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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Join Date: 08/22/2006 | Posts: 2390

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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Join Date: 08/22/2006 | Posts: 2390

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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Join Date: 08/22/2006 | Posts: 2390

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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Join Date: 08/22/2006 | Posts: 2390

FR: Mix/Progressive Introduces me to more possibilities (Quick Update)
There isn't much going on in my life right now as I have ZERO contact with all the women I've met or fooled around with. I don't even stress about any of this shit, I just go meditate or some shit. For the past week, I had lost track of days and time itself due to spending majority of my time in other realities. The author of MBT book mentioned about having balance focusing more on "normal/physical" life but  at the moment I can't do shit with my life so I don't really care about balance haha...

Woke up at 8:30pm last night, ate food and decided to meet progressive for 1am. Nowadays, I'm like a free being, acting however the fuck I want to act anywhere. Get there, meet a COMMUNITY FRIEND with progressive who mentions he only hangs out with women now, nice. I mistakenly flirt with the girl he was going for as she happen to walk by me later on and from that moment she was hooked. However, my main objective was to meet these 2 tall women who were with 4 men, meanwhile progressive was busy meeting some tall asian chick which he #closed. I'm "douchey" aka "Closed Off" as there are about 9-12 women at progressive table, notice this small latin chick with an amazing body TRYING HARD to get my attention. I eventually break down because I couldn't deny she was looking fucking sex an so we started fliritng as I gave her a "Jump Shot Kiss". However, they leave early...

NYC Nigthlife Lifestyle?

Maybe it's coincidence but earlier in the day I googled this friend of a friend who was with victoria secret models. I found out he had a very short blog back in 08/09 which he basically just spoke about his lifestyle. It was AMAZING to just hear him nonchalantly talk about all the model chicks he hangs and hooks up with. For atleast 10 years now, this man always surrounds himself with models and basically is connected with lots of celebs. The biggest pattern I'm seeing from guy to guy is that WOMEN are a HUGE CURRENCY in new york. (At one point he mentions that owner of a top night venue comes by his table in a restaurant to say hi and mentions it was mainly because he was interested in getting a better look at the women he was dining out with)

So what happened last night? Progressive tells me to he's at the "Hill" area which is the highest point up in the club, we bypass the bouncer and next thing I know GORGEOUS FUCKING WOMEN JUST CHILLIN. Some of you like asian (Progressive) and some like american blondes BUT my eyes instantly spotted this tall eastern euro looking chick who was wearing standard euro chic clothing. She's with 3 other chicks ONE who is wearing leggins an killer leather booths, her ass was AMAZING. At this moment I have a BIG SMILE...

Now it maybe coincidence but the 10yr nightlife guy stated on his blog that he disliked this venue due to it being big and how he liked the smaller venues that felt very family oriented which means the venues that are 150-350 capacity which allows for tough doors and better quality. (This venue were at is 650) So were at the "hill" an there basically replicating the top venues by having strictly hot women, connected guys and rich men. This area feels very loungey which I LOVE, we have champage and progressive is with 6-7 attractive asians. I AM NOT LOOKING AT THE ASIAN THOUGH, I'm focused on the legit SUPERMODEL nonchalantly sitting with them bored on her phone with these two guys.

In the end, I go meet the chick in the leggins with the amazing ass because I actually liked her the 2nd best. (Eastern Euro chick was messing with one of the guys progressive knows) Overall, it was a huge reminder that when I get back on track I want to focus EXCLUSIVELY on just hanging with tall attractive women.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Join Date: 08/22/2006 | Posts: 2390

Progress Report: No More FRs, Only Content
It's interesting how much my focus has changed, I had almost cracked mentally as this whole "No Cell Phone" and "Highly Constrainted" life was becoming draining. Someone at free tour had asked me about my past few years and honestly in the past 2 years and a half, I only actually lived an accumulation of maybe a year. I've never been out "normal" for longer than a month...

A non-community friend sent me some good advice though as I forgot the "Normal" perspective of only one life. This made me remember, I wouldn't tolerate this if I thought we only lived one life and as a result my mind shifted "Why don't I just fucking wreck my life in a manner that is just truly blissful". What has kept me sane is recent improvement in playing with my consciousness. Lots of fears are dissolving as I become fearless again... :)

I've got lots of thoughts/concepts brewing up which I won't post until things are highly test. Reason, I won't be posting any field reports is because nowadays my only intention is to see how much fun I can possibly have each day. The only actual "Experiences" will be examples of the thoughts/concepts/analogies I'm talking about.

Right now, I've let everything go as I no longer have any attachment to anything in my life. I'm back at the core of "Crash Dummy" where I just play/explore whatever I want through usage of myself. Evaluating the past month, only reason why I've been annoyed/pissed from time to time was because I thought about all the fucking women who are in the "pipeline" that I can't even bang. It's almost a month since I met that italian chick who lives with 5 guys and still wants me to come over and bang her. Last friday, I met this AMAZING bulgarian chick which was 100% effortless...

The Master Plan
Like I stated, main reason I don't want to post field reports is because my intention is to see how much fun I can possibly have. The more I dissolve stupid assumptions, beliefs, fears, ego is the more freedom and decision space I'll have to actually facilitate FUN. Due to all this, I've also decided to strip my whole personality down to my favorite traits and wrote down TONS of potential states of beings that would probably make me enjoy myself even more.

Like I said, straight crash dummy, I'm more fearless from this perspective as I feel more like an observer just on a freakshow ride. Friday, was fucking epic as so much shit went on. With the exception of bulgarian...
-  There was this guy who danced like a 1990s eastern euro guy, I wish I had video to describe it but essentially it's like he had stiff legs an was sorta fluidly crotching. At the sametime I bumped into this gay dude who I met through these 2 chicks I cold approached about a month ago. He was with ANOTHER chick this time. (Gay dudes always roll with chicks, and are never needy/creepy so its cool to have them around)
-  This old irish chick kept trying to pull me, she kissed me earlier in the night unexpectedly, I'm so indifferent that to me it was as if she shook my hand. Bulgarian was sitting down looking at me when it happened BUT it wasn't a big deal to me at all so she never even said anything.

Overall, I'm trying to unclog all the BS an throw in some new shit to sorta change me up, that way my reality can expand. I'm changing drastically as I notice my form of "Self-Amusment" is now stemming from playing with reality perceptions and interpretations. It's hard to describe but when I'm joking with my brother were generally dying of laughter because of how I play around with the shared-space reality perceptions and interpret it in whatever way I want. I've noticed. Enough of this though because that's probably the boring shit to most of yall hahaha...

Now that my only focus is seeing how much fun I can possibly create/have and the whole project "Build My Favorite Character". I've simply gained an overview of the processes I want to be going on within my life in terms of WOMEN...

Basically, I have zero care about chicks leaving my life since for the longest I had no say anyway. (I don't dictate my phone being on or off) This surprisingly made me enjoy having zero attachment and it makes NO ONE SIGNIFICANT. I don't speak to cool chick, her being in my life is of no significance to the overall purpose of accumulating as much fun as possible. German chick I fingerbanged basically gave up with me since I only reached out to her once haha. Tattoo chick I banged, she was going to hit the bakery with some other girls I invited out but I had stopped texting her. Shitload of chicks have my #, but my phone isn't even on an I told them I'd let them roll with me when its on. Now, when my phone comes on, I don't even care. So what do I want to do...

I want to PLANT SO MANY FUCKING SEEDS shamelessly, an just let all the adventures/opportunities just pop up. I recently made a post on the main forum about being uncontrollable, well this is the ultimatle expression. I want to create complete utter blissful fun, where I'm just meeting so many chicks and doing whatever the fuck for the hell of it.

See when my phone first came back on, I was approaching here and there BUT so stopped since all I thought was "FUCK!! I must do this or my phone will come off". This is where the passiveness came up which hinders me. Nonetheless, lots of stuff was happening which is why if I tear shit up for the sake of seeing how far all this FUN can go, I'll produce some crazy experiences.

That's all for now, stay tuned...

P.S...Lots of things are coming together subtly, which even last friday showed that huge shifts were being made. Friday, was completely effortless as this bulgarian chick became fascinated and GAVE ME HER NUMBER without me asking. Only reason she didn't get banged that night was because her asian friend was cockblocking the whole time. (which is rare for me to get cockblocked) It was obvious she was into how I am because I didn't even really interact with her much all she did was observe me being me. Lots of breakthroughs to come, I might have to right down all my memorable experiences privately just due to the share amount of things that happens in one day.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Join Date: 08/22/2006 | Posts: 2390

New Gameplan? Supermodel Mindset + Reality Show = Fascinating Man
This potential came about as I was meditating yesterday evaluating the past 3 months...

The biggest thing I noticed is despite very little cold approaching, the amount of opportunities to create sexual-related experiences were ridiculous. I'm learning that I should let time tell the story an based on the story of the past 3 months, its now obvious how effortless and ridiculously consistent things were. MY PHONE MIGHT COME ON TODAY, so I was looking through my contacts, shitload of numbers that has no notes BUT also numbers that did have notes an my mind went "Wow, I forgot about her". One in particular was a chick who basically gave me her # right infront of some dude who was trying real hard to get her AND when he left she was open to the possibility of hooking up.

The results aren't my main focus though because it's "How I am" that made those results possible, an today I understood WHY many chicks consider me abit of a hot or douche...

NOTE: This is a mixture of potential possibilities and concepts/thoughts that I have abit of experience with.

Supermodel Mindset
How is it a chick who gets paid just to take pretty pictures and walk runways displaying cloth be perceived as having so much high status. This is mainly because society displays them in a way where they seem like the "pinnacle", the "opportunity", the "powerful" etc. As a result men in general think they must win her over since she is supposedly the pinnacle opportunity who has all the power. Ironically enough, in the past I was HIGHLY ATTRACTED to "ice queen" women because they always displayed this sort of demeanor...

It never occured to me back then despite people implying it but basically in my mind I WAS THE SUPERMODEL which is how I managed to always mess around with women I considered my ideal type. The macedonian chick (hottest women I ever seen and fooled around with in my life) and I were very similar...

The Macedonian Chick Field Report (08)

Also similar in both interaction and physical hotness is this danish chick I met probably a week or so after...


- I spot a 2set of hotties from denmark, totally my type...I tell my girl I like her style and find out she's from denmark. Then I move her outside where she begins to qualify herself about denmark. I'm just escalating and naturally screening...I see northern, "A" and Comrade at different points and I introduce her to them and each of them chat her up. Meanwhile I'm just chillin and then go ADD...but I end up chatting back with denmark girl and telling her how she'll take me to denmark so I can eat, I also ask her if she ever went swimming in the freezing water. (I remember another denmark chick telling me how cold it is and that people swim in the water) Then I have her tell me about being a teacher in denmark...I then start kissing her, ever 30sec were just making out and now were holding hands and she's touching my chest...Later we spot her friend who is with a PU instructor, I say hi to him and the girl and then she goes off with her friend, before she leaves we start making out hardcore again...She wanted to meetup on monday because she couldn't go with me tonight because of some shit, and she was leaving next week friday...I had no phone so I let it be... (This interaction reminded me SO MUCH like the macedonia model looking chick)

Re-reading the macedonian chick FR makes me realize how much I've reverted back to how I was back in 08 with deeper understanding. Anywho the bottomline with this whole "supermodel" mindset is basically being that way because then the woman has NOTHING. When YOU are the one who is the opportunity and she must chase you, it opens a whole new world as she now ADAPTS TO YOU. So basically you can be how you want to be an if she is truly interested she'll try to win you over even if it means compromising and that is what makes the difference between a chick who is "playing games" vs "Doing what she truly wants to do anyway".

As you'll see later in this post, I realized women are validation junkies an coming from this mindset, the real validation for her is actually winning you over and being the cause of this supermodel (you) to fuck her. Just look at the picture above, society norm sorta puts this sorta "You are a winner at life if you get her". So when your the so called supermodel an she not only wins you over BUT also ends up hooking up with you, it's highly rewarding in her mind. When we chase many times a woman doesn't even have to hookup or do anything sexual because she can just enjoy the validation of you actually having intent to chase.

Which brings me to...

The Reality Show
This has grown into a huge philosophy that I live by which a vast amount of potential possibilities have come in. Just to give a quick run down...

Sex is 100% recreational fun and has ZERO to do with love, connection, relationships, etc. You don't need to have SEX in order to have a deep loving connected relationship and mixing the two generally ends in a breakup eventually. How often do you break a relationship with a BEST FRIEND? If you really want a deep, loving, relationship then go get a dog or many amazing friends. Look at your parents or an old couple, they most likely DO NOT have sex but they still probably have that love for each other.

Sex is just another expression of having fun, there is NOTHING SERIOUS about it at all. It's due to FILMS where characters have sex and then it is sort of ASSUMED that they are together. However, REAL LIFE shows a totally different thing...
-  "Women Love Fun, Sex is Fun's Long Lost Brother", I don't think my game is anything fascinating but its understandings like this that makes women come to me and constantly want to be around me. I'm like cocaine because I know FUN TRUMPS EVERYTHING, the main reason people are interested in MOST things is because it's fun. (atleast to them) Ironically, sex/masturbation happens to be FUN, almost everyone in the world does it BUT we never took time to notice the family tree, that fun and sex are part of the same family.

-  WOMEN ARE VALIDATION JUNKIES, a woman loves knowing her body was the source of turning a man on and making him bust a nut. Haze~ recently mentioned how a chick once told him she rather he comes in 30secs than not be able to get it up and from this viewpoint it makes so much sense. Basically a woman naturally looks more or less attractive BUT then they throw on the makeup, the cloth, the feminine energy, the mannerisms, etc and you have a chick who has tons of tools to peak your interest. Ever see a woman look at another woman due to her amazing ass or exposed cleavage?

Adding these understandings to the whole foundation of the reality show (planting tons of seeds, let women win you over, select the women you like the most) turns you into what I consider is...

Being a fascinating man...

Think about the potential of having a supermodel mindset while living a "reality show" dynamic where all your doing is living your lifestyle as women consistently and forever continue to win you over. It's FUCKING EFFORTLESS, which is the difference between how I am now compared to back in 08. I was fucking lethal then but certain aspects in the long run still weren't solid. So what am I getting at? What is this I'm exploring? I should get to the point...

So, basically I'm openly going to be playerish doing NOTHING that resembles a relationship...
-  I'm never crossing the line of hitting on or chasing ANY woman
-  I'm CONTINUING to not communicate on the phone nor do day2s (Haven't setup a day2 since I think 09)
-  I don't care how hot a woman, she's just another woman and is never the last girl I'll ever meet or have sex with. Heck, she surely isn't the only girl I met in that day which is why I can walk away from any woman at anytime.
-  Constant cycle of going out meeting new people, living life, bringing people along and selecting women I want to have fun with
-  I'm forever planting seeds at a ridiculous rate throughout the city I reside, that way I have lots of options everyday for the rest of my life. Also presenting opportunities non-chalantly because it really doesn't matter, it's not for me ultimately.
-  Letting women purposely see me with a bunch of other women interacting because I have ZERO intention in ever being a girl's boyfriend. Only person who would dislike this are women who think I'm a possible boyfriend SO to screen them out I have no problem openly doing whatever with whoever.
-  Selecting who I ''m willing to bang, if I'm going to give them the opportunity to hookup or fool around with me and when. Any chick that shuts down the opportunity, I'll NEVER present the opportunity again. She will have to put in 100% effort to make it happen if she truly wants to make it happen.
-  I'm mr "right now" because were never getting married or ever having a relationship, so she can do whatever she wants to do whether it's just have insane fun sexually or non-sexually. Regardless it's a non-judgmental, positive environment.
-  Always remaining my usual non-chalant upbeat/energetic self as I let women chase. There is no reason for me to chase because I control sex, I've got lots of women who are waiting/hoping to hookup with me. 3 chicks aren't willing to pursue me, there are probably 8 women I met THAT NIGHT who are trying to win me over. Those 3 women even if they were more or less hotter, cooler, younger, is irrelevant because tomorrow I might meet another 11 women who trying to win me over.
-  Living life, not wasting time so that means never hesistating and keeping interactions short.

There is alot more potential possibilities, but you get the point. Right now, I'm just hoping my phone comes on TODAY so I can go back out rebuilding my life from scratch for the 10th or so time. However, this time I truly want to see where all this can go, I don't really care about anything else besides seeing what will happen if I live this way 24/7.

The Big Picture

It's hilarious experiencing all this infield as I watch how easy things have got for me in terms of social dynamics. This whole model, is very similar to tyler's blueprint analogy about "Full Cups & Half Cups"...
-  I know my purpose in life
-  I know how I want to live my life
-  I know how valuable my presence, lifestyle and social network is
-  I know I'm 100% in control of my emotions, which is why I'm hyped/happy 90% of the time (As of late, I can't get mad for longer than 5mins haha)
-  I know what I offer based on the experiences I've had with other people

Just keep adding it up an I'm overflowing with ABUNDANCE, I don't need a single thing. In my mind all I want to do is pour water into everyone else's cups who deserve it.  I'm like a neverending oil field now that I think about it, so when I see a chick, in my mind I'm just seeing "What will she do with all this value she's getting?" Why would I give oil to someone who just wants it to burn it all for no reason, that's a waste of my time especially since they're are others I probably haven't met who would really do big things if they had the opportunity to a chance to get access to all that VALUE.

I think all this became very apparent due to all the meditation I do because reaching "Point Of Consciousness" makes NOTHING MATTER. I've become so accustomed to that state of mind that everything is no longer significant and seem petty, so I have no problem just giving, giving, giving. All I have to do to have a blast is close my eyes an start letting my consciousness work/play. When your this indifferent you have no downside...

P.S...There will be lack of field reports since I no longer want to post "entertainment" shit, just pure content. However, I'll continue to update this journal for atleast another year.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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FR: 1st Night Back!
Lots of calibration is already needed...

1st, I came out late around 9ish which I ate at diner and hostess came by me to chat/eat. I'd make her feel good ravishing her, which is why I throw my # out there which she is cool with BUT she lets me know she tries to stick to her countries values which are highly conservative, this limits what she could do with me as she basically states her and I hooking up just like that would be disrespectful to her parents and culture. It was obvious she likes me, she of course no longer fits my criteria and I just enjoyed 40mins of her just chatting me as I asked questions.

2nd, I saw only 2 women in the span of an hour or so worthy of "high end" venues. When we hit the night venue the place was DEAD EMPTY, if mix didn't bring his group there would only be two people in the venue, not including the 4 bottle waitresses chillin. The night NEVER went beyond a "1230ish" loungey feel to it. Even worst was the fact that I got I think 4 numbers BUT none of them can't even be categorized in my phone because they're not tall, there not european, and there no unique.

NOTE:  As of late my meditation is paying off where for extended periods I don't have not ONE thought, so I've been kinda enjoying it and as a result I don't even bother directing much intent at all, although the clarity would be much better due to me having no thoughts running.

I bounce about 10 women to our table, 1st group was these 4 girls who were the only women in the club at the time. Mix and I wanted our table to have more girls so I approached, it looks totally different than my usual interactions as it seems like they like me but I'm super bored/aloof about it all. Only one of the women are truly tall which after just observing me an a moment where they watched one of their friend and I nose to nose about to makeout. (I didn't do it because I was going to go chat the tall attractive chick to see what she was about) While chatting the tall chick for some reason she busts out saying "DON'T FLATTER YOURSELF". Guess, she thought I was a douche all night, her friend got super drunk, got kicked out so other friend I #closed went with her, and the other 2 girls never cameback to chill.

Two tall asians, approached me, this was mix's type, only thing I truly liked was how tall and stylish she was, contacts were exchange. Still super slow night, I'm not worried at all until our table is empty and mix is bringing in more girls. So I see these 4 chicks who seem like they're waiting/hoping for fun to show up on their doorstep, so I meet end up bringing to the table, they were fucking boring and I wasn't going to overextend myself by CREATING ALL THE FUN when logistics sucks and they're not really the type of women I want to be bringing out. Turns out these 4 girls have 3 other friends so now our table is full of girls, since mix also just brought in 4 asians. (two who were real cute and had a nice body) It then occurs to me this model-like chick near our table with this mixed group which also has 2 other attractive women. CHICK LOOKED SO BORED...

One of my biggest problems nowadays is not wanting to CREATE/PRODUCE things. As you'll see later, for atleast a moment things were picking up in a good direction for the overall venue when I started to actual just BE. What I'm finding is that I INSPIRE people to open up, have fun and let loose.

So at one point before I met that 7set group, I had caught on at the last minute that mix wanted me to wing him on these 2 asians. He's girl was probably the most attractive asian I seen since she had the style, feminine energy, nice body and face. Friend is abit shy but starts opening up as it seems like I influenced her, meanwhile a 3rd asian shows up ALL OVER SCOTT. The other asian was laughing commenting to her friend in a "Look, this new girl is seducing mix". (Mix would later bounce with that "new" girl who also had an amazing body)

I'm basically done with the night so when 2 songs I love were being mixed together I just went to the center area, stood on the sofa and just acted stupid for about 3mins. In the moment these two chicks are feeling the energy, stands on the sofa infront of me. Ironically, that model-like chick actually observed that from far away because I came back an she was now trying to have her own fun as she stood on the sofa. Now, I feel like a dick cause I never actually approached her, I just let her watch me all night...

In the end, she was the ONLY chick who truly was "High End" club worthy, along with a few others here and there...


I have to make a whole new category in my phone as I now see why this nightlife guru I consider my mentor has his phone categorized as he does. Basically he has things setup indicating best of the best, down to the category that is for "Whenever he needs to fill a stadium". Right now, I've got nothing but women who I'd only hit up if I need to fill a stadium. So as a result, I'm now creating a similar category...

Like I truly have no interest in being around average/cute women, when I can simply just be around women I'm highly attracted too. Funny enough, I do keep in mind certain chicks who have a nice body an is just very sexual. For instance in the 7 set there was this chick with a nice ass, look like she loves to suck dick as I see her getting highly validated grinding on this guy an then just running off. She would fit the whole "unique" type, who I don't really find attractive but in the moment I'd flirt.

While it might take longer, in the long run, only bringing out the women who fit "The brand" will prove rewarding because this is the hardest part. Once, I'm in the best venues actually hooking up with the women will be effortless. However, right now I'm starting from scratch AGAIN as the only people who actually spoke back was the italian voge model and this attractive black chick.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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LR: Take Over Control!!!!!!
Daytime = Chode, did a few approaches however, after tonight I realized WOMEN ARE FUCKING RETARDED IF THEY DO NOT ALIGN WITH ME.

Honestly, I didn't think nothing about this night since I was genuinely tired and walking around with 7 dollars in my pocket. I've been made HUGE GAINS with meditation as I have ZERO THOUGHTS in my mind for most of the time. This is due to me taking my meditation seriously since I must be able to have not a single thought for atleast 30mins. This clarity can't be described, you must experience it in order to see the benefits.

A chick reaches out to me saying she wants to come out. This is a pattern since it seems like many women hit me up randomly wanting to come out. I meet her an she's old like mid 30s early 40s BUT fucking cool.

Start of night was alright as I play with her AND THEN the bulgarian chick appears which I flirt with abit, she's sitting, I sit but don't really escalate so she gets back up. I think she came with a guy who wants to and probably did bang her. I'm all over the place as I bump into this indian guy who I knew through mix, they met the 5-6 montreal chicks next to our table and BAM, were going off, but I'm not sexually attracted at all. Then holland chick that mix knows showed up an she is very sexual. I kinda fucked up mix attempt to pull as I started flirting with her while mix was doing his thing hahaha, he then mentions it and I'm all like "Yea, I think I might bang her" and he's like "You know I was going for the pull? Of course I like her" hahaha. So then I sorta drop the idea of banging her as I say "Ok go for her BUT if you leave I'm going to bang her" hahahaha. I never did go for her...

INSTEAD, I stumbled upon this TALL GORGEOUS chick but then some guy was right there who I swear looked ALMOST LIKE ME with the hair and everything and he was with his friend who looked SUPER FUCKING COOL rocking out. So I started to have fun with them and next thing you know I just roll up on these 2 chicks standing on the sofa by the table...

In this moment I literally TOOK OVER THE VENUE WITH MY PRESENCE, I was having so much fun that women 15ft away were looking an you could see they wanted to come and be apart of it. It almost seemed like a huge performance as I stood on this sofa with these 2 chicks, one was very attractive and I also spotted the old chick I brought out who is now looking super hot. She says to me "You love the pretty ladies"...

That was stated because she came in seeing nothing but women that mix brought out and she seen me all over the place talking to other women. Anywho, I'm going crazy with all 3 chicks and these 2 guys also start going crazy, and next thing you know EVERYONE is fixated on us. I'm recording video and genuinely having a fucking blast.

Then I notice this chick with nice big tits eyeing me and this other chick climbed on the sofa to be next to me, which I end up #closing. I also #close the hottie that was on the sofa with me, real ice queen-like chick. Later, I just walk up to big tits while some guy is chatting/escalating on her and get her # too. Only chick I didn't get back to was that TALL GORGEOUS chick but that was no worries.

Turned out the guy's were french an here for holiday and I also met this chick from france who I would later pull. (5'10ish, legs legs legs and messy french hair, yum) All she did was observe me for like 30mins. (The club didn't close because of ME and my antics. They continued playing for about 20-30mins after closing, no one wanted to leave) I roll up and start kissing her an tell her "All you have to do is ask, an I might fuck you", playfully of course and surprisingly she asks. Which I told her maybe, I'll get back to her when I'm finish with all this and I start recording the chicks I had met before saying my goodbyes.

Like that I go back to frenchie an tell her "it's that time" and we roll. It's ironic she was staying at the same hotel CC friend was at, nice comfy bed. It's rare that I find a chick who is non-artsy and doesn't have a FACEBOOK. However, the other french dude didn't have a facebook either so that kinda sucks but, its not like I really cared. As of late, I don't really give a fuck whether I see a chick again or not. My only focus is just meeting many more women to make some money and just have a BLAST.

This night wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for my lack of THOUGHTS so as a result my intent would just be clear with no chatter. Also the fact that friday I learned that I must make shit happen by just being me and affecting/influencing everyone around me. Lets just say I can easily influence people to have fun. It's hilarious an sad watching a chick who is waiting/hoping to meet you, that you never end up getting to meet.

Potential Possibility: This is HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY probable...
If you put me in the top club with 2-10 women at a table, I will get ALMOST every gorgeous chick in that club. It's insane how all my concepts an understandings come together as I watch women totally powerless to dictate how I am.

Reason why I say this is because 80% of the women at the top clubs are VERY BORED, I genuinely try to create chaos and once the chaos is brewed it turns into this huge hurricane where everyone around me becomes influenced and before you know it, it's LIVE. The women are looking like "OMG, who is he? I really really really want to meet him" I wouldn't have to do anything or even chase, just simply screening and giving her my # is enough.

P.S...The power of a smile can explain exactly how you feel, all I do is smile, smirk and laugh majority of the time.This was the first time in AGES I felt free and like me truly. There wasn't anything holding me back or any fear/ego influencing me. Lets hope it stays that way and transfers to the daytime.

P.S.S...The whole making a move once, if shutdown never try again is amazing. I sorta did this with bulgarian and old chick, but again it was sorta a half-assed attempt anyway BUT in the end it still turned out for the better as I ended up continuing to have a blast and ended up in the situation I was in. During that time the older chick was MOVING SEXY-like, she actually looked much younger due to that and I was starting to like it. Of course, I encouraged it and recorded her. But eventually battery died by time the end of the night came.
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 You are a genuine beast. I didn't even realize it till I read your 1,000th post last night. 

To have so much fun with myself and inner fulfilment without worrying about external things is what i'm going towards too. You seem to have achieved it.

You say meditation plays a huge role in your lifestyle, how long have you been meditating for. How much time a day do you spend meditating?
"Understand: It is within your power to set your own price. How you carry yourself reflects what you think of yourself. If you ask for a little, shuffle your feet and lower your head, people will assume this reflects your character. But this behavior is not you-it is only how you have chosen to present yourself to other people"
Robert Greene - "The 48 laws of power"

“If you are not yourself, if you surrender your personality, you have nothing left to give the world. You have no pleasure, no use, nothing which will attract and charm me, for by the suppression of your individuality, you lose your distinctive character.”

Edward Wilmot Blyden (1832 – 1912) Liberian statesman

My FR's. Give me feedback gawd damnit
Apupimpin: Round 2
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I've seriously been meditating on and off for about 2 years but I've been into lucid dreaming and astral projection (OBEs) for about 5-6 years. Thing is the first few years I used altered states of realities as an escape from the so called "shitty" life I had to live. During those times I didn't know what meditation was although I did many exercises that were basically meditation. It's only after reading MBT in 09 that I understood the importance of meditation in order to reach a "point consciousness" state of mind where basically you have no thoughts running and just awareness. NOW, each time I go to sleep I meditate, which at first I'd just fall asleep. Author of MBT mentioned that was lack of focus since what is happening is that my awareness refuses to play. I confirmed it by using Hemi Sync an noticing it didn't matter if I was tired or not, I'd simply blackout after awhile due to poor focus. So as of late I've been getting in atleast 1hr of highly commited meditation until I reach a point where I don't have a single thought for atleast 30mins.

My being is what is the most fascinating to me since each day that goes by I continue to realize I have no downside...

It's abit fucked up though because my boy was telling me about CC being done with nightlife and me just thinking about how her life is now. I know internally I'll always feel amazing an regardless of external factors would try to create epic times within my decision space. However, this was a chick who was getting married when I knew her, hungout with my in 2010 alot, got introduced into the nightlife scene in 2011 and now basically dislikes it all. What I never told her is that, "High End" nightlife isn't neccessarily FUN unless you understand the overall picture and hang around the right people. These particular clubs survive on wealthy people who want to be around gorgeous women, a hot chick to these venues are expensable, so as a woman your generally only as "relevant" as your looks. I never took nightlife seriously at all, an would say I'm more of a free-spirit hipster who likes these type of venues due to the "classiness" in terms quality of women and venue design. On a BEING level an a human to human interaction level, it's all irrelevant.

Eventually, I'll start to work on using my clearer intentions to produce things in this reality, which in layman's terms is basically what happened yesterday as my mind was super clear causing each choice to have clarity. Right now, I'm just focused on being in a "point consciousness" state of mind 24/7 that way from there I could effectively do anything.

Some of the perks of just the internal growth
-  Having fun is super easy for me and as a result bringing people into fun experiences is very effortless
-  Nothing needs to be happening externally for me not to just be AWARE and enjoy my AWARENESS
-  Very minimal self-inflicted pain (All emotions are self-inflicted)
-  Aware of the subtly's rather than the shallow surface of things
-  Interactions are more genuine (There is one friend who we keep joking that we need to take time off hanging out because for some reason we say the same exact things at the sametime and same rhythm, on a very consistent basis)
-  Regardless what happens externally, I'm always content/relaxed
-  I don't know how to describe this but its like a computer, replaying past experiences and finding new lessons (This happens alot during meditation when I start actually focusing on something)

As of right now though I'm rebuilding my life from scratch for about the 10th time, the hardest thing for me as actually being able to produce something and keep it going since I don't have complete control over my life yet.

I was going to go out tonight but was getting tired and had to wait atleast another 3 hrs before the night begins, so mix and I went home. It's so much easier for me to just wake up at 10pm an make it out for 12:30am in weekday nights. Things would be different if I lived in manhattan since I could just go back home and chill. I don't have any fuckbuddies in manhattan anymore, heck nothing much is really going on as saturday was my 3rd time out and about.

Spanish model, not sure what happened but she added me on FB and instantly removed me. (I didn't send any request, I only accepeted) However, chatting with mix we have some new processes were going to try out for saturday. Also tuesday we might try to setup a "free" dinner at this restaurant where mix knows the owner, I'll bring out vogue model chick an 1-2 other attractive women and will bounce to one of the top clubs. Hopefully it plays out exactly how it sounds on paper because right now the hardest part is starting and building.

You give me access to the top venues and a few chicks who consistently roll with me an I'll basically get 80% of all the hot women in a venue EASILY. I've never been to one of the top venues, having a table, I've always been alone which I always did amazing at the top venues. So imagine, if I had a setup similar to the other venues I frequent.

First obstacle though is actually building up to that point...
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