December 12th, 2018
Shag's Day2 for Speedy Lays (patent pending)
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 Alright I need to preface this by saying that to be able to get quick lays it is essential that you already have a strong leading frame, you are comfortable sexually, and you are not outcome dependent (although that may seem ironic, what I mean is you would enjoy having sex with her but if it doesn't work out it's not a big deal to you because you have other shit going on).  If this is you, then try this out and see if you can get good results.

First, you need to set up the day2. I usually do this one or two days after getting the number (attraction will be highest the less time you wait, if attraction is not increasing it is decreasing). My text game is very simple but effective, basically you want to lead the conversation where you want it to go and be succinct. Trying to be fancy and overly witty can get you into the "text message fantasy boyfriend" category which wastes far too much of my time. A normal convo may go something like this:

Shag: Hey party girl, how are the hangover gods treating you? =P
   HB: Blah.. my head hurts.. blah
Shag: Haha yeah what a crazy night. So what's on your agenda for the week?  
   HB: blah blah work till 5, yoga on wednesday, etc..
Shag: Cool well I'm pretty busy right now but I have some time on tuesday, you free?  
  HB: : Yeah that sounds sweet! What are we going to do?
Shag: Well I'm pretty spontaneous so let's just grab some tea and then go from there. 7 work?
  HB: Haha cool see ya then!

There ya go, simple as that. This will work if she is already attracted to you from the previous interaction and isn't a weirdo or super religious. If you feel like you need more attraction just exchange two or three funny messages before setting up the day2, but don't dart around the subject. Make it clear what your intentions are and employ the "shifting sands" to keep from getting caught in a negative spiral of doom.

From this point I will usually go meet her at the LRT station near my house, have a bear hug, then we will walk to my place. When we get there I will either say, "I'm feeling lazy let's just relax and make tea here" or just start making tea and 99% of the time she won't say anything about going out like I inferred in the text! This is key because in my text game I used a very low compliance day2, going to get tea.  This will greatly reduce the number of flakes compared to something like, "come to my house to watch a movie" which basically implies you just want her to come over to fuck.  So, she complies with the original plan but when you switch it up with a strong leading but non-chalant attitude your logistics are golden.

Now, usually I will have had very little interaction with the HB (5-20 mins) before the day2 so it is necessary to build some attraction and comfort before you escalate physically. We will continue chatting in the kitchen while sipping tea and I will tell stories about travelling, talk about my passions, etc. This will make her intrigued and attracted to you if you are legitimately a cool dude with an interesting life. At a high point in the conversation I'll exclaim, "oh wow I just realized I haven't even shown you a tour of the house yet!". Then I'll take her on the tour around the place through the living room then downstairs to the jam space where my room mates and I play music and of course the tour ends in my bedroom. This next part needs to be calibrated to work, but I just say "oh ya my bed is super comfy, check it out!". About 70% of the time she will jump on, the other 30% she may just sit down on the end so I jump on and say "c'mere" and wave her towards me. At this point I will either pull out my ipod, laptop with planet earth, or just continue conversation if it is flowing really well. Ipod is great because I love my music and I like sharing new bands with people, it makes for great discussion. Planet earth has gotten me laid sooo many times, it is cool and interesting but not too interesting so you can still have a conversation while watching (unlike a block buster film).  If the conversation luls you can simply say something like "oh check out that sweet fucking lizard changing colors" and then a new thread will open itself up. 

Regardless how you continue the interaction, this is when you have to qualify.. hard.  Qualification is best when you are qualifying her based on attributes that actually matter to you. I suggest making a list of things that you love in a woman (adventurousness, spontaneity, travel, intelligence, sexuality, etc.) and asking her about them, then if you like her response compliment her on that attribute and tell her why it is so valuable to you and so rare to find.  I.E. You seem like a pretty adventurous girl, is that true? (this also sexually frames her as being adventurous) ........  Oh that's sweet, it seems like most girls are too boring and confined but I love how you're willing to put yourself out there and try new experiences, etc.  Repeat this with different qualities until you get a response that is something along the lines of, "oh my god I can't believe I hardly know you but it feels like we know each other so well", she now knows that you want to hang out with her because you think she is a cool person, not just for sex.

By now you should be touching quite a bit and there is mounting sexual tension. I will turn to her and say, "Ok I have one more question for you, this is extremely important.... can you give good massages?". She should either say yes or no but I'd like to learn. I respond, "sweet I love getting massages so I decided to try getting decent at giving them.. here flip over".  I then proceed to massage her which starts to turn that awkward sexual tension into physical arousal. I usually break the passionate massaging with a quick tickle fight before it's my turn, to keep the mood playful and light so she doesn't get overwhelmed (your whole attitude is that touching and sex is not a big deal, remember?).  Now I take off my shirt (usually making a joke about how I am being too forward) and give her an excuse to rub her hands all over my body like she has been wanting to do all day.  I also like massages because I can get a good feeling for how good she will be in bed and that makes me excited haha. 

As she finishes the massage I stretch out, roll over so we are laying extremely close, stair into her eyes and say, "wow that was so amazing, I feel like I owe you something" and then BOOM! makeout. Kiss softly and release first. Stare at her lips and watch her arousal, then give her some more kiss action. If you qualified her properly at this point you shouldn't get too much LMR but still you must escalate properly to build arousal and extend foreplay.  Continue making out and rub your hands over her to feel for resistance. If you go slowly up her shirt and she is loving it, take it off. Unlatch the bra and let it dangle from her shoulders, she will take it off for you (in the same way as a  sock that is half on is annoying). Feel her breasts and kiss down her stomach, teasing her button fly but not giving her too much. It's just a matter of feeling it out.. if she is down to fuck, rip off her pants and panties AT THE SAME TIME. Trust me that will remove a headache for you later on. If she is still not aroused enough, dry hump her clit with your hard on or your thigh/hip area. Or you can just put her hand on your blood engorged monstrosity and that can move things along as well.

When you're both naked, she'll probably say (if she hasn't already) "we can't have sex, you know!". I usually reply with something funny like "eww ya sex is gross, who would want to do that!?" or "oh good because I only have a one inch penis and I'm terrible in bed, that would be upsetting for both of us!". If she laughs and you just continue doing your thing you can give off the vibe that you are non-judgemental and that sex is just something fun that you enjoy, you're not going to turn into creepy stalker I love you man.  To seal the deal, finger her until she is dripping wet.. start grinding her with your dick around the clit area (if she objects with token resistance say you just want to tease her), then slide it on in and let her nails dig deep into your back with fiery passion.

I love using this method because it strips away all the excess bull shit. We are not "courters" or "hopeless romantics", we are sex worthy men. We know what we want and how to get it, no questions asked.  If it comes down to the final stages and you realize there just isn't enough comfort there (can be the case with virgins) then don't worry about it just have a chat about sexuality and what makes her comfortable with sex. You can build more comfort and continue escalating or what I have found is extremely effective is just to not have sex at this point and just be totally cool with her wanting to wait to. Next time she sees you, she will know you are a sexual man and she will know what to expect from your interaction but at the same time she will be infinitely more comfortable with you because it is 100% obvious that you are not outcome dependent on sex because you didn't give a shit when you didn't have it on the day2. 

The truth is, while all of this is well and good.. if you are needy, awkward, or inexperienced you will have a difficult time. Success breeds success. Getting reference experiences will expand your reality to new levels and you will find yourself accomplishing things you once thought were impossible... a few weeks ago I even used this after a pull from a party to have a threesome! Hopefully this will inspire some of you guys or help get rid of some sticking points. If you have the intent and you have the drive, with time you will be the shit.

Feedback and questions are appreciated as always.

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Appreciated this.
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Very solid way to get laid on a date.  Cheers

(how much is your ebook wink)
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Thank you sir
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Thanks dude. Liking the list idea thing
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