October 23rd, 2018
Distant Light "Socialite & Spiritual Monk"
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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"1 of 60 hahaha...WTF!?"

This was a hilarious day in the sense of NOTHING WENT how I'd liked...

Yesterday I told mix about the idea of averaging 60 #s a day which could catch us up to speed very quickly. He liked the idea, however I was SERIOUS AS FUCK. Nothing goes right if I'm serious, I wasn't even really vibing with mix at the beginning which is how I knew. The best indicator was my intentions, I wouldn't approach average chicks only hotties. When I approached the hotties it was so serious that it was just DRY.
-  Met 2 brazilian models, started off ok but instantly fizzled out
-  Met another model chick, started off ok but instantly fizzled out again
-  Met a tall cutie which started off shit but you could tell she'd interact if I wasn't such a downer, her response was aplogetically saying "Sry, I'm not that friendly"

The worst one had to be these two very stylish chicks who would look great rolling with us, approach, it starts off well, its a singer and her stylish. But then all of a sudden it flips into sort of a business deal where she's inviting me to her show the next day (Today) and I'm telling her to come out and party the day after. Then she tells me something about her manager which eventually I'm done.

Mix and I are laughing at our idea and how it's going. When I'm in that defensive state of mind I really can't talk to people because it's just a front for me to not have to expend energy interacting with people. Basically trying to use the least amount of energy needed but rolling in the daytime meeting hotties I need to bring it like I used too.

Later on in the day I was sort loosening up dropping that uptight/defensive persona...

"A Fucking Instadate!?!?!?!?"
Tall chick walked by so I just jumpped on it and like all my other interactions it started off ok and was instantly fizzling out. Meaning she didn't even attempt to shake my hand but this time I started just expressing myself as usual. THE WHOLE INTERACTION CHANGED, next thing I know were walking and talking together. This reminded me of how effective I was 7 months ago because the...


Came back out, which we then ended up in home depot where we hung out for atleast an hour or so. This was interesting because it did put in perspective that if I speak to a chick for atleast 5-10mins it would be sold because I'm already fascinating it's just I don't people a chance. This girl got 1hour 1 on 1 time with me which is VERY RARE. I actually laughed and joked with her about how ironic it is that I'm with her since I said I'd basically never do a day2 or instadate because it's a waste of time. The whole interaction is just like how I am NOT SERIOUS at all...

Overall took her #, she ended up texting me it was perfect to get her to basically ask me to come home with her but I sorta fumbled with that whole thing. Instead I got tired and basically went home where I was knocked out on the train, bus and slept once I got home.

A.  Although I still want to maintain some form of standards/criteria it would be pretty good for me to just meet every tall chick I meet. To me a chick that's tall regardless if she's average/cute looking tend to always look hotter especially if she dresses up.

B.  I've been passing up opportunities...Sunday I should've been at one of the best sunday parties. Monday I should've been at one of the best monday parties but couldn't stay out for 3 hours longer.

C.  Gotta stop being so serious/douche...Heard this chick so "He's too cool to even walk on this ROADDDDD" haha. For her to say that I had to really be very douche because usually when I'm like that I'm essentially just blocking everyone out that way I can just enjoy everything around me and not focus on anyone.

Although I don't really like comparing, the bar is pretty low despite nightlife/hospitality business in NY being huge. The only reason there aren't many people killing it is because there is sort of an illusion of tons of work needed to be done. Trying to set things up in 6 months is a pretty intense goal but well worth it especially since the bar overall is set low. There is probably less than 10 people who are really killing it here in NY, with a few dozen who are decent but still make a great living. Then my personal favorite is the model scout who knows more than 1,000 models and gets paid atleast 3-5k just to bring out 20-40 models.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Join Date: 08/22/2006 | Posts: 2390

"Gunniess World Record...1-10"

Today was just funny because it was the worst ever since the first time I ever tried promoting on street and the time when I got blown out 15 times in 5mins back in 08. There was a recurring theme "I need/want", however this was comical because of my whole plan...GETTING 60 #s A DAY...

Maybe 7 months ago that was probable since it almost seemed like 80% of the women I interacted with back then I could've atleast #closed, heck back then I was so sure of myself that I basically was only approaching hotties. However, it turns out I've become very serious compared to the retarded social maniac.

Today was blowout, blowout, blowout, blowout, blowout...But not in the normal sense, it was more like a "He seems fascinating...O shit no way I was wrong, RUN!" Everyone kept looking at me and eyeing me. When I'd go talk to a chick she'd have a look of excitement until I uttered a word and then it was OVER. I think it happened 11 times in a row until it became rather sad because I know it was 100% my fault.

One chick from hungary was standoffish, then intrigued and all of a sudden I'm fumbling as if I haven't talked in ages. The whole time the chick next to her is eye fucking the hell out of me. Which at this point she probably was thinking "What a lame ass...Great exterior shit interior".

What I realized though was that the WHOLE INTENTION was fake and incongruent because I was going in WANTING something. This has always been horrible for me but I was abit too scattered to even realize this, although I did joke about how 7 months ago I was saying "It's sad 90% of women would never have the opportunity to experience ME fully" and now I'm basically going up to these chicks as if I need them. Later in the night as I'm about to head home I see this 6'1 decent looking chick which I had it set that I'd just go in like I would normally as if she was trying out for the "Reality Show"...

BAM, the shit opened so easily, all that screening/standards/qualifying stuff it was like how I remembered it. Eventually found out she is into that hardcore warehouse NY party scene which is intriguing because I always wanted to meet a social group who was into that. Every other week would be fun hitting up a place like that. In the end SHE ends up facebook closing me and going for my #. This is how I remember things being not blowouts.

Overall, only lesson learned which is rather important is to just be how I normally am and I'll just #close them for the sake of coming out to party with me. Basically like it was before but this time no hidden agenda or trying to reach because man was I TRYING today. I'd just approach to enjoy the blowout and then eventually it just became a waste of time since I could clearly see there was something wrong with me.

P.S...I kept joking that I've become a full blown bitchy top model. People would look and be intrigued but once I open my mouth they want to fucking leave the vicinity. So it was best if I don't even say shit, which explains why in the nighttime I #closed chicks so effortless. I never really spoke much since I've been back out, all I did was be very physical and say they have amazing energy or can handle me.

P.S.S...The 60#s still stand it's not something kick myself over, it's just once things get going I want to average that a day. In my opinion even if I didn't get shit for the next 3 months so longs I could say I had fun, then it wouldn't matter. At the end of the day I always have fun partying regardless if there are girl's or not.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Progress Report #1

This is probably the first time I'm sitting at my computer and not trying to race in order to get some sleep...

First I must speak on the lifestyle of these chicks since I believe this goes on in all major cities. The hot women are constantly flying all over the world or doing some form of traveling. One girl went to some retreat, one girl went to coachella which me and her have a hard time ever meeting up, and another girl just flew down to miami. This is all within the time that I've comeback out of hibernation...

Speaking of hibernation it was the best thing ever but socially wasn't productive, I can't even believe that I'm doing what I'm trying to do. I was in the bookstore today looking at military books and thinking "Fuck life would be so easy just reading books, meditating and acting". The "Lifestyle Hosts" here in NY get tons of respect from me because it's hardwork, however personally it's not work to me and the perks/benefits are priceless.

Overall I'm facing a few obstacles
-  Shitty planning on my part
-  HORRIBLE phone, have to delete texts and also take forever to text

I'm back to normal as today I was joking around with random people and overall just being the same social maniac I used to be. However, within the next week or so I need to have things set for each night and in about a month I should be set because if I had followed through this week I would be at the NFL draft party as I type...

Sunday, I'll be at one of the best parties on that day. Monday I'll be at one of the best parties. Tuesday, would be a pretty decent club OR eventually I gain connections to one club and get into the party the night that the "Model Promoter" hosts. Wednesday is still unknown although I'll probably hit up this one venue that is said to be pretty fun in a LESish type of way. Thursday, is with my boy where we will host and eventually I'll host on friday too. Saturday is old school hanging out with the crew...

Number 1 Priority..."Building The Empire"

Building back a whole social network to make everything easier for myself, that way in about 6 months I'm pretty connected and can leverage alot of things within the nightlife. I'm so focused on this that wasn't even attempting to close because I need to get this stuff going since I'm basically starting from scratch. However, tomorrow I'll probably just go home with the colombian chick if she's as cool as I think she is.

I've got some outrageous plans which I won't state until there within my decision space as they say in MBT..."Small increments over a long period of time leads to growth" the system is wide open in terms of possibilities and right now I'm just working towards the first step of this journey. This shit is HUGE and NEVERENDING, once there is a solid foundation it'll keep growing and growing until I'm dead.

Essentially I'm taking my time in a relaxed & unhurried pace just letting things unfold as I gain more depth in comprehending. No rushing from concept to concept like a kid pursuing presents on christmas day. What I've learned about westernized cultures is that were generally impatient goal oriented people. Instead of enjoying the journey we just drive towards endpoints without giving a fuck about the journey/process that got them there.

MBT "Lifestyle Host" Model
This is experimental since I've never attempted this to this area of my life. Essentially it's a model used to achieve more understanding of abstract concepts. So basically explaining what is known, producing useful new knowledge, and providing understanding of the whole picture. As I grow the system will evolve and shit will be taken to the next level. This all is based around FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE because I need enough experience to even formulate practical questions in order to have meaningful interpretations and explanations to the experiences/info/fragments of truth. In layman's terms this is how my perspective/awareness will expand making me more productive and accurate about the overall system...

Honestly at times I say "Fuck, maybe I should just get laid and forget about all this..." However, that's some shit this whole movement is fun/exciting because it's outrageous and the potential possibilities are amazing. Most aren't even thinking in these terms because there either not interested or back out once they see how much time/effort/work is needed especially if your starting from GROUND ZERO.

If this was back in acting school I'd be with an army of international women and still having access to free food, drinks and plays. But that would be too easy, so life needs to make the personal drama interesting by giving me a shitty phone and bringing me back into reality 7 months later starting from scratch. Honestly, I actually love it...

Party Party Tomorrow...

Honestly I think this will tank since most of the chicks who were coming out aren't even in NY right now. One of the other chick's turned out she had a BF and was worried thinking I'd directly fuck her when in reality if she is around me in person it just makes it probable. I've got probably 2 chicks coming out who I wouldn't mind having sex with. Other chicks I haven't even texted because it takes forever for me to text, don't even think I can handle 2 months of this especially since it'll keep growing and growing...

P.S...I'm hyped about what's to come these first few months will be the hardest and most memorable months. Once there is a solid foundation there will be TONS of different things going on and working together. This is why I love "My Big TOE" because it's not just based around reality and spiritual shit, it's like cheat codes to creating new systems and evovling it. It's open ended and not wrapped around "Self Limiting" ego so the sky is the limit. Years from my awareness and the level that I do this stuff will be extreme which is why I don't look at many things as impossible or too far fetched.

P.S.S...Might read the book again in order to gain more perspective and also apply the concepts heavily based around this whole saga that I've now created.
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By "The Book" do you mean "My Big Toe"?
I verbally vomit at bitches 24/7!  Fuck what these bitches saying just talk your shit and then take them home and FUCK FUCK FUCK!
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Hey DL! quick question....are you throwing these parties? If so, where? I'd love to go to them if thats the case. Keep me updated bro
Nathan! Resurrection Crew Alumni 2009

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Distant Light

Distant Light

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killacam: Yep, just skimmed some of my notes on it for a good hour or two to sort of gain my productivity and efficiency when applying it to this area of my life.
Phred: Only thursday's, today is first day but doesn't like good right now thanks to both the rain and me practically starting with 0 contacts. However, by some miracle I possibly might have 5 chicks coming out which honestly I didn't think was going to happen. I already had about 3-4 other chicks who are out of town so it didn't look too bright. Now with the rain it might be even worst but I'm not too worried.

When I build some form of foundation in the next month or two I'll surely be hitting up everyone on the regular. Most likely for the next 3 months "Thursday's" and possibly "Friday's" I'll be throwing parties. The other parties I'm going too usually alone or with 1-2 chicks in order to gain connections in NY nightlife scene. There is more where that came from but that's the plan for the next few months.

P.S...In a perfect world today would be interesting since colombian, chick I kissed on wednesday and chick I was hanging out with at home depot would all be present. Of course the chick who would have the highest probability of taking me home is the colombian. Right now I only know 2 chicks who I'd consider very attractive everyone else is cute or average. 6 months from a year I vision nothing but hot chicks rolling with me, all tall and generally international looking. Anywho I'll stop there...
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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"Nightlife = My Home"

Honestly didn't want to go out but at the sametime I wanted to be in a party atmosphere. Today would've been a interesting day however a problem came up which fucked up mix. Even worst was the fact that we never got a bottle which sort of annoyed the people that came out with mix. The irony of it all is that I forgot they knew mix and I didn't say ONE WORD to them...Woops.

Hanging out in the nighttime is so much fun, nowadays I just want to chill and listen to the music. I can easily fall asleep in the venue, but today I was just watching people and texting. What I essentially like is that I no longer consider it chode to just be standing around doing nothing. In my mind I have nothing to prove nor do I have to show anything if i don't want too.

I ended up doing the HOMO-Erotic mating dance with this chick who has a pretty good body. I love slim women so much, just holding there waist and embracing them. No fatties for me. However, this chick face wise wasn't great at all and I almost want to say she was a bit drunk. I was dancing with her for fun until colombian shows up which I'd then just pull...

This didn't happen though, instead the doorman stopped letting people in...

Most of the stuff I learned today was more "Hosting" related since I'm always observing the dynamics of the business, that's like my #1 priority. I will say that the bar is set pretty low, but regardless it takes abit of effort and work to get things going. It's amazing how FAKE it looks when a host brings his guests to chill, I'm starting to see it as human decoration.
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dude, i've never really read much of your stuff before (just too damn long, heh) but you got some good ideas floating around in your head and i like that you're really seeing it for what it is.

Love this note btw:

"It's obvious I WRITE A TON and that's because I could never speak so indepth in real life since I'm like an ADDish guy who's constantly having fun on a playground during recess. All jokes aside though I'm actually just LIVING while subtly collecting data which could then be broken down logically at home on paper.

always good to remember when to be analytical and when to shut it off and let it go...

hopefully, i'll see you out there soon. keep the good energy flowing.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Loren: Haha, yep it's like my mind just flows and I type. Hopefully things go as planned that way everyone can come out and chill eventually...

"Wow...Small Increments?"

Today, things were put in perspective and left me with mental orgasms. Hanging with the, crew summa gives me a tour of the place we were hanging out and all I can say is holy shit the place is an experience in itself. Lprince and I were having a general lifestyle talk since we both love these types of places and essentially want to live a grand superficial lifestyle.

I could see us meeting up for the day at this venue while rolling with a few chicks each. Manager instantly greats us, bringing us to our favorite table that has a spectacular view. We eat and drink abit here then around 11-12pm head over to one of the top venues in the city. From there we meet more women, pull or have an afterparty. The image in my mind is amazing once you imagine it all coming together.

Today I had walked by all the top venues, only thing worth mentioning was 2-3 large limos about to head off some where with a bunch of people. However, for some reason while going to meet up with mix about 15 blocks away a SUV is calling me over. Turns out this guy wants to give me a ride, REALLY? I had no money so I clearly was telling him it's ok because I dont' have money. However, this guy didn't want money he wanted to connect with me in hopes that I call him when I need a driver to drive a party of 7. He states that he's into wild parties and would charge me a dirt cheap fee an hour...As long as I'm bringing women. This opportunity was almost too good to be true.

PUA Myths
This is something I wish I had realized a long time ago but essentially most guys aren't actually SOCIAL people. It only seems that way briefly because of the fact that there cold approaching but it's rare to see a community guy chatting up random people and just socializing. I fully realized this today after comparing myself from before and how I was coming back.

Way back it was HARD for me to close because I was constantly meeting people and socializing. From a 60 yr old party guy to an unattractive woman from maine, I would talk just for the sake of talking. As a result I gained perks and relationships. Today was the first time in a LONG TIME that I was actually socializing.

At times the community makes it seem like dudes are killing it in terms of getting there ideal women, living there ideal lifestyle and overall the pinnacle. When in actuality I'm seeing NON-COMMUNITY guys who weren't rich or anything on yacht with it's own pool chilling with there female model friends and chicks just as hot who are dancers. Unless your a complete dumbass, if you have that much access to those type of women you'll be having sex.

It's cool to be able to cold approach and have sex with a chick your attracted to but it's so self-limiting especially now when majority of the chicks I'm in contact with are traveling back and forth. Why is it these people are living a cool lifestyle that contains tons of perks and here it is were trying to cold approach to pull that 10 out of a group of 6 possibly cool guys.

Like I've stated before back in 08 when I first started noticing this stuff, some music executive wanted me to hang with him. His friend invited me THREE times to drop by his salon for some free champagne, I never showed up because back then I was under 21 and felt like I was living a lie.

Lifestyle Host...WTF!?!?!?!?
I highly enjoy the nightlife/hospitality business...Working from my phone in bed, trying to set things up, hosting it all and just creating a perception is AMAZING to me. The only bad part right now is fucking D(G)AY GAME. I was starting from 0 contacts and basically been forcing myself to go out in the daytime and meet people although I essentially dislike it. But like darwin gotta adapt...

When I showed up tonight mix had about 7 girls and 3 guys however the overall venue was DEAD and the dj SUCKED. I do not like being in a venue that is being perceived as boring. So once a decent song comes on I start making shit happen which eventually leads me to being in the middle of about 10 chicks. This was a success because eventually another promoter was at the table next to us and 2 chicks were standing on our couches. The 10 chicks were all screaming and cheering, we have lift off...

However, I could only do so much because DJ sucked. Majority of the time I was just gaining ideas and insights on how to keep making the perception of fun become more and more epic. Once things get up and running I know 100% that things will always be LIVE because I constantly want to create chaos. The problem right now is just having to build. So 1 step at a time...

Video: This is just an example of why bigger pictures need to be looked at. Regardless whether these women are your type or not the mere fact of having access & connections to such things allows you to take your lifestyle to the next level. I still remember watching "Selling New York" an some guy had a full size restaurant kitchen in his loft which could host 100 person events. Just by having access to such resources
-  Dinner Parties
-  Iron Chef-LIKE battles
-  Showcase a friend who's a friend
-  Hire a private chef
-  Pre-Parties

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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Since I've turned 21 I've been mentally and/or physically fatigued but continued going out untill finally I was knocked out of commission for a few days. One hand it's good for me to chill and put things together BUT also I'm highly disappointed at letting many opportunities pass. The crew also revealed that I've massively lost my EDGE and I too realized this the last time I was out. How do I know? I DO NOTHING!!! The social maniac retard who is always having fun messing with everyone has now turned into a walking urban monk...

However, there were two key moments that Lprince put things in perspective for me...
1  -  He mentioned a moment WAY BACK where he was talking to a chick on the street, some guy shows up and I come in OWNING IT so he can continue to talk to his girl. In that moment it got him motivated to start owning everything he does.
2  -  He lied saying he might be fired and have to go back to his home country, this would've SUCKED since we have tons of lifestyle related plans. It instantly made me remember why I used to just OWN and make shit happen at an extreme level. He then reveals he was joking and wanted to show me how it feels when he knows we should be taking things to the next level NO MATTER WHAT

So what happened on Saturday?
Hanging out in the daytime I didn't want to meet ANYONE and was reverting back to "Top Model" mode where I'm purposely standoffish so I don't have to speak to anyone and can just chill. Well I took this so far that some random chick handing out something says "What, were too COOL to even acknowledge people?" It gets worst, Lprince and mix forces me to approach and man did this uncover some fucked up things...

First chick was short blond not my type but good to bring out with me, I approach and I DO NOT WANT TO BE THERE AT ALL. I'm such a douche that I'm the one who went up to her and instantly want to get out of the situation. However, I'm still that qualifying/screening douche so the interaction is going okish and I end up #closing. After she leaves I'm annoyed that I took her #, I'm annoyed that I even went up to her and I don't want to approach again.

That didn't last too long because some black model is sitting infront of the makeup shop which they tell me to approach again. This time I say NO twice but again she would be good to bring out. I insist that it will be a waste of time for both me and her BUT I go and this chick LIKES me from the view that she can see herself being my GIRLFRIEND. I'm not as douche as lost time until I realize uncompatability #1 "She doesn't like partying". I'm a nightcrawler so it's essential that she can tolerate that. Either way it gave me the GO to just nuke this interaction by uncovering just how uncompatible she was and then we part ways as if this wonderful interaction turned into a 1min speed dating.

That was saturday in a nutshell, me chilling in a zen-like state of mind being standoffish so I can just indulge...

"Get Into The Groove..."
Saturday night I was rolling with mix with the intention of entertaining whoever he brought out since I enjoy it. I've realized it's essential that I only host a party 1x a week for now. All I do nowadays is stand in the club an just observe the dynamics of perceptions and energy. I'm talking to no one and probably dancing every so often, it's hilarious watching chicks hope that I approach them. From my observation FUN in the nightlife is so wide open and all this hip hop isn't helping...

For 2-3 HOURS I'm just chilling hahaha but not on some out of state or stuck in my head BS, it's more me knowing I have nothing to prove because I understand what I'm capable of. At the sametime it is not profitable to where or what I want to actualize. Anywho, after those hours drifted by I decided to MAKE SHIT HAPPEN.

I have no clue where this EASTERN EUROPEAN chick came from but she popped out of no where and is about 6ft tall...MY TYPE...I commence homo-erotic mating dance, 30secs later I grab her hand tap this chick grinding on some guy so she can make me pass her and now were behind a couch with tons of space. Another 30secs of the mating dance MAKEOUT. I think she asked where my boyfriend was haha but at this point were making out and I'm kissing her neck as she types in my #. She goes back to her friend's who I'd later bump into an I'd start building the sexual tension again...

Meaning I'm holding her an it seems like I'm trying to stop myself from making out with her an then I'm just snapping my teeth at her while pulling her in aggressively, holding her hand, kissing her passionately, then just looking at her with a smirk. At this point some performer comes on with two dudes who happen to be doing the homo-erotic mating dance hahaha. I'm watching and just chilling without a care about this chick. This is why I love female polarity because she then comes behind me and starts kissing the back of my neck as I just chill watching the DUDES dancing. Logistics sucked so no sex...

The Verdict
I later on leave about to go home until I get a text that a good friend is in the area. When were together were always doing stupid dances so I show up just for that which was always fun. After that night going home I realized I didn't get shit done in terms of lifestyle. I start trying to rationalize that I met a chick I'm attracted to and actually willing to have sex with but heck I've got a good 20-30 years left so 1 chick doesn't change anything in the long run. It then reminds me how easy it would be to just STOP...

STOP, everything I'm trying to do, go back to acting school and just use the skills I know to be with a select few women I'm highly attracted too. Snapback to reality and realize how CHODE and comfy that would be. There is no profitable growth, obstacles or interesting drama that will unfold. For the sake of personal growth I have to walk this path which I must say I enjoy 100%. Almost every aspect about it I like.

It's too early to say what's what yet...
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