December 12th, 2018
LR 3 girls invite me for an afterparty
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Alright, nigth starts,  I dont go to my favorite place. But my second favorite.
Drink a beer.
Spot a hot blonde cougar with big boobs. Go talk to her, she does not speak good english but she likes me, even though giving me a bit of resistance. she digs me, I feel she is down to fuck by the way she looks at me, PLUS a cougar alone on a dancefloor usually equals Down to fuck.
Anyway leave her to buya beer. meet some cool tourists, guys and girls, at the bar. Then at the bar, say hi to a hot polish girl. conversation goes very very well, many commonalities and stuffs. We go to the dancefloor. some kissing and touching,anyway later on she has to go home because she wakes up early in the morning. Dont want to insist, it is early. Dont even take her conacts (regret a bit now).
Back to the cougar, she told me she waited for me (it was at least 30 mins, I told her I was just going to buy a beer). Anyway then I realize she is with a big group of friends. Think that it will be harder than I though, plus she is a bit mad at me. Time to leave that place.

So I head to my favorite place.
There, it is alright. Spot a girl with huge huge boobs (yes she is kinda fat, otherwise she could not have these huge boobs) anyway dance for a while with her. Then leave her. Talk to another girl around the toilets. anyway , I am not really on fire. End up spending the rest of the night talking to some dudes. The club is closing, we leave the club with the guys. On the stairs, we cross the huge boobs girl, she is with 2 friends. I say hi to them, we introduce each others etc. And they invite me to an after party at their place(well the place of one of the 3 girls, not the place of huge boobs girl) . So we go home , me and the 3 girls. Arrive at home. I Sit on a bed.  the huge boob girl sit beside me. they drink vodka. after a while I lay on the bed, the huge boobs girl lays with me. I kinda fall asleep hugging her, and then put sheets on her, then start to finger her( I had been massaging her boobs for a while already). Then the 2 other girls dissapear. My girl goes to check something. then comes back, and it is on, we undress each other, we fuck. She goes see her friends to tell them they can come back. I stay 5 mins talking. One of the 2 other girls seem to flirt with me but I dont feel like it. I say bye...

FUNNY thing about this lay is that it was very much like the 3some i got a round a month ago (kind of a Deja vu moment) . A group of girl I have barely talked to invite me to drink at their place. II believe Each time it happened because I have not kissed one of the girls etc, I am not a threat at all. Plus I am cute, and seem like a nice guy.
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I like how the friends waited around while you fucked their friend then came back too chill some more.
Solid report man
at some point you've gotta throw caution to the wind and just let er rip.
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Good stuff, I gotta start kissing in the neck of girls an turn them all on, intstead of macking it in the dancefloor like all the noobz.

The world truley is a constant, never ending porno movie
real sexting conversations to readNetworking is everything. The new level Weekly crazy stories and adventures. Infield Footage.  2010 Balls to the motherfucking wall. Any feedback will be appreciatted.
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good stuff. i still won't believe that your game is as supericial as you say. i think you just got "game". good job.

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Johnathan Sampson

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"PLUS a cougar alone on a dancefloor usually equals Down to fuck."

Plus in peers, or in a large group. Cougars only go to the club/bar for one thing.
What do the best guys have on their mind when approaching a hottie? ANSWER: Absolutely Nothing ~ Tyler

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