November 20th, 2018
Distant Light "Socialite & Spiritual Monk"
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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That is how I feel internally at this moment because everytime I start progressing BAM some random bullshit comes and takes me out...

This is why I HATE HATE HATE living with parents and would be far better off alone. Although I shouldn't mention it my parents are well off but have THE WORST budgeting I've ever seen and it sucks because personally I manage my finances like I treat safe sex as I know where each dollar I have is going and I never think about going past my budget.

Once again I got fucked over...
-  Told parents a WEEK AGO bill is coming up they said they'd pay friday
-  Friday comes I assumed they pay, I see text on my phone saturday (I start rambling saying my phone will be off once again because of them an neglecting what needs to be done.)
-  Sunday, it's revealed they never paid, I know they don't have the money because from past experiences they use money they should be using on important shit on IRRELEVANT SHIT
-  Even worst turns out parents never even told them about an error in the plan when I told them from DAY 1 to fix it that way there is no problems down the line

I HATE HATE HATE having to deal with obstacles that could easily be avoided, it pisses me off because small shit turns big when neglected which is why I am sort of OCD-like when it comes to making sure everything is handled. I'm organized as fuck because I like proactively handling majority of problems/issues that could possibly come up that way I could just ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE.

I went to sleep, woke up an my brother tells me the cell phones are off. I look at my phone...
-  Chick from saturday who I think is the gorgeous tall chick texts me wanting to hangout
-  Cool Chick texts me, her phone broke
-  NYC Crew is trying to text me, including mix who I was suppose to go out with tonight
-  Romanian reached out on FB, I take it she wants to hookup but can't even give her my # at the moment

I was also suppose to make sure ukranian saved my number similar to how I made the other 2 chicks save my number. I know from past experience if I don't do this little thing then I'll have a hard time getting them out because then they'll try to remember and I'll tell them "Forget it if you don't remember don't bother" because I don't want to waste time texting back an forth trying to get some chick to remember where we met.

Ukranian reminds me of this eastern european tourist which is why I to bring her out and also I loved how we interacted very elegant/classy. The tall blond chick who had like 6-7 cute friends is also solid because her crew has NO UGLY CHICKS an so I could bring them to the "High End" spots no problem.

All this potential and opportunites FUCKED IN THE ASS because of parents unreliability. However, I ultimately blame myself since I'd never be in this position if I just fucking bust my ass to move out INSTANTLY. Deep down its tough since I like my parents just hate how they manage there life and expenses, makes me feel like I'm living in poverty.

Now they hear me complaining in my joking manner about the whole situation and there trying to act all depressed as if it's hard times. FUCK THAT, give me the amount of money they make yearly and I basically can live my ideal lifestyle. I have a friend who lives off almost nothing who still maintains, he'd have no problem on my parents budget.

So now I'm fucked most likely have to wait until FRIDAY, I'll potentially lose the chicks I met yesterday, I'll miss "Pinging" the chicks I met on friday, I won't be able to keep the momentum going as I planned on going out today, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. By time friday would come I'd potentially have a HOT crowd of atleast 10 chicks just based off the quality of the chicks in my phone at the moment.

ALL GONE TO SHIT...Thomas campbell for the win again because this is all a logical consequences of not growing, he's right about the benefits of not growing being severe because here it is my life is halted ONCE AGAIN.

P.S...There is a difference when I'm home and outside in terms of control. When I'm out and about all alone I completely forget that I'm supported by my parents an take full responsibility for myself. Like a dream I'm totally unaware that I have parents or even live in a different world at home because my outside reality is totally different and what I consider REAL. When everything comes together the only time I'm ever interacting with my parents is to bring them out to dine and experience good food.
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Hey man great Journal...i was in a similar place with the cell phone situation a couple months ago(among many other things). Instead of constantly gettting frustrated from it i just bought my own plan and have a separate plan from the rest of my family. Its not that expensive and definately cheaper than moving out lol 
The road to success is through the path of failure.
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Jack of Hearts

Jack of Hearts

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you're living with your parents? how old are you? I lived by myself from 19-22, then lived with my dad again for a year. now I'm moving into my own place again soon, can't wait. it's so much nicer to not have to worry about other people all the time and completely focus on whatever you want to focus on.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Turned 21 when I started thread...

Its funny how things work out "Uncertainty Principle" is truly what makes life interesting because what I posted before presented an opportunity. This situation caused me to have a talk with my parents, mainly a long back and forth with my father which FINALLY made them understand where my focus is at. My serious tone, focused intent, an clarity influenced them...

Parents realize the slight setback but are going to invest in me, they're cutting off certain money-wasting aspects to fund my vision and looking to make more money that way these issues don't come up anymore. Father admits he has made poor investment choices in past few years an now only lives to see me produce my vision.

With that said this was a mere obstacle... (If I lose chicks from Sunday fine)

Btw, going out tonight will just get creative with how I contact close these chicks. Hate getting facebooks unless its international chicks, but at this moment so longs I have some form of contact I believe I can work it.

P.S...Yes lived with parents while I went to acting school. Due to my parents spending cycle id always make sure to blow all my money on food to have an experience. As years went on the money crunch started hitting. I used to spend 40 dollars to at AFTER PARTYING. Cool chick would take me to nice sushi place spending about 300. Once I start making abit of income there will be no problems in term of money. As for moving out Ill only do that when I have enough money to live in manhattan. Meanwhile Ill save to travel an also I might rent short term fo 3 months in spring just to experience living alone.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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So as I'm getting ready to have another insane night, tall gorgeous chick texts wanting to come out and I can't send back a message...

Realized I still have old shit phone so I texted through that and for anyone who knows me I HATE complications since I feel sloppy/disorganized. We shall see if she'll show up because one of my biggest dislikes of this shit phone was the fact that it took 8 hours just to recieve a text back. Obstacles, obstacles, obstacles, and even better I don't even know for sure if this is the TALL GORGEOUS chick.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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FR: Making the best of the night...
Phone being off makes things abit complicated but I decide I'm still heading out tonight...
-  Tall gorgeous chick texts me wanting to know if I was doing anything fun. If my cell phone was working I would've just assumed this was a "Text For Sex" but instead I used my old phone with the weirdest area code (800 number) to text her which of course gained no response.
-  Cool chick texted me, I end up calling her an she wishes I had messaged her earlier because now she is about to have some sexy/sensual bubble bath.

At the venue I meet mix, the night seems very chill, I know this because we have about 12 chicks at our table and there is no other tables. It's 12:30 an all you see is guys looking inward at our table since it's only 3 guys for the most part. Eventually, 3 chicks arrive mix signals for me to approach BUT I don't go immediately since I had my eyes on another chick who was tall and had an amazing body. Turns out she is with the 3 chicks so I start having fun, they get sucked into the fun and now there leaving there stuff at our table.

1st girl wasn't that attractive just tall, 2nd chick had a decent face AMAZING body, 3rd chick was cute with an AMAZING body and 4th was just 5'5 average chick. Overall, I would probably have sex with 2 of the chicks due to them being tall and having nice bodies BUT they came nowhere near the looks of cool chick or the tall gorgeous chick from friday. However, these chicks made up for this in terms of female polarity an fun, like I don't need to do anything with these chicks they'll start the party for themselves.

Basically I would be standing an the 3 chicks would be infront of me doing these very sensual/seductive movements and everyone would just be spectating them. I saw two guys looking, wanting to approach but instantly gave up once they seen the chicks coming back an forth from my table. In the end though, I never got a # because when I spoke to 1st girl she said some shit about her phone. (Most likely BS) I'm a dude who doesn't push at all because I'm just giving her an opportunity, it could've been genuine. I told her I'd take her friend's # then, but there was a moment where she didn't want me touching her waist. (Really!?!?) At this point, the chicks lost alot of cool points, ironically I had the BEST interaction with the 3rd an hottest one in the group but she had went outside to smoke awhile back. So I just dropped the whole thing because there is always more...

The night seemed like it was over all left were average/cute chicks who I have no interest in having them roll with me because I don't want to deal with them getting rejected at certain clubs. I wanted to leave but needed to wait longer so by time I hit the train my bus would be running, so I dance alone simulating that I'm fucking. Meanwhile, this tall asian looking chick is blowing guys out who approach her. This is why there is no need to chase an you focus on having fun...

The chick who blew out like 4 guys, comes up to me an starts dancing infront of me SO I grab her an start playing with her. She can't handle many of the things such as me holding onto her waist or putting my face directly infront of hers. Because I'm about to leave I just #close, she forgot to give me the area code an I almost was going to just leave thinking "Fuck it, that's her fault/mistake" but I tapped her letting her know, we fix it. I leave...

P.S...Earlier in the night there was this french chick who was at our table, I think she wanted me to fuck her because her an this one girl kept looking at me as they chat. Almost as if the girl who knew me was telling frenchie about me, next thing you know she is standing up an chatting to me. However, something was off about her I think she was high or something. She ends up leaving real early saying she is sick an has to leave NY tomorrow. (Not hot but tall enough an has that distinct french look that none of my friends find attractive hahaha)
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Yep didn't get a text... (Makes me wonder about the chicks who possibly tried texting me)

Can't make it anyway since I gave parents last of my money, reup tomorrow though hahaha. Been on my spiritual shit again an experienced another breakthrough so as usual shit will affect my everyday life. I've been multi processing both THIS and SPIRITUAL stuff at the sametime which allowed me to basically breakdown how I do things which I'll be posting in here for 1000th post.

Also, chick (contact #) who I think is the TALL GORGEOUS chick hit me up the other day about it being hard for us to connect due to us still not being able to meet up for whatever reasons. This is great in my mind since I know for sure how I am now is much more consistent than how I was before. The chicks know 100% I don't need them and probably having a blast without them, so all the invites I send is pretty legit  social/fun invites UNLESS I basically do "Text for sex" haha. Reason she texted me though was to let me know she's flying out this week.

Irony is that I meet the EXACT type of women I want to surrounding my life BUT my actual lifestyle is lagging behind so I can't produce/create many of those experiences I foresee. I know more chicks from other cities than I know in my own city. If I was living a jet-set lifestyle right now I could hit many different cities eating great food and having a chick to keep me company as I experience the food provided. Then sexy times an fly out to the next city to eat more food with another chick. The chicks I do know who live in NY travel so much that I could basically coordinate group trips to different parts of the world. Cool chick already tried getting me to come with her to italy for a MONTH!! (She was willing to pay flight but I'd have to support myself for that month)

Ideal Types
For those who don't know my IDEAL LOOKS I've decied to play some "Mental Masturbation" and provide pictures. In application, a chick just needs to come close to these looks physically in order for me to entertain the idea of having sex. However, they still need to be able to to handle being around me because I'm abit "OUT THERE". Generally when I say HOTTIE I'm talking about a chick who is similar to one of these "looks", pre-requiste is them being atleast 5'6 because 4in heels will make them 6ft haha. I've personally seen ALL these looks in person which is how I know I like them since internally I respond to them the most. My dick doesn't even think about moving if a chick doesn't come close to these looks.

From an MBT perspective I've learnt that variety (race, height, body types, skin tone, hair, etc) is great in terms of helping someone FOCUS. I've noticed in daytime I don't even really have to look around, if I see a tall chick I look an instantly I'm assessing her look and from there I know whether or not she fits THE BRAND. Seems shallow but heck that's my criteria don't care its my substitute for guys who enjoy having muscles, luxury cars, yachts, houses, etc. I enjoy being around and fooling around with TALL WOMEN.

It just so happens that tall women together in a night venue makes it look hotter than it actully is. When it was tall gorgeous chick and the two 6'2 euro chicks the place looked hotter. Tuesday with those 3 tall chicks who were moving O SO SEDUCTIVELY made the room look hotter. What I'm learning is that they can just be tall and decent looking an still create that perception. IMO, chicks on tuesday 2 of them had great bodies but there face were just ok. (1 was cute) Anywho mental masturbation time!!!!

NOTE: Besides me having fun looking through these and feeling motivated, I actually want to put it in perspective when I mention HOTTIE. I'm aware that many places won't have an abundance of these type of women which is why thankfully nightlife, fashion, jet-set destinations tend to have an abundance of these women so I don't have to worry. If you look at the destinations I want to hit yearly you will now understand why many party spots aren't mentioned...
-  North America: Miami (Interested in visiting san fran, dallas, las vegas with exception of LV it's mainly due to the food and because chicks I've met from there were generally tall cuties)
-  South America: Punta Del Este, Buenos Aires, Brazil's Ipanema Beach
-  Western Europe: St Tropez/Monaco/Cannes, Ibiza, Amsterdam/Brussels
-  Eastern Europe: Mykonos/Ios, Hvar Town, Berlin, Krakow/Budapest/Bucharest/Prague

Most Common Ideal Type
Realize I'll have to post the other pictures later as I realized there are many looks I'm attracted too. However, this is the most common look that I see day in and day out. I've approached more women who look like this than any other look that I'm attracted too. For the technical people out there yes I'm aware these chicks look slightly different (None are same chick) but I don't rate based on 1-10, I generalize in terms of looks I consider HOT an each chick fits that look to make me think HOT. (Chicks who don't fit any of my looks I still consider cute/attractive but I feel no urge to really fool around unless they ooze sexuality or feminine energy. Instead, I can just appreciate there attractive and keep it moving.)

P.S...I'll post more "Mental Masturbation" although for me it helps me remember all the types of women i find sexually attractive. Living in NY spoils you which is why I refuse to go for chicks outside of the looks I'll be posting. (There are rare exceptions) This is all based on FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE meaning I've ATLEAST fooled around with a chick who looks similar and I enjoyed giving her the experience. I know most chicks I don't like because I just don't feel motivated to give that experience like I do with hotter chicks. This is why I rather sleep than have sex with a decent chick I'm not really attracted to, it's a waste of time and half-assed experience being given to her.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Mental Masturbation Part 2
It's funny skimming through different pictures I notice most of the looks I'm attracted to is basically the same in terms of the women being tall, slim and long legs. The only actual difference are their facial features and hairstyle. For the most part these were the only chicks that were drastically different than what I first posted...

I've noticed I'm attracted to black women who have amazing skin tone and generally wavy/curly afro-like hair, it instantly makes me think nubian princess. Noticed I have ZERO attraction for chicks with crazy bodies regardless of race. When I met that tall gorgeous chick I was actually with this chick who had incredible hips and ultimately I passed on her to go for the tall slim chick.

There are a few blonde looks that I like, generally bitchy looking ones attract me. I'm not sure if I've ever missed with an american blond only blonds I can think of were russians, danish, swedish, finnish, and polish. As you can see from all my looks I'm not much of a fan of american chicks. Majority of the american chicks I've talked to all came from san fran, dallas, san diego, miami, las vegas but I dislike the majority of american looks that I see day to day. (Especially COLLEGE DORM ROOM LOOKING CHICKS)

There are something about these looks that instantly attract me due to there distinct/exotic looks. To me these women are gorgeous chicks which is also why in my FRs you hear about me approaching many french chicks because some tend to have a distinct look. Most of my friend's have a different "Ideal Type" so it's funny when they see I'm so passionate about giving certain chicks the chance to meet me and then they realize it's these exotic looking women.

What about all the other women out there?

Like the opening documentary of my life "It's sad 80% of women will never have the opportunity to experience ALL of me"...

Majority of chicks fit the look of "Most Common Type" with some slight variation so it's no need for me to post any more pictures. I've seen mixed japanese/russian, turkish, brazilian, african-american, jamaican, etc all basically have the same archtype. (Tall, slim, long legs)

For the most part if a chick is stylish and feminine she'll catch my attention regardless if she doesn't fit my ideal type. (This is how I became attracted to the east african model who's head was shaved) I'm noticing more and more I care ONLY about a chick being tall, slim and having long legs as opposed to her having amazing curves. (I do have a fetish for tall milfs who generally have a nice body and women who have short stylish hair) Facial features/Look is the main factor for me...

At the end of the day nothing is ABSOLUTES only probabilities because there is always that 1% of women who for some reason I'm attracted to. 3-4 weeks ago this tall chick who was borderline sloppy BUT thick had those leggings on and if a guy I see from time to time didn't bring her out I would've fooled around with her. Doubt I'd have sex with her though since I've NEVER followed through on these 1% of women that I find attractive.

P.S...I already know I'll be back out rocking it now that I got my parents full support so instead of waiting for 1,000th post I'll just type all my shit out tomorrow and post it. Sorry for being a buzz kill but I just want to put out the info, don't really care about following the whole 1,000th post article trend. I can honestly say it feels like fall 08 where I knew how I worked and just executed like clockwork.
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Distant Light wrote:

YES!!! I don't have anything constructive to say, but this broad is hot.  Good taste in women.  I WALK AROUND MAKING A MEAN FACE BECAUSE I'M LIKE SCARFACE

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Distant Light

Distant Light

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The Breakdown Of My Reality (1.0)
This was only possible due to me experimenting and understanding "My Big TOE" concepts more and more. From an "Exploration Of Consciousness" perspective this was an experiment for me to understand "Process Fractals" and gain first hand experience about them. It's my understanding of process fractals that helped me create and define order within the chaos of this system/reality. The fractal art is a perfect description of creation, definition, organization and structure of a system that is in a constant state of evolution.

The reality I live in are processes of processes repeating, copying/cloning itself at many levels and scales into a single fractal-like system. An ecosystem where each part or system is interconnected to and depended upon the whole. The whole is captured, expressed and implemented within each part of the overall ecosystem. Each part contains the blueprint that drives as well as explains the whole and the process of evolution keeps it constantly in a state of growth/change.

Systems Within The Ecosystem
It's important to note that this is actually "States Of Being" that fuel each system. ("Being, not doing" -TD) The fundamentals are always as simple and straightforward as possible. Like the fractal art this isn't a step by step system just an open-ended system interconnected that produces consistent objective results.
- Social Fun Guy = Meet
- Fascinating Man = Screen
- Desirable Man = Select
- Reality Show = Sexual Abundance
- Ideal Lifestyle = Interests/Hobbies/Passions

NOTE: Notice the level of fun and types of fun the women are having in each video. There is nothing serious going on in any of the videos which reflects exactly how interacting with women (people) in general should be. It's those peak moments of FUN that bonds people together which is why I don't ever think about building comfort/connection. Never forget "Sex = Fun" and expressing your sexuality is also fun.

Social Fun Guy
You must understand that people want to be social/friendly at all times they just don't get the opportunity to do it often, deep down they're looking to meet new people. People aren't hanging out in amazing venues just to sit there and look at each other all night. Ever looked at two hotties entering a room, they realize its dead and then leave only to go to a packed place and stand with her friend all night?
- "I'm inspiring people to be social and care-free" - I'm showing people what comfortable and care-free looks like by displaying incredible energy while enjoying myself without waiting or caring for something to happen. I show up ready to go crazy and have a blast because that's the reason I came out in the first place. (Personally, I must always be animated fun guy that way I don't confuse people. I've fucked up many interactions due to zombie/boring mode because that's not me at all)
- "I'm providing the opportunity for people to be social" - I'm always working the room having many short interactions without expecting nor caring if I get a response. I'm constantly leaving and coming back to continue conversations. (Personally, I've been slacking in this area but once you enter a venue you should start interacting with everyone immediately without hesitation.)

You must understand women love FUN regardless of their age, they want to be around ALL THE FUN and the MOST FUN. This is the most important thing because there is no downside to having fun until the moment you care about things happening. People will be waiting/hoping that you'll interact with them, they'll look to you to inspire them and they'll be waiting for you to lead them. It's your mindset, energy, presence and certainty that is your currency...
- "I'm motivating people to have fun" - Be the host/ambassador of fun and good energy on the behalf of the human race. I focus on creating memorable experiences for the sake of fun and building relationships through HAVING FUN, fluff and shared experiences. (Time spent together)
- "I'm helping others have fun and escape from their boring/normal lives and problems/issues" - I'm the facilitator of fun who's always in the zone instigating the party and whatever feedback people give me is their issue not mines.
- "I'm creating a fun atmosphere" - I'm generally this curious child-like person who's always entertaining himself to see where it'll go and letting whatever happens happen. Honestly people would be bored if I didn't self-amuse which is why I play around with interactions to see what happens. ( You should only have the interactions/conversations that you want to have meaning hear what you want to hear, bring whatever you want to bring up, and just misinterpret things all for the sake of making the interaction fun)
- "I'm seeing how far I can take things and what I can get away with for the sake of fun" - I'm always entertaining myself saying/doing things that cracks me up and inserting/leading the conversation in whatever direction I want for the sake of fun/play. Anything I want to happen I throw it out in the form of a question or pretend she brought it up.

The thing about being the "Social Fun Guy" is that you'll have tons of attention on you and like TD in blueprint "Women are observing how other's react to you". It's going to be clear that you are an open/friendly FUN guy who she should actually seek out. When your inspiring people they start to come out there own shell an ADD to the whole collective energy. Last sunday on the platform with a chick buggin out this OTHER GUY started moving similar to me and the way the lighting was hitting us it seemed like 5 people were on this platform influenced by E-pills. Our area had all the hot chicks because even if they don't actively get to interact there in proximity of all that energy. Speaking to them is as simple as tapping, smiling or just motioning her over because she's WAITING/HOPING to meet that social fun guy.

There is NEVER any approach anxiety because your not hitting on anyone, your just presenting opportunities for people to be social. How you approach is irrelevant all that matters is the intention behind the approach. The chicks who do ignore me tend to ALWAYS have a face like "Shit I made a mistake, he's amazing". In the past I was persistent so I've turned this around MANY TIMES but now I let it go. Way back, I had approached this chick 12x before we actually began talking. Other women are just shy/intimidated so they blow me out to hide from the social pressure.

Fun is what produces all the crazy experiences not the impressive seductive/caveman skills. I've had the craziest moments while in the midst of epic times and it's CONSISTENT because I am the "Warm End" of the pool. I motivate and create the fun so a woman knows if she gets to meet me she ATLEAST has access to 100% guaranteed FUN. I've had chicks run up to me wanting to know where the after party is, wanting to do cocaine, wondering who I am, saying I'm hot, etc. My "Homo Erotic Mating Dance" is pure self-amusement that has evolved to unreal levels, it is full blown expression of my internal state.

Fascinating Man
You must understand your the opportunity, they have to prove themselves to you. She might be HOT but she still needs to meet your criteria and she gets no special status until she's proved that she deserves that status. Qualifying women and giving them the chance to pursue is necessary to remain fascinating and keep her chasing you
- "Can she handle being around me?" - This is what I consider passive screening since it's about me ALWAYS expressing myself 100% in a "take it or leave it" manner and purposely pushing things in a "try to defy me" manner to see if she can handle being around me. Overall I go with the flow an if the interaction isn't meshing well, they've done me a favor because I can now easily screen them out. (I'm always constantly dominating her by fucking with her and having the better answer which really is just a certainty of being the better answer)
- "Does she potentially make the cut?" - I'm a very casual/aloof screener who is seeing if she makes the cut without hiding the fact that this is my criteria. (The values are different for everyone...Physically, tall 5'6+ feminine woman with a high fashion or glamour model-like body, euro features or stylish/unique/exotic looking...Personality, fun/social, energetic/outgoing, sexual/passionate, adventurous/bi-sexual...Lifestyle, should fit right into a jet-set lifestyle while enjoying the nightlife, acting/film and restaurant scene.)
- "I'm giving them the opportunity to come along in my lifestyle" - I'm always leaving the door open for people to come along into my life by giving them the opportunity to contact me if there interested and letting her know she can contact me anytime she wants. The opportunity presented is under the pre-text that she's coming along to a social event or to find out some info from me. I ONLY text a chick to invite them to a party/function and if she comes out she's proved that she deserves to hangout with me. (The more she comes out the more rewards/incentives she gets meaning I'll invite her to cooler things and give her priority over other women due to her investment)

You must never have to sway from your criteria nor hide the fact that you have a criteria because if she doesn't meet your criteria your going to walk away regardless how attractive she is or how great the offering is. She will understand the competition for you is high with new hotties entering the market everyday, so she must make the cut and maintain high standards in order to stay on your team.
- "This is for the brand!" - Be selective like a door guy who runs the hottest nightclubs and don't make apologies for it. Maintain the criteria you have for the type of women you want to hangout with and make them come to you. (Nowadays, I don't care to hookup with average chicks BUT before I'd always be cleaning house to get rid of average girls and allow space for women who fits the brand more)
- "Where does she fit within my lifestyle?" - I'm always filtering my interactions to find out where I'll be placing people within my lifestyle

This is the aspect that makes women fascinated by me because it's like how they described the dynamic of the famous 70/80s club "Studio 54" where you'd get into the club feeling like a VIP until you realized there was a VIP room, then discovered there is an even more exclusive VIP room within the VIP room and how could you forget the ULTRA VIP ROOM that isn't even within the VIP room. In this case most women see this guy (me) who can provide fun until they notice there is a possibility that I might be interested BUT I have a criteria. In a sense this is a challenge for them because they notice I have NO DOWNSIDE whether she makes the cut or not I still remain having fun and she could possibly LOSE atleast the fun factor.

As a result I call the shots an she just has to adapt. My personality is one big passive screening because as a SOCIAL FUN GUY I get to see what there personality is like for the most part and the fact that I purposely express the extremes of my personality to see if she can handle me also brings out what I'd be consistently experiencing when went her. I always viewed this as a scout who found potential talent and now brought them to the casting call which her acceptance would be me giving her an opportunity to come into my lifestyle.

At the end of the day I'm strict about my criteria it's nothing personal she just didn't make the cut and like the chef who ran "Chef Academy" I'm not willing to compromise the standards just because the person is very friendly with me. A chubby chick could have an amazing personality but no way I'm having sex with her. I've noticed because I am the way I am if I do let a chick make the cut who generally wouldn't she becomes HIGHLY ATTRACTED, even chicks who come close to my criteria. This is because they all think they have to fit my criteria PERFECTLY which IS NOT TRUE. I remember making out with this short jewish chick an I stopped thinking "How the fuck did you do this? I generally only fool around with tall chicks". She starts laughing saying it must be the jew in her an then throws herself at me.

As I type this I realize because I am also a social fun guy it's sort of like I'm a music producer and abunch of artists are hoping to meet me that way they can give me there demo tape and hopefully make the cut.

Desirable Man
You must understand this isn't the last girl you'll ever talk to or have sex with because everyday thousands of hotter, cooler, younger women are turning 18/21. There is always more, you don't have to go to them because it'll never end. You have to realize as a woman gets older she has to compete with the younger/hotter women for the same men.
-  "Women are women are women are women" - I treat all women the same regardless of there looks because I don't even know her. I'm never worried about the end result because it's not like there are no more hot women out there or if I don't get that specific one I won't ever meet another hot woman.
-  "I don't need women" - I'm ALWAYS remaining social/fun so it's obvious I will not chase a chick ever. I don't care if anything happens nor if something ever ends instead I just let the chips fall where they may because nothing needs to happen and I can walk away at any moment. With that said I'm ALWAYS giving women a chance to be interested WITHOUT WORRYING about losing the chance to make something happen, WANTING the interaction to go further or making sure she's interested.

You must understand women want to become attracted to you and want hooking up to be their idea. Women always talk about wanting to get guys so let them chase without pursing them. Pursuing even alittle is like being alittle pregnant, it's the same shit so don't bother.
-  "I'm giving her the opportunity to pursue me" - I'm always aloof letting her chase me and bring the interest out of me. I only convey their is a possibility that I might be interested but it's not for sure because at the end of the day I don't really care if it happens or not. I make her take responsibility for her social/sex life by chasing me and if she's not willing to I let it go because she isn't worth it.
-  "I know you want me to fuck you" - I'm always making women feel good/empowered for pursuing me regardless if I'm interested. I'm flirtatiously playful finding out what's going on and what her intentions are without judging her by being foward about it asking questions and accusing her. If it's one thing I ALWAYS do is make it easy/simple for women to chase because I refuse to put roadblocks or make them jump through hoops.
-  "I might be willing to fuck you" - I CONTROL SEX, I'm the one delaying it in order to have fun with the interaction, I can push play whenever I want by assertively putting sex on the table. When I push play I basically get to the point by telling her what she probably wants to do that way we can handle the situation and continue with our lives. NON-VERBALLY DIRECT...Make the move of escalating/leading her physically without caring if she's down or not ("Lets Go"), if she declines after two attempts I don't go back for more since she might want me to sit back while she takes control. VERBALLY DIRECT...I ask in the form of a question, sooner it's out there is the more likely she'll follow through when the opportunity arises.

You must understand the strongest males are always competed for by women. There is no downside to being a complete player who goes out having a good time meeting people. All women want you and they'll be lucky if they end up with you because your the most desirable man. It's not some rare thing for you to hook up with women, they're always after you wanting to have sex. Women should know if they wait or hesistate even for a millisecond this high status guy will be receiving other offers from women who are potentially more attractive.
-  "I'm the selector, I'm in demand" - Be a man with lots of sexual relationships and/or many options in terms of women. I choose who I have sex with, if it's possible for her to get with me and when she can have sex with me. I never apologize for taking action as soon as possible to get things going because I've got a busy life. Whenever I'm in a position where things could go further, I must close!!
-  "I'm the high end escort" - I'm the single man who is used for sex by women and have NO INTENTION in being any chicks boyfriend. I embrace being the sex toy with confidence, never feeling bad that I'm going to have sex and thinking about how great its going to be for her when leading it to sex. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS keeping the passion and never getting comfortable.
-  "She's already waiting for me" - I lead things towards whatever it maybe because she's waiting/expecting me to lead things to the crazy stuff which is why I'm not scared, I just go for it. I get things started quickly because no matter how long I wait it's usually the same result whether or not something will happen or not. This is why I makeout with women early, put sex on the table letting women take it or leave it. If she isn't brave enough to make the first move then I take action and if I get shutdown I let it go because I'm not missing out on anything.

This area is newest to me since it's very recent that I've started to become this way. (Consistency) I should note this doesn't mean I'm cold-hearted or anthing, I'm just 100% indifferent about women because they will always be here. If you've hooked up with a hottie and a cutie you'll realize it's exactly the samething physically. Hot is just relative to the type of women you'd enjoy giving a sexual experience to. Most guys are probably different than me but given my viewpoint there would be no actual difference in my life if I was sexual active or not, I'd still be doing the exact samethings in life. Sex for me is purely giving an experience to the chick which is why they must be hot.

The reason I no longer chase is because if I'm chasing then she has no space to even decide whether or not she wants to chase me. Also in the past all the women I've had amazing experiences with I noticed it was due to her bringing the interest out of me. The most vivid experience is the time I tried making out with this one chick who did makeout with me BUT it wasn't until I said "You know what, I never do this but I think I will actually keep in touch what's your contact details". When I say the chick was happy she passionately began making out with me and 1.5 years later she still keeps in touch. Throughout the year though for self-amusement I kept conveying that there was a possibility that I might be interested but wasn't sure and chicks really started trying to win me over.

Due to me refusing to compromise my standards, majority of the time I wouldn't want to pull nor did I want a chick to feel bad for chasing me so I always made them feel good and atleast empowered for chasing me. At the sametime I honestly stopped caring so I'd just find out what's what by asking her or accusing her of things. Many times I would yell at chicks demanding them to tell me how this is all happening and what she is doing to me. This has resulted in interactions going to some interesting places.

When your a man coming from this viewpoint you essentially control sex because you have so many options, meanwhile the chick has rarely if ever met a fascinating man like you. For a long time I knew this and used to tell people who wanted to know what to talk about in an interaction "If all you had to do was say YES an instantly you'd have sex with a woman, what would you do to have abit of fun before saying YES?" I knew I could go for the pull whenever I wanted especially since I used to be in many situations where I'd makeout in under 1-2mins and sitting there wondering what to do next since most community viewpoints believed it took x amount of time/comfort/connection.

My MO was basically saying "Lets Go" generally after kissing a chick and bringing some passion. I remember a chick was making excuses/yelling so I just dropped the idea an tried again. Pulled her into taxi an she objected agin so I completey stopped, next thing you know she was on me, I'd pull back and she'd be like "Stop, stop teasing me..." Being VERBALLY DIRECT came when I was joking around once an basically told a chick I might be down for hooking up later, she seemed down. Next time I was talking about logistics with a chick an I was like "Are you a screamer? Damn this is going to be tough because I don't want us to keep up your roommates." The funny thing about this is that we sounded dead serious as if it was a true problem. This evolved into "Text for sex" and most recently telling a chick I'll text her 30mins later to meet at her place.

The aspect that is actually abit new to me is knowing your being competed for and being this dude who is just social/fun. It's a mind fuck because you'd expect a rather suave or caveman dude to be the one tearing it up but I notice the playerish dude who's social/fun  CAN DO NO WRONG. Everything is done out of fun, all women want you and want to be around fun. There all aware that these other women also want you and want to be around you BUT you aren't chasing anyone, your just having fun. This whole dynamic allows me to meet multiple women within a night that I could potentially hook up with and I also meet women who I can potentially have a sexual relationships with at an incredible rate. Most vivid experience was almost pulling twice (Could've pulled a switch an took the girl's friend making it almost 3 pulls), another chick trying to hook me up with her friend, chick I already knew wanting to approach but too intimidated, 3-4 other chicks approaching me very directly. When I fucked up one pull, I was able to go right to the next chick an pull her instead.

Overall when it comes to being sexual it's all for giving women an experience and have zero intention of ever having a girlfriend or being married. I've had too many expereinces where I got super bored and just wanted to be totally free to create more memorable experiences. This area doesn't need to be mentioned since it's just a personal preference. However, I lead things wherever I want because women are already down. As of late almost all chicks who I made out with who were wearing skirts had no problem with me fingering her from the back SO YEA, just go for it in a take it or leave it manner.

The Reality Show

You must understand your going to continue living your interesting life even if this woman never hooks up with you, it doesn't matter. There are more girl's out there in this world and you don't need to validation of having sex with her.
...I'm giving women the opportunity to meet me and possibily come into my life
...I bring women out to do things I'm already doing, inviting all of them to the sameplace introducing them and letting them compete for me. If they want to come along for the ride cool, if not cool too.

You must understand there are lots of hot women in the world and they can sleep with men anytime they want, so it's not unique. HOWEVER, women want to get fucked badly by fascinating men and show up read to do anything when he's present. Women rarely meet fascinating men so when he's present they'l chase and they're willing to have an incredible "Sexual" relationship with him.
..."High End Escort" Lifesytle - I'm just planting seeds worldwide and all over my homebase city all the time. It's all about making women experience a "Clear Cut Strong Reality" where they can feel good/sexy and aren't confused about who you are or the experiences you provide.
..."Bachelor" Lifestyle - I'm always having women revolve their life around me, vying for my attention and chasing me as I LIVE MY LIFE. Always live life surrounded by tons of attractive women who are competing for the chance to take you home.
..."Sexual" Lifestyle - Have lots and lots of options (sexual relationships) in terms of women

This is the shortest but most important aspect in terms of women because it's always running in the background of everything. There are lots of uncharted territory that I've yet to discover in this area because I've never attempted to see how far this goes, only seen the possibilities. The process of giving women the opportunity to meet me and come into my life is the one process that will ALWAYS bring more and more women into my life, it's neverending. The fact that I plant seeds all over means eventually I'll have an unreal network of women who I possibly have sexual relationships with and the fact that I'm always surrounded by women means sex is always at my doorstep anytime I feel like having some fun.

I've only now started seeing the potential possibilites...
-  I have women scattered around different parts of the world. If I push the limits it's possible I could have many options in several cities, if I was ever living a jet-set lifestyle it would take 1 night in each city to a few options in that city. If I kept growing it, I'd basically be able to fly from city to city knowing I have a chick (or many chicks) wanting for my arrival in that city.
-  "Text For Sex" can possibly happen every night (Already know I can't handle that) if you had a database of chicks who you had sexual relationships with. It's possible to exclusively only do this instead of same night pulls. I only mention this because it means it's possible for me to just act utterly retarded all night forget to even attempt to pull and just text one of the chicks who are down for getting fucked.
-  Flipside is you'll end up having women texting YOU to come over without even presenting the opportunity. This also can grow to a point where you can never handle the amount of offers. One chick learnt pretty quickly that in order to get me over all she had to do was text "Tonight".
-  Noticing most chicks are bi-curious an so I can have a group of bi-chicks who I'm sexually active with and eventually put together some form of 3somes/orgies. This isn't really something I'm big on but I noticed many chicks would love the experience so I'm down like james brown.
-  The memorable experiences will get crazier and crazier with so many women hanging out together. I guess you can say this is why I love talking to a group of women since I feel like a stripper escalating on all of them. Women also love taking care of that fascinating man so that's another bonus.
-  I can MOST LIKELY can have sex with chicks without any consequences on both our ends because it's all out of fun. Chick I knew once saw me sucking champagne off another chicks tits, I even told her about that night since she was laughing at how much fun I was having, and I ended up fooling around with her. Chick saw chicks running up to me was slightly annoyed trying to get me jealous, she then saw me making out hardcore with another chick and I cameback to her later and madeout. Few chicks know abit of my philsophy when it comes to women and they don't give a fuck.

Ideal Lifestyle
NOTE: This area is based on personal preference of YOUR interests/hobbies/passions

You must understand you have so much to offer the world and can build a tremendous lifestyle. At the end of the day no one really cares what you've done with your life, there isn't anyone keeping score because they have there own thing going on. This is what your doing with your life and you focus on it without worrying about other's.
-  Be confident in who you are and what you do for a living just living without caring because thousands of other opportunities are around every corner
-  Be an inspiration by focusing on following your passions
-  Leverage your social life to help you enjoy your interests/hobbies/passions on a higher level
-  Daygame Scouting - Just press play having fun with women throughout your day and potentially bring into your lifestyle
-  Find all the hottest spots that revolve around your interest/hobbies/passions
-  Nightgame "Working The Room" - Like a host walk around making things happen by meeting tons of people without staying in the sameplace too long  and always setting up to meet the next person while interacting with the current person. Downtime is all about tearing up the dancefloor
-  Nightgame "Hosting" - Like a VIP host hang with a group/table an focus on having an insane level of fun. Any chicks who walk by you meet and bring into the group. Downtime you bounce around with many different women to different parts of the venue or different venues altogether.

This area I don't have as much experience in which is why I haven't wrote much besides what I've found profitable so far. All the other stuff I didn't post because it's based around my own interests/hobbies/passions. Only mentioned daytime and nighttime bit because most likely everyone atleast tries to socialize, I don't consider what I do cold approaching anymore since socializing is just who I am. I never want this to be something I switch on and off like a lamp. All I'm really doing is living my life an adding people to my life through socializing and that's how everything comes together.

Recently before my cell phone situation I was just meeting hottie after hottie like clockwork and just integrating them into my lifestyle when they were ready. The level and rate that this grows is based on how my energy I put into the system. All I do now is think about this stuff 24/7 and work on spiritual stuff when I'm sleeping. Today is friday an it would've been an epic night if I hadn't got knocked back down, if it's one thing I learned from "Never Eat Alone" it said to NEVER GO OFF THE RADAR which I knew was one of my biggest problems due to not having full control of my life yet. However, that's what makes life interesting the obstacles an williingness to persist despite all the setbacks which generally are just lessons that haven't been learnt yet.

P.S...That is basically the foundation of my reality all based on first hand experience, minus the potential possibilites I mentioned. If I had no experience to back it up or very little then that is why it's not really mentioned. This is only just the beginning as I notice my mind always clicking and piecing new things together. This isn't what I'd considered the "M.E Philosophy" stuff though since that is a much larger picture type of thing and I just wanted to keep this 100% "Physical Reality" viewpoint.

P.S.S...In the coming months I might put out my outlook when it comes to giving an experience "Sexually". I wouldn't be able to guage how well I am in bed but I know so far there is a consistency of good just based on how I approach sex. Still lots of things I need to try though before I put anything out there.

P.S.S.S...This is basically all the info that flows in my head up to this point that I am actively aware of so there is no need for me to really write out such a long article again unless I'm updating things which would be a year from now or so. This is who I am, I don't do any of this I am it, this is where I'm coming from and how I interpret reality. Hopefully this puts in perspective alot of things I talk about when posting.
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