January 17th, 2019
Post-Summit - Firing on All Cylinders
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Summit God~

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I will update this first post as I get more reference experiences and do more wild shit.

Updated 8/19
Shit I've done at the Summit
- Insta kiss
- Kissing a girl's neck hardcore 2 minutes after meeting her
- Having Russian girl trying to extract me to fuck her

Shit I've done since the Summit
- Got over AA I had all my life about mall game.
- Got a stunner girl's phone number in mall game.
- Approached the hottest girl I have ever seen during day game (did not go well, but I did approach her)

Lessons learned
- Girls have a short attention span. Time is your ally as Alex would say. Don't expect to get a solid number from a 5min interaction at the mall or a 30m interaction during the night. Spend time. Invest in her and let her invest in you. Tyler personality stuff. Girls might be in a different state when they answer the phone or see you again, so they might flake. Never take a girl for granted because of a good first interaction. Lesson? Take time, create a solid interaction, never expect things to work if you don't put serious effort.
- The attraction spike of approaching during the day is massive and can be ridden for instapulls or others. 
- Girls don't know you're cool at the start. That's why you have to create a solid interaction. If the girl's day is being SHIT and you call her, if she didn't get to know you well she'll think it's just another shitty moment of her day. If you did get to know her and show you're awesome, that will flip a switch in her mind.

Diagram of my Reality
Like Alex mentioned, your reality is made from your successes and embarassments. So I'll make a list of my biggest to smallest successes and embarassments, a symbol of my reality.

Most Embarassment
- Having a girl tell me "I didn't really like you the first time we met". "Why did you go out with me then?" "I was desperate".
- Dating a girl that didn't have any interest in me (friendzoned) for some time without just letting go of her.
- Not approaching girls with fantastic asses and titties that were giving me the eye, therefore being a fucking fag.
Middle Point
- Feeling nervous as shit, orbited by a girl 6 times before, she was a fucking 10, approached her after and still got a number during the day.
- Approaching the hottest girl I've ever seen in a mall. She wasn't a 10, she was a fucking eleven. Perfect tits, perfect tanned legs, short skirt and top, beautiful face. Shit blowed up but I approached. I would never have done that with my old personality.
- Approaching 10 with full entitlement and physicality in the club and she just loving me.
- Getting insta makeout on a day 2 on the day after I meet a girl.
- Fucking a girl from day game 3 days after meeting her.
Most Success

Weekly recaps
Week Aug 30-Sep 5 recap:
- Screening for BF can make you not waste time in interactions that won't go anywhere
- Just open. Opening a fucking 10 just asking the time and she coming back and opening YOU is possible and fucking happened to me. Always open.
- Do not be afraid, when a girl is with her friends, to break their "social" frame to establish a "me and you" frame. Fuck the friends. All love to them, but fuck them. I'm here for the girl.
- Approach girls at the mall at first sight because they will disappear into shops or exit. No pressure, but approach them ON FIRST SIGHT.
- "Why doesn't some cute guy come and approach me?". Girls WANT TO be approached during the day like at the mall. Make that your reality.
- Cut faggotry shit. "Nice to meet you". "See you later". Fuck that. CREATE tension. Make the girl awkward. 
- Do crazy shit like Tyler, cross the street to meet girls, stop them from going on escalators to talk to them, pull them out of cabs.
- Continuity. One of my biggest sticking points is going out and having a FANTASTIC night, then going out the night after and doing ZERO approaches. I'm spiking up and down. I need to make this CONSISTENT.

Week Sep 6-12 recap:
- Never give up your frame of the RSD reality. It's easy to fight fag friend's opinions, you realize you've done more than them, but when you get with a beautiful girl and she's socially conditioned, that shit is a lot harder to fight. You're connected with her. But you have to fight it anyway. Remember, it's not about the girls, it's about you. Never compromise yourself.
- Be in travel mode. I have classes and work. But I will purposely take trains to other cities and spend the weekend out occasionally to revive the adventurous self. Being present, not in a moment basis, but in a long-term basis. In a week you feel each day instead of just letting time flow by and realizing the week ended. Being here and now every day. So that there is no chode continuum, no autopilot fucking daze. Every day is unique and fucking fantastic. Living this way you are a lot more shitscared, but I realized... you also live longer. It's like each day takes longer to pass. In a good way. You're just showered with these fucking emotions.
- There is no fucking way to not get laid with the Summit knowledge. I approached a fucking 10 with full intent and full physicality as if she were my younger sister or shit. And it still feels natural in my head. Once you do direct approaches during the day, and other CRAZY shit, you realize you're high value... and nothing can stop you.

Week Sep 13-19 recap:
- Can't remember shit.

Week Sep 20-26 recap:
- Even if you keep stressing to a girl "we're not BF/GF", "I don't wanna give you false hopes", and others, when it comes time to break up if you break up she might still not have gotten it. Happened to me doing everything right, never giving her false hopes, always keeping it lite and non-committed, and when it came time to break up she said "Oh I thought you weren't being serious". And I'm always serious when I talk. Lesson learned.

Week Sep 27- Oct 3 recap:
- There are several factors in a girl's life that matter besides looks or psychology. I used to worry about just looks and her personality. There's more. She might have a full schedule and no free time. She might have a tight relationship with friends and will never give you importance over them. There are various "logistics" to dating that also matter. It's just how her lifestyle fits with your lifestyle.

Week Oct 4-10 recap:
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Summit God~

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Went to the mall today. Even though I was returning from Vegas and should feel like I was on top of the world, I felt nervous as FUCK.
I've never done a mall approach before. Never. I was always the guy thinking "there's pickup mode" and "there's normal life mode". Today they melded into one.

At the Summit I was in a foreign land speaking a foreign language, I had no qualms about approaching and wanting to fuck girls on the spot.
When I'm in my hometown where I know my parents or friends can pop up on the street and pass by me, I get more nervous.
Nevertheless, I did it.

I was at the mall, originally to buy clothes. Decide to approach. Pass by 4-5 hotties and start getting in my head and not approaching.
Then I remember being yesterday at the XS and Tyler saying "Go approach. Fag. Faggot. Pussy. Fag. Fag. Fag" and it starts to replay in my head. So I say to myself: GO.

And I go. I approach this hottie. I'm a little nervous. The conversation goes kinda well, she gives me her number at the end.
First mall approach ever. Yess.

I see another beautiful girl, she's standing behind the information counter. I go open her, she smiles for a minute, but I don't know what to say and she starts making excuses about having to work. I didn't go in strong enough.

It was good for a first day. Now it's time to start gaining momentum and doing more and more. Breaking the day game barrier was a big one for me.

I'll be going out tonight, more soon!
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Summit God~

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The night in my hometown is just crap. Noone's going out. I did not genuinely see one hot girl out when I went out. Everybody's out to the local beaches. It's deserttown here.

But during the daytime it's different. Went out today to do some more day game. I'm not used to it, it's my hometown and I still care a bit about my mates or known people recognizing me. But fuck it, I say. I'll make approaching random girls a part of my personality, and people will either accept it or find new friends.

I was choding around the mall, walking up and down floors (the equivalent to the club going to the bathroom) until I spot this gorgeous girl. I choded a bit more and didn't approach right away, but I got like that fatal feeling inside me that said "It's now or never".

So I go approach. The girl was actually married. But at least I tried.

- People don't care if you walk around nervous 3 or 4 times before you approach them. I was so worried and it doesn't even matter.
- Hot girls are nice.
- My brain remembered the countless good daytime approaches in Vegas and it's starting to click into success once again.

- Don't chode around. If you take too long the girls will be gone.

What's next:
- Make approaching super hot girls consistent.
- Find somewhere to go out during the night where there are girls.
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 what a fag. 


great meeting you bro.
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I'm going to try and follow this for awhile.  Love that you're still going out.  This is Mike from the Summit btw.  Some comments:

1. I agree, you're definitely putting too much pressure on yourself.  Remeber to focus on freedom of outcome and fun.  Its about Vagina!  And you are not creepy pick up dude - you're a cool guy (I met you so I know) and are offering value to the girls so they will love you.  If they don't its simply a random abberation.
2. I don't live in a small town so I may be coming about this from the wrong mindset, but you need to stop worrying about what your friends will think when they see you.  Two concepts from the Summit to remember: 1. Others are stuck in group think.  You are now an independent man who knows best so don't care what the socially conditioned think.  2.  In addition, as long as your reality is stronger you can convince them that what you are doing is cool - ie. what Ryan said in his inception speech - you're the one taking action, you're the one getting hot girls etc.  Inspire them through your results and eventually they'll want to follow you.
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 Yeah, field reports are a great way to track your progress after Summit and to reflect upon as your reference experiences build up.
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Awesome mate - I'll follow your shit - keep up the good work!
  TOOBAD *Parental Advisory* Awesome Adventures Ahead - A Journal - Alexander~ Sydney Bootcamp of Unproportionate Glory - Feb 26-28 - [/u][u]
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Summit God~

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Thanks guys! It's fuckin awesome to have inspiring people comment here. You're right guys. I'm not having fun, I'm putting too much pressure on myself. I'll just relax, shoot the shit and give value to girls. Thanks for reminding me thumbs up

Btw Mike, which Mike are you? Sir Konstantin's Mike, the Mike that drove Veit, or Mike the assistant that gave me advice? There were so many Mikes at the conference lol

I'll post my Summit adventures here so I pump myself up and provide some entertainment.

Day 1 - Monday
Went to XS. Did 48 approaches and got 47 blowouts. I was massively uncalibrated when I arrived to Vegas.
First time I traveled to an English speaking country. Still thinking language was a barrier. Later throughout the week I would find out it isn't.

Day 2 - Tuesday
Went to Lavo.
Found this little hottie (5 star) in leopard dress. Started talking to her, went well, but I got physical too fast, in an uncalibrated way (I ran Ozzie's list from 1 to 6 in under a minute) and she freaked the fuck out. She ended up with a black dude by the bar later and I ended up with a dry dick.

I find this tall redhead, glasses, tattoed, pretty hot, start talking, start hardcore grabbing her, go for the makeout, she tells me she's an escort. Fuck. Poof.

After I went back to the hotel I dressed up and went back outside to take some photos to show to the fam. Cool I was dressed like crap and feeling like crap, and I challenged myself to approach in that state. I approached one girl. I got a good reaction. I just wanted to prove to myself I could do it. And I could.

Day 3 - Wed
Hi fived everyone in the club to build state and feel at home. I was terrified as shit of Vegas still at this point. Everyone was awesome to me, met two British guys that started interview mode on me. Where are you from? What's your name? Thought they wanted to fuck me. One of them looked like Justin Bieber.

Found a hyperactive hot girl. I go with "You're cute. I want you". She replies "If you want some of this you're gonna have to buy me a drink". I try and lead her to bar but friends grab her. My kino was shit, I didn't grab strong enough, it was like play-doh kino, so I lost her. Fuck it.

I find this cutie on the dancefloor. Redhead, thin, really really cute, dancing. I go up to her, say some direct shit, she's loving me, we're getting closer and I start kissing her neck. I tried to go for the makeout but didn't get it. But I was amusing myself kissing the shit out of her neck. She grabs the bouncer and tells him something. He tells me to go away. I do. I don't understand. 5 minutes later I go back in, ask the bouncer if it's okay, and he looks at me like "Go, hit that shit!". I get even more confused at this point. Start grinding with girl again, kissing her neck. One of her friends grabs her and takes her away. Fuck. Should have chased her. Didn't. Fag.

After exiting the Lavo I pass by this Russian beauty. We're talking as we're going down the escalator. She starts asking me my age. I remember that Alex stuff, I'm leaving the club when they are, so I might still get a shot. Her friend is freaking the fuck out. She's like 50 yo, russian ice princess. She tells me with a strong accent: "You not fucking her, boy. Go back to your friends". I'm like "Fuck". Should have persisted. Choded.

I also approached some girls during the day on seminar breaks. I approached this girl with her whole family around her, like 7 people, and threw them all into freeze frame. I didn't notice the family was there until after I left the girl and Benny told me, and I looked back. Cool.

Somewhere along the night I also opened one of Lavo's bouncer's wife, and almost got my ass kicked. "YOU TALKIN TO MY WIFE?". Oh shit.

Went to hotel with dry dick but +50 exp.

Day 4 - Thur
Tried to get in Tao, tried to get in Lavo, none. Got a stamp from Vitali to the Tryst through arm rubbing. I was tired as shit so I just went in, talked for 10m and ejected.

Opened this cute blonde at Imperial Palace while waiting for Christian with Veit to go to the Tao.

On our way to the Tao I spot a HOT HOT blonde with her friends on the lobby of the Venetian. I go in hard. As in super fucking hard. For some magical reason I find myself kissing her neck 5 minutes after meeting her. This happens way too many times. I'd prefer makeouts tho.

Her friends eventually grab her and take her away. I go back in 5m later and try again. I pick the girl up and run with her, but she's heavy so the friends catch up to me. One of them freaks the fuck out on me and I just eject. Braeden and Veit were laughing their asses off at this point.

In Tryst I met a Portuguese girl (my nationality) but didn't talk to her because she actually didn't know Portuguese. Poser. Ejected.

Met this ugly girl (all the hot girls were already engaged by some RSD guy at this point). Screwed it up by grabbing her ass too many times and lost her. Boom.

Went back to the hotel.

Night 5 - Fri
Went to XS.

I approach this super hot tanned girl, seems Swedish but tanned version, blue beautiful eyes. I talk to her for a while. Ryan eventually steals her from me.

I met this short British girl hanging with two fatties. I try and lead her away but the friends are massively cockblocking me. She ends up making out with some RSD guy later I think. At least I did my best.

I was talking to this really hot girl and at some point I start looking at her lips. She's like "I know what you were thinking. You were thinking of kissing me right now". It's cool how girls realize these things. I was chode and did not proceed for the makeout. No worries.

Night 6 - Sat
Went to XS.

This was the best night for me in terms of experience. I opened like 15 different girls, but every single one of them solid opens. Most sets failed but fuck it.

I find this redhead with fire red lipstick and start gaming her. She's pretty cute. I go for the makeout too fast and don't get it. I eject too early.

I verbally molest this short Swedish girl (funny how most Swedish girls here were full tanned, like BROWN skin), but still pretty cute. I plow her for 10 minutes (verbally plowed). "Go away". "No. You're mine. Come here". She's liking it but I'm not going in hard enough to stop her. I repeat this ad nauseum, but eventually I lose state and let her go.

At one point I was smelling bad, and Alexander told me to unwind, stop putting pressure, relax, and go wash myself. I do so.
I go back in the club, find girl with massive cans, "Hey, you're cute". She smiles. I go for a quick little kiss, I get it. She runs away after that. No problems.

At some point Tom appears with a 40 yo woman. He claws me and tells the woman to kiss me, and I get the weirdest makeout of my life ever. I laugh at it.

I talked to this beautiful blonde with a cyan dress, short skirt, fucking fantastic legs. She was easily a fuckin 10. It's going fantastic until I ask her "What's your name again?". "Did you forget my name?". "I guess so". I make no big deal out of it but she's like "you're done". Fuck. Lose her.

I start up a fast set, I see this brunette with a blonde friend and open them. Tyler busts in set and starts saying hilarious shit, but I lose the brunette anyway.

I meet this cute girl in a black dress, we're having fun and enjoying each other but I guess I let too much time pass without making moves and I lose her. Dammit.

At some point I see these 3 girls sitting at a table, talking to a pink shirt guy. I suppose the table was the guy's and the girls were sitting there. I go in and sit right next to one of the girls and starting talking to her. She's like fucking psycho, heavily testing me. I'm taking her shit and being unreactive. The guy is physically trying to pull me by the arm out of the table but I just ignore him and he gives up after 10 minutes. I see this is going nowhere and eject from the girl.

And these are my layless Vegas adventures.

I will get better for sure.
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good stuff man.
Remember, although u didnt get any lays, U gained some incredible reference experience. It will further ur awesomeness when u get home.

From when i first met u at summit to the last few days, i could already see a change in your behavior. You wont notice it because to u, your life is a constant.
But from a 3rd person perspective, can already see the transformation in progress.

Keep it up champ!


- Bootcamp with Alex~
- RSD World Summit 2.0

Australia. Represent.

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Summit God~

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Went to the mall again today. The night in this town is completely DEAD, and I have no money cause I spent it all in Vegas, so I can't even go to other towns to party at night. It's mall time.

Went to the mall, got some approach anxiety, but I remembered Tim in his Secrets of the Vagina presentation: Take the best shot.

So I went and approached the hottest girl I've possibly ever seen in a mall that was sitting at a bench outside. The set blew up, I think she had some kind of problem and told me she wasn't in the mood. No worries.

Before that girl there were a lot of girls I could have opened but I didn't, because I was lacking balls or some other thing. After that girl, ironically, when I was ready, I didn't see any girls that interested me.


- Approaching hottest girl I've ever seen in a mall

- Sometimes you only have one chance. Girls will be gone in five minutes. Not to put pressure, but approach as soon as you can. On first sight if possible.
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Summit God~

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SirKonstantine wrote:
 what a fag. 


great meeting you bro.
Do you remember the girls at the lobby of the Encore?

SaintPatrick opens: SHIT BLOWS UP
Konstatin opens: IMMEDIATELY IN

F- you!
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