November 19th, 2018
This show made me LMAO - Chode Game
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I was watching this show on Discovery Channel last night called  "Science of Sex Appeal" when some "scientists" try to calculate how it is exactly people get attracted....

Long story short...they are chodes...Tyler thank you for being born! RSD FTW

So in this vid the guys says in High School if youre a "10" youll get ALOT of offers from the opposite sex. (thats not always true) if you're a quiet chode...who doesnt EVER talk...doesnt matter if your a 10 nobody will talk to you

And the experiment they had up there can come to NO CONCLUSION WHATSOEVER...we all have an idea in our mind of how attractive we are...and no scientist can put a number on us...cuz ppl are attracted to different things....

your feel of the people around you will lower you self sense of attractivness if you dont feel accepted...hense it can always change....FAIL SCIENTIST

Ok this made me LMAO...

Kinda funny how DESPITE what the girls say the chodes still INSIST its the car that gets you the girl.

The girl said CLEARLY , " if he has that swag and is confident it shows that he is the top dog"

the car had nothing to do with it...

Made me think of jefft and his SEX VAN....lmao

and the asian chick at the nuff said

funny thing i thought id share
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checked that as well... was pretty entertaining

and to think some people take that stuff seriously
Dangerous! ;)

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 its scientist trying to explain why they don't get laid.
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