January 16th, 2019
The Core Fitness Road Map to Health
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Core Fitness Road Map to Health

The Core Fitness Road Map to Health is intended to educate any individual looking to gain a better understanding of optimal health. As the reader views this material he or she needs to know that the information in this packet is the work of many persons, all dedicated to achieving optimal health for themselves and others. There are some materials and teachings in this packet that not everyone may agree upon. In which case, it is advised for you to research any and all materials you have more question regarding.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Confucius: 551 BC - 479 BC
The road to optimal health is a tough yet a rewarding one, May this be your first steps.
Best of Health and Luck

What is stress?
Stress is reactions of the body to forces of a deleterious nature, infections, and various abnormal states that tend to disturb its normal physiologic equilibrium (homeostasis). All dis-ease is an accumulation of a stress response. ALL dis-ease can be tracked back to a stress!

There are Six universal stressors that we may encounter on a daily biases.
The Six Universal Stressors

The body is designed to function optimally with occasional acute stress, Not Chronic Stress!
Chronic Stress equals Tissue Breakdown! Stress response indicators include:
Increased Breathing & Heart Rate
Muscle Tension
Poor Digestion
Increased Likely Hood of Disease and Illness
Sexual Dysfunction & Weight Gain!

Hormone Dysfunction?
Your body does not distinguish between the different stressors. Your stress level is a summation (total) of all the stressors you encounter during your daily living.

As your body perceives stress it releases the stress hormone Cortisol. The release of Cortisol is coupled with the release of insulin. Increased Cortisol also puts the body in an Estrogen dominate state; because it blocks the body’s release of Progesterone (happy hormones) and Human Growth Hormones (DHEA & HGH) When the Cortisol levels in your body are high it turns on your fight or flight or survival instinct. When this happens repeatedly over time your body will tend to stay in this state of dysfunction. This dysfunction is known as Adrenal Fatigue, named after the adrenal glands which secrete the body’s Cortisol.

Symptoms of Adrenal Dysfunction/Fatigue
Hair loss
Poor immune response
Weight gain
Lack of concentration
Food allergies
Dry skin
Poor memory

As stated before when the Cortisol levels of the body are high they block the release of Progesterone, which is the bodies major hormone used in non-stressful times to repair and revive itself. Because Progesterone is the precursor for Testosterone and Aldosterone, when it is absent, a person will become Estrogen Dominate. Not to say that the Estrogen levels are high, but that there is not enough Progesterone to balance the Estrogen levels. The following table charts the differences in effect that Progesterone and Estrogen have on the body.

Estrogen Procreation effects
Creates proliferative endometrium
Necessary for proper ovulation
Decreases sex drive

Intrinsic effects
Causes breast stimulation
Increases body fat
Salt and fluid retention
Depression and headaches
Interferes with thyroid hormone
Increases blood clotting
Impairs blood sugar control
Loss of zinc and retention of copper
Reduces oxygen levels in all cells
Slightly restrains osteoclast (bone loss)
Reduces vascular tone
Increases risk of endometrial cancer
Increases risk of breast cancer
Increase risk of gallbladder disease
Increases risk of autoimmune disorders

Progesterone Procreation effects
Maintains secretory endometrium
Necessary for survival of embryo
Restores sex drive

Intrinsic effects
Protects against fibrocystic breasts
Helps use fat for energy
Natural diuretic
Natural antidepressant
Facilitates thyroid hormone action
Normalizes blood clotting
Normalizes blood sugar levels
Normalizes zinc and copper levels
Restores proper cell oxygen levels
Stimulates osteoblast bone building
Restores normal vascular tone
Prevents endometrial cancer
Helps prevent breast cancer
Protects against ovarian cancer
Restores normal sleep patterns
Skin moisturizer
Precursor of corticosteroids

De-Stress to Cure Your Dis-ease

Now that you have a better understanding of what stress is and how it causes the body more and more illness, you are probably asking the billion dollar question. OK, HOW DO I FIX IT?

There are six fundamentals to having a healthy and happy life style. And, each fundamental has its own doctor. These are the last four doctors you will ever need to see.

Doctor Happiness
Doctor Quiet
Doctor Diet

Doctor Movement

Doctor Happiness
“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease in that all that we are is the result of what we have thought. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him.” Buddha; 563 BCE to 483 BCE
“The Body can not truly be healthy unless all the Organs of the body are healthy first” Sandow's System of Physical Training: 1894; Eugene Sandow 1867 –1925

Doctor Quiet
Each of us is our own person. We each need our time to be with ourselves and concentrate on, or develop, the things that are important to us. Spending quiet time to reflect, think, breath, and identify with the complex world around us is a major piece of everyone’s journey on the road to health.
Everyday you wake up, the first thing that is turned on is your thoughts. If you follow the Law of Cause and Effect (thoughts= words= deeds), then it should all make sense. If you begin the day with good healthy thoughts, then your words and deeds for that day will be positive and lead to success. “Within the process of healing, you are what you think having become what you thought!” Buddha; 563 BCE to 483 BCE
After you wake up and have a thought, the second thing you do is breath. Most of us yawn, as well as have an increase in respiratory rate secondary to the release of Cortisol (a stress and awakening hormone). The average person breaths 20K times per day. If you are stressed or you are a chest breather, you breathe 40K times a day. It has been shown that 70-75% of most visits to the MD are all related to incorrect breathing patterns. Something simple as breathing can create upper quarter dysfunction (neck and shoulders), which will snake its way through the body. This can inhibit any healing or realignment below.

Doctor Diet
Everyone of the six universal stressor can and will be affected by diet. What and how you eat or drink will influence all the stressors of your body. The best example of this is the baby scenario. An infant is Hungry (Physical). Mom puts a Soy formula into a Plastic bottle (Nutritional/Chemical). She heats it in a Microwave (Electromagnetic). The baby tries to drink it and it is Too Hot. (Thermal)… And we wonder why our babies cry so much!


Drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day. In the morning most wake up and race for the coffee. What you should do and need to do is go for Water! You have been dehydrated for eight
hours and coffee with just exacerbate that leading to headaches, constipation, decreased concentration and performance. Water helps to stimulate digestion, eliminate toxins and hydrate the body.


After waking and drinking something, the next thing most do or think about is food. This is simple; focus on the quality (organic vs. conventional) and quantity (do you eat or skip meals, as well as what are your ratios of protein, carbs and fat). But most people wake up late and are too lazy to cook a meal, so they grab a bar. All nerves are surrounded in myelin which is a proteolipid layer (protein and fat). So the higher quality the food you are taking in, as well as the more protein and fat in relation to carbs, the better the chance of being healthy.

Make a conscious effort to make more healthy food choices, which are at the same time enjoyable to you. Eating should feel good. Eating quality, mostly organic and wild foods, which you find enjoyable, will not only give you the basic energy requirements you need to live, but they will also make meal time a happy experience. Having happy meals will in turn give you energy and help to reduce stress. If within 30 minutes of eating your feel tired and stressed then you missed, and you should try to make it better on the next meal. Once you have learned to eat cleaner, healthier and in the right portion control, it will be very easy to know when you cheat. Your cheat meals, which are usually high in sugar, toxins, and other stressors, will make you feel tired, bloated, and may cause feeling such as headaches and body pains.

Doctor Movement
Caveman was never fat. Why? Because he didn’t have a desk job. It’s simple, movement leads to happiness. Kids Play, Athletes Workout, All others just need to Move. It is often misunderstood that everyone has to workout/exercise to be healthy. Not true. We all just need to stand up nice and tall, with good posture and go do something that makes us move and makes us happy. This is the most confusing area for many. Some work out too much and some don’t work out at all. As a society, we work, sit, and eat more, but move less! Whether it is Qi Gong, Yoga, Tai Chi or just plain old exercise, get out there and move!

Circadian Rhythm is a fancy word for sleep. I would have to say the most common complaint of all my clients, is that they are fatigued and want more energy. A great place to start is here with sleep. When you sleep, you release hormones to repair and regenerate. Up to 24% of the population falls asleep at the wheel each year. Not moving is just as important as the movement itself. Sleep helps us to rebuild, repair, and prepare for the next days movements.

Ask The WHY? Question
Ask yourself, your doctor, your trainer, or anyone else involved with your health as many questions as it takes to understand what you need to do to optimize your health. If your answers are No or I DO NOT KNOW, then your journey to health can not continue.

Are you Thinking?
Healthy thoughts along with Educated thoughts will intern facilitate more of the same.

Are you Sleeping?
Get to bed by 10 and rise no earlier than 6 a.m. (physical repair is between 10pm-2am and mental repair is between 2am-6am)

Are you hydrated?
Drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day. Not only will this help with your hunger, because the bodies feeling for hunger and thirst are the same, but this will also help to lubricate your joints, hydrate your cells and detoxify your body. All of which will help with weight management.

Is Your Digestive System Healthy?
Do you experience lower abdominal bloating?
Frequently have loose stools or diarrhea?
Constipation or stools that are hard to pass?
Belch or burp after meals?
Frequently have gas?
Headache after eating?
Crave certain foods (bread, chocolate, fruit, red meat….)?
Poor appetite and/or feel worse after eating?
Excessive appetite or crave sweets?
Experience abdominal pain, cramps or discomfort?

Is your Detoxification system clean
Soda and artificial drinks?
Food intolerance?
Processed foods?
Deep fried foods?
Hydrogenated and rancid fats?
Prescription Drugs & Synthetic supplements?

Clean Out Your System For a Fresh Start
The Bodies system of detoxification is like a stack of buckets one on top the other. As the top bucket over fills it dumps in to the buckets below. So if your last bucket (skin) is the one with the dysfunction then all the others have some dysfunction as well.

System of Detoxification

The majority of foreign objects or toxins that we ingest enter our body through the digestive system. This is the reason why 75 to 85 percent of our Immune System is in our Digestive System. So the assumption can be made that if we are sick our Immune System is in dysfunction. If our Immune system is in dysfunction, our Digestive system is in dysfunction. And, our Digestive system’s dysfunction is the product of the dysfunctions we are feeding ourselves.

Do you have a fungal infection?
90 percent of the world’s population has a fungal infection or parasite infection. Candidiasis is an infection caused by a yeast like fungus called candida. It can infect the mouth, vagina, skin, stomach, and urinary tract. Approximately 75 percent of women will get candidiasis of the vagina during their lifetime, and 90 percent of all people with HIV/AIDS develop candida infections.

What are the symptoms?
Ringworm of the body looks like a rash that forms one-half to one-inch, ring-shaped, pink or red patches with a clear center. The rash may itch slightly. Jock itch appears around the groin area (but not on the penis) and looks like a red, ring-like rash. Jock itch can be extremely itchy and form small, painful blisters. Athlete’s foot appears between the toes as a scaly, itchy rash. It can range from mild irritation to cracking and peeling, making the skin quite sore and more susceptible to bacterial infection. Scalp ringworm may cause round patches of hair loss, broken hair, and/or an itchy, scaly scalp. Scalp ringworm is extremely contagious among children. Nail ringworm is more common on the toenails than fingernails, and makes the nail appear thickened and dull. The infected part of the nail may crumble away from the rest of the nail. Sometimes a fungal infection on one part of the body can cause a rash on another part of the body, which is an allergic reaction to the fungus
Other Symptoms common to both Fungi and Parasites include but are not limited to,
1. Cravings such as Sugar, Junk food, Salty food, or Processed foods
2. Energy highs and lows and mood swings
3. Bowel deregulation: Persons should have one bowel movement with in 30 minutes of each major meal of the day, and six to twelve inches of “movements” a day. But, because the fungi and parasites disrupt peristalsis (Wave like movement of intestine) they often will not have bowel movements for days or sometimes weeks at a time
4. Nutritional deficiencies: Nails appear flakey, dry, marked, or cracked
5. Irritation of the body’s orifices 
    a. Cracks around mouth, eyes, 
    b. Sties, sores, itchiness in ear, mouth, nose, eyes, anus and/or vagina,
    c. Yeast infections in females.

6 Skin problems because fat and proteins are not being properly digested and used 
    a. Things that look like pimples but don’t make heads or pus…and if you medicate it will tend to move or make more sores

7. Unclear thoughts/ thinking …memory
8. Sleep dysfunction, hot flashes between midnight and 3 am
9. Sexual dysfunction
10. Sores that move around, crawling skin
11. General immune system dysfunction such as catching colds, flues, etc at a high frequency.

What to do?
Eliminating a Fungus or Bacteria is a four step process, the 4R’s. In order to insure that you have truly eliminated the problem a person must follow those four steps strictly and in the order presented so that no other dysfunction will occur. Many times people try to cleanse their systems and all the do is sicken what little healthy pieces of themselves they have left. If you have any question on the following you can read the book, the Fungal Link and the Kaufman Fungal Diet.

The Four Steps to a Healthy Gut (the 4R’s)

This diet will starve the fungus, as fungus feeds on sugar!
1. Eliminating bacteria, fungus and parasites
2. Eliminating environmental toxins
3. Lab tests
4. Dietary and lifestyle modifications
5. Eliminate all sugar, dairy, soy, gluten containing foods(Wheat Products), grains, alcohol and table salt for 6 months.
6. Eat organic foods only. As most conventional chickens, cows and fish (yes fish) are fed genetically modified grains to fatten them, leaving micro-toxins in the meat, which further weakens your immune system.
7. Eliminate all fruit (even organic and dried fruits) with the exception of green apples (without the skin) and fresh berries (monitor your symptoms with berries as some people don’t respond well to them due to higher than optimal sugar content; this is the best way to satisfy a massive sweet craving if you must).
8. Eliminate all below-ground vegetables with the exception of carrots. You may drink a cup or two of carrot juice with raw garlic, raw ginger or apple cider vinegar each day because these items are strongly antifungal.
9. Eat a diet primarily of high quality meats and above ground vegetables, proportioned for your metabolic type.
10. Cook with coconut oil and happily consume high quality saturated animal fats, as they support the immune system. You may also find it useful to freeze cod liver oil capsules and take 2-3 grams first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

1. Replenishment of enzymes and other digestive factors
2. Liver, pancreatic and digestive enzymes
3. HCL (Stomach Acid)
4. Vitamin C
5. Oregano oil or caps ( 4 drops of oil on your tongue 4 times per day or 1 cap 4x per day)
6. Cod Liver oil (5000 ml each day reducing it by 1000 ml a week, until at 1000ml a day: 5,4,3,2,1)
7. Castor bean oil caps: 3 caps 3x per day
8. Cancid Forte: 2 caps 3x per day
If you are unable to find these, please call and you can place an order through

1. Reintroduction of friendly bacteria to the GI system
2. Prebiotics: Sac B, Rice Fiber and fructooligosaccharides(Fruit Fibers) Start eating fruits such as Grapes, Apples and Citrus’s
3. Reintroduce healthy bacteria by consuming raw goat’s milk or yogurt or use a high quality human grade Probiotic supplement for a minimum of two months.

1. Providing mucosal support for healing and regeneration of mucosa
2. Aloe
3. Cod liver oil
4. L-glutamine
5. Licorice root
6. GI revive

If you notice a reduction in any symptoms or an improvement in energy levels, sleep quality, mental clarity, or a reduction in anxiety, you have successfully reduced your fungi population. Keep going!
Most antifungal diets must be followed for a minimum of 6 months to have a lasting effect. You must be very careful not to start eating junk again as soon as you start feeling better because the parasites are quietly waiting for you to make that mistake.

Eat Fat or Get Fat.
Its simple math, our body wants to use fat for energy. One gram of fat has more than twice the energy of a carbohydrate (9Kcal to 4Kcal). Because of this reason our body is set up to breakdown and use fat. Fat is also the precursor to every hormone in the human body. And, Saturated fat composes 65 percent of our brain and nervous tissue. When fat is absent the body continually tries to manufacture and store fat because it’s so important for so many functions.

Eating Carbohydrates
When we eat Carbohydrates (Sugars) our Pancreas release Insulin. Insulin is a hormone used to convert sugars into storable forms of energy (Glycogen and Fat) for the body to use when energy levels are low. Insulin is coupled with the release of Cortisol, which is also a fat storing stress hormone. Again, its simple math the more sugars you eat; the more you store and fatter you get.

Eating Fats
When we eat fat our gallbladder releases Bile. Bile acts to some extent as a detergent, helping to emulsify fats (increasing surface area to help enzyme action), and thus aids in their absorption in the small intestine. As Bile is released the Pancreas excretes Lipase. Lipase is the enzyme which breaks down fats so that they can be used for energy. Fat and Cholesterol are also used for hormone production and nervous system repair. The biggest ticker with fat is that it must come from organic sources. Just as in humans, animals store toxins in fat. So naturally, non-organic animals contain many more times the amount of toxins than free range grass feed animals.

Foods for Thought
Anti Fungal 3 to 6 Months following the 4R’s
Coconut oil(For Cooking), Olive oil, Walnut oil, Peanut oil(Not For Cooking)
Walnut butter, Peanut butter, Cashew butter
Walnuts, Peanuts, Cashews, Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds
Artichokes, Avocados, Olives
Animal proteins and Animal fats
Carrots, Garlic, Ginger, Apple Cider Vinegar (all highly antifungal)
All Above-Ground Vegetables
Berries and Green apples
Organic Brown Rice and Buckwheat

Post antifungal
All foods listed above
Grapes, citrus fruits, apples (first) all other fruits later
Introduce Raw Goat’s/Cow’s milk, Raw Goat/Cow’s Cheese, Raw butter
Slowly reintroduce underground veggies
Organic Raw Whole Milk and Raw Cheeses (white for protein types ,oranges for carb types)
Free range eggs
If any foods bring on pre antifungal symptoms re-eliminate the problem foods

Never Agains
Non-Organic, Wheat, Corn, Soy, White sugar, Table salt, and Pasteurized Products
Anything in a Box, Bag, or Beverage Can. If it has a shelf life than it is a nonfood and should not be eaten (it takes more energy for you to metabolize and assimilate a nonfood than that food actually provides you with)
Microwaves, storing things in plastics, synthetic chemicals-(hygiene products)

Assess Yourself
Many times a person will go to an experienced doctor or other medical professional, and upon looking at that person the doctor can make a fairly accurate diagnose just looking at them. Why is that? The easiest reason is because the body is like a big storage center. Everyone has Hormone Receptor Sites (storage areas). Each hormone receptor site has its’ place on the body. By knowing this you can diagnose or assess yourself. Using this information to work on the reasons (root) instead of the symptom (branch) will heal you much faster

Hormonal Receptor Sites
1. Belly or Umbilical area Cortisol. Weight here is because of high stress
2. Arms and Chest or Triceps and Pecs area Androgens. High sugar diet
Ache on the jaw line and/or oily skin is also associated with Androgen
3. Mid Back and Sides of Waist or Sub Scapula and Super Iliac Insulin.
Insulin issues are from both high stress and high sugar diets
4. Under Arm area or Mid Axilla Slow Thyroid. Because of food intolerances
like Gluten, Soy, Pasteurized Products and Dairy
5. Upper Legs or Gluts and Quads Estrogen. Caused by stress and exposure to high amounts of synthetic materials i.e. Plastics, Pesticides, and Prescription Drugs etc

In overview, if you are looking to optimize your health you must know that it is a journey with many steps and many road blocks. Once you can commit to making the changes necessary to grow, the challenge then is to keep moving towards the goal of optimal health. Optimal health is knowing, and managing your Stress, seeing your four doctors (Dr. Quiet, Dr. Diet, Dr Movement, and Dr. Happiness). Asking yourself the Why Question. Eating and living a life style, which will Clean out Your System, and taking time to Assess of Yourself.

As stated in the introduction there are some materials and teachings in this packet that not everyone may agree upon. In which case, it is advised for you to research any and all materials you have more question regarding. Part of this process is Learning, Working, and Growing for yourself. The best doctor you have is YOU. After all you are the only person that can heal you.

“The perfection of wisdom, and the end of true philosophy is to proportion our wants to our possessions, our ambitions to our capacities, we will then be a happy and a virtuous people.” Mark Twain: 1835–1910

Referenced from: Paul Chek CHEK Institute
Josh Rubin Eastwesthealing and Perfromance
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This is awesome.

More detailed guide on how to get rid of candida. I read Pauls book: how to eat, move and be healthy and it´s worth the money.

 Thanks for posting
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Why doesnt this have any replies? :o
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dloux31 wrote:
5. Eliminate all sugar, dairy, soy, gluten containing foods(Wheat Products), grains, alcohol and table salt for 6 months.

7. Eliminate all fruit (even organic and dried fruits) with the exception of green apples (without the skin) and fresh berries (monitor your symptoms with berries as some people don’t respond well to them due to higher than optimal sugar content; this is the best way to satisfy a massive sweet craving if you must).

Ssure. Yyyyep. Good luck with that ;)
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 Shiiit this is quite a lot to take in but I guess its something new to look at everyday for a few weeks :P
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