October 20th, 2018
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Like some of you might experience dating women can be a hidious task. Not only does is bring alot of stress, it can liturally your life, making you very unhappy and a unsatisfied dick.

Let me tell you something about your mind. Your mind learns incredibly fast. The way humans learn and all apes learn is social. All the "do and don't" and beliefs you have about life, love, romance, women and men are all based on a system of social learning. All you ever learned about dating you got from movies, friends, maybe your mom. Where else would you get it? So can you consider these assumpting or beliefs you have might be wrong? This would be an exelent mindset to start with.

So what are the average beliefs we have about dating women?
Lets make a short list about what attracts women:

Being nice

buying stuff

being romantic

Go on a special date a give her all she ever wanted

respect her feelings and take everything she says very seriously

Let her be the boss If she wants

The way I look and the way I dress myself

The money you have

How many brains you have


These are not the things women like.
time to stop caring and to start being a man

First major issue: The way you look

Looks do not matter, the best way to explain this is with evolution.
We are going 50 thousand years back in time, and meet the cave man. Now how did attraction work back in that time? Well women were chosen by men for the way they looked, this was so because beauty equals health, very simple. The offspring that came from a healthy mother had more chance to survive. Now in attracting there are 2 big things that controlled wether you would be a attracted caveman/women or not: survival and replication. The women stands for the second. She had to deliver and make a baby thus be very healthy to make them. The job of the man however was, sorry for the metrosexuals among you, not being all beautifull and putting make up on your face. That would be ridiculous, right? No he had to protect his family. How can a cavewomen dicide wether a caveman is up to the task ? In other words to see the man is strong, confident and respected? His behaviour!
Women like a man with good behaviour which tells them he is dominant and can protect the family.

This is also the case with apes. How does a gorlia female see who is the leader ape? ( which is constanly changing) The behaviour of that ape! Do you still think having alot of money works? Now you might want to believe that. The guy's in the movies were all very rich and handsome, and they told you it would get women! Dude stop it this is wrong and very stupid. This is something you learned throught the media and from other persons but believe me, I've seen some ugly guys with almost no money get laid more than 3 times a week with some very hot women. It's like the matrix, at the end of this blog you might see it to, you will feel like the kid from 6 sense.

No we've covered the looks,and money and if you're not convinced think about this

All people in the past, like the greek with their gods and the men not so long ago who assumed the world was flat, had a wrong assumption about how the world works, can you be so humble to consider the possibility we might be wrong again?

You will now learn that being an attractive man is not about doing, it's about being.

The thing women are attracted to is called social value. Now how can you see who or what has the most value in a environment? Simple! where is everybody looking at?

ex 1: You are in a deep conversation with one of your best friend, a babe walks by, you look and can't even hear what your friend is saying, she has the most value.

ex 2: you are walking with your friend again and you see some nice plate with delicioues food on, you look away, this has more value to you.

ex 3: I was talking to a couple in a club, the boyfriend was standing next to her and I thought I was just going to try and have fun. The value that comes with being unreactive to an outcome, not caring what will happen and being in a very fun vibe will make you have alot of value, more than most man. Now what happened, I was talking to the girl but her boyfriend was making fun of me and almost screaming. The girl was not able to hear this. Just like the plate of food, I had become the shiny object. ( think everybody experienced this one)

Now if you take a look at it you will discover we are all addicted to value, we will do everything to get more of it. This is so in our relationships, like when you ditch a good friend who is not so populare with others. It happens with clothes, you feel better with new clothes. And we can go on for ever. When you observe this in your own life you see that people do everything for 1 reason : get more value/ protect the value they got. This is why you are shy when passing a hot women, you don't want to fuck up and lower your value.

If you would observe this for a while you will feel like the kid from 6 sense. Everything people do is getting more value to get PERMISSION to feel good and change their BEHAVIOUR as I said to attract women. Life really is about sex and sex only.

It would not be very clever to watch for it all the time because this would be the opposite of what this behaviour is. (What a paradox: What you should do to see how attraction works does noet work while attracting)

Now what does high value behaviour consists of.

assume the girl likes you, this will attract her and get het to like you. When you assume that every girl wants to have sex with you, in a playfull, light but yet dominant way, you will create a abundance mentality mindset. The behaviour which a abundance mentality gives you will tell a girl you are hooking up with other girls. In other words she assumes you are the hot caveman.

Now at the other hand, this is the bad way: you assume she is better, hotter then you: she will see this in your behaviour and she loses interest. It's a Self-fulfilling prophecy.

The reason this works is because women are very good to pick this up, they feel it, call it intuition.

Now what do we do knowing this? Well first we can lose anxiety, you know now you don't have to do anything to attract a girl, you just have to assume it's on, be playfull, light, but step up for what you want, don't do anything because of your value, in other words because you're scared for the reactions. Just do what you love and banish all the things you don't whan't or hate to do, that or start enjoying them. I recommend the second in some cases thought.

All this will create value and because girls pick this up no matter what you say, girls find you funny and attractive. The evidence is right before your fucking nose: have you ever seen a situation where girls just laugh with everything a cool guy says and when an unpopular kid says the same he is weird?


This will get her to react to you. You remain untouched, she is living in your reality, not the other way around. This is the only way it can ever work. ( girls will say otherwise and you will see those differences sometimes but the way they do it is by the rules of society , they are always running after value and not realise that girls like you just foer you). Well girl just love you just for you, don't set up a show, just be a fun yet dominant man and don't get all frustrated when your value is dropping down, this does not matter because you can now create your own. Knowning this your value can't go away, nomatter what other call you. Don't follow everybody else vecause you're supposed to! do what you like!

The thing with value, like I just implied is that it's not permanent, it changes every second and for women it's like one moment a guy is angelina jolie, the next an ugly fat chick.

So give your value, your fun, your person away to everybody, you don't need acceptance from others or acknowledgement. Your being is a cup of water which has a endless source of water. You don't have a cup which need to be filled all the time in order to feel good about yourselve.

If you would like to know how much value you have. You need to see how other react to you, what are the emotion they are having. Looking at other people tells you more about yourselve then you assume.

This is all from the hard work of tyler and I feel now I better understand it now I've written it down, I think It's pretty solid
I am a kind of paranoiac in reverse. I suspect people of plotting to make me happy
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