December 13th, 2018
Had one of the most awesome nights in quite sometime tonight
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Hey guys,

If you remember I've been posting some stuff here about how I've been experiencing mad anxiety at clubs, fear of approaching, etc etc etc.

I took couple of weeks off and tonight went out, absolutely detached from all outcome. The idea was to just "have fun" , zero outcome dependance. I went out fully expecting NOT to get laid tonight, but to just go there and get great interractions going.

As expected, it went great. Hooked like 80% of sets, awesome interractions, 100% in the moment, etc. Didn't get laid or anything, but I suppose maybe I'm not "cool enough" for girls to go home and fuck with me yet, but what I'm liking is that IMO it would be beneficial to focus for a few weeks or even months to go out, telling yourself beforehand that you're not going to try to "close close close" and go for any sort of outcome, other than just having fun.

If an opportunity presents that you can actually take a girl home do it, but that shouldn't be a focus.

To me in this stage this seemed to have helped a lot. The pressure to "always be closing" put me into very outcome dependant frame and resulted in very poor interractions. I'd say if you're having trouble with "always be closing" mindset, try going out for a bit going totally opposite way of "not trying to close at all" and see what happens.

Now I'm prolly gonna keep doing this and slowly incorporating more intent into the game as I improve. I've had some intent today when I got in state and kinoed a few girls, too. So, it's not all 100% lack of intent, more like 90% outcome independance, 10% intent.
High self-esteem (and resulting beliefs and vocal projection from that)  = the single MOST important piece of the game, from which everything else stems. Draw the good feelings from within, feel brave enough to experience happiness and awesomeness about yourself on an ongoing and consistent basis, feel truely ENTITLED to 10's, make yourself validated internally (approval or rejection by other people does not alter your awesomness), bring the party and be loud as fuck (borderline obnoxious vocal projection at clubs). It is your birthright to feel entitled to and to expect all the best life has to offer. It doesn't matter what everyone else thinks about you. Ryan Bootcamp, Nov 19-21, 2010, Washington DC
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 Oh I feel you buddy. I had a fantastic night yesterday. I saw success and it scared me!
 Sine virtus sine laus
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