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Distant Light

Distant Light

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FR: Tests, Challenges, Lessons & Potential Pull?

NOTE: Honestly I can't really break much of this down since I feel like I lack experience to really understand what's what. In the end all I could really do is give you my interpretations and tell you about the facts and dynamics that were going on.

About a week or two ago my mother had ask me to invite CC (Cool chick) to thanksgiving, I didn't want to since that went against my whole viewpoint BUT at the sametime I wasn't even living (Cell Phone Off) so decided why not just for a good laugh. She was down and little did I know the adventures that would unfold...

Enter family place an the social pressure begins as everyone bluntly try to figure out if were bf/gf, if were getting engaged, if the champagne is for us to hold a "special occassion speech", etc. No one could believe that CC and I are just friends!!! This confused them since we were flirting very passionately like we always do. People could see the tension and they're just thinking "Really, just friend's!?!? Friend's do that??" People would ask to take pictures an were kissing or were staring at each other flirtatiously.

Overall, I think she got super caught up in the frames they were trying to set because it almost felt like she wanted to be my girlfriend BUT I am firmly grounded in how my reality and lifestyle is. My family loved her all it took was 5 secs, she loved them and seeing the little kids made her want to have a kid.

Lessons Learned
- I'm learning that women are very nurturing, time and time again CC helps me out or does something for me. She basically made homemade pumpkin pie, bought a bottle of champagne, drove me around, and spent about 150 on me in two days.

- I've realized CC also stays consistent with how I truly am. CC was joking on me as my family joked about her being my gf and me being the next to marry. CC would counter saying "Who this guy!?!? You can't even get him to date seriously". I left her alone for abit an could hear them asking questions and making that sorta "How cute" sound. Based on them asking why I don't date her made me assume she told them we aren't dating because of me and how I am.

Adventure Times
We were suppose to see the christmass tree light up at midnight BUT turned out it was next week so after dropping my mother off I told her lets just go to manhattan and will figure something out. We ended up hitting wall street and taking pictures, this unfolded into one big adventure...

Lots of random pictures, video recording and then we start looking for a specific area. CC can't navigate well an we end up at ground zero, then near brooklyn bridge I decide we "Cross!!". Keep in mind were cracking up because it's actually raining and cold. Eventually we finish walking the bridge, find the street, then head back near her place for some food. She was willing to drive me home but I told her I'll just chill at her place since I was sleeping in the diner and didn't want her to spend 10 dollars. This is where things sorta fucked up...

In her house, she makes a bed on couch but we knew I would actually be sleeping there. However, I didn't know I'd be super tired as I sit on the couch only in my underwear watching orphan. I notice she took a birth control pill right as she comes to sit on couch. She knew sex would go down but I don't continue escalating and start cutting in and out of sleep. First 5mins it would've went down as we were biting each other but I just stopped, samething when I kissed her neck. Heck, when she first sat on the couch my dick was already hard, how we were sitting I couldn't see her so I noticed many times she was looking at my dick. Thing is she was so into the film that I didn't even bother pushing it and fell asleep. Two hours later she leaves to go to her room, NO SEX...

Next day, were on the couch were planning the day, I start escalating and she's all into it but now it's bad timing since it's like 5pm, we had shit to do and so I just put on my cloth. I should've gone home to use the bathroom but instead we hangout at this low key bar for wings and drinks. Turns out she spent 100 dollars on her and I together since she now wanted to get me drunk. Had 2 margarita's, top shelf tequlia shots, lemon drop shot, and liquid cocaine shot. CC tells me she wants to meet these chicks she met online, I'm down. At one point were listening to little mermaid "kiss the girl" and we start dancing in middle of time square. (Of course kiss)

Lessons Learned
- At one point while on wall street, I grabbed her an we madeout hardcore, an we sorta acknowledged that we lick each other. Our dynamic feels like she is trying to win me over in hopes that I'd eventually be willing to "date" her. At the sametime she wants me to hookup with other women and doesn't want me going for her.

- When I was on the couch with her it was obvious she just wanted me to ravish her on that couch. Her acting like she was so interested in the film was her way of playing but I didn't see it like that during the time. I state this because the next day she did the samething but I actually continued escalating.

- My ego was flaring up in a "WTF, she took birth control pill for christ sake, who cares if you were tired..." On a deeper level, I truly didn't care an just decided I'd present the opportunity in the morning. Little did I know I'd have a stomach ache and need to use the bathroom badly. However, anyone who knows me I refuse to use the bathroom in a public places or friend's house. Honestly, I didn't want to have sex with her under both conditions, me tired and then me with a stomach ache. At the sametime I have that dumbass belief that you need to pull as soon as possible, on a deeper level I don't even care so it overrides that retarded thought.

All Downhill From Here
When we met the 2 girl's we bonded easily, they couldn't believe we laugh and have so much fun. I'm already hugging these girl's, flirting, and having fun. There not attractive, but very cool women who we hit the bar with. I have two more drinks which me and 1 of the girl's chug. We leave to hit another bar that has 5 shots for 10 dollars but of course they don't let us in because were done.

Next thing I hear "Sex Shop!" which I give taxi dude address to soho and when we get out of taxi who was pissed at us the girl's are thinking "Wtf this isn't west 4th!!" Were cracking up that we are in the wrong area and hop in another taxi. The one who was chugging with me buys a vibrator, CC is talking about vibrator's since she has alot too and other chick doesn't have any but interested.

I'm super drunk, start approaching randoms on the street which goes well, on train to brooklyn I'm talking to women and being very physical haha. When we reach the venue were like the first people there, eventually it fills up. I was dancing with girl's, talking to other chicks around us and just sitting down due to feeling sick. Other chick who chuged is hugging me, sleeping on my back, so we take her to train station.

CC is being a "ice queen" hot which I love especially since I've never seen her like that. She's telling the girl were with that her italian friend's who showed up are boring. I catch her pouring her drink on some guy at the bar. As I'm chillin she is doing that "Eastern European Bitchy" sway that sorta imples a "Don't even think about apporaching me human!!" Some cool black dude finally shows up, he knows CC from back in college she dated his friend's. (We were going to hang with him earlier) She eventually leaves with him which funny enough she gives me a HANDSHAKE goodbye and then blows me a kiss when he's not looking.

There was abit of women around who were nice hipster girl's but I was sleeping in the bar for like an hour, boucer told me 3 times not to fall asleep, stomach still was hurting and eventually I decided to go home so I could USE THE FUCKING BATHROOM.

Lessons Learned
- In my mind I always interpret every chick getting fucked and despite that guy being her friend and her giving him a massage in the bar I just assume he fucks her. Although I don't care my ego always wonders whether I'm the "Guy who doesn't count" or the provider. Depending on how you look at it I can be slot in either or. When I got home I noticed a message on facebook about me needing to get a damn phone because she most likely wanted to meet up. (Most would think I'd say nothing went down BUT no my mind would just assume she just finished sucking him off and wanted to meet with me. I assume such bizarre things with all women)

- CC and I are amazing together but there is no way I can give up my lifestyle. Only reason this hanging out 1 on 1 stuff is cool is because at the moment I'm not living, when I have a cell phone I can plant seeds. The amount of options, random adventures, no stress, no cares, and zero thought about my sex life is priceless. Looking at the videos I recorded brought back good times but ultimately it's not for me, especially when I look at pictures and videos with other women it's all just so much fun that I'm not willing to ever give it up just to say I'm having sex with a specific girl. (I rather keep her as a friend then TRY to have sex with her)

- When I'm living my life I don't give a fuck. At this moment I try to ponder the possibility that CC is getting fucked, has lots of orbiters (including myself) and possibly is a lesbian instead of bi-curious. (In bar while drunk she states how much she likes me but dislikes dick) All this minor stuff is actually irrelevant when I'm just living my life because I have so many seeds planted that I don't really care who gets to take me home.

P.S...I'm too lazy to edit any videos right now so didn't bother uploading any videos. (Some videos have faces clearly on camera) This is a regular clip of me just being stupid with cool chick.

P.S.S...After writing this post I'm fuming inside because each day I go out reconfirms how much I want to go back to my regular lifestyle of just being a whore. I feel like I'm wasting my life right now, just doing whatever because I have nothing better to do. I want to build this empire an just see how far it can go, I don't give a fuck about anything else anymore. Last two days were fun an all BUT I know I don't want to live my life like that, I don't want a girlfriend, I don't want to ever be married, I don't want to spend so much time with one chick, I just want to live my life and see how far my vision can go.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Possible Last Post...?
Yesterday was a killer for me, haven't had my ego flair up like this in so long haha...

I was like a little baby trying to run away from the self-inflicted pain of not getting points from my ego. I'm talking about straight anxiety an irrational talk of "I just want my life back". Thurs & Fri adventure would've never went down the way it did if I was actually living my life, I only went with all this because I had nothing better to do. Now I just assume the whole situation collapsed due to not actually pulling...

Even worst is my scrambling of wanting to get back on track. When I was drunk I was cold approaching on the train, street and inside the bar. While going home I started to remember how much fun I used to have and instantly got turned off from doing anything that wasn't helping the growth of my life. I'm turned off watching tv, playing games, and even CHECKING THE FORUM.

Only thing my mind can think of is get a fucking phone and going out everyday for the next 40-50 years...

I've lost interest in everything, all I care about is seeing how far I can take this. In the back of my mind I still feel abit fucked up that I didn't have sex with CC because she's done alot for me. It's not like I've given my power away, I can still create another opportunity for us to hookup but who knows if she's given up. (She did tell my mother that I'm very particular about women an how I'd select 1 out of 1000 women) If we don't meet this weekend, we won't see each other for a good 3 weeks. By this time I'd probably be immersed in my own life an just drop the whole idea again just like I did back in september.

Overall I'll see what happens, I still want to post shit BUT internally I have been fucked over so much now that I don't care about anything in life besides building this life and using myself as one big experiment.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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FR: New York Giants/Jets/Nets, 2min blowjob and Tons of natural
Interesting day, I can no longer watch tv, tried playing video games, all I could feel internally was "Waste Of Time". My mind is 100% focused on just building this lifestyle, I spoke to CC, she was down for meeting up. My main focus was to meet up early, pull and then go out BUT parents fucked me over and I ended up heading out late. Waiting for parents I had serious anxiety, in the sense that I was so pissed I couldn't stand being in the house.

Meet CC, she's drunk, head to her place where she makes 5 shots for me. She talks to her fiance which makes me remember I'm the dude who doesn't count. (Although we never had sex) I'm drunk, she's on her period so nothing can happen. We eventually head out but she's feeling bad...

Hit the night venue an basically everyone in NY nightlife is present. Tons of promoters, naturals, and players from jets, giants and nets. I'm stunned that there are so many promoters BUT such a bad ratio of women. This makes me question whether or not my assumption of these guy's consistently killing it is wrong.

I did observe certain natural/promoters who were chatting chicks, trying to pull and eventually left with a chick. I saw maybe 2-3 promoters leave with a chick, a whole table leave together full of 9 girls and 5 guys, and people from sports players entourage. It was interesting watching sports players get blown out not because there sports players but the fact that you'd think they'd be living life on some next level shit.

I was drunk, so I just rolled in approaching everything, I don't think CC liked this too much. It's almost like she realizes she can't control me in a nightclub, eventually gets bored and wants to leave. I probably met about 20 women in first 30mins. Mix told me some chick's friend was eyeing me hardcore BUT I had no clue who he was talking about, whether she was hot or not. This black chick also came up to me saying she loved my whole look.

There were a few chicks I just tapped, grabbed the back of there head an put my face directly infront of there face. It would've been so easy to makeout with these chicks but I haven't purposely madeout with tons of women in a long time. Eventually I makeout with a chick, bounce her to backroom to escalate and get the most boring blowjob ever, I cut her short and left because I was too drunk to enjoy and I got bored quick.

I remember talking to a few other women who were okish, I did finally meet this hottie who mix and I pointed out earlier before he left. However, I never continued chatting with her an she left with her whole table. I ended up sitting around watching all the promoters, naturals and sports players entourage try and pull.

I saw natural african dude who was getting blown out left and right but he doesn't give a fuck he just goes on to the next one. He is 100% beast mode doing nothing but approaching girl after girl and totally indifferent to rejection. This promoter who hangs out with lots of models is trying to pull this tall black chick, he's very persistent, meaning he reopened chick about 4-5 times, he tried pulling chick away from friends and even brought his boy to come handle any obstacles. Also spotted this other promoter who is like a director of marketing for a high end club, he brought an even 4-4 group which his girl was so into him.

Overall, I'm just shocked at how dead new york actually is, I can't even understand why it's called the city that doesn't sleep. The venue was filled because almost every promoter that is a regular in NY was actually there. (Minus the super high end spots) There is like 18 million people not including tourist and you can't evne fill a 300-400 person venue?

Honestly this wasn't much of a night for me, I just happened to keep interacting with people and I just did my normal kiss, move and escalate. I met a few other's who were pretty receptive but never really followed up. (Gave a chick a lapdance)

P.S...Lately, I've been drinking eveytime I hangout with CC after everyone left I kept drinking because we had literally a whole bottle that wasn't being used. This is what caused me to never actually recover later on in the night. I was drunk from start to finish. (When I first started all this I NEVER DRANK, it's only after people started offering me drinks I became a drinker)

P.S.S..One of my biggest transitions was listening to a 3 hour advance interview on thomas campbell. I was suppose to be one of the questioneers but no cell phone caused me to miss out. Thankfully, lots of the questions answered were things I've always wanted to know that way I could put this all in perspective. I'll probably talk about it another time but ultimately based on what thomas campbell was talking about I retarded my growth by learning so much "Larger Reality" skills while negelecting this lifetime package.

P.S.S.S..I'm just in the habit of taking videos so I decided to just make a video to purposely post on here. The bouncer actually told me to stop recording because the sports players don't like it. (They were on other side and behind me to my right.) The table I was recording IMO had the best girl's at that moment so I kept camera on that spot, although behind me also had handful of women.

I'm just in the habit of taking videos so I decided to just make a video to purposely post on here. The bouncer actually told me to stop recording because the sports players don't like it. (They were on other side and behind me to my right.) The table I was recording IMO had the best girl's at that moment so I kept camera on that spot, although behind me also had handful of women.
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Yo, thought you might wannacheck this out-

you can buy a phone for $30, and get 1000 minutes for $30/month.
Tyler/ Julien Bootcamp Alum- July 2011 

Field Reports

Alexander Videos w/ Notes
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Mix: I'll probably be out can't do shit besides "My Big TOE" stuff... (While Sleeping & Awake) I actually spoke to the chick, nice body BUT that whole group left together shortly after.

Adjunkie: I actually have a cell phone, just isn't on thanks to parents adding a line and making the bill higher than what it should be. (4x higher than what it would be) My parents rarely listen to me an have no idea what my life potential is. They think it isn't worth instantly paying the bill, just like they don't think it's worth paying as much as 100 to repair raw denim that costs 200. I've been getting deeper on my mbt stuff an actually cracked a few days ago which is why I'm actually going out with no phone. I might not be able to build the empire yet but I can atleast present opportunities for people an stay consistent to that. That's why I'm glad that I hungout with CC although I might've let her down due to not pulling when I'm in my fucking underwear and 2mins before she popped a birth control pill.

I'm trying to stay consistent with posting as of right now I feel sick doing anything that isn't related to this "path". (I can't browse forum, watch tv, play games) Currently, I can only look at nightlfe/party/hospitality related stuff, edit music, and focus on mbt stuff. Like I said before I listened to an advance Q&A from author of MBT which I was suppose to be one of the people giving questions. (No phone) It's great, as if I'm locked into exactly what I'm focused on and anything outside of that is unprofitable to the point that I'll get feedback. (feeling sick)

The whole Q&A filled in lots of gaps an made me understand what it was that was blocking me from exploring more easily. (First experiment so far was a success) I can slowly start seeing myself becoming more and more indifferent about actual details while focusing primarily on the growth I'll get out of experiences gained. Friday my ego was flairing up as old school fears came up, now I just take the whole experience with CC as an experience full of lessons. I don't even care where things will lead with me an her, nor do I care if we continue to communicate because it's ultimately not that important.

Growth, Growth, Growth both from a physical standpoint and non-physical standpoint...

CC and I are a great room for experience/growth due to the dynamics of me not wanting a gf or being married and her being finacially well off, guy she may or may not marry, her attraction for women, and her potentially trying to get me to be her bf. Hanging out together is amazing as we tend to have great adventures BUT like I saw friday and sunday she becomes fearful when I'm living my life. (She saw me flirting hardcore with chicks which to her might reconfirm the whole "Everyday hotter, younger, cooler...turns 18/21")

I guess you can say I'm committed to learning from this experience because besides CC I haven't hung out with a chick 1 on 1 nor have I ever done things that resembled dating in the past. So many weird/different/unfamiliar dynamics that just makes the whole thing interesting, it's almost like a subset of my main reality because I always think about going back to having my social/sex life in "Clockwork" mode where I just plant so many seeds that I never even think about sex because the options/potential comes from so many different pathways. Looking at videos I recorded, it's fun in a different aspect BUT nothing gets me more hyped than partying and just being a complete providing a service for women.

From a larger reality perspective, I used to assume we'd fizzle out from seeing each other only to be proven wrong. Now I think this is going on because of the whole dynamic of her and I being so different than what were used too. In the moment I enjoy it for what it is since I get to see an aspect of me that I rarely if ever seen. As quick as I'm indulging in that moment together, I'm instantly back in super indifferent who lives a fun stress-free life when I'm back on the path.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Farewell... (To be continued?!?!?)
Whatever has happened to me is great, haven't wasted a second...

All I do is listen to music while focusing on MBT related stuff and Nightlife/Partying/Lifestyle related stuff. Now that I've understood my problems within larger reality stuff, sleep time has become much more efficient. I'm completely unattached to everything an running on the intention of experience and growth. Have no desire to seek "feel good" new agey fantasy bs, no one including myself is important it's just me merely following processes of processes, seeing how far everything goes and just learning from the whole thing. With all that said, I don't feel the need to post anymore because I've produced everything PU related that I've learned up to this point. (1,000th Post)

This feels more like a big game where I'm just going for the ride to see how far this all goes. Thing is I'm a hardcore nightstalker who lives for eating and partying non-stop, if I was born rich I'd spend my life traveling/partying/eating at all the best spots around the world. It also happens that I love socializing an having fun with groups of women which is why I no longer worry or fear that I'll never have sex again because I'll always be around women due to how I am.

My intentions is to provide an environment that consistently creates memorable experiences. On a larger scale I'm sorta battling against all anti social technology that gives people more and more excuses to stay alone inside the house. I love when a group of people are having so much fun that it puts everyone on the same "Euphoric" frequency and when it's male/female interacting it feels as if sex has to happen to complement the night.

Current Plans...
First phase is spending the whole month of december implementing tons of habits to keep this whole system stable. All this will be occuring rather quickly due to me going out everyday so it's probable that I'll hit my goals. Second phase begins at the start of january and ends at the start of may, which I should have enough money to MOVE OUT. Third phase, is all about living in manhattan, paying off my debts and stablizing the overall system. (Consistency) By time 2012 hits it will begin the start of taking everything as far as it goes as I live in manhattan, living everyday how I want along with a social network that can keep up.

This whole experience has been interesting for me because all the bs has caused me to change in what most would considered fucked up. Nowadays I always state "I don't want to be alive if I'm not on some path I CHOOSE" because what would be the point of living? To hide in our comfy ego hiding from our fears as we spectate for 10, 20, 40 years? Why not just push the envolepe in grand success or total fuck up at least it would be an amazing experience.

The aspects that I hated the most is what caused me to grow up which is why no one can tell me how to be, nor do I care what anyone thinks because they're not me. I've started to take full responsibility for everything now that I know everything is a result of ME. Although advice is great/helpful any judgment to dissaude me is useless. I love how I am an if someone comes along trying to change that for the worst then I block it out because they're not the one's who has to BE ME experiencing the stuff I experience.

P.S...Who knows if I'll ever post again, maybe updates here and there. At this moment, I just want to have as many crazy experiences as possible while enjoying this journey. Looked at videos recorded from friday an just laughing at the taxi, sex shop, CC running up side of building, chick sleeping on my back, etc was just exciting in a care-free manner. Sunday was similar but more of a "Fuck You" celebration towards all the obstacles that keeps me from living, just running around like a hurricane hitting anything in my path full of good times. An I'm about to do that again tonight, and the next day, an the next...
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Update: Technological Limitations
This has been an interesting dilemma for me as I got ticked off yet another week, it's as if parents could careless if I'm living my life. I took this as an opportunity to rise above the obstacles an adapt like darwin by using mother's phone to work an hopefully pay off my raising cell phone bill myself. In theory it sounded good but in application...HELL NO!!! One thing for sure is that I'm on meaning I am in the right mindset to fucking kill it on all cyclinders, BUT...

Chick opened me on street an later fascinated by my social fun party way of being, another chick is already dtf I'm only inside for 5mins, her friend is also dtf wagging her ass all around me, I point at a chick from afar she comes up to me only #close, she comes back later bringing a friend who I only got to kiss her neck so I dropped the idea BUT she comes later to #close me haha. (I guess she realized I was fun an my foreplaying dancing stimulated her) Somehow I'm standing on the sofa with a chick (There are tons of women around us atleast 25) going OFF!!! I'm talking about so much energery/fun that the go go dancers are flirting with me. Also #closed a stylish russian I met briefly for 2mins, I actually took her number when the guy who was pulling her left her briefly. (He can fuck her that night BUT I still have the opportunity to bring her into my lifestyle, she liked me way before I just didn't do anything) Met yet another tall chick in a similar fashion.

Thing is when it comes to the number exchange it's so fast/chaotic to the point that it would be frustrating for a chick to use my temp phone. My regular phone has a keyboard (w/ big screen) so I just hand them the phone or press the app that pops up my # so they can easily punch it in and call/text. I could follow it up with notes app an let them put in their facebook info...It would be like clockwork (Sorta like the day I brought chick after chick up an down the steps due to no service to call/text)

BUT, that's not the current case...There are random numbers with random contact names and in order to contact any of these chicks I have to actually put the info in my TEMP phone an do a slow ass text with a whole new number. (Limited 50 texts sent before I must delete the texts on temp phone) Chick who #closed me would've been able to possibly hook up with me at the end of the night via text if phone was working.

The worst thing about all this is that I wasn't even being proactive at all which would've boosted the amount of women I met 100x over...

No matter what though I'll never be able to run on all cyclinders until phone is back because the rate that I move along with the amount of fun/energy going on makes it hard to really keep up. The 2nd to last night I was out when my phone was actually on, I was able to meet chicks left an right like clockwork and everything was just efficient.

New Insights
-  I sorta love the fact that I just go out having fun and don't even think about recording anything down just naturally taking on new concepts.
-  My newest realization is that "Looks don't matter once you reach a certain level" because majority of these chicks are more or less hotter than the next hottie.
-  If I was to setup/build how I want to, I'd be able to potentially fool around with the hot ass go go dancers and bottle girls.
-  Becoming aware of a very potent "DTF" radar where basically whole having so much fun, the women who are just observant are WAITING for someone to come along and pull.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Update: Let Me Loose An I'll Kill It...
After getting deeper into exploration of consciousness I've decided to no longer focus on the negatives because it's as if that's my "story" which drives my life. All I focus on now is persisting an remembering that I rather not be alive if all I do is sit an watch life passing me by, which I ultimately would end up wasting my potential. With that said...
-  This whole experience has made me so care-free it's as if I go out now to just create utter chaos. I'm like hyped everyday to go out because all I think about is how much fun it'll be to socialize and meet new people. As a result, EVERY NIGHT someone I don't know comes up to me saying they know me and majority of those times it's people that just happen to have seen me acting retarded on another night.

-  My process of "pulling" is highly constrained since I'm used to planting seeds, meaning I would makeout & #close a handful of women to pull on a later date and at the end of the night pull the best canditate out of the bunch. Majority of the time it's a "Last Woman Standing" sorta deal since I'm just whoring around until it gets closer to the end of the night which then I'll think about pulling. Having no phone complicates this, an I'm no longer used to just going up to a chick an pulling. Generally when I had a cell phone I'd #close certain chicks for the sake of pulling them at the end of the night which isn't possible at the moment.

-  People understand clearly that I'm the social fun guy, it's good to know what I'm projecting BUT bad that I can't make it profitable since currently I can only meet women for one night only. Drummer dude was telling all the girl's how much he loves that I come an party because I am always having fun with women. He probably came around 8-9 times in the night as I joked around with the women around me. TONS and TONS of women are always looking at me, hoping/waiting for me to give them the opportunity to meet me.

Right now all I focus on is trying to maintain this system and just grow until things can go back to normal. Many would say "Just Pull" or "Forget About Your Phone" but you'd have to be in my shoes and understand how all the processes works...
1.  I'd be coming to the club with women who are most likely chick's who already want to fuck me (Options)
2.  Mix brought out two chicks who he said met me before, we were thinking about possibly taking them home later in the night. These chicks fucking loved us an we sorta wanted them to be groupies instead but the pull is there if we so choose.
3.  Mix had another chick come out who wasn't my type (Short an Spanish looking) but was dressed sexy and oozed female polarity. 30mins of her being around me an standing on the pillar caused me to ponder the idea. We started getting abit physical an she talked about the touching which I then grab her even more telling her I know she fucking loves it. Beforehand while doing homo erotic mating dance while she was on the pillar, I grabbed her an kissed her neck. (Been doing that alot lately, that night did it to 4 different chicks)

Notice that's only 3 actual options without even approaching, and potential possibility of bringing out chicks who all want to fuck me. So what about the other women who I meet through socializing...
-  Some how I kept meeting chicks who walked by me, I don't know 100% how but 4 times in the night a chick would walk by and were having a blast. It actually happened a 5th time BUT I didn't talk to those girl's despite them trying REAL FUCKING HARD. They were swirling around me about 3 times in the night. 3 of those 5 women were attractive enough to roll with me an in a perfect world I'd just instantly #close for the sake of them partying with me again.

-  At our table chode style which means me just acting retarded, mix points out 2 tall attractive women dancing like crazy that I didn't even notice. These chick's are my type, I flirted with them non-verbally and got them all excited. It would've been so easy to just qualify them on being able to keep up with me and #closing in simialr fashion of them rolling with me.

-  There are chick's who are looking at me, I'm aware of it and it would be so easy to just roll up qualifying and just #close. The reason I go that route is because I'm having a blast an just noticed her, she isn't THAT INTERESTING to make me stop having my own fun, I see that as reaching too much. Example, some stylish model chick bored out her ass was looking at me like eye candy while sitting at her table. (Actually remember 2 other specific attractive women)

-  Sometimes in the moment despite not being able to #close I do roll up on chick's looking at me. This chick is in the middle of the club an eyeing me from 5-6ft away so I go in hard and theatrical. Less than 30secs she is shaking her ass an pushing it in front of me, I'm already embracing her from behind an kissing her neck, just doing my normal dance shit. This chick's body was AMAZING an a perfect candidate for rolling with me, however all I could do was play with that ass for a bit and then leave. (When she walked by she stopped an started shaking her ass in my view again)

Not including mix's girl's I would've had 6 different seeds planted that night and I didn't even do the normal socializing nor did I actually speak to the women who were all looking at me or around me. This is why I won't change my process even if it means getting nothing at this moment because when it actually is all running the amount of options is way beyond what I could have if I were to just go the whole "Blow me or Blow me out". In my mind, going from one chick to the next in hopes of pulling is a waste of energy since tomorrow I'll have to start over from ground zero again.

As opposed to "Planting Seeds" where the bare minimum opens the possibility of atleast 3-5 women, which you can just #close putting them in the pipeline and pull 1 of the 5. If you want to potentially pull the other 4 either bring them out OR setup a "Text For Sex" dynamic. When you look at from this perspective it's clear that plant seeds is much more efficient then just getting 1 chick.

I can already see that on average I'll have options of 10+ different women a night and that's not including the women who are already dtf that I bring out. Viewing it like pornstar chick's sexual lifestyle, it would be possible to have sex with a different woman multiple times a day if I CHOOSE TO.

P.S...MBT has caused me to continue persisting since I have nothing to fall back on nor do I even want to be alive if I'm not on this path so I'm in it for life. Despite the BS, I'm still very young an have tons of years to go, so it's no biggie all I do for now is just maintain an try to continue growing internally that way when the time does come I'm running on all cyclinders.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Update: Let Me Loose An I'll Kill It...PART TWO!!!!!!!! (The Confirmation)
So in my last post I talked about how "Planting Seeds" is much better than the whole "Blow me or Blow me out" attitude. Due to having no phone I was restricted to only pulling one chick and couldn't plant any seeds. Let me give you an overview of the night...
-  First, when the night was getting started I was acting abit foolish alone and I heard a chick with her friend's saying "I like him". They of course don't say shit, just stand an watch me do my own thing. In a perfect world (me having a phone) I'd just pass her my phone an just take her #

-  Later in the night I'm in the middle of the club acting retarded an just grab this one chick, it was too intense for her at first but she cameback and was trying to act like she wasn't interested by being aloof. I was already committed to interacting with this other chick so I never even continued chatting this chick, again in a perfect world #close.

-  While acting stupid once again (isn't too surprising I'm a complete dumbass) this chick at a table, nice tall blondie (starting to like tall blonds for some reason) who is so into me. Your starting to see the pattern here, I couldn't do much because I can't even just take her # so I just let the whole thing fizzle out. The samething happened with these two black chicks who were all over me.

-  While walking around, chick comes up to me telling me her friend likes me, she brings her friend I chat for 1min. Another one of her friend's comes up an basically says "Take care of her...Have fun xyz" and rolls off. Basically sex was handed to me on a sliver platter, she was intimidated by me, and then her friend who introduced me was trying to lead her to someone's table. I'm already sick of being in that downstairs area so I just tell the friend I'm going back upstairs if she is looking for me. In a perfect world, I'd just tell her to hang with her friend's an text me at end of the night so we can hook up.

So basically doing almost nothing I would've met 3 new women and have 1 potential pull at the end of the night through a simple text. Now for the chick that I was with most of the night...

Three chicks were surrounding me, I was doing my normal crazy antics an escalating on ALL THREE. One chick had an amazing ass an I started playing with it, I almost went for the makeout but pulled back since I wanted the blondie to feel good. I switch it up an end up making out with blondie. It's hilarious how much power you have when you could give two fucks what's happening. I was like a dominant douche just escalating on all of them...

Anywho, move her downstairs making out more an dancing. It's hilarious watching all these black chicks looking at me like "Damn I wish that was me with that guy". I then move her back upstairs an bring her to a wall where I commence more making out an start trying to finger her BUT she has stockings on. I also attempt to suck on her tits but it was abit too much for her and she eventually bailed. Logistics were shit anyway an I didn't really care, I was just giving her a memorable experience. I basically was telling her "If you want me to come home with you, just let me know" but logistics was bad.

I let her do her own thing an 20mins later she reappears, were making out again HARD like I'm giving her all sorts of different kisses and finally I just move her to this corner area which basically you can say we had sex hahaha. Basically I put her on my thigh so her clit can get stimulation an then I use my hands on her ass cheeks to help add more friction to her clit area. I swear this chick orgasmed off this, we were both hot an her hair looked like she got fucked hardcore. Words, can't describe what was going on an the whole time I'm cracking up as I just give her this experience.

I'm laughing because I'm moaning an making sex noises in her ears and breathing heavy just to enhance the experience for her. This chick starts holding me tight an grinding her clit hardcore. I start sucking on her tits abit, she starts grabbing my dick BUT she won't move her off my leg. Her juices are seeping through her cloth and my jeans. Finally, it gets so intense I put my hand up her skirt an down her stockings an feel her nicely shaved bush, and commence fingering for abit.

In the end, I knew we weren't going to fuck and I didn't care 100%, once we finished I brought her back to her friend's and left. Her friend's were actually down with me fucking her but she didn't want me to travel all the way to new jersey with her and her friends.

Lesson Learned: This is why you don't go the "Blow me or Blow me out"
Generally if I pull doesn't go through for whatever reason, I have so many other options due to planting seeds that I can just walk to the next girl and just pull. Also, due to having a phone an #closing for the sake of hooking up at the end of the night, I'd have potential chicks who are dtf "on call". As opposed to only having one option an it determining whether I have sex that night or not. It's known that a pull can go from good to bad in matter of seconds...

When planting seeds, you don't even have to worry since you have more options in the pipeline. You could literally get to a chicks house not fuck her and then text another chick to find out if she's still up and go fuck her instead.

Lesson Learned: Sex Is 100% Reward
I noticed this back in summertime when I was fingering/eating some chick out in a taxi. I enjoy giving women sexual experiences which is what motivates me to have sex, I don't even care about me getting off. While stimulating this chick tonight, I was about to bust out laughing because I knew what I was doing and I knew she was enjoying it so much. I did look at her while cracking up as she was basically riding me, I also could see chick's watching me stimulate her.

To me what makes me enjoy being sexual is watching a chick have that "Wow, this feels amazing look" and when they start moaning as if a caveman lost all his control an must passionately fuck the shit out of her. It puts a huge smile on my face when I see women like this. When I think about it all, I'm getting nothing out of fucking any of these women. Yes, it might feel abit good BUT I don't reach such sensational peaks like I see women. This chick's eyes said it all, she would love to have got mounted an ravished hardcore. I'm cracking up as I type this...

P.S...2011, is going to be fucking sick, spoke with parents and revealed to them that I rather not be alive if I'm not living how I want to live. It makes no sense to be alive an just watching life go by, that's torture. (In my opinion) I rather go utterly crazy an risk dying on the path then sitting in the stands as a spectator. Live life to the fullest.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Mix wrote:
Keep getting facebook names for now, the camera is an awesome prop, and great way to connect after with facebook. Im bringing it every night now. So many missed photo opps lol.
I've been so focused on the negative that I didn't even notice that it's actually growing, that chick was with about 7-9 other german chicks. As for the camera I love the fact that it's their, I just know based on how energetic I sometimes get I could never have it on me haha. I'm liking the idea of bringing my cousin along to just take footage of different things, I just need to get my own shit running that way I can make money and pay him abit so he actually has money coming his way while actually hanging out.

I love all the gadgets though, I look at some of the videos I managed to take on my downtime or the few times I remember to pull it out in the moment and there hilarious. It's like it takes the fun to the next level an chicks start acting more provocative. :)

Past few days, I've been on another sorta paradigm shift because that chick LOVED the experience I gave her. An now that I view things in terms of me providing an "Escort"-like service I started expanding my horizons so I can offer more. I can still see chick's face looking like she is engulfed with pleasure an her hair all fucked up, meanwhile a chick over her shoulder is looking at me like I'm some god finally giving women what they crave. 

Coincidently, I've stumbled across a few topics an along with my current situation it all fueled me to write something which I might type up later...

P.S...2011, will not be a similar to this year at all, shit will be grand because 2010 sucked but changed me for the better. New boundaries have been asserted.
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