December 13th, 2018
Summit 2010 Review
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I'll write a little review of the Summit as seen by me. For others guys that went to the Summit reading this, I'm SaintPatrick, the guy with the nametag saying God. And if you have 10 out of 10 game, you should thank me cause I was the one who asked Tim to do it!. Okay. Let's get into it.

To get some questions out of the way:

Is it worth the money? Definitely. I'd like to point out that it's nothing like in the Summit page. So if you've read it and thought of all those extras like "day of networking" and "day dedicated to day game", there's none of that. There's just the Summit itself, six days of presentations. However, those presentations themselves are FANTASTIC. Like ground-breaking stuff.

The first thing that radically changed my mindset was the immersion aspect. When you have 250 guys around you approaching girls, you kinda shift into a competitive (healthy competitive) mode. When I'm at home I have chode friends that even get pissed at me if I approach girls. In the Summit everyone empowers you and you empower them. It's fantastic.

Another mental shift you make at the Summit is, like Alex says, you are enough. I've never attended an RSD event before, so I still had that mentality of the instructors being gurus. When you are at the same club like them and you see someone like Tyler or Todd getting blown out, you realize they're cut from the same cloth. They're not born better, they're like us, they just persist in extraordinary ways and get extraordinary results.

The instructors
Tyler was who most surprised me at the Summit. I'm used to his extremely deep content from the Blueprint so I had this idea of him being normal at pickup and extremely good at social skills. No. He's extremely good at pickup and extremely good at social skills. Tyler is hardcore fucking reality-shattering in his game. When you see his infield videos your head basically explodes. He's like a nerdish version of Alex or Brad, a very fucking potent personality.

Tim is all about the fun, the emotional spiking and creating bubbles of love, but he now added concepts like being competitive, going for the ball, and streamlined all that stuff into an awesome presentation called "Secrets of the Vagina". Tim came back from his past self with a new challenging self, he tells us we fuckers have to go for the ball or we die. He joined his fun with a new aggressiveness, and his presentation was just pure awesome. Pure gold.

Alexander is purely amazing. I've read his blog and posts before, and it all seemed full analytical to me, but when I saw him present, and also his infield videos, my world just took a full 360. He has a huge simplicity in his feelings. There's not bullshit about you deserving the girl or not, getting physical or not, talking this or that. You are enough, play it out and it will happen. And that's it.

Uncle Ozzie, as Tyler called him for all us European attendees, is all about the fear. He is like the european sargent that will tell you to face your worst fears and go for the pussy. He has FANTASTIC fear material. The 2 minute mark, the exercises to find out your fears, your false thoughts, and yank them out of there. He was FULL FANTASTIC.

I personally don't use Ryan's material, but it's fantastic for the people who do. He's all about controlling the frame, social dynamics at its purest. Who's pinging? How do you create value and comfort? How do you go from chode to being on your path, flying blindly in this world? Another thing about Ryan is, the way he speaks is AMAZING. The vocabulary, the way he conveys his ideas... after listening to him talk I just felt like my English sucked. His verbal game is fantastic.

Papa's presentation was on living a celebrity lifestyle, so I didn't get to see his pickup, however, Papa is definitely a solid person. He know what he's talking about. He knows all the tools and strategies to have the lifestyle you desire.

I loved Jeffy's style. From the past material, you would think Jeffy is a deranged psychotic lunatic. He actually is a very knowledgeable person, with that psychotic layer on top. He is a much more deep and authentic person that you would think from seeing his material, seeing him live made me realize he's a very rich person. His game is like Alex would say, pure expression, saying stupid shit to entertain yourself, and Jeffy does this so good you can't resist loving his style of game. Oh, and he has an iPhone 4.

I like how Todd introduced variety. His game still uses pieces from different styles of game, such as opinion openers on situations where for example the girl is with her family. He calibrates and uses a whole range of knowledge. I liked to see him at the club. Todd would just go behind some asian girl, start massaging her neck, and she would turn and be all up on him. He is real solid.

Brad is exactly as he describes himself. So chill it's almost lazy. Brad will not take shit. He's who I most personally identify with. He goes in as direct as possible. "Hey, you're cute, I want you in my bed". What if you're not being direct enough? Either have better vocal projection, posture or tonality. There's no escaping telling the girl she's getting fucked. You go in as direct as possible until you pull the girl, and that's it.

The material covered was fantastic. I loved how it went from Ozzie's "cut this talking shit and get physical until you break your fear", contrasting with Tyler's speech about you just being entitled to have the girl making her like you without you even needing game. I could pass my notes to electronic text and post here on RSDNation, but my notes were SO thorough that anyone could have a great amount of the material from the Summit just like that. It would be almost unfair.

- You have different kinds of personalities. Adventurous vs. courageous. Humble vs. narcissitic. Activate the ones you want at the appropriate times. When you approach a girl, it's time to kick the full narcissistic, full adventurous personality and smoke that shit to the ground.
- To become elite get away from group think. Start seeing the world through your own eyes. When you do that you'll have such a strong reality you'll pass tests like a motherfucker and flip the girl's reality on itself just to amuse yourself.
- Entitlement is what will make you get the girl. If you feel entitled to get a 10, without even having game, just cause you're entitled, she sees that and hooks up with you. Be like Jaden Smith.

- Be vulnerable. The best pickups are when you're nervous or fuck up a little.
- Put your game face on. You fuckers have to go for the ball or you die.
- Practice is for fags. If you don't connect with the girl how do you expect her to?

- The how to is 10%. Doing it, eliminating the fear is 90%. 
- You already have everything in yourself. Perfect verbal game, perfect physical game, you already know how to do it and you've done it before. You just don't do it because of fear.
- There are 2 causes of fear: Unrealistic expectations of people and a negative self-perception. Find which ones you have most, build evidence of the opposite, and fight the fear.
- Be comfortable talking about your passions. LAME passions. I play with Lord of the Rings action figures. I shat myself in a cab once. Things like that.

- You are enough. No secound thought.
- Be an unanswered question to the girl. Escalate on her ass and you'll be the predictable guy who just wants to fuck her. Express yourself.
- Time is your ally. The more time you spend with the girl truly expressing yourself, the more you arouse her and the more she will get attracted, lusty and desperate for you. Don't be in a hurry to fuck her.
- Break the positive and negative limits of your reality. If you get blown out a lot your negative reality will become bigger, for sure, but not your positive one. Endure the successes, seek them, so your positive reality also grows.
- The club is the temple of relaxation.
- For the first 2 hours warm up. Not because of you, but because the girls themselves are in their heads and haven't talked to people.
- Girls have 3 reactions: Shy and attentive is girls without BF. Extremely friendly and no tension, girls with BF. Third reaction is "don't fucking talk to me", you persist and it's cool.

- Reality is determined by the person with most influence. To create influence, increase value, develop emoting muscles, ping less, have less outcome dependence or more experience in that situation.
- Set the frame immediately when talking to a girl, or she will do it herself. Are you courting her? Are you both flirting? 
- Shape her pool of options. Do you like me tons or super tons? Do you want me to kiss you, or can't you because of your friends? Never just ask a question because she saying "No" is a hard hit.
- The idiot monologue. Do you wanna come with me to the bar? No. Oh, that's right, sorry, I thought I was talking to an independent person who could actually make decisions for herself, but it would appear not, I'm actually talking to someone who can't make their decisions without relying on their friends. So can we just go to the fucking bar?

- Common elements to game: Fuck with people, be genuine, show penis (not real penis. Did the girl realize I wasn't there to be her next gay friend?)
- Two things: Value and comfort. You just need comfort with the girl. A normal guy and girl in bed will have sex. You just need the value because without value the girl won't stick long enough for you to create comfort.
- What you deserve you will get. So if you deserve 6's, you can get a massive amount of 6's but the occasional 8 won't stick with you because you don't deserve her. That creates MASSIVE outcome detachment because with any girl, either I know I don't deserve her so I'll lose her, or I know I deserve her and can have lots of girls like her.
- Game diagnosis. In each situation: Am I being true to myself? Did I show penis? What would I have done if she was my GF? What would I have done if I was Brad Pitt?

- Four pillars of a strong reality: Core confidence, express not impress. Bringing value, are you weaseling into their party or bringing the party? Asserting dominance. And I missed the fourth one.
- Boners, not kino. Any woman I talk to for 5+ I will have a boner. And she will feel that. Either she will bounce because she has a BF or she will be down.
- Jeffy's presentation was purely video on these principles. It involved fantastic conversational gems such as "I'm 34 and 5/12ths. You can't reduce that fraction". "My iPhone 4 has an extra function, you can hug it". "Sorry, it's my first sexual slur of the day". "You're not American? You can't be president. I would vote for you for president. For president of my heart".

- Go in hard. Three components: Full frontal eye contact, vocal projection, command & conquer tonality.
- " I just use BR tonality and caveman. You don't need verbal game that much".
- You want the first impression to be awesome. She's talked to 50 guys with the same shirt and hair the same night.
- Why don't words matter? Because actions speak louder than words.
- The stimulus level is proportional to the intent. In a low-key bar, be low-key. In a dancefloor with 100 people, just go fucking caveman.
- Getting the girl to invest: Tonality, spacing (the dick walk), positioning (make the girl face you. Physically turn her if she isn't).
- Don't look for signals. I want to grab arm, I grab arm.
- Two mindsets: I am the coolest mofo in the world. Every girl is a nymphomaniac.

Memorable quotes (some for the value, some for the humour)
You want to be full narcissistic. Every other guy in the club is gay. Every angry girl is angry you haven't approached her yet. Every girl wants to fuck you (Tyler)
van, van, now you're getting raped man (Jeffy)
Because people like Jaden Smith have a whole life of entitlement I will never have as much entitlement as them. But I can step up so much it doesn't make a difference (Tyler)
I love BR. Especially the Australian BR. It's like music to my ears (Brad)
"You go out solo?" "Yeah." "What do you do?" "Oh, I just stand there till 1 AM and then choose the most receptive girl" (Brad)
If you don't have a tonguescraper and Listerine, don't even bother going out (Ryan)

For Alex:
- Alex, you say you wait the whole 4 hours to pull the girl. You are an unanswered question the whole time. Brad is direct and defends you can pull the girl in 5 minutes. I figure these are two different types of game. However, Brad said "Alex is notorious for that stuff, for pulling girls almost immediately". Could you develop a little on what's different when you pull a girl immediately? You just express yourself, say random shit hardcore for the first 10 minutes, heavy escalation and let's go?
- When you give a girl the boyfriend treatment. You said when you find a girl with BF, you give her the BF treatment (either you fuck her or you chase her out of the bar), so when you find a girl you like next, now you're ready. So the point of the BF treatment is to get yourself pumped and warmed up, in verbal and physical terms?
- When you do day game do you also make the girl experience a full range of emotions (standoffish, fuck off bitch), or do you have a normal conversation? I can't imagine myself doing push-pull in a bookstore. I know you make your students to deliberate illogicality in the bookstore. Is that all, or is there more technique to it?
- You said girls are bitchy, they're not sorry for that and they don't even think twice about it, it's like playing prerecorded messages out of a phone. Does that have something to do with what you said about girls saying stupid shit under pressure? Is their bitchy behavior also something that comes from the pressure of being approached by a cool guy? Or is there a different reason for the girls' behavior?

For Ryan:
- You talk about telling vs. asking. "Let's go to the bar" vs. "Do you want to come with me to the bar". Then you mention defining the choice pool, like "Do you want to come to the bar or stay with your friends?", so you don't get the "no". Can it work limiting the choice pool but instead of asking, telling? As in. "You might wanna stay with your friends instead. But hey, come with me to the bar". I don't like asking the girl questions at all, therefore my question.
- How does the idiot monologue work? You mention it's a barrage of your reality that makes it difficult for the girl to say no. But aren't you doing the opposite? Aren't you destroying your reality when you do the monologue? For example when you say "You know, it's not your fault, it's my fault, I thought I was talking to a 21 yo that could make decisions by herself instead of depending on the friends, but it would appear you actually can't make decisions for yourself. So can we just go to the bar?". When you say "I though this, but actually that", isn't it actually destroying your reality and replacing it with a different one? How does it work?

For Tyler:
- I remember you said when the girl is really hot you just flip her sense of reality on itself so she literally gets mindfucked after talking to you. You gave that example about the millionaires actually staying at cheaper hotels and how she had a fake understanding of reality due to that little misunderstanding. Can you give me some more examples, field usable?
- Can you give me more extreme narcissist examples? I'm the most fuckin awesome dude at the club. Every other guy is gay. The girls are not with their BFs, they're with the gay friends. Every angry girl is angry you haven't approached her yet. Every girl wants to fuck me. Can you give me more to help cement this mindset? It's so fuckin awesome.

How it could have been better
Even though it was a fantastic event, there were some things that could have went better. Notice, before anyone accuses me of flaming or criticising, I enjoyed the Summit A LOT, and I think it was GENIOUS. These are just the little tweaks that could have made it go from 99% to 100%.

- The lights. They should be half off during the videos, not completely off. During Jeffy's talk they were perfect. The room was dark but I could take notes at the same time. During the first 4 days the lights were totally off. I have sections in my notebook where I write lines on top of other lines because I'm trying to write in the dark, and some of my Ozzie and Alex video notes are totally screwed because of that. It might not seem like a big deal, but when you have 2 hours of video, and you look at my notebook's appearance, you would realize it was a lot more important than it seems.

- Tyler's Opener compilation and Embarassment compilation should be shown EVERY DAY. This is not exaggeration. With complex technical presentations such as Ozzie's or Ryan's, I lost myself and entered "classroom" mode. If 10 minutes at the end of each day were taken just to show a bit of those videos I could immediately snap back to "club mode". I don't know if anybody else shares my opinion, naturally, but I think it would greatly worth it.

- In Tyler's talk about the personalities, I would present all the personalities in the first 10 minutes and then give specific practical examples on how to coax them. How to become irreverent when you're right here and right now at the bar? Or Tyler could have shown other videos, or the same videos over and over, and explained them in that context. "See this guys? This way of talking? This was irreverent". Then showing the same video "See this guys? This personality came out, I used it, and it went away when not needed".
Tyler did that with the Polish and the "I wanna molest you behind the building" videos, but I wouldn't have minded watching all 9 or 10 videos from that point of view. I would sacrifice some of the theory for the video. I personally appreciated the social dynamics material, but I would love something that would be usable immediately, when I saw a girl in a cab after exiting the Venetian and I wanted to molest her behind the building.

- In Tyler's second talk I would maybe present faster the part about the group think, as the idea was pretty simple: Get away from group think and have your own opinion. It was good social dynamics material but it was more social dynamics itself than pickup. I would develop much more on how to actually use that to flip the girl's reality on itself. In pickupable terms if you get me. I say this because when Tyler mentioned "Using this you can pass tests like a mofo, flip the girl's reality on itself and also do all this stuff", I was like "I can't believe he just mentioned genious topics and he's just scratching the surface".

- I would have given Alex more speaking time because his talks were FANTASTIC. But they seemed too compressed. If Alex had time to show more video I would love it. I usually found myself trying to reorganize my brain because it was so much material. You had the inner game principles, then on to illogicality, then on to the timeframe, then on to the physicality. It was a of fantastic material, but if every subject had maybe 10 more minutes and a little video, I would pay double just to see it. Alex's presentation (I'm considering the Inner Game and ONS ones as the same) was hands down the best or second best at the Summit, but with even more video to consolidate it would have made it PERFECT. I would repeat the videos if necessary just to explain the different concepts. "Now you can see I'm spending time with her here instead of escalating already, because you can't escalate too soon". "Now she's testing me here and I'm being unreactive". The presentation was already fantastic, but some little more tweaks and it would be 100%.

- In Brad's talk I would have shown infield video. Brad's talk was MONEY. The full frontal approach theory was perfect, but just the theory, without the video to complement, specially having to do with tonality and posture, was something that could have made it instantly consolidate in my mind and made it perfect, and instead it was just "very good". It made me kinda meh because I think Brad's game is so money and I didn't get to see it. Dammit.

Just by reading this you might think I'm criticising, but no. I'm commenting on how I think you could take it from 99 to 100%. I am commenting on the things I LOVED. If you ask me for example about Ryan's or Todd's talk, as they were not the ones I related to the most (even though I think they were very good material), I would not know how to make them better. The details I'm commenting on are the ones I already consider to be excellent and that I would make even better.

Naturally, I would say once again, this is how I would have made it perfect. Not good, not very good, PERFECT.

If Tyler had used that entitlement and personalities knowledge to show video on how to implement in pickup itself instead of general social dynamics, it would have been PERFECT.
If Alex's material had more time and more video, it would have been PERFECT.
If Brad's material had the video to complement it, it would have been PERFECT.

I mean perfect as in the surefire arrow-to-the-target way of giving a total mental makeover to someone to become the best pimp ever. And if I didn't screw up my explanation, I think Tyler knows exactly what I mean with the topics above. It almost frustrates me the Summit was so so good, so 99%, it was just lacking some fucking calibrations and it could have been a PERFECT fucking thing. Like the best learning experience of my life.

However, congratulations to everyone for getting the already awesome 99% potential of it, and it was so worth the money it's not even funny.

In conclusion...
This was a fantastic event and I'm surely going next year.
Why is it fantastic?
First of all, it's the immersion aspect. You're not at chode land with your friends. Every guy you see there is a man on a mission.

The instructors all had amazing presentations and you could talk to them. I listened to the whole Ozzie presentation about fear-induced thinking.
After the presentation, I was talking to Ozzie, just chilling, and I told him how I was dancing closely with a girl the previous girl, kissing and such.
But I didn't move more because I was afraid she'd call the bouncer. So Ozzie asked me: "Isn't that catastrophic thinking?". And my mind went BOOM. When you actually apply this knowledge, it's awesome.

You can also feel the instructors are real people, they are there to have fun, do their stuff, but they interact with you, motivate you, it's fucking awesome.
When I was at the XS, nervous as hell, and Alexander passes with two glasses of whiskey and tells me "Sip a little, mate, you'll relax more", or when I was trying to get this really hot girl and her friend was cold, and Tyler suddenly busts into the set and starts talking hilarious stuff, that's when I realized this is actually a community of fantastic, sincere people. Everyone here wants success for themselves, but also for others.
It's almost like a fucking utopia. It's not "I'm here to teach you pickup, fuck off after that". No. It's human to human idea exchange. It's very richening.

I'm going to the freaking Summit every year from now. This is like a weeklong reatreat of awesomeness and glory.

You want to know what the Summit is? It's a seven-day bootcamp without an instructor. You will force yourself, the fellow attendees will make you force yourself. During every break of the presentations I would go and approach girls at the Venetian food court. That place is notorious in my mind for that shit now.

I only hope to get enough money to attend the next Summit. I'll try my best so I freaking can.

So, for everyone who still has doubts this is worth the money... if this hasn't convinced you, go spend the money on donkey porn, cause nothing will.
This is my view of the World Summit 2010. One of the best weeks of my life (excluding the stay at Imperial Palace).
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Cool review. I'd like to hear a little more about the multiple personalities thing Tyler's been talking about.

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Summit God~

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Caligula wrote:
Cool review. I'd like to hear a little more about the multiple personalities thing Tyler's been talking about.

Okey. Naturally I can't explain this better than him.

Tyler started by telling us we don't exist. Total mindfuck. What he means is, most of our behavior is reactive. If you get nervous in a situation, that's not you, it's a reaction. And so on. About 99% of us is reaction, doesn't exist. Only 1% of us exist, which is our willpower, a little thing.

Tyler pointed out 6 pairs of personalities we have.
Adventurous vs. conservative
Irreverent vs. Approval-seeking
Grateful vs. Victim
Chill vs. Dissatisfied
Humanitarian vs. Utilitarian
Narcissistic vs. Humble

The first of each pair is the good extreme of the two for pickup.
You are not one of these. As situations come and go these also come and go. You are nothing, you see a hot girl, your narcissist self kicks in, you makeout with her in 2 seconds, you end it, and you let that personality go.

There are also some of these you are more than others. For example:
Tyler - Irreverent, adventurous, narcissistic
Brad - Irreverent, adventurous, chill
Alex - Irreverent, adventurous, joyful

And so on.
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These notes are great, good meetin ya there man.
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Thanks for the reply.

This is also the biggest epiphany that I've had over the past few months, and it seems to be clicking for Tyler as well. It's funny because I watched David D's Man Transformation program last year and he talked about this exact thing, but at the time it didn't click for me at all. I guess certain experiences trigger the epiphany.

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John Cooper

John Cooper


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Great review, SaintPatrick.

I'd like to read a little more about the Ozzie's speech, his idea about fear looks great. What is the exercises that him said to students do?

Thanks, man!
I'm Brazilian,  guys.. so, forgive my grammatical errors. wink

It's all about face your fears, man.
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You too man! If you want more detailed notes on anything, just ask.

@John Cooper:
Okay. Here follows an explanation (Ozzie please don't kill me if I get anything wrong):

So Ozzie says we have two sources of fear: Unrealistic expectactions of people and negative self-perception.

Unrealistic expectactions of people is what the name says. People don't want you to sweep them off your feet. You don't need to impress a hot girl. Normal talking will get you the lay. You just don't realize that because of fear.

Negative self-perception has 3 version: I am incompetent (I'm not good with girls, bla bla), if they knew me they wouldn't really like me (if they knew I watched donkey porn or had a LoTR action figure collection), and I'm a perfectionist (I must do everything perfect all the time).

Then you have fear-induced thinking, which has 4 versions:
Black or white thinking: Either I get the lay or I die.
Fortune telling. Before you approach you think "If I do this she'll reject me". Evidence? None.
Catastrophic thinking. "The boyfriend will appear and beat me up".
Mind reading. "They'll think I'm weird or incompetent".

Ozzie's exercises were about we personally noting our fears and which kind they were.

One of my fears, for example, was to get too physical with the girl because I'd be afraid she'd call the bouncer. Ozzie told me: "Isn't that mind reading? Do you have evidence?". "No".
I tried it out the night after and it worked. Didn't get the girl but got pretty damn physical and got away with it. Just an example.
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Yo nice review. I agree with all of it. I would have liked to see a few more Tyler and some Brad videos but overall it was great. Alex and Jeffy had really awesome videos :).

It is pretty amazing to be surrounded by so many pickup dudes. I din't even have AA on any night when I usually do approach but it can take me a bit. At vegas also because the competition in general is so great if I don't go talk to a girl NOW I most likely will lose her not only to another guy but also from my sigh cuz the clubs are huge!

Btw Saint Patrik I'm Alex the guy you met at the airport before leaving :). I should put one of my real pics on RSD nation...
My FR Thread, My newer blog on health expirements/nutrition & my blog on making money online since late 2010 (SEO mostly, outdated now since I do PPC since 2012 and stopped updating it)
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awesome review! Wish i'd been there! :)
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Tyler says u should me narcissistic?

Narcissism is the personality trait of egotism, vanity, conceit, or simple selfishness. Applied to a social group, it is sometimes used to denote elitism or an indifference to the plight of others.

The name "narcissism" was coined by Freud after a Greek myth about a pathologically self-absorbed young man. Freud believed that some narcissism is an essential part of all of us from birth.[1] Andrew P. Morrison claims that, in adults, a reasonable amount of healthy narcissism allows the individual's perception of his needs to be balanced in relation to others.[2]

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Really. If you are always the altruist without any narcissism you're going to end up giving away all your possessions.

A healthy amount of narcissism would be not lending your friend money when you're broke.

SwedishDean wrote:

Andrew P. Morrison claims that, in adults, a reasonable amount of healthy narcissism allows the individual's perception of his needs to be balanced in relation to others.


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