January 17th, 2019
The Time is NOW. Finally starting my field report / Life Journal.....ADVICE, TIPS, ENCOURAGMENT, ill take it all
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*** Updadte.... Just reading these first few posts and teh way i write compared to  7 months later, now, shows how much progression we can make, I even wrote like a CHODE! lol funny shit. MY real gangsterness is going on more these days if you want to skip to the goods***
***NOTE**. First 2 posts cover the past year and a half of my life, some small field reports mixed in, and gives a good idea of who i am today and where I am at. All the posts from then on are mostly field reports if you want to skip the bio, but its a fucking good read boyyysss.

Ive been wanting to start this Journal for so long now. I remember writing up a few field reports way back but losing them, and/or not finishing them and never followed through with actuallly starting it for real.

NOW though, Im 20 years old, feeling better than i ever have in my life ( on most days), ive got my sh*t together, and have decided to finish off my summer and into my 3rd year of UNI with my new field report/life journal. Its going to be insane, and im looking forward to keeping up with this. Any advice on my writing or anything else is welcomed from anyone.

For me right now, life has never been better. I feel like in the past few months, ive progressed soooo freaking much not only in the game, but figuring out so many things about myself. Everyday it seems im having an epiphany about something. Whether it makes me feel a little shitty about myself for a bit, or amazingly good, its all benefiting me and i can see it.

First im going to give a fairly long, but fairly entertaining at that, BIO, of my life right before the game and as i started getting engulfed into this world of crazyness from what i remember.

My life Before ...IT BEGAN

I came into university at 18, from a high school life that was really up and down for me. I went through phases of being friends with everyone, to the guy tht knows everyone but isnt really close, then a guy who just has a few friends he hangs with back to an abundance of friends. It really never stayed consistent. What i did notice tho was that throughout my high school life i found i got more and more introverted, negative, and tried to be cool, rather than just being cool. I did have some success with women, but in high school if you have some sort of status and you even just "act" like a cool guy, your bound to have some success. Looking back on it now, i had sooo many more opportunites that i took a hold of, but i was just too and too in my head to do anything about it. When i see girls that now, that i knew from highschool... its a totally different story.

My first year of university is where my greatest chodely moments shined. Of course my concentration was to "get girls" like all new 1st year horny guys, but i also just wanted to start fresh, breaking away from the highschool crowd and meeting new people. i was deeply focused on my promising "fighting career", where i was training to be a professional fighter. It was everything to me, thats what everyone knew me as..."the guy who does UFC"... i still always laugh when i hear that.... I was training 4-5 days a week, with school, not much of a crazy social life. My school usually suffered, which was stupid, but my fighting was thriving and other than some problems i had with the mental side of fighting, all was good.

Before i started classes first year, i promised myself that i would atleast try to talk to as many ppl as i could in class..... where apparently I  wanted to find my NEW girlfriend, since really thats all i wanted. I did actually start, didnt always go well, most of the time it would be a few awkward back and fourth sentences then a quick "nice to meet you".  I was meeting some cool guys and exchanging emails or facebooks, the girls were sparing however...........then...........2 weeks after classes begun, i met the girl that would change my whole outlook on everything that has to do with women foreverrrrrrr. dun dun dun dunnnnnn..

The life changing latina

I still remember it today.... my first... very solid (at the time) interaction with a girl, who was a hot 8.5 latina girl in class.

The prof had names of some ppl on the projector, i forget for what raeson, but since i didnt have my contacts in, i couldnt make it out................" hey is TspongT up there, I cant see anythinggg"......."hehe, umm no i dont see it"...."alright awesome, thanks".............Convo kinda ended..........then i thought to myself.. the FUCKK are you doing, keep talking.... so i did. We kinda did some interviewing to each other, normal convo, kind of flirtatious on and off, when we could for the rest of class. At the end, i asked for her email, and she told me to add her on facebook too. Inside i was like ooo sheeeettttttt, im pretty much already going to bang her. All my friends heard about it, and bam i felt awesome.

Little did i know, this girl would send me on the biggest roller coaster of my life with women that i had ever experienced.

From the email, i went to im'ing her for a few days, which turned into a set up party night. I was going to meet her and her firends, and go party in rez..... Went ok... was very flirtatious etc. Over the next couple weeks, we ended up hanging out a coupld times, problem was.. she had a bf across the country in her hometown. At the time, since i really did not have much "game" at all, i handled it the chode way. It seemed like she was really into me ( which she was) but i was too to make a move ( which she was pretty much setting up for me).I was very needy, did all the wrong things, then It then lead to an argument of me saying tht it wouldnt work and we should move on.

I caved a few weeks later, and starting talking to her again, and we agreed to just be friends. This time however i was gonna do shit alot differently. I read up on "breaking the friendzone" loool, and i knew what to do. I was more distant, let her intiate convos, wasnt available, and wow, did this change things. She was ALLLL over me, and i loved it. We ended up partying one night with friends, went out to the club, came back, we were all over each other all night, make outs ( for the first time with her) and she was horny as hell. Got her in her friends dorm, went nuts on her, and bam, i was "back in".

A while past of us being lovey dovey ( reall just her rebounding since she broke up with her verrrry chode bf, even more than me at the time which was a feat in its own)/ I was soooo infatuated with this girl, it was retarded. I could never stop thinking about her, i thought she was the most amazing girl in the world, i am throwing up in my mouth just wrtiing this now. I thought all was sooo amazing and good.... but then BAMM. She hit me with the " I still have feelngs for my EX" line, after we met up since she was acting weird for a few days. I made another mistake, got really pissed, and slammed the door as i got out of her car. The next few days, was literally some of the worst days i had ever experienced. I was sooooo messed up, never did i think a girl could do this to me. I choded out for the next few weeks, i didnt really take care of myself, i looked and felt like shit, i was hardly training, and if i was i was in a terrible mood and it showed in my performance. I ended up talking to her almost a month later on christmas, where i thought i was going to make my EPICC recovery attempt..... really all it was, was like 2 old friends talking. I didnt listen to anyone, all my friends told me to do the opposite of what i was doing but i just couldnt, until slowly i realized myself..... it was time for a change.

The Beginining of the Journey to EPICNESSS

I realized that what i was doing with girls, was clearly not working. I told myself, NEVER, would i let a girl emotionaly me like this again. NEVER. What opened my eyes, was the feedback i was getting on various forums (pre RSD) where i was posting this story and getting the sammmmme response from everyone. How pretty much i was being an embarrasing chode that didnt need this bs in my life from one random girl. I started reading... and reading...and reading. tons of Game stuff. Articles, ebooks, constantly on forums reading posts etc. It was opening my eyes to a whole new world. I remember watching mystery do stuff, and was amazed. I told myself, that next time i go out, i have to try this stuff.  i started telling my best friend at the time, and like most friends you tell, he was like o shit thats cool, but really had no interest since he had a gf  ( who he cheats on) and had a few other girls around him so really he has no need. I didnt care, i was gonna still try it out.

With my new pickup lines, and a few routines that i vaguely remembered i went out and started a few approaches. Usually I would have to be pretty drunk to even approach, most of the time they wouldnt go amazing but w.e it was a start. The club i usually went to was always loudddd as hell. Most of the girls couldnt even hear me and it just made things awkward. I wasnt going out much, but usually at least once a weekend, maybe missing a weekend here and there, but i was slowly starting to understand the concept. I think the largest amount of progress i made at the start was with my whole attitude. Yes most of it was fake confidence, and being an "asshole" cuz girls obviousllyyy like assholes, but it was kind of working.

I started going out with one of my close girl friends and her 2 other girlies every weekend or every second weekend at the least. Being with the girls seemed to help alot, i was having some pretty good nights. I wouldnt say with the "hottest" girls in the club. but they were decent at the time. I never really got more than a makeout, usually becuase i had no idea how to pull/close, even when girls were clearly hinting what they want to do.

I remember one of the most memorible nights of mine in those few months that i started going out. I got to the club with my 3 lady friends, passed the line with the hookup i had with my friend bouncer i trained with, got in the club, did some shots with the girls, danced a bit, then ran into this small french girl. Used my famous line at the time " youre so in my way right now", she just started grinding up on me, then bam makeout. She was crazyyy... also drunk... we danced and made out for a long while, then i bailed for a bit and said id come back. Next i ran into this other girl, that kind of knew me through friends, she , who was also drunk, was very grabby and touchy with me. We started dancing, then bam, makeout again. For the next hour or so, i was going back and fourth between them. Even the girls i came with were starting to get a bit jealous and showing signs they were into me. Night came to and end, i was missing easy ques from the french one, i couldve easily banged her in my car, but i let it pass and went home with the 3 girls i came with. Where nothing really came of that either, just a bit of an after party, then went home.

At the time, that was an epic night for me, all it was doing was building my sort of fake confidence of my skill with women, which was awesome.

My whole goal with this really tho, was just to find a new girlfriend. I remember having terrrrrible nights, and being like damn, i just need a girlfriend and i wont have to deal with this bullshit anymore. The lays that i got in this period, were through social circles i had made in university, and really i didnt have to do much, mostly drunken party nights, so to me it wasnt that much of an accomplishment.

After a few more weeks that were up and down, one night i went out with my one good girl friend, and a new girl, that she was good friends with, and that IIIII.....all through highschool.... kind of had a thing for. I had my chances with her but like i said before, in highschool i was pretty when it came to girls. She was tall, hugeeee rack, cute face, and pretty fun.

Long story short, we flirted like we used to, for the first half of the night, the second half we were all over eachother making out, didnt close, but the start of a new solid girl in my life.

The start of a NEW girl , and the return of an OLD [/i]

This girl was pretty cool, and i played my cards pretty good with this one. My whole game was 10x better than what it was when i started the year off. I had my fighting back first in my life, so it turn, i only had time to see her once a week, and it wokred amazingly. She always was asking when i was going to see her next, and was all over me when i saw her. It was weird tho, the first few times we hungout, i was escalating well, even tho she wouldnt stop my advances, she told me she wasnt really good at that kind of stuff. I took it as "o shit i better take it reallllly slow then" and i did, so we jsut made out for a month pretty much...... Lmao....

Other than that weird part, to me it was going well, It seemed like everytime she was getting mroe and more into things so i kind of thought sex was just around the corner.

What kind of put a hamper on this whole situation... was the return,, of the dreaded.... Hot Latinaaa.

Reading this you're probalby like man, wtf is going on, how could you even consider talking to her again.

It was weird how it happend tho, really i wanted nothing to do with her, but she was in some of my second semester classes and it was bound to happen that we ran into each other. I avoided it well fro the first bit but then out of the blue she started talking to me again. I was verrrry unresponsive, giving very short one word answers with texts etc etc. Which in turn just made her chase me more.After a week or so of kind of talking a bit back and fourth, it started to become clear that she was into me again, but really i just wanted to be friends. One day, we had planned, for us to go to her house and study for an upcoming exam we both had. I did, and man, did it not turn out how i expected.

After maybe 30 mins of talking, it was clear she was crazy into me. Like in the movies, we started wrestling, and i ended up on top of her.....omg sooo cutee...... but it seemed like moment was just right and clearly obvious, so i went in and kissed her. It turned into an intense hot makeout session, we  were half naked by the end.... but at that time she had a boyfriend and thought that she could do everything but sex cuz sex was just toooo terrible compared to just making out ( strong girl logic). She understood that i was seeing this new girl, but to tell you the truth, the connection that me and this latina had was pretty crazy at the time so i was mind fucked.

For the next few weeks , i felt like a pimp, i was running them both. Never had i jugled 2 girls before, and it was awesome. I ended up...against so many ppls judgment... choosing to be with the latina. We were seeing each other for another month or so after that until we ended up becoming official, the beginning of the most up and down relationship ever.

We wend through some crazy shit. Too much stuff for me to talk about, but looking back, lots of it was very stupid, luckily i learnt a retarded amount from it.

Throughout the whole relationship, i still studied game, and was still interested.
About 4-5 months in, when i started talking to one of my old best friends from highschool again, around the beginning of my 2nd year in UNI, we were talking about going out to a club one night and i was going to show him ``game`` . I thought i was pimp for some reason, even tho in comparasion to what most ppl do, and to what i do now ( going out wise) i really had not been in the field that much and i wasnt that good.

I wasnt the best bf, and i lied about going out so i could go and do this. But tahts besides the point ;p

Another guy we were with who we are both really good friends with now, knew me from highschool, and didnt believe shit when i told him i had game. He said he would get way more numbers than me etcetc. I dont know what it was that night, maybe it was the Guru - Student concept that tyler talks about in The Blueprint where i was going to teach my one friend, and prove my other one wrong, but i fucking killed it. It was one of my best nights i had ever had. I was opening every girl, hooking, etc it was ridiculous. My friend, who at the time was a shy, reserved, quite guy. Literally just watched and hovered without saying a word to anyone.

After running my last one set on this very hot blonde outside the club waiting for a cab, i remembber my friend just having a WTF look on his face and asking me how the hell i did this... and most importantly, why the hell am i not single and doing this more.

He wanted in, and we;ve been winging each other , for the most part ever since.

[i]Wingmen 4 lyfeeee

Opening my boy`s eyes to this, slowly but surely has changed his life just as much as its changing mine. We started going out a few times a month after the first one working our game. My game was at a much higher level than his at the time and still kind of is which creates problems at times with conflcting realities, but i do everything in my power to motivate him and teach him every possible thing that i can. He may actually join me in this thread in the future to add on to field reports that we take part in together so that should be quite epic/

To paint a picture for you guys reading this, he will attest, he was coming from absolutely nothing. So of course the journey is going to be much harder. Added to the fact that he couldnt go out much, due to ridiculously strict parents, and him being very intense with school, his progress was great and terrible at the same time. Each time we went out, he was doing things that he has never done in his life before or even thought that he could ever do, but at the same time, bad nights would just kill his confidence, as it would to any newbie trying to make it in this game. Hes an awesome guy, and presently is getting more and more into this, so in the near future i can see things really skyrocketting for him, I will keep everyone posted on both our progress equally with the field reports.

We had some pretty awesome nights here and there, which were awesome, New years was his first makeout ever... i was estatic, it made my night, even with the crazy arguments i was having with my girlfriend that same night.

This lead to our first big breakup after about 9 months of going out.

A month of MADNESS

It took me no time to get right back into the game ( which really i had never left). All the nights i went out while being in the relationship, i never went past makeouts, i dont really know if i could live with myself banging another girl, while being with someone who loved me like crazy and who i thought i loved. But as soon as i broke it off, i went nuts.

During second year, i was clearly much more social. I made tons of new friends, girls and guys, and was loving it. Much of these girls were into me from the start, because my game really never turned off, i always felt the need to at the least half ass game girls, even if i knew it would go nowhere. It did translate well tho when i ended up being single cuz i tried to jump on these opportunites. I ended up banging this sort of chubby girl i had been talking to all second year. I had a fantasy of banging a chubby girl to see what it was like..... bad mistake...terrible fuck.. but whatever, you learn.

One of the first big nights i went out after breaking up with her was with my main man, and a few others. I ended up making out with 2 best friends back and fourht between each other, one who was dtf and wanted it bad, while the other was teeter tottering, and since my end game wasnt the best it didnt happen.

Next crazy night, went out with another group of friends i just started chilling with. Ended up being one of my craziest nights.  i think it was actually one of the nights i wrote a field report on, but i lost it...luckily i think i remember it fairly clearly...... im a very aware drunk........

...From the start i was in STATTTEE, all the guys i went with for the most part were really chill, and everything was flowing. One of my main sets of the night, was going to be the next girl in my life for a short period of time. She was a very hot tall brunnette. I think my opener was `you are wayyyy too louddd, god damnn`` she laughed and i was innnn. The whole group liked me, i introduced her to my 2 friends that were beside me at the time. One of them, who is a 6`4, 230lb stud NH, who she apparently was trying to talk to before, but he really has no game so i didnt care at all. I bailed on her for a bit, and even left her talk to one of my chode friends who thought could out game me for some reason. I walked off, started talking to this bachelorette party, went awesome. Next was this really cute chick, who was in my way. I glared at her with a smerk and it was on, makeout in under a minute. Bailed on her after a little bit, when her friend was cock blocking hard. Next was this really cute older blonde, i think 24 or 25 if i remember. I was fist pumping like a fucking champ, she kept smiling and laughing at me, so i grabbed her and was like you look hot, lets go outside. We go, its freezing out ( cold winters up huurrrr) but she stays and talks as we sit on these freezing stools by the outdoor bar. I remember, i was doing these hilarious stories and she was soo into it, she told me she had a boyfriend so i eskimo kissed her and told her we would just be best friends. I was going to actually go for teh make out again, but then she said her boyfriend is serving overseas in afghanistan in the army..... I have too much respect for them, so i couldnt fuck him over and just brought her back to her friends. Tthe last, and smartest thing i did of the night, was go back to that first really smoking hot brunette. I did some mroe attraction building, lead her to the dancefloor, danced a bit, brought her outside, talked with her a bit to build some rapport... got the number, and i knew it was solid.

This girl was awesome, she was very hot, smart, fun etc etc. I didnt feel like i had the craziest connection with her as i got to know her, but it was all good.

Even though i hadnt been on that many day 2`s, i always felt that i was
awesome at them. To this day i still do the exact same thing, meet them
downtown, go for drinks, and then a planned out walk with alot of places
to chill and talk etc. its awesome and works like a charm.

I ended up seeing her about a week or so later, i had done such good pre game on this one that she was really excited to meet up and was even nervous.  The hangoout went awesome, i got her into bed after i took her back to her place,  but this is where the start of LMR began to enter my reality.

The next few weeks i saw her on and off, and kept going out usually 2 nights a week. After about a month of going out since the breakup, my game was progressing well. In that month, I ended up banging this brunette through escalation every time i saw her, took work, but was worth it. I also closed a girl off of POF, she was like a 7, nothing to write about in detail. So 3 in a month, i thought it was ok progress so far.

What ended this month of madness, was one night that we were out, it was an event that lots of ppl i knew were going. My ex girlfriend included....................

What i had noticed about myself during this month of madness, was that i was really not that happy at all. I was so addicted to trying to get a life of abundance, that whatever i had, was not enough. Also the feelings i had for my ex were still there, they were just covered up, and the thought taht i knew i could get her back anytime let me not worry about it. When we were out this night tho, things changed. I was drunk, so of course i go and talk to her, she was trying to be distant, but then when it ried to tell her we should see each other but at the same time still see other people. She flipped out and went to another club with her friends. Thinking that i no longer had her wrapped around my finger, i was mind fucked, so i followed them to the next club. When i got there, i saw her dancing all over these other guys, and i raged. Ended up calling her a slut, got slapped, beef, kicked out, shitty night.

Alphaness, mixed with more chodeliness

At that time, i really didnt even want to get back together with her, it was more that she looked hot as hellllllll and i couldnt have her. I needed to bang that ridiculous 10/10 ass again.

I had to do it, and that was that, nothing was going to stop me.

The next monday, i had it planned. I knew her parents were out of town for the week, so i was going to have my routine night at the Casino.....was during my intense poker playing days...... then after the casino, around 12 i was going to go to her house and fuck the shit out of her. I texted her that day, that i had to see her, and i was coming over sometime that week.

I went to the casino, won around 450$ in 3 hours, pounded a 8$ redbull at the bar, then drove over to her house. Rang the doorbell, she came to the door, i came in and immediately grabbed her and started intensly making out with her. She was battling every emoiton in her body, i slammed her on the wall, and it was crazy. Brought her to the bed...but wait.... it came to a halt. She kept trying to stop it but i persisted, then finally she stopped it for real. Told me i cant be doing this, fucking with her head, its not fair etc. Told me shes not sleeping with me. So i got up and walked out the door. I sat in my car for 30 seconds, and was like NOOOOOOOO, take what you want, im doing this. Went back in her house, did the same exact thing. She stopped me, asking what i was doing, i told her a few nice lines, sweet talked, then bam..... crazyness again. I fucked her all night, 3 times to be exact until around 4 in the morning, then went home.

I felt like a fukcing PIMPPPPPPP.

I didnt even talk to her the next day, which wasnt great, considering we did pillow talk for a bit and we kinda both thought we were gonna try things again. on the Wednsday i went back, after some bitching from her about not talking to her ,i fucked her again all night and did for the rest of the week.

I realized i still did have feelings for this girl, and we went through almost a month of back and fourth bs for us to try and start over, she really didnt trust me tho.

We ended up getting back together, and i truly can say that i had an amazing time with her for the next 4 or so months with her. I was truly in love, i hardly ever went out hehind her back like i used to, we went out together with friends. I could still help my Wingman get better on occasion.... on my birthday actually he got his first  F-close.......ended up fuckign her in an alley, big ups to him on that.

All in all it was a good second half of the relationship, until it came to a spiralling end a month and a half ago.

I always told my boy.... if I were to be single again, it would be for real this time, i would accept it...... and THE GAME WOULD BECOME MY LIFE. I would go 150%, no looking back, the NEW beginning, everything about me would change.

We broke up the end of June, and I havent looked back since. I learnt soooo much with her, she was the first girl i was ever truly in love with, and even though it was pretty fucked up, i dont take it back, itt has made me a better man. However what i have learnt about the game, myself, the world.... in the past month and  a half, is priceless.

My Next post, will cover this past month and half.....

Goodnight for now, give me feedback on this epicly long post........
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 holy shit thats a looong ass post, i read parts of it. Keep that shit coming you will be doing epic shit in no time.
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whats up playas, im tspongt's buddy, I'll add more to his novel when i finish my report for school. Expect big things from this thread...
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Yep....sounds EXACTLY like the past 12 months of my life have been like....
tspongt wrote:

My first year of university is where my greatest chodely moments shined. Of course my concentration was to "get girls" like all new 1st year horny guys, but i also just wanted to start fresh, breaking away from the highschool crowd and meeting new people. 

My game = social skills + having a dick. Morely the latter. Join the Resurrection Crew!
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Jesus Christ, I thought I was the only guy who had this rule. It's good to know that I'm not alone. I just understand this: If *I* were getting shot at in some foreign country, it would be pretty devastating to find out. I am just thankful that it's THEIR asses out there and not mine.

However, any other chick is fair game for me since most other BF's are Chodes. Just I ALWAYS leave army GF's out - personal standard. 

It's really awesome to read this report. I love to hear from fellow Uni guys, so I plan looking forward to your reports :)
tspongt wrote:

I was going to actually go for teh make out again, but then she said her boyfriend is serving overseas in afghanistan in the army..... I have too much respect for them, so i couldnt fuck him over and just brought her back to her friends.

My game = social skills + having a dick. Morely the latter. Join the Resurrection Crew!
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The Past month and a half
Since I broke up with the crazy Latina, I’ve gone balls to the wall, to cap off this summer with something fucking productive. Even while I was with her I dreamt of having a life of true abundance, I felt that in a relationship I was always being held back, and I couldn’t act and live the way I was supposed to and was meant to. Not being in a relationship, not having commitment, I could do whatever the fuck I want... the feeling was liberating. That alone just made me happy. ...and I wasted no time putting these good emotions to use.

Near the end of the relationship, I landed a bouncing job through a friend at a club I actually used to go to quite often. Perfect opportunity to work my gamee.

Usually I would work weds/thurs/ maybe Friday if not I would go out/ and always go out Saturday. So on average 3-4 nights a week I would be going out/working my game.

Let me tell you, this bouncing job, was a god send. It’s like all the work I ever put into the game, everything I learnt, plus the added bonuses of just being an authority figure at the club. Women flock. The women at this club are not always up to my standards, so I wait till I spot a really hot one, and make sure I make my move by the end of the night.

Let the games begin

On my first big night working there, I realized how potent this shit was. Just random comments about what girls were wearing, how they were acting, how they looked etc got me in the door so easily. I didn’t really get much that night, but I knew this was going to be good in the future.

The next Thursday of me working there, a big night, I told myself I was going to start gaming like a mother fucker ( while still doing my job of course :P). The night was going alright, the girls were really not that hot but I was making it work. There was one however, who was ridiculous. A solid 9, 110lb native girl, with huge tits, small but very nicely shaped bum and a body that was tight as fuck. I saw her walk in the first time and wasn’t able to grab her, my fellow bouncer friend was looking at me in awe stunned at how hot she was. Luckily for me, most of the other bouncers there don’t have much game, so I get to do all the work I want. The next time she walked out to chill outside, I grabbed her...

“ whats up with your dress? It’s hot as hell but I don’t like this bow”
“aww why not, it’s so cool, I bet nobody else has this!”

I forget what else was said, just a bit of attraction building, I had her clawed in too, right up close against me and she loved it. I remember telling her why she hasn’t given me her name yet, so she did, I then made sure she was going to come visit me near closing time (since I was outside).

I brought my wingman with me to work so he could do his shit on his own a bit, and I could try and wing if I was in the area. He would tell me how every guy in the club was drooling and all over this native girl, so I had to out alpha them all.

Near closing time when ppl were filing out, she was outside with her friend and these chodes were all circling them like a pack of wolves. I stood by the door, doing my job, I knew I’d have my chance. I didn’t really pay much attention to her, and then a few minutes later she’s up in my face coming to talk. I grabbed her and told her she was fucking cute and that she better give me her number. She told me that I better give her mine too. It was on. Right as we’re exchanging numbers, this chode guy that was following her around all night, comes up and is like “babe I need to take you out to a movie on me sometime”, at first I was going to amog but then I realized, there was no point, she would do it for me. He asked for her number and she took his phone and put in this random number, I laughed. He then leaned in to kiss her but she quickly cheeked him. I laughed again, then grabbed her and pulled her back in. I wanted to ravish her on the spot, but my boss hovering around, and since I wasn’t done my shift yet I just kissed her for a bit, grabbed her ass and pushed her back to her friends. The other bouncer who was outside didn’t really get how I pulled that off, for me this was added into the bank of reference experiences and maybe a new solid girl in the rotation.

Dealing with crazy jealous Ex’s

The next night was pretty interesting, it wasn’t the craziest approach night but it was funny what happened.

For the longest time, I always used alcohol to help me get in state, bad I know, but for all the years I had been partying I just felt like I needed too. I had some great nights drunk so it was like a routine. This “new beginning “ though was going to be different. I decided I was going to limit myself to only a few shots to get a good buzz going, then only drink water when I got to the club for the rest of the night.

Me and my wing arrived to the club a bit early, it was fairly dead. I think we did 1 or 2 approaches that were fairly uneventful. We decided to go outside to the main patio and wait till some more people started coming in.

Me and him, sipping our ice waters, shooting the shit, was actually pretty fun. Talked to a few random groups on the patio, and I could feel like it was going to be a good night. Then....wait.......
In the distance I saw 2 of my Ex’s best friends in the lineup just getting in.... please tell me its just them...please....but EX was right behind them. They noticed me seconds after I noticed them. Even with their surprised look, I could see my EX was happy I was here, as she could have another opportunity to get me back.

I would NOT let this happen this time, I was DONE.

They came right up to us, I was totally ignoring her other than a quick hello, I could see her just glaring at me with the I want you eyes, but I wasn’t going to cave this time. We kind of hinted for them to go inside, because really, we had work to do, and they were just a distraction.

It was funny, because that week she actually called my best friend and wingman asking about me and trying to get info out of him about where we were going this weekend, he obviously didn’t tell her. However it wasn’t hard for her to guess since I go to the same place quite often. We turned that whole story into an opener, and it was hooking like a charm. He would go in, tell this quick story, and how she was here right now, and the girls would always want to give their opinions.

We opened a bunch of sets that night, some went well, other s not so much. What was weird was that in almost every set, my ex and her friends were in the general area, just hovering.. Annoying but I paid no attention to it. Numerous times she would try to make me jealous right in front of me, but I had no emotion to it, this is where I knew I was really done with that, it didn’t matter to me at all. Her friends constantly tried to pull me aside to “talk”. Really just them trying to convince me to get back with her, but NO.

One of the good sets of the night was near the end. My wingman opened using the crazy Ex story, then I joined in. The two uglier ones were into me from the start, my target was the hot one tho, maybe an 8. The set kind of split, I actually ended up with the ugliest one, and Jonhizzle had the 2 hotter ones.

I used to do this a lot, where I would always just take the hot one, I’ve stopped doing that now since its mad cock blocking, I got to let him work his shit on them but this time I went straight for the hot one. Clawed her in, had a good convo going that actually lasted for a while, we vibed well. She was very eager to give me her number even when her friends were leaving.. closed.
Texted her that night, still good girl in the rotation.

Before we left though, of couse there had to be drama. When my crazy latina Ex finally realized that i was going to keep talking to other girls, and that her jealousy tactics were really not working on me, she had to make her last move. She tried to come in and start grabbing me and bring me back in the club. She wanted a D in her V right there, and i actually would love to bang her again, the sex was awesome, but i refused and we left.

Crazy women.

The Next few weeksss

My life was getting better and better, ended up getting day 2’s with both the hotties I met that weekend, had a few more numbers, most I just didn’t feel like putting the work in. Native girl was all over me from the beginning, the other hot brunette took work, didn’t vibe great with her but whatever seemed good enough.

I kept having up and down nights. I also kept lowering the drinking more and more, but I still felt I needed that initial buzz. All my days for the most part were awesome, I would hit state at random times, like listening to music in my car, or even in the shower, weird shit. LIFE IS GOODD.

Never had I been this happy in probably my whole life.

I have another job in retail.. had for 3 years, don’t know what im still doing there, guess the people are chill and its an easy as hell job. I seemed to just randomly moved up in the social circle at that job. I always kind of talked to everyone and was friends with most people, all the hot girls that worked there (which are seldom) I am good friends with, one of which who really wants to bang... I think ill take her up on it soon actually. But lately it seemed I was getting good responses from everyone, everyone seemed to like me that much more, one guy even said that I seem different lately. I feel it too.
I try to work day game here and there, im not the best, but atleast I try it. That will be a future goal of mine, to get better at day game.

These up and down nights do fuck with my head a lot tho. Sometimes I really get down on what im doing and that I should be doing better etc etc, but im learning that every night is just a learning process and I got to suck it up and stop choding out when I have days that girls aren’t talking to me, or nights where im just not ON.

Had some good nights working, every night I get atleast one solid number. Not really going for quantity when im working.

One memorable night, I was running 2 groups of best friends, where both best friends were competing. I really was mind fucked because I was like damn I don’t want to ruin it altogether so I just should not be greedy. Really I should just not give a fuck and go for the one I want. I kind of did, got a solid number, ended up hanging out with her.

Another night close to that one, this really hot blonde was really direct with what she wanted, logistically I couldn’t really pull her, but made sure I got the number.

Our schedules have conflicted a lot lately so we haven’t been able to hangout, both of us cancelling on planned dates but whatever, im going to see her sometime I just got to be persistant.

The first really hot native girl who is a solid 9 I had been working for this whole month. I hangout with her maybe once a week, she also comes to the club to visit me when im working with her friends. Its funny because every fucking guy in the club, bouncers included just look in awe at this girl. They alllll try and approach but most fail. Its funny when some chode guy gets a dance with her, follows her around thinking “fuck im gonna bang herrrr” .. then I come around when im bored, pick her up, makeout, then giver her back. The guys are just like wtffff.

The one ngiht she came with her friend, she was really horny by the end of the night, I told her im driving her and her friend home so we can “chillll”. You would think the friend would know whats up, but no, course not.
We get to the apartment, only one bedroom. The fucking friend goes into the room, turns music on and starts reading magazines. I’m just like...fuck are you serious. Had to think on my toes. Went out to the balcony, hottie followed. Grabbed her, starting making out, 10 mins later she’s sucking my cawkkk, then bent over the railing and I go crazy on her. The whole time she’s like o shit , my friend is going to be so mad blah blah. Was funny. Wasnt the greatest sex, kind of awkward place to bang but whatever. I ended up having some crazy intense sex with her again this past weekend, damn it was solid.

This other girl, that I’ve known through a friend for years, but never met, was showing a lot of interest lately since I broke up with my EX. We always flirted, on her facebook she has some solid pics, and some not so solid. I was bored one night so I was like what the hell, I have no expectations, I might as well just meet up with her.

Damn...what a good decision.

I was waiting for her at my regular spot for day 2’s. She was late, I was kind of irritated. I see this girl from a far come down the staircase into the area where I was waiting, I was like damn, that girl is hot, I should go approach before I meet this other one. I waited to see where she was going, she ended up sitting down on a bench on the opposite end. Then I get a text... “where are you”.... it was her. I waved.

She tried to test me by telling me to walk over to where she was, I shook my head and waved her over. We stayed sitting ther for a good 2 minutes.. I wasn’t moving anywhere, I was comfortable. She got up and came over.

I ran prob one of the best day 2’s I ever had, she was realllllly into me. Ended up having a heavy makeout session on this nice stop during our walk, If I worked at it, I probably could’ve had her there. Very mature girl, she’s only 18 but one of the most mature 18 year olds I’ve ever met.

Fuck she was hot...tight ass body, tattoos, a few piercings, god damn. Solid 8-8.5.

Wouldve went to her apartment after, but she had to wake up in 4 hours, so let her cab home. Told me that im coming over next time.

Its weird whats happening with this one, after that hangout she was texting a lot etc. Thing is, she kind of has a boyfriend that she’s in a weird patch with. He came up to visit her for the past weekend, and it seems like she’s on a high from being with him. So this week she hasn’t really said much, I tried to hangout once, she was busy, but wants to next week. We’ll see what happens.

This other girl that is a regular where I work has increasingly had more interest towards me, at first I liked the flirting. Then saw her out at another club, she was all over me again, we made-out a bit, she seems really prude but I pulled all the right strings and she was DTFF, telling me she wants to go real bad but cant bring me home cause of her sisters boyfriend who is a bitch. I was really up and down with this set. If I wanted to I could’ve dragged her to an alley but didn’t really care.

I find some main problems im experiencing a lot lately are:

1. Logistically I usually cant pull the same night. I either have to give a ride home to my boys that I go wtih, usually jonhizzle, and also I live with my parents, kind of far from downtown and they aren’t down with me bringing randoms home.
2. My standards are quite high. To me, banging a 7 is really not that great, and I usually don’t want to put all this work in to a girl who isn’t even that hot. Usually what I do, is find the hot ones, then stretch them out over a period of time. Make sure I run good day 2’s with them, then start hanging out more and more. I find if I get a few girls who I can hangout with and have steady sex, then thats much better than pulling a 7 for one night.

Sometimes my judgment with how hot a girl is is quite terrible. If she’s clearly hot, ill usually know that she’s hot. Simple enough. But say she is actually quite hot, but I pick out one thing that im sceptical about, like wearing a bad dress that makes them look fat, or something stupid like that, then even if they are DTF I tend to just not even try.

This happened bad last week at work. The girl was down all night. Even called me at 3 in the morning after I was done my shift, but I was tired and already almost home so im like fuck it, she looked chubby, maybe another night.

I end up seeing her pics online......fuckkk meeeee. Shes just a bit thick, but actually nice body. Hot tattoos, looks like she could be a crazy one. God damn, whyyyyyyy. I started texting her a bit more, she still seems into it, but it will take work to get her as down as she was that night.

Me and Jonhizzle had a few solid nights two weekends, there was an event on a Sunday, so extra for going out. Went awesome. We both opened a bunch, not many number closes, but girls loved us, they just weren’t all that hot. One time I was running this crazy set who wanted my glow stick head band, they were all fighting over me. This random cool dude helped wing me for a bit. I ended up seeing him outside with his friend, went up and thanked him for the work. We ended up talking to these guys fro like 30 minutes, chilliest guys I ever met at club. Turns out one is actually a multi-millionaire, he downplayed his business so hard when we were both talking about entrepreneurship (since im taking that in UNI) like it was some small business hes had. But this guy is balling. NETWORK PEOPLE.

This past week and weekend wasn’t great. I missed 2 DTF opportunities, (one I had already mentioned) while I was working weds and thurs. Then the Friday and Saturday, I ended up going almost completely sober, it really messed my shit up. I just wasn’t into it at all. I ran a few sets here and there, but it was pretty bad. Jonhizzle I think had a ok night, but I was caught up with a girl I knew from before so I couldn’t help him that much that night and apparently he needed it bad with this epic cock block mother hen.

Monday I went on a boat cruise party for the bar staff in my area, was pretty good. Went with one of my boys who I usually meet up with when we go out, helpful wingman, he doesn’t really approach but he can handle the friends so it helps, plus hes funny as hell.

Met up with all my peeps from the bar, good crew, its fun chilling with them.

I approached like a mad man on that boat, surprisingly for a bar staff party, the girls weren’t all that great. Had a few great sets, one with this very hot tall blonde... club rat type... but hot. Had her boyfriend try and out alpha me but I tooled him. Had him spinning around in circles looking like a drunk idiot.

By the end of the night I got a couple numbers, nothing crazy. My friends from the club tho thought I was a god, since they don’t approach at all. Really it wasn’t a great night at all but funny to hear it. The owner of the club was loving what I was doing, because the after party was at our club so I just used my in with a bunch of the girls to get them to come.

Afterparty was alright, I was tired so went home a bit early.

That was this past Monday, its now Friday. Went out last night, was pretty crazy, I wrote up a field report when I got home, going to post that in a bit.

This past month and half has changed my game completely.

I think I improved in almost every way, there are some things tho I feel like I got worse at but its all good.

My confidence is much higher than it ever was, I feel like I need to be a bit more genuine with girls, not try and act cool like I do sometimes which girls can sense. Another thing is not always “gaming” when the girl is clearly showing signs she’s into me whether its during or even before the interaction, just got to vibe better. I used to like when girls thought I was player, but now I find its going to hurt me more in the long run LMR wise etc. Just got to chill out and just BE cool instead of acting it.

I’m starting to get to live the abundance type lifestyle I’ve really wanted. I talk to a bunch of girls; I just need a bit more time with a few of them and ill have a good group of solid ones that I can chill with whenever.
I got a good group of friends, I have shit to do almost every night, hitting the gym a lot, and life is awesome. I only got 3 more weeks of summer, which sux but some of my boys are getting a party house first week of September. FUCK, SHIT WILL BE INSANEEE. I will finally have a place to pull :p.
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Thurday, August 12 2010 -- I <3 STTAATEE

Damn...Just got in from a pretty crazy night. Had to write this now before I forget things.

Went out with a group of guys i don’t always go with, usually end up meeting up with them, but they are mostly chodes who think they have game and kind of cock block everything. Awesome guys, but game-wise its not smart to be with them, but w.e. every challenge will help in the end.

I always try and separate myself from them and do my own thing, while they chode around holding drinks in their hands or trying to grind up on girls in the dancefloor that rarely ever works.

We were checking out this new spot tonight, huge club, very nice, i like the vibe. Only problem was we got there early and it was fairly dead.

I drank a bit before i got there, and im mad at myself for not ONLY drinking water in the club, cuz i ended up ordering one drink to get me more into it right off the bat. Since it was dead, i couldn’t really do much but stay around my boys and just chill. There were these two girls near the bar, so i went to order a water after my first drink and the one looked at me so I introduced myself. Talked a bit with her, could see her friend was into me, but she was really French and the language barrier was too much. I had them both laughing, the one was actually really chill and let me do work without cock blocking on the friend, but the convo didn’t really go anywhere. Was kinda loud, i wasn’t right into my club voice yet..good warm up.

Friends kept complaining that there were no girls... really tho..there was a good ratio, and enough for me, but since they don’t approach there apparently “weren’t any to be found”. We decided to leave for another club.

On the way out, one girl was screaming all happy, i picked her up and cheered with her, nice body, face wasn’t great. Her friend was like a 6. Both were way into it, but told them I had to go, wasn’t worth staying for.

Ended up going to 2 more venues after the first which are really close to each other.

Went to my club for a bit, was around 12 or so, still waiting to fill out. Said hi to all the boys. There is a new bartender working there that i haven’t met yet, introduced myself, she seemed to be into me but she has to work so I planted the seed for future going to bang her..mark my words.

Didnt open much in that club, most of the girls were dancing, a few “ok” sets scattered around but I planned to come back and go visit the other club where my boys randomly ended up at already without me....fucking drunks.

Got to the other club, i was pretty much in state already, felt like the shit, people could sense it. Went up to the patio on the rooftop, was opening random sets just for fun, trying to scope out the hotties.. Found this decent one that was dancing, grabbed her and hugged her. Fuck her rack was amazing.

ME: “ wow you’re so cuddly, i could hold you foreverrrrrr”
Her: “OMG you are too, come here “

Going well, was in a traffic area tho, i was very direct with her, then told her i had to find my friends and to give me her number. Closed.

Opened a few random sets after that for some conversation, met a old hs friend of mine with his gf. She was actually mad into me I could see it, but w.e I wont ruin his shit.

Went back downstairs for a bit, kind of dry, then saw my boys, we all went upstairs save for one trying to tear up the Dance

Got back upstairs, since i work at the club just down the street, I know lots of the regulars and lots of the people who work in the area. Saw a bunch of guys that are always at my club chilling around a big group of girls at a table. Chatted with them for a bit, cool guys, then told them.

“which ones are the hot ones”

I pointed at this one hot blonde.. Fuck she was gorgeous...

“ Who is this one?”

Didnt really care what the guy had to say about her, i just wanted her to look up and see me pointing.

She looked up and smiled.

Me: “wow i love your hair, whats your name”

Her:”_____, whats yours”

It was on..... I also had her crazy drunk friend sitting right beside my cock, trying to get in the convo by telling me her name as well. I acknowledged her, gave her a hug, then back to the blondie. Meanwhile her friend is groping my leg and balls. She was like a 7... not worth ruining my chances with the blonde talking to her.

I continued the set with the blonde, having to always control the drunk, luckily her other friend was really chill.

The blonde was really into the convo. I keep using this one same conversation routine about them being adventurous and coming to Africa with me, which i have to stop, but it works so fucking well. It was kind of taking long, we were vibing well. I tried going for the number when it seemed like a good time, but she hesitated and was like hmm, i don’t know, i don’t give my number out much. I called her out, tell her i hear that line all the time and its usually because of a boyfriend or something, she then told me wellllll im kinda seeing someone, obviously trying to hide it, but i think it was because of the friends around she didn’t want to look shady. I kept plowing through,

“thats nice, im not a jealous guy”


Friend: “ she has a boyfriend now stop trying to hit on her!!”

“Dont worry, ill meet him and we will be great friends “

I kept going with the future adventure we’re going to go on, while trying to stabilize the crazy drunk friend at the same time. Shit was hard. Then i felt like bailing. I told her

“ hey, if you don’t want to take my number, i usually don’t give out mine, but since your cool, take my number”
“okayyyy :DDD, thats cool with me”

Obviously im not gonna let her just walk away without me having her number too. I tell her ill put mine in her phone... Fucking type that shit in, call my phone immediately, then give it back to her. She really had to idea, Hugged them all, they loved it... closed.

As i was walking away from her, saw this one girl who looked bored...opened

“why do you look so bored”

She was into it from the beginning, then, worst decision ever to ask to be introduced to the friend who wasn’t even in the set, i was just being social.

Bitchiest friend ever.. didn’t want to deal with it for longer than 2 or so minutes, then bailed. Hugs from both tho which was funny.

Keep the shit going, opened a girl on the staircase down, she was leaving, but could’ve gone somewhere had I had some wing help to delay the friends.

Right after that, hottest girl of the night...maybe tied with the other hot blondie. Tall, nice bod, cute as hell face. Very nice.

She had these amazing earrings on.... and let me tell you... if you guys see girls PEACOCKING with shit like that, then fucking use it to your advantage. Automatic opener when i see that stuff.

“Wow i love your earings, wher’d you get them”

Turns towards me smiling...”ummm they’re my friends”

Said some more shit about them, introduced myself to the loud but cool friend, they both liked it, i could see them girl coding.

I think i did some random adventure bs with her that we were going to go on, i forget. I got her locked in to hanging out, told me to call her for sure. It was secured.. fuck she was hot. Closed.

After that i needed to chill out for a bit, went outside, then ended up back to my club. Girls were alright there, nothing crazy. Saw a bunch of ppl i knew from around the city, cool to see them.

Was just chilling with one of my good friend bouncers outside the club near the lineup, talking about girls, him asking me how I did at the other club.

My one friend who thinks his game is crazy, game out with me and chilling, then of course feels the need to try and talk shit while hes drunk asking where “my girls” are at etc. “ im doing more work than you” etc, i just laughed, then grabbed the next girl that walks out .. like a 7, in front of like 15 ppl who were just watching, ran some very nice game on her, didn’t even want the number, let her go as she was just glaring in awe as she walked away. I then looked to my friend and smiled.

Another girl who wasn’t bad looking, very nice bod, came to the lineup, i just grabbed her and opened about her dress., My bouncer friend felt that he needed to help me for some reason, but really it was kind of annoying but w.e thanks for helping brah. She gave me the number anyways. Closed.

My friends disappeared back to the other club somehow so i went to go get them as ppl were starting to leave, around 2-230. Waited for them outside and thought well i guess i can just keep opening out here. Saw the first number i got with her friends, asked her why she disappeared. Really i just wanted her friend that was very solid.

Ran the set well, I don’t know what happened tho, the hot one was into me up and down throughout the set but by the end I didn’t feel like it was solid so just said bye to them all.

Walked down the street a bit, saw this girl who is always all over me everytime im working, wasn’t any different tonight. Her friend, who actually is my boy’s gf’s sister, who i had previously made out with on a prior night, was into me just as much. Both nothing i would really try hard for. Fun to talk to tho. After a bout 5 minutes, i had ALLLL their friends around me talking, some were hot but i really didn’t care at this point to keep running shit i just wanted to go eat then home.

My friends got out of the club, said bye to them and we walked down the street.

Once again, the drunkest of all of us started talking shit about how he does more work then me in a club and gets more etcetc, then to create some laughs. I open these girls , one much hotter than the other, hook them both, get the number from the decent one, while hes stuck talking to the Grenade. Say bye to them. Look at him.....” so what were you saying about my lack of game?” other friends burst out laughing.

Even with the shit talking hes still my boy, and if he needs help with cock blocking from the one or two sets he will ever open every few nights i will still help him. He opened this grenade like girl outside the pizza place. Was doing some platonic story sharing with her.

Then her friends one by one kept trying to take her away to go in and eat, everytime i was there to help out and befriend them. They all loved me and thought i was hilarious so it gave him time to get the grenades number. Of course he was not thankful and said that “he had it” i lol’d and we left home around 230.

Wildddd night... No i didn’t get any makeouts, which usually I don’t like, but i felt any escalation i could’ve done would’ve been hard since every set was a multiple set, never one on one. I need to isolate better, but the young girls seem to be really clingy to each other and always stick in packs. Im sure if i work it more tho ill be able to isolate and get some more escalation in there. I was fucking in State for almost the whole night, it was insane, i loved it, and so did the girls.

Another main thing i took from this night, which ive been noticing alot... is.. Be the observed, not the observer.

Allllll the freaking time im in a set thats going awesome, i see like 10+ people just glaring at whats going on and what im doing, its hilarious. Im constantly being watched by girls and guys. I did look fucking good tonight, tight new shirt that was getting me opened.. props to that shirt... im not going to lie, looks help and being in shape helps for sure. BUT STATE OWNS ALLLLL.

Goodnight motha fuckkasss
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Friday, August 13th 2010

Ended up waking up around 4pm today. After writing up thursdays FR and then not being able to fall asleep after, i finally got to bed at 7am. My sleep schedule lately is pretty messed up, Gonna suck when school starts up again.

Ended up texting one of the hot blondies from the night before today, she was conversing well and is down to hangout next week.

Im working tonight, so my wingman Jonhizzle will come with me to work and chill/try and do approaches more on his own, which he needs to work on alot.

I started at 11, fairly slow at that time, but a few sets of girls started piling in. The hot ones were rare however. I opened a few here and there as they walked in. When im working, almost every open hooks since they respond to the fact im a bouncer quite well. There was a decent group of girls that came in, one who wasnt bad, 7.5, i opened , intrigued about her earings, she took one off and was trying to put it on me ear.. quite odd, but funny. She was into me...would continue it later.

The hot bartended i met the night before wasnt working tonight but was at the bar to hangout and party a bit. She kept coming around to say was really starting to become obvious that she was into me quite alot.  As she got mroe drinks in her she kind of got less attractive by the way she was acting, but damn this girl is finnnnnnne.

Jonhizzle was approaching a good amount, even if it took some drilling from me to get his ass over to a set and approach, atleast he was doing it. I could see how sometimes I would give him a solid opener, and the girls would go crazy for it, but he would lose the set quickly from usually neediness /lookng ot get accepted. It was subtle but i could notice it.

I sent him on a task to go up the street to another club, on his own, and approach atleast 5 sets, he says he did it, so just that alone is a step in the right direction, whether they hooked or went well at all, doesnt matter.

Earing girl ended up coming back to the club after she left for another one, more drunk and all over me than before. Said how hot i was etc etc, too easy, took my number down since I didnt feel like taking my phone out on the job at that time.

One of the last sets i opened which after I was kind of mad at myself for that I didnt keep escalating was this short hair blonde hottie that had the dress where you could unzip from the front. My opener was wow i want to unzip your dress right now. She said "ok", I unzipped it almost the whole way. She had a belly button ring, quickly unzipped it back and told her id fall in love with her if i saw that. She was into it, her friend tho really wanted to leave. For some reason, i just kind of let them leave, it was stupid, and I have no idea why I didnt try a bit harder. Next time that wont happen.

The hot bartender near the end of the night was really showing interest, jonhizzle would tell me how if i talked to her for a bit then walked away she would stare at me whereever i went , kinda creepy at the same time lol. She asked me for my number, gave it to her after some qualifying. She starting texting me right away as she would disappear for a bit, it was on, she was too drunk tho, I wouldnt pull her even if I could at that point since i was completely sober. Every guy was all over her in the club, including all the other bar staff guys etc. pretty funny since they all failed.

Night was pretty uneventful for me and my wing.

Saturday, August 14th 2010

Had 2 hours sleep, got up at 6am for work at 7am at my other job. Been like this all summer, sat and sunday, its hell. I only survive with my nap from 4-9 when i get home. Then get ready to go out again.

Talked to a bunch of girls today, Hot 9 native girl desperately wants to hangout, same with mature 18 year old 8.5....who recently got her toungue pierced and cant kiss for 3 weeks.....wtfffffff lol. Talked to a girl i saw a while ago, decent brunette, we are going to chill again, day 2's with bartender from my club, and one hot blondie from thursday will happen this coming week.

We decided we were gonna go to that new spot i went to on thursday again and try it out while both of us are there.

Jonhizzle has been listening to alot of foundations recently, and finally things that ive drilled into his head are starting to become more of a reality to him and he can relate to many of the things tyler talks about.

We got to the place around 12-1230, shit was bumping, but kind of too crazy. Smoke, and lights everywhere, music loud as hellllllll, not bad spot for women tho. Wouldnt call it the ideal place for approaching but we had to make the best of it. We kind of choded around the bar waiting for our drinks at the start, a good friend of mine rolled up out of nowhere, pleasant surprise. We talked for a bit and he introduced us to some of his boys, chill guys. I didnt want to crystalize in the chode circle so i walked off for a bit to find some sets. Opened a two set, said how much i loved the hotter ones dress, asked where she got it, said that the store is playeeed outtt, got a funny response. She was actually feeling it, her friend was cool and didnt CB. Was a warm up for me tho, told them id see them later, went back to the boys.

Jonhizzle really wasnt approaching alot, did a few randoms, i came in, the hook wasnt set so we lost them. I did a few more that went not terrible, a birthday group loved me but the best was a 7... moving along.

Ended up seeing this girl who recognized me, and I recognized her. She finally remembered and turns out she was one of my Ex's friends. Shes was pretty fucking hot. I gamed her a bit, i wasnt sure if she was into it, or it was just her drunkness. Will find her later.

We went outside to chill for a bit, I was dissapointed with what i was doing, so was Jonhizzle, but i told myself im going to go in and just blast out 10+ approaches, I didnt give a fuck what happened just needed to do it.

Fucking like ran in the club, and started just one by one bam bam bam approaching. None were blowouts, some hooked, prob mostly all of them couldve, but i didnt really care about the interactions at all. If it was dipping at all I would bail and start a new one. I was trying to only approach the hottest girls I could, so it was that much more beneficial to me. Saw jonhizzle wasnt doing that great, not approaching like he should. told him we;ll venue change.

Got outside, as we were leaving, saw Ex's friend again, went up picked her up and said we were leaving, she told me to tell me the story about my ex and her. Talked a bit, exchanged numbers, said we were hanging out but cant tell Ex, was funny. Jonhizzle and I left to the other club.

Got there, did some approaches, nothing crazy, talked to the bartender who knew me from my fighting days, had a good long convo with him, then left cuz the girls were not that great tonight..

All in all tonight, even though I didnt get much, I was happy with what I did. I finally am starting to say "fuck it" when im not approaching go all out, hitting every set i can. Gets you in state quickkkkk.

Jonhizzle needs to stop choding, and fucking going for it. I tell him this all the time but its not hitting home....its all mental...
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Sunday, August 15th 2010

Another day with only 3 hours sleep after going out last night, worked till 4, then back home to sleep. Was supposed to meet up with a girl ive been working for a couple weeks now, but she flaked. It was weird what happened with her, we each had to reschedule 3 times before this, twice she had legit things come up and once I wanted to go out instead. The night before I was texting her a bit, i dont know what i was doing, or what mood i was in, but something turned her off and Im pretty sure tahts the reason I got no response today. Whatever, she was hot, but I got others on the go.

Ended up meeting with my little Native girl, shes fun, gives a lot of resistance sometimes for sex tho, like its a game to her. Probably because shes young, but ive noticed a pattern. When she realizes im not going to play the game anymroe and am going to go home/drop her off she then gives in.

Went to drive her home after we got half naked on the beach and were going to go swimming and then she said she didnt want to anymore. Drove her right in front of her apartment, then she just jumped me knowing it was her last chance. We drove behind a stip mall, then crazyness for 3 hours. She is a hot fuck mannnn.

Monday, August 16th 2010

Weird day for me, wanted to see what the hottie with the Bf is up to, shes been texting me non stop lately. Turns out shes with her BF tonight, kind of annoying since Ive got this before, I guess I cant complain? Turned it around tho, like i wasnt going to keep asking her even with her showing me mad attention, said she wants to come visit me when im working, told her not to come unitl she can kiss or do other crazy things ( got a tounge piercing and cant lol, fucked).

Other girl from thursday has been receptive and down to hangout, I told her kind of late but said tonight or weds and to pick one. She said shes busy both days but will come see me at work on thursday... This whole setting up day 2 thing was getting annoying. I even made another thread about it, how to overcome this weird problem i got.

Got a Day 2 with that hot bartender from my club tomorrow, other than this french-english language barrier, shes really down so it should go well.
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Tuesday, August 17th 2010

Another chodey day. Woke up hella  late, did some reading, video watching etc. Had a day 2 with the Hot bartender tonight, although it didnt happen, it wasnt really a flake. She couldnt get a ride to where I wanted to meet up with her, and I really didnt feel like going to find her house and pick her up, unless I was going to go in her house which I dont htink was going to happen. She was really sorry and kept texting me all night which I rarely responded.

Now im just getting mind fucked by god... I have a problem setting up day 2's, then when I do, and the girl really wants to meet up, she has external problems that really arent my fault. FUckkkkkk.. All good tho, I know shes really into it and Ill see her soon.

Wednesday, August 18th 2010

Sucks my shoulder is fucked, couldnt go to the gym like I usually do. Continuing to get pumelled with texts from Hot Bartender and Native girlies...Ive realized the power of not answering texts, drives them nuts.

I read an awesome post today by MTL madison, big ups to him, and part of it really hit me about not always thinking I have to be "doing something" in the down time with new really hot girls. I always feel like somehow im losing attraction and sicne they arent saying anythign to me I must be losing them. But really I gotta stop that bullshit. They owe me nothing at this point. Yea I may have had a great interaction with them when I first met them, but I havent done anythign with them yet so im really not much more than the "cool guy" from the bar. Once I solidify a solid Day 2, thats when I can expect them to be more interested. For now, dont worry too much.

Tonight I went to the one girl I had already seen 2 weeks ago with the pierced tounge and new hot tattoos, fuck its hot as hellllll. Such a buzz kill tho with this tounge ring. Not only cant she do much kissing, her voice is all fucked and its a mad turn off, I couldnt stop myself from laughing. The hanogut was fairly uneventful, the sexual tension is quite high however and I purposely tried to make it as High as possible by the end. Kinda weird with her roomate tho, he knows her boyfriend, so im sure he was wondering what was uppp.

Im gonna back off this one like I have been, until this tounge shit is figured out so I can ravish her at a later date.

Jonhizzle was being weakkkk tonight and not wanting to go out, other friends were supposed to go out but also made excuses. It left me with one choice... I left this girls house at 11, wanted to go out, knew which spot was going to be hottt, nobody to go out with..,...but fuck it... im at a peak in my game, im learning faster than ever, IM GOING OUT ALONEEE.

I realized quickly that without a bit of alcohol in me, I wasnt going to do much approaching. Its been almost a year and a half since ive been out alone and its really weird territory for me. Had some shots before i got to the barr, got there, was pretty livvveee. 2 Floors, bottom floor is typical bar'ish, not that loud, lots of mixed "friend" sets sitting down at tables..until it gets packed, hard to approach down there.

Went upstairs, saw some girl with this cute sweater on, commented on it...was on automatically. She was definetly a bit drunk, nothing crazy but for sure had some drinks in her. Was all over me. I was really sexual with her... within 20 seconds, makeoutt. Tasted like cigarrettes, but a good kisser. Ran some good shit on her, qualified, vibed well, she was really into it. One of the best 1 sets ive ran in a while,, also the first makeout ive had in a couple weeks so that definetly boost things... especially on the FIRST SET. She was like a 7, nothing I would work that hard for ( i gotta use this mentality with all girls, makes them chase me more). She said she had to go to the bathroom right in front of us and to meet her at the bar later... i really didnt care if I saw her again, def not stopping approaching already.

Next set was right near the bar, needed just one drink. She kept bumping elbows with me, so i called her on it. Good convo, met her friends that approved, fairly platonic tho so didnt want to do much more with that.

She ended up coming to see me later to talk but I really wasnt interested.

Went downtstairs, saw some girls that I know from around the scene, not that hot, friends were not bad tho. Introduced myself to all of them, ran the 6 set for quite a while. Hottest one had a boyfriend, she was feeling it, and i kept ball busting her on texting her needy boyfriend while she was at a bar "tell him to let you have funnnn"....she agreed.

First set  that i told I was alone, tried to test me by saying it was weird, but I really didnt care and was unreactive, they then said its kind of impressive. lied and told them Im only drinking water , they called me on it but I told them no onlyyyy watterrrr.

I opened so many god damn sets tonight I cant remember them all. Some were quick introductions, or comments. The girl would smile and be friendly but ti wouldnt go anywhere. Hooked alot of sets, but for the most part was platonic, and I didnt really mind, I had no expectations on the night,

Mid way through/near the end I started doing some weird stuff. Walked up a bunch of girls waiting at the washroom (i had to go to ) with an ice cube in my mouth. They all were starign at me, I waved to them, they all smiled. I then chewed the ice cube and talked to them all. On;ly was interested in one, laser eyed her " youre cute whats ur name" convo. Friend instantly says "my name is ___ want my number?" .....I really didnt, she was alright but no. Was interesting to hear that tho.

My next few weird approaches would be when I was walking by a girl and she eyed me for a sec then looked away ( sooo many girls look away quickly then flick the hair, fustrating at times since u want them to keep the eye contact cuz u kno they are into you ), I would then get right in her face and just laser eye her as she walked by. Did it twice and both times was an aweomse response. Both tho were hard to stop, they may have been groping me etc but the friends pull them away so tis hard.

Girl was walking directly towards me.. wanted to use the " Hi im___" opener alot mroe tonight, that was my main goal. Used it on her, good eye contact, she smiled gaver her name, friend was pulling her and i was wlaking opposite direction so we just parted ways.  5 Mins later I was going back around and she grabbed me and we talked. Fairly hot, but thicker, spanish girl. went alright,hard to escalate with her she was feeling the touching much, thats what fucked her when i told her we are going to go on an adventure, build a shack and just have sex all the time...lmao. Use it on alot of girls, did not work this time.

Next was by the bar, girl holding 2 drinks kept eyeing me, it was obvious...... **I realllllly need to start looking for girls who are eyeing me, it happens alot more than I notice, and im sure of it, it would make thigns alot easier on myself***,,,,then again Cold apprach is the goal here. I started at her making the motion of double fisting. she laughed. Grabbed her and pulled her over. She was a fairly hot , tall brunette. We talked for a while. she was into it, but due to her drunkeness she was easily swayed by other guys hovering her, friends, etc etc, was hard to keep her put, wasnt hot enough for me to deal with it all so let her go.

Next set was a 2 set i had opened early on, the hotter one was into me. They ended up finding me and grabbing me to talk. They were fun, hotter one was like a 7 tho so nothing special, i just used it to see the power of letting the girl game you..quite intersting. They  were jealous of each other by the end.

One of the last onees was right near the entrance, one of the hotter girls of the night. Told her she was in my way, ran a small game where we would be considered soulmates if we both went the same direction trying to get around each other. I clearly cheated so that it would work...gotta be more smooth...she was loving it tho. Her friend however I had already opened, went ok but nothign special, she came in to get her to get some drinks with the group, too much of a cock block that i couldnt handle, so failed.

Bunch more random sets that were opened bad.. Either from behind or walking by, those dont work that great.

The bar was packed with some pretty hot girls, I was mad that I wasnt approachign the hottest girls I could and also wasnt being as direct as I wanted too tonight. Although I did keep a more chilled frame tonight that I really wanted crazy openers, or crazy high energy, the sets didnt go anywhwere that crazy either, and I also didnt get many numbers... 2 to be exact that I probaly will not follow up on even tho the one is still texting me right now.

Alos dissapointed in the amount i drank, prob more than i have in a while, nothing crazy but I guess one of my first nights out alone in forever I deserved some alcohol.

What I really noticed tonight is something very valuable. Some sets i could open with alot of intent, and they would look at me and something would switch in their head and it would be on, others complete opposite, I could see them instantly be turned off even if i got ioi's previously. The power of subcommunicating who you are, and what you want is so ridiculous, its picked up instantly. When I realy concentrated on being chill, but loud, assertive with intent, the resluts were awesome.

i have to work on being less reactive to sets, sometimes I do it just in fun to keep the convo going but I really should not be reacting to anything negative or testy that they are saying.

For next time I will be continuing this amount of intent and also looking for alot more girls thar are giving IOI's even before the appraoch because i need work on those even more so that cold appraoches, I seem to "game" the girsl that are already into me too much.

Solid night, sooo happpy i went out alone tonight, Im going to start doing it alot more thats fore sure.
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I must say, this is one of the best shit I've read in a while. How much you think your game has improved since becoming a bouncer?
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