December 12th, 2018
Wolfies journal |The street, the club and Beyond the Infinite
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Hello to you all! I come from a horrible place when you look at my lifestyle and mindset. I was unsecure about everything. I watched TV all night. Played games. Too much devotion to a wide range of hobbies. On a certain point I had some bad experiences and I deceided to set my life back on the rails. Unlearn everything I learned and become the man I want to be.

I did bootcamp in february with ozzie in london. After bootcamp I wanted to get this woman thing handled as soon as possible but I did not came prepared.

I did some travels after bootcamp and it took a lot of time searching for venues that are perfect to go out near my livingplace. I lost a lot of time doing that and I lost also the energy from bootcamp the weeks afterwards. I have finally a list of venues and I can start developping a strategy. I think clubs are good for building your game and getting outside the comfortzone, but daygame may have more results because you speak with the real girl and not just some bitchy/slutty fantasy madeup character of her.
Now its summertime and I'm loaded up with hormones. I finally feel I'm ready to start gaming like I want to game. yatta !!
I deceided to write my experiences down on this forum to give myself a kick in the ass and to look back later to the progress I make. I want this topic to be a new start.

So basically my main challenge will be to get the energy from bootcamp back.
Anyway, I have some good intents:
-Go out three times in a week; build energy up and get used to "hard" environments.
-For starting, try to do 1 daytime cold approach each day: this will be the hardest intent. Daytime is hard.
-Each day sport, preferably fitness exercices or adventurous stuff: get energy, loooots of energy!
-More vegetables and fruit, less fat and sugar: get rid of belly.
-Alpha mindtraining: convince yourself you are cool.
-No negative thoughts or mental masturbation: no more shit in my life. I don't accept negativity, even from others.
-Carpe diem: you only live once, enjoy it.

Night 1:

First time in a new club. Place is just PACKED !!! I planned to do dancefloor approaches and this worked well. I ordered a redbull to not fall asleep and went to dancefloor. There i started dancing side by side with two girls. I bump my ass with them. If they respond I do a highfive. One girl is very responsive. Her friend does not like it and she drags the girl away. It's funny because I encoutered these two girls a few times during night, and the responsive one signalled: 'it's you again!!!', and gived a highfive everytime. This build social proof.

I started to talk with other guys. This place is full of drugs and a lot of people ask me for xtc. When you are alone people think you're a dealer. I get some interesting conversations this way. Even got a joint from one :p.

I become thirsty so I went to the bar. The girl besides me passed out and I had to drag her to the doors. The whole event pushed me far outside my comfortzone so I was loaded with confidence. Back to the bar and I start talking with a 2set about the event. They just look at me noninterested and the first thing they say is "do you want to buy us a drink". I respond with "that depends on how good you can kiss.... oh, sorry, you don't look like a good kisser". Girl looks shocked. She jumps on me and start making out. Whoohooo.... she was a bit unsure and I stopped her with "do you call this kissing, it's worth a 5 on 10. You have to put your feeling in it, it is....". Girl start a heavy makeout. I respond and I stop her after a while "this is more like it, you deserved your drink". I start talking but I didn't notice her girlfriend who was almost red of anger. She grabbed the girl and away. Just got a "byebye". Okay, so makeout after 10seconds is possible.

Went to dancefloor and started assbumping with a girl. She was responsive but was looking sometimes sideways. I notice a huge guy who was 'not amused' with my escapades. Girl was into me, but guy gived me signs of "go away". I do this because a bouncer was nearby.
Other dancefloor game. Heavy dancing with girl. Tried to do makeout during dancing but I'm not a good dancer and I can't stop her. She seemed to want the makeout but was also resisting. Because nothing happens after a while she dances away from me.
This process repeats itself

What did I learn:
-guys are responsive if you find common interests. Talking with guys gives social proof and you feel also better.
-makeout after 10seconds is possible. You just have to believe it and encounter the right girl.
-dancefloor game is just not for me; but it builds confidence

Night 2:

There is only one club open in my region so I don't have a lot of choice. It's 50 minutes driving with the car and they don't spreak my navite language here. This is a large club (to my standards). This club is especially challenging because it's a extremely high energy place. So, I don't have any advantages besides my looks.

I arrived there around midnight but there are not a lot of people there yet. I came here several weeks ago as a recon-mission and I recognise a lot of faces. I deceide to wait a bit until there are more people and I can work more in anonymity. So, clubenergy start building up. I got really into my mind from the long cardrive and being in spectatormode so I have to get out of it. Go on dancefloor and start yelling and being crazy. I’m not noticed because half of dancefloor is really freaking out. Did I tell that this place has a lot of energy? I’m there just for going out of comfortzone. After I thought I built up enough energy... first set. Cutest girl I have seen so far.

Me: Hello there. You are soo sexy. What is your name?
Girl: (open ups, smiles and hugs me) sfqsfsqfssf qsfd(don't understood a thing)
Me: You are here alone?
Girl: grrsssrrrr good friends. grrsssss... best friend ..... grrrserzedqsdf
Girl: (shows if I have cigarette)
Me: okay, but you have to kiss me first
Girl: giggle, giggle, no, no I don't do that (another hug?)
Me: (Tried several times but she did not want to. Put endpart of cigarette in my mouth and so placed cigarette in her mouth.)
Me: so, you are my girlfriend for tonight. That's arraged then. Where are you from?
Girl: lqskjfqsklfjqsldkqjfslkdjfsldjkfqsjfq
Girlfriend of girl : pops up, grab arm and away

Then I walked around a bit and I waited too long before approaching new set. I stop walking girls and start talking to them. One girl disappears while cutest girl stays with me.

Me: Hello, are you a cute girl?
Sunglassgirl: lqsdjflqskjfqslkfjqmlksfjslfkjsklfsdf
Me: nice, what is your name?
Sunglassgirl: qlsdjfqslkjfqsldjfqslkdfjqklsdf
Me: is this your friend?
Sunglassgirl: sljkfqslkfjqsldlskjdf (propably yes, and she looks very happy)
Me: you look freaking hot in the sunglasses. Why do you wear those?
Sunglassgirl: sdlkfjsmldfsfjlskfjdsjklj
Conversation dies out because verbal communication is almost not possible.

Then I saw cutie on dancefloor. I enter dancefloor. They have turned up the volume but I don't have another choice to back off. Energy on dancefloor is extremely high, close to dangerous. Ears hurt a lot. Basses vibrate my heart. Couldn't even place my drink on a table because of the vibration. Said something in her ear but she couldn't understand a thing... offcourse. She was into the dancing … a lot. New set.

Me: Hello, why do you wear a cap?
Girl: qslkjflkqsdjlkjsdfkj (none of your business, I guess)?
Me: what's your name?
Girl: qslkjfslkfqlksdjfqlksd
Me (to guy who stood next to her): is this your girlfriend? She's cute.
Guy: don't know her
Me: you are much cuter without cap (put cap off her head). See, what a beautifull blonde hairs.
Girl: pushes me away and goes away
Saw a cutie standing with her friend. Thinked in a flash about approaching but her friend kind of feeled it. Suddenly she looks to me, stops her look suddenly on me and her eyes said "don't even try". Didn't approach but 10min later cutie was making out with a guy. don't know if it was boyfriend or random guy but this learned one thing: girls see you coming even before you think about it.
Then I did some more approaches which goes basically like this:
Me: hey, you are cute
Girl: no, not interested
Me: is this your friend/your name/you like it here?
Girl: turns around and away
I order a drink (a fanta), but bartender misunderstood me. I get a cocktail. Fuck, what do I have to do with this?
So, I stop girl in corner.
Me: Hello there, I have a problem
Girl: Oh really
Me: I ordered a drink, but they misunderstood me. I asked just a fanta, but they gived this mess. Since I’m here by car I can’t drink it. You may have it.
Girl (get into light), (fuck, she’s older and so I’m not attracted anymore). Oh really?
Me: do you really think you can earn this drink so fast? We do a little quiz. Nothing is for free in this world.
Girl (okay, woman): giggle, giggle
Me: shoots questions, woman responds, and I give drink after three correct answers
This shows woman are most of time in for a little test, I guess.

While my comfort decreases I witnessed a really horrible fight. It's late already and there are more drunk people. The aggresiveness of the fight really stuck me deep. Victim was unconsious lying on the ground and the attacker just kept stamping on his bare head with all his power. Since I'm peaceloving guy this fight made me really sad and sick, I almost had to vomit of abominatoion. The guy stood up after a while and his face was… almost not human anymore… It took a while before I got myself together and had the balls to approach another one.

Me: you should go dancing on dancefloor
Girl: no, don't like it there
Me: don't you like attention? Come with me, we can go dancing there.
Girl: no, I like it here.
Me: anyways, what is your name
Girl: backoff, turns away and walks
Then I got into my head and wanted to go home. One last one to give myself a good feeling.
Me: hello
Girl: avoid, avoid

So, what did I learn tonight
-Arrive at least 1h later in this club so I can start immediately
-Voice. This club is loud and communication is close to impossible here. Vocal projection is key to success.
-Not my native language. I lack "pickup" vocabulary so girls loose interest very fast.
-Just being on this dancefloor is bad for health. So avoid.
-I didn't spot other players.
-Approach more sets. Don't wait 5min before going to new set.
-Approach immediately after spotting. 3s rule is way to long.

Night 3

To my favorite club again. I start with choding around a bit and waiting until atmosphere goes up.

I see a guy making contact with a girl, but he is a bit unsecure. This is very funny because he really looks like a dangerous badboy. He stands behind the girl and you see him thinking… ‘should I touch her or not?’. After a while he has the balls to touch her, then she starts responding to him. I deceide to help a bit. I go into set and tell the girl ‘hey, that guy seems to like you’. Girl responds with ‘yes, it seems so :-s’. I deceide to concentrate on the girlfriend who is very surprised that I approach her. The other girl and guy are starting with sexy dancing, while I talk with the other girl and other girlfriends. I notice that behind me the guy fails to isolate the girl and she comes into the set and start talking to her girlfriends. So I loose the set, and the other guy loose the set. Dumbass !! Grrrr.

Then I see a –for me- very attractive woman. This is the normal type of girl for most guys but she is totally my type. Because I like her very much I deceide to go direct. I jump into the middle of the set (she was with 3 girlfriends), and I just tell her: “hey, I like you, I just looooove girls with short dark hair, who are you?”. She is … wtf? In my eyecorners I see the girlfriends disappear and they leave us alone. Jiiiehaa !! I start talking with the girl but more in “dominant mode”. She tells immediately that she has a boyfriend, and don’t let me cross a certain line. In fact she was communicating:’ I appreciate that you like me but I’m boudned to my boyfriend. We talk for 20minutes orso, but she keeps repeating her boyfriend’. I tried to get her number but she said she can’t do that. I can’t get sexual and I deceide to eject. She HAS a boyfriend.

Next set, I see a girl dancing, very sexy. She is on a balcony and she only has… panties on, so you see her intimate zone. I’m turned up by that and I deceide to approach her. “Hello, who are you?”. Her voice is extremely high and I have no problem understanding her though the music. She just don’t stop dancing and I don’t have the balls to start dancing with her. Okay. So far so good. I try to talk but she is more interested in her “dancing” (what you call dancing, pfff). Go away.

So, what did I learn today:
-Other players who are busy with a girl but are having trouble with confidence are just “lost”. Next time I try to steal the girl. I’m just tooo good for other people.
-If the target puts her line and don’t let you cross it; forget it.
-Dancing girls: probably horny. Start dancing with them without “small talk”.

Night 4

Went to a club closer to my home with a friend. This club is much more quiet and classy than the club yesterday and I have to drive 35m for this one. We arrive around 1h. It’s not yet exploding, not so much people and energy seems low.
When I enter the club I approach the first girl I see. She is waiting for a friend. Just warming up and being social, since music is not loud here. Do some small teasing, she teases back but girl goes into “businessmode” when her girlfriend arrives.

Then we did some recon of the club. I do some direct approach of hottie but boyfriends pops up and tell me to back off. I see the other players calm down because “atmosphere” goes down.

Do approach of girl who seems a bit drunk.
Me: LOL, are you drunk?
Girlie: nono, not drunk. (Manly voice. Attraction on my side goes down. Just look how long I can stay in this set)
Me: really, you are ! What are you drinking?
Girlie: some cocomartini, you want some?
Me: (taste drink); it’s good but I don’t drink alcohol
Girlie: I do! (grabs glass drinks all of it)
Me: well, you really are drunk now!
Girlie: feel sick…. Bathroom…. (she was about to pass out, never saw here again that night).

Did some sets but most of them just fail

I approach other girl, talked a bit, some light kino. She acts a bit attracted but because my friend is there I do nothing. Got back to talk to her; got her phonenumber. Go back several times to her but never went really sexual.

What did I learn tonight:
-Going out alone is far more productive, higher frequency of approaches and more sexual
-Low energy place: approach friendly indirect, not direct
-Watch other players to monitor “atmosphere”. When they do nothing, you better stay with superfriendly approaches.

Night 5:

Went to another club. 1h driving. There are A LOT of people because everything else is closed I guess. Club was just full packed. Long rows for waiting. Inside, lots of people and all moving. I went into my own head because of the long cardrive. Big inside my head. Did maybe only four direct approaches but all failed immediately because I hesistaited too long and because the crowd pushed us away. I don’t like this place . Also no IOI’s. Just started approaching after a while.

Me: hey, you look like a nice girl
Girl: this is xlkdjflqkjdklsfj (pushed away by crowd)
I’m inside a “stream” moving and there is a girl behind me nonstop touching me
Me (turnaround): hey, stooop touuchhinngg meeeee (achmed dead terrorist voice)
Girl: gni gniii
Me (turnaround): why do girls always want to touch me?
Girl: gnii gniii laugh, laugh
This repeats but she is not so responsive
Me: let her pass (maybe a bathroom urgency)

Other set:
Me: What a nice cap, may I put it on? (take cap and put it on my head)
Girl: give that back.
Me: okay, maybe after a kiss
Girl: no way ! (suddenly grabs my cigarette out of my mouth)
Me: wtf?
Girl: gnii, gniii, gniii
Me: okay, you give back cigarette, I give the cap back
Girl: no, no, the other way, you give cap, then you get cigarette
Me: IIII’m the boss here
Girl: suddenly takes cap and gives cigarette back
Me: nice, what’s your name?
Girl: not interested…

So, really unproductive night inside my head. What did I learn:
-1h driving + long waiting row=very low energy when you arrive. I have to find ways to get into the zone directly when I get in the club
-Packed place: difficult because group of girls is pushed away or yourself are pushed away in interaction
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Back again. I did some traveling last weeks and I tried to start sarging again immediately. Because I was with a very small group of people in the wild; I got used to stressless absolute silence and tranquility. When I came back in europe it was initially like hell. Crowds of people and stress everywhere. I'm becoming crazy... :-s I tried to do some daytime approaches but AA stops me immediately. (Shit, this starts all over again). It's funny… On travel I had after a while no problem crossing leopard territory alone at night, but at home I can't even manage to approach a girl. This is truely one of the largest fears existing. :-s

Night 1:

so, first evening to go out. I went to one of my favorite clubs... but access is denied for dressingcode reasons. Tomorrow beter luck.
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Good to see you're still taking action. CLubs become not so very intimidating after you spent alot of time there. Strangely enough I feel at home in them now whilst I was scared shitless of doing anything when I first started going (6 motnhs ago)
Madness and Mystery ~ Dublin To hell and back, a bootcamp survival story [=rgb(46, 139, 87)][/][=rgb(139, 0, 0)]"Abundance is, in large part, an attitude." ~~ Sue Patton Thoele[/] “A good plan, violently executed today, is better than a perfect plan next week." ~~General George S. Patton
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A lot have happened. Travelled a lot, and went out each week. I had a lot of kisscloses but no fcloses yet :(. I'm not that kind of a "talker" and this has projected on my pickup style.

I started to go very direct the last two months. No opinion openers anymore like "hey, is this the best club?". Girl thinks it's another one "like these guys". I now just go in with "wow, you look sexy, nice hairstyle, you're sooo totally my type". I have more results this way. Girls react more like "okay, listen to what he has to say", or some totally don't know what happen to them. "Oh my god, did he really said this?". Usually things freese up after this. Or they are not interested at all (very hard rejection); which is good because these are loose flodders anyway, so I don't have to loose energy on them. Most of the time interaction dies out because of her friends, amog's or the loud music; but most of the time its my talking skills/charisma that block the deal.

I'm still searching for good "pickup venues". Clubs are simply way to loud and bars are impossible because every group sits at their table and you can't penetrate the set :(. I moved to a big city last week and I have a commitment to go out.... every day. This thing has to be handled !!

Other commitments work out fine as well. Like I have a commitment of doing sports everyday. This is good but not enough. Also, like on job and family/friends people start to respect me more the way I build myself up. This goes slow but almost everybody says I changed the last half year.

But when I analyse things I think I really do something wrong. I have a lot of makeouts but most of the time these happen within 30 seconds. Most of time they ask for cigaret/drink and I say "okay, but that depends on how good you can do makeout". Bam.... Or I just go in, or something happens and I start makeout out of nowhere. I don't even talk to the the girl. Normally it SHOULD go like this: you open, you talk and after a while you are attrackted and you move things sexually towards makeout. I can't manage to do this simple scenario.

Other "problem" is that I'm there alone. Normally your friends cheer you up, but I have to do it on myself. It's very easy to loose energy after 10 rejections orso and even friendly sets won't take you out of this negative zone. I start huge fortune telling then. "No set will work anymore".

What is also a very bad mindset is that I start seeing this as a job. I like the female attention and pushing myself but when I slide into the "negative zone"; and I see that every chode starts picking up chicks I start really hating woman and myself. What the fuck is happening there? That motherfucker is fucking drunk, vomiting, sick on the ground, weights more than 100 kilos and there is a beauty whorshipping him... Therefore, "I" must SUCK !!!! What am I doing here? I have better things to do saturdaynight than loosing my time on "practicing pickup". I like pickup, but I don't like the practicing. Next day these feelings are mostly gone but still these are the things that are there in my unconsious mind.

So what is good:
-Going direct
-I stick to commitments
-I don't give a shit attitude

What I have to improve
-Talking nonsense (plowing)

To avoid
-frustration, hate-feelings
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I try to put my game on "high speed" these days.  In order to learn something you have to do it.... every day.  So, I deceided to try to go out every night from now.  This is not simple because a lot of venues are closed and most people go out in the weekends.  I also had to move to a foreign city so I'm still doing recon missions for my new environment. .

Other things I experienced the last week: this direct stuff works like crazy.  You really see girls becoming attracted to you just on the opening; and then their logic brain kicks in.  It's impressing to witness that you really see the fight in her brain between her logical and attraction.   It's like watching an oldschool cartoon.  Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no...  Still I find most girls start lauging out like crazy when I play them.  It just never happens to them this way.  This is still wrong I think.  I should be "sexy guy", not "funny guy".

When I analyse my sets I see that I fail every time on ... verbal communications.  First of all, 90% of my pickup is done in a foreign language.  I just miss the subtle clues and advanced speaking in this language.   Also in clubs with a lot of noise (arent they all) it's very hard to communicate your intentions.

Okay: good intentions:
-Sport, more intense, longer, and more energy
-Try to go out every evening
-Start watching television and listen to radio (I never thought it should come this far, but I slide away from society very fast)
-In sets, especially on opening: be sexual in a serious way
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It's a while since I posted here. I feel in one month time my game has improved a lot.

Here are some highlights of the past month:

-I finally found a wing. The guy is a beginner but has a extremely amount of natural game but he does not notice that himself. Still, I enjoy going out alone because this is so much more challenging and you have only to look out for yourself, nobody else. Still social proof and game is much higher when you go out with a friend and your state is automatically much higher. You also have more "natural" fun. So it's more easy to approach.

-One day, I went with my wing to a club and there I didn't had to approach myself. Chicks were approaching me nonstop. Had a girl who was very attracted and she was complaining that she doesn't trust her boyfriend anymore and she is looking for new boyfriend. Still she stopped my attempts for makeout and after a while I moved to next set. Next time I do this more dominantly and keep trying.

-Another night, a girl was shittesting me extremely. I just jumped in a threeset with a direct opening line aimed at one girl. She was just stunning and totally my type. The girl was floored and didn't know what to say but her girlfriends were like more attracted than her. While I was gaming the girl an amog came in. I just put up a very dominant and bold frame and neutralized the amog like this, which triggered more attraction with the two other girls. They were begging for attention and throwing in the standard tests but I just wanted to talk to my target. Suddenly I noticed a weird light in the eyes of the most aggresive girl, like she had a very naughty idea. The eyes said "lets see how he will react on THIS:" , and she spilled half of her glass of wine over my shirt. I reacted angry with something like "I don't tolerate this !", and I spilled the other half over her. Her reaction was spitting in my face. I just sweeped the spit of my face and smeared it over her face... My target was extremely angry at me for this action. End of set. So, this was like the most extreme shittest I ever had. Weird enough I felt just great after this event.

-This week I was alone in a club on a rainy evening, with a very low energy. I didn't expect much of this evening. Somehow (and with the help of ozzies book) I could slowly push myself in a better state and suddenly I was in a very long set that I slowly injected with some sexual energy. Heavy makeout was the answer and the chick was asking for some more but at my place... That is what I want to hear :-). Pulled her out of the club and like just a few inches from the taxidoor her girlfriend suddenly jumps out of nowhere with "this is NOT going to happen". My girl's face was "o no, she is here", and I guess my face was the same. You can't conquer anti-slut defence and I understood it because she has to listen to her friends. Horny or not but this was just a lost evening turned into a very exciting night. A few inches more and I had her in the taxi to my appartment.

So, there is no doubt that reading ozzies book last week was like THE event that multiplied my game this week. I just had everything popped back in my head from bootcamp and it's clear what I have to do now. Last half a year I took a lot of sidestreets running nowhere. "Physical Game" is very clear and very effective on how to grow towards a social person; but it's extremely hard to do follow ozzies guidelines. Still the problems that I have now are still the problems that I am facing since the beginning. Low energy coupled with a lot of aproach anxiety. When I look back I come from a guy who has a lot the "labbeling" mindset (they think I'm weird), into the "fortune teller" mindset (I foresee that this set is not going to work). Because I don't speak very good the language I have to improvise. Sets die now because of communication problems. We just don't understand each other. I have to tell four times my opening line and then she responds with something I don't understand at all. There is just one thing I have to do and that is from the moment of entering the venue is talking nonstop, preferably with girls. Everything else follows naturally when I manage to do this.
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Program 2:

I deceided to do a second program. I went out the last half year, but somehow I didn't get the results. This was mainly because of fear. I feel like I am choding around a bit in the nightclubs. Sometimes up, sometimes down, but I don't have consitency. I hope a 2nd program can solve these things.

So, I arrived in london on friday and I encountered ozzie. It seems I am the only student this weekend; which is good so I get all the attention. We started with some theory (fear technology); basically the stuff ozzie writes about in his book. After that we did some drills on the street to lower my fear and to boost my pickup performance. Drills were in fact approaching walking sets with a extremely crappy opener and surviving those sets. Then we went to the club. According to ozzie we went to one of the hardest clubs in london to push me to my maximum; but for me it was compared with the belgian clubs easy and calm. Ozzie watched and pushed me nonstop. For destroying fear he recommends doing mission-impossible sets. Like breaking a makout with a chode opener or lifting a girl in the air just after approaching. Fear of doing this gives energy and confidence. I have written 20 pages of notas, but in dutch. If you are interested, drop me a pm.

The next day (saturday) consisted out of more theory, mostly focussed on physical game. I already did this a lot -on uncounsious level-, so this was not my problem. I just have to become more physical to a higher level to hit my fear. After that we did some more daytime drills. I became very comfortable with doing impossible sets. Then it was time to hit the club again. Club was more packed than yesterday. I focussed more on surviving physical game sets, and this night was a lot harder. Still had some memorable moments like when I breaked a makeout with a chode opener, and the girl started out of nowhere sucking my nipples why the guy was there. After 4h of approaching we called it a night. I just need more practice now.

On sunday we did some daygame in central london which went extremely well. Even challenging sets were very responsive; and I could have had some instant dates, but I'm on a program here. Then we spend the rest of the time planning the next month and exchanging overal gaming tips. In fact I feel I (or was it ozzie) pushed myself very far and hard on this program. But it still is only a 3day program. You just plant the seed on program for deep change and you are told how to grow the plant but when you return home you have to grow and harvest the plant yourself...

Back home, night 1

I don't like losing time, so I went out the day after the program. Only one club open, but I have to drive there by car. Park my car on a "fuck-friendly" location and go into the club. Here I realise that I don't have rubbers with me. This is a highclass club. Ferrari's, porches, and lamborginis parked before the door. I went in and started immediately with spotting thinking errors. My thinking errors are usually mindreading (they think I'm a creep), fortune telling (this set will never work). The place is filled with mixed sets with hotties, 8's and 9's. After some small drills these errors dissappear and I'm pretty comfortable, but when I want to start friendly approaches they suddenly kick back in, bigger than ever. I just can't push myself towards approaching because the place is too intimidating, felt my comfortlevel drop from 8 to 2; nothing I can do about this. I can't even approach guys.. Choded around for like 45 minutes, getting into avoidancemode bigtime and beating myself up. Then god must had compassion with me because he send a little angel in the form of a girl. She approached me. This conversation pushed me slowly towards a 6 in comfortlevel. I did nothing because she was with 2 other guys. I left the set and started using the new energy to approach some other sets, which did not survive long; followed by a challenge (breaking makeout). Could survive barrely 2m in the challenge but it was enough to start me feeling good. Then again some small sets. One was a girl that told me that she just got a drink from a random guy, and that she was with him now. (???) Then challenge, breaking a makeout with the hottest girl and chode opener. The girl run away fast and the guy told me that the ferrari outside was his. Some other friendly sets., and then the ony thing that remained were challenges one way or another. Most girls are 2sets with guys. Approached a hottie which I tought would be a total (fortune telling). She was extremely friendly. Her girlfriend didn't like me, and she grabbed girl away. The girlfriend was with a guy she just met and they were making out heavily (eh)... I'm happy that at least I DID something.

What did I learn:
-avoiding avoidance-mode is my TOP CHALLENGE when I enter the club. Need to find a way out of this.
-I need to build a big longterm momentum, somehow
-when a tought "makeout" flashes though your mind, go for it
-even hotties can be very friendly, fortune telling is a bitch
-you just need to start to dance with chick, then makeout. one problem: I can't dance.
-buying random girls drinks can help
-more group befriending, even with high energy sets
-dont forget the condoms
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Yeah, it was good to be in london with you again.  I learnt alot !  I agree that part of the problem is victimmentality.  I'll work on that.

Night 2

Went to a bar with a friend. After some "warm up" exercices outside the bar I had enough low fear to start immediately approaching in the bar. First interaction went immediately very physical. Leading, group befriending, all okay. Girl was attracted but I didn't had the balls to escalate in front of her friends. Because of that I slowly started to lose her. I still tried dancing but this went horrible; just feel and act like a monkey when I dance. Used a challenge to boost energy I : approached a couple. The girl acted very bitchy and boyfriend came back to rescue his girl. I ended up talking to the boyfriend (big alphamale); and he came back a few times later to me (is he gay??). Did other approach. Girl rejected initially but was like having fun just challenging me. I ploughed though, very far. She came back dancing; but she didn't really pop up. Suddenly I realised that I was pendeling between my two sets all night... Another #close.... It's time to go sleep, so I left the place.
What did I learn:
-Slow down energy in low energy environments.
-When a girl don't really pop up after say... 20m, move to another set
-Start dirtytalk when she is attracted

Night 3

Went to club1: access denied.
Tried club2; initially access denied -like usual for this club- but because the place was empty I could get in after negotiating. I made sure I gived the bouncer a penny when I left the place... :-)
So, inside I waited until more people arrived. After a while the club was more filled. After some funmaking with drunk guys I started friendly approaches. First interactions went quite well. A very hot who was not in the mood for party. Initially I was doubting to approach her, but when I realised that this was fortune telling I did it nevetheless. I had a good conversation with her and I returned during the night to her a few times; charging up my confidence. She stayed neutral friendly when she saw me hitting other chicks. Then I started slowly going more physical and zigzagging. Challenges can really turn out into friendly sets; but the guys does the talking for the girls. This is just for destroying fear but having a girl in the end is always a bonus. Also tried dancing but this is still bungling for me. After all, this was a bad night. Had some girls who were attracted, but always another girl or guy shows up and drags her away, even when you have the chance to befriend the friend. The whole group has to like you, otherwise it is nono... I tried all sets nevertheless. Two other hotties which I tought were total bitches turned out to be very friendly. Fortune telling is wrong ... again...
When I felt my energy go down (was already 3h in the club); I went to a bar. The energy you move from club to bar is immense. It's like a bomb explodes. All sets in bar were still rejections.
What did I learn:
-big mixed groups are hard
-have to find a way to prevent dragaways
-destroy fortunetelling though exposure when you detect it
-less logic in conversations, more positive and fun
-going from club to bar is huge energyboost
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Night 4

Didn't feel for going out (fortunetelling), did go though but later. Just being there is a victory today.
Club was kind of full. this place is just next door, so it's easy to get there. Walking around I detected that my biggest thinkingerror is fortunetelling: "this set will not work because xxxx". The other big one is labelling, and less mindreading, but these dissapear after a while. When I entered I was very happy to see the girl from yesterday; so I immediately had a warm approach to get in the mood. This time she was partying. Lost her because I wasn't physical enough. I just got in and was everything but in a party mode. Nevertheless, she was IOI'ing me alot (touching). Next set were two hot blacks that I passed and thought: "they will reject me". When I detected this I went in, full power. They were very friendly and high energy. Lost set because of dragaway.
Then I had a set that would crush my confidence like a fly for the next 45minutes. Approached 2 -rather unattractive- girls. I just happen to talk to them and I deceided to plough though. They were very responsive. Suddenly a guy from their peer group passed and said that I should take distance. I tried to befriend him but he decleined. Then another guy dragged me away. I returned to the girls because they were still friendly. Suddenly a big icecold shock: the other guy had grabbed a bucket of icewater (for bottles champagne) and poured it over my head while I was talking to the girl. I was dripping wet. I tried to make this fun of it but I felt my confidence floored from 8/10 to almost zero.
After this I choded around for like 1 hour -crushed like a fly- , and by the end of the evening I promised myself that I would not go home feeling bad. Two hotties who were rejecting all the guys who were approaching them in a row. Here my fortunetelling was right: immediate rejection. Two chicks who were responsive; but I was boring and aftter a while they excused themselves. Other 2set was very responsive. The 2nd girl left me alone with my target but suddenly target became very uncomfortable; (I was still not fun). Last set of the night was very responsive but after I while I bored them out (again). Deceided to call it a night because all leftover girls were busy with a guy and I was in more positive mood now. This was a bad night !
What did I learn:
This was in fact a night where I learned alot when I think of it
-Biggest realisation: I'm the hacker type of learning, I keep repeating the same mistakes over and over
-So, I should try new stuff nonstop
-fun, positive energy
-keep ploughing
-more flirting and charming
-when I run out of things to say: dirtytalk, dance
-dragaways are the challenge nowadays,how to manage mixed groups with more than 4 people (all of them thus)?
-I had a big "hole" in the middle of the night where I was crushed. I tought that I would not get out of this when it happened but at the end of the night I felt quite well; fortunetelling again
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Night 5

Went to club 1. Access denied. This is a problem because this club is like 500m from my home and it should be a good location.
Had to bike to the other side of town in the rain to another club.
When I arrived at club2 I was pissed off as hell. This place is more expensive.
Here things went not so fluently. I could manage to approach like 1.5h; but I think my anger came though. Most sets were just rejections. One girl who was sitting there all night alone and freaking out when I approached her. Some sets I stayed longer but after a while I had the boreout syndrome or a dragaway from her peergroup. Even guys were not responsive. Then a concert started so I could not approach anymore. Outside I found my bike was demolished... again....
Found another club/bar in the neighborhood but because I was in such a bad mood I called it a night.
What did I learn:
-Getting in clubs in the city is a big problem
-When bad things outside my control happen I cant switch to "goodmood"
-I do something wrong that all my interactions go downhill; but what?

Night 6
Had to drive far for going to a open club. First time here, and entrance is very expensive. Inside no atmosphere, all mixed sets around tables. Started friendly approaches with guys, later with girls to get out of my head from the long cardrive. After a while I was even talking to 40 year old woman. WTF am I doing? Suddenly I realised there were no more sets. Into avoidance mode just watching; and later in the night the party really started. Girls get drunk and leave their peergroup tables and start dancing. Suddenly a bunch of players get in and in no time all available girls were .. poef pulled out. Most girls who are pulled out were girls I approached before but I think they were not "ready" then. I missed the train.
What did I learn:
-This was a recon mission: my most expensive night out ever
-Have to stay high energy whole night
-Succesfull players get in very late, fresh energy. They start dancing with girl for 5minutes, talk for 2minutes and then they pull her out. Remarkable fact all of those guys were very good dancers. I should think about this. It's not about talking, it's about dancing.
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Dude mad props for going out alone and taking action, hope to be there soon to.
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