January 18th, 2019
ResurERECTION in Austin w/ Nathan and Crew
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ResurERECTION in Austin w/Nathan and Crew

“The first time she agrees to have butt sex, the more likely she is to do it again.”

- Nathan, on getting a girl to invest

Such is an example of the sage advice one might expect to be given on bootcamp with Nathan.   I honestly don’t know what to put here in this review.   No few pages could accurately sum up the awesomeness, hilarity, and craziness of the weekend spent with the Resurrection Crew in Austin.  It was easily one of the most fun weekends of my life.  And the other student and I were lucky enough to be video taped all weekend in the club in full HD.   Half of the first night and the entirety of the second night I was wearing a microphone attached to my necklace.  Nathan and his assistants followed us around with a camera "disguised" in a man purse.  It's an amazing addition to bootcamp, though they're still working out the kinks.

I could try and review the specific details of every interaction like some BC reviews, but this shit would be too long and I couldn't if I tried anyway.  The specific interactions are irrelevant anyway.   What’s important is what we take out of theses experiences.  So I’ll try to highlight the lessons taught and lessons learned that made a real emotional impact.


Nathan arrives like a tornado of sorts.  “Is this my crew?”  Huge smile on his face, tons of energy.  He leaves no doubt that this is the best part of his week.  He launches into a 5 minute story about Kentucky.  That’s all I know about it.   I didn’t hear a word.   All I could think was “Holy fuck.  What have I done?  I’m on fucking bootcamp.”  Nathan then lectured standing up, drill instructor style, for a few hours.  We take the walk of doom towards 6th Street around 11 or so.  I opened all night.  Hot girls, fat girls, guys, walls, everything and anything to keep momentum.  Notable sets:

1. First set of bootcamp.   Nathan told us at one point in the weekend that the hardest set on any night is always the first, not because of being socially cold or whatever, but because that’s the first time you consciously decide to take action.   Each decision after that is easier.  My first set of bootcamp was a three set of girls seated around a round table near the wall.   I go in full honesty: “Hey!  It’s too early to shamelessly hit on you guys but fuck it I’ll chat and be social.”  All three bust out laughing.  The farthest one immediately asks for my name.  If this is as hard as it gets, then I knew then I would survive the weekend.
2. A 2 set of cute girls by the bar that I open after leading a thicker girl there (by Nathan’s orders, he must have thought I liked her, haha) and of course ditching her.  Nothing I did was very enlightening but it was what Matt did, after coming in to wing, that still sticks in my mind.   The dude blew the set up, full energy, huge smile, getting in their faces and being super physical.  He was instantly the center of attention.  I saw then, for the first time, what true intent looks like.  He also told his girl he wanted to bend her over in an alley behind the bar.  Cute.
3. A lone girl that I opened with a claw.  She smiles huge.  I tell her that of all the things in this world we could talk about, I want to talk about tigers.  Smile evaporates and she begins lecturing me on why I can’t talk about tigers in a club and pulls a friend in to corroborate as much.   I passively argue the point and eventually walk off.   Lesson learned: Don’t let a girl dictate what is acceptable and what isn’t.   I can talk about whatever the hell amuses me, so long as I do it with full enthusiasm.  No apologies.
4. In the last bar Matt and I open a table of girls.  Turns out my girl is the club owner’s girl.  The dude is an old man sitting at the table next to us staring us down.  The girl was the most ADD girl I’ve ever talked to.  She took like 50 pictures and was running back and forth between me and the dude.  Although I did okay when she was with me, mostly I felt like I was chasing a chicken.  I was not leading like I should, and it felt nasty and reactive.

In the debrief, Nathan spoke nothing but the painful truth.   I had some solid body language and did a lot of things well naturally.  But I had no intent.  I actually looked bored talking to these girls.  I was chatting but not touching.  I was leaving 80% of my sets because they were staling out, but it wasn’t that my interactions were staling.  I was staling.   Ouch.  Nathan tells me that I need to show them that I have a dick.  I need to approach with an imaginary or very real erection and get physical; make them fuck you or fuck off.   I knew every word of it to be true, and I immediately knew exactly what needed to change.  At least I was persistant though.  At one point during the debrief this lady walks up to us at the table and says: "That's the guy.  You need to learn when no means no."  Haha.  Never had that happen before.  Matt jokingly pulls out his camera and says he's filming her for youtube.  She gets annoyed and walks off.


Another assistant, Dave, joins us after being sick the previous night and Nathan fully expands on his critiques of the night before. We review the in-field footage as he specifically points out what we are doing right and wrong, then he goes into Day 2 seminar till past sundown. Lessons learned:

1. “No girl has ever fallen on my dick, but every girl has been led there.”  Leading is absolutely everything.  It’s possible that every sticking point comes down to a lack of leading.  You have to take what you want and lead where you want to go.
2. When you take awkwardness away, sex happens.  Girls want it even more than we do.   They just don’t want anything to be awkward.  Be smooth, cool, unreactive, but persistant and it will happen.  This lesson wasn't learned till night 2.
3. You have to love yourself and love this process.  This whole game is about ourselves, not any girl.  You have to be comfortable going in set and talking about nothing but yourself and what interests and amuses you cause that's all that matters.  The club is your playground, and each girl is a new swing, a new adventure, a new chance for fun.
4. Tonality.  Nathan broke this stuff down minutely and drilled it into our heads through exercises for what seemed like forever, even taping us so we could hear what we sounded like.  Matt and Dave looked bored as hell at this point, but it was super valuable for us, as Nathan saw in the footage of night 2.

I was actually, in a weird way, more nervous for the second night than the first, probably because I now knew exactly what I needed to do, and I was nervous whether I could do it or not.  I'm proud to say I did.  Notable sets:

1. I open a 2 set of brownies at the bar as I get water.  One is cute and engaging, the other a little more standoffish.   They both clearly like me though, and when the other student comes in to wing, I begin getting physical with the cutest one and isolating her from her friend by turning her.  I also begin leading, taking her to other bars within the club to get water.  At one point she asks me: “Why?  We’re at a bar now, you can get water here.”  I state flatly as I look at her like she’s crazy: “I just hate fucking standing in the same place all night.  Let’s go!”   She follows.  Epiphany!   Lead and they will follow.  Eventually they go to the bathroom and Nathan debriefs us on what’s going on.  He sees, and we know, that we can pull these girls, but it’s barely 11 and we don’t want to spend the whole night with our first real set.   When they return they say they want to go to X bar.   Nathan lays down the law. “No, we’re not going there. We’re going to X, Y, and Z.  Meet up with us there in 15 minutes.”  They agree (of course).  Nathan then explains the subtle awesomeness of everything he just told them to do (from showing he wouldn't follow, to leading them where he wanted them to go, to saying 15 minutes which actually gave us 45 minutes of club-time).  On Sunday he explains how in every interaction the girl will try to lead at least once to see what you will do.  You have to hold your ground.  You’re always the leader.  Epiphany again as I recalled this particular interaction.
2. The next two most notable sets were the ones I was most proud of because they were the best demonstration of the intent, dominance, and physicality which I needed to improve.  In the second venue, I was walking towards the bar as this hot little Spanish girl walked towards me in the opposite direction.  I stop her and go massively physical and fully direct immediately.  Pulling her in, pushing her away, hands on the face/neck, etc.   She tries to say that she and her friend are leaving but I flat out say: “No, you’re staying.”  She eventually peels off, but I finally see the power of intent and dominance.
3. In the third venue I do the exact same thing on an older hot hot girl.   She gives up her name immediately and it’s the same as my sister’s.   “Oh just like my sister, except your way cuter.   I can’t do shit to her, but I’d do bad things to you.”   Or something to that effect.  Holy shit.  The girl blows up, lights up, etc.  We continue creepy incestual role-play till her 4 guy friends (one of which was her brother) enter.   I get the number and she invites me to an after-party.  Getting the opportunity to see these sets on video the next day was amazing, but Nathan pulls me back down to earth.  These sets looked and were amazing, but it's the social sets, the options you line up and seeds you plant early in the night (like the first set of the night) that often gets you laid.  Another lesson learned.
4. Earlier in the week I had attended the Free Tour with Tyler, in which he said (roughly) the following in regards to the physical danger inherent in cold approaching: “Don’t let anybody tell you different.   Weird shit happens in the club.  If you’re out a lot, approaching a lot, it’s just a matter of time till some dude tries to start a fight.”   Those were timely words I was not thinking of as I approached a 2 set of girls by the staircase.   One was easily 6-2 or 6-3 in heels.  “Damn, I have to come say hello to you, short stuff.”  Set opens and Matt comes in to wing.  He takes the taller one (in the footage the next day, you can’t even see him haha) and I take the shorter, but I think cuter one.  As I talk to my girl some creeper behind me starts motioning her to come to him.  She acknowledges him with a “Hi.”   I turn around, see some random drunk dude, and turn back to the girl and tell her that that guy is creepy.  She agrees.  The dude then comes up to us to my left and starts asking her chode interview questions.  She politely answers.  I ignore him, stick my hand between them on the wall and re-engage my girl.   Dude’s friend comes in behind me and says something.  I don’t hear it.  Don’t care.  Then the dude himself says: “You trying to be cool?”   I turn and say in no particular tone: “What?”  The dude then squares himself to me, says something I didn't hear, and drop-kicks me in the chest.  I fly back onto the stairs.  I get up, freaking bewildered.  The guys are gone.  I look around for Nathan.  He isn't around.  I look at Matt, and he's just as stunned as me.  The girls, though, are surprisingly calm.  Matt realized the next day that the girls were looking to us to see if we made it a big deal or not.  When we kept calm, they did too.  Definitely an epiphany.  I ask my girl if she's ok, and continue talking to her, joking about the whole thing.  At this point she begins touching my chest.  Girls normally reach for my necklace to see what it is or whatever.  At first I thought nothing of it, till I remembered I had a microphone on it.  She sees it.  "Are you wearing a wire!?"  Fuck!  I try to shoo her hand for a few seconds before realizing, who the hell cares?  I say as I turn around showing my ass: "Yeah it's a wire.  You wanna follow it to its awesome conclusion?"  She laughs, and never mentions it again.  Matt and I both get the number.  You can overcome alot of crap in an interaction and it still go fine.
5.  In the last venue the brownie girls from the first bar show up, looking for the other student and I.  When we reviewed the video the next day it was a little surprising to Nathan, just how into me she was.  Nathan texted me what to do, and pulled me aside several times to tell me how to pull her from the club.  After like a half hour of persistance and blatant negotiations with her friend, who was now with some random guy, I ended up not getting her home, for several reasons.  I'm not sure I could have given the circumstances, but my trying to force the issue probably messed up the lay for the next day (she pretty much stated we'd do it the next day) though she did text me while I was at the airport on Monday.  It pissed me off, and I texted all my weekend numbers trying to line something up before I got back to debrief but that didn't work.  The other student told me after bootcamp that Nathan came out of the bathroom that night and said: "I was in the bathroom pissing and I had this nightmare that he's going to show up for debrief."  Fuck!  Sorry to disappoint Nathan.  Actually, though, it was a valuable lesson learned in COOL persistance, that I wouldn't have learned otherwise.  Sometimes you have to walk off the cliff to see where the edge is.

In the debrief Nathan was proud of us both.  Night and day difference he said.  He broke down what he saw, positive and negative, and we broke for much needed sleep-times.


We review the entire previous night on video.  Experiencing it was awesome enough, but reviewing it in its entirety with Nathan pausing to explain everything was invaluable.  Plus we saw tons of photos and videos of his previous bootcamps.  He then went into Day 3 seminar, synthesizing everything we learned throughout the weekend.  In essence I'd say I learned the following in this life-changing weekend.

1.  This is a social game, not some mask you put on at night.  I had been experiencing more and more anxiety about talking to girls.  Now I realize why.  I'd go the whole week literally not speaking to single person I didn't already know, and even those I usually avoided or barely contributed to.  You can't expect to get better without actually increasing your general social skills.  It's not possible, nor should it be, to just turn this skill on and off.  You need to be social everyday, all day.  Talk to everyone and anyone you may encounter.  Like Nathan said: "Cool people talk to everybody, pickup dudes just to hot girls."  That's weird, and it makes your first approach at night that much harder.  Clubs are just day game with music on, till late at least.
2.  Girls like dicks.  Show them you have one.  Make it obvious that as soon as the two of you are alone, she will be fucked.  You have to be a man at all times.  In any interaction, one person is acting the part of masculinity and power.  It better be me.  Lead and escalate shamelessly and unapologetically, cause persistance is flattering.
3.  Fuck state.  It's irrelevant.  I wasn't once in "state" all weekend.  I never once touched "nimbus" as Jeffy would say.  More importantly, I never once thought about how I was feeling, beyond maybe a simple acknowledgement.  Not a single thought.  I did some awesome things on program, and also had some epic fails, and oh yeah, I also got drop-kicked.  None of it registered.  Or at least not for very long.  As Nathan said: "The mind follows the body."  I was never in some sweet glorious mood, but because I took right action, my mind shut the hell up, and I was able to navigate situations like I've never done before.  All I ever need is action.
4.  Integrity and honesty with myself and my values.  Girls respect this, but more importantly I'll respect myself for it.  I now have faith in my journey and my path.  It can only lead to glory so long as I continue taking right action, continue speaking and acting from my core.  It's integral in life, and in the club.  You want to talk to a girl?  Do it.  You think she's hot and want to bend her over?  Then say that.  You want to pull her out of the club and don't know how?  Ask her how she can make that happen.  You wearing a wire and a microphone in a club and get called out on it?  Don't deny it.  Honesty always wins, whether it gets you what you want or not.  Be who you're meant to be, and no one else.

I want to thank all the guys for their efforts and company.  They definitely made it a life-changing weekend, and it’s obvious how much they care about getting positive results for their students.  These guys were taking bullets out there to help us get girls, not to mention literally telling some to go with us or give their numbers up.  So thanks “Charles” (haha).  It was awesome experiencing this with you.   You were another man by Saturday night.   Thanks Dave, who is seriously one of the most genuinely nice guys I’ve ever met.  I loved the sight of you on that behemoth mathematician.   I don’t know who you were winging, but I hope you were winging someone.  Thanks Matt, who is literally an animal in the club (ripping girls away from dudes and yelling in girls’ faces), for demonstrating the importance of saying what you want and truly not giving a fuck.  I guess that brownie didn’t care for anal. who we didn’t even meet till the middle of the night on Day 2, for being just an awesome dude to hang out with, both on and after program.   Good luck in Hyper Molecular Astrophysics.  That shit is hard.  And of course, thanks Nathan!  Your honesty and advice was just what I needed.  It’s ridiculous how much you put into each program, debriefing till past 3, staying up till 6 am every night reviewing a full nights worth of video, and perhaps most importantly, laying down the tough-love (though love nonetheless).  You’re transforming some already cool dudes into some very dangerous men every weekend, and there isn’t anything I’d rather have after my name than a huge freaking ( ! ).

And now, the journey begins…
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