March 27th, 2017
The Nu London Crew (Vegas 2010)
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Goran~ wrote:

pringles wrote:

I end up pulling her away from her brothers TWO this time. And fucking her on gorans bed. She let me put it in her fucking beauty of an ass at one point....SORRY BUDDY! it just happened!

You bastard, I hope the cleaners changed the sheets, otherwise I banged the brazillian chick on the same ones. Fucken nasty!


hahahahaha, i phoned and got them to change the sheets so its all good.
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Thursday Tryst:

Sweet so the girls me and Goran chatted to outside lavo gave us these passes to hit tryst. We get thee and there is a huge fuck off line. We see ryan and brad and some other rsd guys there as well and everyone is hustling to get in. Everyone is trying to get the promoter girls attention well, when i say everyone i mean about four people. The rest of them are choding in the line before the line ha. Anyway we flag her down and she lets us through the queue and to the front. BOOM. Good bye line chodes we dont queue. Anyway we get into tryst and im seriously happy to be in there, its fucking awesome. Me paully and goran mess around and take some photos by the water fall. I see a cute chick and talk to her and its on as usual, we like eachother but the friend is being weird, not negative but just weird so i ignore her mostly and then go back to the guys. I go back and chat to her again after some guy goes away from them. me: are you cheating on me already! Its only been about 5 minutes.
her:haha no he is a really nice guy
I get a bit bored quick excuse myself and go back to the guys, she liked me so i should have probably just kept her with me. However bromance before hoemance.

We chill a bit more and goran see's these two girls sat in vip and suggest we should go mess with them.
We go in me to the blonde girl 'Hey Hey, did jacob say you could sit here?' It was kind of half hearted but she goes 'do you want to sit here?' I kind of laugh to myself and take a seat. The chick is friendly but has just come out of a relationship. Ok i should have fucked this girl thinking back on it but im too fucking add. Anyway we mess around with these chicks more chris and matt end up in the club as well. Then we see alex and his aussie boys ha. They come in fucking guns blazing alex's is saying shit to my girl and mounting her as she is sat down, i find this all very funny. The other aussie guys are messing with goran and his girl, i don't think he gives a fuck though. My girl is making this omg these people are crazy face, and alex like makes out with her ear ha, i then pretty reactively try shove my toungue down my girls throat and she pushes me off but likes it. hmmm i should really have stayed and fucked this one! Alex then grabs her hand and is about to pull her away i pull her back 'sit down!'
'Alex you fucking fuck off, she is mine' ahhh good times haha after a while of this the australian crew swirls off and we have a chat with one of them

Dude i don't know your forum name?!

He shows a pretty fucking funny video involving the venetian but anyway.
My girl is gaming me up but then i get a bit bored?! ha i don't what was with me she was cute but i guess i wanted a fucking smokeshow, and so i go off in search of some hawt chix.
On the dance floor i see spesh and tamer of 2009 rsdnation fame and say whats up, spesh knows paul..they are nice guys. Anyway i wander about and find these two girls on the patio area. I chat to them and they like me, i get physical with both, like very im going to be bangign you physical....what can i say, its what to do when both girls are hot and there is no wingman. Hands start wandering, they are feeling me up and i pull both heads in and we have some sort of threeway kiss but no tongue....hmmmm somehitng was off. I'd been with these two for a while and they keep telling me how hot and sexy i am, i think im going to have a threesome, it fucking looks that way but something was weird so i leave them. I see some girl inside dancing very sexy so i tell her. She likes me we dance and before you know it im on their table and the chick is feeding me drinks and shots etc. Some aussie come along i say whats up and they swoop in on the friends motor boating and bitting galore. It all fucking funny. I start making out with mine and her friends go dance. We start doing naughty things to eachoother privates but yet again my add kicks i wanna hotter hottie. BTW this girl was a dancer not at this club but another ha silly me.
me: do you want to go find you friends?
her: huh? eh no im good here why?
me: no im just wandering...IF YOU WANT TO GO FIND YOUR FRIENDS
her:huh? what? ehhhm
we makeout some more and then she goes to find her friends. I then see the two chicks from earlier they pull me into their table section and dance dance dance as before with both, quick screen (i try makeout with them go) logistics check, turns out one is married and one has a long term boyfriend, i am not into to banging married chicks and i sort of viewed these two as a fuck on fuck the other free sort of deal, they give me some drink and i wander off. Chat to brad and tim for a little.
side note, in the little i talked to these guys i can gladly say they are two of the coolest and nicest people i have ever met.
Fuck around with the guys a bit and then i see this girl that i had seen at other clubs and talked to, she runs and gives me a hug, then three of her friends turn up and they are all hot and really tall ha, i fuck around with them a while but im fucking add bouncing around and i go off.
I see ryan and two other guys talking with the girls i was planning on trying to threesome and i let him know about the boyfriend and husband, 'i-fucking-relevant' was his reply, fair enough but i dont hitnk anyone pulled those two.
Couple more things happen cant remember all and then i turn and see a fucking hotty chilling at some tables. I walk over.

me:damn your sexy as fuck
she likes i like and we are flirting and all over eachother.Meet the friedns they like me alls good. Me and her are feeling eachother up but i can sense something is a bit off. No we are standing because i want to see is she is tall enough to have my children, my children must be superior to all children in every way. Hieght is one of the categorie they will be superior in. She is tall enough, we are in a full embrace and we kiss.

her: no no no, look i have this guy in new york a-
me: i dont give a fuck
i kiss her again

her: no no no i really like him, we had a short thing over a few weeks but it really meant a lot to me.
me: great i dont care
her: your really persistant aren't u?
or some thing like that, then i check her out again and shock and awe flows like poetry, we are all over eachother but she won't let me makeout with her. At this point i just dont care. I take her over to her friends and they chat me up ha.
cool friend with boyfriend: what the hell are you doing if i was single i would fuck him too! stay with him!

i over hear and wink at her ha, we share a laugh, both the friends are trying to get her to stay with me but she keeps going about this guy from newyork. I take her somewhere and when i'm back ryan is talking to the friends.
cool friend with boyfriend: thank God your back this guy is so annyoing.
Ryan just smiles as he doesnt give a fuck and apart from that their tone wasn't really one of not liking him it was more like trying not to like him. Anyway he ends up chatting to my girl and taking her into the club and i talk to the friends.

me:i like your friend guys, she is fucking hot
them: awww go find her and get her!
me: nah she'll be back
them: no you have to march in there grab her and kiss her passionately!
haha i loved these guys they were like my cheer leaders, but i was pretty fucking sure she would come back anyway but they persuade me enough to go find her and they are like cheering and shit. I find it hilarious. I go do it just for them because they are cool girls, lap arond the club and i dont see her i go back to the friends.
them: no go look for her ! find her!
me: Nah she will be back
and as i say that the girl comes back out to where we are. I grab her and makeout with her but she stops me and is about to go into her newyork bull. Straight away i start with the dirty talk in her ear. Its not so much what i say but because i have a bit of confidence in bed and it translates into my dirty talk, ha she gets weak knees (i love it when that happens) and strats moaning, i keep it up, kiss her and she is getting really really turned on and the she catches herself.
her: no!
and she tries to shove me but i dont move and she collapse into me again, her friends cheer me on ha i loved them....these cute little australian girls. Turns out they hated alex and stuff because apparently they thought they were 'too cool'....pffft player haters. I tell them they are my mates and to not chat shit, they apologise and me and girly go back to our loveydovey. Its time to go and i start pulling her outside
her: nothing is going to happen blah blah blah etc.
I have heard this all before and it puts me off about as much as rain does when im taking a shit (NOT AT ALL).
Pull her outside by the cab and she is giving mad resistance.
her: Look i told you i have a guy im in love with i can't do this with you, your fucking sey and blah blah etc but i cant. Let me go or i'll scream
me: scream im not letting you go
i could see her melt just then, the chick was so fucking conflicted. I could see the 50 50 going on in her head. After about5 minutes of standing there holding eachother she goes to a security guard and tells him to not let me come with bahhh. I doge security chode and go anyway, but then i think there are more girls and i go say by to the friends. They hug and kiss me and then the original girl does the same. As they walk to the taxi the cool friends says
her: wow your crazy i cant believe you didn't fuck him he was so hot!
And i think they got in an argument about it but im nor sure it looked like it though hahaha why cant all girls friends be like that?!

Anyway i head back in and see paul with these two girls i go chat to them and then these two black dudes come up and try to take them as 'they had been talking with them all night' hahaha fuckers tried to reason with us. They get amoged by one of londons biggest og's paul.
Chodes cant believe it, im laughing my fucking ass off and the chicks are amused. Chodes slink off. They then pick up what is left of their balls and try again. There is one with shades on.
me to blondie: what sort of loser wears sunglases at night
her: haha i know right
me: (i point to chode) that sort of loser!
he comes back still and says 'hey it im going it was nice to meet you' and sticks out his hand for the girl. I shake it 'no problem mate' him 'i was talking to her'
I full ignore him and keep chatting to her, he keeps talking gets pissed and cuts infront of me.
paul: did i just see that?!
im laughing my ass off then do the same thing back to him ha. Chode gives up and fucks off. They start abusing us as we pull thegirls out of the hotel. We give them some off the same.
'Whatever gay boys! we are the ones leaving with girls and you are leaving with your home boys! Go lick eachother out you faggots' (disclaimer, i am not against homosexuals its just you americans call eachother faggots the whole time i thought i'd give them something they could understand)
Pull the girls into the taxi and the blonde (my one is too quiet) im sat at the frnot. i remeber reading one of brads feild reports on these quick pulls and how they get fucked up in the taxi because the guy in the front seat cant work on his girl and she goes cold. So i make some jokes about the chodes and so does paul after they arguing in whatever language about if they are staying with us. Blondie is laughing and shit it looks good (oh btw this is after paul had wanted to leave earlier saying out loud 'i have alreaady had my vegas fatty lets go' to me and the girl he was talking about hahaha) Anyway we get to ceasers and its where they are staying and we get out because the girls want us to pay for their cab hahah dont joke. I drop my phone taxi waits for me and then i go get it back phew. We go in can't remember much here but we end up bumping into alex and co again at the ventian. Fuck around with them some more then end up heading to bed.

EPIC NIGHT I could say again i probably should have stayed with the blonde but the truth is i was having too much fun.

note- One thing about vegas and in general that seems to happen all the time, all my most woosh sets are with the real fucking super hotties....i like it
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Great trip writeups guys! Sadly i lived in vegas for 3 years when i was fulllllllll chode. I was one of the guys that stood by the bar with drink in hand. ugh. I'll make up for it when I go back. Your adventures inspire me.
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 Hey Matt, Goran, rest of the London crew, you goin to the Summit next year? I'd like to hang with the London crew sometime.

My game is not that good yet but I'm making progress and I'm dedicating. When I arrive at Vegas one year from now I will be ready to go WILD. I'd like to hang with you guys if you're cool with it.

Great reports as always guys.

Matt, I found it funny when you said "in the past I didn't claw or touch naturally and had to think about it". Can't imagine that. Haha.

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Not having much sleep due to the girl I pulled on Tuesday Night having slept over in my bed, I was fucking exausted!

All the boys decided to go to LAX I was just gonna crash, no point in killing myself. But the boys decided to have a little pree club party in our room, which got my energy up, so last minute I got up put a shirt on and we were out the door!


As soon as we reached LAX I was back in retardedly tired mode, but I wanted to soldier on!

We go in, grab a drink, chill for a bit, and I decide to scout a little. (I did not really liek this club, the dance floor is crap compared to london dance floors, in the US pretty much everyone just stands on the dance floor really close to each other bopping up and down! WTF is that, doesnt anyone dance in this country!!! Anyway I did not like the club much, probably cos I was so fuken tired).

First set some retarded austrailians in an upstairs vip booth, they go, "Youre not supposed to be here." Im like "What the fuck Bitch! This is my shit, Youre not supposed to be here!" Theyre like, oh fuck, but I just say "Its cool you can stay I dont give a shit. Just behave"

Some fag comes in telling me hes an MTV presenter and hees doing a shoot or some shit. Im like, "WTF, I dont give a shit man, are you fucking gay, you trying to impress me or something, go tell the girls this dumb shit." I grab one of the girls over and tell them

"This is a MTV presenter he wants to shoot a porno with you and your friend." They give him the dirtiest look. I find it amusing, but as Im tired and very bored I excuse myself out of the vip booth, also as Im getting super wierd faggy vibes from the chode dude!

I  bump into chris and a couple of fucking stuning girls. Chris sees me and intorduces me as I walk towards them, I hit it of with the brunete, who is just fucking stunning, Im falling in love with this girl, at the same time Im falling asleep, she notics this, but is cool with it. We chat to them for a while, Im leading my girl the whole time. We go to the bar, and the girls order drinks, but chrisses girl says something, and he gets annoyed says something, and his girl draggs mine into the toilets. Whatever Ill find her again.

At this point Ive fallen in love with this girl, but cannot find her anywhere, they probably left the club. I hang arround a nother couple hours, doing shitty sets,

And then that incident with Matt and the fucken american chode, who said the two english girls were his sisters and matt called him out on it, happens.

About 20 minutes after this, mat and I decide to fuck it and leave, we grab some breakfast at dennies, and I head to bed to recuporate forthursday glory night 2!

Thursday coming soon...
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Matt. wrote:
I'm sure we'll be there in one form or other. Seems like a long time away.

Alternatively, if you come to London and do a boot camp with Ozzie you'll most likely bump into some of us then...
Yeah, you're right... actually Ozzie was one of my fav instructors which I'd like to take a BC with. I just need the money first lol

By the way loved the girl with the brothers fight stuff in your reports guys. Reminded me of Tim's presentation, he mentioning the russian beauty and the 3 mafia dudes headlocking with Papa. "Too crazy, too crazy!".
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Goran~ wrote:

Ozzie wrote:
goran looked shocked after being hit by a girl during sex. priceless moment of the summit.

Matt wrote:
Goran - presumably you'll take this opportunity to explain how you came to be assaulted by the first girl you banged and how she left you bruised and battered...? Kinky!

Hahaha, that story is coming up! lol
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Thursday Night

Its Thursday night Tryst night!

We all head to tryst, as pringles and I got free line skip and free entry, from the two girls we chased down on Tuesday night at after Lavo at the Valet parking thing we have no problem going in.

The club is quite big, Not as nice as XS but its nice...

Anyway, We chill out for a while near the waterfall, take a few picks, just relaxing taking in the atmosphere, some of the boys are casually chatting to a couple girls around us, all is good, I'm just chilling there peacefully enjoying the atmosphere. We take some pictures and decide to grab a drink.

Drinks grabbed boys disperse, i see a couple cuties standing by the water fall where we were earlier, and start chatting to them, getting quite physical and flirty immediately. Couple of cute English girls, pringles joins me and were both chatting to them, Im really relaxed and moving quite slowly, turning my girl round to check out her ass body, talk about her boobs ect, getting sexual, pretty normal shit, I'm just chilling and letting the moment in, I turn around and pringles is in full embrace with his girl, i chuckle to myself, "Sweet".

More talks and girlies go to grab drinks.

Pringles and I joke around a bit, and we see a couple of cuties sit down in VIP, we think it would be funny to pretend its our VIP, so we go in like we own the shit, and Pringles says something like "Did John tell you you can sit here."

Pringles grabs the blond, I get the brunette, I could not see her face from where we were standing earlier as she was sitting with her back to me, but I'm relieved shees a stunner! A Brazilian stunner!

Girls tell us, "You guys wanna sit down?" lol, na were gonna stand?

Things on my side get going pretty quick, I'm being very physical with my girl, pushing her, pulling her closer to me, hugging her, all the normal shizzle, shees biting me cos she cant keep her excitement in.

Pringles and his girl get up to go to the bar or something, and that's my cue for the makeout.

P and Blond come back, Blond girl really likes us at this point, and is totaly cool with me doing naughty stuff to brunette. P leaves for some reason, probably to get other chicks, and chris comes in at the perfect moment, I introduce him immediately to the blond, since blonde really likes me chriss is automatically in. Shit is going good.

Alex~ and his Aussie posse comes into our set, and do some weird shit to the girls, quite funny, I think alex grabs chrisses girl licks her face and makes out, and runs away, lol. and one of the other aussie guys licks my girls face but she sequels, 'wtf!'. I tell her "Its cool theyre our aussie friends, theyre crazy dont worry they're cool." Set is solid, aussies see this, and move on.

Alex comes back at some point, and decides to laser eye our girls, chriss tells him, "Alex no, fuck off, lol", I see him trying to laser eye my girl, I think, hmm, naughty Alex!, and just sit on her lap facing her with my back to him pretty, normal, pretty effective. We decide to grab drinks, and leave him there, cos hees been a naughty boy trying to steal our girls.

Moving on, we grab drinks, my girl is pretty cool and is chipping in for drinks the whole time, which i like, cos it means shes an independent girl, and not some lame scabby slut, we get back to VIP. At sertain points the girls go to the toilet and heres a tip (Tell the girl to go toilet, you'll look after her purse, if youve been cool and its on and she is up for fucking you, she will trust you to leave her purse with you. If this happens, youre definately getting a fuck, unless you screw it up later on).

Finally the girls extract us to Drays, after hours club.

We hang there for a bit, some shit goes down with chriss and his girl, she starts to talk to some big rugby/football guy, and chriss tries to amog, him. Which was a bad move, I befriend him, to try keep the situation between me and blonde friendly so she doesnt drag my girl away, and it turns out cool.

I find chris and tell him to go hard core on the blonde, But I think he was anoyed at the big rugby guy, and he escalated a bit too quickly.

Which kinda annoyed her and she pushed him away, he decided it was fair dues that was cool, and went off to chat some other girls, which sucks, cos we couldve been banging them later and high-fiving! lol

Anyway, I decided it was time to pull my girl out, to get out of any more wierd shit that could stand in my way, so I grab blonde, tell her we were gonna grab some food, she loves me, and is cool with it, and lets brunette go with me, I hug her, shake rugby/football guys hand and we leave. (Thinking back, blonde mustve flashed me her boobs about a 100 times during the whole night! Nice boobs too!)

My girl and I go to dennie, shes fuken tired, and falling asleep, I'm like what the fuck is this!

I get her to drink water, wake her up a little, munch food, and shes up and running! Lets go, shes pulling me now "Wheres your hotel? Is it far?".

We get up to the room, The boys are still out, its empty sweet!

I throw her on the bed, Make out, and the usual stuff, I pull some of her clothes off, she takes my shirt and jeans off, I take her top and bra off, but she wont remove her skirt its bunched up around her waist, I'm cool with this, i don't really give a shit its not really getting in the way, but she wont let me remove her panties. That's cool too, I move them to one side, and I Lick it, its one of the tastiest muffs Ive ever eaten!

I get her really excited but she still wont take the panties off, Fair dues, I slap a condom on, she actually gives me some crappy little LMR for like a minute, but as soon as I go a little in "She just screams FUCK ME!" MY Pleasure!

I move the panties to one side and fuck her with the panties still on, doesn't really bother me i cant even feel them.

She comes almost instantly and cant cope with me still banging her, she tries to wriggle free, but I hold her down, which is exciting her even more, finally I manage to finish not long after that.

Shes happy, just laying on her back there smiling and panting, I'm looking at her thinking dam, this is one of the hottest chicks Ive banged!

She gets up, and asks, "Where is my skirt?"

"Umm, around your waist..." She laughs, "Where did you throw my panties?"

"Youre wearing them!"

She gets comfortable, and crawls back in bed, I text the guys its cool to come in...

I wake up in the middle of the night, really horny. I look arround, the guys are asleep, Sweet.

I start fingering her again, slide the panties out of the way, and start banging her again, she comes really quickly again, I finish and back to sleep.

(I find out later that the guys werent actually asleep, lol, they heard her moaning while I was banging her, hahaha)

In the morning, everyone is awake, were all joking, she is loving the attention.

The boys are talking in strong english accents for fun, which is really turning her on, i start playing with her while the boys are in the room.

Paully grabs a camera pulls the covers off and gets a nice pick of me laying on top of her, all you can see is me, a pair of arms and legs around me. lol

Boys leave, and I proceed to bang her one more time! She lasts a little longer this time, but comes pretty quickly a few times, I finish.

We get dressed, I walk her back to her hotel.

And go catch up with the boys at breakfast!

This is Vegas Baby!
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Sweet report Goran!

One question, about the purse thing... does it only happen when SHE decides to leave her purse with you, or do you actually tell her "Leave your purse with me until you come back"?
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