexual as exercise. LOWER THE BAR

Response doesn’t need to be directly correlated

Throwing shit out until something hits that you’re both interested in talking about

Super direct – but detached from the outcome

You’re super cute, but I do have all these other things I’m looking for, what else do you got – Donald Trump/Prince Harry frame

If your value is too high you need to raise hers up

“Believe in tomatoes” Just be loud

Stimulus level is related to intent and how much value to convey

Pillow talk – at anytime – man to a woman

Leading – how to lead
-Moving to man woman frame
-Don’t be creepy
-Bring Value & have fun not creepy
Command & Challenge
Still screening, Breaking rapport
Get girl to invest, silence with meaning, or awkward silence
Working on skillset VS working on getting the girl
Go for makeout right away exercise
“Hi I’m Brad…” Go for makeout
Spacing – Dick walk – spaced away

You can physically shift her towards you/like playboy
Nathans default opener – approaching at bar from left side for right handshake

Proactively 100% leading everything “I’m the fuckin boss”

Shifting sands, fluid, constantly moving around

Trying to pull in 5 minutes, if no, don’t emotionally respond.
At least move them in the venue somewhere

Dialing your internals

Ego = Costume
Hi, I’m higher value than you, and there’s nothing you can do about it

Guys develop faster/become instructor “Positivity”
How is each night empowering
“I saw a really hot girl and had balls to approach her”

Think about my own awesomeness all day long

“Ego of being successful with women”
Every set only to value skillset – negative

Book George Leonard – Mastery – Learning curve
Embrace the Plateu
You’re actually learning in the plateu

Alex RSD Treasure
Aug 7, 2010

Book – Scar tissue by Anothony Kiedis
Robbie Williams
David Beckham

Positive reference
-Shes standing there because she wants to fuck me
-Have the mental movie that they’ll be excited to talk to you

Long term
Whats my Identity
Man of action
Celebraate the win even if its not you

Go out, momentum, dominate

Add Timf Brown

The more experience you have the less you give a fuck about telling about pulling a girl
What to do to keep getting good
Enduring the love of the game
Don’t want to go out thinking about having to do sets but to have fun
Ladsy – smash as many beers as possible
Rolling like we’re kings
ABC shot – absinth, bicardi 151, chatruce
When theres a lunar eclipse you can get a bad memory ;)

Q&A Panel
August 7, 2010

9 different speakers
Swaggerjack – taking other peoples styles

Stuff to do before going out?
Not really after a while
Goal to relax, not pump up, and then unwind at the club

How to save your voice?

Choosing your own style
Presence, positive, dominance, man of action & style comes from that
Like Oceans 10, 11, 12 movie
Kanye learned to make beats by taking Dr Dre’s beats & laying his over then developing his own
Other ways to develop game?
Activities that take lots of willpower or builds mental toughness

Mastermind group – you are who you surround yourself with

People brought on for Tyler to learn pickup. Pictures there on webpage so chicks love the cartoons

Energy level is a limiting belief – What Tyler learnt from Alex

Meloncholy Neurology – Brain bringing down for energy later

Theory – Girls don’t cheat down –Ryan

RAS – Every guy in club is gay or a brother

You don’t know if you have a cheater or a non cheater for a year Alexis Amoore

!!!Knighted by Tim 10/10!!!

Goal of summit – Immersion
When going home remember you took the fucking summit

Getting laid does not equal happiness. Think gay dudes & hot girls. They get laid all the time and are not necessarily happy.
Everybody dies.
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Women is a 1978 novel written by Charles Bukowski  ??? Is this the correct book. I would like to pick it up when I head into Hong Kong for the weekend.
Bootcamp of Champions - Mar' 09! Austin Resurrection Crew !  - Embrace Uncertainty
Ozzie - July '09 - London - your social self and become you.

 "In those moments that most people say I can't,  most people say self preservation, most people say what if?... We say "What if?" the other way. What if you land it? What if it is possible?" - Travis Pastrana - X Games Movie   "i'm not in this world to live you up to your expectations. And your not in this world to live up to mine." - Bruce Lee If you are taking more action than anyone else, why should you care about their opinion?" ~Derek "I want to see the world through my own eyes not in the reflection of others." - "While you standing around looking dumb. I make it happen, taking action over time. Got damn good at it too!" - T.I.
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Killer notes bro. Thanks for taking the time to post them. Much appreciated.
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John Cooper

John Cooper


Join Date: 01/02/2009 | Posts: 51

 NIce notes, man.

You wrote "Overexposure to fear can be counterproductive", i didn't understand. Explain me how , please.

Thanks, Willh.
I'm Brazilian,  guys.. so, forgive my grammatical errors. wink

It's all about face your fears, man.
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Join Date: 04/02/2010 | Posts: 90

Good Stuff dude. Thanks. I especially liked Tim's Bit (Energy and Convo) and Todd's stuff was pretty cool. I gotta go to the Summit this summer.
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Thanks for the props everyone. I have a really busy 2 days of work but I'm going to respond to your posts in a couple days.
Everybody dies.
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John Cooper wrote:
 NIce notes, man.

You wrote "Overexposure to fear can be counterproductive", i didn't understand. Explain me how , please.

Thanks, Willh.
Its because you became EXTREMELY out of sync with society.

Example, you become so use to the fear of being physical that you a girl at a park. Ok not but you escalate on her so much that other people call the cops. Yes, you did have no fear, but you also have no social intelligence. 
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<<"What does that mean mate? "Undumpable guy – in case of fire, break glass. In case of need good genes, break glass." (From todd)
and what alexis amoore have to do with anything haha?

Thank you for your answer in advance, and if you could please somehow share your original doc notes, I would appreciate very much..

Thanks in advance


Basically Todd was saying he takes on the frame that he is the "undumpable guy" and compares it to being to the girl the same as a fire extinguisher during a fire. Like "in case of fire, break glass, use fire extinguisher" and in his frame he has the best genes in the world and the girl will want to use him for that even if she is in another relationship, therefore, "in case of need good genes, break glass".  Todd can elaborate better than me I'm sure, but it was a pimp explanation and a pimp frame to have especially for someone dating more than one girl.

Anybody else, feel free to add in, I gotta go out!

BTW I don't recall off the top of my head why alexis amoore was mentioned I just wrote down any name mentioned. It was probably to look up her porn later haha
Everybody dies.
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 wow these are great notes, fantastic job 
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WillH wrote:

Brad –  
August 7, 2010

Its kind of a joke going out

Goes solo, just stands till 1 am, then looks for receptive girl and “hey’


Can you expand on what Brad said here?

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Flux, he's talking about how easy game is when you get it.

You don't have to be social all night or whatever if you have your shit dialed you can just sit and chill like a chodey wall flower all night and that doesn't even matter. Then around 1 am, when the bars are closer to closing adn the nights about to end you just look for the girl that looks very receptive and approach with a positive dominant "Hey" and can take her home quickly. That's what I recall him saying about that.
Everybody dies.
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