November 21st, 2018
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Summit God~

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Exactly THREE weeks remaining 'till the Summit.

In the past I've rarely or never written FR's. Ego, ashamed of letting people know I game bad sometimes. Fuck that. The whole raw truth is coming out today. From today on, and until the Summit day (and, preferably, also AFTER that), I'll be posting my adventures here.

I'll be going out tonight, and definitely posting the FR here.

Things worth mentioning:
- I won't write the long story. I'm not big on text or theory. I'm a strange guy. I don't need to make effort everyday. I just need to make effort one night and then I get into state like for a week and do wild stuff. Strange personality. Therefore, I'll keep the FRs short and objective, so I can try and provide value for others, and also take some value with others' tips.

- I'm a beast. Some guys like to pickup chicks when they're alone, with friends, or such. I'm A BEAST. I want to pickup fucking chicks if they're riding bikes, or driving a car by me while I'm walking. I don't have the balls to do this yet, but that is definitely the direction I'm pointing towards.

- Do not expect much of me because lately I've been chode. Doesn't mean I can't bang chicks or have awesome moments, just telling you guys that expect a rockstar FR thread... definitely not this one. But I will try hard, tho.

- I usually chode out when I go solo. I go out at 0:00, and it's 2 PM, I talked, opened some girls, did not escalate, so I just go away. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN. This is extremely stupid as I have nights when I just manhandle every girl, they fucking love me, I get makeouts, and on the next night I go solo, and do this. This will not be tolerated anymore. I have intensity, but I don't have resistance, and resistance is what I will build, no way out.

- I've been having trouble putting my whole life together. I usually was either in work mode or pickup mode. I've been, throughout the years, finally embracing the two sides as parts of my life such as many others, but it's still a bit of a shock to me when I'm on vacation for like 7 days and just go out, and one day I have to do this university work and it's so out of my reality I get a shockwave. One of my goals is to streamline and incorporate all this. Pickup, work, study, not separating them, joining them in harmony.

- Goal: Becoming the best. Not the best compared to others, best I can be. I'm the kind of guy that, having 2 hours for doing a job, I do it in 5 minutes and spend the rest of the time scratching my balls doing nothing. I'm the kind of guy that can get it on with the first girl I open at night. The problem is I hold myself back because I think I need to follow a rhythm, I think I need to start weak and build throughout the night. Wrong. I need to start HARD and get FLAWLESS throughout the night. This will be addressed.

- No alcohol. I want to pickup chicks as the purest me. Because alcohol throws me off day game. It's like I'm a different person, enhanced with magic cause of the alcohol, but when the next day I'm at the coffee shop and there's an interesting girl, I don't have the balls cause there's no alcohol, it's just me. So I'll go out at night and pickup as just me. Learning to attract girls, grab their asses and making out as just me, with no crutches. The only crutch will be the state from getting laid shades

See you tonight, knights of the round table~
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Summit God~

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12 July

Shitty night. Went out on one of the most deserted nights on town, at a time when there was nobody around. Planned to go with some friends chill at the cafe, all of them decided to cancel. I live 30m from the center of the action where the bars and clubs are at, and when I arrived this shit was fully deserted.

Choded around. There were no hot girls to talk to. Was fighting for my autopilot behavior. Get out of my car, first thing I see, group of people. Go in and ask "Hey, which venue's hot tonight?". They gave me some random answer. Congratulated myself for the effort.

Out of nowhere, I see a group of three girls. Laughing and giggling and stuff. One of them, HOT. Lacked the balls and choded out.

The city was completely deserted. Apart from that group of girls, during my whole night out I only proceeded to see 2 more girls. One I didn't find even the slightest interesting, another one I could approach but choded out.

It's funny how you can be the man, makeout and just grab girls one night, and on the next night you're completely shit. I really need consistency.

No worries, Monday is the slowest and most deserted night every week. Instead of just going out Tuesday, I wanted to go out both today and Tuesday so I get the social warmup.

I am also thinking how much I hate this small town. I need a place with big lights and clubs and bars. I'm so freaking tired of this place.

Curious how I thought I was the man with my past accomplishments, but I guess I should be humble and realize I still have a lot to learn. Tuesday I'm going out. And hopefully fix this night of choding.

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Summit God~

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Going out tonight. Some mindsets I feel like posting here:

- I don't know if it was Ryan, Tyler or a community guy saying this but, when you talk/escalate your girl, DO NOT LET HER EVEN LEAVE YOUR FIELD OF SIGHT. Otherwise, cause she already hit buying temperature, it just makes another guy's work easier. So, I'm not letting go, girls. Brace yourselves.

- Ryan mentality. Closer mentality. GOING TO THE END.
Bye, we're going dancing. Cool, I'm going to.
I have to go find my friends. Cool, I'll go with you.
You're not gonna fuck my friend. (picks her up and runs away).

- You're only chode if you're logical. If when talking to a girl you remember that fuck, that makeout, you never get logical again. So, I just have this picture of a gorgeous girl I kissed. Whenever I meet a new girl I'll just feel that moment, remember myself with iron eye contact, making out with her on and off, and transmit that to every new girl I talk to. Bedroom eyes as Brad would say.

- I'm going to talk to girls that are with serious guys. Most ridiculously-dressed, hot as fuck girls are with these well-dressed, "don't fuck with me" vibe guys. I have to talk to those girls. Many times I talk to girls by themselves but no serious girls. Serious girls it is. When you have the balls to approach the girls that are with the club owners or the millionaires or whatever, your sense of entitlement BOOMS. I remember this from the days when I was not a chode. And hopefully I will revive those days now. When I only talk to "easy" girls, I feel like the environment me isn't mine. I haven't conquered it yet. When I've talked to every girl next to every authoritative guy, I feel like the environment is fucking mine and I can just take any girl. That is my objective.

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Summit God~

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13 July
Second shit night. I go out at 1PM. Main club in town is actually crowded, but most of the hotties are with guys or whatever. And there wasn't a single girl I felt attracted to there. Should have talked just to be social, but missed it.

Found some friends and started talking about life, college, and stuff. Lost 1 hour there. Turned into chode mode. Should have interrupted the convo whenever I saw a girl I fucking liked and went on to meet her. Oh well.

After about 1 hour out I decided to grab balls and start approaching girls. I had to approach ugs cause there wasn't a single stunner or even very attractive girl there. Oh wells. Some sets got good, the girls were receptive and such, but I couldn't bring myself to kino cause I just wasn't attracted to the girl in question.

I felt somewhat stifled the whole night. It was as if I had all this motherfucking potential, but I was holding back because I was afraid of the consequences that might ensure. Something like: When I release myself, I know I'm gonna cause some serious shitl, so I'll just hold back for now.

Should have persisted and stayed longer. Only stayed until 2:30 PM. Got tired and went home.

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Summit God~

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Real World~ wrote:

Summit times soon baby wink
I am being so fucking chode lately I deserve to punch myself in the face.

Thanks for checking out the thread! Summit times soon. It's gonna be RAW. Las Vegas will get fucked. Oh fo sho'.
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Summit God~

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14 July
It's Wednesday so there aren't almost any people going out today in town. So I decided not to go out tonight, but instead go out and try to do some day game.

I never tried day game before, only in specific situations, like when there's a day party, etc. But, walking down the street, talking to chicks, day game itself, I've never done it. I figured I'd do some simple approaches, maybe ask the time if I didn't have the courage to go in direct.

I didn't do any approach at all, I massively choded out.


It's time for me to change my mentality. I've been too demanding. I've been reading these FR's of people who get like 10 makeouts and 1 lay each night and when I go out I try to replicate those results. Wrong. The cities are different, our personalities are different, each guy is a guy.

I'm at my peak in every part of my life. I have the lowest weight I've ever had (I'm not overweight but I have a bit of a belly), I can do most push-ups and abs than ever before, I'm being the fucking man for my friends and family, and however I'm just crashing on the girl part of my life. The problem is probably I spend the whole day reading FR's and thinking about pickup, and then I get nervous when I got out. It's time I just live my freaking life and let going out be just a part.

So fuck it. Tomorrow I'm going out, and I just don't give a fuck anymore. Girl alone, girl with guys, fuck all that. From now on, I want the girl, I take her. It might not go well, but I will approach her. And if lucky, escalate. But I won't care anymore about results. I'll just go out, and whatever the fuck happens, happens.
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Summit God~

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Something I forgot to post previously:

The worst choding outs are not when it's a normal girl and she blows you out/ignores you/etc. The choding outs you will feel bad about, the true ones are when the girl is quiet and attentive, she loves you, and you don't approach/escalate, and you know she wants you and you still don't have the balls.

Just getting it off my chest as motivation for tonight. Return to glory, here I come~
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SaintPatrick wrote:
Something I forgot to post previously:

The worst choding outs are not when it's a normal girl and she blows you out/ignores you/etc. The choding outs you will feel bad about, the true ones are when the girl is quiet and attentive, she loves you, and you don't approach/escalate, and you know she wants you and you still don't have the balls.

Just getting it off my chest as motivation for tonight. Return to glory, here I come~
fuck yeah.

actually... the worst worst worst choding out nights are when you do nothing at all(perhaps  staying at home... ) or even worst... not approaching...wall flower style.  sad.

glad those days are gone.
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Summit God~

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15 July

Oh shit. Guys, prepare for something massive here. Today I felt like the master & commander of this city. I was like the universal key - I opened everything. And everybody liked me.

I started by shooting the shit throughout the day with my friends, parents. Indifferent, unreactive, busting out some sarcastic comments. I went out tonight not for getting makeouts, not for sex, just to have the fuck of a good time. I just felt like saying stupid stuff and see if people answered anything interesting. Oh boy, and it worked. Much better than I thought. I did no fucking effort and the girls just laughed and touched me uncontrollably.

But it wasn't like this the whole night. Starting by the beginning. It was a normal night, and by that I mean, massive fucking AA. I open some girls just to ask if the nearby venues have people. Indifferent social warmup timez.

I chode and walk around a street crowded with people, among which many hot girls I could have opened. Did not. Find a friend of mine and chat for 4 minutes. I hurry it up because I know if I talk to friends too much I'll become chode. Either I start with a girl or I don't. Let's go.

I reach the main venue, and open air bar where people everywhere dancing and stuff. Like an open air dancefloor. I chode, not wanting to open. I see what you could call a 9. Fucking beautiful girl, perfect legs.

Curiously I thought to myself: I'm walking here alone around the crowd scanning, people are gonna think I'm a girl hunter or whatever, then I thought FUCK what people think. I could've thought that I probably have more value than 90% the guys here, I'm fun and I give fucking value, but I didn't even think that. I just thought - fuck what people think. Let's go.

Lately I've been asking myself, am I going out because I wanna do social warmups with ugly girls, or am I going out because I want a hot girl and I want her for me? So when I saw the girl I already knew what I must do. This is for me.

Approached, told her "Hey you're cute and thought I'd say hi". Her friends explode laughing all over the place. Immediately hot girl asks for my number. I tell her I know what she's doing, competing with her hot friends to see who gets more numbers. I ain't falling into that game. We talk for some minutes, her group decides to leave for the inside of the bar. Looking back at this, bad move. I went it direct and unreactive, and the girls just had a massive emotional spike, so she asking my number could be a sincere attracted girl move. Or I could have asked her for her number.

I go with her. Classical Tim, I ask her if she has a boyfriend. No. Do you want one? No. Just makeouts. Oh boy. It's on. I tell her okay and go in for the kiss. Totally uncalibrated considering I haven't even touched her. I might have high-fived her. She naturally backs away. We go to the bar. She says she doesn't like shorter guys. I say cool.

We get lost behind and she says she needs to find her friends. I try and lead her but she's fucking decisive and has already stormed off in front of me. Owned. We reach the bar and she just stands there next to some guys, I grab her hand and tell her "Let's go find your friends". She tells me those are also her friends. Okay.

I eject. First set of the night, I had no state and no balls to get the girl. No problem, opening the most beautiful girl in the venue has given me in my mind a free access card to open any girl in the club. And it works. I say the stupidest shit to lots of girls and they all love me.

Some highlights:
- Opened two more cute girls at the venue. First one talked, opened up, but her group was moving fast. Later I would find out I guy I high-fived for having same shirt as me was her boyfriend. FULL CHODE. But I didn't do anything with the girl so I can't call him names. Another one was in a group, all of them very shy. I go in uber direct such as in "Hey, my name's this, I think you're pretty cute and I wanna get to know you. Do you have a boyfriend?". Girls love it and ask me if I'm hyperactive - I cut them off midphrase and tell them, I know, I know, I'm direct, I'm spontaneous, it's called a personality girls. Had a lotta fun. Was still nervous by this point.

- Bought a water bottle and kept throwing it in the air and grabbing it. Opened multiple girls asking them if there was a Guiness record for who can throw a water bottle up and catch it most times without dropping it. I don't even wanna call it opened with, I just said what I felt at the time. I was just feeling the words coming out from my mouth. Amusing.

- Interesting set. Two hot girls and two fatties. One hot girl in red is hot as fuck. I go tell them I'm Alfred the king of penguins and I'm searching for the north pole. Beauty in red says something but she's smoking so I bust her. I tell her she's pretty cute, pity that she smokes. Try to get her up, she's sitting. I keep talking.

Eventually she gets up and we talk some more. The fatties throw the occasional shit talk, they're seeing the girl is liking me and I'm not even acknowledging them so they shut up. Funny how I was just saying normal shit (most people here are college students so we just ask each other's major, age, did you pass all subjects, bla bla), but that in an unreactive way makes the girl like you anyway. So fantastic.

I thumb wrestle beauty in red, we talk and have fun. Beauty in red smokes again and I tell her to smoke somewhere else. She blows the smoke right in my face. I tell her if she's gonna do that she might as well make up for it and let me kiss her. I go in for the kiss. She steps back.

There was a second hot girl. I couldn't decide between which of them to put my effort into, so I just talked randomly and shot the shit with both. The other hot girl was constantly hi-fiving them. 

Eventually fat girls get up and go away, they take their friends. I'm a and eject. I walk up the street towards the next venue. In the middle of it I think - are you a man or a pussy? If you want the fucking girl just take her - So I RUN back down the street, find the girls further down, I go to beauty in red, tell her "Hey, I forgot to tell you something", pick her up, and lead her away from the friends.

Fat friend grabs me HARD. I have a funny way of dealing with fatties which is to be full sincere with them. I tell her exactly what's happening. Hey, I like your girl, she likes me, and you for some reason don't like me. So tell me what I can do to fix this, because I want this to happen between me and my friend. Then she says she has a boyfriend. I didn't realize it could be an excuse, think she's serious, put the girl down and eject.

I should've asked the girl herself if she had a BF. And even if she had, I should've screened. Is it a serious relationship? No? Then you're coming with me anyway, honey.

- Met some girls, Turkish. All very nice, hooked instantly. Used Alfred naturally. I knew in 5 minutes I was either escalating on the cutest one's ass, or I was outta there. I could see the window right in front of me. I ejected. I find it fucking DIFFICULT to escalate on girls I'm not attracted to.

- Met a girl friend of a friend. Totally HOT. Their friends appeared out of nowhere and started to pair us up. "Are you picking her up?". "No". "You should!". Then they start clapping and humming something. Oh boy. Massive cheerleaders. And the girl was HOT. Why did I not escalate? Because I was a faggot. This will be fixed.

- Met some fat girls, shot the shit with them. One hated me, the others loved me. Wanted nothing, just to have fun and amuse myself. It's funny how I just talked naturally and they laughed and laughed and laughed uncontrollably.

- Met a girl I knew from seeing her but never had talked to. Very hot friend. Just amused myself and talked shit. I said once "I'm interested in this one" and pointed to the friend of girl I now knew. They had to leave, but girl I (now) knew said she'd make sure her friend reached me. She told me "I have my ways". Good one. I await your contact, girl.

- Countless others. I opened everyone in the fucking venue. I reopened sets.

- In social terms, great performance. I broke every fucking limit. I sang, I acted stupid, I opened everyone. I did simply just not give a fuck.

- I did not escalate. I'm a fucking jackass. I'm only truly attracted to girls like 8-10. I had uglier girls hook GOOD, but I just couldn't bring myself to make a move on them. In the case of beauty in red, you already know what happened, I grabbed a very hot girl's ass, but apart from that, nothing.

- I was totally spontaneous. Really expressed myself. Making up shit at the spot. One think I found funny was when I was guessing a girl's major, and I said something like Law (don't know how it's called in english, the major for lawyers and judges), and the friends asks me like: Why the hell do you think she's that major? And I grab the girl's face, point to her earring and say: Well, this earring is definitely from a Law major. If she was in med school she'd have a red one, otherwise a blue one. Funny stuff.

- At 3:30 PM I wanted to continue but I was physically exhausted (the various venues I talked about are somewhat far between them, like two or three blocks, and people roaming around the streets, so I walked A LOT).

- One thing I liked was the fact I got the girls so interested they gamed me for HOURS. Some even asked questions twice. "Hey, what do you do in life? Do you study or work? Wait, you already told me". "So what's your major? Oh, right, it's that one". More than one girl. Interesting.

- Bought three water bottles.

You are enough! When I get the makeouts and other glory I will be able to really say this, but for now, I have no fucking regrets. I feel like I can do anything (because I almost did everything today).

Things to correct:
- Escalating on beauties if they like you
- Do not go for the kiss on a girl you haven't even touched yet, but do try and escalate something smaller first.
- Pick more girls up and run away with them, cause they like it. AVERT ZIE FATTIES.
- Open sooner. After you open your first 1-2 sets, and your first bombshell, you are ON, motherfucker, ON, you can do ANYTHING. SO OPEN. It's frustrating that I have nights when I'm choding around for 2 hours trying to make effort never feeling like I'm where I want, and tonight I just opened in the first 10 minutes and I felt like the world belonged to me and I ROCKED the rest of the night.
- Go for the girls you like. This is something I first started doing today. Are you here to entertain fatties? Nope. I'm here to get a girl and fuck her. Which is the rightest girl for me here? That one with the perfect legs. Cool, then go approach that one. Done that today and proud of it. Not talking to people is choding, but talking to ugly girls cause you're afraid of the one you really want is also choding.
- Open more 10's and less 8's. I opened pretty much ANYONE, but very few 10's and turbo girls. I just thought my game wasn't there yet. Shouldn't be any difference, but I still have that little thing in my head. Need to remove it.

Next step:
- ESCA - wait for it - LATE.

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Summit God~

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Objectives for tonight:

- Just have fun and shoot the shit like yesterday. Enjoy myself, sing shit and be sarcastic. For one minute I thought about one of the girls that decided to contact me yesterday, but I was already getting hopes and getting outcome dependant. Immediately cut off. If it happens is a bonus. My expectations for tonight are: Coming from zero.

- Getting physical. It's time to talk less and do more. As Ozzie would say 1) Get physical 2) Cut the space 3) Do it quickly. Time to use the claw and run the train. Felt good to just come back out of nowhere and pick the girl the fuck up yesterday. Now it's time to streamline that shit instead of letting it be spontaneous.

- Train my social skills. I was for a long time the guy who got girls but shy, away from crowds. Yesterday was like the opposite. No girls, but I did everything else. I opened people. I opened sad girls, told a joke to make them laugh and stormed off. I joined in guys doing weird dances and shooting the shit. I was social in every term. And that is the power. The power you feel when you know you can open almost anybody. It's not ego or anything, I know I can't open EVERYONE. But I can open massively many people opposite to when I was just the normal guy opening with the shy voice.

- In sum: Shoot the shit, loud vocal projection, just amuse myself. When I'm interested in a girl I go there, tell her direct, get physical, but let the set breathe and let her game ME.

Let's see how it goes today.
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Summit God~

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17 July
Chodey night. Went out and there weren't many people out. I know, not an excuse for not approaching. I felt like I could approach anyone, I just didn't feel like it. I was massively tired from doing my workout and others, yet I still decided to go out. I decided to dress a little more formally, I was trying out some of my shirts I didn't use in a while. Decided to go with one shirt that was pretty cool but massively unconfortable. And my shoes were also cool, but unconfortable. Looked awesome, felt terrible. Looking back know, I'd prefer to go with my casual shirt and jeans, they don't look the best, but at least I felt good in them.

I arrived at the scene and immediately noticed I felt like shit, tired and with uncomfortable clothing. Regardless I decided to try it out.

It's funny how sometimes just having the balls makes girls like you. I go to a group of girls, tell them I'm on a mission to save the pandas in China, and for every vodka they pay me half of the money will be donated to the China pandas. I was in shit state when I said this, so it sparked a laugh from them but not much else. One of the girls looks tipsy and immediately gets physical with me, she puts her hand around my waist. I was out of state and miscalibrated. I chode out.

I find a female friend of mine and chat for some time. She introduces me to a friend of hers, cute, but they were speaking logical and I was still tired and out of state and couldn't bring myself to take the conversation into emotional spiking fun stuff. Tried and did it sometimes, but couldn't make it consistent. Oh well, no problem. I was still being chill and unreactive. At some point while I'm talking to them a group of people passes by. There's this cute girl with big boobs I usually see out but never talked to. She's drunk as fuck or so appears. I didn't even notice the group, I was talking to the girls, until suddenly someone grabs my hand and I realize it's her. I didn't have time to react as her friends immediately take her away. You can't make up this shit, it was straight-jacket style. One grabs her by the right arm, the other one by the left arm, and the other one by the torso and they keep walking.

After some time of conversation I say goodbye to the girls and go on adventureland again. On my way to the main venue with the open air dancefloor and massive lights I see a guy I use to see on my everyday, massive chode. He's clawing a pretty hot girl. Must be his girlfriend or whatever. Seeing this chode with this girl makes me get pissed. Not at him, at myself.

I decide to go back home. I'm pissed at myself. On my way to the car I start seeing hotties. I still head to my car and think "Next time you'll do better". Then I say "fuck it", go back. I see a two set of girls, relatively hot (HB8s let's say). I open with the same China pandas vodka stuff). One of the girls immediately smiles and starts getting shy and attentive. I walk with them some more, but I still feel the tiredness and I break down inside. I say goodbye and eject.

I go back to the car once more. This time I see a set from afar, and this one is the highlight of the night, in a bad way. There are two girls and two dudes, at first I think they're two pairs of BF-GF, but then I hear something like "So, you're from around here, eh", and I just think "Oh, they're actually random guys picking up random girls". Some minutes later one of the guys goes away to do something. I go in, two girls and one guy there, and I say stupid shit to amuse myself. I go in with, I'm Alfred the king of penguins, and I'm looking for the North Pole. The guy massively freaks out. He looks at me with fucking rage in his eyes and threatens to punch me in the fucking face and beat the crap out of me if I do not get the fuck outta here immediately.

Now, you cannot imagine this. I'm dressed as if I was going to a high-profile party or something, extremely posh shirt and shoes, telling random people I'm Alfred the king of penguins and getting threatened back. I use to think about that Ozzie quote about success with women envolving humilliation, and I always read humilliation as "being a little embarassed". No. This time I really knew what TRUE humilliation was. You cannot fake this shit. For one minute I stand there, prepared to go down and fuck everything, but the next second I realize the other guy is not with them, maybe he received some bad news such as someone died or shit and they're feeling bad. So I say "Sorry man", turn my back and go away. The guy continues to threaten me, progressively less as I walk away.

Using the Victories/Lessons/What's next Alexander model:

- Going out tired and out of state.

- Going back TWICE when I was deciding to go back home.

- The guy threatening me put things into perspective. I was choding the entire day, I did not take myself seriously and did not take others seriously. I work hard, I have values and I respect myself, and today I had just forgotten that. Being threatened by that guy made me instantly remember who I am. What I value. What kind of behaviours I do not take. When I went it to talk to them I did not know who I was. Know, once again, I do.

- Change your perspective. You're not the shy guy who goes in to talk to girls that are by themselves. You are the guy that from the minute he's out there, you cross the fucking street and run just to talk to girls. You talk to girls if they're in a group surrounded by 9 dudes. And I don't even want anything. I'm just amusing myself and showing myself I can have a good time.

- Do not get affected by the environment. There are many 50 yo people going out today. There are very few people going out today. It does not matter. In my head there is like a web. There is me, there are funny, hot or interesting girls, and me talking to them. The rest DOES NOT MATTER. If there are guys next to them, if I'm in a dark alley or a lighted venue, erase all that from your head. Leave only that blueprint. You. Having fun. Giving value. Hot girls.

- I have value to offer to anybody. Should have taught the girls I met something. I always teach them something. Travel tips. New York handshake (From Foundations, yes, still using that after 8 years or so, haha). Just genuinely wanting to make their life a little better from knowing me.

- Sometimes you know who you are but you don't know who you are.

- Get physical. Yes, you're out of state, yes, you're tired, but do not be afraid to try and kiss the girl or do something similar in front of everybody. Noone will care anyway.

- Talk to everybody. If there are ugly girls walking your way, say hi and smile. If there's a couple of black adults going your way, smile or say good night. Talk to everybody. If you choose, you're screwed. You'll be analyzing 20 people and asking yourself "Do I want to open these people?". Fuck that. Talk to everybody, feel the good vibes.

- Do not practice. You go into the hottest venue and you go approach the girl you want. There are no warmups. I don't mean don't do warmups, I actually mean THERE ARE NO WARMUPS. You can talk to 5 ugly girls and you will get zero experience in talking to the hot girl. You can open 10 random people and you will get zero experience in talking to the hot girl. Everything you need is already there. Just go into the fucking venue, choose the hottest girl and try and pick her up in a fun way. Have fun.

- Not really a pickup lesson, but on Saturdays my hometown SUCKS. Stupid people from the country (no offense to people from the country, love you guys, but THESE specific people) are asses and come to town and spoil the great environment. During the week there are happy college students, people that work, just fun people. During the weekend you have rude, idiot people. The city is filled with 16yos showing off their spiked hairs and shiny t-shirts, chewing on imaginary bubblegum and promoting visual gangster mannerism without any substance whatsoever, only creating negative environment and fucking up the nice vibes. I ignore them, so no harm done, but if I can in the future go out during the week and avoid Saturdays... I fucking will.

What's next:
- Go out. Hottest venue. Choose hottest girl and try and pick her up. You go out to get the girls. There are not warm up sets or anything else. You go out, you talk to the girls YOU WANT, you escalate on them and pull them, AND YOU IGNORE ALL THE REST. No choding, no walking alone, no going to the bathroom, no talking to ugly girls.

- From the minute you go out, you open everyone. You cross the street and run to talk to girls. You do everything in your power to get the girls you want to get. There is no excuse. This seems like it contradicts the point above. Nope. I will go only for the girls I truly want, and in the meanwhile I will celebrate and have fun. I will not talk to people because I'm pussying out on hitting on the hot girls, I'll talk to people because I have already done my work as a man and I'm enjoying recess from pickup. Talking to people is just the glue between the marvelous talks with marvelous women.

- On the approach, go in to give value. I never want the girl. I tell her I'm interested in her maybe, and then I talk for myself, I give value without expecting nothing in return, and I let her invest in me. If she doesn't there is completely no problem and I'm on to the next girl. No harm done. Spreading joy and wonder.

- Make my whole days be days where I value myself. I go out, get pissed, and talk to hot girls. But then I go back home, spend the whole day watching Californication on the sofa, and then I wonder why I don't take myself or the girls seriously at night. No. Take yourself seriously. I work out as fuck, I lose weight as fuck, people compliment me on my work, I make everyone smile. I can genuinely say I'm the coolest guy I know. Can I even not know who I am? No. Stop being a and realize you have everything it takes. And the thing is, I don't even need to work hard as hell. I can work moderately, but if I enjoy that mediocre work to the maximum and respect myself to the maximum, I will still get the girls. So never again take life less than seriously.

- Do not use overtly elaborated openers. The other night I made up I was Alfred the king of penguins and looking for the North Pole because it was something that came up and I was in such massive state I just wanted to say stupid shit. But at the start of the night, when you're still out of state, no complicated stufff. The goal is to say any random thing while giving her bedroom eyes. The sexual energy is what counts. So at the start of the night simple things. If I do get in state, then I will use complicated openers just to make myself laugh. If you use complicated things at the start of the night you will get yourself into logical stuff and not transmit the sexual energy.

- Expect this to work because it works. You can have sex with the first girl you see. You can not have sex with her but get the makeout. Every time you go to talk to a girl, to try to kiss her, etc, expect it to work, because it will fucking work. This is proven.

- Genuinely have fun and enjoy life.

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