October 23rd, 2018
Distant Light "Socialite & Spiritual Monk"
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Yo, that shit was funny when she was like "Pull? What does that mean..." I'm like I have no clue which is why I put ??? haha. But your right it was good last night. (Can't wait to get my shit together) Might be away for abit until I finish shooting this film cause we work everyday. As for making chick my girl or atleast moving it towards a relationship...


Today when I was out after meeting for film, I was chillin and see this HOT HOT chick, IMO hotter than cool chick. (Physically) So of course there isn't anyway I can't go talk to her and before I even say anything she says "Hi! Distant Light" I then realize I recently met her. She's all over me an I remember why I love being single hahaha.

If I continue to meet chicks an focus on only having the hotties fool around with me, I'll always have a wide range of exclusively hot chicks who I don't have to ever really focus on. They can live there life, I live mine and the times we come together it can be FUN/SEXUAL. If they ever find a boyfriend they can be with him, we remain friends and when the break up she can come back and fool around with me if she wants. Doors are always open since there essentialy my friends, I just happen to have a sexual relationship with some of them. :)

Single Life = Ideal Life :)

Things can only get better...

P.S...Ima go buy a "Free Mix" shirt hahahahahahahaha as you enjoy your blissful relationship.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Fuck Pickup!!! It's all about LIFESTYLE!!! 
I've got alot of work to do... omg

This was by far the sickest day since I've turned 21 and basically how everyday needs to be. The amount of money I spent today was 79 USD, and everything I did tonight actually added up to about 650 USD. My mind was freaking out abit because I now noticed I have tons of work to do in order to sustain such a lifestyle. So what went down?
-  First, I was suppose to go to rehearsal but I had to wait for parents to get some money. (Good fucking thing)
-  Second, I meet up with cool chick who invited me to a play that basically was sold out months ago. Turned out this was the exact play my mother wanted to go too since it had denzel washington in it.
-  Third, cool chick brings me to her house where I basically dress in how I want (No I'm not going to have sex with her, its established already and I'm cool with that)
-  Fourth, she takes me to a high end sushi place where I basically eat the best food I've had in AGES, I think I had orgasms eating certain things and it was amazing to see how well cool chick knew the chef. He basically gave her extra stuff, lots of free things and gave us an experience. Tried so many different types of food such as sea urchin straight from japan, jalopeno pepper on my sushi, rice krispie tasting eel sushi, that thing that comes from what looks like sea shells. So many good things, I love fucking food!
-  Fifth, we hit up a high end club (Pic above) through mix (RSD guy) this time they let me right in because I have a hottie with me. An FUCK I think cool chick knew I was no longer attracted to her because DAMN SON atleast 20-30 chicks who were hotter than her.

The only bad thing about the night is that I had NO CELL PHONE, BATTERY DIED. Either way though I need a better cell phone...

"Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!...EVERYBODY!!!!"
I've gone back to the roots of what my game consist of, having as much fun as possible. About 15mins in I couldn't keep my eyes off other chicks I just had to talk to them so I was doing my thing chatting to different chicks while hanging mainly with cool chick. At one point some guy starts dancing with her an she blows him off, it's funny how she just blows guys out. Earlier today she was talking to her ex who is willing to give her an apartment in tribeca if she wears her wedding ring. (They were suppose to get married)

Anywho the real adventure begins when cool chick leaves...Every chick who walks by I approach an fuck around with, my main sights was on this hot fucking russian chick BUT I never even got to meet her because she left. Also didn't get to meet this brazilian looking chick who moved so sexy. So sexy that I wanted to make love to her just off of moving so seductively, however I never got to meet her either because she left.

I'm alone so I go all out FUN SON!! While everyone is at 20mph I'm at 100mph just bursting with energy and everytime I stand in the center EVERYONE starts feeding off the energy and getting into this. A chick litterally see this an runs up to me which commences "Homo Erotic Mating Dance", of course this leads to kissing but she's not hot enough given all the talent around.

What commences next is me walking around just going for the makeout because I have no cell phone to #close and I know I'm so fatigued that I can't even have sex. I saw blondie who I fucked about a month ago, but decided not to speak to her because then she'd want to have sex. I'm not even sure how many chicks I madeout with but all I know they were all tall. :)

At this point I'm about to actually pass out due to dehydration and fatigue because I was going abit too hard. All this chaotic fun caused some rich dude to throw 50 dollars worth of 1 dollar bills in the air, I didn't pick it up even though I should've.

In the end...
It's insane what the potential possibilities are because tonight I had ZERO TABLE and for the most part NO GIRLS but still manage to really do some serious work. Chicks were opening me and the whole night was easy/smooth. Imagine if I was to build this lifestyle that I want, getting the hottest women will be an after thought because it would just be me, a select few guy friends and tons of chicks having FUN FUN FUN. Every super hottie will be looking and wondering who I am. Based on how I am and how I interact with women it's very congruent to who I am that it'll just suck them right in. When I'm with all the hottest women that I've met EVERY NIGHT and bring them all out at once, all night venues will be sucking me off to come to there place since I'll be bring insane value.

Tomorrow will be another unreal night since I'll be off to the new trump building where they have a lounge. This fashion designer chick is having a gala opening there so I'll meet chicks there and then bring them to wherever mix is at on saturday.

P.S...Was going so hard tonight that when I slammed a chick on the wall stripper style I sorta rubbed my eye on her head by mistake almost dropping my EYE CONTACT!! This almost ended the night but I caught it just before it feel and put it back in swiftly. I'm blind as fuck, can't see 3ft infront of me.

P.S.S...For a better visual, in the picture, where the chick is out was basically where I was most of the night will the hotties were standing on that platform. I'd jump up there but my pants would rip. Overall nice place, and once I get my shit together things can only go up, up, up!!!
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Paradigm Shift: A New Beginning...
I'm drastically changing, finally dropping many of my community-related habits and overall coming fully into my own which I basically call M.E philosophy. It's a tentative roadmap which provides knowledge/understanding based on FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE. The roadmap explains "How I Am" and "Why I Do What I Do". I've learned that if you have FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE then belief/faith isn't required because you know the knowledge/concept/theory is based on FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE.

As a result, many influences and BAD intentions have finally dissolved. I now have the ability to execute good planning based on high quality judgment and settle in for the long haul with a serious commitment. A new saga will soon begin due to a whole new purpose and collection of new goals. Although experimental I'm actually merging my spiritual life with my physical life. If implemented properly this is like using cheat codes...

The irony is that most think/assume about spiritual stuff as passiveness, tolle, new-agey, meditation, monk, feel good shit. However, I see the other aspect where it can be interpreted as an "Extremist" warrior who has the high standards of a prestige scientist and the inner peace of a monk sitting in a mountian. This is the first time that this aspect spilled over into my physical life as I caught myself being exactly how I am when I do spiritual shit. Completely fearless while experiencing/observing as a low noise consciousness. By now most are wondering "What are the cheat codes you speak of?"

NOTE: I'm just going to keep this raw and uncut as if it were a wise being explaining things to me because most of this won't make sense unless you have a deeper understanding. My intention is that as this journal progresses you'll start to see all these things spilling over into my physical life which might give you a glimpse of understanding. All in all, this is all based around spiritual shit that I've come to find out about or found profitable. (My dumbass just never thought to apply it into my physical life)

Personal Power

Your involved in a game where your permission or willingess to be involved is totally irrelevant because you can't quit. Although this game is designed to give you everything needed for success, evolution doesn't give a fuck and will weep no tears for failures or slow learners. This is an invidiual game of personal growth where you must raise yourself taking 100% resonsibility for what you do, feel and are because only you are allowed to make your choices. It's your purpose, free will, and intent that directs the story which ultimately determines the "set" (Your reality) Overall, you are alone and no one is paying attention to you so take steps without reassurance of others, this is not a fucking group activity.

Being an open minded skeptic is key! It's the only way you'll be willing to face your fears, death, and personal destruction. Fuck the feel good fantasy land that your ego/intellect has built and start taking charge of your personal growth by finding out your own answers. Draw your own conclusions based on PERSONAL EXPERIENCE and NOT based off faith or beliefs. Leaping to conclusions without having high quality experience to back it up is what causes us to fall into belief-traps. So stop listening/believing your friends, gurus, mentors, stranger, family and instead remain skeptical and be open minded to find out the truth for yourself based on FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE.

At the end of the day EXPERIENCE is the best teacher because its the KEY to learning. Learning is the KEY to evolving and gaining personal growth so without experience there is no learning and no growth. So go GAIN EXPERIENCE, the more experience gained is the more you learn and the faster you grow. "Grow or Die" there is no middle ground. One of the greatest tools to gain massive experience is through experimentation.

To maintain inner peace you MUST enjoy your existence and the existence of whatever you've created and are aware of while remaining content with yourself and satisfied with the state of your being. Being a consumer and creator of fun is also HUGE especially one of the biggest medicines/cures "Laughing at yourself".

Cheat Code: Motivational Fuel
Grasp the possibility of a greater reality and have the desire to discover the truth of that reality by walking the path. Having a strong intent to find the truth and an insuppresible drive to permantently change who you are is what will keep you on your journey forever despite any obstacles that may come in your way. This is the only purpose you need that will keep you going forever...PERSONAL GROWTH!!

It's not about the end result, it's about the GROWTH, DISCOVERY, and BREAKTHROUGH while experiencing that journey/path you've created. All the results come to you which is why being influenced by needs, wants, desires, expectations, and beliefs are unprofitable. You create the story, the reality, and personal drama which is why all results come to you.

Cheat Code: Intent & Motivation
Thought forms are real, its the result of a consciousness exercising intent which can be generated, specifically directed/ordered. An intentionally focused, clear, coherent mind can effect other consciousnes and also alter or strongly influence the probability of any particular event manifesting into the local reality due to uncertainty surrounding the event.  This takes conditioning of focused mental energy since its all based on the energy invested and desire of that thought/intent which determines the speed and certainty that the thoughts manifest into reality. (Reality is 100% personal)

Intent is the choice of "Why we do what we do", its the intent that causes the end result, NOT the action...

Action is the first result of our CHOICE/INTENT, its "What we do" and ultimately creates feedback which helps us modify our intents by recognizing the rightness or wrongness as well as the impact of our intent and actions which facilitates our learning and guides our future choices.

Result is the effect of our action or feedback. The internal result immediately affects the quality of being according to the quality of the intent. The external result affects others as well as ourselves generating the appropriate feedback or reaction.

With this understanding, you can help faciliate your personal growth and CREATE YOUR JOURNEY because reality is NOT solid nor is it consistent. You have the ability to influence it strongly within the bounds of the rule-set of reality. If you are detached from the INFLUENCES that binds us everyday then you become free to intend strongly for the RIGHT REASONS instead of for wants, desires, expectations, needs, etc. However, intending/influencing is best done one step at a time because growth happens in small increments overtime.  This is why we set a path/journey an start INTENDING our way through that journey which ultimately creates our story/reality...

P.S...I never really thought to use this stuff and the way I am spiritually to basically facilitate my experience of physical life and growth. Why? Because all this stuff I used for mainly ESCAPISM and ENTERTAINMENT through the many spiritual tools that are out there. However, now I'm paying the consequences for not growing up which was my wake up call to start being serious about PERSONAL GROWTH. There is no middle ground your either growing or decaying so might as well use cheat codes, own at life and grow at an insane rate because YOU CAN'T QUIT!

P.S.S...Everything is working out in a great manner because by time I finish this film, it will be exactly around the time that I get a new phone giving me 100% free time to start this new saga. I'm highly thrilled/excited which now makes me wonder/laugh at the thought of needing some form of entertainment or escapism when LIFE and GROWTH is the best entertainment ever. It's also highly profitable beyond what I can even comeprehend.
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This shit is epic...
"If you speak the truth long enough, your word becomes universal law."
Hindu Saying
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This thread continues to inspire.................
I verbally vomit at bitches 24/7!  Fuck what these bitches saying just talk your shit and then take them home and FUCK FUCK FUCK!
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Update: "Music is the answer to your problems!"
Past few weeks were interesting due to shooting film, total collapse of the "Lifestyle" system, and the new opportunities ahead. I almost pulled the plug but after watching/listening to my music video playlist, meditating and also being outside I couldn't deny how important it was for me to walk this path. For me it's no longer about ME actually LIVING IT. It's about me growing up and offering value to the whole nightlife/hospitality business, which is why I can't just let that potential go to waste. If I just walked away from it all I'd be failing everyone and the whole system. My biggest problem is I need to remember how YOUNG I really am, I'm so used to constantly focusing on growing up that I must be growing beyond my current capabilities almost everyday or else after awhile I get irritated.

Shooting Film...
Lots of lessons learnt due to the drastic changes in my life and being 100% focused. First time in almost 2 years I was waking up at 5:30 an outside during the morning hours. During the those two weeks I watched it all unfold with me doing nothing at all besides naturally being self-expressive, self amusing, while remaining a sexual being.

Camera girl was attracted to me but I wasn't willing to compromise my standards, she did have an amazing accent. However, just because I'm not attracted doesn't mean I don't stop being ME and won't make her feel good for atleast pursuing me. Every moment we were even semi-isolated you could see the sexual tension that was built up and in those moments i could've escalated things. The actress who worked with us for only two days also was the same way. An amazing moment was they way camera girl tried to use an excuse for #closing me.

If I had clearly learned back when I was in acting school that if your a social being and sexual being, you'll get laid I'd have had an epic experience.

"Lifestyle" System Collapsed...
Plain and simple I didn't continue to put energy into the system and it eventually burnt out. This has happened for the 7th time or so in the past 2 years due to the same exact problem, NOT TAKING 100% CONTROL OF MY LIFE. I had stopped hosting and stopped contacting all the chicks. Two chicks happen to contact me wanting to go out but I already lost all motivation to build anything while using this shitty phone. Ultimately I could use it but I don't find it profitable at all due to how much time it takes to type ONE text. For the most part I don't communicate with NYC crew that much anymore, only people I actually speak to about 1x a week is Lprince, Mix and Summa.

Due to parents and phone situation I learnt alot of lessons. I almost moved out to work abroad, even if I had to volunteer in africa or far east because I just want full control over my life that way I could say "Atleast I failed to grow because of myself". However, I can't say that right now because ALL my biggest obstacles point back to me relying on my parents. When I become unaware that my parents support me, I take 100% responsibiltiy for my life and own at it. My reality is consistent which is ideal and why I'd be living my life exactly how I want 7x a week. My intent and actions are so clear when I'm alone and in control of my life...

NOTE: A little spiritual-like quote that rang true in the past few weeks "You are right where you need to be" it just so happened that due to the constant delay of getting a new phone, an even better phone is out that fits my purposes 100%. It has a keyboard and touchscreen!!!

Although I've been delayed hugely on this whole "Everyday Challenge" I still have been looking for alternative ways to continue to grow instead of completely dropping everything and traveling away from everything. Although it was very tempting all I think about is hosting and creating this whole business/lifestyle so I can't leave.

New Experiences...
Just like ME having a GIRLFRIEND is selfish, me LEAVING NY to forget about all this is being selfish. There is so much value and opportunity that I can offer to the thousands of people and businesses that it's selfish to just let that potential go. Instead I should just deal with the current obstacles and continue to grow beyond my current capabilities. Which is why on my 2nd to last day of shooting cool chick came out...

Day before she wanted me to come along to find the best canolli's, I flaked because I wanted to eat thai food and watch an amazing korean film. (No Mercy 2010) The next day I told her to come out since I finished shooting early and I wanted pad thai at a new restaurant. First she hung out with me and my friend until he left, after in a very feminine way she asked to stop at a store where I picked out what workout outfit would look hot on her. When we hit the restaurant she had me try "Crab Rangoon". Later we had some random adventures, I had to leave early to get up tomorrow and she had a massage appointment later so I left.

While eating, a guy approached a cute south american chick with massive tits, he was at the bar eating, she was at a table and he sorta invited himself over. The whole situation uncovered a "Community" limitation because I can't see many guys doing this. It was amazing to see the dynamics and frames work so fluidly that I remembered/learned why I always remain a social being. You will never be limited and there is much more freedom in the forms of expressions.

I noticed I have a very douchey-like demeanor BUT also come off as open-friendly and majority of my interaction is spent having fun with lots of framing/qualifying mixed in. Interacting with cool chick, she talked about her lack of sex life and her "Relationship Sex" philosophy which I'm clearly not a fan of. Overall I just put sex on the table letter her know if she ever wants sex she will have to come for it because I know she won't have sex with me. I'm not willing to CALIBRATE aka "Fake being her boyfriend" in order to say I have a sexual relationship with her, there are tons of hotter chicks who can be just as cool as her. The random adventures were most interesting because things were getting physical again and she clearly wanted me to kiss her, BUT I no longer kiss her anymore, I want her to take responsibility for her sex life an come at me, which is what she's actually doing.

New Opportunites...
We spoke about where we would ideally want to live and that's of course downtown manhattan, so roommates came up and she thought about ME. I had to tell her flat out "No, that won't work" which she probably disliked abit because she knows if I deny or dislike something then I truly dislike it. Then I jokingly said we could if she is ok with 3somes and bringing women back home. This opened the floodgates because I think she wants to have a relationship and hunt for women togehter...
-  She spoke about wanting to check out a swingers club together, this conversation lasted for abit
-  She wants to go to the hamptons together to party and hit the beach, she'd rent out a place
-  She wants to go to boston together to eat canolli's, seafood and either introduce me to the "Opera House" or go sailing/whale watching
-  She wants me to come over and drink champagne (She knows I love champagne)
-  She wants me to come over for halloween so she can carve pumpkins and make some sort of pie
-  She still wants to go to my favorite looking nightclub which is so feminine (I still haven't tried going due to film and me not even going out)

Discussion about me wanting to leave NY and get away from my parents came up and also her being the first girl in a very long time to be with me 1 on 1 because I purposely stopped doing day2. (Hanging in groups is more profitable for me) Ultimately, I'm free from that constraint due to the whole "Everyday Challenge" being halted, in theory I know so many women that it's impossible to hangout with chicks 1 on 1. Nonetheless I still remain only hanging out with a chick 2x a week max, in cool chick's case we hangout about 1x a week or every other week.

Solo Adventure!!!!!
So I'm off to atlantic city for 3 days, focused 100% on having fun since I haven't experienced epic times in ages...

I'm still abit annoyed that I'm actually experiencing the lifestyle BUT still have no foundation at all. I still don't have a efficient cell phone which means I can't make any income to support this lifestyle so overall right now I'm living a very inconsistent lifestyle. This adventure though gave me an idea to atleast go on crazy adventures until I have the phone to develop this "Lifestyle" system in a more profitable manner.

Ideally, I want to just have an actuall cell phone where I can go out everyday for 12 hours a day focused on experiencing, learning and growing. I'd stay in NY building a foundation and then start traveling little by little in 2011 until I've grown things so much that I go international.

One step at a time, I have 30-40 years in me, this is for life...
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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"Lifestyle for another win...Atlantic City Edition"
Where to begin? Lets just say I had a 3 day adventure full of experience, learning and growth. This whole path is all about moving towards my IDEAL lifestyle in the form of consistency and constant innovation. Although I'll talk about the experiences I honestly don't care too much about it, the real gold is within the understanding & learning of the whole experience. The most important lesson was, If I want to live the lifestyle I vision I have to BE IT everyday until death or else it'll remain inconsistent. Overall I now know a good amount about who I am and why I do what I do. Let me take you on a journey...

Living, living, living...
This was the most important experience for me because it was a statement of "This is what you'll experience walking this path". For about 3 days I lived as a VIP meaning I had access and could use perks to enhance my experiences within the realms of my interests/hobbies. This was all possible due to my uncle's connections since he built his own "Forwardbase" in atlantic city...
-  We enter the room which was a suite consisting of a master bed and two other beds in another room. First thing that came into my mind was NYC crew an partying in here. There was a hot tub and huge shower which I visualized amazing things happening haha. A good 20-30 people party would be sick!!
-  Drop our stuff off an instantly go to some buffet where we skip a huge line and I stuff my face with all sorts of foods. Then uncle gives me tickets to go see "Straight No Chaser" show which turns out to be front seats and they basically put the mic infront of me to sing along.
-  I had options of private pool, spa BUT I ended up scouting the broadwalk which was a waste. The glory was the fine dine restaurant which reminded me how much I love food the epic thing was my uncle knew the whole staff. First 2 bottles of champagne popped and then the waiter surprised my uncle by bringing a opera dude and dessert for the whole table. Everyone was clapping an also people were wondering "Who are they?" The group next to use did speak to us.
-  The last full day I went to this private seafood event which was epic since I got to eat tons of lobsters it was neverending and also had a few mixed drinks that just kept coming. A few hours later we hit the same fine dine restaurant because the day before my uncle asked the waiter to get them to order 3 red snappers an making some dish. Amazingly, the chef made it an it was EPIC, he even came out of the kitchen to greet the table. More champagne again!
-  Before we left we hit this brunch event which is where I got to try my first "mimosa" mixed champagne drink. This place was also buffet style but more gourmet like with caviar, different slices of cheese and meats, sushi, lamb, exotic looking desserts, etc. All I know I'm surely going to be hosting food related events in the future, many of the successful high end club owners have access to these sort of restaurants (own them) and easily host dinner events.

The whole 3 days was an experience that can't be described in text and this is mainly way I read books about lifestyle marketing and hospitality because it's about providing a service and experience. The whole time I was looking at things from the perspective of intergrating my social network and lifestyle into the situation an it came down to two words "Memorable Experience"...

I wasn't a fan of the quality so I'd have to bring my own chicks BUT I could see me with the crew and we hit up the beach we our mixed group, meet more chicks for the purpose of partying at our table in the nightclub later and our own private after party up in the suite. Eating out together, gambling (For FUN!) doing shots, private pool, meeting more women, sex, fun, laughs, experiences. You get my point, anyone onto my 3day adventure...

Day One & Two
I came into atlantic city disappointed because I was getting this FAKE city vibe, to make it worst was the quality which wasn't good at all. (Not my type of women) Walked around the broadwalk, got approached twice BUT ultimately there was nothing that tickled my fancy. Despite having fun due to me always finding a way to have fun, I didn't bother to go out during the nighttime because I figured it would be a waste of time, this was a bad mindset.

The 2nd day I realized my expectations were too high and I needed to be more realistic given the environment I'm in. I won't be finding any high fashion eastern european look alikes. So I hung out in the nighttime at the broadwalk to see what was what, still lacking in quality. Eventually stumble upon a lounge where 70s/80s music is being played. I'm focused 100% on having fun so when madonna's song "Get into the groove" comes on I go crazy. This started off the domino effect...

The first girl too meet the raft was actually with her boyfriend or husband, I just grab her an start doing "Homo erotic mating dance" which alienated the guy BUT I brought him back in by high fiving him. Then out of no where these three chicks come up to me which I end up grabbing the and infront of me are her 2 friends. One is young jersey looking nice ass and other is more of a thick bitchy looking chick, I end up choosing the milf. I assume the girl's knew I was going for the so they left to go somewhere else an I realize my mother has left the venue to gamble. This gives me the idea to tell her "Lets go" which I lead her to her room it was almost too easy.

Surprisingly I end up coming back down, it's now around 1:30am an I go back to the sameplace, my mother meets up with me again to watch haha. This time it was crazier because I end up dancing with this 7set of black chicks which results in crazy moments, poses, pictures, and pure fun! First I roll up on one an she is shocked/intimidated, like a king walking through his village selecting his women I turn my head looking at the friend grabbing her, then a 3rd friend runs up shoving her ass in my face BUT I walk off like I'm disinterested and grab the 4th tall one. The 5th and 6th were flashing pictures.

Another pull was in the making an I didn't even know, after all the craziness I turn an spot a 3set which I start chatting to. I grab the tall one then instantly grab her friend and hug the 3rd friend who was abit big. In less than 1min the tall friend says "You should go for my friend she has the bigger hips and boobs" I look an she's right BUT I'm bias towards liking tall women. So I stand between them looking left and right as if I am trying to decide which one I want to fuck and eventually I grab/isolate the tall one. Again "lets go" an off to her hotel room.

Day Three
During the daytime in the mini mall area this russian chick approached me saying she loved my tie haha and stated she gets off at 11, sadly she was an AMERICANIZED looking russian. At the seafood live music event I got approached by some chick who said she seen me last night partying. Nighttime started off relatively the same with me at the boardwalk scouting the potential for building a "forwardbase" here BUT in the end go back to the same lounge because I don't want to bring my mother to a full blown danceclub. On Day #2 mix had text me that he knew someone who could get me into a pool party BUT I wasn't willing to just leave my mother to have fun alone.

I'm chillin, the host spots me an starts trying to hype the place up BUT I don't want to go crazy, I want to observe. I already know I bring the party an can push play whenever there is nothing for me to prove. However, it's shocking to see that rarely anyone else would take the initiatve to have fun and cut loose it's almost like I question "Why do people go out again?" Eventually I start doing stupidness which results in the hottest chick to approach me saying her friend would like to dance with me and how it's her bday...

I walk over there and start giving her a full blown lapdance INFRONT OF MY MOTHER haha. The guy in there group is just laughing and watching as I basically have my lips less than an inch from hers. Lapdance lasts a few mins, she's DTF but I wasn't willing to pull her, she also thought I was gay and loved it when she found out I wasn't. She tried inviting me to hang with her BUT as I went back to my mother to laugh there group ended up leaving. After this the place was DEAD, 3 chicks stand in the middle of the dancefloor so for the sake of fun I approach them.

Finally a 4-5 mixed set of 2-3 guys and 2 girls walk in later in the night, she was easily the youngest and hottest chick, I could bring her out with me in NY. I'm chilling an for some reason I eventually end up going to the dancefloor which I intimidated this chick so much that she said "I'm scared" haha. Eventually the cutie runs up towards me so I grab her an commence a 3-4min "homo erotic mating dance". I swear its so much fun and consistent that I basically pull her away and introduce her to my mother haha. She tells me that she parties in NY so instantly I #close and leave to go gamble with my mother.

So what does homo erotic mating dance look like? Something very similar to this...
(I actually want to workout so I can easily lift chicks up)

Feedback via My Mother omg
The first thing was shock/awe for her because she couldn't believe that is how I am in the nighttime. The irony is I was only at 20% because mom was with me and I feel no reason to create such insane larger than life experiences when anything that seems fun will make the night better than it is. My mother described me as concieted, arrogant, "Its all about me", "I'm the shit", "I need no one", "I own this place", "the party is me" vibe. She demonstrated to my father how the "homo erotic mating dance" works which was hilarious. The reason this was amazing was because my mother was an equvilant to a hottie back in her days based on her stories and attitude. So here is what I DIDN'T SEE UNITL LATER...
-  Day 2, there was a guy with three girls who was dying of laughter and also these 4 guys who built a chode wall. My mother said they came in laughing/watching me and then when they saw me with the 7 black chicks they were in shock that they women loved me. This gave one guy the courage to come over an try to dance his way into the group an I actually remember clapping at some guy "gliding" across the dancefloor. However, I didn't know that his boys left him after realizing that the women were ignoring him an still focused on me. Also smacked this girls drink out of her hand, she wanted me to pay but I'm having so much fun that she doesn't even bother having me actually pay because it would then kill the energy that I just put into this room
-  Day 2, While hanging with my mother on and off, chatting and having fun there was this older woman who was dancing next to me hardcore trying to get my attention, her friend also tried to get my attention. However, this doesn't matter to me at all and it was so obvious that this chick sitting with 4 guys who was watching me the whole time signaled to my mother and said "Tell him to dance with that girl, I think she really wants to dance with him". I do end up talking to her briefly but very little dancing on my part.
-  Day 2, My mother said I crushed 1 of the 7 black chicks self-esteem. The one who tried grinding up on me, my mother said she came in assuming she was IT and she saw me, came up to me. My mother said it looked like I realized what she looked like an it was as if I was saying "O hell no!" an made all forms of gestures and went up to the friend. The girl went WAY OFF to the side near my mother an her face was so SAD that she actually ended up just leaving. I had ZERO IDEA about that whole thing but its not my issue, I was just having fun. My mother keeps saying I'm a jerk for that one an to make it worst I said by to the tall one and NOT that girl.
-  Day 3,  When I went over to do the lap dance the friend was speaking to my mother saying "I'm so sorry she really wanted to meet him. Is he your boyfriend? I think he really likes you" haha. The irony of that statement was hilarious and would've been epic if my mother said she was my MOTHER but instead she said sister. (Mother looks like she's in her mid 20s) During the lapdance there was a lady sitting right next to where my mother was standing and she also asked my mother if I'm her BOYFRIEND. This was a perfect confirmation that I just happen to be a sexual being  because I was actually doing "Homo erotic mating dance" for fun, it's a very provocative way of dancing. Guys laugh, women love.
-  Day 3, There were guys laughing at me as I went on the dancefloor but then that changes when they see me meet the hottest chick in the venue, start doing the "catwalk" with her, grabbing her hair, holding her ass, move her to meet my mother and #close. My mother says I should've seen there face because it's like I shocked there reality.

Also was telling my mother about different dynamics and showing her different opportunities such as this one chick I seen EVERYDAY roaming around alone. This chick clearly came to atlantic city to have an ADVENTURE, not really hot enough for me to even bother thinking about sexually BUT the thought of creating that experience could've proved to be an awesome time. All I was thinking about was a "Sex on the beach" ending.

Overall my mother understood what I do during the nighttime and now see how everything all forms together to make "Who I am". She fucking loves it so much because it truly is a "Memorable Experience". She now understands the quote I sometimes jokingly use "It's sad that 95% of the women will never have full access to me".

Now to get abit spiritual on some non-tolle, non hippie new agey, just pure personal growth shit...

Lessons Learned
(Lets get abit spiritual haha)
In order for me to live my lifestyle consistently, I must BECOME instead of doing/trying...

Atlantic city has potential an for some reason being 100% immersed caused me to instinctly become aware of opportunities and ideas to build lifestyle related experiences. There were many limitations but I worked with what I had, ultimately I should NEVER COMPLAIN about the quality, because all that matters is "Did I have fun?" Even if I was rolling with 4 cuties for the night going to party as a group, taking shots and chilling in there hotel to watch movies.

Living/Being the lifestyle is what I needed to be focusing on because if I just had the intentions the actions would come and the results/experiences would be related to my ideal lifestyle. When I was down there I was always in that headspace of a "Lifestyle Host" who is constantly trying to produce and innovate. This had to do with the fact that I was no longer home and essentially alone so I was sorta STUCK in this reality. The reason I used to fall off the horse in NY is because at home I do nothing besides use the computer and do spiritual practices, my intentions is to move to mahattan so I can live my lifestyle 24/7. This getaway made me understand that its a must that I'm always doing something related to this lifestyle in order to keep the system going and evovling which essentially will make the reality seem CONSISTENT.

Lastly FUN SEXUAL GUY is key, this is the main reason why things are so easy because I've actually let go of wanting women. I'm 100% indifferent now to point where I've become a guy who TRULY enjoys the process of going out, meeting people, and building the lifestyle. I TRULY now meet alot of people for the sake of meeting alot of people and having fun. All the connections, access, sex, memorable experiences, etc are just bonuses for walking this path. In "My Big Toe" it talks about all results coming to you and I've understood this now because as you evolve an change your internal variables your reality changes so if you make the "clicks" then the results/reality will naturally manifest due to all the clicks. Why would I care about getting/wanting to get laid when I'm just a guy who gets laid, its a byproduct of "who I am" so of course I'll be getting laid.

Another thing is that I realized my intention is RIGHT/GOOD meaning there is no ego/fear mixed in it. This mainly fueled from wanting to be apart of the nightlife/hospitality business first BUT it has now hit all aspects of my life. Essentially I want to be everyone's escape from there normal/boring lives, problems, issues, personal drama, lack of relationships, jobs, etc. I only go out to have fun, amuse myself and help others have fun. This one INTENT is what has caused all these experiences and for me to truly enjoy living. I now feel it's my duty since I know the bigger picture to help people on there own journey by providing an ESCAPE.

Those 3 days I made MANY people's life much more fun due to coming into my presence and interacting with me. FUN as I come to realize is very important in terms of the bigger picture of consciousness. EVERYONE wants to have fun in life regardless how negative or fucked up they might be because FUN is like the gates to the "Distant light"!!!!!!! (Guess I'll add that one to the M.E philosophy haha) It's a sign post or medicine thats saying "Keep on going in life it's not so bad, life is great, enjoy it!"
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Ramblings and Rants: "Community is flawed...Does it breed Value Takers!?!?"
As I continue to do my own thing, I start to notice huge limitations and constraints that are common within this sub-CULT-ure we call "Community". Yes we all have different purposes, intentions and goals coming in but we need to stop looking at COLD APPROACHING as some form of mastery, instead look at it as a tool. This community both helped me and also FUCKED UP my whole life in an interesting love/hate affair.

I used to cold approach a ton, set after set in hopes of becoming instructor level. (Metaphor for good) However, I failed to realize the bullshit that was flashing infront of me. While I was focusing on "Cold Approach Mastery" my life was drifting by. Coming into this community you get so caught up in TRYING to get laid that you forget to live your life and pickup becomes this on/off switch. Nowadays, if I'm not out its just a reflection of me not living because I don't go out to practice cold approaching anymore, I'm just a social dude who socializes with women.

On a bigger scale the minority ends up putting in the work an transforming themselves into an attractive man BUT they don't have an attractive life because they never had anytime to focus on building a lifestyle of there own design. Most NEVER even think about there life because they're so caught up in the benchmark of "Cold Approach Mastery" hoping to get minimum results of 1 new lay a week haha.

What I've realized now is that its alot of energy/time/effort being wasted because so longs your a social & sexual being, if you focused on building your lifestyle you'd be enjoying life to the max since your doing what you want AND women would just be a byproduct of you living. There is no TRYING because you just get laid, its just a perk in living life how you live it.

My Breakthrough...
Honestly from a "Community" viewpoint I suck. My lay count (30s) is low compared to the so called good, I can't instantly just show you an instadate, and lots of people could mistaken me for being entertainer or dancing monkey dude. However, I have so much fun living my life how I want to live it and I'm 100% free because I truly don't care whether I get laid or not anymore. Most see this as extreme or asexual BUT it actually is what freed me and ultimately changed my whole outlook.

My choices/actions are no longer dictated by "Getting laid" its only dictated by FUN. Why would you have to have the intent to get laid when it should be a byproduct of living. Fun can come in many forms of expression wheras getting laid is an expectation/result. Fun for me is all experiences within my interests/hobbies, socializing with people, amusing myself, creating memorable experiences, fooling around with women, etc. In a nut shell FUN equal me living my life. Building a lifestyle revolves around your passions an its a system that constantly grows so it's neverending. Getting laid is just a result that has an endpoint, living your life doesn't stop until you depart. This is what sky rocketed my opportunities and experiences beyond my wildest dreams and made me aware of my possibilities.

Mythbusters Lifestyle Edition
We all have different interest/hobbies/passions so its all subjective and based on interpretation. However, regardless all lifestyles lead to the same thing of becoming a VALUE GIVER who as a result becomes a WALKING DHV. Whatever it is you do in your life you end up creating opportunities for others and making the whole system that much better. If that person was to die it would be a huge lose to whatever systems he's apart of. I'll keep this nightlife related though...

Being in this community we essentially become value takers, going to clubs bringing ZERO girls, just adding to the high ratio of dick. Approach girl after girl until eventually one sticks and you pull. Added no value besides the good interactions and the woman who ultimately comes home with us. But most don't even see that because so longs YOU GOT LAID that's all that mattered. Then you wonder why you never really find community guys in private and semi private clubs, even if they somehow got in, they'd see groups of people having there own party at there tables. Most communtiy guys won't meet those people becaue there in a frame of "Get laid".

The biggest flaw about the community is thinking non-community guys are chodes because they don't focus on "Getting laid". I mentioned somewhere in this thread about the guys I met/seen at high end clubs. Majority of them cool guys, some rich, some good looking, some eccentric but overall they clearly living life and it showed as they naturally just left with women.

Real Life Example...
What good would a ramble be if I just wrote about it so instead I'll use a rather drastic example. Why focus on guys who are supposedly cold approach masters when you can just develop a lifestyle, seek out guys who already live similar lives and just use COLD APPROACHING as a way to give women the opportunity to meet you which is ultimately an opportunity for her to be in your presence and come along into your lifestyle.

Note - These pictures are from a model chick I know who flew in from another country just to meet up with them. These guys who built/created all this know tons of attractive women. EVERY model I know, including a chick from america's next top model who went to junior high school with me happens to know atleast somebody in there crew. Sadly I'm limited in what I can show since I'm not willing to use pictures that reveal anybody. Essentially this is mainly about one guy, along with a few other guys (his crew) and this example represents about 5-6 other groups of men that I know who do similar things.

This would all be considered irrelevant to be posting if we didn't have women...

Due to bringing tons of value to many systems and building the right relationships, they have tons of perks/connections/access. Which is why they end up staying at 2 private villas...

Also like another non-community guy who happens to know vh1 pickup artist once said "My father told me I don't need to own a yacht, just know the guy who owns one." This guy I'm talking about is clearly good with women, the first night I ever went to one of the top high end nightclubs I saw him pulling right when I was just walking in. An of course this guy in the example I'm giving knows someone who owns a yacht, they actually had 3 boats. Nothing like brunch party on a boat...

The biggest point is that these guys are just living there life and happens to have tons of women around him. While were out constantly looking for the bar that has free entry and then cold approach whatever is there, these guys were putting in work to build a life where they have money, living how they want and overall have women. Imagine bringing some new chick into this life she'll either become very intimidated or highly attracted for the fact that your ON YOUR PURPOSE. She can clearly see having sex with her is very small in the grand scheme of things. Anywho the night just started its off for pre-game.

Now you get why I say if your a social and sexual being you won't have much problem when it comes to women because you normally interact with people constantly and due to being a sexual person if you ever end up isolated with any of the women it's a probability that you'll end up fooling around. This is why I get abit irritated sometimes when I think about back in acting school how much opportunity I had then. BUT, I was so caught up in "Cold Approach Mastery", it was retarded. Anywho, so how did model chick spend her night... (Note, remember the next picture since I'll reveal where that is located)

I can't comeprehend how much those bottles would cost but knowing that dude it was all most likely paid for by someone rich OR due to his relationships he got it comped. I wouldn't be surprised one night of bottles added up to 100,000+ and the dudes who know all these women aren't super rich. However, this is the beauty of building a lifestyle based around all your interests and hobbies. (Partying and fine dining I happen to enjoy)

With all that said this isn't a fluke because he's been all over living the lifestyle he created from hamptons to brazil. The guy put in the work an has hundreds upon hundreds of models who is connected to him. He is a walking DHV because he is a value giver due to who he is, his lifestyle, his social network and all the access/perks he's accumulated over the years. If your into model airplanes why would you just dabble into it if its your passion, you'd instead constantly take it to the next level and that's what I'd consider a success...

Overall, I respect that this guy offers so much value and takes things beyond just women. If everyone designed there OWN ideal lifestyle and constantly kept growing it over the years, they'd be helping all the systems there involved in. Imagine if everyone was out doing that, the world would be full of rich experiences and tons of value exchange. Think Big!!

P.S...Here is the nightclub that is in one of the pictures...

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Distant Light

Distant Light

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"First time out in NY in...ONE MONTH"

Holy shit!! What did I get myself into? It feels like when I get this new cell phone I'll be starting over from scratch...
-  Meet Female Friends (and potential sexual relationship candidates)
-  Lifestyle hosting through nightlife, restaurants, acting/film, etc
-  Reality Show (Having all the women compete to win me over)
-  Accumulate access to high end night venues, restuarants, homes/transportation, private and semi private social events, etc
-  Meet men
-  Join a wide range of extended networks

Right now it's so obvious that MANY things aren't internalized nor am I even aware in the moment. My mind is all scattered that it's impossible for me to attempt to run all these systems at once IN THIS MOMENT. Tonight was abunch of missed opportunities and limiting beliefs at work. Let me walk you down memory lane...

Lprince, K and I hit up the venue chilling. It's not even 10mins an some guy approaches me making a comment about my moves as I play around, his girl compliments me on my hair and how attractive I am. Some chick sorta opens K an then she eventually says I seem so cool and starts chatting me, she goes back to her friends bday table but wants me to stay around so she can comeback. Married chick opens K an then the friend compliments me on being hot too along with K. Overall, I'm just getting approached over and over but I don't do much of anything.

Finally, I tap this french chick walking by and it's so on that I could've just made out with her right there, however I just keep self-amusing. She forgets my name so I tell her it's over an walk off, she is like "fine!" an walks off haha. I know I'm a fascinating guy so she's going to comeback an sure enough after being bored with these 2 guys she comes back. I introduce her to K an then let K go for her, she was good enough for me to pull BUT I was abit undecisive as to whether or not I should. I was real close to kissing her but I pulled back an once K started really chatting I just let him go for it. She later looked for me to say she was leaving, she tried to kiss me but I pulled back an then she mentioned she was leaving to check out another place and how K was an amazing kisser. The venue was pretty dead besides tables BUT I didn't want to do anything since I was tired so I just danced, danced, danced with a few chicks trying to interact with me here and there. Eventually we finally leave, although there was a handful of potential in the venue.

Second venue we meet up with a chick Lprince and I used to hang with. I'm in zombie mode just chillin an making the music keep me awake, the crew eventually leaves and I stay. I decide to just go crazy doing "Homo Erotic Mating Dance" and there I am alone acting retarded, there was a cute blondie I had seen earlier who I wanted so I walked up to her an put my hand over her head. This shit is so consistent that I'm already kissing her but I didn't realize she was with 3 guys and a chick. The most ironic aspect of this situation was that she asked me...

"Are You A Host?" This compliment annoyed me an made me understand I am on the right path. I don't like knowing I have potential when I don't have the tools to explore that potential possibility. I already know I can make an event crazy because I'm always putting my all into creating memorable experiences. In this moment there were 4 guys and about 6 chicks buggin out with me, I almost was going to start standing on the chair. While interacting with this blondie some chick opens me saying I'm amazing. I also OWN these 5 chicks who were blowing out every guy, I walked in an they stood there just letting me select who I wanted. Eventually crew called saying they were leaving the area so I just leave saying good by to the 7 chicks I met.

The biggest mistake of the night is that I didn't invite not one chick for tomorrow. I could've EASILY got frenchie, blondie an her friend, and the 5 chicks to come out tomorrow with me. As for pulling I swear I've turned into a chick because the women are ready to be pulled BUT they need to catch me in the right circumstances to even get me to think about taking her home.

Overall, in my mind these nights don't even exist because it has nothing to do with the journey, its as if I'm waiting for the supplies to start building...
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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"What did I get myself into?"
I'm not sure if its because I have no intent to do all this with a shit phone OR if I truly became a douchey guy. First venue I was hanging with mix and approached ZERO. For the most part I'd just stand around chilling alone being retarded and having fun alone, the irony of this is that LOTS of women just sit there an watch hoping/waiting to get an opportunity to join the fun. This last for about 2 hours an then I switched venues to meet up with some of the crew...

At this place I'm also still being douchey BUT I do approached these 3 chicks who clearly enjoys the energy I'm bringing but I'm not attracted. Another chick I somehow begin interacting with, I'm not attracted so I just have abit of fun with her as she tell me to go get girls and that I'm amazing. Frenchie chick from last night approaches me, she's DTF again, turns out she told my boy K that she wanted him to go home with him.

Things started to change once I FINALLY spotted two girls worth fooling around with. Two 6'1 chicks from ireland, 1 blond and 1 brunette, the irony is that for the first time I was liking the blonde more. Things were getting nice an hot, introduce lprince to the group and everyone is just watching. Bump into another community guy I know an at the sametime happened to start fooling with this other chick who I mistakenly kiss. At this time the two irish chicks were leaving because some creepsters started jumping on them once I moved away.

Night went from 100 to 100,000 in seconds...
There was some french guy who had walked by when I was with the two irish chicks, he was like motioning in a "Yea, fun times" sort of way. I saw him again when I was walking through so I started joking around with him as we do RETARDED DANCE MOVES. Next thing you know this table of 5 chicks and 2 guys is watching, the girls join. Now it wasn't your ordinary party it up with a group, this chick was SO SEXUAL. Imagine two guys doing "Homo Erotic Mating Dance" because that's what happened...

This chick was sitting down moving as if she was sexually possessed an was showing ton of upskirt. I end up kissing her because there was so much energy in our mating dance haha. The french guy also killed it as the chick started to really like him, he put his sunglasses on her and she basically was bent over doggy style.

At this point every chick wants to meet us, I don't even remember half the chicks I breifly met or the chicks who approached me. However, I do remember at one point me, him and like 4-5 chicks are just jumping up an down going crazy. Somehow through this chaos I meet this small, slim german chick who has an amazing body. It overrided my pre-requiste of a chick being tall, I also picked her up spinning her around haha.

This night would've ended up being one of those fun nights that leads nowhere so in order to atleast make some more than just a memorable night, I facebook closed the french guy, and the german chick along with her friend. All 3 are leaving NY soon, the germans invited me to a well known club for sunday, despite it being gay night I was willing to go but in the end I'm still the lazy fucker...

Being a lazy fuck OR waiting for opportunity?

The first venue where mix and I were at had atleast 100 girls there and the second venue also had about 80 girls. In my mind I see layers an categories which causes me to slot chicks in different areas, but with this shit phone I can't even feel motivated to do anything because to me its like "What's the point I can't do anything besides pull". An at this point I don't give a fuck about pulling, I want to develop my life so I have some income through the avenue of living my life.

Right now I already know I have the energy and personality to BRING THE PARTY. However, it's the building aspect that is being question right now because what I'm seeing right now is either I am truly waiting for a better phone in order to feel motivated OR I have fallen in a belief-trap that has stopped me from cold approaching.

Right now it seems like I am waiting for a better phone because it took both frenchy dude and german chick about 5mins to type in there name and e-mail. The energy was slowly dying which I don't mind but it makes me understand how LONG it actually takes. Before in 09 when I had my other phone I'd literally walk through just punching in shit because it was a touchscreen AND I had a qwert keyboard. In only 30mins of being in that venue I had met about 8 new chicks.

I need that efficiency in a phone because when I'm having fun an chicks are waiting/hoping to get the opportunity to meet me. I'm most likely not going to have time to stop an chat so just getting there # 1min in and moving on is something that needs to be possible. For instance if I had a phone during the time that everyone was jumping up and down. Five different groups of girls, along with the actual girls at the table and the 4-5 other chicks who somehow met me would've all been #closed in order to come out and party with me again. But, its just not possible with current phone...
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