November 19th, 2018
Free Tour - Copenhagen (May 19, 2010)
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Free Tour – Copenhagen (May 19, 2010)

I didn’t really know what to expect from a free tour. Two hours didn’t seem like a lot of time to do much in terms of game improvement, but there was no harm in checking it out. Papa opened up the presentation with an introduction video of some infield footage and then launched into a description of what RSD is all about. From there we were given an overview of his background story (which is pretty cool), how RSD was founded and what they represent today.

The main part of the seminar consisted of some very basic game knowledge combined with some infield videos of students and instructors. I’m attending the HotSeat on Sunday and just glimpsing what Tyler was capable of infield was pretty impressive. The game knowledge presented was rudimentary but it was comforting to know that I could view it that way – an indicator that I’ve made progress since my start.

Unfortunately I’m only in Copenhagen for a few more weeks. There were some people who seemed like relatively cool guys that that you could go out with. The vibe was awesome, Papa is a genuinely good guy and seems pretty laid back – possibly from lack of sleep, and the footage looks awesome. The HotSeat should be fucking great.

What I got out of the Free Tour might not be the same as what someone else did but I liked:

a) Meeting Papa: I didn’t really know who he was before I met him. I had read a bit about him and seen him post but I didn’t know what kind of person he was. I had a previous impression of him being more or less of a robotic marketer of RSD’s products when I read his responses on the forum, but when I met him it was evident he was positively committed to delivering a top notch experience to the people attending the workshop and believed so deeply in the company that I definitely see him in a new light.
b) Seeing other people: I virtually always go out alone, I’m sometimes with friends, but all my gaming is done by myself. It was awesome to see a lot of people coming out to make a positive change in their lives and do something to get success.
c) Linking into the RSD tree: I’m planning on helping out in future and getting more involved – this event was a prefect opportunity to find out more about the company and learn how to get involved.

The tour is worth going to – there’s no harm in learning a bit more about RSD and getting a look into what they’re really about and how they do things. Check it out.
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I think the tour is like a sort of marketing thing for RSD. They tell you about the products and the programs and stuff and then show how everything works. There's some value in there but it's mostly just information to get you to know more about RSD. The other programs provide a lot more but they aren't free. It looks like you got some definite positives by attending tho.
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Hey bro,

Cool description. Looking forward to seeing you at the Hot Seat as well. 

I like the Free Tour because it mainly gives you a chance to network with other people and reconnect a bit with those mindsets of seeing the game as simple and fun again.

Nick does a great job of presenting for both the people who don't know about RSD and also shows some "advanced" stuff with the infield footage. He also spent extra time answering peoples questions which is cool too.

Of course you get some marketing in there as well to justify the Free Tour economically, but overall it's great value. For more advanced learning, I personally took a Bootcamp with Brad and bought a couple of the DVD's. Each time it was more than worth the money.

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