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Distant Light "Socialite & Spiritual Monk"
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Review Of Last Night
The drunkness has sorta settled minus the massive headache which is keeping me in the house today. I was going to go out solo an bring some russian chick to come with me. Looking at last night events there were lots of choices and options, a few opportunities to pull and at the end of the day these were all the wrong moves. The ONLY way this would've been considered a successful night in my eyes is if I had #closed the 2 hotties who approached me and also do 2-3 laps #closing all the tall beauties that I seen walking around. Instead I was with some older chick sucking champagne off her tits and with a short jewish girl who's never fooled around with a black guy haha.

This is only the 3rd day running back on full throttle so lots of the structure of my  "Roadmap" is still highly unpredictable since I'm exploring the foundation right now. Basically, I have to start from scratch to reconfirm that everything I used to do in the past actually produced an objective measurable result because I have a slightly changed perspective. Instead of exclusively being a desirable dude, I'm also a "Lifestyle Host" so I can't go about certain things in the way I used to be when I was just meeting women to see who would make the cut.

Also the natural jewelry dude was persistent in such a non-needy way. It was almost as if he had similar mindset as me except was willing to persist. He assumed the pull was going to occur an any BS that stated otherwise he'd blantantly state it's going down in a slightly joking manner. The taxi dude was trying to talk to his girl an he's like "A A A just drive man haha you can't just steal my girl that I'm fucking tonight". When my chick went into the hotel saying she'd go to sleep natural jewelry guy was like "Damn, its her lost she was with distant light but going to see her lame FB".

During that moment the pissed friend was reading the text an stated to us that she did that to bring over her fuckbuddy. I told the friend my girl was pissed cause she saw me making out hardcore with short jewish chick AND she also saw 2 hotties run up to me and another 4 other attractive women basically a few feet away non-verbally playing with me. Before I even met jewish chick, she was already giving me the finger due to these chicks coming up to me and seeing I had MORE THAN ENOUGH OPTIONS. What caused the mix up was she started purposely talking to other guys trying to see if I'd get jealous BUT she doesn't realize I don't care at all.

The interaction between the short jewish chick and the lesbian was an amazing experience BUT gayass bouncer who always tells me I can't stand in certain spots comes to cblock saying were closing up an need to clear the area, FUCK YOU SON! Haha. But really though she just walked up saying "I saw you making out with that chick" which was older chick an she probably seen all sorts of "Homo Erotic Mating Dance" makeout positions...

"All Chicks want me" I just generally prolong things for the sake of having fun. So I makeout with her an create that passionate and intense atmosphere so she is all on me. Two mins in I'm finding out where she lives and say "Lets go" hahaha an start walking to leave but she mentions she has a suite with friend's so I say will consult with them if it's ok. This is all between making out an then we eventaully become aware of lesbian due to jewish chicks friend's guy an girl spotting us. The lesbian came up talking about how the friend's ruined such an amazing moment, she said it was hot watching me and her makeout an she can clearly see that jewish chick was full on me while I still was holding back, which was 100% true. So it looked like this chick was molesting my face hahaha.

This is when she begins talking about all sorts of sexuality related thins, it first started with her asking if I was into men hahaha. Jewish chick confess she's been with her best friend before. I'm actually thinking about screening for bi-sexual chicks for now on. At this point, lesbian basically mentions that things were so hot that we need to go fuck right now. My girl wants to but has to see if it's ok with her friend's, I overhear lesbian saying she has a nice one an needs to pull me asap haha. This would end up falling due to me jumping ship to help natural jewelry dude with older chick and her friend. Dumbass move on my part...

Lessons Learned
The main thing is time an continuing to move forward in the general direction because the "roadmap" doesn't have enough organization and structure yet to be highly effective. Saturday as well as friday could've been amazing nights in terms of being effective on all levels but I'm just not used to all the multi-tasking and processing yet. However...
-  Be the animated fun guy ALWAYS and never confuse people. It isn't any more clearer than last night that showed this is the way I enjoy being the most. The older chick could tell from when I first met her that I was a crazy dude and the swedish chick on the train friday assumed I nonchalantly go around just playing with people on the train. In this state of being I can't get rejected because I'm not hitting on no one and nothing bad can happen regardless of what I do. Also I noticed when I stop being this way I become this zombie who is sorta meditating, all chicks have found hanging with me boring in this state of being because it's clear that having fun an being retarded is actually how I truly enjoy being.

-  Being carefree is KEY to how I am because in this state of being I'm having the most fun and it also shows people what being comfortable and carefree looks like. I'm just enjoying myself without waiting or caring for something to happen, a shitload of people generally watch an wonder "How is it that this guy can just enjoy himself and have fun". Some chick next to older chicks table was saying "You really are enjoying yourself" I laughed and just said "As always". This is what makes women want to be around me which is why SOCIAL + SEXUAL being is the only actual things needed to know in order to get laid.

-  FUN FUN FUN is the most important thing regardless of the woman's age. More important than high value, game, lifestyle design, etc. I've noticed chicks want to be around all the fun and the most fun. After being the care-free animated fun guy I notice people want to be around me and will do anything to get that chance. Women were helping me pull, women were approaching me, women were trying to get my attention from afar, and men generally offer me things. It's as if everyone had a better night because I was there.

"There really isn't any downside to having fun UNTIL the moment you care about things happening"
This was huge since this wouldn't have been possible at all if I cared about something happening. It's a mindfuck because I need to meet lots of women BUT I can't care about actually meeting them or what the night even entails. Basically I can't logically or intellectually try to control the process, I must let the results come to me by just BEING.

The right internal clicks produces the right reality an last night I realigned with those internal clicks that causes women to wait/hope they get pulled. Having lots of options an only effort needed on my part is deciding which chick to go home with. However, I didn't have the internal clicks to take advantage of the opportunites of getting the #s of the two hotties who approached me and the other 3-4 who basically non-verbally opened me from afar. That would've been 6 women who were good enough to bring to any of the high end spots.

Regardless, to a normal person going to a nightclub making out, sucking champagne off chick tits, stimulating chicks from the back, chick going as far as blowing out a guy so you can possibly pull her friend, talking to dyke lesbian who is telling you and a chick should fuck tonight because it would be explosive sex is a rather good night. Just from my perspective current perspective knowing where I'm headed all that wasn't profitable at all, just another cool story that my high school friends would say "Wow, crazy story".

P.S...The natural jewerly dude is in NY for 4 months trying to get connected, he invited me to go to some event in two weeks, so will see what happens.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Join Date: 08/22/2006 | Posts: 2390

FR: I'm whoring it son! Weekday's trumps weekend's!!!!!!!
Why haven't I been going out on the weekday's since I first turned 21. My Big TOE is 100% fucking right, you don't need to perfect plan to discover your "Theory Of Everything" so longs your walking in the right general direction you'll eventually get it. That reminded me that so longs I went out an got some form of experience I was moving forward and damn what an accomplishment. I won't lie saying I straight up killed it BUT...

I was sick, (Headache, Stomach Ache) super fatigued and almost didn't go out. The only thing that cause me to go was moving one step at a time to get ready. Next thing you know it took me 3 hours to get my ass ready and hitting the city. Even worst I approached ZERO in the daytime, ate horrible food again, and hit my fav bakery only to become sick. I wanted to go home despite lasting till 11:30pm, so I lie to myself saying I'd check out the club district and then go home.

Man, I bumped into this chick I #closed on friday who I bumped into saturday and she basically saw me chilling. We joke about saturday where I basically tell her the story of that night haha because she was saying "You looked like you really enjoyed yourself that night". I asked her why she didn't come up to me, she said she didn't know how to approach me in that moment because I clearly was having so much fun and she saw me making out.

Now the biggest thing about tonight is that I'm feeling like DISTANT LIGHT the man who run's shit and is fascinating as fuck. I'm interacting with this homeless dude, an then end up chatting to this guy next to me who has 2 chicks. Turns out he's a promoter an I get him to let me into one of the hottest "Tuesday Parties". These chick's love me an everyone is cracking up. At this point I kiss the chick I #closed on friday, I'd later find out she is very feminine but face isn't great.

Party Party Party Party!!!! Damn, hotties, celebs, music, FUN!!!
Sorry no footage due to me always being in the middle of all the action during the peak moments, only had footage of the downtime which was horrible footage. At the beginning it was so packed that I didn't even want to mingle and approach so I chilled at the promoter's table with the chick I brought in. We were kissing abit an then I notice the chick didn't want to fool around in the club. She wanted to get PULLED ASAP...

Most community guy's would've just went for it, but fuck that this was such an epic party that I wanted to enjoy the night THEN pull if the situation arises. She ends up leaving to go meet a friend, cool. This gave me the opportunity to start mingling an instantly I hop on the booth where the go-go dancers were dancing and commence "Homo Erotic Mating Dance".

Homo Erotic Mating Dance = Most Profitable Way Of Self-Amusing...Instantly I have 3 chicks come up around me an one chick is following my every move, I forgot to #close her. Later on I go back to that same spot an 4 new chicks come up around me BUT there not attractive. Finally I drop down an go in the MIDDLE of the club next to the 2 tallest chicks and I start chatting to them. Their both with this tall good looking nigerian dude who I thought was a promoter BUT I still do my shit.

Next thing you know this 6'2 hottie is all over me and is trying to kiss me and talking about how amazing I am. However, I'm prolonging the kissing an everything which then causes some RANDOM GUY she knew from earlier to come up, grab her and start making out. He was trying to pull, which I later found out his first attempt failed as she cameback to REOPEN ME. While she was gone her friend had opened me, I was actually in the zone just being retarded since the DJ clearly seen this mofo right here is enjoying house music TOO MUCH. The friend was also 6'2 hottie an she kept saying I was amazing too. Then these 2 black chicks show up an next thing I know I got two black chicks on my side and this hot 6'2 blondie infront of me. This is when the original chick comes back to reopen me and I now have 4 chicks all on me. I #close original 6'2 chick who puts "Mtv" at end of her name. I'm not exactly sure how she's affiliated with mtv but ok. At the sametime since black chicks saw me #close, I just took one of the black chicks numbers so she can come out with me.

Eventually, I started looking around an the quality was gone, I had ZERO MOTIVATION to even attempt to pull some medicore chick. After having hot chicks all over you, settling for an average cutie is so unfulfilling. The funny thing is when I was about to leave the 6'2 blondie was about to leave nigerian dude and come home with me. This would've been such a dick move to steal his girl and pull SO I made sure she stayed with him.

Insights & Lessons - All based on FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE
-  Fun is the MOST IMPORTANT THING, there is no downside to having fun until the moment you care about things happening. Women want to be around the MOST FUN and ALL THE FUN.

All I have to do is have fun alone an women will start flocking around me an from there I just turn into the tasmanian devil talking to everyone within my radius. The women just get sucked into all the fun an like a drop of a hat their ready to do anything I present. Chicks most likely will let me bounce them, #close, kiss or pull them rather quickly. Honestly, all this could possibly be done like clock work. If I had my own place pulling would be SUPER EASY because chicks would love to go back to the "After Party" with me. It's 1,000% guaranteed that she'll have fun being around me because all I care about is having fun.

-  Women want to become attracted to you and want hooking up with you to be their idea. Pursuing them even alittle is like being alittle pregnant.

I bring this up because I notice ALL women become attracted to me just by observing and interacting with me while I'm self-amusing. They are ready and DTF but everytime I've kissed a girl an then start just going in for the kiss I've noticed a slight change in the dynamic as if I'm REACHING ABIT. I need to remain being that playerish dude who doesn't give a fuck an just having fun. All I needed to do to pull the chick I #closed on friday was to say "Lets go"

-  Experience leads to learning which leads to growing. Growth is the internal changes of "Why you do what you do" and becoming more than your current capabilities.

Socially, I'm a fun guy who has a blast partying, meeting both guys and girls. I'm also a sexual dude who now just "Whores" it up again escalating and making out with chicks as if it's like shaking hands. Starting to feel more decisive again where daytime I just want to get to the point and move on and majority of the time I just think of "Lifestyle" related activities.

Potential Possibilities
Weekdays is where it's at, no wonder celebs and NYers rather party on the weekeday's. For me I notice I can easily build a group of chicks who roll with me during the weekday because the people who frequent it won't change much from week to week and it will become apparent that I'm one of the most fascinating men in the room. So eventually they'll all start coming to me an wanting to hangout. (Mtv chick wanted me to text her to come out before she goes back to miami)

If I have women coming out with me in the weekday's I'll rake up on all the hotties within the weekday's and it will spill over to the weekends. In no time I'll have a group of women that TRULY PARTY HARD and consistently go out whether it's weekends or weekdays. I'm also thinking for DAYTIME since I'm not much of a fan of daytime anymore I'll just be direct about wanting her to come out an party. (Regular chicks) While the hotties I'll just interact with as if they potentially might be able to have sex with me and immerse them into my lifestyle. I've noticed most hotties if they party know somebody so just getting them to come party won't be enough. She must get the perception that she might have a chance at getting with me.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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FR: Detours, Storms, & Indecisively passing up a lay...

Thursday started off on a bad footing since I've been playing around with "Hemi Sync" Binaural Beats and it's possibly hurting all my progress of naturally shifting realities. All it's doing is putting me completely unconscious and wednesday night I decided to play this 8 hour long lucid dream edition. Man o man I was unconscious for 10 hours, woke up remembered a vivid dream after about 2 hours later and also was so tired that it felt like I never slept. In the moment I was wondering "How do people live if they feel this fatigued 24/7" only to remember it's this stupid binaural beats.

Start texting the few #s I have on my new phone which resulted in 4 chicks down UNTIL a fucking tornado/storm comes through which as it hit I was going to go outside to run in it like a dumbass. For some reason I love natural disasters an rarely get to experience any. This causes all my chicks to not come out except 1. By time I head out, I realize there is no bus and cab almost doesn't want to take me until I work my magic and get him to drive a long detour. This killed my pockets an by time I reached I met up with Russian chick and Miami Natural.

Things get weird because she stays for about 30mins an then leaves, mix had bounced 4 asian chicks with him to another venue that was DEAD and he saw her. She told me she was leaving due to work tomorrow morning BUT I think she left because I didn't attempt to pull OR somebody texted her to go there and she realized it SUCKED. She wants to come out tomorrow though to check out one of the high end spots. I was abit annoyed by that an was laughing at her poor decision. That chick I bumped into on tuesday also did something similar, leaving because I didn't pull.

I do not want to pull at the start of the night an miss out on all the fun, I need to meet more attractive women, and overall enjoy the whole experience. However, these chicks just sit around waiting/hoping that I pull. Don't understand why they can't just enjoy themselves and have sex with me later. Anywho, I'm with natural miam dude since mix was pulling some chick back to his place.

Natural Miami dude is good, he was the guy I was with when pulling those chicks to the suite. This guy is similar to me, meaning he is social and likes to dance. He was talking to guys, girls, he got cblocked, he got #s, and probably pulled at the end of the night. He was chatting up all the chicks and doing well.

The Indecisive Pull

There was a 5'9 blond chick with glasses that was cute. She was just fascinated by me like many women nowadays. She litterally mentioned that she is too attracted to me for some reason and can't help herself. She's grinding her ass all over me, doing very seductive shit despite lacking the female polarity. Honestly, my dick wasn't jumping at all and I thought about just dropping the possibility.

Then she got approached by about 3-4 different dudes an she'd eventually blow them out only to comeback to me. I asked where she lived and told her at the end of the night I'll come over to her house. I asked her address an she tells me BUT I have bad memory haha. So when she leaves I tell her I'd text her in 30mins and I'll come over. She says ok, BUT one of the sloppiest an forced #closes occur due to me not having service in that area. Also 30mins was a long ass time. I texted her BUT then it started raining and I told her forget it I'd drop by another time.

I'm a lazy ass who didn't want to wait around and walk in the pouring rain, so I went home. An instead walked through a maze of fallen trees and crossing a highway to get home. Honestly, I was enjoying it abit too much jumping in huge tree holes and going down random blocks to try and take pictures. Most are probably saying now "This dumbass is enjoying taking pictures of a tornado-like aftermath when he could've been having sex". Either way I'm not sure if I would've been turned on because she lacked female polarity. Whereas the chick on tuesday her face isn't that great but she is very feminine and looks like a gypsy in terms of style. There was also some black chick who was DTF who I might've pulled back when I was in high school.

Gotta Crack Down...
Honestly, I have not commited to tearing shit up and realize I have LOTS TO LEARN, LOTS. Been re-reading interviews of successful nightlife people an there out everyday working hardcore. Many of my apps on my phone haven't been implemented nor have I even worked out a program to begin exploring this whole reality. Right now I've just been doing the bare minimum to get by. I need to start getting serious and being productive.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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FR: Just a drunk session...
The day started off on a total jihad of wanting to move out in the next 7 months. I was suppose to host a table by myself which I was looking forward too. However, I had alot of problems at home and when I went out I ended up getting DRUNK. I've only been super drunk one other time an this time I was almost at the brink. I had russian chick meet up with me, she ended up leaving to go to another club.

The whole situation was hilarious because I was SUPER DRUNK talking to mix and trying to compose myself. Outside the night venue waitign for russian I was lying on this platform where a forklift would put it's product. I was sitting in a "High" state not moving at all because any movement would make me dizzy and feel the need to vomit. There were women around me but I couldn't talk so I finally just lied down on the platform on the phone trying not to pass out.

The DOUCHEY DOORMAN comes to check on me which is surprising since he didn't let me in last time I was here. 10mins later russian shows up an I have her escort me to the doorman who I just speak to and he wisk me right in. I'm in super drunk, nice. Russian leaves in like 10mins due to me not being capable of doing shit. Some chick like asks if I can move from her table but I tell her no I'm too drunk to move anywhere hahaha.

15mins later the music got to me and I'm moving around like a dumbass. Chicks are wanting to meet my drunk ass for some reason and some random dude offers me TWO DRINKS!!!! How can I decline, I take it and of course get opened later on by some chick who says "I saw you outside" I laugh telling her I was drunk as fuck. I remember her standing next to me and seeing me look like a dude on crack or something. For some reason now she was attracted to me hahaha.

Also this other tall beauty kept looking at me and was so into me BUT I was too drunk to really maken anything happen. This sort of dynamic happened about 3-4 times. I ended up just leaving with mix to the diner and some chick who saw me at the night venue approached me haha. The night was a total waste, just me drunk talking shit and laughing at nothing.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Join Date: 08/22/2006 | Posts: 2390

Progress Report: Last Night & 100% crackdown...
I need to be 100% focused, I'm so glad I have a family gathering today because I need to implement tons of experiments. I must reinvent myself to produce the reality I seek to explore. Right now, things aren't too great and I don't pull my weight. I'm moving forward BUT I truly need to crackdown and get things going because the opportunity is here. I need to stick to my guns an just pay attention doing what I need to do.

Last night was a total disaster that it doesn't even warrant a actual report. Couldn't get a friend in who I met 6 years ago on xbox live, majority of my night was on the 2nd floor where it wasn't chicks I'm that interested in. Start of the night I got opened by 7 chicks who give me 2 shots of tequila an I don't even bother to #close them. (Might as well) Later, I head upstairs which is a completely different party and I actually tell mix I don't think I'm built to be a host.

Reason being, I have so much fun and could give two fucks about whether a chick wants to come out or not because I'm going to have fun regardless. It's such a bad mindset for hosting that I'd be better off being a dude who people call to come out and party an shit just gets crazy. For a slight moment this thought changed though because near mix's table there was these HOTTIES that were with 2 gay dudes. I'm not sure if the chick opened me or what but all I know I'm holding this model chick and things are getting physical quickly.

That sense of "This is why I do this" feeling came to me as I felt alive. I told her I'd take her # but forgot and next thing you know the group is packing up to leave, she was mad about something. At that same area there was these 4 chicks who party HARD, euro chicks of course. These girl's would've been great for the friday spot. However, I don't convert ANYTHING at all besides this cute chick who I think started talking to me or something.

Nothing Personal But Certain Shit Needs To Be Implemented...
-  NO MEN, if there not part of NYC crew or super cool guys then I must not waste anytime bringing guys with me. I hate obstacles especially in the night venues having to deal with the door and the process of setting everything up. Guy I used to play xbox live with couldn't get in, I am not a person who wants to deal with certain shit SO it's best if I just avoid the whole thing atleast until I have some control.

-  ONLY TALL WOMEN, I have abit of pull at this spot because of showing up with tall attractive women. So far everywhere I've been treated me like a king for having tall women. Also from a well experienced nightlife guru, there is a need for a person who has quantity of quality SO rolling with nothing but tall women is a great segmentation. For the most part they'll be european mixed in with a few american, african, south american chicks.

More to come later today because I'm not going to sleep about to map out some experiments. I've noticed I'm scared to change since I love how I am currently so much, but you can't stay the same only grow or die. In order to continue I must continue growing so gotta do what needs to be done.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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The Long Term Commitment

How far does this go...?
I've had a glimpse of the potential possibilities an have the desire to discover the truth. I'm in this for the long haul, taking the long term view while committing serious time and energy in this life long pursuit of discovery. I don't care about ego based "Feel Good" illusions and bullshit fantasies, all that matters is genuine breakthroughs. Fuck living a fear driven life within the shell of a proective ego where you don't try or care about anything besides hiding from your own terrifying ignorance. There is one very important aspect "My Big TOE" has taught me when it came to exploration of consciousness...

This is about understand your a solitary seeker following the path of all innovators, discoverers, and creators. Being that lone entity stepping off the well beaten path without the need of reassurance and living life on the edge...
-  YOU DECIDED HOW TO BE, forget about ACTING civilized or properly because no one can tell you how to grow up.
-  STABILITY ONLY LIES IN GROWTH, it's the only reason why you should run experiments and keep going

"Work & Play should merge to become 2 interwined and mutually supportive rhythms within one joyful long lasting boogie"
- Thomas Campbell

This is about living on the edge in a world dominated by those in the center. Diving into the murky waters of something new and different knowing there is no guarantee of success and not letting the heights of uncertainty, depth of ignorance or the importance of the mission intimidate you. I'm willing to abandon comfortable and familiar ways of thinking/being. I'll challange/investigate all possibilities, letting the process captivate my attention as I let it unfold. The thing is I must no longer deny personal responsibility nor generate excuses, instead jump for joy at possibilities/opportunities.

One thing If forget about that got me addicted to socilizing was the enjoyment of not knowing what will happen and where the changes will lead me. I'd embrace jumpping into the dread of unknown possibilties. I lived gracefully with the unknown which was simple and natural due to the absence of fear.

An were off...
The roadmap is rather rough an still in the works, but I do know one of the most important aspects is meeting lots and lots of women at an excessive and extreme rate. I'm going out in the daytime tomorrow straight through the night and only focused on...
-  Meeting tons of tall attractive women, mainly european with a mixture of Scenster Americans, African Models, Euro-South Americans, and exotic looking chicks. The only exception is women who are clearly energetic, outgoing, or stylish. I've learnt that variety is only present due to making choices that much more precise. Tall women for the most part is all I want to be around, so that's what I'll focus on.

-  NO MORE DRINKING, I never started drinking until I was being offered drinks. Nowadays, I get offered drinks EVERY NIGHT and never had to actually drink at our table. I'm getting headaches next day an being super fatigued so I'll only take 1 drink MAX per night, with the exception of champagne or tasty shots.

-  WORK THE ROOM, Like in the past I'll clean up in the venue meeting, screening and closing the people who fit the brand. I need to really maintain the fascinating social/fun guy.

Friday might be my first night ever hosting a table alone, so I want to see what's possible if I go out for the next 3 days meeting women. The catch is, the door is tough so it must be attractive women. I've seen 1 guy come with 10 girls only to have 6 of them rejected by VIP floor manager and overrided by the doorman who rejected 9 girls.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Join Date: 08/22/2006 | Posts: 2390

LR: Fucking Pissed!!!!!!
I'm on some real high pedestal BS that I need to get off of and do what the fuck I need to do. This whole night was BS and I'm about to rant...
-  Get out abit late an do nothing but eat some good food, all day I'm this passive aka "Douchebag Harry" who rather hide his fascinating personality in order to not do anything. I don't approach at all besides this one group who I go in SO LOW ENERGY its as if I'm this aloof douche that clearly thinks he's cooler than the girl.

-  Get into club I went to last tuesday, spend 15 dollars and HOLY FUCK QUALITY SUCKS!! Even worst is people just standing around looking at each other. But, it gets worst the DJ plays HIP HOP & RnB for majority of the night. It's one thing when I feel no need to talk to chicks but a whole different story when they don't even play good music.

This whole time I had some "Text For Sex" situations setup beforehand. Two chicks I know are DTF an was willing to have sex later that night, all I had to do was text later on. Basically what I did was while texting I just implied that they wanted me to come over and have sex. One lives on a couch an possibly might leave NY, for some reason I choose to go to her house place at the end of the night. She was very very sexual, sex was passionate an full of tension just like I like it. The reason I picked to go to her house instead of the other chick who lives in the city an just came off work was because last time I met her I wasn't turned on due to lack of feminine energy. Of course I couldn't cuddle since she is living on a couch an might be leaving NY.

Anyway, back to the club experience that sucked. I finally see this tall chick who is decent so I do my thing an in a matter of 5mins I #close. Things are so easy if I just DO IT but most of the time I hold back an don't want to take charge owning at life. There were a few other prospects but didn't want to steal girl's from the promoter's I knew. What kills me internally is "Why do people even bother to go out?" they do nothing and for the most part are boring as fuck. The room was not energetic at all until one moment they decide to flick on some HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE...

I went right in the middle of the dancefloor an messed with every chick around me, next thing you know I have 2 tall asians, 1 white chick blows out some dude an hangs with me and 2 more chicks are surrounding me. I forgot to also mention the who tried to get me to pull, very medicore looking chick, I kept snapping her thong on her body. I think she got pissed because I keep trying to STOP GRINDING. This chick kept putting her ass on my dick an in my mind it's lame and leads to nothing.

Eventually I had left an took the train to brooklyn, fucked the chick on the friend's couch and went back home. Honestly, I didn't even want to have sex because I'm pissed at myself for being such a passive who isn't taking responsibility for his life. However, I now know to always setup "Text For Sex" situations for each night that way I can really meet chicks in th club, have fun and know at the end of the night I'll be having sex.

P.S...On the train home while battery was dying I started writing out some intense programs to really change myself again and set some rules so I can always remain me 24/7. I had who I am so much an started becoming this really passive "Douchebag" who tries to hide his fascinating personality. You can see me flicking on and off like a light switch whenever I want to present myself for a moment.

P.S.S...I've come back into contact with crotian chick so that's nice. That was the 6ft chick I met beginning of summer who I was making out with an then later on just chilling as she kisses all over me. Female Polarity!!!!
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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FR: Douchebaggery strikes again!! Passive Ego is present...
There is an aspect in MBT that talks about those living in a fantasy who don't appear arrogant actually appear to passive, weak, etc. Either way they both make you very dysfunctional and right now I don't even understand what I'm doing, I haven't even took one step to implement anything...

Hit up this new venue an was FULL BLOWN CHODE, I'm talking about just standing there with my dick in my hand. Outside was no better as we walk around with tons of tourist and I speak to no one. By time we hit the venue which is 3 hours later mix brings 2 girls out, I can't even talk to them. It's not that I was nervous BUT I have no intention in talking to them because I'm 100% closed off.

I was in the venue and spoke to ZERO PEOPLE, yes me speaking to no one. I'm not sure how many chicks were standing around hoping/waiting that I say something to them BUT I didn't I chilled alone all night. The worst was this chick that attempted THREE times because she was surrounded by 3 guys who were chasing her an I was the only one who seemed to not give a fuck about her or anyone around me, this was mainly because I had no interest in talking to anyone.

I can see, hear chicks constantly making comments about me or looking dead at me but I don't say anything. I actually keep a slight aloof demeanor while having fun alone. There were a handful of women who would've been good to come out with me.

P.S...Also saw tall african dude who's girl I almost decided to take back on the first tuesday I was out. Well this guy was with another hottie today and pulled of course. Also think I seen my russian chick from a year ago friend, she was with some good looking euro guy who was trying so hard. Lots of guys were out trying so hard and getting no where.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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----Computer is fucked up so posting from phone. Wrote this sunday night, its is about friday and saturday an for the lazy readers who just want entertainment scroll down---

FR: "Uncertainty is what makes life interesting"
Friday night was a blur for me, internally I don't even remember what was going on but I was being social again. The first group I met were 3 women who one of them brought up that she knows me and actually has my number. She knew my name, a few things about me an tried to show me my number but she might've deleted it or as her friend said "Her husband probably deleted it".

Later on I somehow met these two chicks who were very energetic an next thing I know my girl wants to dance SO of course I move her closer to the music an commence "Homo Erotic Mating Dance". There is an hot eastern euro chick at a table watching with her guy. I know my "Mating Dance" is solid because ALL eastern euro chicks dance in that same feminine fashion when they see how I move, very elegant/classy. Anyway, I #close the chick I was dancing with an told her to come out tomorrow.

Moving onto the next one I bump into two black dudes who were at the venue I was at on thursday. He was talking to this 6'1 blonde who I liked an she of course is interacting with me. She happens to have a russian friend. Things ended up going downhill when I realize they're abit weird because I go for the #, russian takes my phone from her an can't type #s properly so I grab phone an give it to blonde while messing with russian and all of a sudden she is pushing me off her.

Personally if a chick defies me twice I ALWAYS stop because I won't chase anymore and she now must come to me. Well russian all of a sudden starts putting her ass all on me an fooling with me. In a nutshell I realized she gave wrong # or put in wrong #, also there was a moment of miscommunication where I realized she was asking and gave me 100 dollars to buy her coke, then speaking to my boy he tells me she told him she has 2 kids. So many fucked up things, she clearly didn't meet my criteria and so I walked away despite her being tall and skinny.

The last group I remember vividly was these 3 chicks one black, brazilian and asian chick. My boy K was super drunk an just went in kissing and using his form of self-amusement where basically he's talking non-sense but if you really listen he is saying sexual shit, in this case he was telling her she's going to suck his dick tonight and was saying how he's talking about to weather when the friend said "What!? Are you talking about?" Meanwhile I was talking to the black chick. Funny enough a community guy was telling me to makeout I signaled no because I'm into MOST black chicks. (I'm black myself)

However, I love black chicks from african countries with amazing skin tones and tall. This chick had the skin tone and an amazing london accent. So I figured I'd #close an bring her out, then realized I should just pull with my boy so I end up making out with her which she was real into. Then I see my boy leave so I'm stuck with both chicks all over me until they unexpectedly leave, turns out cause brazilian was so drunk. Later my boy an I realize a miscommunication because he left due to being scratched by the chick while making out, he thought he was staying in for me when really I actually was going to pull because of him.

NOTE - There was a community guy talking to the friend when I was with those 2 energetic chicks. When I left them, another community spoke to my girl. Later in the night the one guy who was speaking to the friend had asked if I'd mind doing a DOUBLE DATE or DAY2. I'm pretty cool with the guy an I had to laugh since he isn't up to date with how I am, so I told him I don't do day2s.

NOTE2 - Minus "Cool Chick" who I only hung out with 1 on 1 so much because I wasn't even living during that time. Really, I will not do day2s because there a waste of time an would rather have the chicks just come into my lifestyle. I explained this to community guy an as you'll read later you'll notice this NO DAY2s constraint is based on FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE and makes my system/reality much more productive.

Saturday: Uncertainty, Uncertainty, Uncertainty
This was interesting because the night looked stella for tonight...
- Russian coming out for her last day in NY
- Two Energetic Chicks from last night
- Black chick with brazilian and asian
- Croatian chick who I fooled around with beginning of summer
- Chick I fucked and her friend
- Black chick I met 1st time I went to tuesday party and more girls

At the start of the night I was with the crew chilling and joking around, so much fun. Then we all break off an its just mix and I. First sign of BS was chick I pulled text asking where I'm at an then complains that it's too far and I should meet her if I'm around her way. How could I forget she asked me if I knew where I could get coke for her friend.

Russian I assume came off work and just fell asleep, black london has horrible logsitics plus a sick friend so flaked which was reasonable, croatian ALWAYS says she'll probably show up an doesn't, black writer she told me today her friends wanted to go somewhere else which turned out to be shit. All that was left was the 2 energetic chicks who had texted me at 11pm that they finished eating dinner an coming over, little did I know they were taking subway which given there location is 2 trains needed to take, which means LONG TIME.

Friday I slept only 5 hours, so from 11:30pm to 12:30pm I was waiting outside like an army wife. I was pissed at how chode this is because I DO NOT NEED anyone, I can have a blast alone and I really was on this whole FUCK THIS LIFESTYLE HOST BULLSHIT I'll just get a conventional job an just party/dine with whoever. I was about to go home, but mix told me he needed my help tonight...

Commericial Break: A Quick Lesson From Me...
"Why you do what you do" is more important than "What you do" and in order to grow postively you need to make choices (aka intent) that isn't influenced by needs, wants, desires, etc. Trying to bring chicks into a nightclub with me off the street makes me feel like a beggar because there is a WANT/NEED behind it. At the sametime during the daytime I don't even approach anymore because I know my intention is still coming from the "Beggar" frame.

The whole M.E Philsophy would be highly contradicted from it's foundation because ultimately I don't need anything and any chicks who come into my life was through me just living and letting them know they can come into my lifestyle if they want to. It's been solid to the point where actually having sex is not even a thought. But still tons of potential possibilites to make the whole system much more productive.

Back to feature presentation...
Anywho, what ends up happening is I walk past the whole line of about 100-150 people an walk up to the bouncer with ZERO WOMEN. In my mind, I was NOT in beggar mode because I didn't go up there with no girls just to get in, I went up because mix needs help regardless fo the outcome of my actions. Ironically, I don't even speak to the doorguy at first the bouncer just moves the railing an lets me in, then I tell the doorguy to give me a comp ticket and I'm in. (In my mind all this was a probable success because I ALWAYS speak to that bouncer when I come through and doorguy knows I generally bring attractive tall women We also talk when he's just checking out clubs)

Mix is outside trying to get in about 40 people, I'm inside basically on call for whatever needs to be done...

"Experience Is The Best Teacher"
I'm so pissed off that I decided NO FUN, there will be no dancing, loud singing, acting stupid and just having a genuine blast. I shall stand still like the douchebag fag that I've been being lately and so I stood around in this PACKED CHAOTIC PARTY...

I'm talking about chick was on dudes shoulders to my left with a group surrounding them cheering, to my right 2 guys on the sofa with 4 chicks and like 10 other chicks surrounding there table having fun. At one moment that table was all just saying "OOOOO...O...O...O...OOOOO...O". Further out infront guy with 5 girls on the pillar dancing an just a sea of people surrounding the area actually having a blast jumping up an down. Then at the furtherest end with about 5-6 tables everyone standing on it cheering. The floor was fucking shaking where I was standing.

An I the energetic party boy who always makes shit go crazy is standing still refusing to have any form of fun. It wasn't like I was pissed in the normal sense, for me pissed is being in a low noise meditative-like state where there is no chatter and I'm just aware. What was the result of this???

There was a chick next to me for about 20-30mins, chicks kept coming by me an standing infront, chicks walking by kept looking at me expecting me to talk, and as usual chicks just hoping/waiting I talk to them. So
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The Legend of JT

The Legend of JT

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 Hey DL,

It was cool seeing you Friday (or was it Saturday?)
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