December 11th, 2018
The CITIES project Thread
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Halifax, Canada

Halifax has a busy nightlife on thurs, fri, sat. lots of bars/clubs in this city. most only stay open untill 2am and a few can serve liqour untill 330am. lots of university students in halifax during the year but there is still a lot of people out during the summer including many students that stay all year. heres my suggestions for going out. summer is a good time to check out random bar patios downtown which may look good. all of the following bars/clubs are in the halifax downtown area.

monday and tuesday
: nothign is really busy on these days but cheers, (open untill 330 and is connected to the dome which is closed on mon,tues) has kareoke which is fun and free cover and you get a 1$ drink if u are the first 10 or so singers

Wednesday: Dome has free cover for student so its probably your best bet. its a massive club connected to a pub called Cheers. you can go in either side and walk through the to the other once inside. Dome is NOT an easy place to pick up on weekends as chodes get mad drunk and hit on girls so shields are high. it also attract some dirty people on weekends but it wont be very busy on wednesdays. shoudl be easier to pick up on wednesdays if there are some cute girls there. Get there late, it closes at 330 i would recommend showing up at 1am or so. cover is 8$ if yer not a student.

Thursday: Thursdays are big in HALI. Check out Pogue Fado On Barrington street first. 3$ drinks and 10$ pitchers (b4 12) it really popular with student on thurs, young crowd. get there around 11:30. It a pub/club on thrus, get busy and has enough cute girls. theres also a shittier bar downstairs that is connected. Cover is $4 but u can avoid it by walk to the left of the cover girl at the front. closes at 2AM. good place to pull aka close a girl from.

Tribeca which is right behind pogue is also a decent place to check out if u dont like pogue or the line is too long. Its hip hop night on thursdays and kinda attracts an alternative crowd. there will be at least some cute girls there. Cover is $5.

The seahorse tavern is also a popular spot on thursday, because the have a good rock/ska/funk band that people like. its not as clubby as pogue or tribecca because people go into concert mode but there will be cute girls there and might be worth checking out. cover 5-6$ it right around the corner from the pogue.

Fridays are popular at club soda, its a typical club that attracts a young crowd. very popular with student during the year donno about the summer. enough cute girls during the year and probably in the summer too. soda closes at 2 but dome is open till 330. DOME will be busy on friday nights and worth checking out after club soda u want the full dirty dome experiance.

You can also check out Pacifico on either friday or saternight nights. it closes at 2am. this palce is a classy club, popular with seemingly wealthy foreigners. There will be white girls there but its never seems to be super busy considerign the size. id go to soda first on friday. cover $7-8

Afternoon: Split Crow Power Hour. This is THE Halifax tradtion: $2:50 beers from 4:30-5:30pm. Get there early. there will be lots of students hanging out drinking. during power hour its gets a little crazy, live music. before 430 everyone is in their little groups but by 530 everyone is wasted moving around and picking up gets easier. cover $5, yes even thought its the afternnon

night: During the year G-Lounge is good, closes at 2. I donno about during the summer. G lounge is a talented spot. young hot girls, most hotties i'd say. smaller swanky spot so its not the best place to be an appraoch junky. get there around 11 to be sure to be let in. cover is 5 or $10 depending on how good it is. i usually get in free by going in and walking to the left up the stairs, never paid cover when its busy. u can also say im going to the atm downstairs, they may take yer id as collteral but u come back and say its broken and they may let u in free.

is a good late bar to check out. after yer first bar. Closes at 330-4am. Cover $7-8. this pub turn into a club at night and can get quite busy. older crown like mid to late 20s, with a few youngers thrown in. decent place to dance and pull. ive pulled from here the most i think.

Sunday: Lower Deck. free for students duing the school year (and students get 1 beer for 2.75) or $6 cover. a really cool spot its a two level pub club, the atmosphere is like a house party. bottom is a bar scene with a really popular cover band that play teo sets of music. people fucking love them but kinda go into concert mode. a good palce to meet girl and people tend to be firendly. up stairs is the club and there will be some people there the whole night but it geys really busy at 1 when the band stop downtsairs and everyone goes upstairs. closes at 2am.
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 I´ll give just a little review.

2 best cities to party that i have been to: Krakow, Riga.

Krakow- Cheap, it´s all around the old town, hot girls

Riga-All around the old town, stunning girls, people like to party (people start to go home at around 5-6 am)

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Professor Hughes~

Professor Hughes~

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Hey, I posted a travel guide from my recent experiences in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia here:

Cities included: 
Poland: Poznan, Wroclaw, Krakow, Warsaw
Slovakia: Bratislava
Hungary: Budapest
Serbia: Belgrade
Lithuania: Vilnius
Latvia: Riga
Estonia: Parnu, Tallinn
Finland: Helsinki
Sweden: Stockholm
Spain: Barcelona

Also check out roosh v travel forum and Naughty Nomad websites for lots of city-specific info.
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 San Juan, Puerto Rico

Chicks are really hot, nice asses. But these chicks typically roll in groups and they care about their reputation, so isolation is important. They didn't respond well to me going up and escalating immediately like a horndog right away, but try your thing. I think it's a cultural thing. I've only been there on weekends.

El San Juan Hotel:
In the lobby they have Salsa Dancing and a Huge Bar and a lot of people are chilling there. There is also a Casino. One of the most popular clubs in San Juan is there, Club Brava. Two floors different music on each floor. Shit ton of VIP tables. Mad hot chicks. 

Drums, it's a club with live bands and you can walk to there form El San Juan Hotel. It's pretty titts too.

Old San Juan is by the water and during the day it's a bunch of shops and restauraunts. Now going there at night is hit or miss (tell the taxi to drop you where the night life is happening). It's hit or miss at nights. I forget there is this one alley (keep walking on the street till you see a huge crowd and hear loud music in an alley. There is a hole in the wall bar with cheap as shit drinks, and across is this decent venue. There is also club Laser in old san juan, a bit of a walk. It's mad ghetto and fuck with the wrong person there you won't be happy. I did fuck a chick in the bathroom there but I took her with me to laser. 

La Concha Hotel (I think it's saturdays but it could also be fridays). Hot chicks and a bar in the hotel lobby. Pretty good place to go.

Condado Plaza- It's alright, a place to go where you will find people but the other venues are better. It's smaller so if you jump in and start burning sets to the ground you will run out of chicks quick.

My Home:
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Lots of chicks walk like their shit doesn't stink because the ratio sucks ass. If you run into tourists they are better, but catch them earlier in the night before they get hit on by 1000000 dudes. It'll be better for people who don't live here, because with the locals it's one big social circle where these chicks hang out. There are some hot ones. Your game has to be tight here. For locals once you've approached them all you are remembered. But a weekend isn't bad for tourists. Drinks are dirt cheap here. 

Fridays: Fat Turtle and Hubbly Bubbly in Yacht Haven Grande. As of writing this post now they close at 12 b/c some shit went down but give it a few months and it'll be a good venue again.
Or you can go to Red Hook on the other side of the island. You can walk around between like 5 different venues. Duffy's is where all the tourists go, shack in a parking lot it's decent, my preferance to game. Across the parking lot is this venue XO. Since you will be a tourist you can game all the local chicks because you've never seen them before. 

Also go to Red Hook on saturdays. Duffy's has 2 drinks for the price of one after 12 on sat. Drinks are already cheap as shit. This is prolly the cheapest place for drinks on the island, atleast hte good venues to go to. Yo

Bolongo hotel: Kareoke on saturdays earlier in the night I gotta check the times but starts about 9. Once I lorded the kareoke place. Hit or miss, tourist chicks visiting. 

Beach Game: 
Most days have cruise ships. So this place gets packed with hot tourist chicks but they are only on island from 9am to 5 pm. If your game is tight you can go for the same day lay. Or you just approach chicks till you find ones from the hotel. Days with less or no ships (no ships days are more common during off season, summer) you will be garunteed they are from hotels or locals.

Magens Bay gets packed - Beautiful beach loaded with hot chicks on cruise ship days.
Coki Beach - awesome beach for snorkeling and finding weed. Loaded with hot chicks on cruise ship days.

This thread should be stickied.
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Robert Greene - "The 48 laws of power"

“If you are not yourself, if you surrender your personality, you have nothing left to give the world. You have no pleasure, no use, nothing which will attract and charm me, for by the suppression of your individuality, you lose your distinctive character.”

Edward Wilmot Blyden (1832 – 1912) Liberian statesman

My FR's. Give me feedback gawd damnit
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USA - Hawaii - Honolulu/Waikiki.

Short description:
Oahu also known as "The Gathering Place", is the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands and most populous of the islands in the U.S. state of Hawaii. The state capital Honolulu is located on the southeast coast aka "touristville".  All the major shops, restuarants, and clubs will be located in Waikiki.

Types of women:
Their are a variety of women who are located in hawaii but differentiate into three seperate groups
Locals aka "Dakine": Usually pacific islander or of Japanese or other Asian decent (generalizing here). Beware these women are badass and will punch a dude if he gets creepy/annoying.
College: mix raced of young "fresh out of high school" girls who travel usually from the continental 48 states to go to school.  Typical drunk party girl.
Tourist aka "Haoles": Mix of Australian, Japanese, and American tourist from all ages and factions coming to visit on vacation usually will only stay in waikiki.  Waikiki cators to japanese tourist so beware alot of japanese tourist do not speak english to well.

Bar/clubs recommendations:
Club Pearl:age (21-45): This is a really nice club and is filled with varying levels of age of people. Hit or Miss.
The Villa: age (21-25):  Best music club, My fav.
Club Mai Tai : age (21-35)  Really chill bar usually with loud local music. There are definite winners at this bar usually local girls guarded by dakine local blokes.  Music is usually reagae
Paparazzi: age (21-28): nice collar shirt club, hot college local and tourist chicks usuall dressed to the nines. expensive drinks and good DJs usually spinning Top 40s.
Oceans 808: (21- 28) Club Local hangout usually really hot girls here.
Zanzabar: age (18-24): Best choice for 18+ clubbing, place is pretty ghetto and fights break out alot... Roll deep and avoid military people. DJ play R&B hits 2 dance floors.
Playbar : age (18-20) Terrible club but if your under 21 and desperate go ahead. Loud music, dance floor Top 40 hits. 

Daygame spots:
Ala Moana Mall: Huge mall full of department stores... ridiculous amount of hot women.
Ala moana strip: street full of department stores.
Waimaea bay North shore: Hot chicks on beach, whats more to hate?
Waikiki beaches.

Any other questions about this place hit me up!
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-Howard Thurman.

Do you feel alive?
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Bujumbura, Burundi

Hahahaha I just wanted to add the most random city to the list.

Short description:
Capital city of Burundi on the northern shore of Lake Tanganyika. Rainy season runs from September - April, dry season from May - August.

Burundian women have that primordial waist-to-hip ratio that makes any man's loins stir. Since I came here 7 months ago I'm always fucking girls from behind so that I can put my hands on their hips. There's something about black skin that's very smooth and velvety as well....

 The more well educated chicks in Burundi speak French and some can get by in English. The ones that only speak Kirundi or Swahili are still possible to pull - you don't need to say much, just dance, escalate physically, then pull.

The ex-pat NGO workers in town are usually butt-ugly, having shed the last vestige of feminine appeal sometime years ago while composing their PhD thesis on refugee return issues in post-civil war societies. Great for intellectual chat. Not so great for bang bang times.

Day Game:
Day game is best reserved for one of the beach resorts such as Bora Bora or Club du Lac where young hot girlies hang out during the day. In the center of town you get stared at simply for being a foreigner and if you approach random strangers in the street they'll think you're fucking nuts. They will also almost certainly think that you've mistaken them for a prostitute if you approach them in the street. However, still worth a try if you're thick-skinned.

Night Game:
Whilst getting local women interested in you is generally easy if you're a foreigner, the main challenge is to screen out prozzies and golddiggers. By screening out, I don't mean you shouldn't talk to them or even sleep with them. I mean you need to frame the interaction so that it becomes clear that you are not their customer or sugar daddy. Don't buy drinks, especially if they ask for one. Tell them outright that you really like them but that you're not gonna pay for their company. Whilst society is quite conservative on the surface level when it comes to social values, it's totally promiscuous once you dig a little deeper. Chicks will speak openly about sex with you if you set the frame right (I usually pull by saying something along the lines of: "I want to make love to you. Let's go back to my place").

Friday is the main night for going out. A number of nightclubs are open. The main 2 are Toxic and Balneo (aka Havana). People cram in tight and dance to mediocre music, but the chicks are often hot. If you know a few dance moves you've immediately eclipsed every other guy in the club. The first Friday of every month is Oxygen night at Cercle Nautique, down by the lake. Generally pretty good. Another club you may wanna check out is called Get Up but it's usually pretty stale.

For live performances, Kibira Bar in Kinindo just south of the city centre is your best bet on a Friday night. Really good reggae and soul music.

Same as Friday nights, although I would add to the list Nkolomboka - a club with Congolese-themed music.

Spend the day at Bora Bora on Sunday and then transition to the beachside club after dark. Best DJ in town, nice loungy couches and hot girls.

Only one place to go: Cinq sur cinq in Buiza. This is for all those sorry souls that didn't get laid over the weekend. The atmosphere is distinctly African and pulling is pretty damn easy. Once again though, be sure you mention NO MONEY.

Not really great nights. Your best bet is Balneo.

General things to watch out for:
There have been a number of violent incidents by FNL rebel forces in Bujumbura recently, including a shooting outside Nkolomboka and a massacre of 36 people in a bar in Gatumba. Be wary when going to crowded areas - make sure you know where the exits are and stick to places that have guards at the front door. Stay away from bars and clubs where a lot of politically connected characters hang out.

When moving about town, the best thing is to have your own car, which can be rented for roughly 30.000 francs bus ($20) per day. Cabs aren't really ideal late at night and a lot harder to pull a girl home with, especially if she is of the less overtly slutty kind. Walking alone after dark is not really recommended. Muggings occur.

When bringing a girl back home, make sure you don't have valuables in your room. It's also best to drive her home/back to the club once you're done. If they stay over at your place the whole boyfriend-girlfriend/getting married with a white guy dynamic is more likely to kick in. Do not give your number out unless you're sure you're dealing with a perfectly chill girl with no hidden motives (which btw is fucking hard to discern). Only take her number. Incidents have been reported of girls showing up on a guy's doorstep the next day with her family in town demanding that he take their daughter's hand in marriage. Don't be that guy. Chicks will also accuse guys of in order to blackmail them. Once again - be vigilant and be discreet.

Need I mention the risk of contracting nasty STDs, including HIV? Keep a condom on at all times.

Places to stay:
Guidebooks will point you to some hotels around town, including Hotel Amahoro, Hotel Le Chandelier, Botanika, and a few other ones. Rooms from $60 a night. If you're looking for a budget version there are plenty of cheap hostels for $5-10 a night but the standard is of course pretty shite. Once again, guidebooks will tell you where they are located. I would generally recommend staying as close to Boulevard Uprona as possible (the main street in town) since you will be walking distance from most central locations.

Things to do in Bujumbura:
1. Visit the central market - a must! Thousands of people crowding around in sweltering heat selling everything from fruit and vegetables to clothes, appliances, tools, etc. A crazy experience, but watch out for pickpockets.
2. Go to the beach - Bora Bora and Club du Lac are the best places to hit up. Nice pools, good food. Pinnacle 19 further along the shore has a very tranquil atmosphere and you can get a great 90-minute full body massage there for $20.
3. Explore the hills - Bujumbura is located on a plain between the lake and the rolling hills that cover the rest of Burundi. Trek up the mountain in Kiriri towards the University for some spectacular views and encounters with the local population who will run after you and gleefully shout "Musungu!" (foreigner!)
4. Drink Burundian coffee - 3 cafés around town serve decent coffee: Aroma, Cappucino, and Le Caféier
5. Drive to Blue Bay in Rumonge - 90 mins drive south along the lake is the beautiful beachside resort of Blue Bay. Awesome clear water, tennis courts, and (overpriced) tents to stay in down by the waterside. Try the grilled Kuhe fish with fried plantains.
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 Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu has some night game if you are really looking for it. The daygame is really awesome though.
Summer months May- Aug/Sept  and Winter time Dec/Jan is the most crowded. Other months are a little slower. 

Warning: Local guys get very physical very fast. Not worth getting into battles, unless you are prepared to fight. Even then, they may have many friends who are eager to fight. Police seem to be indifferent to physical violence. 

Waikiki Beach. Girls in bikinis everywhere. Its maybe 1-2 miles of hotties on the beach. If you're looking for a particular area, go by the Duke Kahanamoku Statue.

Waikiki Street game, Along Kalakaua ave. Most pedestrian traffic area is between international market place and royal hawaiian shopping center.

Ala Moana Shopping Center. Not far from waikiki. Very large shopping center, HBs around.

Night game 
Waikiki Venues (You will pay cover at most of these places)
Zanzabar- Club in waikiki. Can be sausage fest. Lots of military guys. Many girls go there to look for black men.
The Shack - Local bar, big many sets on weekends.
Nashvilles - Lots of white people, the country scene think cowboys and cowgirls.
Senor Frogs - pretty good spot on the weekend Fri/Sat
Coconut willies - Small little bar, little hard to find. Friendly people.

First Fridays in Chinatown. IMO best sarging on the island. People head down to bars after work, starts to get going at 5-6pm. Check out indigo early in the night. As it gets later 9-10pm, entire area gets really crowded. Bar 35, Manifest, Soho, Bambu2 are good spots to check out. 

Art after Dark - at the academy of arts museum. 6-9pm. Last friday of every month. Classy intelligent girls. 

Other Venues
Pearl Ultra Lounge. Fri/Sat - Upscale classy place. Can be hit or miss with hotties, not that big.

Mai Tai Bar. A Bar in ala moana center with live music every night.

Tuesday night - Dollar drinks at Moose mcgillycuddy waikiki. Gets going at about 12midnight
Wednesday Night- Check out chinatown, Manifest and Soho.
Thursday night - College night at Varsity

Honestly Though, Tue-thurs much higher quality just doing Daygame/Street game in waikiki. Those are the best spots for tues-thurs but compared to nightlife elsewhere pretty dissapointing.
Friday and Sat night somewhat worth going out. 
I just want to enjoy amazing girls. Crazy what sort of journey ive embarked on pursuing this quest.

My adventures in Dallas - 2013
 My adventures in Austin - 2012 
  Tyler/Julien, Honolulu Bootcamp July 2011 Tyler hotseat2 x5 (2011-2012) Alex hotseat x2 (2013)
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Haad Rin Beach, Ko Phangan, Thailand
Home Of the Imfamous Full Moon PArty

Where young tourists from around the world cum to party and fuck
The first article By TheRealScarFace is his amazing first impression after living there:
the second post is after he's been there longer and notices some negatives about the place:

Be sure to read both

I didnt write these but i wanted to post them here cus it sounds like an super awesome place to party
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 Antwerp, Belgium

I don't really think the women in Antwerp are different from any other woman you'd ever encounter. Perhaps the most differences you'll find with American women are just habits, like greeting people and stuff. In Belgium we give people a kiss on the cheek when we greet them, except if it's two men greeting each other, they shake each others hands. 

The best place for daygame in Antwerp is definately the Meir. It's Antwerps biggest shopping street. Lots of shops means lots of women. Each day. But probably mostly Saturdays haha. If you know OGFurious, he's got some pick up videos on his YouTube channel. He does those on the Meir.

I absolutely LOVE the nightlife in Antwerp. There's so much stuff to do here.
First of all, Antwerp is a city with a lot of colleges and a university. This means that every night you can find a lot of students going out to bars to drink and have fun. The best place to meet some students would definately be the Ossenmarkt. It's right next to the University (kind of) with about 3 bars. At only a few minutes walk you can find like 2 other bars. There's also a few students bars close to the Groenplaats, I'd recommend going there a few times too. I mostly spend my weeknights there.

Thursdays however are reserved for going to clubs. There are a lot of clubs in Antwerp, some small, some big. I'll list the most populated ones here. Also, keep in mind that on Thursdays there is no cover charge in most of these clubs, plus the minimum age is 16+. You'll find a lot of very young girls there.

Noxx Antwerp is my personal favourite. Most high class venue you can find in Antwerp, definately. The only problem is that it's a bit outside the centre of town, so it's harder to get to. Most of us don't have a car they can use to get there. So we either have to go with public transport, which means that we either leave the venue very early or have to stay there until at least 5AM. Hot girls everywhere in this one. Pretty expensive though. 3 euros for a beer/coke/water. Also, no cover charge and 16+ on Thursdays. Cover charge and 16+ on Fridays. Cover charge and 18+ on Saturdays.

Café d'Anvers is located in the Red Lights District. One of the most visited clubs in Antwerp on Thursdays. Cheaper than Noxx, easier to get to and also no cover charge and 16+ on Thursdays. Haven't been there on other days though so I don't know what it's like then. I like it on Thursdays.

Red and Blue: 2 minute walk from Café d'Anvers. Pretty much the same as Café d'Anvers on Thursdays. No scratch that. There's older people there. The young folk (think 16-18) mostly go to CdA, the older ones (18+) go to RnB. Don't go there on Saturdays though. It's a gay club then.

Mansion Antwerp. Only open on Saturdays. Also high class. Never been there though, only with a frat party. Cool venue though. Oh and 18+ and cover charge btw.

There's a few others but I haven't been to them yet so I won't go into them.
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LAN KWAI FONG is the party area with tonnes of clubs and bars n hookah bars in this small cobble stone area at the top of a hill. everyone knows about it. I met a lot of western tourists n business ppl and flight attendants partying there and i was there on sunday, the least popular night apparently. you can buy beer wine or hard alcohol @ 7/11 convineince stores there, there's 2 in within the 5 blocks of lan kwai fong and DRINK IN THE STREETS legally anywhere in hong kong. the way it should be. you cant bring it into the bars tho and cus they charge alot more.

I also ended up in another area that had a lot of clubs but was more asian an less touristy but donno where it is lol. watch out for asian PROSTITUTES hanging at some of these bars some are ovioiusly hooker others not as easy to tell
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