November 21st, 2018
Summit 2010 Notes
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Hey guys,

Due to the quantity of guys here asking me for notes, I'm creating this thread and posting notes.

I'm not gonna post all of them at the start. I'll post them as requested.

Day 1
Tyler I
Tim (Secrets of the Vagina)

Day 2
Ozzie (Physical Game & The Fear Technology)
Alex (Inner Game)

Day 3
Alex (ONS)

Day 4
Ozzie II (Physical Game & The Feat Technology cont.)
Tyler II

Day 5

Day 6
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Alexander Inner Game Notes

Overarching principle of everything: You are enough. No second thought.
You're from Australia. When you say "I'm Australian", you are enough. It's not like "fuck yeah Australia". You just know. Just like you are enough. You just know.

When you have fun, fuck around with your buddies, that is when you get to nothing. We want to get to nothing.

To a girl, when she encounters a guy that is congruent with "you are enough", with balls, she will be attracted. When you realize you are enough you will get a delusional sense of confidence.

A girl truly attracted to you won't give you an IOI, but a quiet and attentive response. She's single, cute, you're decisive and she doesn't want to fuck up. Imagine Megan Fox were to walk up here and introduce herself to you. You would freak the fuck out. That's the same exact situation.

When girls are partying and drinking they're like you when you were 14 or 15 years old. You say stupid things under pressure. Girls do the same if you're a man of value. These are reactions you're gonna get.

As the alpha male you need to trust.
The girl says stupid things she heard in TV or movies, she doesn't mean them.
You get through resistance, you are in business.
Use your willpower to consciously think "you are enough".

A girl by nature is skeptical. A guy by nature is stupidly confident. By evolution we think the grass is always greener on the other side. We always wanna fuck the next girl. Girls are always skeptical. "Are you sure of this? Bla bla".

3 types of reactions:
- If a girl is too friendly, if there is no tension, she probably has a BF somewhere else.
- Quiet and attentive is single and looking. Introverted, thinking and feeling about you on the inside.
- The third reaction is the "don't fucking talk to me". You persist and she realizes it's cool.

Emotionally girls are not the best linear thinkers. She can have Prince Charming perfect for her in front of her and not want to be with him because of the friends.

Make a shift. Girls are not attention whores or gold diggers. They are stimulation junkies. That's how you have to understand attraction. Attraction is arousal.
All those ranges of emotion, being standoffish, fucking around with friends. Arousal is just chatting up girls. Then you add physicality and you're in.

Don't try and milk shit out of her. Trust yourself and keep talking.
Entertainer guys don't arouse cause they're predictable.
When you are the center of your world you take no shit but give out good energy, and you perpetually arouse the girl.

"You have an accent". "Shut the fuck up. Is my personality a tool for you to use, bitch?". "Shut the fuck up, bitch". "You bring it out in me, stupid" (Alex in XS yesterday)

Arousal is not an intense fucking barrage. It's just the contrast.
That with physicality, you cannot lose.
When you contrast emotions out of pure personal expression, it automatically works.

Be it confrontational, sweet or any other emotion, you can already naturally stimulate it.
Sometimes be positive, sometimes be negative.
If she takes a drink in front of me, "What the fuck? Do I look like the fucking salvation army?".

You trust yourself so much you don't even care.
When you are in congruence with "you are enough", if she's single, it's gonna happen.

I battled an animal once.
I will make you breakfast. I can make waffles. I will even grow my own strawberries.
I don't know this guy. He's trying some weird pickup shit on me (in swedish)
Awkward silence. I trust myself.
Do you think we got lost in a moment?
I would have an affair with you.
Do you like beer or do you like me?
She looks at me like I'm an idiot. But I trust myself, so I'm a cool idiot.
ANOTHER awkward silence. I trust myself.
I love this song. I love myself.
I love you.
Shameless attempts to makeout and lead her away.
Talking ratio: 0. You gotta do everything. Babysit the interaction.
Nothing impressive. I'm just talking stupid shit.
Make sure be it the talking/physicality/fun, you do it for yourself, not the girl.
It's gonna be like the Titanic. But the first movie. It's a porno.
Is your name Inga? Are you from Sweden?

Remember what you love and what you hate. When you express this in the club it just works.
Make a shift to have so much more fun and so less stress. Temple of relaxation.

It's not what you do, it's what you deal with.
Don't worry on the impression you make, but on trusting yourself.
Do shit, deal with shit. You can only demonstrate you're a man when you pass a test.
When she says "NO NO NO NO" when I try to kiss her, and I stay unreactive.

Deliberate illogicality: Saying antagonistic stuff to generate tests and create attraction faster.
Play it out. Trust it will work out the way it's supposed to.
Girls are bitchy. They're not sorry or even think twice about it. It's like playing prerecorded messages out of a phone machine.

When you approach a girl you are an unanswered question. There is potential for arousal. If you escalate too soon you become predictable.

I make these jokes and not even care if she likes it.
I enjoy and recline in my own company.
Have you ever saw a movie called Finding Nemo?
I'm smooth. I shave. I use Gilette.

With the 10's it's fucking chemistry battles. They want a guy who doesn't take shit.
Every time a girl invests in you, shares a story or memory, listen to her. She will want a return back.

Girls are like rats, with a pleasure button. Click. Test passed, instant pleasure.
The tests will keep coming. They do that to make it more arousing for everyone.
Girl calling me a player 500 times. "Malin, you're pissing me off. Shut the fuck up".
Endure and trust it will work out because it will.

Physicality and timeframes.
Don't escalate on the girl. Use physical rapport.
In Vegas it's more intense, almost like sex in the club. 2 hour rule. In other cities it's not. Take it slow.

It doesn't matter which moves you make, it matters that you make moves.
Malin, stand up. No. Even though I don't succeed she likes I'm the guy that makes moves.

It's better not to go for the makeout, neither for GF nor for ONS. It dissipates attraction. Once you makeout you can't pretty much do anything else. Don't be too hard too early. Instead physical rapport and play it out.

Typical ways to beat tests:
- Irrelevant
- It's fine
- I love you

4 things:
- Create initiative
- It's not what you do, it's what you deal with
- It doesn't matter which moves you make, it matters that you make moves
- Time is your ally

The more time you spend with the girl the more the arousal and more emotions you exchange. Never try to fuck her right away.
If you meet a girl at 11:30 PM you're not gonna fuck her before 2 AM (Cities)/4 AM (Vegas)
The more you spend time with her the more lusty and desperate she gets.

You can't lose. You can't fucking lose. You're totally free, relaxed, totally expressing yourself. And that makes you trust yourself even more.

If you live a sheltered life you're gonna have a narrow reality.
If you take a risk, you either get a new success or a new embarassment.
You eventually stop giving a fuck about hot girls or getting blown out.
You want to have a reality so wide nothing embarasses you.
When you become that guy, everything you do is beyond the girl's reality.

You need to push both your positive and negative comfort zones.
Expanding your negative comfort zone is the blowouts. Those don't make you used to success. You have to endure the success.

Chill the fuck out and stay in set as hard as possible.
When you encounter a girl with BF you have carte blanche to be a complete asshole so that when you find a girl that's good to go, it's good to go.

Girls simply categorize you as alpha-beta. That's it.
No sense of urgency. You can't get blown out. You can just relax.
When you get nervous, when you get the anxiety, do it anyway.

Video (bathroom pull)
Fucking success.
The set before, fucking German chicks blowing me out.
Change your brains, change your RAS because this level of success CAN happen.
It doesn't matter. People aren't gonna hate you if you fuck up.
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Ryan - From Pinging to Inception Notes

Chode is perpetual pinging. Looking at others' cues on how to respond.
Basing your interpretation and action on others.

Internalization: decrease in analytic ability.
Awareness = hindrance.
The more you're aware the less you emanate charisma.

Emanation is you being completely free. You say "come home tonight" or "don't come home tonight" and the outcome is the same.
It's not because of your actions, it's because of who you are.

- Physical
- Verbal
- Emotional (Happy/hyper/calm/thoughtful)

Younger brothers example
They get used to pinging. It becomes their comfort zone.

To change, to stop pinging, you need to go blind and fly alone.
There's not enough for all. There will be non-winners. You need to break the rules.
Why fly alone? You stop pinging. Some people will stop liking you.

Nobody knows what the fuck is going on. In life.
Everyone is constantly looking for others.
There is no such thing as certainty. For something to be certain we need a mutual agreement. We just have an interpretation of certainty.

Reality is determined by the person with the strongest frequency.
My vocal patterns became Australian conviving with Tim. "Why are you saying mate, dude? You're not even Australian".
My tonality on the Circus Circus video after Jeffy talking.

Increasers of influence:
1) Lack of pinging
2) Increased situational experience
You have more influence in that situation. You go to the club a lot, it becomes your home.
3) Outcome detachment
We're more influenced by people who don't care.
4) Developing emoting muscles
How much you show emotion. Guys good with girls emote a lot.
Guys give me shit about being gay because I flick my wrists a lot.
5) Increase value or projections of value
Posture. Vocal projection. All of those changeable.
Your posture. Your clothing. Who you hang out with.

Cognitive mastery
Belief in face of contradicting evidence.
Number one difference in students that succeed or not: "If I need to believe this, that is what I will".
Mantaining thought patterns conducive to your reality.

Gaming as the reality architect
Frame in an interaction is determined almost immediately.
Changing it once established is very hard.
Is this guy sexworthy? Am I taking him home?
If you don't set the frame when you approach she will. And it will be some social conditioned bullshit. "You can't have me".

To set the frame: First set a proper rhythm.
Alex is in constant state of output. Initiator versus the responder.
You have to establish the rhythm in the first few minutes.
Frame battle. "Where are you from?". "Where are YOU from?".
Derek says "I'll fuck you like I fucked your grandmother". That's shocking. Creates a reaction.
If I tap a girl and she doesn't respond I say "Man, I'm gonna go cut myself".
The more intense the thing you say, the more likely a reaction.

Frame generation: Inception
What's the scenario you want to create?
Courting? "I'm cute, I had to meet you".
I wish I could? "I'm not getting her but I'll try my best".
We're flirting? "You're cute, I wanna keep you".

The winning reality: I'm a fucking winner. I like you. You're smart enough to realize I'm a winner, so it's a no-brainer.
"Hey, we should be together".
"Hey, you're cute". "You too". Boom. Makeout.
Disagreement might come up. "I don't think so".

Making your reality stick:
1) Strenghtening and projecting your reality into her
2) Making her doubt her reality.

Strenghtening your reality
A) Believing it
B) Cognitive mastery

Pinging. I can teach a blind guy to pickup better than a normal guy. Because I'm unable to read social feedback, my reality turns true.

Situational awareness
If you're too tied  to your surroundings, it lowers you value.
Focus on your actions. On yourself. Not on the environment.

Providing live commentary
"I like that we're enjoying each other"
Not the truest interpretation. The interpretation I want.
Passive. Like music in the background, you find yourself humming it later, the girl will find it sticking to her later.
"You're all over me".
"You're taking advantage of me"
"I can see us doing crazy things together"
"You're so getting in trouble"

Telling vs. asking
"Hey, will you come with me to the bar?"
"Tell your friend you're coming with me to the bar".

Shaping the multiple choice
"Do you like me tons or super tons?"
You can't shape their choice. But you can shape the choice pool.
"Do you wanna come to the bar?", she says "no", answer you never want to hear.
Instead, "Do you wanna come to the bar or stay with your friends?"
"Do you wanna kiss or will you get in trouble with your friends?"

Projecting expected behaviors
Talking to her softly assuming she's listening instead of loudly wanting attention. I assume she wants to listen to me. I'm shaping her behaviors and actions.

Eliciting behaviors
"If you were 3 years younger you would so be in business with me". All these generic photographer phrases elicited behaviors from the girl. And yet I never told her I was a photographer.

Bringing her in to question her reality.
Breaking social conventions
Should I pick her nose and feed her boogers?
Should I talk about the STD I had the week before?
Chlamydia is a beautiful name so I'll call you that.

Her reality is a house of cards. Attack a small thing and she becomes very open to many other things.

Girl is sobbing. If I say "He's an asshole, come here", I'm buying into her reality.
Instead, "Let's eat chinese food. You're crying, you must be hungry. Here, help me pick from the menu".

GF finds the blog.
"You're disgusting!"
"You know, I'm not gonna apologize for being a fucking winner. I did what every guy wants to do. If you wanna be with a loser, that's okay. If you wanna be with a winner and get over this like a mature person, then say so".

Reality is shaped by what you acknowledge
Everytime a girl blows you out, convince yourself it's on.
"I'm gonna walk away." "Okay". "I'm serious!". "Seriously, yes, go ahead, I like that you're expressing yourself".
A reality needs your consent. Until that, it's open for interpretation.

XS example. Made up celebrity friend. Tap tap. "Hey, Chuck  xxx would like to join this table. Do you know who that is?". "Of course". "But no photography". "Sure".
"Dude, just go in there, and don't talk for 5 minutes". "Okay".
Today I still get messages telling me what a pleasure it was to have us.

Open on isolation. Never "hey guys". Tap tap, talk to individual girl.
If a reality has 2 participants you have more power over it than 5/6 people.
The tricky part, if friends do not approve, tug-o-war.

Commit to a reality before the approach. I can go comical. Or I can go serious. Or other. Establish conversational rhythm
"Buy me a drink". "I would, but I'm behind on my child support payments".
Narrate the moment with ideal interpretation.
"Wow, we're together now. Great". "I can feel the chemistry. It's great".
"Have you told your friends about us yet?"
Tricky part: Pinging. Even if your reality is true (we might really like each other), you might want verification of that.
Remember nothing is true. It's all open to interpretation.
Frame battle: "No, I'm not with you".

The idiot monologue
"Let's go get a burger". "I can't leave my friends". "That's okay. It's not your fault. It's my fault. I thought I was talking to a 21 yo that could make decisions for herself but apparently I'm talking to someone uncapable of making decisions without depending on her friends. So can we just go get a fucking burger?"
Saying tons of stuff in a row and then going back and changing your mind so she can't say no.
A barrage of your reality that makes it hard for her to say no.

Anytime you want to achive an outcome it's better to do it playfully than seriously.
Touching her face - nose pick or serious face hold?
Touching her butt - playful slap or serious grab and saying "You have a hot butt"?

During day game, if you play the shy guy, you're on the same frequency as her.
Because she will be anxious. That way you are on the same frequency and her. Pacing and leading. You can then lead her to c

Playful. "We're having sex tonight. No, just kidding, but I like we like each other".

Constant social faux pas.
Sticking finger in the nose
Quick kiss. While I'm talking to her I'll be constantly darting in. What's that over there? While she's turning back I dart in.

Protecting your reality once you've shaped it - frequency divergence
Social settings have a frequency (club or coffe shop)
Lead you both into a different frequency from the social setting, once she accepets your reality. Make you both become unrelatable from the rest.
We're winners. We're tired. We're different from other people. We're horny.
People come here to get laid. We don't need that. We're not like these people.
Can we go to a place where I can get to know you without the booming music?

When you realize the world is not as set in stone as you think it is, you open a lot of doors.
Man up. Turn YOU up. Don't go through the world being a muted version of you.
Achieve what you want to achieve. Live in the world you want to live in.
You have to believe it before anyone else will.

Energy-based compliance won't get you the lay. If you lead enough you'll get the lay without high-energy.

From advanced to elite: Awareness.
Elite guys stop doing it consciously, so they stop being affected by what they see.
Security guards in the club: Tap tap and start talking even before the girl starts turning. They assume they are already listening. And it always works.

It's a change of mindset. Noone is going to move this forward as much as I am.
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I'd be really interested in some points made in Tyler's two speeches
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 Thank you mate, one of the best set of notes I've seen on these forums, thanks for sharing this immense value. 

I'd be interested on what Tim said too 
Rent this space

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I'm gonna put up Ozzie's cause somebody asked me first, then Tyler's, then Tim's. It's gonna take some time as typing it all is not easy!
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Ozzie had two parts to his presentation

Ozzie I
Physical game & The Fear Technology

Just like salsa, there is a pattern to pickup. You find it and you always do good.
Salsa 3+2 pattern. To the sides.

How to do something is only 10%. Anyone can get an opener on the net. The problem is doing it.
If fear is there, performance will go down. Fear wrecks performance even before you start.
Dealing with fear is 90% of this game.

Students did good for a month after the program (program high). After that fear kicked in and performance went down. I taught them techniques but not how to handle the fear.

You see a girl surrounded by 4 bodybuilders. You should go. But you go to the bathroom instead. And all the how to went to shit.

Not approaching. Not approaching consistently. Not getting physical. You approach but you leave as soon as possible. These are all symptoms of fear.

With fear all these go down
- Pickup performance
- Social skills
Some guys are very social. But not when the girl is hot, or there's a group of girls.
- Risk taking
- Verbal skills
Your voice, your tonality goes down talking to the hot girl
- Getting physical
- Body language
When there's no fear you don't worry. You just walk.

If I teach you how to target, identify, process and fear you will be able to do it on your own.

How to improve performance: remove fear.
Risk taking is a key skill. The student will break up a couple making out, take the girl and say "fuck off!".
Performance without fear goes up and STAYS up.
On program we fear on Friday. The student doesn't have to deal with it Saturday, Sunday or the next 2 months.

Confidence is lack of fear. When there's no fear you have real confidece. You see it on the inside.
A guy with fear sees a couple making out, thinks "she's taken". Sees problems instead of opportunities.

Natural skills you already have in absence of fear:
- Verbal skills
- Body language
- Fun
The girl is giggling, and you're not even telling jokes or saying anything funny.
- Physical game
You naturally hug girls

Fear technology
It's simple. So you remember it before the approach, during the approach and after the approach.
If you deal with fear you get laid. Certified.
It works under your level of awareness.
Happens in newbies and advanced. Even if you're banging 3 or 4 girls a week you still have certain fears. One of the fears of advanced guys is to make mistakes. You have to be good every night. And then you suck.

In program I make students fail. Not small fails. Big fails. Humilliation.
I make them walk in strange ways or go into a group and shake their ass until they get spanked.

2 levels of fear: Physical (punch in the stomach) and Cognitive (in your head). Usually fear produces both.

Vicious cycle of fear:
Social situation leads to fear, fear leads to avoidance, avoidance leads to long-term negative, long-term negative leads back to fear.

Avoidance. "I'm getting a beer". No you're not. Paralysis.
Being drunk is bad. You numb the fear. And you learn nothing.
Many of my programs work like detox programs.

The only element that perpetuates fear is avoidance. And this is the one element you must fight.

2 causes of fear
- Unrealistic expectations of people
- Negative self-perception

Unrealistic expectations of people
The hotter the girl the more you think she expects of you.
You need a great life. But you don't have one. And you don't need one.
People don't expect a lot from you. You think they do but they don't.
Good first impressions don't count. You can have a horrible first impression and have a great interaction with the girl.
Guys think they need a good first impression, and if they don't get it they leave.
Survive that bad first impression. The bar for conversation is very low.
But fear makes you think you need a great opener, a great follow-up. It's desirable but not necessary at all.

Negative self-perception
3 common types
1) I'm incompetent
I don't have the skill. I'm not good with girls. I'm not good looking enough. Something is wrong with me.

2) If she really knew me, she wouldn't like me
If she knew I play with LotR action figures she wouldn't like me. Or that I have a boring job. Or that I'm just fucking weird. I masturbate to donkey porn.
A common one is the age thing. If they knew my age they wouldn't like me. Dude, that's the first thing I tell them. I'm 40. I could be your father.

3) I must do everything perfect all the time
How can you be perfect? It's impossible.
This creates massive fear. You'll walk around the club looking for the perfect set. It doesn't exist.
You'll have to throw your ass in there and pray you'll survive.
You can make every mistake in the book and still get laid

Happens within seconds. You see the hot girl: "Fuck. Toilet time".
Fear can only survive in avoidance.
Fear is private. You might think she knows but she won't. You won't tremble or show it on the outside.

At the point of most fear, instead of avoiding expose yourself to it.
The first words coming out of your mouth will be awkward.
The more you stay with fear the more you will reach a comfort zone.
Those things will get fixed if you just stay there.

With repetition fear drops to zero. Long-term. You get true confidence.
By finding the situation that most scares you and repeatedly exposing yourself to it.

The 2 minute mark
Stay in the situation that scares you at least 2 minutes. Otherwise you're cheating.
Interactions get better after 2 minutes.
It's also the time it takes for your fear to get destroyed.

The first minute is the fear hump. When you walk in and the words sound awkward.
Try to plow for those 2 minutes. No matter how.

After 2 minutes everything gets better. Performance improves. Words get more articulated, you have more fun, become charming.
If they don't tell you to fuck off after 2 minutes stay there. Bonus time.
After 2 mins the girl wamrs up to you. At first she's like "Who is this guy?"
Goal is not pickup. It doesn't depend on the girl. It depends on you.
Ride the fear hump.

Unrealistic expectations (revisited)
- Hot girls must be charmed and swept off their feet
- Everybody must like me
Dude, not even the girls that lay you have to like you. "Why did you fuck me?" "I don't know, you're weird".
- You learn you can make mistakes and get away with it. That people aren't as critical about you as yourself. And that not everybody has to like you.

Negative self-perception: how to remove
1) Identify which of the 3 is your major one
2) Build evidence of the opposite
If mine is "I'm incompetent" I have to build evidence I'm competent.
If you're perfectionist, fail on purpose so you realize you can still get the girl.
For perfectionists: Create a bad impression right off the bat and stay with it.

#1 fear embedded in all fears:
Fear of public humilliation
I make students be humilliated. If you're humilliated in front of 200 people, will this girl here matter?

Video (crowded street in front of Burger King)
Stretch your arms, be a nuisance to people.
Talk about something you know (in guy's case, snakes, he worked with snakes)
Fear technology applied - the 1st minute is the worst. The 2nd is not so bad.

Video (Improv in front of statue)
Ozzie and other student clapping
Improvise about the problems of the world
Awesome quotes:
Phone sex, why is it so expensive?
The world is a bicycle with broken wheels, and we're driving drunk

When fear goes down risk taking goes up.
You start to do things you normally wouldn't do with girls. You start approaching girls you normally wouldn't approach.

Video (day extraction)
Girl ended up extracting him

Video (day extraction 2)
Physical game in day game (holding hands)
Able to pull the girl. Normally guys are happy with a phone #
Pulled to bar after that. Museum. Developed into a 3 hour pull.
This is the kind of thing you do when you become a risk taker

Video (student makeout)
Risk taker (grabbing the girl, kissing her)

Fear hierarchy of moves (order in difficulty for you from 1-7):
The Claw
Lifiting girl
Going for the makeout

You start with the one you have less fear of. Do 1,2,3 in under a minute. At least 1 in under a minute.
Ideally walk the girl through all the moves. At the start you go from 1-4. Then when you're comfortable you do 4-6. Makeouts happen if you do 4 to 6. Don't worry about the makeout itself.
When you can do 1-3 in under a minute try doing 1-4.

When she doesn't respond, you go back in the scale. I try and lift her up (5) and she doesn't respond. I go back to 3 or 4 for a while. Then I try again.
If you're too touch stop and talk for a while, then eventually try again.

Physical game rule - if you  don't start in the first minute you will never start.
One minute rule is to be followed whether she likes it or not. Regardless of her reaction to you.

Video (student physical game)
Girl is running away, guy grabs her (come here, bitch!)
Guy did lifting up, spinning, all moves under 23 seconds

Video (transfer with the claw)
Video (wheelchair student)

If the girl walks away, it's fine, but you have to do something about it.
One step back, two steps forward. If she's uncomfortable leave her be for a while but come back with a vengeance.

Zero fear pickup
You're doing moves, you don't care if the girl doesn't like you.
That's when you get into trouble. Into good trouble.

Video (Goran slap)
Stay there. If the girl rejects you, persist. Girl slaps Goran but he stays there.
It's not rape, it's beating resistance.

To get the makeout don't focus on the makeout. Focus on cycling 4-5-6 and doing it with every girl, and you will get the makeout.

If you take risks on a consistent basis you will become a risk taker and you do it effortlessly.
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thanks value offerer. Brads notes hopefully sometime :) .. I'm curious on the part about where he said "in the way u do anything u do everything" and bossing people around as soon as you enter hte club

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 Tim - Secrets of the Vagina

What are we here for? VAGINA.

"I have a secret" "What is it?" "Can't tell you yet". No reply for 3 hours. "I'll tell you the secret tonight at the club". Holding hands, to her ear: "The secret is... I like you".

You get blown out, you go back in 5 minutes after and they totally forgot about it. Strange how it works.
What are your goals? I shift a lot. Have GF for 6 months, pimp girls for 6 months. Write down your goals. For the love of chasing vagina.

My tonality is like: Welcome to my realm. Welcome to the family.
Best clubs in Vegas: Pure/XS.

If shit blows up, it blows up. At least I made it awesome.
No fucking purposeless hand of doom!

The fact that you're committing to vagina, if you are ready to approach, you are 80% there. Think of your mates.

Expectation theory
What you expect you get.
If you expect it will take 2000 approaches to get good that's what it will take.
Me at the start: "There's this weird dude Tyler Durden shooting sparks out of his ass and getting his cock sucked at the club. I'll be like him". I expected to get good in 2 weeks. And I did.
What are your expectations for tonight?

Many times your expectation is not vagina. It's the set running well. Or some other shit.
My 2 expectations:
- Have a fuckin kickass time whoever I'm with. That is my job.
- If there's a swirl that moves me, I get her.

Game face
Get your game face on. Get in the zone.
I'm playing rugby as a teen. Technically I'm better than everyone, yet my mind is on playing the videogames. So I'm average. I have skills but no attitude.
You know what you gotta do. Either you suck or you dominate.
If you don't go for the ball everyone knows.
If you don't give your all everyone knows.

You gotta accept.
You gotta accept you're gonna fail as hell talking to girls sometimes.
You gotta accept you're gonna have to do crazy shit your brain doesn't want you to do.
The best accept and go.
You fuckers have to go for the ball or you die.

Practice is for fags
There's so much practice going on chicks aren't getting laid. Practice is for fags. If you don't connect, how do you expect the girl to?

Never understimate the power of a no-reply.
"I did meet this cute Argentinian girl". "Argentina, heh? They're feisty". No reply.

The point is: Approach girls you love. Cause that will resonate.
There are a thousand girls that resonate with you, regardless of your skill level right now.

Take the best punch
Like in boxing, take the other's best punch. Cause then you can take anything.
You go to the hottest girl. Doesn't matter if it is the start of the night. People, get out of the way. You take the best punch.

Move with purpose
Guy on program. Drifting around the club like he's a zombie.
Me, I'm moving. Here, there, now here's my buddy, now let's get this girl, woo, yeah.

Russian beauty surrounded by 3 dudes. I'm already with this not-so-hot girl.
Why not? Fuck it. Let's blow shit up. Laser eyes.
By the way never fight fury man. He's willing to A) kill your ass B) die.
3 mafia dudes headlocking against Papa and RSD dudes.
Girl actually saying after: "No no no. Too crazy. Too crazy".

Blow shit up. This should be your theme song.
Push all levels of comfort.

Jacket grinding from behind. Creepy opener. "Oh, it's just the creepy opener. We do that".
Hey, sex panther.

Who is having the most fun wins.

Does she like me? Do not fucking worry about whether she likes you. Worry about whether you like her. Cans girl, I like her cause she has big cans.

Applicable shit
Honesty opener builder - 3 steps:
1) Walkthrough of desire - "I was just here with my friends / work colleagues"
2) Little compliment/detail - "I just had to meet you, thought you were cute / liked your pointy shoes"
3) Introduce yourself STRONG - "I'm Tim". With your hand. BOOM.

This is actually thinking she's cute. No fucking practice.

The best pickups are when I fuck up along the way or when I'm feeling a bit nervous.
Show a bit of vulnerability. "I'm a bit nervous". Don't cover it up. She can always see through it.
"I'm nervous". Busts out laughing .The weird vibe just disappears.
It shows you actually fucking like her.

Typical convo
1) Ask questions
2) Relate off questions
3) Tell stores

You do not want this. This creates THE ENEMY. The 4 hour conversation of doom. No number, no kiss, just talking in the night.
When I see students doing that, TIME TO BLOW SHIT UP!
Too easy. Too predictable. "Let's go on the boat". Convo for hours. There's no pulse to it.
It can't be too easy. You have to blow shit up. You have to tell her to fuck off and come back.

Different dimensions to your communication:
1) Body language. None of that trying shit. Turned sideways or back.
2) Spectrum cutie-badass
Do you like Australia? No. And I don't like you. Or you. Or you (you say this with a playful vibe, not a psycho one, newbie note here). Spiking. You light a fire. I'm like the fucking terminator. I can read this shit. Oh, flatline conversation. I have to spike this shit.

Where are you from? You're not allowed to talk (pointing to her). But you and you are. Later: Sorry I told you to shut up. I actually think you're pretty cute.
Figure out little things to shift between both ends of the spectrum.
Disagreement - I'm from California. What the fuck? California? and storm off. Then come back. Actually, I wanna marry a girl from California. My mom's name is Cathy. Call her right now and tell her we're getting married.
Minus ten points. "I like dolphins". "Minus ten points".
"Ssh... let's talk about something else".
"But.. I'm shy. I wouldn' even grab ass". Mock shy people. "I'm a virgin". This one ALWAYS works.

Swift comfort building (aka Bubble of love)
Cans. Girl during BC. Our bubble is "we have some friends that need girlfriends". She actually helped the students pick up girls during that BC.
Create a scenario where you already know her.
You were in my kindergarten class. You're my sister's friend. You're in the room next to mine at the hotel.

Get physical
1) Claw
The V of your hand on her forearm, she passes by, you catch her.

2) Spin and sit back.
Seated sets - no looming penis of doom.
"Hello (shake hand). Get up for a minute". Lift her up, spin her, sit on her seat and sit her on your lap.
It's gotta be strong.
Can be used to steal seats!
Use it to remove the fatties, the rubbidges. But beware. Rubbidge might come back with a vengeance.

3) Spin kiss
Right hand to right hand.
Spin, bend arms over her, lean over her and kiss.
Loose with the hands. It can't be rigid.

Mixed groups
With trains of people: Stop the locomotive. If you stop one of the "carriages", she'll be separated, say "What the fuck?" and chase after her friend. Stop the one on the front.

The switch
2 girls. Other one likes you more or this one doesn't like you. "Hey man, I wanna talk to her now" and switch.

Take care of everyone. introduce yourself to everyone. Including guys. When you shake hands with a dude and look him in the eyes, neutralized. Take care of it BEFORE anything happens.

Dancefloor. "You're a cutie" to ear. "Teach me how to dance".
Pull - "Hey, drink time. Drink time".

Scan man puts you out of state. Get your head in the game. Accept you have the fear and go.
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subx wrote:
thanks value offerer. Brads notes hopefully sometime :) .. I'm curious on the part about where he said "in the way u do anything u do everything" and bossing people around as soon as you enter hte club
In the way you do anything you do everything. Microavoidance. It means if you don't open this set, you won't eat that healthy food, you won't do that workout.

You do not boss people around when you enter the club. You just do the dick walk. You walk around as if you were the owner. Why? Imagine. You're walking around the club like a sissy giving the right of way to others, then you see the girl and you're a tsunami, walking determined to her and telling others to get the fuck out of the way? It's not consistent. You do the dick walk so you are ALWAYS determined and frontal. This is not necessary, it's just to help you if you want.
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Two things resonate with me.

1. No fucking practice... if you like go get.. if no get... then go after something else... but no practice. Practice is going through the motions... Act from your core.

Actually... I  put all in one. so one thing resonated with me. Enjoy.. I think Ivanperzez or POP  said it... See... Desire... Enjoy. 

Simplify people simplify.
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