November 19th, 2018
Distant Light "Socialite & Spiritual Monk"
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Yep it was good seeing you guys again, its been awhile... (It was Friday)

Just remembered that night some chick gave me half a glass shot of vodka in the middle of the night which killed me. An I said I wouldn't drink, then said would only accept 1 drink offered a night. Well that one drink was a lot. Saturday I was 100% sober despite K bringing an extra drink. I stopped myself from taking a sip.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Join Date: 08/22/2006 | Posts: 2390

FR: Friend 3some, Me Douchebag
It's obvious like an elephant in the room that I've become this very anti-social "Shallow" douchebag who clearly doesn't give a fuck about anyone and always seems to have fun ALONE. Think of me as the male version of a HOT CHICK, basically chicks look waiting/hoping sometimes I look back but at the end of the day nothing really happens. From an outside perspective it almost seems hard/intimidating to approach me and I clearly maintain a perception of "That guy is enjoying himself".

Irony of this whole thing is that I think it stems from my breakthrough or awareness of realizing how much fun I have ALONE so I guess subconsciously I fear someone will kill that fun. I know this because I'm always looking at nightlife now an judging it based on how much fun I have regardless of where I'm at and I notice when I speak to chicks I always mention that shit will get crazy tonight. Even more noticeable I tend to not want to text or care about interacting with anyone because in my mind fun is 100% guaranteed, it will not be boring for me so there is no reason for me to even really beg for chicks to come out.

Overall I am noticing shitload of douchiness that seems normal...
-  Outside a "High End" night venue these euro chicks who have amazing bodies had walked into the club and right out, apparently it wasn't crowded yet. My boy wanted me to talk to them, I had no intention on talking to them nor looking at them. The hot one is looking DEAD AT ME I remain super aloof knowing full well that I wasn't going to talk

-  Ended up at a "Shitty" night venue BUT there playing good music at times so I'm having fun ALONE an chicks are watching. There was a decent euro chick who had a nice body CLEARLY trying to get my attention. I say this because later on I happen to be next to her an she is doing everything I'm doing and looking dead at me.

-  Chick with 5 girlfriends keeps looking dead at me smiling an I am being my random dumbass in an unpredictable manner. One moment I super chill, then do random dancing, then randomly fooling with chick at our table, then hands in the air for no reason. About 4 guys approached this chicks group at once an she still was looking waiting/hoping I'd give her the opportunity to meet me.

Anywho, you know how this story ends basically I speak to NO ONE. It's funny in this club that didn't have quality I didn't even THINK to just chat with people, my new state of mind just tells me to chill alone and have a blast, I can't lie an say I don't have fun. Majority of the night I was hanging with my boy who had his asian chicks with him. Basically, my awareness for bi-sexual chicks are getting much higher as I now assume all chicks are bi-curious atleast. Well I tell my boy an in the end he leaves the venue with 2 of the chicks. For the most part I occupied the other 2 chicks while he was gone an of course I have no intention on pulling these chicks.

Despite not really approaching, I did get approached on the train coming out some chick who works for mta was talking about how she always see's me wondering who I am. Going home I saw this chick in a sexy style who looked euro from afar so I went to meet her and her gay friend. WELL, chick is american from LA no female polarity I chat for abit and eject. (Didn't even think to invite her out tomorrow)

BOTTOMLINE, although I haven't even put in an effort to get this stuff rolling I doubt my current state of being can pull off what I'm trying to do. How I feel internally can't be described in words other than BLISSFUL. I thought I felt good while doing spiritual stuff BUT somehow I've managed to feel even better just being aware of ME. This isn't good because currently I probably fear socializing due to someone taking me out of this state of mind. I know this is a factor because if I look at all my choices in my day to day life...
-  Eating is no longer eating it's this musical experience sorta like that movie "Rataouille" where it's different tastes coming together an a certain experience I create all in my head which makes the whole experience amazing. I started introducing my choice of beverage as an added dynamic for this whole experience.

-  Music I listen too is on another level as I mentally play out a music video as the song is playing and if my body moves its an expression of what I'm internally visualizing.

Got a headache so I'll just leave it at that, I'm not sure where this is taking me but I'm at a point where I just run with it and see where it takes me...
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Join Date: 08/22/2006 | Posts: 2390

FR: The Douchebaggery Doesn't End
Almost put this whole chapter to an abrupt closure, but NYC crew says I haven't even put in an effort...

I'm 100% sure that my fear is the fear of losing the FUN FACTOR I now have if I go socialize. For some reason being alone just chillin or acting utterly retarded has put me beyond cloud9. It's as if I feel my core existence an I then want to indulge, however like in MBT it's not all about "Feeling Good". Yes, fun is very important BUT growth is the whole purpose and honestly the only I think I'm learning about is new ways to have fun on an incredible level. So, lets get to the point...

How many people did I actually approach? ZERO, actually if you count 2-3 chicks who just randomly happen to walkby or be infront of me and I said/did something that caused them to just blow me out. The flip side is that I got approached about 5-6 times and like my boy stated SHITLOAD of chicks were looking/smiling at me. (I've been so into my own self/delusional that I don't even notice much unless it's super obvious)

This isn't subtle shit that I'm talking about...
-  When were first start chillin I'm being dumb posing and remaining elegant/classy. This is when my boy points out about 3-4 chicks who are looking an smiling. Only group I actually seen was this average chick who was CLEARLY looking dead at me an would not stop staring, she honestly reminded me of this chick who had a crush on me back in middle school. She'd be repositioning herself in her group so she has a view on me.

-  First two chicks who approached me were while I broke from the crew to chill in a area that didn't have a crowd. As I was sorta of moving side to side these two girl's started cheering an we had a brief moment but I let them go an remained as if nothing had even happened. When I go back to the crew in the crowded area I feel 2 different chicks grab a handful of my hair, I just smile say hi an let them go on there way.

-  While hanging with the crew, these two black chicks are standing directly infront of me dancing for a good 5mins. There blowing out anyone who tries to approach them an they keep looking at me as if I should say something. My boy points this out, I tell him I'm aware of it but don't want to talk. Eventually I just give a smile/nod and move away. There was also a 4set where this mixed looking chick kept looking at me as if I should say something, I say nothing. Sametime there is this chick with some guy an she is pointing at me BUT I don't even acknolwedge it.

-  Not sure how this went down but I was alone acting retarded an this girl came up to me, so I joke around for about 10secs. All of a sudden there is someone behind me who wrapped there arms around me waist and holding me tight, it's another chick who happens to be the girl's sister or something. As I was leaving this area to meet my boy some chick tapped me doing some dumb shit so I sorta went abit "Stripper" mode an this blew me out haha. At some point I was in a mixed group of 2 girls and 1 guy, not 100% sure how I managed to be interacting with them but I seen the guy signalling to his girl that it's ok if she interacts with me. (Also was some short chick doing the same shit the 2 black chicks were trying to do)

-  Right infront of DJ booth was these 4 spanish chicks who were very high energy an somehow I like bumped into one of them an it commenced a crazy moment where they tell me it's the tall one's bday. I hang for abit an just leave, didn't #close or anything.

The funny thing is I had a blast ALONE an at one moment when I was getting champagne at bar I was basically acting dumb with the bartender who was REALLY INTO IT. Thing is I walk around making shitload of noise saying "Bah Bah Bah Bah" as I walk around, people are always turning to see who the fuck is making all that noise. Despite me not doing SHIT or progressing in anyway, internally it felt like I had an amazing night and celebrated by eating some good food.

At the end of the day this is wrong on so many levels, first two being SELFISH and SELF-CENTERED...

P.S...Chicks don't even get the opportunity to meet me anymore because I don't even socialize anymore, for the most part I'm very closed off.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Join Date: 08/22/2006 | Posts: 2390

Progress Report: Calling Out The Bullshit
"The price of not growing and paying for a short term feel good illusion is opportunity lost, entropy gained, progress not made, misery prolonged, time/energy/life wasted." - Thomas Campbell "My Big TOE"

"Stop playing hooky from the learning lab in order to hangout in a feel good fantasy." - Thomas Campbell "My Big TOE"

It's obvious that I'm caught up in a "Belief Trap" where I've traded GROWTH in exchange for feel good BS. How is it I went from social/fun guy to complete feel good douche in less than a week? Last three times I was out, I've been caught up in this discovery of a state of being where I feel amazing to the point where in my mind I fear that socializing will lower that fun factor. Thankfully, I'm really into the exploration of consciousness so today I ended up calling out this bullshit fear...

I actually don't know if socializing will lower the fun factor because I have no FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE of actually just socialzing while still enjoying this state of being. Majority of my interactions the past 3x I was out was basically me being disinterested in order to avoid/end the interaction so I can maintain that FEEL GOOD level.

Introduction Of My Biggest Paradox...

I underate/doubt myself hardcore despite already having tons of first hand experience to back it up and I rationalize this in the most retarded ways in order to blame myself. Despite me actually not caring about whether a chick is in my life or not, I still rationalize that it's based on how I am as to why certain chicks aren't in my life. The most obvious is cool chick along with the 6'1 swedish chick I met on the train and this other 6ft chick I once met and bumped into a few days later. The other aspect is despite having those first hand experiences I refuse to just dominate because in my mind I consider it a way of being humble which is bullshit. Like they say in MBT I should be an inspiration through living proof...

This whole situation currently makes me seem very passive as if I have no control when really I have full control and can just dominate at any moment. Only time I've actually experimented with this was back when I'd walk in a venue chode just to see how it was BEFORE and AFTER I started doing my thing. It's obvious I could be killing things on levels beyond my wildest dreams but ever since I was young I noticed I hold back for the sake of not looking "Better Than Others" when it comes time for them to compare themselves. Perfect example is when interacting with high school friend's I ALWAYS underate what I'm talking about to the point where they think I'm heading down the wrong path, when in reality the possibilities are amazing. One high school friend actually got to SEE and was shocked at how I became, it actually inspired him.

The Cure...
Basically too much for me to even go into but the biggest factor is changing my interpretation of certain metaphors. The biggest one would be structure/organization because the way it's used in MBT is helpful BUT the way I've always known it due to how I interpreted it was restrictive/limiting. In reality it just makes me unfocused and dysfunctional. Only when I'm pissed (more like determined) at something am I focused an realize how much influence I actually have.

So I'm going to build the system, become more structured/organized and overall just grow. When I view things from that perspective I can see how everything would be like "Clockwork" and all these minor details would be irrelevant/insignificant. I know this because the best moments is when I was doing things like clockwork. (Ex. Working room, making out with every chick, #closing tonsof chicks)

The Creation Of Structure/Organization...

This is a six months "Is this even possible?" challenge because like everyone has said, I haven't even put in a focused effort yet to even begin evaluating the possibilities. Finally, I'm actually implementing the experimentation side of MBT an taking the long view of experiencing and learning in order to expand my awareness.

The Reality Show System
This is the community aspect of my life which I've already played around with the foundation of this, I've just never pushed the envelope to see how far this goes. In a nutshell, all I care about is living an interesting life I don't care if I ever hook up with a specific woman because there is always more and I don't need the validation of having sex with her.

At the sametime I understand women rarely meet a fascinating man so I provide that opportunity. This is the easy aspect since all I that is required is to plant seeds worldwide and within my homebase city. It also helps that I build/maintain always being surrounded by tons of incredibly beautiful women. The whole aspect of this was so I could be living my life while women revolved their life around me, competing for me, and ultimately trying to win me over in order to gain access to sex.

The Ideal Lifestyle System
This is the not so familiar area which I've started to venture and MBT has helped me to even think about walking this path. The most important aspect is taking full responsibility for who I am and what I do for a living because at the end of the day no one cares, no one is keeping score and no one can help you grow so they should have zero input on how you should be. With that said...

It's obvious a "Lifestyle Host" is the reality I choose to grow up in because it fits me best since majority of my interests/passions can be leveraged through an efficient social life. My biggest hurdle will be maintaining my focus an making the reality remain consistent by starting with the following...

Daytime Scouting (3pm - 8pm), I hate being awake in the morning/afternoon and during the evening I generally want to dine out experiencing the wide range of culinary artistry. As a result, I really should have no problem/excuse with just spending my evenings just meeting women who fit the brand. This is there opportunity to come into my lifestyle.

Pre-Events (8pm - 12am), this is where the whole "lifestyle host" begins especially here in NY there are so many cool things you can do. For me this would consist of group dining out daily and of course drinks whether at someone's place or at a cool lounge just to get the party started. The occasionals would be improv shows, watching a film, bowling, etc. (I've had many different ideas that are exclusive to my passions/interests/hobbies)

Main Event (12am - 3am), this is the highlight of my day going out to night venues and having a blast. It's no wonder why I want to go to all the party hot spots every year. Also I genuinely want to help the nightlife scene to make it as fun an enjoyable for everyone because majority of the time I'm clearly having the most fun. This leads to a wide range of avenues from creating the party, working the room, hosting, and making connections.

After Events (3am - 5am), this is an area that has sort of been forgetton but I remember way back I used to always bounce chicks to come eat with me. The whole focus now is just an extension of the night to keep the party/celebration going in a comfy atmosphere where anything can happen.

An aspect that used to affect me which I've now grown passed is when I hear people say "That's not living" or "You'll get tired of it". But, in reality if I look at my day to day life it's ALWAYS influenced by dining out, socializing and nightlife were the lettuce in my salad. All my other interests/passions were the added bonuses which if I did consistently I'd eventually get bored. However, dining out, socializing, and nightlife/hospitality is ALWAYS a new unique experience. This is the reason I stopped listening an had to remind myself that no one cares how I live my life nor can they help me grow up. Which is why I now want to find all the hottest bars/lounges, hotels, clubs, restaurants in my city and become a regular. Anytime I travel, I'd do the same exact thing I'd be doing here.

Perfect Example (Mental Masturbation)

1pm - Wake up an start working on computer
3pm - Finish working on computer and get ready for "Brunch Party" which is sorta becoming a trend in NY. Invite tons of chicks who now have an opportunity to try an win me over, bring out 1-2 cool/rich dudes, and few of NYC crew. Make sure everything is setup so there is no business related obstacles holding us back from having fun.
5pm - While there work the room, eat some good food, and party it up
8pm - Bounce our group along with the hottest/coolest new chicks met back to my place to pre-game for later tonight. While hanging out invite more and more chicks who weren't at the brunch party to meet at my place.
10pm - Group dining at another restaurant for more good food or karaoke as a group to overall get everyone into a social/fun state of mind
12pm - Roll to one of the top nightclubs where I'm hosting a table
3am - Bounce with 3 chicks to eat MORE FOOD or just go back to my place for a 4 person after party and let it lead wherever it leads :)
6am - Sleep/Meditate/Spirituality

In a nutshell almost every night revolves around going out at night and dining out UNLESS it's a special occasion, event or monthly thing. The flexible part is what I choose to do during the daytime which is why just scouting for chicks who fit the brand would work well since I dislike being up during the morning/afternoon. Evening is when I like to get my day going since everyone is generally getting off work and by time I get ready to go to sleep, most are waking up to go to work. In theory I could be socializing everyday 24/7 while doing my food quest, blogging, and helping out in the nightlife/hospitality industry. It's win/win as I get to enjoy all my passions including the ones I won't be doing daily and people have the opportunity to interact within a FUN and SEXUALLY LIBERATED environment while living a certain lifestyle that I've coined "My Ideal".

From there the system just keeps getting taken to the next level to the point where I could live in other specific cities for a week or 2 and also do the party circuit of...
North America: Miami, Las Vegas, Hamptons
South America: Buenos Aires, Punta Del Este, Ipanema Beach (Brazil)
Europe: Ibiza, Mykonos/Ios, St Tropez/Cannes/Monaco, Bucharest/Prague/Budapest/Krakow, Amsterdam, Berlin
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L Prince

L Prince

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 Glad you are back on track.

Becoming successful(at anything) is a process and a habit, something that can't faked with a one-time fluke. You constantly have to be on top of your shit.

And the process is not always fun and ideal, sometimes you have to be willing to dive into chaos. You know it might suck for who knows how long, but you just need to go through the period(well Damo had to do it till he finally got laid, but at least he did it).

As for you being too cool for school, I guess you just have to stop being too cool…haha. Think of a newbie who is just starting PU. He studies so much about PU and he can even get a PhD for how to get girls from the nerd layer thesis, but if he is not in field approaching and getting blown out, being humiliated, embarrassed and reality crumbled, I guarantee you he'd NEVER attain the long term consistent success. It's the fallacy of a perfect approach.

As people say that pulling is messy, being successful is messy. It's just like Tyler talks about Bill Gates "man that guy is so lucky" example in Blueprint, people think he is just lucky and just got rich by a snap of fingers without putting any noticeable effort or major problems, but that's just not the case. I'm sure he worked EXTREMELY hard and he got shit thrown at him all the time, dealt with crazy problems that might end his dream, etc.

So as I told you in person, I think you should quit after going super hardcore extreme and bare minimum get as many numbers as Mix has and text them all to see what happens. Drive yourself towards results oriented. Ask how many numbers you got, if you didn't get any you didn't do much for becoming the ultimate lifestyle host. Don't let external force affect you. You can be the leaf floating on the surface of stormy ocean, or you can be like Moses and part the red sea --- now that sounds REAL fun!
L PRINCE THE NYC CREW. Rolling out to the hottest venues -- (soon to be)Pulling the hottest girls -- I love this city!!

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 This is one of my favorite threads in the FR forum. I wanna make it out to NYC to meet the crew. Boston has so much less going on. 
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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"The cost of not growing is merely a logical result of not evolving which is a severe consequence." - My Big TOE by Thomas Campbell
The internal and external pressures have reached there threshold it's obvious both internally and externally that entropy within the system of my consciousness is growing which is horrible. This is because I haven't been growing an as a result internally I've become this passive who is dysfunctional and can no longer produce/manifest anything anymore. Externally, I'm not living my "Ideal" lifestyle consistently and my decision space (reality) is very constrained.

Last post I talked about changing the interpretation of certain metaphors being "The Cure". Well I've noticed my term for PISSED is actually FOCUSED since I feel no negativity nor have any bad intentions. Only thing noticable which is a positive, is that my intentions are clear and steady so for now on I'll just be that way. Moving right along...

Growth isn't a group activity an as much as I enjoy being around my parents and NYC crew I have to do this alone and take 100% responsibility for who I am and how I live this lifetime package. So as a result I've made a ton of changes that I must follow...
-  For the next six months I must roll solo (Few Exceptions)
-  All money I recieve goes to INVESTMENT in this lifestyle such as transportation, cover charge, etc. This is so I can sustain going out every day and night without worry of being low on cash.
-  Generally I always order/dine out so I'm now discarding this for the next 6 months and buying the cheapest food in bulk that way I don't have to ask my parents for money and can sustain going out developing all this everyday. I've got my whole life to have many fine dine experiences. (Lprince, there goes the sacrifice haha)
-  Will only roll with mix if I'm almost guaranteed to bring atleast 15 women with me
-  Will be willing to roll with the crew 2x a month (I need to remain fully immersed in building this lifestyle)

For me it's not about where I'm heading that caused me to snap, it's me sitting down here as opportunities present itself and knowing I have little to no control in turning these opportunities into a potential GREATER THING. My cousin who has his own liqueur texted me today saying he needed to reach 10,000 on his facebook drink page...
-  If I had my shit together I could've helped him out my cousin who has his own liqueur drink, today he texted me saying he needs to reach 10,000 on his facebook "Drink" page.
-  If I had my shit together an was focused I'd be able to get the whole NYC crew (maybe 10 guys max) into any venue I want because I offer tons of value in the nightlife scene
-  If I had my shit together I'd be dining out at great places everyday turning into a fat ass and drinking lots of champagne without care since I know I have an income that can sustain my lifestyle

Only shit I got going right now is this "Community" bs which I don't even care much about anymore...
-  Model chick from LA couldn't remember who I was so I just told her if she can't remember then forget about it
-  Chick I met 2 weeks ago who says she's seen me at this high end club, turns out she's a model chick (More suicide girl-like which isn't really my thing)
-  Cool chick is back from her 1 month trip, I happened to look at my old cell phone and realize she had texted me when she landed back in NY
-  Chick I fucked is retarded so I don't want to talk to her no more, will leave the door open if she wants to come out though
-  Other chick who I was supposed to fuck I never got around to talking to her again and honestly don't want to talk to her anymore
-  Black South African flaked hardcore but I already know she just goes where her friend's go due to how far she lives from NY, whenever she comes out, she comes out. Who knows if I'll be down for having sex.

As of right now I'm just immersing myself at an extreme level, all I do is listen to music while reading lifestyle/marketing books in order to filter out who and what I'm going for. I now see variety as a way to help people focus because they know what exactly there looking for if they focus in on what they want. For the most part I am focused in on tall women who are atleast somewhat attractive. Just like I have standards/criteria in chicks I fuck, I will have a standards in the chicks I hangout with and people I'm around. It's nothing personal just the way it has to be in order for the system to grow and become organized.

No more being a dysfunctional passive bitch, I have nothing but good intentions if I start runnning over other beings and they have issues/problems it's not my worries because I'm BEING GOOD. No more DOING GOOD which just leads you to be a passive bitch. Back when I would go into mixed groups no problem an indirectly own guys it was all in good intention of having fun. In my "Passive Bitch" era I stopped going in mixed groups trying to DO GOOD by not owning guys or causing some bad thing. FUCK THAT!!!!! 

I'm helping many things in this world by moving towards I'm headed, if I crush certain people or have to leave some behind it wasn't personal just a byproduct of change/growth. The consequences of me not going on this path is the result of being a "Passive Bitch" which I will no longer do just so someone else can FEEL GOOD!!!!!!

Next outing report will be the FIRST STEP of many..
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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FR: "Man, you better drop your philosophy that girl is MARRIAGE MATERIAL" - Mix
Cameback, HARD, I was suppose to go solo but mix told me to show up since the chick he works with is sick and the venue is abit more "High End" than most spots...

As soon as I enter the venue it began as I just OWNED showing people what care-free and social looks like while also providing opportunities for people to be social. I've never looked at myself in 3rd person until today an I'm...
-  LOUD, yelling and making noises, I don't even fucking talk I just make sounds and yell
-  Energetic, I now notice I'm oozing with energy an chicks are drawn to it
-  Having fun, this is the key to my game having genuine fun and allowing people to experience that level of fun

So when I first rolled in I someone ended up acting like I was texting some chick who was texting an next thing you know were jumping up an down screaming random shit, I'm playing drums on her tits and grabbing her hair. Now, understand this is a "High End" bottle service oriented venue so people are just looking as me and this chick act crazy and then she appears...

GORGEOUS TALL CHICK...I assume the first girl knew she had zero chance with me as this girl is just looking at me waiting for me to start interacting with her and it turns out she is energetic. I'm alternating between the two chicks until the first chicks friend show up an basically I get molested by them. I'm talking about chick comes up saying "Finally a guy who is NORMAL" an begins to twirl her ass and tits all in front of me which of course I flirt for abit even though I'm not interested. Gorgeous chick reopens me 2x an I tell her she has so much fucking energy, that I love it.

Go meet mix to tell him I'm in an we have the table in the back isolated area, the girl we know brought out this chick with an AMAZING THICK BODY. All my high school friend's would consider her a 10, even a random chick complimented on how perfect her body was. This chick clearly wants me to interact with her so I play around for abit and she clearly wants me to be physical as she now stood on the sofa as I play with her waist/ass area. But then...

GORGEOUS TALL CHICK appears which mix basically is telling me go for her, I tell him I met her already an it's on, he responds saying I should drop my whole outlook of "No Girlfriends" and keep this chick around because she is NICE!!! I'm laughing cause that won't happen regardless how hot she is. She comes over to me an I easily am more focused on this tall feminine model-like chick than this attractive 5'7 chick who has an amazing body. I then #close because I know there are more women out there and I need to go meet them...

Low an behold TWO TALL HOT EUROPEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I remembered one of these chicks was looking at me smiling waiting for me to talk to her as she walked by, but I was blocked by the 2 chicks molesting me. Well I wasn't blocked this time an here I was in the middle of the venue with the two tallest chicks. The irony is that I actually was bored with them for a moment and was about to leave them BUT it was as one of them knew this an she started investing abit more. Then GORGEOUS TALL CHICK comes an I'm now with 3 of the hottest chicks in the room. Male model dudes are walking by an looking, knowing thats the chicks they would like to talk to, unfortunately these two good looking men would be talking to ZERO chicks all night.

For a moment I forgot about gorgeous chick since I'm more attracted to tall european women BUT honestly when you get to a certain point in physical looks it's highly subjective in terms of which one I should actually go for. This thought would also cause me to learn a HUGE LESSON...

I spot where the 2 tall euro chicks came from, some model promoter dude who is with 4 of the hottest chicks in the venue. 2 are the ones I spoke to, 1 is similar to gorgeous tall chick who is seductively moving to turn on some guy who is rather aloof, and then a russian chick who is doing a similar seductive move to turn on some guy who is also aloof. My greedy ass wanted all the chicks on the table an so I begin what I do best CREATE THE PARTY...

So I'm now surrounded by 5 chicks doing this seductive/stripper like dance on one of them, cameras are flashing were all hyped and screaming. Russian chick wants a piece of me, the 2 tall euros want to leave there table and comeback. Around this time mix texts me saying gorgeous tall chick is alone bored, I went saw and thought "I'll comeback later I already have that in the bag, now I want those 4 hotties". Well, only thing that happens is me and russian chick has a non-verbal interaction behind her guy's back. The table LEFT, go back to mix to look for gorgeous tall chick and a FUCKING RANDOM is making out an fingering her.

I had a WTF moment an for some reason was so hyped up to now go out an meet another hot chick. Mix wanted me to just blow the guy out, but I feel no need to do such things anymore especially since I'll no longer chase chicks. An so I go do laps hardcore...
-  Not sure how I met this chick but all I know she goes ontop of the pillar an I'm holding her hips, I climb the pillar having a blast, I notice other chicks are point/looking/smiling at me from down below. Her friend comes up wanting to join in the fun and then TWO CREEPS come an basically scares them off. Also this random guy was very hyped to see me and throughout the night he kept tapping me all hyped. I'd later get opened by this chick who I #close telling her to come out with me tomorrow. She mentions she is basically going to one of NY's "Semi-Private" rooftops lounges with a pool you can actually swim in. She basically was inviting me but I already have plans.
-  Then I met this other chick right after the other chick got creeped out by those two creepsters. This chick asked to get pulled up so she can stand by me, she was with a dude, I just #close her right infront of the guy hahaha. Then I just leave, "On to the next one" style it was pretty hilarious since it was obvious she came up an asked for a boost just to meet me.
-  This chick who I think is friend's with gorgeous tall chick or atleast knows her since they were hanging with the same promoter table. Well this chick is trying to get me to pull her as my hands are all over her ass in tits in a seductive/stripper manner. The promoter guy hates this because she had positioned herself where her clit is on my thigh an starts lifting a leg up an my face is all in her neck as if I was kissing her. Random people was looking since it looked very passionate. The promoter guy then tries to get the girl to stand on the sofa so she can stop interacting with me. I honestly didn't want to pull this chick since I was now all hawk eyed looking for another gorgeous chick. Few mins later you see the promoter dude trying hard escalating.

Which I want to point out why I don't chase or try so hard to get things going. If she is down all you have to do is present opportunities, there is no reason or need to try and sorta persuade a woman to fool around with you. You'll always be in a mode where your looking to see if she is still interested and you might FEAR that you've lost her. When your not chasing an just present opportunties, when she runs with those opportunties you don't have to do anything because you know she took responsibility in making those potential opportunities/possibilities a reality.

This would prove true as later after gorgeous chick getting 3 #s that night including myself she ended up texting me later on. I texted back about to setup the "Text For Sex" sorta situation but I ended up going home before she texted back. Sometimes I may seem exterme since I don't care about lays anymore, don't do day2s, not interested in attractive chicks, etc BUT there is a method to the madness. At the end of the day, I'm living my life an women are just coming in and out whenever they please. (That chick I #closed who saw me at this venue before she was actually coming here but they rejected her this time saying she looked TOO CASUAL, I realized this is a model chick who sorta looks like a suicide girl)

At The End Of The Day...
-  If I was in the "Model Promoter" position I'd be getting laid exclusively by gorgeous women because for the most part they love me and its refreshing for them to see a guy who doesn't give a fuck about them and just likes to enjoy himself. As a result, when there with me they can drop all the BS masks an just cut loose being a total retard. They won't be self-conscious because they know there hot so they don't give a fuck about looking dumb.

-  Fun, Fun, Fun always trumps sexual/caveman...I used to be a caveman type of dude but I realized it's short sighted. While your focused on getting blown or blown out I can be with 1-2 different chicks I like an have other women run up to me all day as I collect there #s to potentially hook up with another time. So while working on one chick, I'm having a blast while planting tons of seeds and in the long run I'll just have a shitload of different options. The chicks generally will want to come out because they know it will ATLEAST be fun. I'm not boring at all haha.

-  Being flirtatious/sexual in a fun manner is the way to go, these chicks let me do ANYTHING as I generally end up checking out a chicks body due to all chicks letting me stroke all over them. There were moments where I just walked up to a chick's friend an put my face less than an inch from there face smiling EVERYONE ELSE always looks dear in headlights wondering what will happen. The shit is so passionate/sexual but it's all done in a fun manner which is what makes them love it.

-  Gorgeous women are all that matter, I'm truly not interested in other chicks for the most part. It was refreshing for me to be with these 3 gorgeous chicks having fun. Like when I view sex, I can see myself having sex with those chicks BUT when I view a cute or attractive chick it's like "Really!? You know there are hot women in the world right? Why would you even bother?"

HUGE NOTE: For the autistic men who meet a chick and makeout for hours JUST PULL if you feel like pulling. This guy who was with the gorgeous tall chick an another guy I seen at another venue. They were making out but I knew they wouldn't pull because all there doing is sitting in a club making out. I DO NOT makeout in clubs, heck I don't even makeout since I kiss for like 10secs an pull back and at max 30secs. Any finger/clit stimulation is generally done for fun an I'm usually NOT making out when I do such things, I'm just building the energy. When I've left the club them I actually makeout hardcore BUT in clubs I'm just bringing abit of passion through kissing.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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FR: All Business...
This consisted of almost no pickup and honestly it's best to say I'm no longer a "Community" dude as I do nothing that resembles any form of pickup. In a sense you can say average dudes are better than me in terms of women as two guys who generally come out was with two cuties and most likely pulled. Another guy, end up kissing one of my chicks and my other chicks were with these other dudes. A few other guys making out with some nice tall chicks and then a few guys pulling at the end of the night. At the end of the day I don't want to be any of those guys...

Today I invited all my chicks out for the first time in a long time, I didn't think nothing of it since I knew it would be weak. All my best women have flown out of NY as usual and 1 of the newest chicks (Probably the gorgeous tall chick, no clue who is who just know I met her yesterday) ended up flaking as she had a pre-game at her place. Unexpectedly suicide model chick just got off a shoot so I told her to come, she was with 2 guys who couldn't get in so I told her to ditch them an come in alone, she came with a friend who was pissed and left. Funny enough when she comes to say hi she instantly goes in and kisses me haha. However, she's abit sick an I'm not really paying attention to her since I'm basically running the table. Also this chick surprised me by showing up with one of her girlfriends so altogether I had about 5 chicks.

I'm noticing women love when I'm just walking around it's as if they can feel my energy. There were these 2 chicks next to our table who just couldn't stop looking at me, it was hilarious. Eventually I just roll up on one of them an you can tell she likes me BUT doesn't want to do anything infront of her 7 girlfriends. I'm not pushing it at all as I'm focused on managing the table, an playing with these 3 other chicks. All this time some dude tries to pass me his weed to smoke, a cool guy ends up buying me champagne, and I go back to the foreign chick eyeing me who tastes some of my champagne.

For the most part I'm doing abunch of NOTHING as I let this one guy chat up suicide model, I'm not pushing it with foreign chick and the 3 chicks I was playing with I'm not too interested. One of those three chicks were unattractive an moving very sexually an the shallowness in me was thinking "No fucking way I'd even mess with that".

Tonight was very business oriented, the only thing I really did was at the end of the night suicide model was asking where I was going since I was saying bye. I told her to text me in 30mins I want to go eat, my phone was basically dead all night got abit of charge in friend's car, she texted me 15mins later and wanted to meet up BUT I was too tired an didn't want to blow out the guy she was with who at one point did kiss her. Chick can always come back out an see me if she wants. Also, when leaving those 3 chicks where one of them was ugly was abit surprised that I was leaving as she said "What? You are!?"

All I'm really focused on is changing myself to be so amazing that I can intermingle all aspects of making money, living my life and just hooking up with hot chicks. Tonight, I realized I was not motivated to talk to any chicks since the quality was no where near as good as the "High End" spot we go to on friday's. At the sametime I should be interacting with all these chicks.

Potential Possibility...

My outlook on pulling is drastically different as of late. I notice I'm always viewing it as "Work" now as I get cranky just thinking of the idea of pulling certain chicks. It's sort of a loop of "Really!? First I gotta do xyz then xyz and then spend time doing xyz, holy fuck that's too much". (xyz being the creation of some sexual activity)

I think my verbals have gone to shit since I do not talk anymore besides yelling, singing and making sounds. However, the times that I do actually talk I remember it's generally along the lines of me qualifying them so who knows if my verbals are horrible now. It's possible that certain moments in the past month I probably opened my mouth an killed the whole interaction. This is all just possibilties that might be true, I don't know for sure...

In this video, this is basically all I do MAKE NOISE...

P.S...My computer is all shitty so I can't see videos good on here, so let me know how the quality is that way I know whether or not to actually take footage. Sucks, I never take footage of the best moments since I'm generally in the middle of it all haha. This was just a test since I just bought this from Lprince and on my phone it shows well...
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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LR: Another Eastern European Tourist...
Tonight I basically almosted died, however these are the lessons learned...

"Going Out Solo = Productive" - When I reached the city I realized mix said he wasn't coming out and instantly thought "Fuck! I'm alone" and like a green beret who just lost his fellow comrade I instantly moved on since I knew what needed to be done. I won't lie if I had realized what mix was texting me I would've stayed home to watch amazing race and next iron chef with my brother. For those who don't know me I HATE being bored an without any crew members I can't HANGOUT aka CHODE. As a result I was FORCED to be AWESOME.

Overall, I notice when alone I create memorable experiences that are raw and uncut because that's the only avenue of FUN I know of when alone. It's not the "usual" either for some reason when alone I take it to the next level.

"Level Of Fun = UNREAL" - Lets just say there were 3 moments when I should've collapsed falling off the pillar smacking my face to the floor because I was always at the brink of dehydration BUT I couldn't stop having fun. I swear it's as if I had a mixture of drugs to put me in a euphoric state of trance because the level of happiness/enjoyment is better than a ORGASM. If kobe was to hit a buzzer beater to win the championship he'd feel exactly how I feel when I'm partying raw and uncut. Whatever area I was in, it looked hot because people got sucked into the energy and they themselves became much more care-free.

Overall, I notice women love fun to the point that they'll chase a man who is 100% care-free having a blast. The best thing about all this is that "Fun" is abstract meaning alot of things, at the end of the day girls just wanna have fun/sex. Also, when a woman meets a man who can guarantee them fun they'll chase him because a woman can get the "Sexual" dude at any moment all she has to do is throw herself at him, but the social/fun guy is much rare so when he is present THEY CHASE. This might explain why when your in caveman mode you tend to close the chicks who were already DTF. Almost all my pulls had a "Wow were having so much fun we should celebrate through sex" aspect to it.

"African Dude = Natural" - It's ironic, I always tell guys if they had zero AA, didn't give a fuck and truly just wanted to fuck chicks all they'd have to do is go up and escalate. Well this is the foundation of how this guy is an he's good at it, although I pulled before he did I did spot him about to leave this chick then all of a sudden start making out with her. Funny chatting with him because outside when I was on the corner he said hi an told me how one of the doorman's don't like him since he fucked one of his girls. He also had a backup "Pull", he told me he has a chick meeting him at another club at 2am just in case. (Basically he's been doing what I've just started/learnt recently)

Overall, this guy rolled up to table I was at just chatting the chick he wanted, he rolled up to the table next to me chatting to the chick he wanted, and he even lifted up some chicks onto the pillar so they could interact with me. He just keeps going until something hits an I can tell just based off how he is, the chicks he goes for, and his interactions his way of being makes hooking up with chicks consistent.

Memoirs Of The Night
It all began at a bus stop eating mexican food, despite rushing like a soldier I still got to enjoy like the rat in "Rattaouille". Walked to the club area which was almost a ghost town minus promoters trying to get whoever was willing to come with them. Keep in mind my situation...
- There is no bus that runs at this time of the night where I live so I can't go home
- There are barely any women on the street, atleast 4 promoters hustling the streets and I need to walk in with atleast 1 girl. The 1 girl (sucide model) was still feeling sick so she wasn't going to show up.

Once I hit the corner of the club I approach these 2 tall chicks, goes good but they're trying to find there friend. I don't push shit anymore so despite them willing to come with me after they find they're friend, I forget to #close because I was about to pass my phone but spoke again which caused me not to and then I never actually handed one of them my phone. Right after 4 tall chicks walk by an I approach, again going well and a FUCKING HOMELESS MAN starts spitting his routine to me. This creeped the chicks out an also annoyed me since I didn't want to be a total dick. It was already bad enough that I was standing next to 2 homeless men and 2 drug dealers. Another 2 tall chicks walk by but they already know promoter, this however sparks one of the promoters to chat me since he likes my method of approach. Finally, 2 chicks walk by who I stop, there looking for a different place but I tell them where I'm going and there down so I get in FREE, they pay 10 dollars.

NOTE: I've noticed women love when I keep my energy within and "burst" out in controlled moments it's like a drug when they get a glimpse. I noticed this because with the exception of high energy screening, when I'm screening I'm very aloof and when self-amusing it's like I opened an closed a valuable chest causing there eyes to sparkle as they say "Wow, what was that". Writing this now, it's possible due to me generally always self-amusing women weren't even able to connect with me on that FUN level. Back in the day I'd screen but recently I haven't been talking only making noise.

These chicks were into me but of course I'm not attracted so I don't actually get sexual. For the most part I'm just mixing texting and dancing abit. Looking back now, one of the chicks was really working me wondering why I'm on my phone constantly, why I don't have a drink, and is amused when I grab her saying "Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is hov". She really thought I was introducing myself until she heard the song haha. Her friend also left me an her alone which she was willing to makeout but again I'll only go so far with a chick who chases me and I'm not interested. Meanwhile behind me was this chick from ukraine on the platform dancing like an eastern european hottie, I was smiling an had to go up there to meet her. Chat for 2mins an I'm gone...

NOTE: Short set method is the key for me, I'm thinking about just meeting all the women in the whole venue in the manner that I met this ukranian chick. Our first interaction didn't last any longer than 30secs it was as if I went up there just to say hi.

At some point the 2 canadians leave to check out the orginal place they were heading to and so I go on the platfrom acting like a dumbass. Of course, chick ends up coming up too that way she can interact with me and have fun. What made it even more epic is the fact that her guy friend was recording our whole "Homo Erotic Mating Dance" and EVERY CHICK could see us because were high up an being rather wild. Once again this chick isn't hot enough for me to fuck but I never straight up deny a chick for chasing me, I always make them feel good. I was nose to nose with her, kissed her neck an stroked her thighs to her thong.

During this time I noticed the promo chick was here with some friend's so I chat with her an get some cranberry because I'm going to die already. At this moment 7 attractive women come into the vicinity so I instantly think "FUN NOW" an I start my crazy antics again which causes these chicks to literally come into venue thinking "Will just check it out?" to thinking "OMG, lets have some fun tonight!". These chicks went on the platform an was dancing together. How I actually met them was because the tall blond who was the hottest (Although I liked one of her other friends more due to her wearing a oktoberfest-like dress an long pony tail looking very eastern euro like) looked over at me so I think I pointed at her an she came over. The only words uttered were "Do you live in NY? Nice!! Your definetly partying with me". 5mins later of yelling, screaming, making noise, and being physical I hand her my phone which she puts her # in and I text.

Infront of me is a few of the chick's friends, along with the asian chick who's friend was recording me, and 2 other asian chicks that I've seen before.

That was the tall blond's friend who I somehow was interacting with before I took this video. The video is right when I was #closing blondie. (Notice my phone coming back to me, other video you can see her # on my phone so can't put that up haha) Chick in video I was teasing, constantly putting my face right infront of her's as if I was going to makeout.

NOTE: I've noticed this is an easy way for me to #close because it's obvious I ALWAYS seem to be having fun and generally the most fun. Only people I ever seen who even potentially reach my level of enjoyment/fun is a huge mixed group screaming "Ooooo O O O ooooo O" and even then it's a collective group, I'm just one guy with all that fun/enjoyment. I could probably rake up on meeting chicks if I were to #close in this manner.

I'm not sure when this actually happened BUT there was an attractive/stylish euro looking chick bored out her ass sitting down. She was looking, I wasn't going to approach because in my mind "Why would I stop having so much fun just to interact with some chick who is bored". Eventually, I drop down an she says she is waiting for someone. Basically trying to blow me off since I dropped down an pulled her in so I could speak. In her mind she thought I was hitting on her, irony is I was actually screening to find out if she was european. She says no in a "I know your trying to hit on me" manner. However, I leave her in a "You don't make the cut" manner once I found out she wasn't european and sprung right back to the group I was with having a BLAST. I could see this chick looking an abit shocked at the opportunity she just lost, although she was actually waiting for someone.

This blondie I forget exactly how I met her, all I remember is she opened me an her and her friend was grabbing me speaking in that same horrible voice. I'm not sure why I never #closed this chick because she was energetic enough for me to have around as you can see in the video where she was actually coming towards me while I was recording so I put the camera on her. Also, this chick from UK I sorta met in a similar manner, she sorta came on the platform by me and so I started interacting with her. She had a nice accent, I wasn't willing to pull nor does she live in NY so other than giving her a fun moment it was going to go nowhere.

Table Dynamics
The two aspects that I'm not really mentioning is that behind the platform I'm standing on there is a table with 4 black chicks who are so much fun. Many of the moments where I was dehydrated was due to interacting with them. One of the blessings of a black woman is her curvy body an these chicks knew how to move it. I genuinely had an amazing time creating the party with them, they helped our area look hot since it wasn't just me buggin out.

As a result any chicks around us or anyone looking from afar wanted to be on our side of the venue since we were clearly having the most fun. It got so crazy that chick was simulating giving head, there was some booty poppin in a very elegant/classy manner, and one dude lifted chick up where her was basically in her face, he trips falling on me an my drink fall on both of them, were cracking up.

During this time ukranian chick shows back up out of nowhere and man is she hot. Eastern european women move so elegantly, I'm holding her hips, pulling her in by the belt loop on her jeans as I tell her I won't make her fall off the platform. (She says she trusts me) I put my face infront of her face as if I'm about to kiss her. I can see she non-verbally is saying "Your crazy" which means "Your amazing". At one point I step down on the 2nd level of the platform so she is now clearly taller than me since she's 6ft. I'm holding her hips as she moves seductively an I'm looking up snapping at her as if I want to makeout with her. In this moment I noticed if I was up on the platform fully we would've kissed then. I ended taking her #...

By this time it was getting late, I was thristy, tired, with abit of alcohol in me. (Drank but been sticking with the 1 drink offered per night) Honestly, I said "Ok, I'm calling it a night I am too fatigued" then as if I was having a conversation with myself I say "What!? No one told you to party so hard, just be lazy go up an makeout with one who meets your standards". Scanning the room having fun of course, I notice another tall eastern european chick similar to the ukranian I recently #closed that night.

Eastern European!!!!!
Call it what you want she was in the middle so I drop down, stroke her hair like I do every chick and just makeout with her. I say "nice" in russian which she responds, I find out she is from eastern europe and leaving tomorrow. GREAT!! I move her off dancefloor an say "How the fuck did you just do that?" She doesn't understand english too well haha so I just wall slam her and commence making out. Funny mix and I were joking about this today but guys who makeout in clubs for an extended period of time generally don't end up having sex.

It's funny how back in the day I'd try to get contact details while on my way to a chicks place. Once I realized my phone died I didn't even bother an just decided I'd fuck and never see her again because she's going back to her country anyway. So taxi ride to her friend's place, I commence the usual sexual shit, although I'm even more aggresive slamming her around since she is MY TYPE.

The irony of this whole situation is she forgot to tell me her friend's place is 1bed an it would turn out that the friend is knocked out on the couch. In that moment she acted like the place was her own an the bed was her own because that's where we ended up. For some reason when I'm in that passionate/tension moment I don't give a fuck so it didn't register that the dude could wake up an be pissed. All I cared about was giving this chick a crazy animalistic experience.

I wish I could describe how everything was, all I know I enjoyed giving this chick sex the most out of any chick I've ever had sex with. The feminine energy, height, accent, an eastern european facial features caused me to really bring the passion and this is the main reason why I don't want to have sex with cute chicks who barely motivate me because I was doing all sorts of shit.

In the end, it turns out she saw me having blast earlier but from the sound of it, she was probably intimidated because I was ALWAYS with girls for the most part. Of course she liked my hair as she touched it alot, but like all chicks it's how I flirt with them that makes them love me. This is mainly due to me flirting exactly like I have sex. Basically a chick can tell how I have sex by watching how I dance or just plain ole physically escalate.

P.S...I've noticed one thing I can't express in writing is my approach to sex, this girl felt very sexy/desirable due to how I am when having sex. (I believe sex starts when you first meet) In my mind, it's almost as if she never had a person truly desire giving her pleasure and a memorable experience exclusively. I still don't feel the physicality of sex is as good as certain altered states and when I'm partying hard to orgasmic music.

P.S.S...I highly doubt there will ever be a time where I can record at the crazy moments since I'm generally the instigator. In those moments I'm having way to much fun to even think about recording which is why I only record on my downtime. Overtime though I'll post longer/better recordings, although I only want to put things in perspective.
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